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Reviewed: 08/26/02 | Updated: 08/26/02

Some issues but pretty good game

I began this game with very high hopes, which may alter my review. I have played NFL2k, 2k1, and 2k2 as well as the madden series.

2k2 has very good graphics, the players look a little robotic but nothing worse than anything else. The stadiums are very larger than life, and realistic and make you feel as though you are there. The players tackle animations and well as throwing and running back moves are all well done. They have implemented very good facial expressions which adds to the realism. I like the graphics a little better here than madden, madden is ok, but the players and stadiums in my opinion look better in 2k3. One slight problem is it is hard to see the entire field of passers.

Very little to complain about here. Very nice hitting noise, you can here talking on the field, and the music is well placed. The announcers are done very well, and add flare and insight tot he playcalling. Although it can be adjusted, I thought the crowd noise was a little bland, and seem to cheer at weird times. Everything is fine.

Well here is where some problems occur. The passing is great, the offensive line forms around you and you have great passing lanes, passes go great speeds and it seems pretty good as far as the percentage that you pass. One problem is your receiver drops way way more passes then the computer does. The running game is great with he controls spot on, the blockers create lanes for running and you can see the FB actually lead block great. Now the problem...DEFENSE. The computer AI is horrible, that is horrible for your team, for the computer it is hall of fame material, The worst QB in the league will look like Joe Montana against you. It is hard to stop anything. Basically the problem is, is it is very very hard for you defense to penetrate the line, although the computer can just bust right through, so you basically give the QB huge amounts of tiem to pick you apart. Also you AI CB(unless you control them) are just stupid often letting Receivers just blaze past or they will have their backs turned when the ball is in the air. Now if you tweak and turn and balance and move sliders around till your sick, you can almost get it playable. now this may seem like I guess a challange to some, but to me it is a lack of balance in the game.

Great fast sim of the games when you are going though a season, the franchise mode is just wonderful. The drafting is some of the best and most realistic I have seen. The draft is done actually like in real life right down to the clock running. You send scouts out to look at players you need, and during the draft you can actually see your team needs, which is a great add. Now the problem and it sucks real bad. To make stats realistic for my game that I played, it would have to be around 9 or 10 minutes, the problem is if you live it at 9 or 10 minutes the simulation of the other games will be ridiculous. 75-40 is not uncommon, also the players stats not on your team will be outrageous. 3000 yards rushing. This is a great screwup to me. In order for you to get around this, you have to always change back and forth 6 minutes to 10 minutes for when you play or you sim. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but it is just needless that Sega could not have fixed this during beta test. Madden does it just fine with anytime you put for you.

Well that is basically it, the game is more like a 7.5, but it will not let you do that. It is either 7 or 8, and 8 is just too high for some pretty big issues in gameplay. overall they improved on some things from last year and some things got worse. I would rent to see which one you like, madden or 2k3. The game is pretty good, just some glaring issues. I have heard from some folks, that you just have to practice switching and do some tweaking to make it realistic, so you may give that a try.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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