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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Aklite

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/15/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    =====================Ratchet and Clank Walkthrough======
    ====Written by Aklite======
    -This guide contains no spoilers (Not that there's much to spoil 
    Table of Contents
    I.  Introduction (RACI)
         a.  Intro
         b.  Version History
    II. Weapons and gadgets (RACGW)
         a.  Weapons
         b.  Gadgets
    III. Walkthrough (RACWX0)
         -Basic gameplay information
         a.  Planet Veldin (RACW1)
         b.  Planet Novalis (RACW2)
         c.  Planet Kerwan (RACW3)
         d.  Planet Aridia (RACW4)
         e.  Planet Eudora (RACW5)
         f.  Nebula G34 (RACW6)
         g.  Planet Rilgar (RACW7)
         h.  Planet Umbris (RACW8)
         i.  Planet Batalia (RACW9)
         j.  Planet Orxon (RACWA0)
         k.  Planet Gaspar (RACWA1)
         l.  Planet Pokitaru (RACWA2)
         m.  Planet Hoven (RACWA3)
         n.  Gemlik Base (RACWA4)
         o.  Planet Oltanis (RACWA5)
         p.  Planet Quartu (RACWA6)
         q.  Planet Kalebo III (RACWA7)
         r.  Drek's Fleet (RACWA8)
         s.  Planet Veldin (RACWA9)
    I.  Introduction (RACI)
    a.  Intro
    Ratchet and Clank is a real fun game which doesn't seem to be too 
    popular, but is really fun nonetheless.  The gameplay is different than 
    that of many games, but it is for the better.  The later Ratchet and 
    Clanks are fun too, but I personally like the first Ratchet and Clank 
    as my favorite.
    In this guide I will cover the locations of most gold bolts, but 
    not skill points.  Most gold bolts are simply hidden and easily 
    obtained, whereas skill points require more in-depth coverage, which I 
    won't go into here.  I will cover a couple skill points which are a 
    result of a tactic which works best in a situation anyway.  
    Also, I do not give solutions for trespasser locks, except for a fairly 
    difficult one in Gemlik base, because if you are anything like me these 
    are fun to try and figure out, and I really missed having them in the 
    other ratchet games.  So if you need trespasser solutions, you can get 
    them from an in-depth FAQ.
    You can quick-jump to a section of the guide by hitting ctrl+F, typing in the 
    letters or numbers in parentheses (refer to table of contents), and hitting 
    enter twice.
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or additional information, 
    you can e-mail me at Aklite1@comcast.net.
    b.  Version History
    2.0 (06/15/13):  Added contact information and quick-find.
    2.0 (06/07/07):  Walkthrough complete.
    1.4 (06/06/07):  Continued the guide up to Drek's base.
    1.3 (06/02/07):  Continued the guide up to Gemlik Base.
    1.2 (05/30/07):  After at eternity, finally started working on the 
    guide again up to Planet Orxon.
    1.1 (03/25/06):  Continued the walkthrough on different occasions up to 
    Planet Batalia.
    1.0 (02/13/06):  First version of the FAQ.  Added all sections and 
    begun the walkthrough.
    II.  Weapons and Gadgets (RACGW)
    a.  Weapons
    Ratchet: Your ratchet is a melee weapons with no ammo limit.  It is 
    easy to use and has some fun moves.  When in first person view or 
    crouching down, you are able to throw the wrench forward to get far 
    away enemies or attract bolts which are out of reach.
    Bomb glove:  This is a weapon you get at the beginning of the game.  
    Even though it is only a starting weapons, it is actually pretty 
    powerful, especially for large groups of small enemies.  
    Blaster:  You buy this weapon from a vendor.  It is pretty nice for 
    getting single enemies far away, and has an auto targeting feature 
    which is nice.  
    Pyrocitor:  A short range flamethrower which is extremely useful for 
    high numbers of enemies at close range.  It is especially effective on 
    small, weak enemies.
    Suck Cannon:  A sweet weapon, and the absolute best way to kill small 
    enemies.  This sucks small enemies (up to 5) into your cannon, and 
    fires them as missiles.  Actually I don't use missiles nearly as much 
    as I just like to suck them up.
    Glove of Doom:  Glove of doom sends a bunch of little kamikaze bots to 
    attack your enemies.  
    Devastator:  The devastator is a rocket launcher, only really useful 
    towards heavy enemies unless you have the golden version.  
    Tesla claw:  This weapon is SO SWEET!  When a ton of weak enemies are 
    ahead of you, just activate and fire the telsa claw, and they won't 
    last long.  The golden version is possibly the best weapon in the game, 
    besides the RYNO of course.
    Decoy glove:  The decoy glove drops a decoy of yourself for enemies to 
    attack.  I personally never cared about this weapon, because it is more 
    trouble than I am willing to go to just to kill some enemies.  I just 
    whip out my pyrocitor and wipe out everyone.
    RYNO:  The RYNO is an awesome weapon which is also extremely expensive 
    (150,000 bolts).  However, you could have a whole horde of enemies in 
    front of you, one shot from the RYNO, and poof.  They are all dead.  
    One shot fires 8 missiles, splash damage, and there are 50 shots you 
    have.  The only downside is that you cannot pick up ammo for the RYNO, 
    it can only be bought.
    b.  Gadgets
    Swingshot:  You get this gadget real early on, and it is very necessary 
    for most of the game.  There are a few skillpoints which involve skill 
    with the swingshot.
    III.  Walkthrough (RACWX0)
    -Basic overview
    In Ratchet and Clank, every enemy drops bolts.  Bolts are used to buy 
    weapons and ammo from vendors, and also sometimes you need to pay some 
    bolts to advance through the game, get infobots, or pass through 
    different areas.  Bolts are also used to upgrade your weapons later on 
    in the game.
    -For the walkthrough, I have provided instructions for getting Gold 
    Bolts you can get during your first playthrough.  I will mention all 
    bolts, but will simply state the ones you need to wait to get.
    a.  Planet Veldin (RACW1)
    Once you begin the game, you will see a couple enemies ahead of you.  
    Just walk up to them and hit them with your wrench, then break open the 
    bolt boxes here.  After this, continue forward, up the step and onto 
    the next ledge with more enemies.  Just defeat them with your wrench 
    also, hop onto the ledge and break open more boxes, and then head back 
    and to the left, over the bridge.  Once on the other side, you will see 
    2 more frogs.  The easiest way to get these is throw your wrench if you 
    can get them in a line.  Crouch with R1, and then hit square.  You will 
    throw your wrench at them.  If you threw it right you should have 
    gotten both frogs with one throw.  Now continue forward, grab the 
    couple bolt boxes, and head up the ledges to the left.  At the top, 
    kill the frog and jump across.  Ahead of you, you should see 2 more 
    frogs.  Without jumping over there, throw your wrench at them to kill 
    them, then jump over and grab the boxes here.  Grab all the boxes and 
    the nanotech if you need it, then hop up and kill the frog.  You now 
    have 2 different ways to go.  Head to the right, defeat the 4 frogs by 
    any means, and then break all the boxes here.  Now, head back and take 
    the left path here.  These enemies have an electric bolt that they 
    fire, so just be careful with them.  If they are firing it, it is 
    pretty hard to run up to them to hit them, so wait till they stop 
    firing it and then run up and hit them or throw your wrench at them.  
    Break the boxes here, and then continue on.  Defeat a couple more 
    electricity guys, and grab the bolt and ammo boxes here.  Head forward, 
    now there will be about 5 electricity guys.  They are not too hard to 
    just take your wrench too if you just keep jumping and are good at 
    dodging, but if you want you can just use your bomb glove to make it a 
    bit easier.  Once all the enemies are dead grab all the boxes from 
    around here and continue on to the ship to finish the level.
    b.  Planet Novalis (RACW2)
    -You will need 500 bolts to buy an info-bot on this planet.
    The first thing you will want to do is head into the room behind you.  
    Now the tunnel with the water and platforms, head down the path to the 
    right of it.  The Pyrocitor is at the vendor, but you do not have 
    enough bolts for it yet.  Anyway, head down that path to the right, 
    break the couple boxes there, and cross the lake to the other side.  
    Break the ammo and bolt boxes here, and then head up to the giant bolt 
    there, and hold square while facing it to grab onto it.  Now, turn your 
    joystick counter-clockwise until the door is opened all the way and you 
    let go of the bolt.  Head inside, break the boxes, and head up the 
    steps.  There are 3 guys here with pretty short range weapons which can 
    be easily killed by tossing your wrench at them.  Now, head into the 
    big lake ahead and dive down into it.  Head through the tunnel in front 
    of you, follow it around to the right, then come back up to the 
    surface.  Now jump down to the bottom of the pools to the bottom, 
    defeat the enemies by any means, and break the boxes here.  Next, turn 
    to the left.  See the cracked wall there?  Use your bomb glove on it to 
    reveal a gold bolt and a ton of bolt boxes.  After that, turn the giant 
    bolt in the middle like you did before.  Head through here, break all 
    the boxes along the way and back into the start.
    Now, head into that tunnel right next to the vendor.  Head up the 
    ledges here to the top.  Once on top, defeat the 2 enemies here, break 
    all the boxes, and then look to the left.  You can bounce back and 
    froth on the walls here to the top for another gold bolt.  Just stand 
    right next to the left wall, and repeatedly hit X till you are on top.  
    Now just head forward and to the right for the bolt.  Jump back down 
    and now climb the ledges here to continue on.  Defeat another enemy, 
    then jump across the water down there.  Defeat another enemy here, then 
    break all the boxes.  Then, head to the right and jump onto the rising 
    platform, ride it to the top and head through the door.  Head to the 
    right and grab the boxes, then head into the water along the right wall 
    and climb the steps to the next portion.  After this, head all the way 
    right and then jump into the water and head up the steps here again to 
    the end.  Head to the right and break the boxes, then head back left 
    and jump up the ascending platforms to the top, break the boxes, then 
    continue right.  Continue to the end for a short cut-scene.  Now, you 
    need to pay 500 bolts for the info bot.  After that, break the boxes 
    here, then head down the sewer tube to the right back to the start.  
    You should be able to buy the pyrocitor now, so go ahead and get it.  
    Now, take the moving platform to the left of the vendor down.  Just 
    kill all the enemies with your pyrocitor, then break all the boxes 
    here.  Next, head up the steps ahead to the left, defeat the enemies 
    and break the boxes, then head across the bridge.  A short cut-scene of 
    a bomber bombing the bridge will occur, then just head across the 
    bridge and defeat the enemies along the way.  Head down the steps, head 
    to the left and grab the boxes, then head forward and defeat 3 more 
    cannon enemies.  After that, get out your pyrocitor to defeat a bunch 
    of small enemies, break the rest of the boxes, then head forward for 
    another cut-scene and 3 final enemies.  Defeat them for the last cut-
    scene and an info bot.  After the scene, break the remaining boxes and 
    you are done with this level.
    c.  Planet Kerwan (RACW3)
    -You will need 1,000 bolts to buy Clank's heli-pack upgrade on this 
    -You will need 1,000 bolts to buy the Swingshot.
    Though you will have access to both this planet and Aridia at once, it 
    is best to do this one first because you can get Clank's copter pack, 
    as well as the swingshot which is necessary to finish Aradia.  Start by 
    heading down to the platform to the vendor, grab ammo if you may need 
    it.  Now, this is a bit tough, but doable without Clanks copter.  Look 
    down straight ahead of you, over the edge with no path, and you will 
    see vehicles heading through a tunnel down there.  Jump off the edge 
    carefully, and hug the platform, and you should land on a ledge.  Now, 
    using the R3 stick, look below you and you will see a tunnel.  Jump, 
    and move just a little bit outward, and quickly push joystick back up 
    to head into the tunnel after you pass the ledge.  You should now be in 
    a tunnel with a bunch of crates and a gold bolt.  Grab it all, and take 
    the taxi at the opposite side, which will take you back to the start.  
    Head to the vendor as you did before and this time, grab the crates 
    under the bride you crossed to get to the vendor platform and take a 
    Defeat these enemies by any means, then grab all the crates in this 
    area.  Head through the opening on the left to defeat a couple more 
    enemies.  I suggest the bomb glove for area of effect on the small 
    enemies, or you can use the pyrocitor and simply spin around.  You can 
    smash the lights around the area for some extra bolts, then continue to 
    the bridge ahead.  If you have the blaster, use it on the helicopter, 
    but if you do not, you will need to run past it.  Run forward while 
    jumping left and right to avoid the fire, and be ready to defeat a few 
    more enemies at the end of the bridge.  Grab the crates then take the 
    escalator on the right down, and once again use the bomb glove or the 
    pyrocitor to defeat the small enemies.  Head right down the path and 
    just use pyrocitor to demolish any enemies in your path.  Head into the 
    building and watch the cut-scene.  Afterward you need to have 1.000 
    bolts for the heli-pack.  
    After you buy it, head through the newly opened door.  Grab the couple 
    ammo boxes ahead of you, then follow the directions for the entire 
    session here, what to do is self-explanatory.  After heading up the 
    elevator and being required to glide to the platform below, there will 
    be some baddies down there.  Just have your bomb glove ready to take 
    them out when you land.  Afterward take the elevator in front of you, 
    and once at top be ready to kill some more enemies.  Be sure to take 
    out the spawner ahead of you after you kill the ones already in the 
    area to prevent more.  Now, watch out for the red mines and head across 
    the bridge and defeat the enemy there.  Watch out for additional mines 
    if you need to chase him.  At the other end grab the boxes and head up 
    the escalator.  Defeat the enemies up top here and head left.  Before 
    heading on the train to the right, head left again behind the boxes, 
    grab the ammo crates.  Now, here is a fun part; breaking this wall.  
    The best way to do it is shoot a bomb glove right in the middle of it, 
    but you can just use your wrench.  Now, after this, head back to the 
    top of the escalator, and to your right when facing the train you will 
    see a lower box stack.  Use your crouch-heli-pack move, and get to the 
    top of it.  You will see a gold bolt on top of some crates at the other 
    end of this area.  Fly to the crate stack in front of you, then fly up 
    to the next one on your top right.  Continue to the next stack in front 
    of you, then to the one after that.  Hop up, head forward, and jump to 
    the final stack to get the gold bolt.  Now, hop down and defeat the 
    enemies with the pyrocitor, and then head back out the way you came in, 
    move forward and take the train.  
