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Reviewed: 01/31/03 | Updated: 01/31/03

A Review by Me Ya know how it is?

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay is very realistic that is what is so great about the game. The different plays that you can choose from and how you can do whatever you want.

Sound 10

Great job on the sound. It is so good because it is so realistic that you can hear the crowd and that you can hear the effects of the plays and the fans cheering. It is great how they also threw in the announcer into the game too. Great job on that.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics are good. The game looks very realistic itself but I think that sega could do better. It seems like they don't know exactually what to do when it comes to the gameplay graphics. They also need to do better on the fans and the people on the sidelines and make these people more realistic looking and that will make the game a whole lot better. I know that that has like nothing to do with the gameplay itself but it can help because good graphics are always an add to the game. They make the game even better than it already is you know what I am talking about.

Controls 10/10

The controls are great in my opinion. I liked it when they had the dreamcast controls and I thought that it wouldn't be as good with the ps2 controller but I thought wrong. The controls are awesome I love everything they did to set the controls up. They should although make it so you can pick the moves with the d-pad also because some people don't like to use the analog when picking that type of stuff.


The multiplayer is the best thing about the game. I love being able to go into there and beat the crap out of someone that thinks they are better than me. I haven't got a chance to play it online but I bet it is good if you have broadband.

Is this game worth getting?

If you like football games then yes. This is the only sports game that I have currently. I would say that it might be one of the best but then again I haven't played any of the other football games that are currently out for ps2.


If you are not sure wether or not you would like it then I suggest you rent it. You don't want to be screwed out of money for a game you will never put into your system.


Buy this game if you love football. This is a great game. But I suggest to rent it first if you are not pretty sure you will like it or not. It is worth renting or buying in my opinion.

My Personal Opinion

I don't play many sports games. This is the second game I bought for my playstation two. I would say that this is a great game but that is my opinion. If you don't like it I can understand that because there are alot of games for ps2 that I don't care for. So if you like it that's your opinion but I love this game I have loved it since nfl2k was released for sega dreamcast.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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