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Guide and Walkthrough by KMFX24

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/06/2011

Welcome to...
For the Sony Playstation 2
Complete FAQ/Walkthrough
Written by Keith McMullen
Current version: Version 1.2
Completed:    08/05/2011
Last revised: 02/26/2012
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hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard and use the [XXXX] search tool next to the
section that you want to view.

 01. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [INTR]
 02. Version History  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [VRHX]
 03. General information  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [GNIF]
      > Controls  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CNTR]
      > Characters  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CHAR]
      > Weapons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [WPNS]
      > Hit Rate system . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [HITS]
 04. Walkthrough  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [WKTR]
      > Fortress  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [FORT]
      > Train . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [TRAN]
      > City  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CITY]
      > Seabed  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [SEAB]
      > Archipelago . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ARCH]
      > The Relic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [RELC]
      > Final Boss  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BOSS]
 05. Stage percentage info  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [STPC]
 06. Extras/Unlockables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [XTRA]
 07. Credits  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CRDT]
 08. Legal info . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [LGIF]
01.  INTRODUCTION                                                        [INTR]
Well, here I am again. This is kind of like deja vu. I say that because about
7 or 8 years ago I had written an FAQ/Walkthrough for Contra: Shattered Soldier
that was posted here on GameFAQs. A little while later, I took it down along
with the rest of my FAQs. Well after many years I have decided to come back
to writing, and I figured what better game to return to then Contra (while
working on a few other projects at the same time, too.) My only worry was that
my lengthy break from this game (haven't played it in at least 5 years or so)
had left me rusty... and it had. But after a few playthroughs I was pretty
confident that most of my skill had returned. Surprisingly there was a lot I
had remembered. This certainly is not an easy game, one that takes a lot of
repetition to get the timing down for each stage.

So here I am, many years later re-writing the same guide from scratch. But
perhaps that's best, after all when I first wrote the guide I was much younger
and I'm sure my writing wasn't nearly as good as it is today. I probably
would've had to revise much of it anyway if I still had a copy of it floating
around on my computer. But whatever, on with it I suppose.

If you have any questions or comments, send me an email at:

kmfx24 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Please include the words "contra" or "shattered soldier" in the email title
so I can quickly filter through my emails and give you a quicker response.
However I usually don't check my email every day, so I ask that you be a little
patient. Also please don't email me a question that is already answered in
this guide. I accept any comments, contributions, or criticism - so long as
it's constructive. Thanks.
02.  VERSION HISTORY                                                     [VRHX]
Version 1.2 (02/26/2012) - Revised the formatting a bit. Also changed my stance
 on posting this guide on websites other than GameFAQs, -> PLEASE READ UPDATED

Version 1.1 (09/05/2011) - Just a minor update, fixed some spelling and
 grammar mistakes. Only took me a month to do it...

Version 1.0 (08/05/2011) - Finished the guide. Everything should be complete,
 I don't think I'm missing anything major but then again that's what I always
 think only to find something I should've put in once I upload it. Any more
 updates will probably just be to fix any kind of spelling/grammar errors that
 I find or if I decide to change any formatting.
03.  GENERAL INFORMATION                                                 [GNIF]
Ok, I'll just say it straight up (as if you don't know already): this game is
hard. Like really hard. If you're a fan of any of the previous Contra games,
this will come as no surprise to you. The Contra series is known for its
non-stop, fast-paced action with little time to rest. Konami has certainly
returned to its old-school roots with this one, and they yet again prove that
sometimes simplicity is best.

You'll die a lot when you start playing, but the main key to beating this game
is to just get the timing down for each and every level. For the most part
each level plays out the same way, so it's just a matter of knowing what to
do when and what's going to be waiting for you on the next section of the
screen. Hopefully this guide will help you out with most of that. In this
section I'll list the basics of the game, and what I believe you should know
before you start playing for the first time.

CONTROLS                                                                 [CNTR]

Directional buttons: Move the character/Aim/Menu select

Left Analog stick: Move the character/Aim/Menu select

Right Analog stick: Not used

Triangle button: Not used

Square button: Shoot (hold for continuous fire)/Charge Shot (double tap and

X button: Jump/Confirm selection

O: Charge Shot (hold to charge, release to fire)/Cancel

L1: Select left weapon

L2: Locks weapon aim in place

R1: Select right weapon

R2: Locks character movement in place

Start button: Pauses game/Skip

CHARACTERS                                                               [CHAR]

Well there's not really many characters (or much of a story, either) in this
game but I'll give a brief synopsis of them anyway.

Bill Rizer
Hailed as a war hero after stopping an alien invasion along with his partner,
Lance Bean. But shortly after he's jailed for crimes against humanity, and
charged with murdering Lance. He's released to stop Blood Falcon.

Bill's new partner after the death of Lance, she also happens to be a cyborg.
Designed by the military to be the ultimate soldier, she is also considered
Bill's watchdog (like he needs one?)

Enemy Commander
The leader of Blood Falcon, he looks highly familiar, hmm...

The Triumvirate
Three old men who apparently are in control of the Earth Federation Government.
That must be how they were able to get those badass flying chairs. They have
prolonged their life due to cybernetic implants, and their minds are connected
via cerebral implants, allowing them to rule as one. Or something like that.

WEAPONS                                                                  [WPNS]

There are only three different types of weapons in this game, each which can
be equally deadly and useful if used in the right situation. Each weapon has
a normal firing mode and then they have what is called a "Charge Shot". You
have unlimited ammo in this game, so no need to worry about conservation. As
for the actual weapons themselves:

Heavy Machinegun
Normal Shot: Long range weapon with a rapid fire rate. Standard machine gun.
Charge Shot: A spinning gun pod is ejected that rotates and fires off rounds
             in all directions. Called a "Round Sweep".

Fire Whip
Normal Shot: Short range, but very deadly. Quickly takes down anything near
             you, and reaches through barriers.
Charge Shot: A giant ball of fire is charged up and fired long distance. Good,
             powerful single shot. Called an "Energy Shot".

Diver Mine
Normal Shot: Shoots out a mine that has a small arc when coming out, then it
             falls to the ground and continues to roll along the surface.
Charge Shot: Shoots out a bunch of homing missiles, useful for locking onto
             multiple enemies at once. Called "Homing Missiles".

HIT RATE SYSTEM                                                          [HITS]

The Hit rate system is used to determine a lot in this game. It will determine
how far in the game you get (you can play up to an additional two extra stages
if you have a good enough hit rate), what ending you get, and what unlockables
you get. Your hit rate for each stage is shown by a box up in the top center of
the screen. The highest hit rate you can get for each stage is 100%. To get
this, you must destroy everything worth a hit rate percentage (not all enemies
will count towards your hit rate, but most will) and not die. Each life lost
is worth -2% to your hit rate. If you use a continue and start from the stage
at mid-point you will take a whopping -10%. Note that if you use a continue
and start from the beginning you will NOT lose anything.

At the end of each stage it will take your hit rate percentage, subtract any
continues or lives lost, and it will give you a mission clear ranking. The
possible rankings are as follows:

 o  100% = S rank
 o  90-99% = A rank
 o  80-89% = B rank
 o  79% or less = C rank
04.  WALKTHROUGH                                                         [WKTR]
One thing you should know about this game is that you can read this walkthrough
and do all of the things that I say, yet you still will probably end up dying.
This game takes a lot of repetition to get very good at, and you need to sort
of get a "feel" for each level, if that makes sense. Timing is everything in
this game, especially if you're going for that S-Rank. This walkthrough is
merely a description of the easiest way I believe to beat each stage with an
S-Ranking. Perhaps you may find an easier way to get through a certain tricky

The most important things to become proficient in to be successful in this game
are the following: quickly switching to the best weapon needed for a certain
area, knowing when to lock your movement, and knowing when to lock your aim.
I take advantage of these features a lot, so if you're going to be following
this walkthrough it's something you'll need to get good at. So with all that
being said, lets begin the game!

FORTRESS                                                                 [FORT]

A plane in the distance comes crashing down, and out through the cockpit pops
none other than Bill Rizer himself, ready to rock n' roll. Get your machine gun
ready and start spraying forward (remember you have unlimited ammo, you should
almost always be shooting.) Run forward shooting straight to blast through some
soldiers, and make sure you quickly aim up to the right to get one soldier up
top getting ready to launch something at you. Blast through the truck in front
of you, and take a second to just quickly turn around and blast away any
soldiers on your tail. You'll see a soldier race by you on a motorcycle, only
to whip around and come to a stop in front of you. He'll point some kind of
cannon at you and fire big pink energy shots, simply position yourself close
to him and go into the prone position. Change to your fire whip and toast him.

