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Guide and Walkthrough by Mortortex

Version: 1.16 | Updated: 01/19/2007

||                            VERSION: 1.16                                  ||
||                 ORIGINALLY SUBMITTED: DECEMBER 1, 2005                    ||
||                     LAST UPDATED: JANUARY 19, 2007                        ||

M@MMMMMMMMMMM@W008aa2SX7;iiii:,,......   .........             . .700888888888
MM@@@@@@MMM@@BWB082Sr;rii:..,.....    ... . .........         .,  SM0888888888
@M@M@MMMMM@WMM@BZa2aXrri;i.   .......     .....   .            .   MBW88888888
WMMM@@MMMMM@W08Za2SSSSX7;r:      ..       ....,..,.           .... 2 W88888888
8MMMMMMMMMWZZaa2SSSXX7rr;rr;:.              ...                .    M@88888888
B@MMMMMM@BB00ZSX77XXXSSS77;ri...                             .,     2WZ8888888
08MMMMM@WBB8Za27i::::,.i;X20Z0B8Z7.                       .i:   ,BM8MB88888888
M00MMM@MWBW@MM@WWW8ZaSX7:    i;rSSZ0a:                  .r:   ZMMMM2M088888088
MM@MMMMM@W@MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM0a7i:    rr .i                 iWMWZ207 M088888888
8@W00@M@M@0Zr  iMMMMMMMMM@WBWBWWBWBWMMMM82i         :               i@Z800BB00
8BM@BWMMM@@0ar;   2aWMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM@,  7MM7  .                     M0Z88880BB
88WMMWZ@M@@BZ227:                    .,.      .    i.,,            2M2Z088000B
00Z0B8Z@M@@W8aaS7ii..             ,r22aZBZ;       :88BBaXi    .    MMZa8000000
00B0aBMMM@MM@0Z27;;i:,,,,,::iiii;aB@MMM@MMMMX    ,0BaaZ22S7i::i:: BMM@a8000000
0008BMMMM@MMMMW0aaS77ii;rrr;;r20BWWMMMMMMMMMM8:   ;,   rSX77r;i: iMMMMZ80B0000
88ZBMMMMMMMM@MMMW08ZZXr2XXXX2Z0Za88M@MWa2a002,    .:ii  .;77rr;: MMMMMZZ808000
MW0@MMMMMMMMMMMMM@B00Za2aa2Sa2S2a2rSirr7Xr7227:.   . ,.    .,i: ,MMWBM0800000B
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM@@WB0ZZZZ22S22S7r;8BZXSXr7Xr,       7S     :,. MMM@@M080B0000
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM@WB888Z22X7;:,..;MM8aSXX;,        a.      : MMM@WMMB80BBBB0
MMMMMMMMMMM@MMMMMMM@@W0ZZZS2riii.,  MMMMMMM07   . .;2,     .:. 8MMMWMMB8800BB8
MMMB       XS2WB;   7Z2WMZ802Z7ar7BWS8X;W0WMZX;Za88MZ80BMMBiMMa7BZaZZX;2i7Z  W
MMMMM2           0ZSar;7Z7iXS8MiMM,BBi;;aZ:7X;.0M8. ;77 Z8.rB@rZM2r,Xr ZZXXMWM

This will, hopefully, be my first complete Faq\Walkthrough that I have ever 
written. I chose this game because it was short and something that I knew a lot
about. I've always liked this game and I tried to give it my all to get you 
through to the end. This game's over three years old now and replaying it made 
me happy becasue I had forgotten how good this game was and how satisfying it 
is to kill all those alien suckers. 

Contra is basically a game where you pick up the controller and are immidiatly
immersed into the action. You must battle your way though hords of aliens and 
massive bosses and mini-bosses. This game is tonnes of fun and I hope you have 
as much enjoyment reading it as I did writing it.

This Faq\Walkthrough will include:
                                  >Version History
                                      >Final battle

||                             INTRODUCTION                                  ||

The first Contra game for the Playstation 2, and it's a hit! The fast-paced
action never stops until the end of the game. You switch to the weapon that
you desire and then you are ready to rip the enemies a new one. You can
just hold down the fire button and let the good times roll or take your time 
and make them suffer. Besides the constant fire, there is a load of bosses and 
mini-bosses that are gross and vile. This is a none-stop action ride that will 
leave you begging for more.

||                            VERSION HISTORY                                ||

Version: 1.00--December 01, 2005 - Original version

Version: 1.06--February 23, 2006 - Added more ASC art
                                 - Changed top of page to all capitals
                                 - Changed all headers to all capitals
                                 - Added Introduction section
                                 - Wrote Introduction
                                 - Edited and added info to 

Version: 1.14--July 25, 2006 - Corrected spelling and grammar mistakes
                             - Removed colons from section headers
                             - Put top sections into appendices after 
                               the Walkthrough
                             - Added Faqs to list at bottom
                             - Changed sub section headers to boxes
                             - Rewrote parts of sections to make them sound 
                             - Added reference points in the Walkthrough  
                             - Made section headers into boxes and center

Version: 1.16--January 19, 2007 - Added games to library at bottom
                                - Added 1up.com, Supercheats.com and
                                  Honestgamer.com to site list

||                               BACK-STORY                                  ||

Post Apocalyptic World:

Humans are trying to move forward and recreate society, however a new threat 
emerges to attck the remnants of humanity. Blood Falcon has emerges again to 
strike fear into humanity and push them to the edge of extinction. The army 
puts up a fight but the forces of humanity are being pushed farther and 
farther back. The government makes a tough choice with deep regret to call 
forth a criminal.