    During the short scene you will see an info bot in the front of the 
    train.  Hop across the platforms to the front, defeating the enemies 
    along the way.  The ride will not end till you are up front.  Once you 
    get up front the train will arrive at the station.  Start by blowing 
    the crates to your upper-right and getting the crates in that area, 
    then head back out and down and head left into the opening at the other 
    end to grab the info bot.  After watching it, take the elevator to the 
    bottom, head back to the vendor and buy any ammo you might need, and if 
    you have not yet, the blaster, and then head forward to the qwark robot 
    for a cut-scene.
    After the scene, you need to complete the fitness course.  Start by 
    heading up the platforms in front of you to the top, and in front of 
    you is a spot in the wall with straight sides.  Simply jump to the left 
    and when you hit the wall, move your stick to the left and jump,and 
    then when you hop off and hit the right wall, move joystick to the 
    right and jump once more to make it to the top.  Grab the crates on the 
    right side, then blow the 2 exploding boxes on the left side and 
    continue on.  Do this wall the same way you did the last one, hop up 
    the platforms and head into the green area at the top, now, just jump 
    to slide down using your wrench.  Continue across the platforms, and 
    now you will see some platforms ejecting from the wall.  Use careful 
    timing here, continue to the next set, and keep working your way up.  
    Use timing when bouncing off the walls to the top, and continue working 
    your way upward.  Once up top, slide down the next rail to the bottom, 
    and talk to the fat lady here and buy the swingshot for 1,000 bolts.  
    Now, use the swingshot on the 2 targets then slide back to the 
    beginning of the obstacle course.  Now, before you go back to your 
    ship, do the obstacle course again all the way back to the platform 
    just before you slide down to buy the swingshot (The big black one).  
    This time, before sliding down, diagonally from the green circle is an 
    area with no railing.  Look down and you will see an opening and some 
    boxes also that are somewhat difficult to see.  Jump forward and glide 
    down there, break all the boxes and grab the gold bolt here.  Now take 
    the cab back to your ship, and you are done with this planet.  Now, 
    head to planet Aridia.  You will need the trespasser from here to 
    complete the logging planet.
    d.  Planet Aridia (RACW4)   
    Once you arrive here, instead of heading forward, head left around your 
    ships platform and to the right to find Skid McMarx.  Watch the cut-
    scene, then head across the platform to the left and the stats will 
    appear for defeating all the sand sharks.  First of all, head just 
    straight ahead and to the right a bit.  I strongly recommend the 
    pyrocitor for this part.  Defeat all sand sharks and the spawner.  You 
    should now have 49 sand sharks and 6 spawners left.  Head across the 
    platforms and up to the right, run by the spawner, spin around 1 or 1 
    and a half times with your pyrocitor to do this area quick.  You should 
    now have 43 sand sharks and 5 spawners left.  Before heading out, in 
    the upper right of this area is a chunk of rocks.  Use your bomb glove 
    on it to reveal an area with some crates and a gold bolt.  Now head 
    back and this time head down the right path.  Grab the boxes and the 
    nanotech, then continue on, defeating the sand sharks.  There are 2 
    waves of them, one on the path right behind the crates, and another a 
    bit further by the spawner.  After all are defeat here, you should have 
    21 sand sharks and 4 spawners left.  Head across the bridge to the 
    right and defeat the sand sharks and the 2 spawners once more.  At this 
    point you should have 2 sand sharks and 2 spawners left.  Head back 
    across the bridge and straight, and shortly you will see a stairway on 
    your right.  Head up this and defeat the 2 spawners, and then the 2 
    burrowed sand sharks in the center green area, and upon finishing you 
    will enter a cut-scene and be back at the crashed pod.  Head back to 
    your ship by heading across the bridge and right, then across another 
    bridge and right. 
    Now for the other half of the level.  Head down the path you were 
    facing when you first entered the level, defeat the sand sharks with 
    your pyrocitor, and break open the crates here.  Continue forward, 
    defeat the sand sharks the then the flame thrower guy.  Head right to 
    defeat 2 more flame throwers, grab the nanotech if need be, then 
    continue forward and kill the remaining flame thrower.  Head forward 
    and take the elevator.
    There are 2 more tasks to be done this level.  First is find Skid's 
    agent, and the other is to grab the trespasser.  For now, take the 
    right path.  Defeat the flame thrower here, and be careful not to fall 
    off the edge, even though you respawn literally right there, so if you 
    really want to get yourself killed go ahead.  I really feel pretty 
    stupid for dying here 3 times while I wrote this.  Anyway, after you 
    defeat him, head forward and defeat the one on the next platform as 
    well, suggestibly with the blaster.  Continue across the moving belts 
    and defeat another flamethrower, then the one on your left, and then 
    head up and move up the belts.  Blast the baddie at the end, smash the 
    crates, then take the elevator down, or jump for a quicker journey, and 
    head right.  Hop the mod, defeat the sand sharks, then break the crates 
    and if you want, head left and up and defeat all the baddies and TNT 
    boxes for some extra bolts.  If not, then jump up the wall with the 
    hands right in front of you.  Ascend the couple of these, then pick a 
    pipe and continue forward.  Head right and forward to another wall you 
    can grab, then strafe to the right and hop up.  Grab the crates here 
    then continue right and head up the wall.  Break the boxes and jump up 
    to your left, hop the mod, and head for the pod for a cut-scene.
    After the scene, head to the left.  You will notice a couple slanted 
    vents or whatnot heading upward.  There is a gold bolt up here, but you 
    will need to come back with the magnetic boots when you get them later 
    on.  Before you teleport back, head back to the platform where you 
    landed after you jumped up to here.  To your left, you will see a small 
    metal square platform.  Reach this by flying as much as you can, and 
    when you land in the mud, continue jumping out and reach this.  Now, 
    jump onto the land in front of you.  Head all the way left to the dump 
    truck and grab the gold bolt in the back.  Now, head into the 
    teleporter on the right of the pod with Skid's agent to go back to your 
    ship.  Take the path you did to the elevator, and this time head down 
    the path on your left. 
    Whip out your swingshot and swing onto the platform in front of you.  
    Break the boxes, and do so again.  Head left and keep moving forward 
    and shooting the targets as they appear.  When you get to the platform 
    with 5 TNT boxes dotted around it, just shoot one and swing on up.  
    Now, head forward once again and turn left.  Swing twice to reach the 
    first platform, grab the boxes, then swing right, right again, then 
    right twice to reach the final platform with some boxes.  Head forward 
    to grab the trespasser.  I personally find trespasser locks to be one 
    of the funnest things in the game.  Many people hate them and find them 
    ridiculously frustrating, but I really like them.  Anyway, look off the 
    edge on any side.  When you see something that looks like a platform 
    rotating around, jump down onto it and run toward the center for a gold 
    bolt.  Use the swingshot to get back up.  Head forward, complete the 
    tough trespasser lock, then head through the door.  Jump down (ignore 
    the elevator, its just too slow) and then ascend the steps on your 
    right.  Keep heading forward and ease left, continuing straight and 
    jump down in front of you.  Head back to your ship and you are now done 
    with this planet.  Head to Planet Eudora.   
    e.  Planet Eudora (RACW5)
    Get more ammo from the vendor if need be, then head up the steps to 
    your right to an area with a couple crates.  Now jump down to your left 
    to get a couple more crates, and then defeat the enemy to your left.  
    Now head back to your right and defeat the little saw guys and continue 
    down that path.  When you hit the little mud area before the couple 
    steps, look to your upper right to see a gold bolt.  To get it, jump 
    onto the first ledge, and at the very edge on the right, do the crouch-
    copter move (R1+X)and right after you jump off the ground head in the 
    direction of the platform up there and you should grab the egde.  Now 
    just jump up and grab it.  Head back down and head to the lower area to 
    the right as you are heading out, defeat the enemy by the big bolt, and 
    then grab it and turn it to activate the bridge.  Cross the bridge, 
    defeat the couple enemies here, and then open the crate.  Continue 
    forward behind the tree to see a wall-bouncer.  Head to the top, defeat 
    the saw, and turn the bolt to lower some crates and a nanotech.  Now 
    jump back down and head left, use your pyrocitor on a couple more saw-
    guys, then jump up, defeat the enemy here, and turn the bolt to raise 
    another bridge.  Cross it, break open all the crates, and how up the 
    ledge.  Defeat some more enemies best with the blaster, then break the 
    crates and head up the steps to your left.  Defeat many more enemies.  
    Best weapon of choice here is the blaster due to their range.  After 
    clearing this area out, head left, defeat another blaster enemy, break 
    the crates and cross yet another bridge.  In this area it is best to 
    defeat the enemies first, and then if you want head up on the platforms 
    to grab all the crates here.  There is an area also ahead of the trees 
    with more enemies and crates.  After done here head down the left path, 
    defeat a couple more enemies (Blaster recommended again), and turn the 
    bolt.  Now head up the ledge, grab the nanotech if you need it, then 
    jump on the platform for it to raise.  Now fly down, and best idea is 
    to shoot enemy with blaster while you are in the air.  Defeat the saw 
    guys, then head up the wall to the left for more crates and a nanotech, 
    and now head back down and into the building.  Defeat the huge guy, 
    break the crates, and continue forward.  Fly down to your top right, 
    and get your blaster ready again.  After defeating the enemies and 
    getting the crates, head into the building here.  Defeat the final 3 
    enemies, and grab the awesome suck cannon.  This weapon is sweet, it 
    sucks smaller enemies in and fires them as missiles.
    Head out the building and down the right, defeating the saw guys along 
    the way.  Using the suck cannon is the easiest way.  If you did not 
    before, you will now have enough money to buy the Glove of Doom.  This 
    weapon sends tons of little kamikaze bots at your enemies.  Now head to 
    the area behind your ship with the trespasser lock.  Complete yet 
    another touch trespasser lock and continue forward.  There is a lot of 
    swingshoting to do in this area.  First head forward and fly down to 
    the platform in front of you.  Now head left and turn the bolt for some 
    swingshot targets.  Swing across, turn another bolt, and jump across 
    the platforms here.  Turn yet another bolt for a swingshot target and 
    once uptop, you have another trespasser lock.  This one you will need 
    the outermost circle pointing at 9:00 and 11:00, the middle circle 
    pointing at 6:00, and the inner circle pointing at 8:00.  Head in and 
    confront the general.  After the cut-scene, smash the crates and head 
    out to be back to your ship.  You are now done with this planet.  
    f.  Nebula G34 (RACW6)
    -Buy the taunter if you have enough bolts (2,500).  I find it pretty 
    useless against enemies, except that its fun to use it for enemies 
    behind barriers and watch their stupid asses run into it, but its 
    awesome to use to break boxes.  Nothing is better then heading into a 
    room with 30 boxes and just hitting the taunter.
    Grab ammo from the vendor if you need it, then head left.  Head down 
    the steps and use your trespasser on the door to your right.  Have each 
    circle centered on the bottom, so the outer circle hits the outer 2 
    targets and 10 and 2 o clock, the middle one hits the next ones in at 
    11 and 1 o clock, and the inner circle hits the middle target on the 
    very top at 12.  Head in and hit triangle to send Clank in.  
    Head forward and jump on the button to activate the elevator.  Head 
    left and out, then continue forward and navigate the ramp up.  Ease to 
    your right through the doorway, and defeat a frog here.  Clanks only 
    attack is a punch with the same button as Ratchet's wrench, but he does 
    charge forward a bit when you use it so you can use it from a bit 
    further away.  Break the boxes in front of you, then stop right then.  
    Do not break the box on your left.  Jump on top of it, break the crates 
    up here, then hop back down and break it now.  This time head right, 
    follow the directions gives to glide down to the platform below you.  
    Head forward and break the crates, then head left, and break some more 
    crates on the other side of this wall.  Next, continue on down the path 
    here.  Defeat the frogs with constant attacks of Clank's punched, then 
    smash the crates in front of you.  Head up on your left, break the 
    crates here, then head back to the other side.  Be careful here.  Jump 
    up and carefully navigate down this long path starting on your right.  
    It gets a bit hard because it is difficult to see where you are going.  
    Once at the other end, jump up and then jump and grab the ledge.  
    Strafe right, hop up, then hop up onto the platform on your right.  
    Don't worry about that gold bolt on your right, you can't get it yet.  
    Head through the doorway, then head forward and around to the back of 
    these pipes, break the crate and the nanotech, and you will now see 
    small glass cases with little robots here.  Break the cases and read 
    the directions on how to use them.  The commands should hopefully be 
    pretty self explanatory, just enter is to let them enter a doorway to 
    open a doorway for yourself.  Head back and get somewhat near the enemy 
    in front of you.  Select attack and let them attack it, then break the 
    crates on your left.  If you lost any bots, head back and retrieve them 
    where they have respawned.  Tell them to follow you and continue 
    forward.  You can probably just kill the frogs yourself to save time 
    from having to get any bots again.  Break the crates here then tell the 
    bots to enter the doorway.  Head through and you now have a new gadget, 
    the hydrodisplacer.  Head down the newly formed bridge on your right, 
    and then head back left, up the elevator, and head forward to become 
    Ratchet again.
    Head back past your ship and head through the doorway on the right.  
    Take the shuttle to the warship.  Once there, head through the right 
    door, defeat the baddie, and break the crates.  Now, head through the 
    left doorway.  This is a good opportunity to use the suck cannon.  Whip 
    it out and start sucking up the frogs.  Once the barrel is full, launch 
    them all as best as you can at the other frogs, and if you missed any 
    just suck them up again.  Continue forward and defeat 2 more enemies.  
    Best to jump a lot here to avoid the flame waves.  Break the crates at 
    the end and head through the door behind them.  Don't jump down here, 
    cause its hard to beat them head on.  Instead, equip your blaster, go 
    into first person mode and just shoot them this way with your blaster.  
    Now, grab all the crates around here, then press the big red shiny 
    button.  You now got 45 seconds to get out of here.  It really is not 
    that hard, just head forward, use pyrocitor on the 2 big enemies here, 
    then when you come to the frogs, do the same.  Continue forward, jump 
    the gas vents shooting the baddie here along the way to stall him, then 
    head out and you are off the ship (If you actually spent all that time 
    without pausing reading this, you're probably screwed, so for next 
    time, just run). 
