Review by redbuck

Reviewed: 07/06/10

I hated it, but... then I was addicted to it.

A few years ago, I decided to buy this gem of a game to see what all the fuss was about. I was pretty disappointed in it back then, but a few weeks ago, I thought about selling it. Before I sell games, I play them again to be completely sure I want to sell them, and I'm glad I do because this game ended up making Ratchet and Clank one of my favorite series.

Graphics: They're not quite as detailed as many people would expect nowadays because of this I want video games to be like real life thing that people seem to be into now, but they're very smooth and... well, they look good. I'll put it that way. Later in the game, there are a few frame rate slow downs, but it's nothing major like in some games when the game seems to just stop, only to start back up again to let you know that you died about three minutes ago. They're minor slow downs and nothing to get upset with.

Music: I don't seem to think that many people would just listen to music from video games, so there's not a whole lot to expect, but the music that is in video games are expected to at least fit the mood for the areas in the game... or at least they're expected to be like that from me. In Ratchet & Clank, they are definitely like that. It fits the mood, and that's all that's needed.

Story: You start off with a few cut-scenes showing the production of some robots, but one isn't quite right... it's really small. He finds what's called an infobot, becomes alarmed, takes a space ship, tries to outrun the authorities, gets shot, and crash lands on a planet somewhere far away. That's where Ratchet comes in. He's just minding his own business when suddenly a big flaming ball of... well we know it's a ship, but he didn't. Anyway, you work your way through the first level, and find out what it was. You come to find out the little robot's name is Clank (Holy crap, that's why it's called Ratchet and Clank!). You find out that some other world is going to be destroyed, you set out on some mission to save that world, and all that other stuff. It's actually more complicated, but it's hard to explain without giving away too much.

Gameplay: It's pretty simple, but gets more complex later in the game. You jump, melee attack, switch weapons, run, use weapons, and all that. Just like most other games, you have to know when to use what weapon, and at what distance you should use it. No, there's not a HUGE emphasis on this, but it is involved. Every now and then you have to line little laser grid thingies up to open certain doors, drain and fill pools of water, and so on, but there's definitely a lot of combat and platforming.

Summary: I would definitely say that Ratchet & Clank would be a bad thing to pass up for anyone who enjoys playformers or..., dare I say it..., third-person shooters. No, it's not specifically a shooter, but I suppose it could fit into that category because there are a lot of different weapons to use, so why not? I doubt this would cost very much anymore, especially if you buy it used, so it's a definite buy. You won't be sorry you added it to your gaming library. I hope I've helped out with some decisions, and should you happen to even borrow this if not buy it, happy gaming!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Ratchet & Clank (US, 11/04/02)

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