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Reviewed: 11/10/02 | Updated: 11/10/02

The best football game this year!

I had NFL 2K2 and it was alright, then I rented NFL 2K3 and i loved it. The game brought ESPN settings and it seemed like you were watching ESPN. I dont really have any negatives about this game. It was very realistic, which is good to find in a game.

Graphics-10/10-This game really was good for a few reasons. The graphics are one of them. The stadiums are very acurrately depicted and the players look very flexible instead of being blocky. Glitches occur rarely, so that's a plus. The expressions on the players' faces were very good. I would have to say that this game's graphics really blew away Madden's.

Gameplay-9/10- The controls are pretty much the same as 2K2. Sega can download rosters, so the rosters will be updated. At the end of every week they show the ''Players of the Week'' offensively and defensively, ''Play of the Week'' and other scores from around the league. Even though there are a few things wrong with it, the online play which is fun and competitive. But you can not download the rosters into online play. The franchise mode was the best mode in the game. You can go up to around 20 seasons. The game lets you be the decision maker as you could make trades change attributes, create players, make trades and sign and release players. The only reason that I gave it a 9 is in the Pro Bowl votes, the created players don't get the credit that they are supposed to. And there is no M.V.P award.

Replayability-7/10- The replayability wasn't good. The thing that you got after you won the Super Bowl was a SportsCenter commercial. It wasn't like you can unlock Hall of Famers or really good teams that had a good dynasty, or tokens to buy football cards to boost player abilities. This is where Madden beats out this game.

Sound-10/10- What can I say you have a selections of SportsCenter and NFL Prime Time songs. And the sounds of the players on the field with the grunts and wind being knocked out of someone are excellent. But the thing that impressed me the most was the beginning where it starts as SportsCenter would. Now that is technology.

Difficulty 8/10- Depending on which Difficulty, you may have a hard time scoring touchdowns. But if you are new, you can customize the difficulties. You can set the number of turnovers in the game, too. The default difficulty is Pro. There are 3 of them, Rookie, Pro, and All-Star. There is also a Challenge Mode. You must defeat the CPU with set settings. If you manage to beat them, you will get a code. Use it on the SegaSports website. You will be ranked among other people and win prizes.

Overall-10/10- This game deserved to be rated highly because not that much was bad. This game should be played if you like football games. If you played Madden and this game I think you would pick this game.

To Rent or Buy: BUY, BUY, BUY!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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