    Head forward and grab the info-bot.  Now, continue forward.  I don't 
    know what the hell these things are called, so I will just call them 
    things.  Head forward and shoot the "thing" to the left of the door to 
    open it and continue forward.  Avoid the gas vents, and then whip out 
    your suck cannon.  I count 15 frogs here, so actually pyrocitor if 
    probably better, but suck cannon works fine, and besides that, it so 
    much more hella funner.  Just suck up 5, run back while shooting them 
    out, then suck up 5 more and repeat.  Now head forward and defeat the 
    enemy here with your blaster, then if you have your taunter, whip it 
    out and use it, and just sit back and watch the stupid ass run into the 
    barrier (You'll have good fun with the taunter :)).  Now break the 
    things and continue forward.  Be ready to kill 6 more frogs, just use 
    suck cannon and use a missile on the last one.  A great opportunity to 
    use your taunter is coming up.  Continue forward, and before heading 
    left use your trespasser here.  Its pretty easy: The outer circle needs 
    to be hitting the targets at 6 and 11 o clock, the middle circle is 
    just blockers, have them at 9, 2, and 4 o clock, and the inner circle 
    needs to be hitting targets at 8 and 1 o clock.  Before you break one 
    damn box, head right into the middle, defeat the frogs from the 3 boxes 
    here, then whip out your taunter and use it.  It is just so awesome 
    hearing all the boxes breaking one by one here.  Head back and to your 
    left, and onto the platform here.  Head right past the gas vents if you 
    want the crates.  I really don't have a good strategy for getting past 
    here without getting hit, just jump like mad and pray for luck.  After 
    you get those crates head down the left path.  Use timing when jumping 
    up these platforms to avoid the gas vents.  Its best to grab the ledge 
    and then jump up right before the vent goes off.  Once at top break the 
    crates for bolts, ammo, and 2 nanotech which you probably need.  Turn 
    right, hit the swingshot target, then defeat the baddie here.  Break 
    the crates (beware of frogs) and then continue through the door.  After 
    you break each thing, be ready to fit one of those giant annoying 
    enemies in the glass case.  Just stay away from them and use the 
    blaster, because melee combat is kind of hard.  Now continue forward 
    and defeat some more frogs.  Watch out for the ones that come down from 
    the ceiling.  Continue through here to the end, jump up, and use your 
    blaster on another enemy.  Continue forward, get more ammo if you need 
    it from the vendor, and then use your suck cannon on the frogs, and 
    fire the missiles at the huge guys.  Grab all the crates from the 
    little pockets in here.  On your right side, top level, second from the 
    left is a pocket that leads to a room with a gold bolt.  Defeat the 
    frogs and smash the crates here, grab it, and then head back out.  Jump 
    down, and before breaking the things, use your taunter in front of the 
    barrier.  Now hit the things, head through and defeat the remaining 
    enemy in here, and head to your left, defeat the frogs, and use your 
    taunter again.  Head back and break the thing in the middle by throwing 
    your wrench at it (crouch and attack) and then jump to the platform on 
    your left.  Use your taunter once again and then break this barrier and 
    continue on.  Yet again, use your taunter and release the barrier.  
    Grab the nanotech and head through the doorway on your left.  Boss 
    Boss: Nebula Queen
    Difficulty: 3/10
    This boss is pretty easy.  Play evasively and use your blaster.  Use 
    your blaster as she charges as you, and when she backs up to attack, 
    head right.  Use your blaster once more, and when she turns and backs 
    to attack, move right again.  Repeat this process till she releases 
    some frogs.  Suck them up with the suck cannon and shoot the missiles 
    at her.  If you do this right you should get the second wave of 
    enemies, 2 of those giant annoying ones, before the frogs are defeated.  
    At this point, continue sucking up frogs and then focus missiles on 
    these things.  If you run out before they are defeated just whip out 
    your blaster again and finish them off.  Now, finish off the queen with 
    the same tactic, and she should die in no time.
    Note:  I got a suggested strategy from someone saying it is easiest to 
    use 2-3 gloves of doom right off the bat, use the pyrocitor on the 
    small frogs, then use more gloves of doom.  Then for the last 2 enemies 
    use glove of doom like mad.  Haven't tried this myself, but it sounds 
    like a good tactic.  Thanks to Alex Johannes for this strategy, and 
    also for alerting me I said the guide would be updated tomorrow 7 
    months ago(I will get around to it eventually, need to finish this as 
    well as my Kingdom Hearts 2 guide).   
    After the battle, break all the boxes here, and then head through the 
    open doorway.  After talking to the guy here, you need to pay 2,000  
    bolts for the boots, which you should have no problem.  Jump onto the 
    grindrail to head back to your ship, and you are now done with this 
    g.  Planet Rilgar (RACW7)
    -You will need 4,000 bolts to bribe a guard for an infobot.
    Upon arrival here, you are be able to purchase the mine glove from the 
    vendor for 7,500 bolts, but probably do not have enough bolts yet.  
    Even if you do, it is best not to buy it yet, you will need 4,000 to 
    bribe the guard at the end of the first challenge.  Best to get the 
    annoying part over with first before you move on to the hoverboard 
    race.  However, in this whole section you have no enemies besides a few 
    amoebas on the rather annoying challenge your about to do.  Jump onto 
    the platform to your left with the taxi flag on it, then onto the 
    floating platform in the water and use the 2 swingshot targets to reach 
    the other side.  If you fall into the water, get out quick before you 
    get eaten by the shark.  Once on the other side, hop into the entryway 
    and take the elevator down.  Get out your hydrodisplacer.  Start by 
    draining the first pool, then hop down and up the platforms in the 
    upper left corner.  Head forward and use the hydrodisplacer once again 
    to reach the tunnel.  Smash the grates with your wrench and continue 
    forward.  For this one, start by draining the pool, then hop onto the 
    tunnel down on your right and smash the grates here.  Next, head back 
    up and fill the pool again, then swim back through the tunnel.  Swim 
    up, jump onto the platform and smash all the crates, then head down the 
    water tunnel around this circle.  Once at the bottom. Press the button 
    and get ready to bolt.  
    A tip for this next part.  Whenever you have a chance, use the R1+X to 
    use your pack and jet you forward to buy some time.  You can do this 
    before the ramp after the 4 platforms in the beginning, then on the top 
    once (Be careful not to run off the ledge), then after jumping the 
    platforms in the water, use it as much as you can in this series of 
    ramps.  Then again, after swimming to the other side, use it after you 
    get to the top of the platform by climbing the ledge,
    This is all about speed.  Run forward, and then jump onto the first 
    platform using the double jump (Be sure not to use the helipack for it 
    will slow you down) and then jump to each additional platform using 
    only single jumps to gain time.  Run up the ramp on the left at the 
    top, and once again use single jumps to hop up the 2 steps in front of 
    you.  Simply jump over the amoebas and avoid fighting them, and for the 
    final one double jump to make it to the platform in the water.  
    Continue to the next platform, and then keep running.  If the water is 
    up to you and slowing you down, keep jumping and moving forward to try 
    to get out of it.  Now for this next part, you need to get into the 
    water (By the way, if the water is already at the top of the ramp while 
    you are, you are probably screwed).  Jump forward before diving in and 
    then dive in and swim down, around the corner, and head up quickly 
    before the water reaches the top.  Jump up the ledges, head forward 
    past the amoeba, and use the helipack R1+X combo to reach this first 
    platform, then just hop down to the second platform. Use the R1+X combo 
    again to reach the end, and then run forward as far as you can then 
    dive into the water.  For this last part you need to dive underwater 
    once more, then swim quickly to the other side and ascend the final 
    tunnel to the top.  Head forward and take the elevator.
    Once at the top, head forward to talk to the guard.  After paying him 
    4,000 bolts which you should have as long as you didn't buy the mine 
    glove, you get the infobot for Umbris.  Take the taxi back to your 
    Now, take the right path.  Jump onto the floating platform and jump up 
    and press the button.  Grab the ammo crates, then whip out your 
    blaster.  Defeat the first enemy however, then use your blaster at 
    range to take out the tank.  Head in and break the crates in the 
    corner, then head left and jump onto the floating platform.  Continue 
    forward and press the button.  Defeat the 4 enemies however, but the 
    blaster works pretty well here.  For the amoebas however, the pyrocitor 
    is always the best choice.  Hit the big one first to make 2 smaller 
    onces.  Do a quick semi circle while shooting to break each of them 
    down, then repeat.  This works best with rooms full of lots of big 
    amoebas, but if you get surrounded just do a whole circle.  Head 
    forward and activate the bridge.  Use your blaster on these enemies 
    here, then head right and take the elevator.  Defeat the amoeba and 
    push the button here to open the gate to the taxi which lets you 
    continue the level.  Do you notice how damn many buttons this level 
    has?  Anyway, you will need to defeat a few enemies before taking the 
    Once off the taxi, use your blaster to defeat some more enemies and a 
    tank.  You can jump on top of the sewer lids to reach platforms with 
    some bolt crates.  Before moving on head to the left of the area and 
    talk to the guy here to learn about the R.Y.N.O. which is a pretty 
    sweet weapon, but I'll let you find out all about it when you buy it, 
    cause if you're like me you'd rather be surprised when you get it 
    instead of finding out right away, which is the same for like rewards 
    at the end of a game.  After you are done getting the crates here head 
    to the upper left and press the button to activate the elevator, defeat 
    the couple enemies then take the elevator.  Start by circling around 
    this room grabbing all the boxes, then jump down in the middle, use the 
    pyrocitor on the amoebas, then hit yet another button.  Keep your 
    pyrocitor out and defeat the 9 enemies than come at you.  Head through 
    the door to the left of the ladder for another elevator into an area 
    with lotza lazers.  Look to your left and see the gold bolt.  By the 
    way, there is no way to deactivate those lasers, and no way past them, 
    but you can still get that bolt during this runthrough; I'll tell you 
    in a second.  Hit the button to deactivate the lasers, to your right, 
    then hit the next one to deactivate the ones leading to the enemies in 
    the corner.  Grab the boxes and hit the button to deactivate the next 
    lasers, then hit the next one to fight the amoebas.  By this time, I'm 
    getting too damn tired of saying hit the button every time for the 
    lasers, so from now on im just gonna say HTB.  After defeating the 
    amoebas HTB to deactivate the L's to your left, then HTB to deactivate 
    the L's to your right, then HTB to get out.  Jump onto that sewer lid 
    and kill the tank, then turn around and look back toward the L field.  
    When it rises up, jump to that little blue corner piece platform there.  
    Simply hop across them to reach the opposite corner, then hop down for 
    the Gold bolt.  Actually, you can just run across, which is probably 
    easier, but whatever.  You can also hit that button at the end to 
    defeat the rest of the enemies, but unless you need bolts I see it to 
    be nothing more than a waste of time.  Now, jump back onto that sewer 
    lid and onto the platform, defeat the tank, break the boxes, then 
    continue and take the E.  Once at top, talk to the lady in the middle 
    and after the cut-scene you can do the hoverboard race. 
    Challenge: Hoverboard race
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Since writing a full walkthrough would be a waste of my time and yours, 
    since this is all about experience, ill just say hit every turbo pad, 
    and cut the corners.  Oh, and be sure not to hit TNT boxes.  Heres a 
    few tips.
    -Take the first turbo pad, swerve left, take the ramp but DO NOT JUMP.  
    Unless you are without turbo, in which case if you don't jump your 
    screwed.  Just ride it out, jump at the end for turbo.
    -On the third corner, be sure to be on the upper platforms, and when 
    you hit the turbo, swerve right and aim straight for that turbo ring.
    -After that, be sure to land on the right ramp for the turbo ring, then 
    swerve down and hit the ramp through the boxes.
    -After getting the turbo ring or pad or both, cut the corner with the 
    Once you learn the course pretty well, you should have turbo almost the 
    entire time.
    That's all I can do to help, good luck!
    Once you win the race, you get a zoomerator 3000, which gives you turbo 
    for stunts in your next hover board race.  That's right, your next 
    hoverboard race!  That one REALLY sucks.  
    Take the cab back to your ship and you are done with this level.
    h.  Planet Umbris (RACW8)
    Buy the mine glove if you haven't already if you want it, break the 
    crates around your ship, then head forward and use the 2 swingshot 
    targets.  After landing, smash the crates, but be sure to stay clear of 
    the spread bomb shooter.  Use your blaster on it then continue across 
    the bridge on your right.  Defeat another one of these, then break the 
    crates off to the right of this area.  Be careful before heading 
    forward of the ground machine gun; you cannot destroy it.  Shooting it 
    makes it turn off for about 5 seconds before it starts again, and you 
    will be in its firing range before you can shoot with your blaster.  
    Just strafe left and right while jumping to avoid it, then shoot it 
    with your blaster when in range and run past quickly.  Ascend the 
    ledges and watch out for the spike ball around the corner.  Continue 
    around, smash the crates, and be ready to kill all the spike balls 
    coming through the bridge.  The easiest way is to use the blaster and 
    just shoot when the first one starts heading down the bridge.  Keep 
    shooting small bursts till they are all dead, then continue to the end 
    of the bridge, and from here defeat both the bomb launchers.  Head of 
    the stairs and be ready for the 2 spike balls at the top.  After 
    defeating them head down the bridge on the right.  The spike balls here 
    do not follow down the bridge, so just shoot them with the blaster 
    while off the bridge to avoid drawing them open.  Hit the 3 buttons in 
    front of the door to open it.  This is pretty much just a sample of the 
    3 button system which you will also encounter ahead a few times.  If 
    you are running out of blaster ammo, switch to your bomb glove.  Hit 
    the 3 targets here and head through the door near the top.  Get across 
    this bridge quickly because it collapses, and watch the gap before the 
    last platform, be sure to jump it.  Get the boxes here then head left, 
    once again run quick and watch out for the gaps.  There is one a bit 
    after midway and before the end.  Head left around the barbed wire and 
    smash the crates, then head right but watch out for the machine gun.  
