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Reviewed: 08/28/02 | Updated: 08/28/02

The Mark of Kri. Sure to leave a Mark in gaming history.

I will be honest. I was skeptical about this game when it first came out. In fact, I thought this was a movie to game creation at first. I really thought Disney had made a movie and this was its licensed game. Not so. This is an original game by Sony with influence from Don Bluth and Disney. Well, enough jibber jabber, lets get down to what you are here for.

(*) to (*****) with (*) being the worst and (*****) being the highest available rating.I hardly ever give out (*****). content rated with (***) are not BAD ...these are your average ratings.

Graphics: *** 1/2
The graphics are crisp and clean. This really looks like you are playing a Disney game. Though not quite on par with the likes of Kingdom Hearts, this is what you would expect for something coming in second place. Characters have facial expressions, and the levels really do look great. My favorite strongpoint is the character detail and movements/animations. So many animations. I swear there are 20 + kill animations. The atmosphere is great. The only problem I have is the fog in some levels. You would think that with the technology today, we would not see this any more. If I didn't see the fog, I would give this catagory a ****

Music: ****
The music is verry good. Mind you I am not rating the music on wether it is catchy and easy to memorize. I am rating on the quality. And the quality is great. It has an indian feel to it, with bongo drums, and other such instruments. The mood of the music changes depending on what you are doing...when you get into a fight, it changes to an upbeat score. When you sneak and stealth kill someone, it goes to a sneaky spy music. And then there is just the level music. I am pleased that it is orchestrated and not completely synthisized. If it would have been a little more catchy, I would have given it a ****.

Sound: *****
The sound is great. Wherever you are, wether in the INN or out and about, the level of detail in the sound is fantastic. The fire place in the inn with slight background chatter or snoring, just makes you feel like you are at an inn. The birds and other such animals, waterfalls, and wind rustling the leaves in the levels make you feel like you are IN the level. (may I suggest playing this game with Surround Sound). Kudos for the sound.

Game Play: ****
I would have given a ***** if they would have had a jump button. Oh well. The variety of style in this game is amazing. Part Zelda, Part Metal Gear, Part Tenchu, Part Double Dragon. Amazing. You can sneak around and stealth kill people like tenchu and Metal Gear, you can snipe people with your bow like in Zelda. The combat system takes about a level and a half to get used to, but once you do it is great fun. There are a variety of combos to utilize with each of the 3 weapons (not counting the Bow and Arrow). And like I stated earlier, the character animations are awesome.
Like I stated, pleanty different ways of killing people. You can hide along a wall metal gear like...reach around and grab a guard..smash his head into the wall 3 times and drop him, your character even looks around while he is doing this..making sure no one sees him.

Extras: *** 1/2
While you go through the game, you have challenges you can meat, if you meet all the challenges, you gain Arenas you can fight in to compete in Time attack mode or Survival. If you beat these you unlock extra costumes, movies, art etc. Also, if you find certain artifacts in levels, you gain extras.

Over All: **** 1/2
This game is lots of fun. I picked it up because I was bored while waiting for Onimusha 2. I am so glad I did. I recomend you go out and buy this game. Give it a half hour to an hour and you will defenately get into it and not want to put it down.

Well that is all for this game. Untill next time, have a great day and an even better tomorrow.

Rating: 8

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