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Mini-Camp FAQ by FaaipdeOiad14

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/14/02

Madden NFL 2003 - Mini-Camp FAQ 1.1
Mini-Camp FAQ
Madden NFL 2003
Playstation 2
v. 1.1
Username: FaaipdeOiad14
E-Mail: FaaipdeOiad14@hotmail.com, feel free to send any questions,
comments, or suggestions for this FAQ

Version History
v 1.0 - Everything is new
v 1.1 - Added Legal Information. Added Coffin Corner. Added High

I.    Ground Attack
II.   Chase and Tackle
III.  Clutch Kicking
IV.   Pocket Presence
V.    Coffin Corner
VI.   Trench Fight
VII.  High Scores
VIII. Legal Information

I. Ground Attack

OVERALL TIPS: On HB Toss and HB Sweep plays try to run the side that
your supposed to go on and then cut it back the other way aiming for
the opposite sides pylon. Its works really well on the first 3
difficulties. Watch the dummies and shoot through the gaps, do not
try to run everything outside. If someone is coming at you from the
side try to stiff arm them (R1 or L1), or if someones in front of
you then juke them out (R2 or L2). You can also spin (circle) but it
doesn't work as often for me as the other moves do.

Rookie: Dallas Cowboys
Pro: Washington Redskins
All-Pro: Cincinnati Bengals
All-Madden: Chicago Bears

Rookie: RB E. Smith, FB R. Thomas
Pro: RB S. Davis, FB B. Johnson
All-Pro: RB C. Dillon, FB L. Neal
All-Madden: RB A. Thomas, FB D. Shelton

Rookie: MLB D. Nguyen, FS R. Williams
Pro: MLB J. Trotter, CB D. Green, FS D. Terrell
All-Pro: OLB T. Spikes, OLB S. Foley, FS L. Thompson
All-Madden: OLB R. Colvin, OLB W. Holdman, FS M. Green, SS M.

Rookie: Gold - 2200, Silver - 1400, Bronze - 800
Pro: Gold - 1900, Silver - 1300, Bronze - 750
All-Pro: Gold - 1500, Silver - 1100, Bronze - 700
All-Madden: Gold - 1200, Silver - 1200, Bronze - 600

Rookie: It's you and your FB against two defenders. Plus you have 7
blocking dummies that open up lanes acting like offensive linemen.
The defenders are in a 1-1 set.
Pro and All-Pro: The same as rookie, except this time your facing 3
different defenders. On pro their in a 1-2 set and in all-pro their
in a 2-1 set.
All-Madden: The same as rookie, except this time your facing 4
defenders. The defenders are in a 2-2 set.

Rookie, Pro, All-Pro: Human Plow, Bronze, Silver, and Gold respectively
All-Madden: Barry Sanders
Situation: The teams cheerleader card which pumps up the crowd

Point System:
Bonus - Score a TD.

II. Chase and Tackle

OVERALL TIPS: Watch out for the dummies, they can easily stop you and
let the RB score on toss plays. On toss plays go at an angle to where
you can meet the RB so he still has two guys to go through. Watch where
the hole is because that's where he's going to run to. Always switch to
the safety if he gets by your linebacker to tackle the ball carrier
because you get more points. When their running slams and dives try to
pin the running back up against the dummies so its harder for him to
get by you in the hole that the dummies make.

Rookie: New Orleans Saints
Pro: Pittsburgh Steelers
All-Pro: San Diego Chargers
All-Madden: Baltimore Ravens

Rookie: RB D. McAllister
Pro: RB J. Bettis
All-Pro: RB L. Tomlinson, FB F. McCrary
All-Madden: RB J. Lewis, FB A. Ricard

Rookie: MLB Clemons, SS S. Knight
Pro: MLB J. Gildon, SS L. Flowers
All-Pro: OLB J. Seau, SS R. Harrison
All-Madden: MLB R. Lewis, SS. A. Mitchell

Rookie: Gold - 2000, Silver - 1475, Bronze - 800
Pro: Gold - 2250, Silver - 1725, Bronze - 1000
All-Pro and All-Madden: Gold - 1500, Silver - 1100, Bronze - 650

Rookie and Pro: It's you and your Safety against one RB. There's a few
defensive dummies that do not move at all. The offensive dummies move
for the blocking scheme.
All-Pro and All-Madden: It's you and your Safety against a RB and his
FB. There's more defensive dummies than there was last time but the
offensive dummies stay the same.

