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Reviewed: 09/16/02 | Updated: 09/16/02

This game absolute ranks as the lowest football game in all of football games

This game is the worst piece of trash I have ever seen. This game is sound in a lot of ways but absolutely wreaks in the one important part gameplay.

Graphics: 8
Very nice and very realistic the stadium and atmosphere made it seem like I was actually there, the only glitch is that on my home games the fans cheered when the other team scored and when my WR dropped the ball. All in all very strong with one exception, in other football games you saw footprints in the rain and snow none here. Not as good as Madden's

Gameplay: 2
The worst, absolutely rank. I spent about 20 hours in two days playing this game and in one season 12 losses even on rookie mode I average 2.4 yards per carry on my running game, and 3 interceptions per game. In fact in an exhibition in one quarter both myself and the CPU threw three interceptions each. The biggest knock that unless you put sliders or do fantasy draft you can't move the ball. All aspects were unreal for instance the computer can run on you no matter what defense is used. The computer can catch a pass even in double coverage, where as I throw to a guy wide open and the defense runs across the field and pick it off. I read where Sega was toning down the interceptions, well a word to Sega, tone down even more. The running game (my favorite) was sporadic and not existing while the computer ran on me often and averaged 5+ yards per carry.

Sound: 7
The pregame show is better here than on Madden but Madden and Michaels are the better deal. The talking was a little annoying and the replay was often late, they were talking about plays three plays back

Franchise play: 9
I will lean toward Nfl 2k3 than madden because of the hours on scouting combine.

Control: 3
great when you learn it but extremely difficult for beginners. The controls are stick and rather difficult to deal with. I on more than one occasion pick the wrong play because of the L3

Options: 7
I put this one in because I like the fact that you can readjust the alignment on franchise mode, but what gave Madden the nod is the fact that you can create your own team, and your own playbook which was more fun than trying to figure out 2k3's playbook.

Rent or buy: Neither if you ask me, but I would rent first, I will admit though if you like a game that will frustrate and challenge you to perfection this one might do it.

Replay value: surprisingly a lot especially if you want to master and enjoy the challenge.

Madden or Nfl 2k3 I chose Madden for 5 blaring reasons, 1. create a playbook, 2. can play offense for the most part, 3. can play defense for the most part 4. will not throw more than one or two picks per few games where it will be 2 to 3 in one quarter. 5 Michaels and Madden make it more fun.

Overall: Very disappointing game wish I would have rented Madden or NCAA 2003 instead.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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