Switch back to your machine gun and run forward. A little up the slope in front
of you is another soldier, don't run too far up the slope or else you'll get
hit, stand just a little down so you're still hitting him but the shot will
go over your head. Blow up the barrel in front of him to kill him. Do the same
for the second guy at the top of the hill. There's another soldier up top of
some lookout post getting ready to bomb you, quickly take him out. Now get
ready for the first mini-boss!

| MINI-BOSS: Mechanical Spider                                                |
| This dude is pretty easy. He'll be dropped to the ground by that big claw on|
| the right side of the screen. Simply stand right next to him and use your   |
| fire whip and start blasting him. He'll shoot tiny little missiles up into  |
| the air that will arc and then fall to the ground on the left side of the   |
| screen, but if you just stand next to him you'll be safe. Once he's done    |
| that for a little while he'll shimmy back and forth a bit, then he'll jump  |
| over to the left side of the screen. Run over and start flaming him with the|
| fire whip once he lands. If you've been consistently flaming him since the  |
| start he should be dead now, if not he'll shoot a missile into the air that |
| will lock onto you. Simply wait until it's about to hit and move away. He   |
| should be dead shortly after that.                                          |

Charge up an energy shot and lock your aim to the top right corner. Run forward
a bit and you'll see some soldiers with shields on the ground, and you'll also
see some type of big barrel-looking thing hanging off the ceiling. Shoot your
energy shot into it to bring it crashing down, killing the soldiers. Charge up
another shot, run forward a bit and do the same thing again. Just flame the
lone soldier you run into after that. Switch to your machine gun and jump onto
the wall on the right and start climbing up. As you climb you'll run into three
soldiers standing on ledges to the left shooting at you. Just keep climbing to
dodge their shots, then when you're on the same level as them send a quick
machine gun burst over to the left side to kill them. Run forward and drop down
into the next area for another mini-boss.

| MINI-BOSS: Factory Machine                                                  |
| There are three parts to this machine: two side "arms" and one central      |
| component. The side arms have four different stages, once you destroy one   |
| stage the next one will be attached. The easiest way to go about destroying |
| this thing is to destroy one of the forms of one of the arms, then while its|
| taking the time to attach the next form destroy the other side. This way    |
| you'll only have to dodge attacks from one of the arms all the time. The    |
| first form is a cannon that shoots a single rocket at you which is guided by|
| a laser. Simply switch to the machine gun, pick a side and stand underneath |
| it firing straight up. The gun fire will destroy the missile and damage the |
| cannon, and the other cannon will not be able to hit you. Once the one side |
| is destroyed and it's attaching the next form, destroy the other side. The  |
| second form is some sort of shaking thing that shoots blue balls out at you |
| in sets of three. I suggest switching to the fire whip and using energy     |
| blasts from now on to take out the rest. Simply stand at an angle, and fire |
| up diagonally. By the time you destroy the one side the other side will be  |
| attached, so now do the same to that. The third form is another cannon-like |
| thing that will drop down a bomb that will explode, sending a line of fire  |
| across the floor. Jump over each line of fire while sending energy shots    |
| into it. Do the same to the other side once the first side is destroyed. The|
| final form is a huge fire whip that swings back and forth. Again, send      |
| energy shots into it from an angle, and do it to the other side as well.    |
| Once one of the arms is completely destroyed the central laser comes to     |
| life. This thing is easy though, either use the machine gun to blast into it|
| or use energy shots. Just jump over the little blue laser it will sweep     |
| across the ground.                                                          |

Switch to your fire whip and start spraying while running forward. You'll run
into a bunch of soldiers, all which should quickly fall to your fire without
ever getting the chance to hit you. At the end of the platform some machine in
the distance will fire a missile at you, destroying the path from underneath
you. Bill will go falling to the ground, now suddenly on a snowy mountain. And
what's this coming down the hill underneath him ... why, it's a snowboard!
Bill will land on it just as it slides underneath his feet - what timing.

As your flying down the mountain some soldiers on jet packs will come
to attack you. Charge up an energy shot and lock your aim to the upper right
corner. It only takes two blasts to kill them, you should be able to take them
all out before they can fire off one shot. Now the camera switches angles
and you're being chased by some kind of giant snow worm. Stick to the right
side of the screen and, with your fire whip, lock your aim to the left and
start spraying. The worm will come lunging out to the left and will get hit
by your fire in the process. Move back to the middle, then when it looks like
he's about to lunge again do the same thing. When all of the little scales
on his back are gone he'll start leaping across the screen from right to left
with his mouth open. You can see some big purple ball in his mouth - this is
what you need to hit. Send two energy shots into his mouth to kill him.

Bill will jump off the mountain and grab ahold of some railing. Make your way
across it and you'll start getting attacked by some giant over-sized wasp
looking things. You don't need to kill any of these things for percentage
points. They'll grab ahold of you and try to carry you off screen - which if
they do, you die. Make sure you got your fire whip out and quickly toast them
if they grab you. But don't kill them too quickly, usually once they grab you
they'll dip down below the railing a bit. If you kill them now, they'll drop
you alright, but right to your death. Wait for them to carry you up and over
the railing, then kill them. Once you've cleared the railing jump onto land
and run to the right.

+ BOSS: Mutant Baby-Turtle                                                    +
+ You'll see why I named it that in a minute... the platform to your left has +
+ three different areas: a top, middle, and bottom (which is the ground.) To  +
+ start off jump and grab ahold of the ladder so you're near the top and      +
+ switch to your diver mines. Start shooting them up to the top right and     +
+ you'll notice that they're damaging some sort of growth he has above his    +
+ head. Keep doing this until it's destroyed, then drop down to the floor and +
+ go prone and do the same thing to the growth underneath him. Just stay over +
+ to the very left of the screen, he'll lunge at you with his head but won't  +
+ hit you so long as you're not too close.                                    +
+                                                                             +
+ Now stand near his head and start flaming it with your fire whip. You'll see+
+ him charging up some kind of pink blast from his mouth which he will then   +
+ spit out. It'll go in a random direction so just dodge it. If you see he's  +
+ about to extend his head and lunge at you run over to the left side. Keep   +
+ blasting away at his head until it's destroyed.                             +
+                                                                             +
+ You'd think without a head this battle would be over, but then he starts    +
+ turning around and-- oh my god, what the hell is that!? Apparently his ass- +
+ end is some sort of mutant baby face. He has two attacks: he'll sneeze out  +
+ a bunch of bugs at you, and he'll puke. When he starts sneezing out bugs    +
+ just stand on the bottom floor and kill them all with your fire whip as they+
+ come out of his nose. When he pukes is the only time you can damage him.    +
+ Simply stand up close to him, duck down and start spraying fire up and to   +
+ the right, into his mouth. The puke will fly over your head. Repeat until   +
+ this freak of nature is finally dead.                                       +

That's it, stage one done! Pretty easy, right? Ha. Well it's not going to get
any easier from here, so load up the second stage and let's see what's in store
for us.

TRAIN                                                                    [TRAN]

"Work together"? Bill Rizer doesn't think so. After he blasts through the sign
to make his usual badass entry, he'll start riding across some type of bridge
on a motorcycle. In the background you'll see a huge submarine resubmerge from
the water, and it will shoot out four missiles at you. Just dodge them by
staying in between two of them. After it does that a laser will shoot out of
the top of it and sweep across the ground, simply jump over it. It will do this
twice, usually the second time it will sweep across faster. Afterwards it will
submerge again, only to break through the left hand side of the bridge and
start chasing after you. Make sure you're on the right side of the screen when
it does this.

Charge up an energy shot. You're going to be staring down some small cannon
attached to it on the left side of the screen, fire off three energy shots to
destroy it. It should only have the chance to shoot one missile at you, just
jump over it. Now watch a cool little clip where it transforms into an 
airship; although that doesn't really mean good news for you. Stay to the
right side of the screen, and switch to your machine gun. As it's flying into
position over you you'll see a lone kamikaze soldier flying on a missile come
towards you, start shooting to the left and you'll blow him up before he gets
near you. Now the airship is going to open up a latch and start dropping
explosives down to you. But you can shoot all the explosives with the machine
gun to destroy them before they even make it off the ship. Then just keep
blasting away at the compartment that was holding them to destroy that as well.
Another kamikaze soldier is going to come flying from the left side again,
shoot him with your machine gun.

Switch to your fire whip and charge up an energy shot. Now a bunch of little
compartments are going to open up underneath the ship and start shooting down
lasers at you. It takes two energy shots to destroy each laser, so pump them
into the laser shooters quickly because you have a limited amount of time here
if you're going for 100%. The airship will drop down closer to you as you get
to the last of the lasers, but this doesn't really make anything harder. As the
airship ascends again two more kamikaze soldiers are coming from the left,
use the machine gun/energy shots to take them down. Now a little cannon on
the right side of the airship will aim down and shoot out a blast of fire that
spreads across the ground. Just jump over it while blasting it with your
machine gun/fire shots to destroy it. Apparently that little cannon is the
heart of the airship, because it goes down after that.

The next area has a bunch more kamikaze soldiers on missiles, except they
aren't exactly kamikaze because all they do is drop down one explosive and then
fly off. This means you have to kill them quickly if you want that 100%. Also
just jump over the blasts if they even get the time to shoot one off. Now Bill
will go speeding off into a dimly lit tunnel - surely nothing bad is going to
happen here.

