How do I solve the beginning?

  1. Its when your told to attack the different targets with different strikes. Because of my hearing and the lack of subtitles I haven't been able to get past this part. Any help?

    User Info: MarioShroomed

    MarioShroomed - 12 years ago

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  1. After you hit Triangle next to Baumusu in the Inn, hit the R1 button and hold it for a second. Sweep the right analogue stick around to focus on all the dummies. Walk up to the dummy with the X icon (left analogue stick), then walk away a bit, then walk around it. Hit the X button, then hit it four times quickly for an attack combo. Hit the O button (you won't hit that dummy). Move closer to the dummy with the Square icon, then hit Square to attack it. Press the R3 button (depress the right analogue stick). Spin the right analogue stick to focus on two of the dummies. Hit X, then O for a combo with a modifier. Hit X, Square, O or X, O, Square for another combo on the same dummy. Look around for a perch for Kuzo (it's a big pillar of light) then hit L2 to send Kuzo toward it. Use the left analogue stick to look around for the next perch, then hit L2 again to fly toward it. Press Triangle to return to Rau's vision. Press Triangle twice more to enter Kuzo's vision, then back to Rau's vision. Hit Start and scroll down to "Baumusu's Challenge", then hit Triangle twice to exit the menu. Return to the Inn to begin the game proper.

    User Info: AGH

    AGH - 12 years ago 2   0

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