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Reviewed: 08/05/02 | Updated: 08/05/02

Isn't is great when we are pleasantly surprised??

9...yes, a 9. I see only 3 reviews for this game, all giving them 9's, and im thinking, why 9? Upon deeper reflection, 9 is the perfect number for this game, simply because this game is just about perfect. (Hence, 9) I am enjoying this game more than I can express, mre than life itself. I mean, i have a wonderful social life, but outside this, I play ps2 and I am in my 20's, a good looking, model type. (point being a game MUST be good for ME to review it, busy me? lol. No this isnt a bio; but im big into games as well...owning over 30 ps2 games and beating twice as many, I work and have the money to constantly keep my head in babbages or eb, looking for a new game to hold my interest for over 5 days..I definatly found it in The Mark Of Kri.

OVERVIEW- This is my 1st review, and I'm not indenting paragraphs or spellchecking so too bad. This game
is hard to describe, but I would have to say that it ia a fabulous 3rd person medieval battle game, combining the best elements of, say, Bushido Blade, Metal Gear Solid (only for the stealth aspect), and Streets of Rage. We remember those scrolling kill em all side view games we loved so much, right? Imagine, if you will, all the coolest features of those games that you'd like to see in one game, here it is.

Near Perfect. Watch the enemy's dying body like down your spear like a knife thru the elaborate sunset....this games has a lot of really, really impressive graphics and kill sequences. Try holding the button on a stealth kill, you'll see what I mean. The 3rd person works really well, and the camera panning is good as well. No complaints yet. In fact, as I watch the loading screens, I contemplate where on my body I will tattoo the games still art...

SOUNDS- 9/10
Near Perfect. Birds chirping, water rushing, boy am I glad i have surround sound!!!! The voices are good, the reality is good, (hit a metal wall with a sword and hear the metal). The music is tranced out, not in the NYC Trance scene sense, but the opening drum beats are sickkkk indeed. Oh, sorry Mr. Enemy, there goes your final breath as i put my sword in your esophagus. This game was rated M, and with good cause.

Near Perfect. I love the way I can assign buttons to enemys, unassign just as fast, and use the free button<s> as ''modifiers''...(this isnt the instruction manual, buy this game already, thats the point of this review). I wish I could jump, and I dont like what happens when I walk into a wall the wrong way and the enemy is in close quarters. But I suppose I shouldn't complain about this, because it does add to the realism of the game. The R-directional enemy assignment works too well, a totally fresh battle system.

PLOT- 9/10
Near Perfect, again. To be honest, I'm not quite done, and I wont ruin the plot, but it's very intriging...

Near Perfect, AGAIN....isn't it cool how the sage waves his hand and your cards flip over??? I knew your like that...the outfits are slamming and so it the hidden art, etc..just play this game, stop reading my beat review...

OVERALL- <Lets take a wild's....9/10
I said it before, and i'll say it again, near perfect. Why all 9/10's across the board? There is no 10/10 game, and im hesistant to give any category for any game a perfect 10, do you realize what a 10 implies? Nothing could EVER surpass a 10, only match it if even save those 10s you over-zealous raters. I'd dare to say the only 10 is the graphics for FFX, how's that for opinionated??? But back to The Mark of Kri, this game is hot, like me, plain and simple... I almost made the mistake of passing it up, i'm glad I didn't....I wouldn't pass it up if I were you. And here's the deal-closer, 40 bucks? Are your crazy? Here's an idea, if you have and beat Medal Of Honor, go trade it in and pay as little 10 duckets for The Mark Of Kri, easily in the top 3 games of the year, so far....

Rating: 9

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