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Reviewed: 05/07/03 | Updated: 05/07/03

Thought it was Disney? Think again...

I know I'm a bit late on reviewing this game (almost all the reviews are from August 2002, the most recent being on March 19...) but I can't help it. When I first saw this game, I thought it looked like crap. It looked like it was made by Disney or something. Then I happened to notice the M rating at the bottom. ''Violence, Blood and Gore''. The first part was obvious (look at the back of the case to see what I mean), but the second part came as a surprise. So, I bought the game (used, to save money in case it was crap) for 24.99. I got home, started playing, and Rau (the main character) is brutal. Limbs fly, heads roll, and bodies pinwheel through the air. It was one hell of a gore fest. Especially the arenas, where you have to kill everyone as fast as you can with any of the four weapons in the game. But despite this game being as fun as it is, it has it's flaws.

Graphics: 8/10

They're good, but not THAT good. The main problem with them is that it's too UNdetailed. There's light brown ground which I'm guessing is sand, and green ground with I'm pretty sure is grass. It also looks too cartoony (minus the gore). But besides this, it's not bad.

Gameplay: 9/10

You have to play the arenas to get the best out of it. The missions are all pretty much stealth (except for the first and last ones). It's a nice game to just pick up when you're bored, hack several dozen bodies apart, and be satisfied.

Controls: 9/10

The controls are nicely set, unfortunately, you can't change them, and there's no camera control, and that's too bad considering the fact that the camera is one of the main flaws.

Story: 3-4/10

To be honest, I never really understood it that well. I knew there was stuff about tattoos and stuff, but I don't really get it. Meh... As long as I'm killing something in a really painful looking fashion, I'm fine with it.

Extras: 10/10

Secret costumes, art galleries, the arenas, etc., etc. I haven't seen this many extras in a game for a LONG time...

So why did it get only a 7? Not just for the story. The flaws. The camera is a really big issue. It really sucks to have it go under the ground when you're fighting a bunch of guys, cuz when it's there, you can't see anything. Then, when you finally move half way across the level (and the camera doesn't leave it's spot) it finally pops out and comes in right behind you. It's really annoying... Also, the enemies can't chase you... Well... They can, but after a certain distance, they'll be stuck because of an invisible wall. Then you just pull out your bow, and do what you must to proceed. But despite it's flaws, it's a good game, that's seriously overlooked, much like Fatal Frame.

To rent, or to buy?

Now had I written this review back in the days when it was still a new game, I would've said 'rent'. But since it's as low as 10 bucks nowadays, go ahead and buy it.

Rating: 7

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