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Reviewed: 07/08/03 | Updated: 07/08/03

Disney? Think Again.

When I first saw the Mark of Kri, I thought it was nothing more than another failure. Boy, was I terribly wrong.
This game is truly great, and this review will tell you why exactly.

Gameplay: 10
The combat in this game is great. At the beginning of the game you can target up to three enemies. Later in the game, you will be able to target up to nine. When you target, or focus in the game, you move the right analog stick and you will see an orange line. You can move this line around you, and when you hit an enemy with the line, an icon will appear over his/her head. If you hit the corresponding button, you will attack the enemy. You can perform combos while targeting enemies, and even attack an enemy while facing the other way. Also, if you knock an enemy of their feet, you can impale them to seal their death. You can also disarm enemies and kill them with their own weapon! And since you do not have a radar, you will need to use your bird Kuzo and scout the dangers ahead.Stealth is also an element in the game. You can pack away your sword and sneak up on an enemy. To perform a stealth attack, you must target them like in regular combat. The icon above their head will flash, and when it turns solid, tap the corresponding button and crack their neck, beat them with the butt of your sword, or take off their head. You can also perform roof stealth when you jump off an edge of a platform or roof above an enemy and stealth kill them after you drop down silently on them. You can also perform wall stealth on an enemy around the corner from your position.
There are also several weapons that you can use. The sword is one weapon, but I won’t tell you the others. Anyway, gameplay has to get a 10.

Graphics: 10
In the Mark of Kri, the graphics are very cool looking with Disney style animation. The environments look awesome, your bird
Kuzo looks very cool, and the death animations that go along with an enemies brutal death look great. Rau, your character looks very good. Sometimes, you could probably stand up on a ledge and look at the very great scenery. So, I give the graphics a 10,

Sound: 10
To the clanging swords, battle cries, screams of agony, and flowing water, the sound is phenomenal. Also, the voice acting is very great. It actually sounds like it’s real people you are hearing. Even your footsteps sound cool. I give the sound a 10.

Story: 7
I though the story was just another thing about a magic spell, power wanting villain, so on and so forth. But, anyway, you play as Rau, a warrior seeking adventure and all that stuff. I didn’t think the story was very groundbreaking, so I give it a 7.

Replay Value: 10
The replay value is very great. After completing the game, you can unlock outfits, find hidden items, battle in arenas, or just replay your favorite levels. To this day, I even just replay my favorite levels, fight in arenas, or try to unlock outfits. You can also view the movies from the game again, look at concept art, or do the tutorials over again. So I give the replay a 10.

Final Verdict: In conclusion, I give The Mark of Kri a 9/10. Rent or Buy? Why are you even asking? Go buy this NOW! And because it is only about 10 dollars right now, this is an opportunity you should not pass up.

Rating: 9

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