This Plague on Humanity Must be Fought with Another Scourge of Humanity:

And thus, Bill Rizer has been called forth again. The man that was the savior 
of humanity during the Alien Wars, and also the most feared and despised 
criminal to roam the earth is back. A Special A Class Criminal, Bill is 
ranked as the highest enemy threat to humanity. His crimes included murdering 
his fellow soldier Lance Bean, taking over an ultra-magnetic weapons facility 
and causing mass destruction around the planet. He was a devil responsible 
for wiping out 80% of the world's population. When he was captured, he was 
sentenced to 10,000 years in prison and put in cryo-genic stasis to serve 
out his sentence.

The Time for Revenge is Upon Us!

The uncontrollable beast has been unleashed upon the hellish battlefield 

||                              WALKTHROUGH                                  ||


                              -Crash Landing-

After you crash to the ground in the airplane and are propelled out the front 
window switch to your machinegun and fire it forwards. As you walk it will 
take out a guard on the ground. There is another guard above the one you just 
killed on a platform. Angle your gun up and to the right and fire to knock 
him down. Move under the platform and you’ll come to a truck that is parked 
in your way. You can jump over it, but that’s no fun, fire into it with the 
machinegun and after a short while it will explode. There is a guard behind 
the truck on the other side. When the truck explodes continue to fire the 
machinegun and the bullets will kill him as well. Walk along, past the truck, 
and behind you someone on a motorcycle will rev about. Charge up a 
flamethrower shot and when he appears in front of you get in the prone 
position right in front of him. Blast him with the shot and then burn him 
with the flamethrower. After he fires a pink sphere over you, a short while 
later, he will blow up. Run past him and fire your machinegun forwards. You’ll 
come to a part where the ground begins to elevate upwards. There is a guard 
at the foot of this, but your machinegun should take care of him. 

                           -Into the Fortress-

Up the hill a bit further is a sniper positioned behind a barrel. He shoots 
forwards, so don’t jump or walk up too quickly. Take out the barrel and it 
will explode and burn the sniper to death. Behind you some guards with swords 
will enter the screen. Turn around and feed them a stream of bullets to knock 
them away. They only take one hit from anything to die, pity really. Up 
another hill is another sniper behind another barrel. Shoot the barrel, 
watch out for any shots he may get off, the explosion will take care of 
him. Above him is a guard packing a mortar shell. Angle your gun and shoot 
him before he launches it. Take care of any strangling guards behind you and 
walk inside a building until the screen locks. Behind you a crane will pull 
something out of the ground. It spins it around and prepares to drop it to 
the right of you, so don’t be under it. It looks sort of like a spider with a 
turret on its top but with four legs. Charge up a flamethrower shot and when 
it drops from the crane give it to him. After it lands burn it with the 
flamethrower. It will start to launch a volley of bombs over your head, they 
will arch over you and you wont get hit, so just stand there and burn him.

                      -Destroying the Spider Robot-

After some time he will shuffle back and forth, then, move to the corner and 
jump over you and land on the other side. Charge up a flamethrower shot and 
wait for him to land and then give it to him. Continue to burn him afterwards, 
like before. He should by now start to fall apart and then explode into 
oblivion. If not, it will launch a tracking torpedo after you. You are safe up 
until the point where the tracker becomes deep red and the beeps become closer
and closer. Then run away from the torpedo and it will miss you.  After this, 
if he is still not gone, he will walk across the ground. Get in the prone 
position and he will walk right over you. Once he is on the other side he will 
probably repeat this pattern until it's dead. This is my assumption because it 
takes extremely horrible accuracy to have him alive for that long of a period. 
When the spider machine’s gone, angle your gun up to the right. Move on and 
you’ll see an ovalish looking container on the roof above two guards with 
shields. Blast the container with a flamethrower charge shot and it will fall 
down and blow up. The explosion will burn the guards to a crisp. Behind them 
is another container on the roof above two more guards, one with a shield and 
another with a sword. Blast the second container on the roof with another 
charge shot to take care of the other guards on the ground. 

                              -Up the Wall-

Move on and behind you some guards with swords will start to run after you. 
Turn around and blast them with a fury of machinegun bullets. They keep 
coming, so don’t plan to kill them all. Jump on the wall at the end of the 
room to the right and you’ll miraculously stick to the wall. Charge up a 
machinegun shot and begin to climb. As you climb some snipers will appear to 
your left. They’re standing on platforms, three of them, one above another, 
ready to kill you. Let the machinegun shot go right above the first sniper. It
will rotate and shoot the snipers above and below it. Let another machinegun 
charge shot go a little bit further up and it will knock the third sniper 
furthest up out. When you get to the top of the fenced area jump to the top 
and walk over the cage and land on the ground below it. Continue on and the 
screen will lock again and a machine will come out of the ceiling. If you were
paying attention to the background earlier you would have noticed this 
machine being propelled up in the back before you started to climb the wall. 

                           -Twin Gun Machine-

After it stops and starts to connect its parts change to the flamethrower and 
charge up a charge shot. It has two arm-like guns and a center crystal that 
is its weak point. Shooting its crystal all the way until it breaks will end 
the battle now, so leave it for last if you want a full score. Choose an arm 
and stand under it. The arm has a missile launcher on it, as well as the other
one, so it makes no difference the one you choose to destroy first. The 
missile launcher has a laser pointer showing you exactly where it is going to 
shoot its missiles. When you are standing under one of them the other ones 
missiles can’t reach over enough to touch you. Blast the missile launcher 
above you three to four times with the charge shots and it will blow off and 
explode. In its replacement a shot dispenser-like thing will attach in its 
place. Stand under it and you can place yourself in the gaps of the shots and 
not get touched. This is tricky and may require some trial and error before 
you get it right. There’s no real explaining how to do it, you have to 
experience it. Shoot it above you with three to four more charge shots and it 
will be knocked off and a fire shot gun will attach in its place. This gun 
shoots some flammable liquid to the ground and when the liquid hits the ground
it starts on fire and moves along the ground left and right. You can jump 
over this flame easily and the liquid can’t touch you. 

