Review by Majin Kenshin

Reviewed: 08/30/02 | Updated: 08/30/02

Fun but short

The Mark of Kri is a very fun game, but is a little too short for the $40 price tag. It has a unique battle system,which makes group battles really easy, interesting combos, and plain and simple its just fun to play. Its main fault is being to short. It has 6 levels. The levels tend to be long, but still not long enough to equal out the 6 levels problem.

Story line: 7/10
Its a hacken slash game, kind of adventure, but mainly its a hacken slash. Your not expecting a good story line. Rau is looking for ways to show off his new skills and gets himself caught in the middle of an evil plot, that will eventually send Rau on a quest for revenge against the evil wizard that is the mastermind behind the evil plot.

Their not bad. Their not excellent either. I liked them, but they aren't detailed. At some points the graphics were excellent, but over all they aren't anything special.The levels vary from forest ruins, to a mountain fortress covered in snow, to a fortress in the deep desert.

The Mark of Kri has a unique battle system, that really makes the game fun to play. It is easy to select a group of enemies, and by selecting the button automatically assigned to enemies (X,O,Square) you can easily pull off some great combos and defeat a large group of enemies. One of the reasons this game is so fun, is its a blast to cut enemies down with a sword, or cut an enemy in half with the axe.

Great fun, a little repetitive at times, and short, but in the end its a fun game, that's fun to play all day long, which is about how long it will take you to beat it. Although it may be longer for you near the end of the game when the battles get tougher, but they shouldn't be a problem as long as you have learned the combos.

Rent or Buy? This is a hard one. Mark of Kri is a game where you can sit down have some fun killing people and then go and do something else. If your looking for a long game to keep you busy for a while, stay far away from this, but if you are looking for something really fun and there isn't anything else you want, then this is a great buy.

Rating: 8

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