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Reviewed: 09/15/02 | Updated: 09/15/02

A great game, with a few small flaws.

When I first heard about Mark of Kri, it sounded very cool. Once I played it, I wasn't let down.


The main character of Mark of Kri is a barbarian named Rau, and my does he look like one. He's huge, has body tattoos, & wears fur boots and a fur sheathe. Finally, away from the annoying pretty-boy main characters as of late. MoK is set in a world you'd expect a barbarian to live in. Jungals, ruins, forests, etc. The story is told in sketches and art and by a narrator. Load times aren't too bad.


Mark of Kri combines action, stealth, and even a bit of archery.

The action part of MoK is very innovative. It uses a modified version of the target system. But the neat thing about it is, you can target more than on enemy at a time. You use the right analong stick to rotate a target beam around the main character. Once the target beam passes through an enemy, an attack icon appears above the enemy (either X, O, or square). Press the button above the enemy to attack them. Depending on your weapon, you can target up to 9 at a time. You can also do combos, which range from simply doing a small combo to an instant kill stab through the abdomen.

Stealth is pretty basic in MoK. Sneak up behind enemy, target him, press X. Your stealth attack may range from breaking their neck to decapitating them with your sword. Also, you can stealth kill two enemies at the same time by targeting them both and press a series of three buttons. And you can shimmy up against walls and do wall stealths. One last stealth kill is, from above. Your character will jump from the place where you are at and onto the ground and kill them.

Archery is simple. Aim in the general direction of the enemy and it will auto aim them. Aim a bit higher to get a head shot in and instant kill.


The characters in MoK are very cartoonish, but smooth and rendered very well. The backgrounds are totally 3D and have minute details that make them realistic. The backgrounds are very colorful, and they should be, as they are often jungles. Considering this game revolves around killing, you must be wondering about gore. Boy oh boy, there is lot's of it! Impaling, disembodiment, decapitation, you name it! It's so funny because of how cartoony the characters look. You'll be laughing your arse of the first time you see the stealth kills. The graphics in MoK are great.


Overall, MoK is a very solid game, though short. It even has a few extras. If you love stealth or action games, you should check this game out!

Buy, rent, steal?
From what I hear stealing is illegal, so that cancels that out. You should rent this game before considering buying, as it is a short game. But it's still good, so at least rent it.

Rating: 9

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