    You are safe from it if you are on the very right ledge here.  Break 
    the crates then head forward and left, and then continue forward and 
    right to the tnt and bolt crates on the right side.  Smash them, then 
    run left, behind the machine gun, then use the first swingshot target, 
    be sure to land or you will not shoot the other swingshot before you 
    sink into the water, then shoot the other one.  There is a gold bolt in 
    the building to your right.  To get it, head toward the building, and 
    look right.  You should see a ledge with a button.  Jump to it, hit the 
    button, run around to the second button, then jump onto the last 
    platform for the third button and some crates.  Head back, and into the 
    building for the gold bolt and a bunch of bolt and ammo crates.  Head 
    out and forward this time.  This next area you need to hit 3 buttons in 
    the midst of the machine gunning.  Follow these directions:  Head left 
    and watch out for the machine gun, take the right fork, hit the machine 
    gun then hit the first button.  Continue right, and just before you 
    reach the bolt crates look left for the second button (Watch out for 
    the machine gun of course), hit it, then run past the crates and take a 
    right for the final button.  Head back and break any crates if you want 
    to, then destroy the spike balls here however, and head all the way 
    back where you came in to the little door that opened in the corner.  
    Ascend the stairs and defeat all the spike balls here.  I just did it 
    by busting in with the pyrocitor, which is easy and quick, but if you 
    want to play it safe use the blaster.  Smash the rest of the crates, 
    then touch the 3 buttons to open the left door.  Don't worry about the 
    right door, you will get to it soon enough.  Head through the door, 
    climb the long ladder, and there will now be some hydrodisplacer 
    targets.  Drain the first pool, nail the fish, and then head through 
    the tunnel on the right and take care of the next 2.  Head up the steps 
    to the right, and head all the way right.  Looking over the edge at the 
    right angle you will see a gold bolt.  Hop down and get it, then hit 
    the 3 buttons to open the door.  You be where you defeat all the spike 
    balls, so head back up the ladder through the left door and back to 
    where you jumped off.  For the next pool on your right, jump down and 
    kill the fishes, then jump back up and fill the pool.  Swim across, 
    jump up and drain this pool.  There is a nanotech on the opposite ledge 
    if you need it.  Head down and kill all 4 fish, then head back up and 
    fill the pool again, dive in and head left, and jump onto the ledge to 
    your left.  Drain the pool up here, then use the swingshots to the 
    other side.  Break the crates, continue forward and before filling the 
    pool, hop down and defeat the 5 fish.  Fill the pool and hit the 3 
    buttons on the middle platform, then head back and drain the pool once 
    more, then head back forward and jump up and through the doorway.  Grab 
    all ammo and bolts through this hall, and to the end with the platform 
    with qwark.  Watch the cut-scene.
    Boss:  Blargian Snagglebeast
    Difficulty: 7/10
    This guy ain't too hard once you get the hang of him.  You will be 
    using your blaster for this battle.  You may be near out, so grab the 
    ammo crates.  He has 3 main attacks.  He will stomp each foot and send 
    out waves of fire (jump to dodge, do not move), he will shoot a laser 
    at you which usually don't hit you, but move or the fire from the 
    hitspot will, and when you get real close he will shoot loads of 
    fireballs from his hands.  As you damage him, you will notice him raise 
    a shield.  At this point, run backwards till you reach the bridge and 
    cross it.  He will fall into the lava and become more damages.  Now 
    resume your attacks.  He will raise a shield once again, use the same 
    tactic, and continue till he raises his shield the 3rd and final time, 
    and lead him across the last bridge and he will die.  During the 
    sequence of the battle, be sure to pick up the ammo and nanotech crates 
    as you need them.  If you run out of blaster ammo, use your bomb glove.  
    After the battle, head to the open door in the corner to find a new 
    ship and a cut-scene and the info-bot for Planet Batalia.
    i.  Planet Batalia (RACW9)
    If you have 12,000 bolts, buy the devastator (it's only 10,000, but you 
    need 2,000 for an info-bot in this stage).  Head down the ramp and to 
    the right and break the bolt crates.  
    The first area I'll cover is the grind rail.  Head up the ramp to the 
    right and hop onto the rail.  Immediately after turning the corner, 
    flip onto the left rail.  Then after doing a u-turn, hop the loop, and 
    be ready to hop a gap (it can come up as a surprise because of the 
    camera angles).  After heading through the tunnel, hop 2 more loops and 
    a mine, and then flip onto the right rail when it appears and jump over 
    the mine there.  Shortly after flip onto the rail on the left side, and 
    descend the spiral hoping over the various mine and the gap near the 
    end.  After heading through the tunnel and getting the bolts here, flip 
    onto the right rail which appears shortly after.  You can flip onto the 
    loop on the left side and grab the bolts around here if you'd like, but 
    it does not lead anywhere.  Continue ascending and flip onto the left 
    rail, and then quickly back onto the right.  Continue hoping the mines, 
    then once you head down the slope and off the end you're done.
    After watching the cut-scene, and then pay the 2,000 bolts to get the 
    info-bot to planet.  Now take the teleporter back to the platform you 
    started on, and head down, break the boxes in the room on the right if 
    you haven't already, and then whip out your suck cannon or blaster and 
    take care of the enemies at the bottom of the ramp.  If you used the 
    suck cannon, use the projectiles to clear the enemies out of the area 
    to the right of them.  Afterward, you can hop up the wall on the right 
    for some bolt crates, and then jump back down and head to the building 
    opposite of this one and break the trespasser lock.  Once inside, just 
    stand in the middle of the room and use your taunter in all directions 
    (not necessary of course, but always fun).  Now head out and wall dump 
    up to the roof of this building in the area where the trespasser lock 
    was, and grab the gold bolt up here.  Now head back down and proceed 
    across the bridge to get on with the level.
    Head across the narrow pathway on the left area of the bridge, and then 
    take care of the enemies on the other side by any means.  After taking 
    care of these enemies, smash the boxes on the right, and smash the ammo 
    and bolt boxes in the area revealed.  Next, head back out and down the 
    ramp on the left.  Blaster works best down here to take care of the 
    enemies.  After they are taken care of, use the bolt crank, and then 
    head back up the ramp.  Use the blaster or devastator on the tank 
    rolling across the newely-extended bridge, then continue forward into 
    the room with the nano and bolt crates.  Now, head up the steps on the 
    right of here.  Once on top, face right and helipack over to this 
    platform to grab onto the ledge.  Destroy the bolt crates, and leap 
    around the platforms to a large platform with a gold bolt.  Once you 
    are finished, head back around the way you came and jump into the 
    river.  Once at the bottom use your blaster on the 2 enemies here, then 
    use your blaster or devastator on the tank at the bottom.  Turn the 2 
    bolt crates once all baddies are taken care of, and then head up the 
    steps a bit further up.  Cross the bridge for a cut-scene and info-bot 
    to Planet Orxon.  There is only one mission left on the planet, but you 
    need Magneboots to do it.  These are on Orxon, so once you get them you 
    can come back to the planet and refer to the guide below.
    Once you return to the planet, head down and to the left to take the 
    cab to the ventilation shaft.  Be sure to JUMP onto the shaft; if you 
    walk you will fall.  Also, make sure you feel well because this can be 
    extremely nauseating (just a suggestion).  Walk along the shaft, being 
    careful not to fall off.  Use your R3 stick to adjust camera angles so 
    your Left stick actually moves you in the direction you want to move.  
    You will come across 4 enemies shortly after starting.  Whack them once 
    with your wrench, and then continue on.  Now, before heading up the 
    shaft on the left be careful because your camera view can screw you 
    over and run you right off the ledge.  Continue along the shaft until 
    you reach the hole in the wall.
    Now, whip out your suck cannon and suck up as many small enemies as you 
    can, and then fire the projectiles on the larger enemy here.  Next, 
    blow up the spawning thing at the back of here.  Afterward, you can 
    head up the ramp on the right and extend the bridge if you want.  There 
    are also some boxes along the ledge to the left.  Next,  Jump up on the 
    left platform afterward.  Defeat the 2 tanks that appear with the 
    devastator or blaster, defeat all the small enemies, and then use your 
    wrench on the bolt crank to open the door.  Head across for a cut-
    scene.  Afterward, break the crates around this area, and then enter 
    the turret.
    Once inside the turret, mind your health in the lower left, and blast 
    the 4 ships (orange dots on the radar).  Beware of the incoming 
    missiles (white/red dots on the radar); always shoot those down when 
    you see them coming (when they turn to blinking red on the radar).  
    This is pretty simply up till the last ship, when you get freaking 
    barraged with missiles.  Keep in mind it only takes 4 missiles to 
    destroy the turret, but they are very easy to shoot down.  If you fire 
    a shot while a missile is in your crosshairs, it always gets shot down.  
    The problem is when the missiles are able to "sneak up" on you.  Always 
    be looking at your radar since they can sometimes blend in and be hard 
    to see, and they can also come from the sides or top and bottom.  Once 
    all the ships are destroyed, you get a metal detector (sweet!)  
    j.  Planet Orxon (RACWA0)
    I put Orxon first since it has the magneboots, but you can do either 
    Gasper or Orxon after Batalia.
    On your first visit to Orxon, you will be playing as Clank only since 
    an O2 mask is needed for Ratchet.  Break all the crates on the starting 
    platform, and then head into the tunnel.  Ignore the enemy you see to 
    the left, and continue heading forward, break the crated, and then jump 
    down and defeat the enemy.  Break the 2 cases for the bots, and tell 
    them to ENTER to send them to the top platform where you just came 
    from.  Next jump down into the area below, defeat the 2 badies here, 
    and free the last bot and tell him to enter this port and then the next 
    one.  Once on top, bring the bots with you and tell them to ATTACK the 
    baddie that you passed earlier.  If you lost any bots during the 
    attack, go get them from their spawn point and bring them back up here.  
    Tell them to ENTER the doorway.
    Defeat the baddie in here and then break the crates.  Continue on, 
    break the crates along the way and then free the 2 bots here.  You can 
    use them to attack the 2 baddies in front of you.  Continue on to the 
    left defeating enemies and breaking crates.  Once you reach the bot 
    port, send your bots in and them send them into the doorway at the top.  
    However, you still need 4 bots.  Jump down to the right and free the 2 
    bots on the left side of this area.  Then head right and free the 
    remaining 2.  After breaking the crates, ascend the stairs to the right 
    of the 2 bots you just freed and have them follow you all the way back 
    up and around to the bot port, enter them and then send them into the 
    doorway to open the door.
    Free the 2 bots here, and then jump onto the ledge on the right.  Break 
    the crates up here (careful of the TNT), and then jump down on the 
    other side.  Blow the TNT here, stand on the button in front of the 
    door and then tell your bots to FOLLOW you.  Now for the next door, 
    tell your bots to WAIT on the button, run through to the other side and 
    stand on the button here, and then bring your bots to you.  Break the 
    boxes and TNT on the right ledge, and then break the crates on the 
    right side of the room.  Free the bot on the left, and defeat the 
    baddie in front of you.  Send your bots into the port, and then break 
    the 4 crates on the left of you.  Head up to the top through the port 
    or ledge, and then break the crates and free the remaining bot on the 
    left.  Now, jump onto the platform on the right side of this room, and 
    then head forward to the other side of the door.  Jump onto the TNT on 
    the left, and then break the boxes around the room.  Free the final 
    bot, and then head up top and activate the TNT on the left.  Afterward 
    go back down to the button and bring your bots through the open door, 
    tell them to enter the port, and finally send them into the doorway.  
    Break all the crates in this room, and then head through the door to 
    receive the Magneboots.  After the short cut-scene, break the remaining 
    crates here, and then jump off the right side to continue on with the 
    Start by freeing the bot right here, then head forward and right to 
    free 2 more bots and break some crates.  Watch out for the bombs here 
    (they turn red over time, and then explode).  After freeing the bot 
    here, head back and forward, and then right.  Blow up the TNT and then 
    free another bot.  Just to the left of here are 2 more bots to free.  
    Wait your bots and then explode the 2 TNT boxes and free the bots.  
    Head out this area and to the right, blow up the TNT, and head into the 
    Before starting, make sure you have SIX bots.  Some may have died by 
    the bombs.  It helps to do periodic checks to make sure you don't leave 
    any bots behind.  Once inside, stay on the level you are on, wait till 
    the light thing passes on the right, and then head right.  Bring your 
    bots up the ramp to the next level, wait for the electric thing to pass 
    again, and then take your bots around this corner and ascend the ramp 
    on the right to the next level.  Next, you need to head forward, 
    staying on this level.  If you want, tell your bots to wait and break 
    the crates on the left.  Once the electric thing passes, quickly bring 
    your bots forward and head up the ramp to the next level.  Once the 
    electric ball passes, bring your bots right and then head straight.  
    Head through the doorway on the right, walk across this platform all 
    the way to the door at the other end, and enter your bots. 
    In this next area, free the bot at the start, and then head right.  
    Free 2 more bots, then order the 3 to attack the snapper in the middle.  
    Free 2 more bots, then head back and tell them to attack the snapper 
    that you saw when you entered.  Kill the rest of the enemies, free the 
    3 additional bots, and then continue progressing.  Kill the next 
    snapper, free 2 more bots on the left, and then attack the final 
    snapper.  Break the crates on the right side, and then bring your grand 
    army of bots to the doorway and tell them to enter.
    After the cannon cut-scene, collect the bolts around here and break the 
    crates on the left side.  Head forward for the info-bot.  Finally, head 
    down to the left and jump off the right side of the bridge or take the 
    platform down back to your ship.  The info-bot is to Planet Pokitaru.  
    You need an O2 mask to do the remaining mission of this level, which is 
    on Pokitaru.  Once you have it, refer to the guide below.
    As Ratchet (Do after Pokitaru):
    Once out of your ship, restock on any ammo if need be, and then head 
    over to the platform with the box stack.  From here, glide down to the 
    platform below.  These sleeping guys are best defeated at range, since 
    when you attack them melee or short range, they will attack you each 
    time you attack them.  After attacking him, attack the rotating thingy 
    to the left to bring down the force field, and head through.  Break the 
    crates and attack the 2 birds with your pryocitor, and cross the 2 
    platforms.  Immediately after crossing, take out the floating guy to 
    keep him from warning all the sleeping baddies here.  Once you take 
    care of him, eliminate the enemies around here one at a time, then 
    break the force field on the right.