So out of nowhere here comes a train down the tunnel on the left. The last
part of the train contains some kind of cannon that is going to shoot three
blue energy blasts that float around the screen while locking onto you. You
have to quickly get rid of these things before they get too close to you. Have
your diver mine out and charge up a homing missile. Shoot one off, it will take
out two of the blasts, quickly charge up another one to get rid of the last
one. Once the cannon's fired a few times it will stop and you'll see a little
"hit me!" symbol appear on it. So switch to your fire whip and go over and do
just that. It will be destroyed quickly.

Either use the machine gun or fire whip for the next area. A few soldiers on
motorcycles will come out of part of the train and try to run into you. They
don't take much to destroy. Once a few of them have been wasted the camera will
yet again change and now the part where soldiers were coming out will open up,
revealing the first (and only) mini-boss of this stage.

| MINI-BOSS: Tripod                                                           |
| Well it's not really a tripod since it doesn't have three legs, but... it   |
| has three parts, so I tired. Anyway, you must destroy all three sections,   |
| but you can't damage the main (middle) section until the two parts on the   |
| side are destroyed. The right side will shoot a quick burst of gun fire     |
| while the left side will shoot out a single bomb that explodes on the ground|
| when it hits. Use energy shots to quickly take out the right side, if you   |
| start hitting it right away you'll be able to take it out before it even    |
| starts firing. Then just focus on the left side while dodging its shots.    |
|                                                                             |
| Now the main middle section will start attacking. It has a few different    |
| attacks: it will shoot a laser across the ground which will then send a     |
| line of fire across the ground in that area, it will sort of hunch up into  |
| a ball and quickly charge at you, and it will move up underneath you and    |
| start to fire a laser across the ground. But don't even give it time to do  |
| this, have an energy shot waiting and once it's over top you just shoot up  |
| into it to destroy it in one shot.                                          |

Now you're back outside, and this time on top of the train (apparently Bill got
tired of riding the motorcycle.) Change to your diver mine and charge up a
homing missile. Move forward a bit until you see a cannon shooting a small
projectile at you. It's just a little explosive canister that barely goes
anywhere. In fact just stand all the way to the right hugging the wall and the
explosive will just go right over you. Just shoot homing missiles up into the
air to destroy it. Jump up to where the cannon use to be and run forward until
you're touching the next wall. Another machine up top on the next platform will
shoot some stuff straight through the air. Just shoot another stream of homing
missiles at it. Jump up top and charge up another homing missile and shoot it
down at the mortar soldier below. 

To the right is another mortar soldier down below with another cannon (same as
first one on the train outside) shooting at you. Just destroy both with homing
missiles/energy shots. Up top on the next platform is another mortar soldier
and another cannon shooting straight through the air. I think you get the idea
of how to take these guys out by now. Up on top of the second platform you'll
come to the last section, with a lone cannon just sitting on the ground
shooting a lame explosive that flies about two feet then just explodes. Either
use homing missiles or shoot down diver mines at it. Jump down onto the
platform to be greeted by a large red >WARNING< flashing across the screen.
That can't be good.

+ BOSS: Running Robot                                                         +
+ This guy will run up next to the train and he'll shoot off his arm at you.  +
+ Just jump over it the first time, then don't forget to jump over it again as+
+ it comes flying back. While doing this shoot energy shots into his little   +
+ shoulder pad there - you'll need to destroy those for 100%. If he doesn't do+
+ that he'll ram your train, making it ride on two wheels for a second. Just  +
+ jump in the air when he does this so you don't fall off. He'll then jump    +
+ over to the other side of the train and do the same thing, don't forget to  +
+ destroy his other shoulder pad.                                             +
+                                                                             +
+ Now he jumps in front of the train and stops it dead in its tracks. He'll   +
+ lift it up into the air a bit a shoot three large blasts up into the air    +
+ which will come raining down on the top of the train. You'll be able to tell+
+ where they'll land because that area on the train will light up a second    +
+ before they fall. You can actually kill him with one energy shot here, just +
+ aim to the lower right from the top of the train. Or use the homing missiles+
+ to kill him, either one works good.                                         +
+                                                                             +
+ He sets the train back down and blows his arms off (guess he doesn't need   +
+ those anymore) just to reveal two more waiting to come out. The train will  +
+ start back up and he'll jump on top with you. He'll crouch down and start   +
+ throwing out some type of rolling razor blade that will roll towards you and+
+ then back to him. Stand all the way to the right on the train and just jump +
+ over it as it comes to you. You need to destroy that backpack he has on,    +
+ jump in the air while shooting energy shots to quickly destroy it. Take it  +
+ out before he can start his next attack.                                    +
+                                                                             +
+ Once his backpack is destroyed he will start walking towards you, but before+
+ he can get there half of his body gets knocked off by a bridge! Too bad he  +
+ didn't notice the clearance sign. You'd think with half of his body gone it +
+ would be game over, but he isn't giving up that easily. His legs will start +
+ walking towards you. Simply run up and flame him down with your fire whip to+
+ end the battle. About time.                                                 +

Stage two is clear! Personally I always found that stage to be the easiest, but
that could be due to the fact that I played it the most since that was the
demo stage. Continue on to the next stage, the City...

CITY                                                                     [CITY]

Run forward spraying your machine gun to quickly kill all of the enemy soldiers
in the way. A few will occasionally come from behind, just do a quick 180 and
kill those. Just a few feet in and there will be a soldier flying in the air
with a propeller blade, quickly aim up and shoot him down before he can fire
on you. Keep killing any soldiers who try to run up behind you. In front of
you will be a few sandbags, you have to destroy them all in order to get 100%.
Kill the soldiers behind the sandbags, and run forward a bit to find a soldier
on top of a truck with another flying soldier above him. He'll fire off a shot
at you, jump over it and blow up the truck to take him out, then get rid of
the flying guy. Move forward and destroy the next pair of sandbags, then run
onto the platform.

| MINI-BOSS: Mechanical Fly                                                   |
| Keep your machine gun handy. You can only hit this guy when he opens up his |
| little red eye, and that's where you have to hit him to damage him. At the  |
| start of the battle he'll open it up for a few seconds, take this time to   |
| shoot at him a bit. Then two latches on his back open up and two soldiers   |
| will jump out, just shoot them once they land on the ground. His eye will   |
| open up again, but he's going to start shooting out tons of little bombs in |
| an arc projection from that little "blowhole" on top of his back. The best  |
| thing to do here is to start firing up there with your machine gun, but     |
| adjust your aim so your stream of bullets is going a little above the top   |
| of that hole. This way once he starts shooting out the bombs they will go   |
| right into your stream of fire and will be destroyed.                       |
|                                                                             |
| Now he'll move to the center of the screen and fly low, quickly switch to   |
| your fire whip and stand underneath him, blasting him straight up with fire.|
| The latches on his back will open up again and two soldiers will jump out,  |
| each on one side of you, just quickly take them down with the fire whip     |
| also. He'll keep repeating this sequence, only difference will be what side |
| he decides to choose to go to. Either way once you get the rhythm down this |
| guy is a piece of cake to take down, he just might take a little bit of     |
| time.                                                                       |

Change to your fire whip and charge an energy shot, and run to your right. A
roller will roll up to you, once he's out of his ball form and the cannon is
exposed fire off one energy shot into him to destroy him. Charge up another
shot and shoot the one that will be on the ceiling. The last one will be on
the floor, at the bottom of the ramp. Run onto the conveyor belt to meet yet
another mini-boss.

| MINI-BOSS: Alien Cow                                                        |
| I don't know what this thing is supposed to be, but it isn't pretty.        |
| You'll be using your fire whip + energy shots to take this guy down as      |
| quickly as possible. As soon as he starts crawling his way from the right   |
| side of the screen start blasting shot after shot into him. You should be   |
| able to get quite a few off until he starts blasting out these weird        |
| bouncing yellow things out of what I can only hope is his mouth. This things|
| come out at you in a random angle, so depending on your luck dodging these  |
| things can be extremely easy or extremely hard. Usually the latter. They    |
| will bounce off the floor, then go up to the ceiling, then bounce off that, |
| back down to the floor, etc. Do your best to dodge these while you keep     |
| pumping more energy shots into him.                                         |
|                                                                             |
| After he gets bored of doing that he'll start making his way to the left    |
| along the ceiling again. As he's more towards the center and right above you|
| just start laying into him with the fire whip until he finally finds a      |
| resting spot all the way on the left side of the screen. Now he'll start    |
| spitting out some weird kind of egg that will just sit on the conveyor belt |
| and move along with it. The spikes on top should be a dead giveaway that you|
| don't want to touch these. Again, these are placed at random, so be careful.|
| Especially since sometimes there will be three in a row, you'll need to get |
| your jumps down just right. Jump over these eggs while firing off more      |
| energy shots into him. Once he starts spewing green blood everywhere you    |
| know he's dead. He'll make his way back to the middle of the screen and     |
| finally drop down on the conveyor belt. See those metal grinders on the     |
| right? Yeah, that's his fate.                                               |

