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Reviewed: 09/02/02 | Updated: 09/02/02

Turn off the lights and crank up the volume.... get ready for some wicked gaming

Sound Effects (10/10):

The sound effects for this game rock! With all of the different weapon/scenario combinations Sony did an awesome job with the different sound effects. Just the excitement of the game's fight sequences is more than enough.... but add the sound of necks breaking, your blade meeting the baddie's armor, your axe hacking through fallen (and living!) enemies and you've got some killer sound FX.

Gameplay (9/10):

The levels were awesome and the fighting was amazing.... the only problem I had with the game was it's length. I beat the game in a little over 6 hours and even though it was a phenomenal game, it was sooo good that I just HAD to play a little further. Nonetheless I had a blast with this game and if you haven't played it yet it's well worth buying!!!! I liked the fact that you could really fight multiple enemies at once.... with one heave of your axe you can strike your target baddie and anything that gets in your way or is sneaking up behind you and that's pretty wicked!!!! I also like the fact that they incorporated Kuzo in the game and you can use him to scout for baddies and open trick doors etc.

Storyline (10/10):

I thought they did a great job with the story behind ''The Mark of Kri'', it wasn't too distracting and it didn't carry on like in a lot of other games. The other characters are pretty cool and once you see the cutscenes previous to the final level.... you begin to understand how well of a job the makers of the game really did in making you feel a bond to each individual character.... I know I did. The very last video is pretty funny but I won't give away the ending. All in all I thought the storyline really helped tie up the game.

Environment (10/10):

Most of the environment surrounding your character could be used to your advantage and could just as easily conceal an enemy. I also liked the fact that you could interact with the animals in the game (ie. shoot an arrow amongst a flock of birds to distract a group of baddies as you sneak up for a stealth kill).

Graphics (10/10):

What can I say.... I thought the graphics were wicked. I like having fog and stuff in the game because it adds to the challenge, you can't always sit back and pick off guys with the bow as often you can't even see them so you're forced to use different strategies.

Wrap-up (9/10):

All in all it was a phenomenal game but as I mentioned.... it is fairly short. It's definately a game you can play a few times though.... it's worth checking out and I'd reccommend buying it if you have some extra $$$. Well, if you end up buying the game.... good luck and have fun. Like I said.... Turn off the lights and crank the volume!!!!

Rating: 9

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