• Cheats

    To activate the cheats, you must have defeated Drek. Then, do one of the needed combos during normal play after using the 'Goodies' menu to gain the cheats' trigger (i.e make the cheats work):

    Big Head Mode for ClankFlip Back, Hyper-Strike, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike, Flip Left, Flip Right, Full Second Crouch
    Big Head Mode for EnemiesStretch Jump, Flip Back (x3), Stretch Jump, Flip Back (x3), Stretch Jump, Flip Back (x3), Full Second Crouch
    Big Head Mode for NPCSFlip left, Flip Right, Flip Back (x3), Comet-strike, Double Jump, Comet-Strike, Hyper-strike
    Big Head Mode for NPCS (Alternate method)Flip left, Flip Right, Flip Back (x2), Comet-strike, Double Jump, Comet-Strike, Hyper-strike
    Big Head Mode for RatchetFlip Back (X3), Full Second Crouch, Strecth Jump and a Full Second Glide
    Invincibility (Lasts 0:30 whenever a blue life ball is collected and only at full health)Press Comet-Strike[4], Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch and Comet-Strike[4]
    Mirrored LevelsPress Flip Left[4], 3-Hit Wrench Combo, Hyper Strike, Flip Right[2], Double Jump, Flip Right[2], Double Jump, Full Second Crouch
    Mirrored Levels (Alternate Code)Left Flip (x4), Multi-Strike, Hyper-Strike, Right Flip (x4), Double Jump, Crouch (1+ sec.)
    Trippy Contrails (See an effect behind you when during Rail Slides)Press Wall Jump[10], Double Jump and Hyper-Strike

    Contributed By: Webflame II, Sportsman, Inferno, Quolnok, and docwhat.

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  • Avoid Starship Fight in Drek's Fleet Level

    First you must beat the game once. The start a new game with all of your weapons, health upgrades, ect. Then input the 30 second invincibility cheat and play to the Drek's Fleet level. Go through the electrified water section first and get past with one or no hits. At the very end of this section where you get the Code Bot, make sure the cheat is turned on, get the health crate in that room and jump into the electrified water. Don't worry, you won't die. Stay in for a few seconds and jump back out. Continue with the level and you'll notice that all of the ships are now white. The cannons on the the ship with the magna boot part don't fire anymore. So now you can easily get past that without getting in the starfighter. DO NOT DIE BEFORE GETTING TO THE CANNONS OR ELSE THE GLITCH WILL BE TURNED OFF!!!

    Contributed By: Moebius1918.

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  • Infinite Bolts

    (You will need the hologuise and the Taunter for this glitch to work) After you get the hologuise, go to the hoverboard track in Blackwater City. Equip the hologuise and enter the race. You can now freely walk around the racetrack. Head towards the big jump. Stand under the platform where there is a large amount of crates. Equip the taunter. As long as you hold down the O button, bolts will rain down towards you. Note: this can be done only once per game. So until you beat Drek & start a new game you can't do it again.

    Contributed By: gundamfanman.

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  • Invincibility with Giant Clank

    Go to the Robot Plant on Planet Quartu and beat all of the missions there. Then go turn into giant Clank and destroy all the enemies in and around the stadium. When you destroy all of them, fall off of the edge and die. Now you start by the stadium and no attack can hit you, but you can hit them. This is a good way to get more bolts.

    Contributed By: ViktorIvanov.

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  • One less racer

    At the racetrack in the Gadgetron Site on Kalebo III, if you know you can't win the race save a rocket until the end and launch it just before crossing the line. Select ''continue'' and a rocket will fly towards and destroy the nearest racer at the start of the race.

    Contributed By: Quolnok.

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  • A Few Good Unlockables

    Here are some information on a few unlockables in Rachet And Clank:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    ''Making Of...'' VideoObtain all 10 Golden Weapons after you beat the game
    Caption Qwark commercialWhen you have completed the game, let the credits roll until the end...
    CommercialsCollect all 10 Golden Weapons after beating the game. Available in the Goodie Menu
    EpilogueComplete all 30 Skill Point Challenges
    SketchbookComplete 15 of the 30 Skill Point Challenges

    Contributed By: IncubAtion Kill and ZoopSoul.

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Easter Eggs

  • Inflatable Race-woman

    In Blackwater City, go to the woman who asks you if you want to race on the plaza. Then, while facing her, start doing backflips and frontflips and sideflips for a while. You should notice as you do this, her chest inflates to a tremendous size.

    Contributed By: fredders.

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