Once the grinder is done with that... thing, jump up on top of it and run over
to the next area. Oh, look at that? Looks like we can see where the remains of
the alien cow has gone. And what it's feeding is just as grotesque as it was.

| MINI-BOSS: Alien Snake                                                      |
| I guess you could consider this a mini-boss, although he's not very hard and|
| he goes down pretty quickly. Anyway this guy got two attacks: if you see a  |
| little bit of green-brownish puke coming out of his mouth quickly get over  |
| and hang onto the little metal bar on the right side of the screen, above   |
| his head. While you're here start cooking him with the fire whip. His other |
| attack is a plume of bubbles that comes out of his mouth, and when he       |
| unleashes this he throws his head up and back, so you can't be hanging off  |
| that bar on the right above his head for his one, you have to be on the     |
| feeding tube on the left. When the bubbles start coming towards you just    |
| spray your fire whip around to destroy them.                                |
|                                                                             |
| The easiest thing to do here is just stay on the left side of the screen for|
| now, and fire off energy shots into him. Look for that sign that he's about |
| to puke, once you see it quickly go over to the right and start flaming him |
| up close. Else, just stay to the left and flame away any bubbles that come  |
| near you while shooting energy shots into him while he's just eating. He'll |
| go down pretty quickly.                                                     |

Once he's dead jump up onto the platform to your right, run across then drop
down. Once you do, a roller drops down from the ceiling behind you and tries
to get off a quick shot at your back. Have an energy shot waiting for him. Run
up the ramp to your right to be greeted by another roller at the top of the
ramp, waste him then run up the ramp to meet the boss.

+ BOSS: The Non-Human Centipede                                               +
+ B-movie reference, anyone? No? Ok, whatever. Anyway, this guy is a real     +
+ pain, and in my opinion the hardest boss you'll encounter thus far. He'll   +
+ break away the wall behind you, and start chasing you down. Start backing   +
+ up to the right all the while facing him and laying down diver mines to hit +
+ the little cannon underneath his head (if that's what you want to call it.) +
+ The cannon will get off one little rolling mine that lays down some fire    +
+ along the floor, simply jump over it. Shortly after that it should be       +
+ destroyed.                                                                  +
+                                                                             +
+ Now jump up onto the top platform. Start firing off energy shots into the   +
+ larger cannon on top of its head. When it starts charging up a blast to     +
+ shoot through the wall behind you, drop down to the lower section, then jump+
+ back up to the top one. Fire off a few more shots, drop down again when he  +
+ rushes you, jump back up and fire a few more shots. The large cannon should +
+ be destroyed now. Once it's destroyed, jump onto the top platform (if you're+
+ not already) and then jump up to hang onto the ceiling. He'll start running +
+ forward, revealing several cannons that make up his midsection that fire up +
+ a very nasty looking laser. Take them out with shots as soon as they appear +
+ on the screen; you'll need to take these out quickly. Watch out for missiles+
+ that come from the left and right, take them out with one energy shot.      +
+                                                                             +
+ Once you've dealt with a bunch of missiles (and hopefully all the cannons   +
+ are destroyed) you'll be at the end of the ceiling, and you'll be facing the+
+ rear-end of this thing. Here's where it really gets tricky. Jump over the   +
+ pits with razors in them (obviously) all the while chasing this beast. When +
+ he opens up his metal shell revealing some kind of red brainish-blob he'll  +
+ charge up a huge laser that can only be dodged by lying prone until it's    +
+ done. However the only time you can damage him is by shooting this red part +
+ of him. You'll have to do it as he's opening his shell and charging his     +
+ laser, and then when he's closing it. Shoot off energy shots into him, or   +
+ if you're close enough spray him with the fire whip. In between laser shots +
+ he'll throw out these bouncing metal spikes that are pretty tricky to dodge.+
+ Do your best to dodge these while also jumping over the gaps in the floor.  +
+ Then get ready for another laser attack. This process will continue until   +
+ he is dead, so take him out as quickly as possible!                         +

Good job! That was a tough boss, but there's still more levels to go, and he's
far from the toughest (I think, at least.) This wasn't a long level, but it
certainly made up for it with its number of mini-bosses. Now let's move onto
the Seabed.

SEABED                                                                   [SEAB]

Well I guess that's one way to infiltrate a remote location - fly in hanging
off a missile. At the start of this level while you're flying through the air
a whole bunch of missiles will start coming at you from the left side of the
screen, and they will lock onto your position and follow you around. These are
easy to take care of, switch to your diver mines and charge up homing shoots
and just keep firing them off. They'll go straight for the missiles and blow
them up pretty quick. After you've wasted a bunch of them Bill will descent
below the clouds, only to be followed by some gigantic jet skiing robot. And
yes, it's a mini-boss already.

| MINI-BOSS: Jet Ski Robot                                                    |
| Whip out your machine gun. There's several destroyable things on this guy,  |
| and to get 100% you need to get them all. You start the stage behind him,   |
| start shooting that big backpack he's got. He'll start dropping mines out of|
| it and into the water which will blow up once they get near you, just stay  |
| to the top portion of the screen (occasionally dropping down the damage the |
| backpack). He'll also shoot missiles out of a little cannon near his head   |
| that will lock onto you, just spray them down with machine gun fire to get  |
| rid of them. After a little while the robot will decide to start jumping up |
| in the air, while moving towards you on the left side of the screen. You    |
| need to get over to the right side. After his first jump when he's back     |
| down, before he jumps again he'll briefly lower his huge gun. Now's the time|
| to move over to the right side of the screen. (Note: You can also stay near |
| the bottom of the screen and sneak underneath his legs when he jumps the    |
| second time. I don't recommend this though because you're stuck in a very   |
| small space for a few seconds, and unless you really know what you're doing |
| you'll probably die.)                                                       |
|                                                                             |
| Once you're in front of him that little jet ski thing that he's attached to |
| will start shooting homing missiles at you from the top of it. Just stay    |
| above it and shoot down with your machine gun, this way you can quickly     |
| destroy the missiles while also damaging the machine itself. It will then   |
| rise up out of the water and float midair and shoot more missiles, just do  |
| the same thing. Once it's back down in the water he'll start shooting out   |
| huge blasts from his gun while also shooting homing missiles out from top   |
| his body. Start shooting that machine gun while destroying the missiles and |
| dodging his shots. Easier said than done, of course.                        |
|                                                                             |
| After one volley of that the little jet ski will shoot more homing missiles.|
| Deal with these the same way you did last time, and stick to the top of the |
| screen, and start moving to the left. He's going to quickly move back over  |
| to the right side of the screen, and you'll be back behind him again. He'll |
| go back to his original attack of mines + homing missiles, keep shooting his|
| backpack and it should be destroyed quickly. Wait for his gun to lower again|
| after jumping and move back over to the right side of the screen. Keep      |
| shooting the gun and the jet ski until they're destroyed. They'll present   |
| with the same attacks as before.                                            |
|                                                                             |
| Once these two things are destroyed he'll have a new arsenal of attacks     |
| (well most of them are new.) But they're easy to dodge. That chain he had   |
| attached to the jet ski is now being used as an electrical whip, which he'll|
| lunge at you with and swoop down into the ocean. It's a pathetic lunge      |
| though, simply stick to the right side of the screen when you see him lift  |
| his whip up and it'll miss you. He'll also shoot out a volley of missiles   |
| from his head like usual. The finally, a small cannon will reveal itself    |
| from the middle of his body, when it does quickly get in real close to the  |
| cannon, but make sure you're a little above it. It will shoot out a huge    |
| blue laser that will literally take up most of the screen. But as long as   |
| you're up close and above the beam near the cannon, you'll be fine. Also    |
| attacking the cannon is the only way to destroy him. Since you're so close  |
| lay into it with your fire whip until he's destroyed. You should only have  |
| to do it twice.                                                             |

Wow, and that was just the mini-boss! Now let's proceed with the rest of the
level. Bill will crash through the roof of some offshore facility and will
propeller down some large tunnel. I suggest using the machine gun for this
part. Aim down diagonally and stay to the top of the screen. There will be
spider eggs on both the left and right sides of the walls here, stay up at the
top while shooting down to destroy the eggs and any spiders that will come
out. Don't let the spiders climb the walls too far, because once they get near
you they will leap at you. Kill them as quickly as possible. (By the way,
the homing missiles are pretty effective at taking out the spiders and eggs
in this part too.)