                         -Finishing the Machine-

Stand under it and jump the flames a little while after the liquid hits the 
ground to be safe. Blast it upwards three to four times with the charge shot 
and it will be blown off and a fire wave shooter will attach in its place. 
This is the last reincarnation of the arm and the most deadliest. You can’t 
stand under it because it will shoot a fire wave down at you and osculate back
and forth. So you can’t even stay on that side! There is only one place to 
go, the other side. Stand under the other arm. It still has the missile 
launcher on it, so don’t worry. Avoid the missiles as they come out of the 
launcher and angle the charge shots so they hit the fire wave shooter on the 
other side. Three to four blasts and it will fall off and nothing will attach 
in its place, thank god. The crystal in the center that has been dormant 
through all this will start to do something. It shoots a spark to the ground 
which travels along the ground and comes after you. Jump over it to avoid this
pithy attempt of an attack. Get to the other side and blast away at the 
missile launcher on the side you’re on now. The missile launcher, shot 
dispenser-like thing, fire shot gun and fire wave shooter are easy to take 
care of on the opposite side. 


When both arms are all gone the crystal in the middle looks so lonely.  Fire 
into it with the machinegun and beak all its bulb-like things. After they are 
all shattered the whole machine will break down and start to smoke with some 
parts of the center falling to the ground. Move along with the flamethrower, 
blasting as you do. You’ll run into three consecutive guards with shields. The
flamethrower will penetrate the shields and kill them so you can just walk 
right through them, quite literally, don’t stop. Run through two more guards 
with swords and one more with a shield. Walk a little while forwards and a 
helicopter will shoot a hole in the bridge that you are on and you’ll fall 
right though it. You’ll land on a snowboard and will be snowboarding down a 
mountain, sweetness! Power up a flamethrower charge shot and give it to the 
guards on the jet packs that come from the background. When they fly into 
range give each of them two shots to take them down. Sometimes they come in 
pairs and with one shot you can hit two of them, get a two for one deal with 
two shots killing two. If you don’t kill them fast they will fire their 
machineguns at you.  

                              -Snow Snake-

They fire where they had you in their sites last and they don’t move while 
firing, so you’re free to move away. Kill them all and the screen will change
the angle and you’ll be ‘boarding towards the screen. A snake will start to 
jump in the background and come for you. It jumps left and right, weaving in 
the snow behind you. It comes right up to you and jumps into the snow to the 
right or left of you. Get your flamethrower out and blast it in the direction 
that the snake tunnels into. You will break away its scales and reveal its 
ribs. After, it will pop out of the snow and repeat this pattern. Burn him 
three more times and he will start to jump over you arching. Charge up a 
flamethrower shot and blast him in the head as he does. That ball that is in 
its mouth will blow up with green blood when he is dead. The snake will sink 
back and then lunge at you but breaks apart before he touches you. This is 
quite cool to see. The camera will go back to its previous angle and after a 
while you will be launched off a ramp and grab onto an overhead bar. 

                            -Flying Nuisance-

Get out your flamethrower and climb across it. Some grasshopper monsters will 
swarm around you as you try to climb forwards. They will take turns trying to 
pick you up and fly away with you. Burn them with the flamethrower to watch 
them fry. Get to the end of the overhanging part, burning all the grasshopper 
monsters in your way and jump to the ground below. Move along and you’ll come 
to a platform that you can jump on with an overhang that you can grab onto 
above the platform. Just jump onto the platform and that blue helicopter that 
blew out the bridge from under you from before will transform into a mech. It 
will land and stand in front of you. It will start to power up its gun when 
the weirdest thing happens. A giant turtle will fall on top of it, who would 
have guessed? The head of the turtle is its weak point but there are some 
other areas that you must take care of first to get a full score. There are 
these openings above and below the turtles head that flies and maggots come 
out of. The top one flies and the bottom one maggots. Jump on the beam above 
the platform and volley some mines over the turtles head to hit the opening 
above the turtles head. Flies may come out of the opening so watch out! Also 
the turtle may send pink balls at you that will go after you so drop down to 
get away. 

                       -Destroying the First Form-

After twenty or so mines it will bust off. At any point the turtle may stretch
out its neck and try to get you. Fall off the beam and get to safety to 
avoid. Then get right back up and shoot the opening. When the top one it gone 
go to the bottom ground and get in the prone position. Shoot mines along the 
ground and under the turtles head to hit the bottom opening. If the turtle 
decides to stretch out its neck it has a hard time hitting you while you’re on
the ground. The mines will roll along the ground and blow away any maggots 
that come out, and blow the bottom opening off when you hit it with around 
twenty mines. Now it’s time to take care of the head. Get out the flamethrower
and constantly burn it. It will launch a couple pink balls at you from its 
mouth, which can’t be destroyed, so watch out for them. When you have torched 
the turtles head for long enough it will blow off its neck leaking green blood
behind.  Then the thing does an about face and reveals what’s on its other 
side. A giant ugly face. 