    On the other side is a gadgetron vendor, and 2 different paths.  The 
    right one leads to an infobot, and the left one leads to a nanotech 
    vendor.  I will cover the left path first, since additional nanotech 
    helps on the right path.  However, you buy them in 2 incriments.  The 
    first give +1, and the second gives +3.  The +1 only costs 4,000 bolts, 
    whereas the +3 costs 30,000.  You can however teleport back here at any 
    time to buy the extra 3.  
    Start down the left path, and get our your devastator.  Once the ship 
    appears, shift back out of range of its missiles, and use the 
    devastator on it in first-person view (L1).  Break the crates around 
    here, and then head forward and jump up the ledge on the right.  Take 
    care of the shooter in here by any means, then blast the crates.  Head 
    into the right room, smash the crates, and then head left and take care 
    of the baddie in here.  Bust the remaining crates, and bring down the 
    force field.  Use your blaster on the enemies here (the birds only take 
    one blaster shot).  Afterward start heading across the platforms till a 
    ship appears, and then immediately head back and use your devastator on 
    it.  Break the boxes on the right platform if you want, and then follow 
    the platforms across to the other side.  Stay on the last platform and 
    blaster the chomper on the other side, break the crates and then 
    blaster the remaining chomper on the left.  Use your metal detector 
    here if you want, break the crates, then jump across the platform on 
    the left, then to the next one.  Remain here and take care of all the 
    baddies on this platform with any ranged weapon.  Take out the force 
    field, and use a ranged weapon on the 2 clippers on the other side.  
    Hop across the platforms and smash the box on the other side.  Take out 
    the flamer on this platform (one blaster shot should knock him off) and 
    then proceed.  Take out the other flamer and then head across to the 
    grassy area to break the crates and continue right.  Take the platform 
    up, whip out your taunter to take care of all the crates in here.
    Now, for the nanotech dispenser.  The +1 costs 4,000 bolts.  I laugh at 
    you if you can't afford it since you get close to 4,000 just from the 
    run.  The larger amount is 30,000 bolts, which unless you farm bolts 
    freely you definitely won't have.  But smile, you now have an extra 
    health!  Probably best to save up for the nanotech before you buy more 
    weapons though, since it's a grand asset in the coming levels.
    Hop down to the left, and then head right out of the tunnel.  Take the 
    new platform out here back down to the area you followed previously, 
    and head back to the vendor.  Replenish your ammo if the need arose, 
    and then head right.
    Start by killing the enemy right in front of you, and then defeat the 
    enemies in the hole with your blaster from the ledge above.  If you 
    look ahead, you can see the infobot.  Defeat the enemies on the 
    opposing ledge from afar, and head over and grab the infobot to finish 
    the level.
    Once you head over to the infobot, he will actually run.  Sorry to get 
    your hopes up, but you have a long, painful path ahead of you.  Start 
    by heading up the metal shaft till you get to the flaming things.  In 
    the hands of a skilled player, ratchet can be maneuvered around these, 
    but since your using my walkthrough, just wait till they turn off.  
    Once past here, maneuver forward and take care of the birds with your 
    wrench.  If a bird is heading toward you just keep constantly 
    attacking, since its somewhat difficult to hit them right on the mark.  
    Before coming off the metal shaft, there is a glitch here.  Sometimes 
    when you run off the shaft to the right instead of taking it all the 
    way down, you will wind up on a small piece of land with the rest of 
    the level just greenness.  The only way out of here, unfortunately, is 
    to die.  It's an odd glitch but it will punish the impatient.  Once off 
    the shaft, jump down into the small pit, whip out your taunter and let 
    the idiots run into the force field.  You also get a skill point, but 
    this is generally just the best method to kill these guys instead of 
    swing-shoting over into a painful, close range battle.  With the 
    infobot taunting you again, swingshot across and take care of the 3 
    bids, best with the pyrocitor but pretty simple with the blaster as 
    well.  Continue onward across to the next platform, take care of the 
    force field switch, and then hop up and carefully take care of the 2 
    clippers up here.  Head right, bring down the force field, and use your 
    blaster on the remaining enemies.  Head forward and watch the info bot 
    run some more.  Once he does, back up and whip out your devastator.  
    Take out the newly spawned ship, and then take care of the enemies in 
    front of you at range.  Continue around the corner, attacking the 
    baddies and smashing crates and you will see the infobot alas trapped 
    in a room with nowhere to run.but your STILL not done.  In fact, the 
    hardest part is yet to come.  Run up the right side to grab the 
    Now that you are finished with that unholy area, jump down the hole and 
    head right.  Use your suck cannon or pyrocitor on the baddies here, and 
    just follow the path you went on before as clank back to your ship to 
    complete the stage.
    k. Planet Gaspar (RACWA1)
    You are now able to buy the Walloper for 7,500 bolts if you want.  Its 
    an unlimited ammo weapon which when used, you will charge at an enemy, 
    delivering a powerful punch.  
    Head forward and take the platform down.  Use the suck cannon on these 
    enemies and then fire the projectiles at the spawn point and at the 
    other enemy forward a bit.  In front of you is a turret.  Use that to 
    blast the wall to your right, and also blast the few baddies on the 
    other side.  Head through the newly opened door, smash the crates on 
    the right side, and pick up the bolts from the enemies you killed.  Be 
    careful with the detonating balls here.  The easiest way to deal with 
    them is to start shooting them before they even charge at you, and 
    destroy them before they reach you.  Do NOT try running from these, 
    because it is extremely hard to avoid being hit.  If they do get to 
    you, use your ratchet.  It only takes 3 hits, so if you want to save 
    ammo you can just pull them all to you and go nuts.  Anyway, continue 
    around the corner on the left and take care of the baddie that pops 
    out.  Use your suck cannon on the small enemies from across the lava, 
    and then shoot the projectiles at the bigger enemy and the spawn point.  
    Head right, and then use your blaster or walloper on the 3 other 
    exploding balls here.  Use an explosive on the 4 crates on the right 
    here, and then shoot the other exploding ball on the other side of the 
    lava.  Head up the slope, destroy the enemy at the top, jump across the 
    3 platforms on the right, and use the turret to blow open the door on 
    the other side.  Heli-pack down and head through the newely opened 
    Head up the elevator and use your suck cannon or wrench on the 4 
    baddies here.  The detonating balls here are best defended against by 
    using your wrench.  Head up the ramp on the right, smash the boxes, and 
    use your blaster or devastator on these enemies.  Glove of doom also 
    works well.  They will occasionally shoot themselves as well, which 
    will help you out.  Continue on down the ramp and use your blaster on 
    the enemies here.  There are 2 basically simple ways to take care of 
    these enemies.  Either stand to one side until the enemies start 
    firing, and when they do you move to the other side and take one out, 
    or the easiest way is to just hop in the turret and take care of them 
    all this way.
    Once all enemies are subdued, blast the door to the left out using the 
    turret.  Head through it and take out the 2 baddies here, but do not 
    get too close to them.  There are some detonating balls near them and 
    if you activate them while you still have the 2 shooters, it becomes 
    much harder.  Use your blaster or devastator once again here, and then 
    take care of the detonating balls however.  Smash the crates on the 
    right for some bolts and nanotech.  Head right of the enemies which you 
    just killed to get the pilots helmet.  After the short cut-scene, break 
    all the bolt crates.
    -The rest of the level is optional, but it gives you 2 gold bolts.  
    If you want the gold bolts, start by heading into the hollow hill at 
    the upper right of this platform.  If not, take the platform on the 
    left down, head left and then right, head up and back to your ship.  
    Skip ahead to the next stage.
    Straight upon descent, you will have an enemy firing on you.  Take him 
    out by any means, and then take care of the smaller enemies.  Now, whip 
    out your suck cannon and use it to take care of the cluster of small 
    baddies and the 2 spawn points just ahead.  Once again, careful of the 
    detonating balls here.  Once these are all taken care of, use your 
    blaster on the other baddie ahead.  Head forward a bit more to come 
    across 2 more shooters.  They are relatively simple since you only need 
    to fight one at a time.  After these are taken care of head left and 
    take out 2 more shooters with a ranged weapon.  After these, continue 
    forward and there will now be about 3 shooters in front of you, with 
    another 2 or 3 behind.  Simply run up and close-range them.  Doing so 
    will allow fire from the shooters behind to friendly fire the ones you 
    are engaged with.  Afterward take care of the remaining shooters behind 
    with your blaster.  The next room contains shooters everywhere around 
    it.  Easiest method here is to just jump around dodging their fire, and 
    taking them out one at a time with your wrench slam move (jump, then 
    square).  It only takes one of these to take out a shooter.  Once these 
    enemies are subdued, you can user your metal detector to suck up bolts 
    around here.  Upon coming out, head left and break the boxes and pick 
    up the gold bolt.  Jump down to your ship.
    For the next portion of the level, head over to the 3 bolt crates to 
    the left of you if you are facing your ship.  If you broke them 
    already, just look around off the left ledge for a platform below.  
    Helipack down to this platform.  
    Break the bolt crates ahead of you, and then get your swingshot ready.  
    Jump onto the floating platform ahead of you, and then quickly jump and 
    hit the 2 swingshot targets and land on the platform in the lava.  
    Afterward, helipack down to the next platform.  Get your suck cannon 
    and take care of the 3 small enemies here.  Afterward, destroy the 
    mechanism behind them to sink the docked ship and reveal a swingshot 
    path.  Take the swingshot across.  Take care of the enemies on the 
    other side and then helipack on the platform on the other side.  Take 
    the 5-swingshot path to the other side.  If you sway a lot, you'll need 
    to land on the floating platform, but if you went pretty straight you 
    can reach the main platform.  After defeating the enemies, head up the 
    steps to the right that lead around the hill.  Destroy the ship on the 
    platform in front of you to reveal a swingshot.  Use this to reach the 
    opposing ledge.  Use your metal detector if you want, then head around 
    the hill, taking care of the small baddies along the way.  Take the 
    platform down, grab the loose bolts on the ledge to your right if you 
    want, then head left and destroy the ship.  Use the 3-target swingshot, 
    and be careful to stay on course as not to miss the floating platform.  
    Once you land, quickly head across to the left.  Head up and right on 
    this platform and jump across the platforms to a platform with a gold 
    Now head back to your ship and you are done with this level.
    l.  Planet Pokitaru (RACWA2)
    Start by heading down the steps next to the gadgetron vendor for a cut-
    After the scene, get our your suck cannon, and head down the steps to 
    the left.  Take care of the small baddies, and then use the projectiles 
    on the bigger creature.  Once you're done here, hop onto the raft in 
    the upper right and get out your pyrocitor.  Take care of any small 
    baddies which jump onto here.  Once on land again, use your suck cannon 
    or pryocitor to clear the enemies out of the lake area, and then smash 
    the crates around here.  After done here, head forward and left, take 
    care of more small baddies, and use your metal detector if you want.  
    Continue forward, take out more small sea creatures, and then smash all 
    the crates around here.  When finished, hop onto the raft in the upper 
    right.  Once again, use your pryocitor.  Once on the other side, hop 
    onto the platform, smash the crates and head forward.  Once up the 
    steps, head across the newly-extended bridge.  Once on the other side, 
    take care of more small baddies, and continue clearing them till you 
    get to the area with the stack of TNT.  Best weapon here is pyrocitor 
    since there are so many small guys.  Once the area is clear, activate 
    the switch on the right of this area to extend a bridge.  Take care of 
    the remaining baddies around here, and smash any crates along the way.  
    Once the creatures are taken care of, a cut-scene will commence.  
    Afterward, head to the roboshack on the left and buy a thruster pack.  
    You should have no problem with the cost (2,000 bolts which are easily 
    obtained on the run-thru).  This thing is neat basically just cause its 
    rockets instead of a helipack, it can hover and slam, and can crouch-
    jump a little faster.    Afterward, head back to the lock and power 
    slam it (Jump, R2).  Head in and get into the jet.
    This objective is relatively simple.  You need to destroy the big 
    snake-like ships.  Do this by destroying the big ball things on them.  
    Shoot your missiles whenever they lock.  When enemy ships attack you, 
    destroy them to get health or additional missiles.  Just keep your 
    machine gun button held down for the whole fight.  Once you eliminate 
    the 4 ships, you get the O2 mask.
    Head into the teleporter on the right of the platform to head back to 
    your ship.  Refill on ammo if you need it, and then head to the other 
    platform connected to your ship's platform (the one with the teleporter 
    to the sewers).
    This next part is not necessary to do now, but it's nice to get it 
    done.  If you don't want to do it till you have raritanium, then refer 
    back once you have it.  
    Smash the crates on your left and right, then head down into the water.  
    Head through the doorway on the right, head forward and surface to see 
    our favorite enemy, the amoeba.  Use your pryocitor on the amoeba, 
    drain the water, and head back through the way you came.  Turn right 
    and use your trespasser on the door.  Now that the door is open, you 
    need to head back, raise the water again, and swim back through the 
    newly opened door.  Now, get out your pryocitor and take care of all 
    the amoebas on the platform here.  Use your metal detector if you want, 
    and then ascend the platform ascension which starts in the lower left 
    of this room.  The red platforms are solid, and the yellows teeter.  
    Just move quickly and you will be fine.  Once on top, destroy the 
    crates and trespasser the lock on the right of the door.  Once in, dive 
    into the water and blow the TNT boxes along the way if you want.  
    Follow the tunnel all the way to the end and surface.  Use your 
    pyrocitor on the amoeba here as well, then hop onto the platform, smash 
    the crates, and use your trespasser to open the door.  Once done, watch 
    the cut-scene.  Afterward, you discover you need some raritanium.  Once 
    you have it, you can come back and teleport to this guy.
    Teleport back to your ship to finish the level.
    Now that you have the 02 mask, you can explore Orxon as Ratchet, which 
    contains the next info bot.  Refer to the Orxon guide above.
    m.  Planet Hoven (RACWA3)
    Replenish your ammo, and then head forward and suck cannon the small 
    bots here.  Use the projectiles on the crates, and then head forward.  