As you get farther down the tunnel you'll run into these snake/eel looking
things that will be blocking most of the way down. Start shooting it in the
head to make it retreat back into the wall, and keep shooting it to kill it.
Once you get to the bottom run to the right and now all of the sudden you're
in some kind of control room. And cool, you can see yourself on the screen
behind you! But what's about to attack you next - not so cool...

| MINI-BOSS: The Brain                                                        |
| Some kind of weird floating head will attack you. Switch to your fire whip  |
| and stay directly underneath this guy, all the while aiming straight up and |
| blasting fire in his face (literally.) He'll shoot little circle things out |
| of his forehead, just burn these up with your fire whip by strafing back and|
| forth (if need be.) Parts of his face (which appears to just be some type of|
| armor) will start burning off as you do more damage to him. When he retreats|
| to the background he'll shoot two criss-crossing lasers across the ground at|
| you, these are very easy to dodge just jump over them. Then when he comes   |
| back up front keep blasting away underneath him like you did before.        |
|                                                                             |
| Once all his armor is gone you can see him for what he really is - a brain, |
| or something. Or I think that's what he's supposed to be. Well whatever     |
| it is, let's waste it. He'll go to the middle of the screen, do a little    |
| bounce, and then he'll hover over your head raining down on you will little |
| pink balls. Just dodge them while firing energy shots into him. After he's  |
| done this for a bit he will open up his bottom and start spewing out some   |
| kind of ... who knows what. He doesn't move while doing this, so just make  |
| sure you're not underneath him when he does this. Stand to the side and     |
| keep blasting energy shots into him. If you've been hitting him consistently|
| since the start he'll die after this.                                       |

Keep going forward to find yourself facing a bunch of more spider eggs and
spiders waiting to rush you. Like last time, my weapon of choice against these
things is the machine gun, but use whatever works best for you. You'll come
across another snake/eel thing guarding two floating rings that you need to
jump on to make it across the pit. Shoot him a bit so he retreats up into the
ceiling, giving you enough room to jump on the rings. You'll probably need to
stand on the rings to finish him off, as it's kind of hard to hit him from the
side when he's all the way up at the ceiling. Don't worry, the rings don't
sink so you can stand on them as long as you want. Destroy some more spiders
and eggs and jump onto the next group of rings. What's that in the background?

+ BOSS: Mutant Fish                                                           +
+ First it was a turtle, now it's a fish. Somebody needs to stop mating with  +
+ the aliens. This thing will break the glass it's held behind, sending water +
+ rushing in. Obviously getting in that water is out of the question, so get  +
+ accustomed to jumping from ring to ring. However not just yet, because as   +
+ the water is rising (along with you) you'll come across a bunch of mines    +
+ being suspended in the air with a propeller. The homing missiles is perfect +
+ for this part, just keep firing them off and they'll lock onto all of the   +
+ missiles.                                                                   +
+                                                                             +
+ Once you're at the top and the water has settled the fish will jump across  +
+ the rings, fire off an energy shot into him as he's above your head. Back   +
+ in the water his main way to kill you is by popping up underneath the rings +
+ trying to eat you. Obviously you have to jump off the ring right before he  +
+ does this. The order he does it in is random, so look to see if any bubbles +
+ show up underneath the ring you're standing on. If they do, jump onto       +
+ another ring immediately because that's the ring he's going to choose.      +
+                                                                             +
+ After he does this for a while he'll start swimming around underneath. Watch+
+ which way he swims, whichever side he quickly swims to is the side he will  +
+ submerge on. He'll either come to the left or right side, and he'll open his+
+ mouth and start sucking in the rings. This is also the main time to attack  +
+ him. Start shooting energy shots into his head while also jumping back onto +
+ the rings behind you so you don't get sucked in. Once he's done he'll pop   +
+ one of the rings onto his head, quickly jump onto that one, then jump up and+
+ grab ahold of the metal beam on the ceiling. Once the rings have reappeared,+
+ quickly drop down onto one because he's going to jump across the screen     +
+ again. Shoot another energy shot into him when he does this.                +
+                                                                             +
+ This is his attack pattern, keep shooting him in the face until he's dead.  +
+ After you kill him (a bunch of green blood will start spewing out of him)   +
+ he'll retreat back into the water for one last attack - just make sure you  +
+ aren't on the ring that he decides to jump up at.                           +

Now that that's over, it's time to go confront this mysterious Blood Falcon
leader over at the Archipelago. Think it's going to be any easier? Not a

ARCHIPELAGO                                                              [ARCH]

You'll drop down into this next level and be propelled straight into the
action. A few soldiers will be behind you, quickly whip around and blast some
machine gun fire into them then continue forward. You'll come across a soldier
standing on top of two barrels which are on top of a truck (talk about a
balancing act) shooting down at you. Dodge his shot and blow up the truck to
take all obstacles out. Run forward up the hill shooting any more soldiers in
your way, and keep an eye out on your back for any soldiers trying to sneak up
on you. Don't forget to take out the sandbags at the top of the hill for a
perfect score. 

There's a mortar soldier down below you at the base of the tree in the next
area, use the homing missiles to take him down. There is also another soldier
standing on top of the large tree trunk, use the homing missiles on him also.
Jump onto the large section of tree trunk that he was standing on to find yet
another mortar soldier down below you, use the homing missiles on him as well.
Drop down onto the ground and run forward to face the first mini-boss.

| MINI-BOSS: Truck Snail                                                      |
| Start pumping energy shots into this nasty guy the second he shows himself  |
| from underneath the truck. He has two different attacks, but they're both   |
| pretty easy to dodge. After each attack he'll go back underneath the truck  |
| and drive over to the other side of the screen. For his one attack he will  |
| start shooting missiles up into the air out of his tentacles. Stand close to|
| him and just blast into him with the fire whip (too bad a can of salt isn't |
| a weapon.) As the missiles come raining down he'll hide back underneath the |
| truck, and your only option to not get hit is to jump up onto the truck.    |
| For his other attack he'll open up his big mouth and spit out a huge volley |
| of bubbles. Stand just so the end of your fire whip is hitting him in the   |
| mouth, a lot of the bubbles will be popped by your fire. The few ones that  |
| get past will float up into the air, if they come near you just quickly     |
| spray up into the air with the fire whip to pop them. If you consistently   |
| hit him he should go down after just two attacks.                           |

The snail will dissolve and the truck will blow up. Run forward a bit to find
a lone shield soldier, just toast him with the flame whip. Switch to your
diver mines and jump up to grab ahold of the rocks above you. Move forward a
bit to find a sniper standing below you, fire some homing missiles into him.
A lone spider will come out and attack you, just blast it away with ease.

This next part is annoying. You've come up to a series of old propeller blades.
And you guessed it, letting one of these rusty things touch you means instant
death. You have to hit them with some machine gun fire to get them moving. The
first one needs just a simple little tap and it will give you plenty of room
to pass. A few more spiders will come out to attack you, just blast them away.
This next propeller blade is much trickier, but want to know a cool trick? You
can actually jump over it. Just stand up close to it and jump when you're at
the very top of that little hill it's on. The final blade is much like the
first one and needs just a little tap to get past it. Run forward and a bunch
of soldiers will start jumping out from the background behind some boxes.
Just run past them to meet another mini-boss.

| MINI-BOSS: Fortress                                                         |
| This thing is a joke, it's very simple. For starters quickly jump up to the |
| third (top) platform of whatever that is you're standing on. Those soldiers |
| that jumped out at you in the previous section are now all chilling down    |
| below on the ground, and they'll literally do nothing down there. This      |
| fortress has three levels that need to be taken out: on the third and top   |
| level (which you should be directly across from) there is a little platform |
| where snipers will come out and shoot at you from. Switch to your machine   |
| gun and start spraying a volley of bullets straight ahead to kill the       |
| snipers. Including the sniper that is there when you come to the fortress,  |
| there are three snipers to kill in total. So once they're dead it's time to |
| take out the other parts (no more snipers will come at you after the first  |
| three are dead.) Also make sure you kill those soldiers at the bottom - they|
| do count towards your hit rate.                                             |
|                                                                             |
| Stay on top of the top platform and switch to your diver mines. Aim to the  |
| top right of the screen and start shooting your mines into the air, they    |
| will arc down and hit the cannon in the middle. Adjust your position on the |
| platform if they aren't hitting the cannon. Just keep spamming it this way  |
| to destroy it. All this cannon does is shoot out an explosive that will     |
| burst into flames once it hits the ground. However it can only reach the    |
| second floor and the ground, so you're safe if you just stay on the top     |
| level.                                                                      |
|                                                                             |
| Now for the last part of the fortress - see that big red button on the      |
| bottom? That's what you got to destroy. Take it out the same way you did    |
| the cannon, in fact once the cannon is destroyed the mines should go right  |
| down and start hitting the button without even needing you to adjust your   |
| position. Once it starts to spark it will blow up, revealing a hole in the  |
| fortress for you to enter through. So drop down and run into the fortress to|
| see who's waiting for you inside...                                         |

It's none other than Lance, the Blood Falcon leader himself! And he seems
pretty pissed off. After his cool little 'breaking glass' intro it's time to
take this guy out.