                           -Giant Ugly Face-

From its mouth and nose it will leak flies, maggots and those pink 
indestructible balls. Use the flamethrower to burn them away and duck or jump 
the pink balls. Then from its mouth it will arch a long shot of puke. Duck 
near its chin and the barf will arch over your head. There’s pieces of metal 
and what-not in the puke. Angle your gun up to the right while ducking and 
burn its tongue and mouth. When the puke is done it will shut its mouth and 
start to release more flies, maggots and pink balls. Burn them away like 
before and then burn his mouth when he throws up again. For the second time he
pukes he usually dies shooting green blood out from every cavity in his head.
He will fall down with his tongue out of its mouth. His head will jiggle like
Jell-O, this is really weird and disturbing. When it’s dead you can run 
around and burn his head for your own pleasure before the level ends, it does 

                           -Blast Through the Sign-

You start this level in front of a sign that says: work together. You blast a 
whole in the guy’s face and blow through it from behind. You’re on a 
motorcycle and you land on a dock. After revving forwards a bit the water of 
some harbour appears in the back. From the center of the water a blue 
submarine surfaces. Four compartments open up from its right end and each of 
them launch a big yellow ball at you. Move in one of the gaps between two of 
the balls as they come down towards you and you will be safe. When the balls 
are gone the submarine launches four more yellow balls at you. Avoid them the 
same way you did the first barrage. When the second set is gone the porthole 
of the submarine will power up and shoot a red laser across the ground. When 
it swipes across jump over it. This happens twice and then the submarine dives
under the water. Move to the right of the screen because the submarine will 
start to rise right into the dock from the left. It knocks upwards on the dock
two or so times before busting through. Power up three flamethrower charge 
shots and blast the twin cannons. The cannons fire two fire shots at you 
around three times, jump these and return fire immediately. 

                         -Submarine into Helicopter-

When the cannons break off the ship will dive again and reappear in the center
water. Its center will flip around and reveal some propellers. The propellers
will start to spin and the submarine, now helicopter, will fly out of the 
water and over your head. When it is out of the screen, atop you, it will 
appear to the right. Before you can see it you will notice a guard that is 
flying on a rocket in the background. He will fall back and then come flying 
in really fast at you from the left. Power up a flamethrower charge shot and 
point it to the left. When you can see him let it go and he’ll be blown away. 
Now from overhead a compartment will come out of the helicopter with some 
barrels on it. Blast through the barrels and into the compartment itself with 
the flamethrower charge shots around five times. It will blow off and the 
helicopter will rise a little higher in the air. When the helicopter is 
completely over your head another guard on a rocket will fly in the 
background. Again charge up the flamethrower charge shots and let him have it
when he enters the screen. 

                            -Helicopter Lasers-

Up above you there are five little openings. Each one will open up, one after 
another. They contain a laser beam that shoots out of it and spans to the 
ground. You can’t go through the beam, you have to wait until it is turned off
before you can move on. Blast the opening of each laser with the flamethrower
charge shot twice. You must angle for some of the shots because as the screen
progresses it might not always leave you enough time to get them all when 
they’re over your head. Nearing the last two lasers the helicopter will come 
down closer to you making the area really tight and a bit easier for you to 
blast the last beams. Once they’re all gone the helicopter will move back up 
before you are hit by a section of it. When the helicopter moves back up 
another guard riding on a rocket will try to fly into you. Take him out with 
the flamethrower charge shot, as well take out the second one that follows 
him. When they’re both gone to the upper right a cannon will appear. This 
cannon shoots a liquid to the ground that sparks a flame to run left and right 
along the ground. You can jump the flames. Angle your gun to shoot it down 
with four charge shots from the flamethrower or get directly under it and lay 
that shot into it, it’s up to you.

                         -Helicopter Explosion-

When you have blown off the cannon, and also broken off every other part of 
the helicopter, it will start to smoke and spark. It will then crash into the 
water behind you and explode. If you missed to take off a part of the 
helicopter it will just fly away and you wont get a full score. After the 
helicopter is destroyed or flees you will encounter some more guards on 
rockets, but this time they’re hanging off of them and throw grenades at you. 
Get in the left corner and jump up and down and shoot charged flamethrower 
shots to the top right corner, where they enter from.  As they enter the 
screen they should take one hit and then take a second shot killing them 
before they get to throw their grenades. The constant jumping will help you to
leap over any explosions, hopefully, to keep you from dying. There are five 
of them, kill them all and then you drive into a train tunnel, hence the name 
of this level. You disappear into darkness and when you reappear you are right
next to some train tracks. The camera switches its angle and you are now 
riding towards the screen. A train rushes by you and at the end of the train 
to the left of you the caboose has a giant gun on it. 

                              -The Train-

The gun fires three tiny balls behind you. They come forwards and track you 
down to take you out. Power up a machinegun charge shot and fire it in the 
center when the balls come forwards to get you. The twirling effect of the 
shot will take care of one or more of them and then you can get the rest with 
basic machinegun fire. After five or so blasts of the rounds of balls the 
giant gun will turn around and a target will appear on it. Go up to the giant 
gun and shoot the target. After some slight damage it will blow off the rest 
of the train and explode. When it’s gone the camera will do a 180 degree turn 
and you’ll be behind Bill. The next section of the train, which is on your 
right now, contains men on motorcycles. They are launched out, one by one, and 
they either come to your left or right side. Which ever side they decide to 
come on power up a flamethrower charge shot and blast them once and then 
finish off the rest of him with the flamethrower. They usually never get a 
shot off of their gun doing it this way but if you are slow they might. Jump 
the shot if it manages to get off. Also the motorcycle men will charge into 
you after coming to one of your sides, so feel free to move left and right and
even jump over their heads if necessary. 