    Take out the shooters, and then head to the area behind the trees.  Use 
    your pyrocitor on the sea of small baddies here (they take 2 shots, so 
    keep that in mind), and yes, they DO stop coming after a bit.  By 
    killing all of them, you also get a skill point.  Use the floating 
    platform to wall-jump your way to the top for a gold bolt, and better 
    yet, some nanotech and ammo.  Now, head back to the path you came from, 
    take out any shooters you missed previously, and continue down the 
    path.  Use your blaster or pyrocitor on the shooters which emerge from 
    the crates ahead of you, then break the crates to your right.
    Take the platform on the right, and use your pyrocitor on the shooters 
    which come at you in here, while jumping to dodge them.  Break the 
    crates, and jump down the hole into some water.  Yup, this is a 
    hydrodisplacer objective!  Nothings more fun that these!  Whip it out 
    and use it on the middle outlet.  Next, head around and use it on the 
    outlet on the other side to raise the water level.  Now, head over to 
    the patch of land above water, jump up onto it and enter the tunnel.  
    Next, head out and to the platform opposite of this one and use the 
    displacer on the outlet here.  Jump onto the floating platform again, 
    and use your displacer on the outlet in the tunnel up here.  Now, head 
    across the water to the ledge on the other side and use the displacer 
    here to raise the water level again.  You are now able to reach the top 
    platform.  Get the bolts on the middle if you want, then head through 
    the doorway next to it.  Use your metal detector here if you want, then 
    head down and to the left after emerging from the tunnel.  Smash the 
    boxes on the first conveyor belt, clear the room it leads to, and then 
    head forward back on the left path.  Defeat some enemies, then destroy 
    the boxes on the second platform.  Head forward again and destroy the 
    boxes on the third conveyor and in the room it leads to, and finally 
    destroy the boxes on the last conveyor and room, then head into the 
    room at the end of this area.  
    Buy the hydropack (2,000 bolts).  This is a great upgrade for the 
    impatient (myself included) who hate taking an eternity to go anywhere 
    underwater.  Take the teleport back to the cave entrance.  If you died, 
    start by destroying the empty boxes in the area below, then the 
    respawned shooters.  Take the floating platform across, and use your 
    pyrocitor on the mines till they stop spawning.  Head right and take 
    out the helicoptor with your devastator to activate the platform down 
    to here.  Take it up to the conveyor and use your devastator on the 
    shooters up here.  Use your devastator on the copter, destroy crates 
    around here, then wall jump up.  Take the conveyor across and use your 
    pyrocitor on the mines which spawn.  Wall jump up again, pyrocitor the 
    enemies in the tunnel, then once on the other side jump onto the 
    floating platform and jump backwards to a ledge with some boxes.  Now, 
    continue across the platforms.  Use your pyrocitor on the mine spawner 
    on the left here, and on the shooters in front of you.  Afterward, head 
    into the room with many shooters. Use your blaster here, and switch to 
    your pyrocitor when they come close.  Once the enemies are cleared, 
    head out of the room on the opposite side and head left, using your 
    pyrocitor on the mines spawning.  Break the boxes, then head back and 
    continue across for a cut-scene.  Once its over, head across, use your 
    devastator on the copter, and head left into the turret.  
    This can be somewhat difficult due to the copters endlessly attacking 
    you and the turrets on the ship doing the same.  Basically what you 
    need to do is take out the copters whenever they appear, and then 
    attack the ship otherwise.  Be sure to attack the choppers IMMEDIATELY 
    when you see them, do not wait for them to attack you.  The trick is 
    just to not make this a race.  Attack the ship when there are no 
    copters, but immediately divert to attack any copters which appear.  Do 
    not worry about the ships turrets, which do an extremely small amount 
    of damage.  After the ship is down, an infobot appears for Gemlik 
    Moonbase.  Afterward, jump off the platform down to your ship.
    Now, head into the area behind your ship.  Destroy the shooters which 
    charge at you, then break the crates and head outside.  Ah, more of 
    these time beacons (or whatever).  Hit the first one, then charge at 
    the second one to the right.  Nextly, activate hover by taping R1 twice 
    (yes, it actually DOES have a use other than just being cool) and head 
    up the icy hill.  Once to the top, switch off hover and jetpack onto 
    the platform for the final beacon.  Now, head down and into the newly 
    opened door on the right.  Wall jump up, tagging the beacons on your 
    way.  This is relatively simple.  Once on top, break the crates and 
    then head outside.  Head right, activating hover if you are unable to 
    navigate and smash the crates on the other side of the river.  Careful 
    not to fall it, because it will KILL you, not hurt.  Head back left and 
    into the doorway, time your swingshot to the other side till the beams 
    are moving away from the center.  Jump to the icy platform in the water 
    and keep moving, don't stop.  Jump once on the other side, take out the 
    small baddies by any means, then time the swingshot.  Shoot when the 
    beams are just starting to move down.  Smash the crates on the other 
    side, jump to the icy platform, and crouch jump to the next one.  Now, 
    you need to hop across 2 more to a larger platform.  As before, keep 
    moving.  Once on the other side, IMMEDIATELY get out your pyrocitor and 
    take out the baddies.  Stay as close to center as you can, because if 
    you get attacked you will get knocked around.  Activate hover if you 
    want.  Once they are taken care of, break the crates and head right.  
    You need to activate 3 beacons here.  The easiest method is to jump and 
    glide as much as possible.  Gliding is an easy way to travel since it 
    is unaffected by the ice.  Everything else is.  Once on the other side, 
    head into the room and break any crates and a cut-scene and you get 
    raritanium.  Excuse my grammar.  However, now that you have raritanium, 
    head back to pokitaru and get the persuader for a gadgetron discount.
    Jump out of here down to your ship to finish the level.
    n.  Gemlik Base (RACWA4)
    Ah, my favorite level!  It is just a great level in so many different 
    ways.  Good level layout, good music, and also lets you buy some gold 
    weapons on your first run-through.  These are in that tower in front of 
    the large sun in front of you, which I'll explain later.  Also, if you 
    have the visibomb gun, get it out for a second.  Look at the top of the 
    building in front of you (it has 3 glass windows near the top).  Just 
    to the upper right of these windows is an opening.  Shoot your visibomb 
    gun and navigate the missile down this vent and destroy the generator 
    at the bottom.  This opens up a doorway, which leads to a gold bolt 
    later on.  
    Now, on with the level.  Before you start proceeding, get out your 
    devastator.  See the generator in front of you?  Shoot that, then turn 
    right, and shoot the next one.  This will make for simpler, quicker 
    passage once you start clearing.  
    Now, on with the stage.  Start by gliding down to the platform below.  
    Once you approach the flying birds, they will land.  Use your suck 
    cannon or pyrocitor on them, and then continue to smash the crates to 
    the left of the steps, and then head up the steps.  Take care of the 2 
    birds you approach here, then continue forward and smash the crates.  
    Take out the remaining birds, while watching out for the flame waver.  
    Take him out with the projectiles or pyrocitor if used, then open any 
    remaining crates and proceed down to the next platform.  Smash the 
    crates on the right, and then jump on the raised platform here and 
    proceed around to behind the small gun bunker.  A simple wrench slam 
    will take care of this guy.  Break the trespasser lock on the door 
    here, and then proceed through, and immediately up the right steps.  
    Take out the birds up here, then take care of the gunner.  Smash the 
    crates, then trespasser the door here and proceed.  There will be a 
    raised ledge and a gunner in back.  Once you jump up, IMMEDIATELY head 
    left and down into the ditch, and once in the ditch, IMMEDIATELY focus 
    on the 2 flame wavers here to dodge their attacks.  Once taken care of, 
    take out the gunner.  Continue forward, take out the small birds with 
    suck cannon or pyrocitor, and then use your devastator on the 
    generator.  Once the field is down, use your devastator on the ship 
    right away.  Head in, smash all the boxes, and then head forward, use 
    your devastator on the 2 ships, and continue.  Use your blaster on the 
    enemy on the right, then clear the crates from this area.  Once 
    finished, head into the room in the upper left of this area and take 
    the elevator down.  Once in this room, there are 4 birds on the other 
    side of the rising acid.  2 will charge at you and you can suck them 
    from across, but you need to cross for the other 2.  Once taken care 
    of, smash the crates and then proceed to head down the right tube.  You 
    have plenty of time here, so nothing fancy; just wait till the acid 
    rises below the first platform, and cross.  Look to your left once on 
    the safe platform.  If you took out the generator from before, head 
    through for the gold bolt.  If you don't have the visibomb gun, just 
    come back when you have it.  Cross the remaining platforms in the same 
    manner as before.  For this next acid pool, once it peaks at top, wait 
    1 second starting when it starts moving back down, then cross.  Once on 
    the other side, IMMEDIATELY use your pyrocitor on these baddies.  Next, 
    we need to traverse the magnetic shaft.  Fairly simple, just follow the 
    fire pool down both times to easily clear this area.  Once on the other 
    side, blaster the enemy, break the crates behind him, and turn right.  
    As you can see when the pool depleted, you need to reach the small 
    stack of barrels before the main platform.  Start your glide 
    immediately when it shifts and starts moving down.  Once on the 
    platform, break the crates on the left and take the elevator in front 
    of you.  Once at the floor, you are greeted by a couple small birds.  
    Take care of them, then head up the steps to the right, head right, 
    take care of the birds, and head up another set of steps on the right 
    to a vendor.  Replenish your ammo, and then turn back to where you 
    came.  Shoot your devastator through the hole here to bring down the 
    force field in front.  Downing the ship here is easy, just stay on the 
    step just below the platform and shoot your devastator at it.  Head 
    forward, take care of the birds, and head right.  Use your metal 
    detector if need be, and then use your trespasser on the door.  This 
    one is somewhat difficult, so I'll just give you the solution (if you 
    don't want it, just skip this part: Outer circle: lasers need to be at 
    5 and 6 o clock, hitting the 12 o clock.  Mid circle: Lasers need to be 
    at 4 and 1 o clock, hitting the 7 and 10 o clock.  Inner circle: Laser 
    needs to be at 3 o clock, hitting the 9 o clock.)  Once inside, a few 
    blaster shots will take care of the barrels and kill the gunners.  Now, 
    head back out and down the path the gunners were guarding.  This next 
    area is barrels of fun.  Take out everything you can with the blaster 
    first, because once you head down, the back door opens and 2 ships 
    start blasting you.  Once the ships appear, IMMEDIATELY run back onto 
    the platform you were on previously and devastate the ships (with your 
    devastator, obviously).  Once the ships are done, hop back down and 
    clear the rest out.  Once this zone is clear, see the 3 holes on the 
    right side?  Use your blaster in first-person view and shoot the guys 
    through these holes.  Once done, head forward and jump onto the 
    platform on the right.  Continue forward and hop up to the right, take 
    out the crates, and proceed around to the right.  Once you pass the gun 
    bunkers, head left into an awkward elevator.  Walk off the elevator to 
    fall into a room with many, many enemies.  
    Pyrocitor is the golden weapon here.  What you want to do first is run 
    around the perimeter of the room, taking out all the spawn points for 
    the small enemies.  Start by heading left, underneath the hanging ship.  
    Use the R2+X combo on your pack for quick bursts of speed to stay away 
    from the small baddies.  Take out the spawn point in the corner, then 
    turn right and take out the next spawn point.  Before the third, a 
    flamer may be near it, so take him out as well.  Ease right and take 
    out for forth and final one.  Now, head to that opening in this room 
    behind the hanging ship quickly, and take out any remaining small 
    baddies which follow you here.  Once they are taken care of, use your 
    blaster on the flamers.  Once the zone is clear, take care of the boxes 
    and sweep up all the bolts from fallen foes.  Head into the newly 
    opened elevator.  Ascend the steps and through the tunnel, up to the 
    flight strip for a cut-scene.
    Qwark- Difficulty: 7/10
    This battle is pretty lengthy, but not too hard.  First part he shoots 
    missiles at you.  Shoot these out with your machine guns, or sway to 
    avoid them.  My advice here is to save your missiles, and use your 
    machine guns for the first phase of the fight.  Anyway, simply shoot at 
    any engine.  Once one is down, he will release mines.  The best way to 
    dodge these is to go in one large circle (fly down and left, then up, 
    then right, then down again, more like a box but in a circular manner).  
    However, you can shoot these out as well, so as with the missiles, 
    dodge them if they home in on you at the last moment, shoot them if 
    they are coming right at you.  Once 2 engines are out, he will turn at 
    you and launch missiles from altering sides.  Simply sway back and 
    forth to take these out simply.  Afterward shoot him a bit more, and 
    then he will shield and run.  He will then release small enemy ships at 
    you.  Nothing special here, just machine gun them down.  Once they are 
    taken care of, if you saved your missiles and have about half health, 
    just unleash hell.  His first maneuver is to turn at you and shoot 
    missiles.  Just barrage him with missiles and he will quickly divert, 
    and then when he starts running again, continue launching missiles to 
    kill him quickly. 
    After the battle, you obtain an infobot for planet Oltanis.  Break the 
    crates here and use your metal detector if you want.  Now, for the gold 
    weapons!  Head to the other side of the landing strip to a tower with a 
    narrow passageway.  Head in just enough to wall-jump up to the top.  
    Once on top, take the elevator to the top of the tower to see some 
    available gold weapons.  My most suggested weapon is the golden 
    pyrocitor, which is absolutely insane.  However, it is 30,000 bolts, 
    and I would still recommend getting the final nanotech increase first, 
    but it is entirely up to you.  On your second run-through, you can get 
    the gold version of EVERY weapon, and you also get much more bolts from 
    foes and crates as well.
    o.  Planet Oltanis (RACWA5)
    Note:  The telsa claw is now available to buy.  This weapon RULES.  
    Just head in, activate it, and it electrocutes nearby enemies.  The 
    golden version is insane: it will have an additional electricity beam 
    bouncing from the enemy you currently target, but that's not available 
    till second play-through.  Anyway, if you have it, its great on any 
    enemy in this level.  If you don't just refer to the weapons I 
    suggested below.
    The first portion of this level you will be doing without clank.  This 
    means no gliding, charging, hovering, or anything else which makes the 
    game more bearable.  
    Start by smashing the crates on the platform, and then take the 
    floating platform down.  Once down by the gear statue, head left and 
    take the metal shaft up to an escort platform.  
    This objective can be a major pain, so its best to get it done with.  
