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Reviewed: 08/06/03

Braveheart meets Disney

Ok, yeah, we\'ve all played beat \'em up games, and they all have one thing in common: after a time, they get rather repetitive, walk further into stage, solve block puzzle, fight til you win or die. No strategy, no thinking, just pure button mashing.

This was my original thought of Mark of Kri, boy was I wrong.

Originality/Innovation: 10/10
This game should be the standard for all action/adventure games that come after it. The combat system allows you to \'\'focus\'\' upon up to nine enemies at one time, and I ca just hear people say \'\'Nine?! At once?! That is gonna take some button smashin\'!\'\' But it doesn\'t my reader, it doesn\'t.
If you select three, they are assigned to the three buttons. Four to six enemies, well then, two enemies will have the same button, and you will attack the nearest one to you. Seven to nine? Three people have the same button..etc,etc.. The system is perfect.

Rau (your character) also has a mystical bird named Kuzo (who also serves as the games narrator). You can send Kuzo ahead behind enemy lines to scope out the the situation. This allows you to prepare a weapon and prioritize your enemies, see if you can get the drop on any of them.

Enemies come in different \'\'classes\'\' these are things such as your basic men at arms, to archers and the dreaded horn blowers, who can alert others if not dispatched quickly.

You must also learn to place strikes well in closed space encounters, as well, because one misplaced slash could send your blade back in a recoil that could very well be lethal, or even get stuck into wooden options.

Storyline: 10/10
Quite good for a hack and slash, I\'d say. The story follows Rau, the silent protagonist as he sets out to adventure and make a name for himself, but the story quickly takes a turn and Rau learns that he must learn of his family\'s heritage and his own destiny to save the world from a dreaded mark that was thought to be destroyed long ago. The story is rich and full of colorful characters, and is narrated by Rau\'s friend, Kuzo.

Graphical Presentation: 9/10
The graphics are beutiful and and almost remind one of a Disney cartoon, that is until you get into a fight. In battle, the game takes on a Disney meets Braveheart kind of tone, and the blood begins to flow.

Sound effects and Musical Score: 9/10
The sound effects are a good part of the game, and the musical score is comprised mainly of tribal drum beats, and sets the mood very well.

Gore Levels: Gratuitous Dismemberment
In Mark of Kri, you can do a number of things to your enemies. If you have a sword, you can of course decapitate the, but you can also remove legs and arms, and send your enemy running (or crawling) away. You may also perform a large amount of stealth kills. The amount of gore is affected by the weapon, only fists? Almost no blood. Huge battle axe? Human bodies flying through the air. You cannot turn it off, however, so the game is rated Mature.

Overall: 9/10
Mark of Kri is a great little gem of a game. It is an enjoyable experience for hack \'n\' slash players everywhere, and I am in the understanding that it is the first in a trilogy.

I always advise people to rent/borrow a game before buying it, you never know when you might think a game looks great, and it turns out cruddy in your opinion.

Rating: 9

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