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Reviewed: 12/09/02 | Updated: 12/09/02

The game is not good, not bad, but excels.

Introduction: The Mark of Kri is not your everyday hack and slash. The stealth elements, melee combat, and intense battle strategy will guide you through this game. The game has mostly minor flaws, but some can be annoying. Everything else about this game is superior.

Graphics: 10. These graphics are perfect. The textures are very detailed and the color is amazing. I could not say anything bad about these graphics. The Disney style look has nothing to do with the score. You will be impressed by these graphics.If only all games had this good of graphics......

Sound : 7 I was not as happy about sound as I was with graphics. The sounds are too basic with repeating tunes with minor variations. It is very suspenseful, and sometimes may alert you. It adds some flare and creepiness to the game, but it could have been expanded.

Controls: 10 This is the most innovative control design since I don't remember when. The control on the game screen is just as fluid as the button scheme. Being able to send Kuzo(your bird), with a tap of R2 is simply amazing. Switching from Rau to Kuzo with triangle is also a good feature. Melee combat is made easy with the controls. Targeting enemies with the twist of a joystick is perfectly crafted.

Gameplay: 9 I loved nearly every aspect of the gameplay, and sometimes couldn't put the controller down. Stealth rewards are great, let me tell you. When you play the game, you will see the blood flowing. Melee combat is almost perfect. The only thing is, when using the bigger weapons, other targeted enemies may become untargeted. You may have to re-target, and while fighting a guy with a battle axe, it is the difference between life and death.

Replay: 8 Rewards and cheats can be exciting, but they don't last forever. I was expecting a few more good things, like multiplayer, but I am probably spoiled, so you would be satisfied.

Fun Factor: 9 Sometimes things can be unfair or challenging, but the sum of all the fun put together will overrule the difficulty.

Story Line: 7 The story is a tidbit confusing, but it will keep you into the game. It carries you from mission to mission, but if the story was very elaborate, I would rate this a 9 or 10. I thought the events skipped around, and major details were forgotten. They could have included more detail into the story, but it works anyway. Sometimes you don't know why you are killing massive hordes of enemies, sometimes you do.

Final Recommendation: This game can be beaten in a rental, but only you if hurry over the rest of the elements. If you buy the game, you will be happy with it. Even after you have beaten it, you will still crave stealth and hack and slash. If that ever happens, pop in this game and enjoy it. :)

Rating: 8

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