    Head up the crate stairway into the icy area, and just keep moving 
    forward.  You will get blown to the right, but will wind up right 
    through the open area.  Now, another shaft.  The mines rotating around 
    this can be destroyed, which makes things much simpler.  Just traverse 
    the shaft, crouch-tossing your wrench at any and all mines till you 
    reach the other end.  Once on the other end, hop onto the ice and KEEP 
    MOVING.  Once you jump the first hole, 2 beams, and right after the 
    final hole slam on the brakes (Joystick backwards, close enough).  Take 
    the shaft across to the opposing platform.  This part is a bit trickier 
    due to the curve.  Not too much worse though, just keep the stick in 
    the upper left to navigate simply across.  Don't worry too much about 
    taking a hit from the beams, but don't fall down the holes.  Once on 
    the other side, hop up and take another shaft.  Toss your wrench at the 
    crates on the side, then proceed.  STAY OFF THE ICE!  Heading left will 
    blow you back to the shaft, but heading right could mean gg.  Head down 
    and toss your wrench at the 2 mines.  The third one you need to go into 
    first person to hit.  Continue around the shaft, take a look at the 
    gold bolt, and then take the shaft back out.  Immediately take out your 
    devastator and nail the ship on the opposing side.  Beware the zapper 
    that pops out, and stay away from the edge, because he can knock you 
    off.  Once he comes out of the hole to the left of the ship, blaster 
    him.  You can use your metal detector here too.  Have fun.  Nextly, 
    head left of the hole where the zapper popped out of, and grab onto the 
    wall here.  Shimmy right, all the way PAST the path you can jump up 
    onto.  You will reach another platform with a gold bolt.  If you don't 
    want to risk the die, don't bother, but its little risk for a gold 
    bolt.  Now, getting back onto the ledge is, for lack of a better word, 
    a bitch.  Damn near impossible, but hey maybe you'll get lucky.  Best 
    advice I can offer is to jump just barely out and then quickly about-
    face and head back toward the ledge.  Nonetheless, whether dead or not, 
    I'm going to pick back up on that path you crossed to get to the bolt.  
    The wind will blow you here, and be careful, because the platform you 
    need to reach is shifted off to the right.  Start heading right after 
    hopping 2 beams, and double jump onto the platform on the right once in 
    range.  Head forward for a cut-scene, and then buy the PDA for 1,000 
    bolts.  Smash the crates, then take the shaft in the corner back to the 
    starting platform. 
    Once off, head left.  Hop down and use your suck cannon, then head 
    forward and take out the bots that appear with projectiles or the 
    blaster.  Jump to avoid their beams.  Destroy the crates behind them, 
    hop up, and devastate the ship with 3 rockets.  Continue forward, suck 
    the 5 small baddies, and use the projectiles on the bots which appear 
    once again.  Head left and up the platform.  This next battle will be 
    one of hit and run.  Don't worry about the ship just yet.  First, we 
    need to take out those beamers.  Hop up, and shoot them as much as you 
    can, but when they start shooting, immediately hop back down.  They 
    will reset in their hole.  Repeat till they are destroyed, then take 
    out the ship.  Once this area is cleared, take out the crates here, 
    then hop onto the grind rail.  Once on the other side, get ready for 
    fight.  Right when you hop off, get your wrench and immediately wrench 
    slam the spawn point on the right side.  If done right, you should be 
    able to take out 3 enemies in one shot.  After, head left and wrench 
    slam the remaining guys.  Cross the bridge and look up to your right.  
    Use the swingshot to reach an area with a gold bolt.  Head back out and 
    right.  Hop up, clear out the ship, and continue across this platform.  
    Ascend the platforms on the other end, take care of the beamers here by 
    any means, then head right onto the bridge.  Jump to avoid the gun 
    turret, and pass by it.  Continue right and suck cannon the small bots 
    here.  You now get to enjoy a multi-grind rail grind.  Right when you 
    hop on, enemies will hop out and chase you.  This part requires you to 
    alter from one rail to the other in order to dodge the beams.  I am not 
    sure if these are random or not, but it is not to difficult to avoid.  
    In a short time, you will come upon a force field in the middle rail, 
    so stay away from that.  Then hit the left rail, dodge the mine, then 
    after this field hit the right rail and once again, dodge the mine.  
    Now just ride the rail out and hop off for a cut-scene.
    Buy the infobot for 2,000 bolts.  Afterward, smash the crates around 
    this area, then hit the button and jump down.  Head back to your ship 
    and replenish ammo if need be.  Now, head across the platform to the 
    taxi, and take it to the upper city.  Head forward, and just run under 
    this security bot when he is near the end of the path.  Head forward 
    and take out the enemies and guns, then jump up onto the ledge.  If you 
    have the telsa claw, this is a great place to use it.  If now, just use 
    the suck cannon.  Now, for this swingshot up ahead on the far platform, 
    best thing to do is wait till the guns are cross-firing.  Once they 
    start moving back outward, swingshot up.  Run up and just wrench the 
    enemies and guns.  Once done here, head up the ladder on the right.  
    Stay on one side here and just time the drones right to run past them.  
    Once these 3 are passed, take out the 3 small robot enemies, then stay 
    on the right or left side, whichever is clear, to avoid the next drone.  
    Once on the end of the platform, use your swingshot whenever to hit the 
    floating platform.  Follow it around till you see the opening with the 
    swingshot in it, and shoot into there.  For this next room, you can 
    either follow it around counter-clockwise, or time it through the 
    middle.  Do whatever you feel more comfortable with.  Once on the other 
    side, cross the platforms quickly and be careful of the gun turret.  
    Now, once on this platform, swingshot to the first floating platform, 
    then to the second.  Once on the third, just follow it around and blast 
    EVERYTHING.  Once everything is annihilated, jump down and climb the 
    ladder to get the morph-o-ray (awesome!)
    Take the grind rail back down to your ship and watch a ship destroy the 
    statue in the middle, revealing a button.  Go hit it to reveal a 
    swingshot path.  This path results in a gold bolt.  This is actually 
    kinda fun, but kinda difficult, but still kinda fun.  Start by taking 
    the LONG first swing to a stable platform.  From here, look off the 
    left.  You will see lone swingshot targets floating around out there.  
    Look at the yellow swingshot target, and then wait for the green one to 
    go a fair distance away.  Use your swingshot and you should come close 
    to it, but remember it's a green target.  It will pull you in, not 
    swing you across.  Once you hit it, immediately swing the 2 yellow 
    targets, and finally the green one.  Now comes a tricky part.  This 
    part is vice-versa.  You need to swing on a yellow, then pull into a 
    green one, then swing onto a yellow again and finally reach the next 
    platform.  Wait till the green drone heads away from you for about 1 
    second, then start your swing.  You should hit the green one, and with 
    enough momentum to reach the final yellow one.  If you cut it short, 
    however, you can stay with the green target by simply holding O every 
    time you release from it.  This should keep you shooting at it.  
    Anyway, on the final platform, turn left.  You need to hit a drone, 
    then hit a yellow target, then another one, and then hope that there's 
    a green target there when you are at the second yellow.  If not, just 
    "hang" here for a few seconds till the green one wanders by, and stay 
    clung to it by the tactic mentioned earlier till you are in range of 
    the green target for the final platform with the gold bolt.  This 
    really is not that hard to do, you just need to know how to handle your 
    Take the taxi back to your ship to complete the stage. 
    p.  Planet Quartu (RACWA6)
    Replenish your ammo if need be, then start by breaking the crates then 
    heading up the ladder to your left.  Jump into the pool.  
    For the first portion, simply swim through the 3 rings.  This will, 
    however, get a bit more complicated (of course).  Once the door is 
    opened, head through, avoid the beams (remember to use your hydropack 
    with R1), and then once at the other side surface.  Hop to the middle 
    to allow you 1 minute to do what needs to be done.  Jump down and head 
    through the tunnel that is in the direction you are heading.  Once on 
    the other side, head right through the rings, and head through the 
    newly opened door.  Watch out for the first couple beams: they move 
    awkwardly.  They will do halfway, stop, and then about face.  They are 
    quite simple.  The first 2 are awkward, the second 2 are normal, and 
    the last is awkward.  If it is moving counterclockwise, move left.  If 
    clockwise, move right.  Head through the next room, straight ahead, 
    watching out for the few beams here.  Head through the tunnel on the 
    opposite end, and watch out for the beams that are here (they are all 
    awkward, but you need to pass below or above them, because they stop 
    horizontally.  Once in the next room, head left, watch out for the 
    beams here, and hit the 3 rings as you move around the room.  Once 
    through the newly opened door, surface immediately.  Break all the 
    boxes here and grab the bolt grabber.
    You should still be good on ammo, so hop down back to your ship and 
    head right.
    Use your metal detector here if you want, then use the suck cannon on 
    the smaller enemies and shoot the projectiles at the larger one.  Break 
    the boxes all around here, then head across the bridge.  Blaster or 
    telsa the enemies here, then use your swingshot.  Once on the other 
    side, suck the enemies, then projectile them at the larger 
    electrocuting enemies.  Head forward, and suck more enemies.  Continue 
    on a bit more and you'll see 5 bots come out of a hole.  Head through 
    this area, blastering them along the way (some will be hiding behind 
    the walls here).  Continue on, eliminating the rest of the enemies.  
    There is a door in back of this area, but you cannot open it yet.  Head 
    into the room on the right, eliminate more small baddies, and then 
    smash the boxes.  Head right for a cut-scene.  Afterward, head into the 
    circle and transform into giant clank.  
    For the first part, simply head around the circle on the left, killing 
    any enemies along the way.  The only thing that can damage you are the 
    copters.  Once inside the circle, the best attack is simply your 
    punches.  They are much more powerful than missiles.  Simply punch your 
    way around the arena and you shouldn't have too hard of a time clearing 
    this area.  
    For the rest of this level, you need the hologuise.  It is at Gadgetron 
    Headquarters.  Once you have it, refer to the guide below.
    The factory is the door in the starting area with the small bots and 
    the larger one.  Activate your hologuise and wave to the first bot.  
    Once on the other side, take him out, jump up to the left and take out 
    the next bot.  Jump up to the next ledge and use your devastator or 
    blaster on the bot a bit ahead.  Head forward and through the door on 
    the right.  Head left a bit and use your devastator on the bots on the 
    platform and ledge.  Head down there, head up the ladder, and shimmy 
    left.  Avoid the falling acid and jump up once on the other side.  Re-
    activate your hologuise and wave to the bots here.  You now need to 
    take care of these bots.  Go over to the button and get out your 
    pyrocitor.  Take care of them from here.  Jump up the ladder once they 
    are eliminated and forward through the door.  Before heading to the 
    ledge, wait till the bots head left into the area.  Glide down and head 
    into here and take them out once they head in.  Smash all the boxes in 
    here then head back out.  Head left, get out your devastator, and cross 
    the conveyor.  Once the door opens, use your devastator on the bot in 
    here.  Jump up to the right and use your devastator on the next bots 
    you see.  Head down to where they were and head right.  Use your 
    devastator on the bots on the ledge outside.  Swingshot up for another 
    pressure lock (yes, there is more than one!)  Hit it with jump+R1, then 
    before opening the door here, put on your hologuise.  Wave and then 
    take out the bot and boxes in this area.  Head left for a cut-scene.  
    After the cut-scene, look above the computer to see a swingshot.  Take 
    it and head through the tunnel into a room with a gold bolt.  Take the 
    slide down out of this area back down to your ship to complete the 
    q.  Planet Kalebo III (RACWA7)
    Replenish ammo is you need it, then break the boxes here and head down 
    the path.  Use your blaster on the elite troops here, then use your 
    wrench on the detonating mines when they come at you.  Head across the 
    belt to the left next, and use your devastator on the ship once it 
    appears.  Destroy it quickly to get rid of some troops right away.  
    Head forward to another gadgetron vendor.  
    Start by heading right and using your suck cannon on the small baddies.  
    If an elite is here, use the projectiles on him.  Head left into the 
    room with the prototypes.  Use your pyrocitor on them, and once they 
    are all taken care of, head through the newly opened door on the left.  
    Take the elevator up, and once on top, use the bolt crates for cover 
    and blaster or telsa the elites up here.  Once they are taken care of, 
    break the crates, turn right and shoot the button to break the force 
    field.  Quickly glide across and then take care of the mines in here 
    with your wrench or pyrocitor.  Head right, break the crate in the 
    corner, and then head into the prototype room.  Once again, use your 
    pyrocitor on these guys.  Once the area is clear, head out the door.  
    For these elites, I suggest the devastator.  They are quite far out of 
    range, and getting close will hurt.  After they are taken care of, take 
    care of the small baddies here.  Next, jump onto the ledge to your 
    left.  Blaster the exploding mines ahead of you, and then break the 
    crates.  Replenish your ammo, then jump/glide to the platform a bit off 
    to the right.  Break the crates, then hop down to your left and suck 
    the enemies.  Shoot the switch up on the wall here, and then swingshot 
    in.  Head into the prototype room and use your pyrocitor once again.  
    Head out and suck the enemies, and then use your blaster or projectiles 
    on the exploding mines.  Now, use your devastator on the elites a bit 
    furthur up, and then use it on the ship behind them.  Beware, once you 
    hit the elites, they will start shooting you.  However, it takes a 
    while for the rocket to reach, so you can probably take out about 3 or 
    4 and then hide behind the steel crates.  Break the crates you hid 
    behind, then head forward and blast the remaining mines and break all 
    the remaining crates in this area.  Once on the final platform, head 
    left, and watch the bots come out and fight each other.  Once they are 
    done clearing each other, or if you are impatient, once you are done 
    taking care of them, head through the doorway at the opposite end.  
    Smash the crates in here, then head right for a cut-scene.  
    Now, you have a hoverboard race.  
    Challenge: Hoverboard Race
    Difficulty: 7/10
    This one is a bit more difficult than the last one.  As before, I will 
    give you a few tips.  
    -Once you hit the first 2 turbo pads, DON'T JUMP!  Stay on the ground 
    for the third.  
