1. Daran Norris Additional Voices
  2. Wally Wingert Additional Voices
  3. Steve Aguilar Animator
  4. Craig Gilmore Animator
  5. Jeff Merghart Animator
  6. Dave Oelkers Animator
  7. John Scharmen Animator
  8. Matt Case Artist
  9. Greg Faccone Artist
  10. Hong Hoang Artist
  11. Andrew Jaros Artist
  12. Sam Liu Artist
  13. Tim Neveu Artist
  14. Greg Newton Artist
  15. Brian O'Hara Artist
  16. Eddie Smith Artist
  17. Buzz Burrowes Audio Director
  18. Don Lacy Cinematic Editor/Compositor
  19. Gina Cafasso Cinematic Project Manager
  20. Kate Johnson-Page Cinematic Project Manager
  21. Scott McMahon Cinematic Supervisor
  22. Jeff Merghart Cinematics Artist
  23. Erik Medina Cinematics Director
  24. Jonathan Beard Game Designer
  25. Keith Friedly Game Designer
  26. Erik Medina Game Designer
  27. Dan Mueller Game Designer
  28. Tim Neveu Game Designer
  29. Jack Wall Intro and Ending Music
  30. Erik Medina Lead Animator
  31. Jeff Remmer Lead Artist
  32. Jeff Vargas Lead Cinematic Editor/Compositor
  33. Steve High Lead Pre-Visualization Artist
  34. Ron Padua Lead Pre-Visualization Artist
  35. Rich Karpp Lead Programmer
  36. Haesuk Pak Lead Programmer
  37. Brad Aldredge Lead Sound Designer
  38. Bryan Gaier Lead Technical Artist
  39. Greg Hunter Music
  40. Juno Reactor Music
  41. Chuck Doud Music Director
  42. Chuck Doud Music Programming
  43. Steve Conrad Programmer
  44. Alique Edwards Programmer
  45. John McCarthy Programmer
  46. Ayo Orimoloye Programmer
  47. Gerald Tachiki Programmer
  48. Chris Jahnkow SFX Editing
  49. Dave Murrant Sound Design Manager
  50. Brian Cummings Voice: Baumusu
  51. Keone Young Voice: Kuzo
  52. Andre Stojka Voice: Mauruku
  53. Daran Norris Voice: Rongo
  54. Edith Diaz Voice: Simka
  55. Hayden Panettiere Voice: Tati
  56. Barry Dennen Voice: The Dark One
  57. Mari Weiss Voice: The Oracle


Data and credits for this game contributed by AGH!, Blueberry Buttface, Cosmic!, Doumah, Guard Master, LordAndrew, oliist, RPGrinder, and TriTails34.

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