| MINI-BOSS: Lance                                                            |
| This guy is tough. He has five different types of attacks, and there is no  |
| order to what attack is when - it's random. However before he performs each |
| attack he will move to a certain area of the screen, this is the main way   |
| you'll know which attack he is about to perform next. Take note of these    |
| two things: he can be damaged during the entire fight all the time except   |
| for during one attack, and you can climb the entire walls and ceiling of    |
| this area. So basically attack him during every chance you get, and make use|
| of climbing the walls when needed.                                          |
|                                                                             |
| For his one attack he will float to the middle of the screen and you will   |
| see six crosshairs appear on the screen. He will then shoot six lasers out  |
| of his body, each of which will attach to one of the crosshairs. They will  |
| then start to rotate around the screen, you have to stay in between the     |
| laser beams. This will probably require some wall climbing. Shoot energy    |
| shots into him while dodging.                                               |
|                                                                             |
| For another one of his attacks he will drop down onto the floor near one of |
| the corners of the room. He'll bend down and charge up some type of mist    |
| that will shoot across the entire room, go up the walls and ceiling, and    |
| return to his body behind him, which he will then shoot off another one.    |
| This is an easy one to dodge, stand behind him and just jump over them as   |
| they return to him. This is a good time to just lay into him with the fire  |
| whip as well.                                                               |
|                                                                             |
| For one of his other attacks he will float up to one of the top corners of  |
| the room and summon a bunch of fireballs which will float around his body   |
| for a little bit. When they stop rotating around him for a split second that|
| means that they're about to come crashing down - right to you! They lock    |
| onto where you're at, so you need to just jump right when they come flying  |
| towards you.                                                                |
|                                                                             |
| When he floats up to the top center part of the screen he will charge up a  |
| ball of energy in his one hand, and he will then throw out seven balls of   |
| energy into the room, touching one will kill you. They won't move around, so|
| just don't touch one. The tricky thing about this? Where the seven balls    |
| will go is random. Your best bet is to just go prone when you see him doing |
| this - no matter where they go they won't hit you if you're prone. If you   |
| so happen to have room depending on where you're lying/where the energy     |
| balls are, then by all means, stand up and start blasting shots into him.   |
|                                                                             |
| And finally, his last, and most deadly attack. He will go down to one of the|
| lower corners of the room and start rolling himself up into a ball. Soon he |
| he will be engulfed in flames, and will shoot around the room, bouncing off |
| of walls and the ceiling in a random path. This is the hardest attack to    |
| dodge because not only is his path random, but he's moving very quick. I do |
| not believe he can be damaged while he is doing this attack, but I cannot   |
| confirm it. However I doubt you'll be able to hit him anyway while he's     |
| bouncing all around...                                                      |
|                                                                             |
| So depending on how lucky you are you could get nothing but his easiest     |
| attacks to dodge or you could get his hardest. Either way just keep wearing |
| him down during his attacks to kill him. The best bet is to use the energy  |
| shots. Although the homing missiles can be pretty useful in the attack where|
| he shoots out six lasers since aiming at him can be kind of tricky while    |
| also staying in between the laser beams.                                    |

Once he's been defeated he tells you that "playtime is over" and he'll
transport you into ... his body? Or something. Well either way you're in some
strange environment, and it certainly doesn't seem like anything there
appreciates your company. The rest of this stage is mini-boss after mini-boss
until you finally meet up with the big baddie...

| MINI-BOSS: Alien Heart                                                      |
| This one is weird. You're in a U-shaped room with a huge, beating alien     |
| heart slowly descending down upon you. To make matters worse there's two    |
| pairs of alien eggs on each side of the screen. Quickly destroy the eggs and|
| any spiders that come down after you (they will continue to come even after |
| the eggs are destroyed, just to make things more annoying.) Just lay waste  |
| into the alien heart, occasionally stopping to take out any spiders closing |
| in on you. The heart will eventually drop down within reach of your fire    |
| whip, I recommend switching to that and flaming away with it once it does to|
| take it out even quicker.                                                   |

| MINI-BOSS: Alien Caterpillar                                                |
| This is easy. A gigantic, mutant alien caterpillar-looking thing will       |
| descend from the top of the ceiling (or whatever that is) and start making  |
| its way around the room. It won't attack you, just don't run into its head  |
| or let it crush you as it moves around the room. You can only attack its    |
| head. When you run out of room, jump onto its body and keep up the attack.  |
| Eventually it will stop when there's only a small space left for you in the |
| room, just toast it quickly with your fire whip to kill it.                 |

| MINI-BOSS: Beetle Brothers                                                  |
| You need to kill both of these guys to get past this area. One will be up   |
| on the ceiling and the other will be down on the ground. They'll bounce up  |
| and down and scurry across the screen, just jump over them when they do.    |
| After they burry back into the ground they'll resurface, make sure you're   |
| not standing underneath them when they do (you can tell where they're about |
| to resurface by the movement under the ground.)                             |
|                                                                             |
| Once one of them is dead the other one has a few new attacks. When its up on|
| the ceiling it will dip down and try to hit you. Also, when its on the      |
| ground it will shoot up a bunch of tiny little balls into the air that will |
| come raining down. The only option you have is to weave in between these    |
| things to dodge them. I suggest trying to deal out equal damage to these    |
| guys, that way when the one dies the other one will quickly follow.         |

| MINI-BOSS: Alien Dancer                                                     |
| I really had no idea what to name this guy, but he kind of "dances" across  |
| the screen so hence the name. Anyway, this dude isn't too hard. You can only|
| damage him by attacking the little red glob in the middle of him that is    |
| exposed when he stretches his two halves apart. He'll come in from the right|
| side of the screen, moving across the ceiling. Start blasting him with the  |
| fire whip. He'll drop down onto the floor and he'll stretch his top half up |
| to the ceiling, bringing the ceiling and the floor close together. When he  |
| does this quickly jump up and grab ahold of the ceiling, all the while      |
| attacking him with the fire whip. He'll then drop down a ball of fire which |
| spreads across the ground - that's why you needed to hang onto the ceiling. |
|                                                                             |
| Keep flaming him as he stretches himself to move across the ceiling. When he|
| gets to the left side he'll drop back down onto the ground. Now go prone on |
| the ground, he'll separate his body again and shoot a huge laser out of the |
| top portion of his body. Switch to the diver mines and charge up some homing|
| missiles to shoot him with while you're lying down like this. He'll then    |
| shuffle across the screen, just jump over him, and then repeat this attack  |
| pattern.                                                                    |

+ BOSS: Master Alien                                                          +
+ Finally, you make it to the last guy. This guy has several different parts  +
+ that you must destroy: two 'head' arms, two eyes, and that big pinkish gem  +
+ in the middle of his head. At the beginning of the battle he'll pull himself+
+ up with his arms which are grabbing ahold of the rope you're hanging on.    +
+ Start shooting some energy shots into his arms awhile until he retractcs    +
+ them and reveals his ugly face.                                             +
+                                                                             +
+ He'll shoot two yellow blasts at you out of his eyes, and shoot one big pink+
+ blast at you out of that gem on his head. After he does that one of his arms+
+ will come and start wrapping itself around the rope, make sure you're in an +
+ area that the arm doesn't occupy. Note that a safe area to be is on the very+
+ end of the rope in either direction, the arms won't hurt you there.         +
+ I suggest you start taking out his arms first with energy shots. You should +
+ be able to take out one of them completely while the other one is wrapping  +
+ itself around the rope. Once the arms are gone their attacks will change.   +
+ They will either shoot out a bunch of shrimp-looking things or a blue ball  +
+ that will stick to a random part of the rope and stay there.                +
+                                                                             +
+ Next take out its eyes. Once one of the eyes is destroyed it will shoot out +
+ only one yellow blast, but three pink blasts. And finally when both eyes are+
+ destroyed it will shoot out five pink blasts. Just dodge the blasts while   +
+ now shooting energy shots into the gem on its head to finally kill it.      +

Finally! Depending on how you've done thus far, this could possibly be the end
of the game for you. Firstly, if you're playing on easy mode then this is the
end of the line no matter what. However if you're playing on normal mode and
your average rank is an A or higher, you will proceed on to stage 6. If not,
I'm afraid this is the end of the game for you! I would highly recommend
retrying, because stage 6 and 7 are pretty intense (but in a fun way... sort
of.) And if your average rank is in fact an A or higher, prepare yourself for
some more alien bashing...