                         -The Head of the Train-

After around six motorcycle men the container that they came from will break 
off and the camera will do another 180 degree spin and you’ll be coming towards
the screen once again. The train is back on your left now and the container 
will open up and spit three flying things above your head. One in the center, 
which is the main core, and two on either side of it, which are sort of like 
its arms. Take the right arm out first. If you wait too long it fires a 
machinegun fury at you and makes things way harder. Blast it upwards three 
times with the flamethrower charge shot. When it’s gone take out the left arm.
It launches pink balls at you that explode when they hit the ground. Avoid 
the balls blasts and take out the left arm by shooting it from under it or by 
angling your shots to hit it from a bit of a distance. Finally when both arms 
have been destroyed the center becomes active. It flies to the top and center 
of the screen and opens up. It will then fall behind a bit and start to shoot 
a red laser along the ground that explodes at the end. It will shoot three of 
these in a round as he passes from left to right. It may do this twice and 
then it will close up and rush the screen. It leaves the screen for around 
half a second and then appears atop in the center and comes right in firing 
range. Power up a flamethrower charge shot before hand and when he starts to 
point his blue laser, give his center the blast.

                            -Out of the Tunnel-

It only takes one hit and then it falls to the ground and explodes. If you 
miss it you wont get another try. It will fly away. You need to kill it for a 
complete score. After, the train to your left will change tracks and it will 
be on the line to the right of it as you exit the train tunnel. The camera 
changes back to the side view again and you rev right into the back of the 
train and board it. Change to your mines and power the charge shot up. Walk 
along the train until your come to a cannon. Let the shot go and it will fire 
homing missiles that damage the cannon. The cannon fires timed explosives at 
you that roll on the ground for a few seconds. Stay in the distance to be 
safe. Fire another mine charge shot into the cannon and it will blow away. Run
to where the cannon was on the train to your right but don’t jump up to where
it was positioned. A turret will come out of the next portion of the train 
and fire a barrage of bullets over your head. Charge up a mine charge shot and
let them fly at it. It will blow it away, then jump up. Power up another mine
charge shot and when you see the guard to the right of you loading a mortar 
cannon, let it fire. It will take him out, hopefully before he gets to launch 
his gun. 


When he’s gone continue to shoot the mines on the ground as you progress 
forwards. There is another guard with a mortar cannon at the other end of the 
next section of the train. The mines will roll across the ground and blow him 
away. Behind the guard is another cannon that launches explosives. Power up 
two mine charge shots to take it out. Behind it is another guard with a mortar
cannon. Shoot one more mine charge shot to track him down and take him out. 
Jump on the next section of the train but only on the first level. Run to the 
right side of it and a turret, like before will come out and fire a barrage of
bullets over your head. Use the mine charge shot to take care of it. Finally 
jump on the second level of that part of the train and then to the last 
section of the train. Launch mines on the ground to take care of that last 
cannon on the ground. When it is gone and a red warning sign will flash on the
screen and a beeping noise will siren. You will run to the center of the last
piece of the train and then the camera will turn around revealing a giant 
robot behind you. 

                             -Giant Robot-

The robot fires its arm at you and it destroys all of the train besides the 
section that you are on. It then proceeds to run after you. It comes up on the 
left side of you, so get ready with a flamethrower charge shot. When it is in 
range shoot its shoulder pads with the blasts. You need four or so of them to 
take the shoulder pad out. Meanwhile it will either ram the train, jump on the
impact of it to be unaffected, or it will launch its arm at you. Jump over it
, then jump over it again as it returns from the opposite direction.  A while 
later he will jump around over your head and land on the other side of you. 
Now it’s time to take out the other shoulder pad, the same way as before with 
the charge up flamethrower shots while avoiding its arm and ramming. When the 
other shoulder pad is gone the robot will flip to the other side over your 
head and run to the front of the train. It stops the train and picks it up. 
The robot launches four yellow balls at you from its head. You can see the 
shadows of these balls as they come closer to the ground, this makes it easier
to avoid them. Launch mines into his head from a safe location and after 
around ten mines a part of his head will blow up. 

                              -Die Robot-

The robot puts the train back on the tracks after you have blown a part of its
head off. It disengages its arms, they fall off and explode, and a new set of
arms attach. He will now jump back on the train and land to the left of you. 
With out any momentum the train starts to move again, get ready and switch to 
your flamethrower. The robot will release some razor wheels after you. They 
crawl along the ground and when they reach the other side of the train they 
spin in the other direction and fall off the other side of the train. Jump 
each wheel twice while firing charge shots from the flamethrower into its back
compartment. Shoot it in the center of its chest and it will penetrate into 
its back. If you’re quick you can do this in around eight blasts, if you’re 
not you have to watch a little something. He will transom into a jet and take 
off. Get in the prone position and stay there. It will fly over you and never 
hit you. When it is done with that the robot will land back on the train 
backwards. Stay down! It will jump backwards into the other corner of the 
train. Repeat the process of shooting its  back cavity with the flamethrower 
charge shots and it will blow off when enough damage it dealt to it. When that
is done the robots back will smoke heavily and it will walk towards you. A 
bridge up above will clothesline it and take its body off its legs. The body 
will fall back and blow up. The legs, however, will continue to walk towards 
you. Use the flamethrower and torch it. After a few seconds they will crumble 
and blow up. If you’re too slow the legs will walk right off the train and you
wont get a full score. Be sure not to fall off the train when the legs are 


                               -Darn Dogs-         

You enter this level on a hover board and land right into a pack of dogs that 
are running around. When you jump off the board make sure you have the 
machinegun equipped. Throughout this first part guards with swords will 
constantly be coming from behind you, so watch out. Blast you machinegun 
straight as you move on. There is a guard being attacked by a dog further up. 
Blast him away with the machinegun and the dog dies too. A guard on a rotating
blade will fly across the background, and further up you will confront him. 
Angle the machinegun upwards and to the right to shoot him down. Run along 
after the flying guard and kill all the sworded guards that are coming behind 
you until you reach a sandbag barricade. Behind the barricade is a sniper. 
Shoot the sniper before he can get a shot off or jump the shot if he gets one 
off. The sandbags calculate in to your final score so take a little time and 
destroy all three of them. Now you’ll come to a part with a truck parked right
in your way. Another guard flying on a spinning blade will also come from 
above. Shoot upwards to take out the guard then blast the truck to blow it up.
Finally for this part there is another guard, this time with a mortar cannon,
behind another set of sandbags. Shoot forwards with the machinegun to take 
him out then shoot the sandbags away. The guard will get his cannon off so 
watch out for the explosives that come out of the cannon.

