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Reviewed: 11/10/02 | Updated: 02/12/03

Now This is THE Game to Get

I recently bought NFL 2K3 and at first I was reluctant to buy it because I was always a Madden fan. However, after playing Madden 2003 I was rather disappointed so I decided to give this game a shot and I have no regrets so far.

Gameplay- After breaking many controllers over those frustrating football video games like Madden I was ready for something that was actually fun to play. I found it when I played NFL 2K3. The play calling system was very unique to me, a first time Sega Sports footballer and is very fun. Not hard to understand either but at first it is hard to find your plays. Franchise mode is practically the only thing I do and in this game it is worked extremely well. My only complaint is that the draft takes really long. Online play is definitely a very fun aspect of this game and just gives this game even better appeal.

Graphics- The game may be one of the best looking sports games of this year. Everything runs very smooth and only a few times, things started to go a little slower. The tackling is so realistic, it is one of my favorite parts of this game. You can tackle the guy pretty much any way you want from taking out his legs to hitting him straight on. Another good feature of the graphics is that the faces of the players fit very well into this game.

Difficulty- I advise you to start playing on rookie level because this game is very tough. Despite its difficulty it manages to be very fun because you can't just make 100 points by playing an average team on a more difficult level. Running may be one of the hardest parts of the game. Scrambling with the quarterback isn't easy because most of them aren't very mobile so the defensive linemen tend to catch up to him faster than expected. I have yet to get frustrated enough for me to actually throw my controller which happened at least five times a game when I played Madden 2003.

Sound- There are a variety of ESPN Sportscenter themes that play which are very fun to listen to. During the game the announcers don't repeat the same thing twenty times a game as you will find in any Madden game. The crowd will get into the game too, another well done aspect of the game.

Replayability- You will find yourself playing this game non-stop. It is extremely fun and worth buying. There are so many things to do and franchise mode and online play are extremely fun.

Overall- 9/10 - There are some minor mistakes that keep this game from being perfect however these a very minor and very few. By no means these should keep you from buying this game. Any football fan should have this.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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