THE RELIC                                                                [RELC]

So you're flying on top of an airplane when suddenly you're greeted by an old
friend - except this time there's no giant turtles to help you out. You'll have
to take care of this guy yourself.

| MINI-BOSS: Transformer                                                      |
| This guy will start off in the background and will shoot a bunch of missiles|
| across the wing of the plane from right to left, just jump over the         |
| explosion. After that he'll move up and hover above you. Now is when you can|
| attack him. He'll whip out some arms or whatever they are and he'll shoot   |
| out a laser from each arm that starts out spread all the way across the     |
| screen and will close in until they're coming straight down. Then he'll move|
| across the screen while shooting missiles out at you. I suggest using the   |
| fire whip here, you can hit his arms with the flame to damage him and it    |
| will also burn up a lot of the missiles. Just stay in between the laser     |
| beams as he moves across the screen. If you consistently hit him he'll be   |
| damaged enough to take off for a second attack. If not he'll just fly back  |
| into the background and start the attack pattern over.                      |
|                                                                             |
| As he starts blowing up you'll think that he's done with, but instead he'll |
| just fly forward and now join you on top of the plane. Oh great. He'll      |
| transform from a helicopter into a robot now and he'll stand on the tail end|
| of the plane. He'll start shooting a bunch of blasts that roll across the   |
| top of the plane, just jump over them as they come. At the top of your jump |
| fire off an energy shot into his torso to damage him. After doing this a    |
| couple of times he'll fly off again, only to come to the front of the plane |
| now. Quickly get in the prone position and switch to your diver mines. He'll|
| shoot a laser across the plane that can only be dodged by lying down. While |
| you're lying there shoot homing missiles into him. After a few seconds of   |
| that, he'll fly off yet again.                                              |
|                                                                             |
| He'll come back down onto the plane in the middle area and transform back   |
| into a robot, only to just transform back into a heli and fly off again. Not|
| quite sure what that was about. He'll then repeat his attack pattern,       |
| starting back on shooting blasts across the plane from the tail end. He     |
| should go down pretty quickly though.                                       |

As the exploding transformer accepts his fate it looks like he has one last
attempt to take you out - he flies in front of your plane. But the pilot says
"I don't think so" and just rams right through him. Bill, of course, just
chills on the top of the plane acting like it's no big deal. Next thing you
know some kind of wormhole opens up and you're flying into it. You're
transported to some weird, unknown place. The plane will disappear and you're
just sort of ... floating there, in the nothingness. This next enemy is
actually the boss for this stage, he just has five different forms.

+ BOSS: The Relic                                                             +
+ Form 1: Humanoid  |                                                         +
+-------------------´                                                         +
+ The first form is some type of metallic-looking dude. He'll start off       +
+ hovering in the middle of the screen, start blasting into him with your fire+
+ whip. He has three different types of attacks. When he flies to one of the  +
+ corners on either the bottom or the top of the screen, he might summon up   +
+ two glowing balls of energy and quickly fire them at your direction. Jump   +
+ over these to dodge them. If he flies up to one of the top corners of the   +
+ screen he also may try to punch you with his arm, which is apparently very  +
+ elastic and it will stretch across the screen. If he hovers over your head  +
+ he will follow your movement and again try to quickly punch you with his    +
+ arm. I suggest using the fire whip when he's hovering over your head and    +
+ shooting energy shots any other time. When he's transporting around the     +
+ screen you can still see a faint outline of his movement, but you cannot    +
+ damage him during this time. Just keep shooting him to take him down rather +
+ quickly.                                                                    +
+---------------.                                                             +
+ Form 2: Frog  |                                                             +
+---------------´                                                             +
+ His second form is a frog. Start blasting away at this guy right from the   +
+ start again until he hops away. This guy has two primary attacks. The one is+
+ pretty easy to dodge, he'll start glowing and start flying around the       +
+ screen. He can either fly at you from the background, just jump over him,   +
+ or he will fly across the middle of the screen, the bottom of the screen, or+
+ the top part of the screen. If he flies over the top you're fine, if he     +
+ flies over the middle just go prone, if he flies over the bottom just jump  +
+ over him. His other attack is much harder to dodge. He'll spit out these    +
+ little Q-tip looking things that stretch out real far, then contract when   +
+ you hit them. I suggest using energy shots here to make the things contract +
+ so you can jump over them, because they will continue across the screen and +
+ damage the frog as well. Before he spits out these Q-tips he'll let out a   +
+ quick puke, just stay on the opposite side of the screen as him to dodge    +
+ this.                                                                       +
+--------------------.                                                        +
+ Form 3: Jellyfish  |                                                        +
+--------------------´                                                        +
+ Again, start flaming his guy right at the start as he just sits in the      +
+ middle of the screen for a second or two. This guy is really tricky. He'll  +
+ float around the top of the screen dropping these mini-jellyfish which will +
+ sway back and forth while dropping down. To make matters worse if you       +
+ destroy one of these mini-jellyfish they turn into little missiles that     +
+ quickly drop down. Start blasting away at him with energy shots when he     +
+ does this, and use some fancy footwork to dodge any mini-jellyfish/dead     +
+ jellyfish turned into missiles while also doing this. Obviously this is     +
+ easier said than done. His other attack will be to try and swoop down and   +
+ ram you with his body. This would be no problem to dodge if it wasn't for   +
+ the fact that there are usually still mini-jellyfish floating down when he  +
+ does this, and you really have no option other then to jump over him.       +
+ Sometimes it's easier to use the machine gun against this guy for some quick+
+ mini-jellyfish killing, but find what works best for you and quickly take   +
+ this guy down!                                                              +
+-----------------.                                                           +
+ Form 4: Amoeba  |                                                           +
+-----------------´                                                           +
+ This form is super easy if you follow one simple strategy: get in the lower +
+ left hand corner of the screen, crouch down, switch to the machine gun and  +
+ fire up diagonally into the guy. The machine gun fire will penetrate his    +
+ cytoplasm and start hitting his nucleus, which is the only way to damage    +
+ him. Just stay in this position and keep shooting him until he's dead. His  +
+ only attack - spitting out little glowing star-like things - will home into +
+ you, and it will look like they're going to hit you, but don't worry they   +
+ won't. The machine gun fire will destroy them. If you decide not to use this+
+ strategy for this guy, well, then best of luck to you, because you'll need  +
+ it...                                                                       +
+---------------.                                                             +
+ Form 5: Core  |                                                             +
+---------------´                                                             +
+ Killing the amoeba transports you to what appears to be the core of this    +
+ strange beast. This final part is pretty easy too. Bring out your fire whip +
+ and start cooking the thing from underneath it. See all of those little     +
+ larvae (or whatever they are) things flying all around the top part of the  +
+ screen? When they all start glowing red it means they're about to attack    +
+ you. Quickly retreat to one of the corners and just start spraying like mad +
+ in all directions with your fire whip to burn them all up. Once they're all +
+ taken care of run back to the core and start burning it some more. Repeat   +
+ this process until it's finally dead!                                       +

Bravo! You've killed The Relic, and finally brought an end to this alien
invasion!... or have you? Well it all depends on how you did, because there is
still one more final stage after this. Much like the requirement for getting
to the last stage, if you managed to pull through stage 6 with an A or higher
ranking, then you still got one last boss to fry. If not, well, then better
luck next time...

FINAL BOSS                                                               [BOSS]

Just when you thought you were home free, out of the fireball behind you comes
a beast that seems to be all of the forms of The Relic mashed into one (minus
the amoeba, of course.) All you have to do in this stage is kill this one final
boss, and you've come this far so there's no turning back now. So get ready
for one last battle.

+ BOSS: The Relic v2                                                          +
+ This dude only has two attacks, but they're both pretty deadly. For the one +
+ attack the humanoid will summon up two pink energy balls and send them      +
+ crashing down onto the top of the plane. These can be hard to dodge as they +
+ bounce around rather erratically. Sometimes they will continue bouncing to  +
+ the left and off the plane, or they will do a quick 180 and bounce back to  +
+ to the right. Do your best to stay in between the two balls as they come    +
+ towards you.                                                                +
+                                                                             +
+ For his other attack he'll lunge forward and grab ahold of the plane with   +
+ his tentacles/hands/whatever those things are. Stay to the left side of the +
+ plane when he does this. The frog will then spit out four fire balls which  +
+ will come flying at you rapidly. He will either shoot them up high or down  +
+ low, if he shoots them low then you really only need to worry about jumping +
+ over the first one. However if he shoots them up high you need to quickly   +
+ jump over them as they come, being careful to land in between each one.     +
+ It's a little tricky, but compared to some other things you've had to do to +
+ get this far, far from impossible.                                          +
+                                                                             +
+ Keep blasting this guy with energy shots this whole time to take him out.   +
+ You'll know when he's dead by a plume of green blood gushing from him. He'll+
+ retreat back into the fireball, seemingly dead... make sure you stay to the +
+ left side of the plane now. Why? Because he's about to lunge onto the right +
+ side of the plane and attempt to drag it into the fire. You can pump more   +
+ shots into him now if you want, it doesn't matter. Either way his attempt   +
+ will be useless, as you'll eventually fly off as he succumbs to the fire.   +

