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Reviewed: 09/02/02 | Updated: 09/02/02

Short and Sweet

Introduction: First of all, I was surprised at how good The Mark of Kri really was. I picked it up after hearing of some good reviews and the fact that it was only $40. Here are my impressions.

Presentation: Overall, this part gets a 9. The cinematics before, during and after the missions are well done. The menu is simple and easy to navigate.

Gameplay: Overall, gameplay gets a 8. Its interesting how the battle system works. It may be awkward at first, but after a while, it becomes more bearable. To be successful in fending off your opponents, you must learn to use the combos correctly in order to dispatch them quickly. The Bow and Arrow is done nicely, although to get a 1 shot kill it takes careful aiming. Stealth kills are always a good way to get rid of someone without anyone else knowing. Also, sending your Guardian (which is actually just a bird) ahead to scout the area is always a useful tool. You can see where your enemies are even before you do.

Now to the bad. This game is short. It only has 6 levels, even though those are slightly longer than the normal game level. Also, the enemy AI isn't the best. If you stealth kill someone thats in a group, it takes around 5 seconds for the person(s) standing right next to him to turn around to spot you strangling his friend. Also, the archers are, for the most part, inaccurate unless you are standing still.

Graphics: Overall, graphics gets an 9. While the enviroments make look good, and everything seems fine, something is wrong. I'm fine with the cartoonish looking characters, thats not my gripe. My gripe is the constant problem of things going through solid objects. Such as, I have seen numorous time my Guardian bird go through bridges, trees, and stone towers. Also, there is nothing worse when you are behind cover and having an arrow come right through the tree/stone wall you are behind, nailing you right in the back. That aside, the character and death animations are one of the greatest points in this whole game. There's nothing better than seeing Rau spear or decapitate an enemy after successfully pulling off a combo for the kill. Also, the stabbing of the enemy thats on the ground dieing never gets old.

Replay: Overall, this gets an 7. If you unlock the battle arenas and various secrets, this game could have infinite replayability, as you could just turn it on and go into an arena to utterly destroy countless enemies. But, as is the case with all action games, it falls short as its only one player throughout everything, even the arenas.

Overall Score: 8. This is a great game that will keep you occupied for a few days or even months, depending on how much you really like the battle arenas.

Rent it. I beat it in 7 hours and haven't found myself compelled to really go into the battle arena everyday when I have Red Faction to blow up guys with my buddies. Either way you go, however, you will thoroughly enjoy this game.

Rating: 8

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