Rookie, Pro, All-Pro: Fumbleitis, Bronze, Silver, and Gold respectively
Situation: The teams cheerleader card which pumps up the crowd

Point Reduction: Let the RB score
Get Points: Less yards he gets the more points you get
Bonus: Tackle him yourself

III. Clutch Kicking

OVERALL TIPS: Don't go all the way on the power meter unless you doing
the All-Madden level, it wastes precious time. Don't take so much time
aiming your arrow at the middle bar. You can adjust things with your
accuracy meter. Remember if its in the center of your accuracy it wont
curve at all. If its on the right part of the section then it will
curve a little to the left and the opposite for the left side of the
meter.  Always look at the wind your first kick to see how it is
because it can effect your kicks greatly. The wind never changes so
there's no reason to look at it after that.

Rookie: Cleveland Browns
Pro: Carolina Panthers
All-Pro: Denver Broncos
All-Madden: New England Patriots

Rookie: K P. Dawson
Pro: K J. Kasey
All-Pro: K J. Elam
All-Madden: A. Vinatieri

Rookie and Pro: Gold - 2200, Silver - 1500, Bronze - 900
All-Pro and All-Madden: Gold - 2100, Silver - 1500, Bronze - 900

All: The wind blows any direction up to 8 mph. It is totally random
what the wind does. So if you don't like the wind restart until you get
some conditions you like.
Rookie: 31-35 yd FG
Pro: 35-39 yd FG
All-Pro: 42-46 yd FG
All-Madden: 47-51 yd FG

Rookie, Pro, All-Pro: Da Boot, Bronze, Silver, and Gold respectively
All-Madden: Jan Stenerud
Situation: The teams cheerleader card which pumps up the crowd

-300 for hitting the middle bar (red)
-150 for hitting the bars on the sides of the middle bar (orange)
-75 for hitting the bars between the posts and the other three bars

IV. Pocket Presence

OVERALL TIPS: Before the tennis balls start coming at you look up a try
to remember the button for the receivers because you wont have much
time to look at it once the balls start, especially on the harder
levels. Try not to throw off balance because you will usually go out of
the pocket and sometimes you'll be out long enough to where you'll have
to restart.

Rookie: Jacksonville Jaguars
Pro: Minnesota Vikings
All-Pro: Green Bay Packers
All-Madden: San Francisco 49ers

Rookie: QB M. Brunell
Pro: QB D. Culpepper
All-Pro: QB B. Farve
All-Madden: QB J. Garcia

Rookie: Gold - 1400, Silver - 1200, Bronze - 900
Pro: Gold - 1325, Silver - 1100, Bronze - 800
All-Pro: Gold - 1200, Silver - 900, Bronze - 600
All-Madden: Gold - 950, Silver - 675, Bronze - 450

Rookie: You have 3 receivers to throw to (Square, Circle, and X). There
is only one tennis ball coming at you per throw.
Pro: This time you have 4 receivers to throw to (L1). There is one more
tennis ball coming at you this time to make 2.
All-Pro: You have 5 wide receivers to throw to (R1). There is 3 tennis
balls coming at you this time.
All-Madden: You have 5 wide receivers again. The tennis balls keep
coming at you continuously until you throw the ball. Usually two in a
row from the same cannon coming in the same direction.

