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Reviewed: 07/29/02 | Updated: 08/18/02

Another Self-Shaded game that can really kick your ass!

Sega's Red Entertainment (Red Company) has released it's first game (YES, FIRST), titled ''Gungrave'' on PS2. But how interesting was this game? On this review, I'll show you how interesting it is.

1. Gameplay 7.9/10
It's gameplay has already proved that Sega has the potential to create a Action type game that can surpass Capcom's designed action game. It is good, but can be much better. Why? The gameplay is too short! you'll have 6 stages. But the question is, you can easily master this game with only 2 hours and in fact the game is pretty straight forward, Boss fight is quite a challenge, but still not as hard as it can be.

2. Controls 9/10
Thank god this isn't Gun Valkyrie. The controls are easy to handle, and you'll really master the control fast enough if you can get the hang of it.

3. Graphic 10/10
Graphics is programmed well. Again, It's Cel-Shaded (Sega's trademarked graphical design, huh? well....) But, compare to the other Cel shaded game, this turns out good
(although it mixes some realistic graphic in it) that can feast your eyes, Don't Worry, you won't feel dizzy with the bullets flying around. The only minor problem is this game, except stage 6, is all dark, so, get use to the dark environment

4. Sound 9/10
The BGM is well composed, It uses some of Techno and Trance song on it. It really suit the stages well, Voice acting is quite well arranged, The Ending theme is perfectly composed. But where's the problem? Well, The songs are actually quite forgetful if you don't really listen to it. The bullet sound can actually covers the BGM, I dare not say it's very loud, but the bullet can actually covers the BGM. But this is only the minor problem, you can actually set the sound effect to be lower
than BGM, but the arrangement of sound balancing is still not up to the professional way. Well....

5.In Depth Gameplay: 9.7/10
The in depth gameplay is quite perfect and fun. The movement of the main character is smooth with no major mistakes. You can actually do whatever you want to the enemy. Smash them, Shoot them, or even giving mercy. However, his taunting post is bad, I wonder it shouldn't be arranged that way... and because the game is too short, you won't actually have the chance to enjoy it. However, the animation is very cool and the impressive mechanical design and the way the coffin shoots the enemy is really feast your eyes. Plus, the enemies in the game is enough for you to actually test on your skills that how good you are in aiming and shooting

Overall: 9/10
Why hesitate? you should buy this game! Although it's a short game, but trust me, you won't be disappointed after you've touched it. Sega's Red Entertainment have done the job well, If you do finish the game, give them a credit! They deserve it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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