    -There is a shortcut just a bit past this part, but you need to have a 
    lot of turbo saved up to hit it, or else you will run out and be unable 
    to make it.  You also need to still have enough turbo to make the final 
    jump into the tunnel.  This is impossible on the first lap.  To get 
    enough turbo on the first lap to make it the second time, after you 
    make the jump past the tnt barrier, take the upper path.  Hit the 4 
    turbo pads here.  Once these are hit, drop down and hit the remaining 
    pad under this path, stay on the right side of this tnt area, and then 
    just follow the course, hitting the turbo pads and the turbo ring on 
    the jump ahead.  Once you near the end, you can go through 3 beacons, 
    which if you don't look closely you probably won't know what they do.  
    There is a shortcut just to the right of the finish line.  Strafe right 
    and hit the 2 turbos here.  Now, for your second lap, you should be 
    able to make the shortcut if you cut every corner and hit every turbo, 
    but it is still kind of close.  
    -Obviously, shoot your opponents with the missiles you pick up, but 
    your main priority should still be turbo.
    Once you get first, watch the cut-scene and now you have the hologuise.  
    Head back and through the doorway on the right back to the vendor.  
    Careful; if you died elite troops will be shooting at you.  Anyway, 
    head left and up the elevator to a grind rail.
    Hop on, jump the first barrier, and wrench or jump over the mines that 
    get laid in the way.  You can also use weapons on here, so your 
    pyrocitor works well to take care of mines.  Continue up till you get 
    to the rail on the left.  Shift over to it to dodge the car, then shift 
    back.  Next, when the cars start coming again, shift left, then back to 
    center.  Shift around to dodge the cars, then get to the right rail 
    quickly.  Hit the switch then flip back onto the center rail.  Shift 
    onto the right rail when it appears, and ascend this rail, blowing or 
    jumping the mines.  Be on the lookout for a switch on the left here, 
    and hit it when you come across it.  Continue taking care of mines till 
    you get to the weaving part of the rail.  Once it ends, hit another 
    switch, then continue forward and jump the barricade.  Shift back onto 
    the left rail after the barricade.  Hop another barricade and then make 
    a long jump to the next rail.  For these cars, shift left, then right, 
    then right again when the right-most car passes.  Next, shift left when 
    the next car passes, then left again, then back to center.  Take care 
    of the mine and hop the barricade.  Now, shift to the right track when 
    it appears.  Hop the barricade, take care of all the mine droppers on 
    this rail, and grab the gold bolt at the end.  Shift back onto the main 
    rail (the switches you hit before deactivated the force field here if 
    you haven't figured that out).  Continue up, jump again, and once to 
    the other side, jump the barricade and immediately shift left, then 
    back to center.  Continue to the end of the rail for a cut-scene.  You 
    now have the map-o-matic, which reveals secret areas on your map.  Use 
    your metal detector here if you want, then take the taxi outside back 
    to the vendor.
    Take the path back up to your ship and you are now finished with this 
    r.  Drek's Fleet (RACWA8)
    Restock your ammo if you need to and then head to the teleporter past 
    the gadgetron vendor.
    Break the crates here and then head through the door.  Take out the 
    robot inside with any weapon.  Put your hologuise on and then head 
    through the next door.  Wave to the bot and then take it out.  Proceed 
    into the next room and telsa or suck these dog bots.  Once cleared, 
    head through the last door, break the boxes, and take the teleported to 
    the last ship.  Break the boxes here, then get out your devastator.  
    Head through the door and take care of these 3 bots quickly.  If the 
    alarm does get triggered, quickly retreat back to the room you came 
    from.  Continue on to the next room, telsa or suck the dogs, and then 
    take out the robots with the devastator.  Once again, if the alarm is 
    triggered, retreat back to the room you came from.  Now, put your 
    hologuise back on and head through the next door.  Wave to the bot, 
    then take it out and teleport to the next ship.  Smash the boxes, and 
    then use the swingshot.  Once on the other side, get out your telsa 
    claw or pyrocitor quickly and take care of the dogs.  Take the nanotech 
    if you need it, then head into the next room and use your blaster or 
    telsa claw here.  Try to take out the robot in back first, but if the 
    alarm is triggered just walk back into the previous room.  Once this 
    room is cleared, re-activate your hologuise and head into the next 
    room.  Wave and then blaster the robot.  If you took out all these bots 
    you will have gotten a skill point.  Break the boxes in here and then 
    take the teleporter to the flag ship.  Use your metal detector here if 
    you want, and then head right and take the elevator.  Head forward and 
    then left to  another elevator.  Enter the ship once in.  
    Once again, this is not too difficult.  Just make sure not to crash.  
    Simple circle around and about, firing on turrets whenever you can.  If 
    the smaller ships start firing at you, simply take them out before 
    resuming on the turrets.  Once the objective is complete, take the 
    elevator back up and to the left and then right.  Take the elevator 
    back down.  Take the metal shaft across, watching out for the lasers.  
    Once on the other side, take the elevator back down.  
    Note: This next part is optional, but results in a gold bolt.  If you 
    do not want it, skip the next paragraph.
    Now, head back through the door to pass through the room you just came 
    in on the other side.  Pass through the lasers again, then get out your 
    devastator.  Open the door, and IMMEDIATELY take out the 3 robots 
    inside.  If the alarm gets triggered, you're screwed (nowhere to run).  
    The hologuise might prove useful here.  Simply walk in, let the dogs 
    run at you and kill themselves.  Then, quickly take care of the other 
    robots.    Nevertheless, just be ready to wipe out everything in this 
    room.  Next, head left and then through the next door.  Use your 
    devastator on the robot at the other side, then jump into the middle 
    when it's open and then onto the other side.  Finally, head right, jump 
    the lasers here, and then take the gold bolt.  Break the forcefield, 
    and then follow the path you previously did to return to the area where 
    you passed the lasers and dogs on the ceiling.
    Head through the final door for an info-bot.  Afterward, break the 
    boxes around here and take the teleporter back to your ship.
    Restock whatever ammo you need, and then dive into the water.  Activate 
    the 3 rings down here, swim through the door, and surface.  Step on the 
    button up here and dive in quickly.  Swim through the first few nuclear 
    shaped fans, and then get into the lower left section of the tube to 
    avoid the lasers.  Continue heading through 3 more fans, and watch out 
    for the mines before the forth.  Stay left, and then clear the fan and 
    stay low and then stay left to dodge the upcoming lasers.  Continue 
    through the fans and lasers to the end (not too difficult, I got hit 3 
    times and still had 15 seconds left).  Before the end, if you look on 
    your map you will see a secret area which contains a gold bold.  Grab 
    it if you want.  Anyway, once on the other side, smash the crates here 
    and pick up the thing, which turns out to be a codebot.  Use your metal 
    detector here if you want, and then head through the door into a 
    shuttle.  Take this back to your ship to complete the stage.
    Note:  Now that you have a codebot, you can unlock the door mentioned 
    back on Quartu for a gold bolt and a storm of bolts.
    s.  Planet Veldin (RACWA9)
    The final stage of the game brings us back to Ratchet's home planet.  
    By this stage you should be able to afford the Ultra nanotech if you 
    have not gotten it already, especially after the 15,000 bolts you get 
    from the codebot door.  Replenish your ammo and then break all the 
    boxes around here.  
    Head forward and suck or telsa the small enemies.  Take out the elite 
    with a ranged weapon, and then break the crates here.  Turn left and 
    take out another elite at range, and then head forward and suck the 
    small enemies.  After, devastate the 2 elites to your right, and then 
    head up the steps on the left and follow the path right.  Continue on 
    and take care of the 2 small frogs, and then shoot the elite at range.  
    As you head forward a bit more a ship will appear.  Send 4 rockets at 
    it to take it out.  Next, send 2 rockets at the tank on the other side, 
    and then head around the path to the left, taking care of the frogs 
    along the way.  Use a ranged weapon to take out the 4 elites ahead of 
    you, and then take out the tank.  Continue forward and suck the frogs 
    here, and then take out the ship ahead of you.  If you run out of 
    devastator rockets, run underneath the ship, dodge the occasional shut, 
    and blaster it.  Go activate the trespasser lock to the left of the 
    door.  Once the lock is cracked, head through and take care of the 
    frogs.  Next, take the shaft to the right and follow it up to a 
    hydrodisplacer outlet.  Head right to the vendor and restock your ammo, 
    and then activate the displacer outlet.  Jump in and activate the 
    pressure switch, and then head forward and climb the ladder.  You will 
    be using the blaster, telsa claw, and devastator a LOT here, so if you 
    aren't too stingy about spending some extra bolts, you may want to use 
    your PDA to restock ammo (the devastator is really the only weapon 
    which is truly worth it: telsa claw and blaster are 10x the price, 
    whereas devastator is only 2). Generally for this area, elites are best 
    taken out at close range with the telsa claw, mid-range with blaster, 
    and long range with the devastator.  Suck the enemies and use whatever 
    projectiles you can on the elites, and then use the blaster to finish 
    them off.  If you are getting hit too much, then back off and use your 
    devastator, but it is best to conserve ammo for tanks and ships.  Once 
    they are taken care of, take out the tank with your devastator, and 
    then proceed across the platforms.  Take out the frogs on the other 
    side, and then shoot one elite with your blaster and immediately take 
    cover behind one of the things on the side.  Use your blaster or claw 
    and circle around slowly, and take the elites out one at a time.  Once 
    the close rangers are dead, use your devastators on the ship to the 
    left and the other elites at range.  Continue forward, take out the 
    frogs and break the crates.  Hop the platforms on the left and hide 
    behind the thing again.  Take out the 2 elites here, and then head 
    forward and hop the ledge.  Head right and take out the elites here 
    with range, and then take out the ship that's off on the left with 4 
    devastator rockets.  Jump across and up, and suck the frogs here.  Head 
    forward, take out more frogs, and then break the ammo crates.  Activate 
    the trespasser lock here.  For a lock this late, it seems exceedingly 
    simple.  Once the door is down, head through, take out the frogs, and 
    head forward through the water and left.  Use your metal detector if 
    you want, then take out the elites on the left with range.  Once they 
    are dealt with, take out the ship in the back, and then take out the 
    remaining elites here.  Use your blaster first, then if you run out 
    restock or use your devastator.  Watch out for the hole in the middle 
    here!  Once cleared, take the swingshot across and climb the ladder.  
    Head out onto a platform to see a fairly promising fight.  Ignore it 
    for the moment (unless you are so confident in your abilities to take 
    on about 10 elites and 3 ships with this much space to move) and head 
    left.  Dive into the water, through the hole and surface on the other 
    side.  Activate your suck cannon and jump down, take care of the frogs, 
    and head into the pad to transform into giant clank.  
    Bust down the wall, and just missile everything in sight.  Once clear, 
    bust the wall in back, and then ascend the ramp to the top for a cut-
    Drek- Difficulty: 9/10
    With R.Y.N.O- 2/10
    A huge factor in this fight if whether you purchased the Ultra 
    Nanotech.  If you did not, you will likely have a much harder time on 
    this fight.  It is 30,000 bolts, so if you don't have it you may want 
    to buy it if it proves too difficult.  You can teleport right back here 
    at any time.
    After the first 2 phases, be sure to break any remaining ammo crates.
    Drek's first phase is exceedingly simple.  Just go all out on the melee 
    with clank.  After a bit of fight he will shrink clank and retreat.  
    Restock ammo from the gadgetron vendor here, then quickly head through 
    the platforms and swingshot targets.  Once on the other side, get out 
    your devastator and shoot him any chance you get.  This form consists 
    on 2 main attacks.  He will release bombs which result in fire waves: 
    jump to avoid.  His other attack is a barrage of missiles: simply stay 
    outside of the circles.  After some damage he will retreat again.  Take 
    the next swingshot/platform path, and get out your devastator again.  
    If you run out of rockets, use your blaster or restock via PDA.  This 
    form consists of an additional attack.  He will spin out a bunch of 
    mines at yous.  Mines are easy to avoid and can be shot, and the 
    spinning balls attack just stay away from him.  After a bit more damage 
    he will retreat YET AGAIN.  Head across the chunks of land and head 
    across another path.  Be advised, at the end of this path, the last 
    platform will fall before you reach it.  Make sure your last swingshot 
    reaches the platform.  Before resuming the fight, head into the center 
    and slam the button.  He now has another attack which can be slightly 
    beneficial to you.  He releases lots of small bot-like guys.  Suck 
    these up and use them on Drek.  He will also charge at you 
    occasionally.  Hop onto the grind rail on the side to avoid this.    
    Once you fill your suck cannon, your morph-o-ray works very well on the 
    remaining guys.  Once they are taken care of, use the projectiles.  
    After some fight, he will reactivate the button.  Body-slam the center 
    once again and then resume the fight.  Continue fighting and be sure to 
    pick up ammo from the middle and slam the button.  When he gets low on 
    health, he will launch large blue balls of energy at you.  Charge with 
    the path left or right to avoid them.      
    Besides the tactics for dodging, the best advice I can offer for this 
    fight is be conserving with your ammo.  Use your claw, devastator, and 
    blaster on drek, and use your pyrocitor on the mines.  There are also 
    better times to use certain weapons.  Use your telsa claw when he is 
    releasing mines.  Use your devastator when he is shooting missiles or 
    bombs.  After a long and likely painful third phase, Drek's health will 
    finally reach zero.  However, the most difficult part of the game is 
    yet to come.
    With R.Y.N.O:  If you actually went to the ridiculous trouble to get 
    the R.Y.N.O. on your first run through, you had better have enough game 
    experience to wipe Drek out in one clean shot, especially since this 
    weapon will annihilate him.
    After Drek is defeated, a greater, most painful, insanely difficult 
    part still waits.  After a cut-scene, you need to press a button.  
    First, restock your ammo from all the ammo crates, and then go body 
    slam the button.  After Drek's defeat, and your mastery and conquering 
    of the aggravating task that follows his defeat, you have beaten the 
    game!  Congragulations!
    You can now go back to before you defeat Drek (which you have 
    absolutely no reason to), or restart the game in challenge move.  
    Challenge mode makes the replay value very high.  In challenge mode, 
    the enemies are a bit more difficult, and you also get more bolts from 
    enemies and the ability to purchase the gold version of all weapons.  
    Enjoy playing through here, as well as cleaning up the remaining bolts 
    and obtaining all skill points!      
    Copyright (c) 2005-2008 Daniel Halverson
    This guide may not be used for any other reason than your own personal
    and private use.  It may not be used or reproduced on other websites, 
    magazines, or publicly distributed in any way.

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