Congratulations! You've won! Depending on what ranking you've gotten you will
unlock a certain ending. Hopefully you've been able to get an S ranking on all
levels for the ultimate bragging rights... but not exactly the ultimate
ending! That's all I'll say about that... but either way, despite how you may
have done on this final level take pride in knowing that you've beaten what
is considered to be one of the toughest games out there, and certainly one of
the toughest games made recently. Good job, your parents will be proud (or
they'll disown you for spending so many hours on a game. Whichever.)
5.0  STAGE PERCENTAGE INFO                                               [STPC]
For each stage I will list everything that goes towards the total stage
percentage. I've put the list into an easy to read table, and include both the
individual percentage for each enemy (since sometimes there are several of the
same types of enemies on one stage) and the total percentage that each enemy
is worth for that stage.

|                             Stage 1: Fortress                               |
| Enemy Name                                              | Indiv % | Total % |
| Mortar Soldier                                          |    1%   |    3%   |
| Truck                                                   |    4%   |    4%   |
| Motorcycle Soldier                                      |    4%   |    4%   |
| Fuel Barrel                                             |    1%   |    2%   |
| Soldier under Barrel                                    |    1%   |    2%   |
| Sniper Soldier                                          |    1%   |    3%   |
| Mechanical Spider                                       |    8%   |    8%   |
| Ceiling Barrel                                          |    1%   |    2%   |
| Shield Soldier                                          |    1%   |    4%   |
| Factory Machine (Arms)                                  |    2%   |   16%   |
| Factory Machine (Center Laser)                          |    7%   |    7%   |
| Jet Soldier                                             |    1%   |    5%   |
| Snow Worm (Scales)                                      |    9%   |    9%   |
| Snow Worm (Head)                                        |    7%   |    7%   |
| Turtle (Growths)                                        |    3%   |    6%   |
| Turtle (Head)                                           |    8%   |    8%   |
| Baby                                                    |   10%   |   10%   |
|                                                                   |  100%   |

|                               Stage 2: Train                                |
| Enemy Name                                              | Indiv % | Total % |
| Submarine (Front Cannon)                                |    3%   |    3%   |
| Kamikaze Soldiers                                       |    1%   |   10%   |
| Submarine (Explosive-dropping Holder)                   |    5%   |    5%   |
| Submarine (Laser Cannons)                               |    2%   |   10%   |
| Submarine (Fire Cannon)                                 |    5%   |    5%   |
| Homing Missile Cannon                                   |    5%   |    5%   |
| Motorcycle Soldiers                                     |    2%   |   10%   |
| Tripod (Pods)                                           |    2%   |    4%   |
| Tripod (Main Body)                                      |    5%   |    5%   |
| Train Cannon                                            |    3%   |   15%   |
| Mortar Soldier                                          |    1%   |    3%   |
| Running Robot (Shoulder Pads)                           |    3%   |    6%   |
| Running Robot (Missile Cannon)                          |    4%   |    4%   |
| Running Robot (Backpack)                                |   10%   |   10%   |
| Running Robot (Legs)                                    |    5%   |    5%   |
|                                                                   |  100%   |

|                                Stage 3: City                                |
| Enemy Name                                              | Indiv % | Total % |
| Flying Soldier                                          |    2%   |    4%   |
| Sniper Soldier                                          |    1%   |    2%   |
| Truck                                                   |    4%   |    4%   |
| Sand Bag                                                |    1%   |    6%   |
| Mortar Soldier                                          |    1%   |    1%   |
| Mechanical Fly                                          |    6%   |    6%   |
| Rolling Cannon                                          |    2%   |   10%   |
| Alien Cow                                               |    6%   |    6%   |
| Alien Snake                                             |    5%   |    5%   |
| The Non-Human Centipede (Bottom Cannon)                 |    5%   |    5%   |
| The Non-Human Centipede (Top Cannon)                    |    5%   |    5%   |
| Missiles                                                |    2%   |   24%   |
| The Non-Human Centipede (Laser Cannons)                 |    3%   |   12%   |
| The Non-Human Centipede (Rear Brain)                    |   10%   |   10%   |
|                                                                   |  100%   |

|                               Stage 4: Seabed                               |
| Enemy Name                                              | Indiv % | Total % |
| Homing Missiles                                         |    1%   |   18%   |
| Jet Ski Robot (Backpack)                                |    3%   |    3%   |
| Jet Ski Robot (Gun)                                     |    3%   |    3%   |
| Jet Ski Robot (Sled)                                    |    4%   |    4%   |
| Jet Ski Robot (Central Laser)                           |    5%   |    5%   |
| Spider Eggs                                             |    1%   |   29%   |
| Alien Eels                                              |    2%   |    8%   |
| The Brain                                               |    5%   |    5%   |
| Hovering Bombs                                          |    1%   |   15%   |
| Mutant Fish                                             |   10%   |   10%   |
|                                                                   |  100%   |

|                            Stage 5: Archipelago                             |
| Enemy Name                                              | Indiv % | Total % |
| Mortar Soldier                                          |    1%   |    3%   |
| Truck                                                   |    4%   |    4%   |
| Fuel Barrel                                             |    1%   |    2%   |
| Sand Bag                                                |    1%   |    3%   |
| Sniper Soldier                                          |    1%   |    6%   |
| Truck Snail                                             |    5%   |    5%   |
| Shield Soldier                                          |    1%   |    2%   |
| Fortress (Central Cannon)                               |    4%   |    4%   |
| Fortress (Lower Red Button)                             |    5%   |    5%   |
| Lance                                                   |    9%   |    9%   |
| Spider Eggs                                             |    2%   |    8%   |
| Alien Heart                                             |    5%   |    5%   |
| Alien Caterpillar                                       |    5%   |    5%   |
| Beetle Brothers                                         |    5%   |   10%   |
| Alien Dancer                                            |    5%   |    5%   |
| Master Alien (Arms)                                     |    4%   |    8%   |
| Master Alien (Eyes)                                     |    3%   |    6%   |
| Master Alien (Gem)                                      |   10%   |   10%   |
|                                                                   |  100%   |

|                             Stage 6: The Relic                              |
| Enemy Name                                              | Indiv % | Total % |
| Transformer (First Attack)                              |    5%   |    5%   |
| Transformer (Second Attack)                             |   15%   |   15%   |
| The Relic (Humanoid)                                    |   15%   |   15%   |
| The Relic (Frog)                                        |   15%   |   15%   |
| The Relic (Jellyfish)                                   |   15%   |   15%   |
| The Relic (Amoeba)                                      |   15%   |   15%   |
| The Relic (Core)                                        |   20%   |   20%   |
|                                                                   |  100%   |

|                             Stage 7: Final Boss                             |
| Enemy Name                                              | Indiv % | Total % |
| The Relic v2                                            |  100%   |  100%   |
|                                                                   |  100%   |
06.  EXTRAS/UNLOCKABLES                                                  [XTRA]
As you may have guessed, this whole hit rate system isn't just in the game for
show. It's used to unlock most of the extras (as well as the endings) for this
game. And believe it or not there is actually a cheat code for this game
(thanks to the GameFAQs.com 'Cheats' page for supplying that.) Now for the
extras/unlockables this game has to offer:

30 Extra Lives cheat
On the title screen, use the second controller and press:
Up, Up, Down, Down, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3

Extra default lives
The longer you play the game, the more default lives you'll receive in normal
mode (it will increase by one at a time.) Exactly how many hours it takes for
each life isn't yet known.

Training Mode
Training mode allows you to practice stages without having to go through the
entire game to get to them.

 o  Stage 5: Beat the game with any rank
 o  Stage 6: Beat the game including stage 6
 o  Stage 7: Beat the game including stage 7

To unlock this just beat the game with a B or C rank. It includes info about
the characters and the game.

To unlock this beat the game with an A rank. This includes pictures of the
making of the game.

Once you beat the game and get an ending this will be unlocked. There are four
unlockable endings you can get.

 o  Satellite Weapon: Beat stage 5 with a B or C rank
 o  Return: Beat stage 6 with a B or C rank
 o  Triumphant Return: Beat stage 7 with an A, B, or C rank
 o  Contra vs Dog: Beat the game with an S rank
07.  CREDITS                                                             [CRDT]
I would like to thank myself for writing this damn thing, and I would like to
thank GameFAQs for posting it. I would also like to thank the GameFAQs cheats
section, which is where I got the 30 extra lives cheat code. And of course I
would like to thank my controllers, for withstanding the abuse that was brought
upon them from playing this game. If there is anything you think I should add
to this guide (or something that's wrong) please email me (see introduction
section for email) and let me know, I will certainly give you credit.
08.  LEGAL INFO                                                          [LGIF]
This document is Copyright (c)2011 by Keith McMullen. It is for personal use
only, and may not be reproduced and sold under any circumstances. I do not care
if you post this guide on your website; you do *NOT* need to email me for
permission. All I ask is you do not alter any information contained in this
guide. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

For the most up-to-date version of this FAQ/Walkthrough please visit the
version posted on GameFAQs.com - this is the only place I personally submit
my works. Any other website hosting my guides hold the full responsibilty of
keeping them up-to-date.
Thanks for reading! ~KMFX24
Version 1.2 (Last revised 02/26/2012)
End of document

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