                            -Beatle Sentry-

Run along and you’ll come to an elevator. Walk on it and a pack of dogs will 
run towards you being chased by some sort of beetle-like flying robot. It 
flies in a circle around you and then hovers in the top right corner. This 
robot you can only hit when it opens its big red eye in front of it. It usually
opens its eye when it is performing an attack. It starts out by opening up 
two hatches on its back and two guards with swords jump out. Before the guards
land on the ground blast the red eye with two flamethrower charge shots and 
then burn the guards that are on the ground. Next the robot will shine a 
search light on you, when it hits you its back will open up and a volley of 
bombs will launch out towards you, these are really hard to avoid by dodging. 
The bombs are always after the two guards come out of the robots back so 
prepare by switching to the machinegun and fire upwards under the robot into 
the hole that the bombs come out of. As the bomb come flying out they will be 
destroyed by the machinegun fire. You can get the fire of the machinegun close
to the eye and the hole at the same time, if you’re good, and you can hit the
eye and destroy the bombs at the same time. 

                             -Giant Maggot-

After the volley of bombs the robot will fly in the center and let two more 
guards with swords out. Blast the guards with the machinegun and then fire the
machinegun into its eye. It will then proceed to go in the left corner and 
launch another volley of bombs at you. Repeat the process for this and the 
robot should blow up and crash in the back sometime later. Ride the elevator 
a little while after the flying robot is gone and it will come to a stop. 
Charge up a flamethrower charge shot and move forwards. You will come to an 
edge of a ramp and a spinning robot will come rolling up it. Don’t shoot it, 
wait for it to open up and reveal its inside before you let your shot go to 
destroy it. As you make your way down another spinning robot will come on the 
ceiling then a final one on the ground. When you’re done with them continue 
until you come to a conveyor belt. There is a rotating circle of spines at the
end of the conveyor belt so you need to be constantly on the move. From the 
top right a maggot creature will crawl in attached to the ceiling. Do not grab
onto the ceiling for the maggot creature will shoot towards you at an 
incredible speed to take you out. 

                             -Painful Death-

Charge up flamethrower charge shots and constantly bombard the maggot with them
. Don’t stand under him and shoot because he releases yellow balls from his 
back that bounce up and across the screen. Weave in-between them when they 
give you room and make your charge shots angle to hit the maggot. After around
30 seconds the maggot will move across the ceiling to the other side. On this
side he lets out spiny things covered in mucus to the ground. You have to 
jump over these in order to not get hit by them. The single and double drops 
are easy to jump over but when he drop three almost consecutively you need to 
take a really big jump to overcome them. Continue to charge up the 
flamethrower shots and lay them into him and he will start to bleed green 
blood after awhile and fall to the conveyor belt below. Jump to the ceiling 
and watch as he gets eaten by the spinning wheel of spines that gnarls him up,
this looks really cool. If you don’t kill the maggot when its letting the 
thorny things go all it does it move back to the right side and let more 
yellow balls bounce. 

                             -Sewer Serpent- 

Move on and you’ll pass a window to a compartment in the back that has the 
maggot that you previously fought crammed into it. Pass it and you’ll come to 
a cut off pipe and a snake that is eating some waste below. There are two 
horizontal things above the snakes head that you can grab onto. Jump to the 
one directly above its head and point your gun downwards and burn the snake 
with the flamethrower. The snake will only do one of two things: throws up 
puke that misses you because it goes everywhere except above its head or shoot
bubbles at you. These bubble do go above its head so jump to the left, where 
the pipe is half cut off and burn the bubbles as they come for you. When 
they’re gone get back above the snakes had and continue to burn it. After a 
short while the snake goes down and gets sucked into the waste below. Jump to 
the ledge across the waste pit and make it to safety. Walk on and drop down to
a lower path a bit further up. Behind you, as you land, another spinning 
robot will roll towards you. Blast it with a flamethrower charge shot when it 
opens. Up ahead you will travel up a ramp. Near the top is your final spinning
robot. Once it’s taken care of move up to the top. 

                            -Tunnel Machine-

Behind you a huge machine will break through the wall and start to chase you. 
It comes at you from the left so you need to back-pedal and lock out you gun 
pointing left if you want to do this most effective. There is a big cannon on 
the top of it that fires spark balls over your head and a tiny cannon that 
launches mines that roll on the ground towards you. There is also some 
grinders at the front to take care of any debris that gets in its way. Power 
up your flamethrower charge shots and when you have one ready get in the prone
position and blast it at the small cannon below. You can easily destroy the 
top cannon first but then you would have no room left nearing the end of this 
to get the bottom cannon and you need it for a full score. Get up after you 
have shot the bottom cannon and charge up another. Continue to do this and 
when you start to enter the building to your right it should blow off. If it 
doesn’t jump over some of the obstacles and blast it a few more times. If it 
is still there you have been too slow and there is no time to get it. Start to
blast the top cannon now. It takes around the same amount of damage that the 
bottom one took but you need to watch out that it doesn’t rush into you 
because it’s coming ever closer as you progress. 

