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Reviewed: 08/11/02 | Updated: 08/11/02

Gather around all who would listen, I have a review to tell...

Short Summary
This game is an all around good game, good controls, great sounds, and most of all the gameplay. If there is one game you will buy this summer make it, The Mark of Kri. With an interesting story line and great animation this game deserves a perfect 10. Anyway on with the review...

Gameplay 10/10
Okay, this game has great animation, and everyone loves the gameplay. I mean, isn't it great to just impale your enemy's with swords? Well forget I just said that... >:/ From the awesome levels, to the awesome weapons, and definetly to the awesome storyline, the gameplay has to get a 10.

Story 10/10
You take the role of a young warrior, Rau sought for adventure. You fight off many villains and bandits who are looking for nothing but trouble. Your master Baimushu trains you for your future journeys. You can train with him any time your inside the Inn. You meet many characters in which you must help to pass your journey and finally know your destiny...

To Buy or To Rent? 10/10
You should BUY this game. The game has great enviromental levels, in which you can hear every last bird chirping, and every waterfall spraying into the river. The game has over 7 hours of gameplay, so you shouldn't get bored too quickly. :)

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are amazing. You can see your entire level be drawn before your very own eyes. Plus, you can see the work they did with your attack moves, if you know what I mean. For instance when you disarm a spearman, you stab him, and then he slides down it. And when you disarm a man with an axe you slam him on the head with it. Well I don't want to spoil the game for you now. The graphics are unexplannable, you just have to get the game and find out! :)

Audio 10/10
As I said before in previous topics the sound is as if your IN the game. From the bird chirping up in the trees, to the sound of the drums when an enemy spots you, and for when you find the waterfalls you can hear them splishing and splashing in the water below, now of course how could you NOT give this topic a 10?

Replay Value 10/10
Even after you beaten the game, you can still find this game exciting. I mean, just the game itself is amazing to me. This can really be self-oppiniated. The ending is great. But I cannot tell you, it will surely spoil your entire reason of buying it.

Overall 10/10
Overall of course this game gets a 10. Is there anything bad about this game. I mean, no game is actually perfect. At times the game can be a bit frustrating. Don't ever run from a fight in the game, your character is so slow, he cannot run for his own life. (I think you know what I mean) So basically what I'm saying is, why wait? Get your copy today!

Quick Rap-up
Okay, so this review told you some stuff about the game, what are you waiting for? Go buy it now. If your a big fan of the RPG's, then this is surely the game you have been waiting for. Buy the game and your in for a delight. The game is excellent as are its graphics, sounds, and gameplay. *drools* :) I know you will be pleased. I'm sure glad I bought my copy. Thanks for looking at my review!

Rating: 10

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