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NFL 2K3, possibly the greatest....football game.........EVER!</comic book guy> 09/12/02 acr
Beats Madden.... AGAIN! 01/07/03 BAdB0i87
The 2K series is back and better than ever. 08/29/02 CKallander
Now This is THE Game to Get 02/12/03 Clallzidus
Don't let my s/n fool you, even I think this is the best you can buy. 08/18/02 easportsrulz
This might just be the best PS2 football game! 08/19/02 EviILarry29
The best football game this year! 11/10/02 ghettomoschetto
Impressive sometimes, but has many flaws 04/06/03 jdmratm
This game absolute ranks as the lowest football game in all of football games 09/16/02 jobudica2
Sega had a dream to make the best football game. With this they did it. 09/07/02 juniorspank
Great game, but not flawless. 02/06/03 LegendZ28
Real Football on your PS2 05/02/03 LuckyART
Madden? What's a Madden? 09/02/02 Master Of Magnetism
Some issues but pretty good game 08/26/02 midgar77
Visual Concepts vs. EA Sports IV: The Rumble on the Console 08/29/02 Milo X
Great Game, and a Magnificent Challenge! 01/31/03 SaLvAToreRulz
Visual Concepts built a football game from the ground up for ps2, instead of a DC port .The result is a game superior to Madden in almost every way. 08/25/02 Sins Toxin
A Review by Me Ya know how it is? 01/31/03 StuckInKaos
Winner of the Super Bowl this year! 10/27/02 SuperLuigi
The ESPN crew wins the Super Bowl coverage, not John Madden! 08/17/03 terp56
This game won't have trouble getting a first down with fans. 09/29/02 undefeatable___

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