Rookie: Pro, All-Pro: Pocket Protectors, Bronze, Silver, and Gold
All-Madden: John Elway
Situation: The teams cheerleader card which pumps up the crowd

25 - Green Target
50 - Yellow Target
75 - Orange Target
100 - Red Target
-25 - Sack
-5 - Out of Pocket (2 seconds)
Game Over - Out of Pocket (5 seconds)

V. Coffin Corner Punt

OVERALL TIPS: Don't sweat over the long yardage that you see in the
description section. If your thinking your punter only punts it 45
yards normally well then its actually like a 58 yard punt. So you
won't have to worry about being perfect to get it to the target area.
Always take the wind into effect. On All-Madden I would keep
restarting until you get a wind that's points NNE or SSE. If your on
the right side of the field then punt it to the right side, It's a lot
easier then trying to punt it across the field to the left side.

Rookie: Houston Texans
Pro: Atlanta Falcons
All-Pro: Arizona Cardinals
All-Madden: Detroit Lions

Rookie: P J. Baker
Pro: P J. Mohr
All-Pro: P S. Player
All-Madden: P J. Jett

Rookie: Gold - 900, Silver - 650, Bronze - 250
Pro: Gold - 800, Silver - 600, Bronze - 250
All-Pro: Gold - 700, Silver - 500, Bronze - 250
All-Madden: Gold - 500, Silver - 375, Bronze - 250

All: You are trying to punt the ball into the target area. Don't worry
about where it stops bouncing, its about where it lands. You will punt
the ball from the middle or either hash lines.
Rookie: 53-57 yard punt, no wind
Pro: 57-62 yard punt, wind up to 3 mph
All-Pro: 57-62 yard punt, wind up to 9 mph and the target area gets
All-Madden: 62-67 yard punt, wind up to 16 mph and the target are gets
even smaller.

Rookie, Pro, All-Pro: Coffin Corner, Bronze, Silver, and Gold
Situation: You get the teams cheerleader card

200 - Red (Bull's Eye)
100 - Orange
50 - Yellow

VI. Trench Fight


VII. High Scores

Send your high scores to my e-mail address. There are a few rules

-Only send me gold scores, I'm only going to post the top 3 for each
different event so don't send me your bronze scores.
-Don't send them if you edited players rating to help you out. Just be
-Don't make up scores. I can tell if you lie.
-If you believe any of these are false, please e-mail me. I dont have
time make sure all of them are real.

                           GROUND ATTACK
|Rookie|                            |Pro|
FaaipdeOiad14               2540    FaaipdeOiad14              1970
David Straub                2530    David Straub               1970
Charlie Mason               2530    Neo Hunt                   1970

|All-Pro|                           |All-Madden|
FaaipdeOiad14               1810    FaaipdeOiad14              1450
Neo Hunt                    1590    Tom Bogart                 1300
Tom Bogart                  1550    Neo Hunt                   1200

                          CHASE AND TACKLE
|Rookie|                            |Pro|
Tom Bogart                  2620    Charlie Mason              2780
FaaipdeOiad14               2560    Tom Bogart                 2700
Neo Hunt                    2460    David Straub               2680

|All-Pro|                           |All-Madden|
Tom Bogart                  2040    Tom Bogart                 2190
Neo Hunt                    1630    Neo Hunt                   2070
David Straub                1530    David Straub               1620

                           CLUTCH KICKING
|Rookie|                            |Pro|
Tom Bogart                  2700    Tom Bogart                 2400
FaaipdeOiad14               2550    David Straub               2250
David Straub                2400    Charlie Mason              2250

|All-Pro|                           |All-Madden|
MetallicaNChains            2700    David Straub               2400
David Straub                2550    Tom Bogart                 2250
Tom Bogart                  2250    FaaipdeOiad14              2175

                           POCKET PRESENCE
|Rookie|                            |Pro|
Tom Bogart                  1650    Tom Bogart                 1450
FaaipdeOiad14               1630    FaaipdeOiad14              1450
Charlie Mason               1550    David Straub               1450

|All-Pro|                           |All-Madden|
Tom Bogart                  1250    David Straub               1245
Neo Hunt                    1245    Tom Bogart                 1150
FaaipdeOiad14               1235    Neo Hunt                    950