                           -Above the Machine-

When the top cannon is blown off jump up to the ceiling by using one of the 
platforms that have been coming from behind you for leverage. The machine will
run underneath you and pass through the screen on the right. If you’re not up
on the ceiling, you’re toast. On the machines body are four generators. They 
appear to the left and shoot a beam of electricity out of them. They take 
around three hits of the charged up flamethrower to blow up. Before the 
machine leaves through the right part of the screen you should be able to 
destroy two of the generators on its back. You must angle your blasts for them
to be most effective without getting hit by the electric beams. When the 
grinders are at the edge of the right side of the screen a missile will fly in
from the right to try and hit you down. Burn it with the flamethrower and 
also get the one that comes from the left in the same manner. When the head of
the machine is through the right side of the screen the third generator 
should be in firing position. At the same time two rockets following each 
other will come from the right. Burn them away like before. Charge up three 
more flamethrower charge shots to blast the third generator away. A bit later 
the fourth generator will appear.

                          -Behind the Machine-

A missile will come from the left now so burn it away. Blow up the fourth 
generator the same way you did the other three and then wait. Three missiles 
will come from the left, one after another, so shoot a flamethrower charge 
shot to take all three out at the same time. When you can see the back end of 
the machine another missile will come from the right. The final three missiles
come in when the end of the machine is around halfway in the screen. Two from
the left and one from the right. After destroying the last missiles, drop to 
the ground and charge up a flamethrower blast. You are now behind the machine 
chasing after it. The pits of lava with the spiny things in them must not be 
touched, jump over them. It will open its back and reveal its weak point, a 
big rid eye. Blast the eye with two charged blasts from the flamethrower and 
then the eye will shoot a red beam at you. Get in the prone position and the 
beam passes right over you. Get up afterwards and lay two more flamethrower 
charge blasts into the eye. It will then close up and release two razor discs
that bounce on the ground. Let them bounce over your head. After the eye will
open up again. Repeat the pattern again. The second time the eye closes it 
throws out a spinning robot at you, it opens up when it lands so lay a charged
up flamethrower blast into it. When the eye opens for a third time repeat the
pattern and it usually blows up now and ceases to function. If it doesn’t it 
will throw out more razor discs and spinning robots at you when its eye is 
closed until it dies. 

                             -Missile Alert-

You enter the level flying in, hanging on a missile that is under a wing of an
airplane. The missile releases and you are now being blasted through the air.
18 missiles, like the one you’re grabbing on to, will come flying into the 
screen from the left side. Charge up the a mine shot and constantly let them 
go. The homing missiles will track the other missiles flying around and take 
care of them. Keep charging up shots and killing the missiles until the screen
changes its angle and you are taken to another part of the level. You swoop 
down from the clouds and are up above a body of water. Some big thing flies in
from up above you and crashes behind you in the water. Then a really big, 
huge, robot will appear and do a summersault and land in the water as well. 
The robot shoots a chain that attaches to the other thing that came before it.
The camera shifts to behind the robot and you’re behind it. Start by charging
up some flamethrower blasts and shooting them into the robot’s backpack. The 
blasts should travel though the backpack and into the robots gun on its right 
arm. Do this around three times and then the backpack will drop mines into the

                       -Battling the Giant Robot- 

Around the same time as the mines drop from the backpack some homing missiles 
will launch out of a cannon on the top of the robots head. Move up to the very
top of the screen. From here you should not be able to get hit by the mines 
because you are too high up. Stay in the left corner and charge up mine 
blasts. Let them go and they should take care of the missiles that are coming 
out of the robots head. As for the mines that are in the water, you are so 
high up that they will miss you when they explode. After awhile the robot 
will start to jump up and down. Don’t go under him the first time he jump, 
instead fire more charged up flamethrower shots into his backpack. The second
time the robot jumps go under his legs. You’re now under his chain so you 
can’t move upwards. And to your right is that thing that thing the chain’s 
attacked to. Charge up some flamethrower blasts and let the appendage have it.
It will launch missiles out of its top to try and get you. Stay close to it, 
but no too close, and the missiles will arch right over you. When they’re all 
launched the thing will lift up letting you out from underneath it. 

                      -Breaking the Robot Apart-

It will then shoot another round of missiles after you. Keep charging up 
flamethrower shots and blast it upwards from underneath it. When those 
missiles are gone, it will go back down to where it started. Now concentrate on
the gun that is now shooting fireballs at you. Use the flamethrower charge 
shots to lay some damage into the gun, then switch to the mines. Charge up 
some homing missiles because a round of missiles will come out of the robots 
head and come after you. Take care of those missiles and one last round of 
missiles will come out of the little thing attached to the chain, use homing 
missiles to take care of them. Then the robot will rush forwards, be sure 
to be at the top to get over the robots head, and you’ll be behind the robot 
again. Lay some final charged up flamethrower shots into the robots backpack 
and it will blow off. Now the robot will start to jump right away. Shoot at 
its gun with the charge flamethrower blasts from behind it. Go under the robot
the second time it jumps and start to blast the little thing attached to the 
chain, again with the charged flamethrower shots. 

                       -Destroying the Robot-

After a few more shots it will blow away. The robot will fall back a bit but 
then come back in to confront you. Blast the gun some more times and like all 
the rest of the parts it to will blow away. Now that chain that was attaching 
the robot to the appendage thing, it will be electrified and the robot will 
whip it at you. Stay to the far right and it will miss you. The robot will 
launch four homing missiles at you from its head. Charge up a mine shot and 
let it go when the fourth one it launched. Your missiles will take care of the
bombs, then, get over the robot's head. A shaft will come out of the robots 
chest and blast a huge beam of energy. The only safe place is above its head. 
The shaft is its weak point. Blast charged flamethrower shots down at the 
shaft. The chest cavity will close up and the shaft will conceal itself again.
The electrified chain will whip and some more missiles will come out of the 
robots head before the shaft will make another appearance. Blast the shaft a 
couple more time with the charge up flamethrower shots and it will blow up 
taking the whole robot with it. 

