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This game is Quark-tastic! 11/12/02 Altima Arc Angel
Cake cookies pie cake pie cookies cake cookies pie 01/17/03 Andy787
Great game, tons of fun! 01/24/03 Balin the Wise
Getting Insomnia 'Cause playing this wonderfull game 03/14/03 BladeBlur
I can't find anything wrong with this game!! 11/13/02 Ezekial Rage
The 3rd best platformer after Jak 2:Renage and Ratchet &Clank 2 05/30/04 footiemad
Grab a gun, and get ready to blow space apart!!! 04/04/03 Game Magician
A GREAT game with a few minor flaws... 12/13/04 I Am Stephen King
Who needs a wrench? 10/09/03 JokedUp
Jak and Daxter? 01/04/03 KasketDarkfyre
A cat thingie and a midget robot save the universe! 10/30/03 LegendaryFrog
Takes a little bit of the best of all platformer elements, and makes it all work 11/13/03 LocoKun
The best platformer I've played in awhile. 02/28/03 Lost Prophets
Very possibly the best platform yet. 12/13/02 mandyfanforevr
FUN!FUN!This game is so FUN! 08/01/05 matthew_16
The Legend of Ratchet and Clank begins..... 09/15/06 Megaman1981
I'll Rip Ya A New One! 01/22/04 merrylilpip
Easily the best PS2 game yet. 11/29/04 MetalSonic700
Like sci-fi stuff? Like to blow stuff up? Then Insomniac has the game for you! 11/21/02 MidnightDragon
There is no such thing as a perfect game, but this comes pretty darn close 12/24/02 nabuch
The greatest thing since sliced bandicoots is here to blow you away! 02/17/03 Rexy
Hey, let me see that weapon right there! 12/05/02 ShrinaSoldier231
Jak & Daxter, Laurel & Hardy, Canon & Ball...Can Ratchet & Clank join the pantheon of greats, and Canon & Ball? 01/31/03 Smirnoff
Weird, hairy aliens, shonky business men, and overenthusiatic superheroes make this a great game 11/10/02 stonedwal
Ratchet owns! 09/20/03 TalbainEric
Jak, Spyro, Crash, Move out - Ratchet's here! 11/11/02 The Night Flier
An original and very fun platformer with some really entertaining weapons 12/04/07 TheMadcapLaughs
Honesty, its wonderful 03/09/03 unclee
Ripping Ya a New One, one bolt at a time. 03/29/07 Zeltica

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