                            COFFIN CORNER
|Rookie|                            |Pro|
Tom Bogart                  1000    Tom Bogart                 900
David Straub                 950    David Straub               900
Charlie Mason                900    FaaipdeOiad14              800

|All-Pro|                           |All-Madden|
David Straub                 750    Charlie Mason              600
Tom Bogart                   700    David Straub               550
                                    Tom Bogart                 500

                              SWAT BALL
|Rookie|                            |Pro|
David Straub                1100    Neo Hunt                   910
Neo Hunt                     940    Tom Bogart                 900
Tom Bogart                   930    David Straub               800

|All-Pro|                           |All-Madden|
Neo Hunt                     730    Neo Hunt                   850
Tom Bogart                   700    Tom Bogart                 610
                                    David Straub               550           
                          David Straub               550

                          PRECISION PASSING
|Rookie|                            |Pro|
David Straub                1080    David Straub              1080
Charlie Mason               1060    Neo Hunt                  1080
Tom Bogart                  1040    Tom Bogart                1060

|All-Pro|                           |All-Madden|
Neo Hunt                    1115    Neo Hunt                  1030
Tom Bogart                  1065    David Straub              1030
                                    Tom Bogart                1000           
                          Tom Bogart                1000

                            TRENCH FIGHT
|Rookie|                            |Pro|
Charlie Mason               6.28    Neo Hunt                  9.66
Neo Hunt                    6.54    FaaipdeOiad14             9.94
Tom Bogart                  6.69    Tom Bogart                9.98

|All-Pro|                           |All-Madden|
David Straub               16.39    Tom Bogart               24.83
Charlie Mason              17.54    Charlie Mason            27.24
Tom Bogart                 19.14    David Straub             29.01

VIII. Legal Information

Copyright 2002 FaaipdeOiad14(Contact: faaipdeoiad14@hotmail.com)

All rights reserved

This document was created and maintained by FaaipdeOiad14, it's author.
It is the sole property of its author, whom bears the copyright and
reserves all rights.  It is protected by "United States Code:
Title 17 - Copyrights", the "Berne Convention for the Protection of
Literacy and Artistic Works (Paris Text 1971)", any and all copyright
and patent laws applicable and International Treaties.

This document can only appear in one of two forms:  electronic and a
personal printed file for private use.  The ONLY websites that can post
this document are:


This document may not be reproduced or retransmitted (the above listed
websites are the only sites exempted from this) in any way, shape, form, or
medium.  You shall contact FaaipdeOiad14 if you want your site to use this
information in anyway.

You may not alter, edit, format, remove or add materials to any part of
this document.  It may not be offered for money and/or compensation (even
if profit attempt fails) or offered as a bonus or gift for accessing a web
page or purchasing an item.  It may not be added to an archive of any type.
It must always remain in the English Language.  It will not be translated
to any language for any reason whatsoever.  It will not appear in any
publication.  This document was in no way intended for commerical,
promotional and/or profitable uses.  This guide is limited to personal and
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If this copyright is trangressed, the violators will face immediate civil
and/or criminal penalties to the fullest extent possible.  Any breach of
copyright (which includes acts of stealing, plagerism, pirating, uses not
private and personal, posting without permission, etc.) is considered a
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By accessing, reading, viewing, or using this document in any way, you
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their locations are listed above.  Ignorance to this, the copyright, or
the law is no excuse.  Also, any part of this copyright may change at
anytime, withour prior warning.

All characters and associated materials are copyright their owner.
No breach of copyright intended.  This guide, its author,
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make no claims to the above stated articles.  All trademarks and copyrights
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Under no circumstances will this guide, its author, and persons otherwise
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If for any reason you do not agree with parts or the entire copyright, your
only remedy shall be to not use this guide.

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