                           -The Oil Rig-

The robot falls back into the water and explodes. When the robot is gone you 
are taken across the water and dropped into some sort of oil rig. You’re 
hanging on to spinning blade that is slowly descending downwards. Get out your
machinegun, you’re going to need it. As you descend stay up to not get taken 
off guard by the stuff that comes from the bottom. On the right a white spider
will come crawling up towards you and jump at you if it gets level with you. 
Blast it, it dies with one hit and then blast the green pod on the left side. 
The pods are what spawn the white spiders, so get ride of them fast. Further 
down a white spider will come from the left side, with a pod on the right 
side. Blast them away and then take care of another white spider on the right 
and pod on the left below them. Below them are some more pods and spiders and 
then a giant plant will be stretched across the entire area. You can’t go 
through it, you have to blast its head. As you do the plant will reseed into 
the wall. Keep blasting it and when it gets to the wall it will die leaking 
green blood. 

                            -Cyber Head-

Down below are some more pods and white spider, then another plant coming from
the other side this time. Blast it back into the wall and right below it is 
another plant. Take the plant out and further down are two pods with no white 
spiders. Blast the one on the right away first and then quickly turn around 
and get the one on left before the white spider that is hatching jumps at you.
When they’re both gone ride the spinning blade to the bottom and you are 
automatically let loose when you reach the bottom. A door closes behind you, 
it means nothing so move forwards. You enter a room with some monitors in it. 
All of a sudden the room begins to spiral and a head appears and the room 
returns to normal. Get our your flamethrower and burn the head as it travels 
left and right. The head will throw little round discs at you and the 
flamethrower will take care of the discs as well as hit the head. Pieces of 
the head will break away revealing what it behind its shell. You need to break
all the pieces away, but before you can the head will sink back a little so 
you can’t harm it. It shoot two laser at you from its forehead and you must 
jump over the blasts that the lasers create. 

                            -The Seabed-

When the lasers go away the head will come back into range and you can burn it
until the last pieces of it break away. Now the head is a brain. It will 
slowly come towards you dropping pink slime out of its bottom. Keep burning it
and when it stops dropping pink slime for a second run under it to the other 
side. The bottom of the brain opens up and lets a waterfall of slime out. 
Angle your shots and blast the brain with some charged up flamethrower shots. 
A few of those and the brain will die. It literally disintegrates into thin 
air. Now you are able to move on. Charge up a flamethrower shot and shoot it 
into the pods that are on the ground. Blast the two that are on the ground by 
going into the prone position and then get the one on the ceiling by angling 
the shot. Get the one on the ceiling across from the first one and then jump 
the green water that is in a pit on the ground. On the other side of the green
water is a passage filled with pods and white spiders. On the ceiling there 
is around six pods and on the ground around eight. Blast them all away with 
the charged up flamethrower shots and on the other side is another plant 
stretching from the ceiling. Blast the plants head with the charged up 
flamethrower shots and after two shots of it the plant will reseed into the 
ceiling and die. 

                            -Ugly Fish-

Jump on the floaters that are in another pool of green water and get to the 
other side. Progress though another passage filled with pods and white spider 
and jump on the floaters in the green water on the other side. Jump to around 
the fourth one and a deformed fish will pound at the glass behind you and 
crack it. Water will now flood into the area and you begin to rise up. Change 
to your mines and charge up some homing missiles. Point your gun upwards and 
let them go. Keep doing this and all the bombs that drop from the ceiling will
be taken care of. The bombs drop in but the homing missiles that you launch 
get them before they hit the ground and explode into tiny particles that hurt 
you. Sometimes the bombs don’t even enter the screen before they’re taken out. 
You rise and reach the top with a ceiling rail on it. The rising stops and 
that deformed fish will jump over your head. If you charge up a flamethrower 
shot and let it go at the right time you can harm it by blasting it into the 
fish’s mouth. 

                         -Killing the Fish-

After it lands it will swim under you, you can see it move around.The fish then
dives and some bubbles will appear under one of the three floaters in the 
area. If the bubbles are under the floater that you are on jump to another one
because the fish will rise up and tip over the floater that it is under to 
get you. The fish does this to all three of the floater so you’re at least 
going to have to jump once. When this is done the fish will swim some more 
under you. It will leave the screen on either the right or left side. Which 
ever side it leaves on get to the floater to the opposite side. Charge up a 
flamethrower shot and get into the prone position. Let the blast go when the 
fish appears in the screen and keep charging up more and letting them go into 
the fish’s mouth. When some time has passed the fish will start to suck the 
water into his mouth. Jump backwards onto other floaters to avoid being sucked
into the fish’s mouth. It will then dive and pick a floater on its head and 
rush towards you. Jump on the floater on the fish’s head and then down to 
another floater in the water. The fish will jump over your head again and 
repeat his pattern. Blast the fish's mouth a few more times when it sucks the 
water in and it will die. It splashes around and sinks to the bottom, but it 
comes back for one last try to kill you. It comes up underneath the floater 
you are on. There’s green blood trailing it so you know where the fish is. 
Make sure the fish doesn’t hit you and it will rise to the surface and die. 
When it starts to flap its tail you can jump on it and burn it for fun. 


                         -Through the Jungle-

You start this level by blasting your machinegun down into a pile of barrels. 
The barrels explode and take the guards with swords that are around the barrels
with them. You come in from the top, hanging from a spinning blade. You drop 
off it when you reach the ground. Keep on your machinegun and fire it as you 
walk forwards. Take out the guards with swords that are in your way and then 
watch out for the sniper on top two barrels that are on top a truck. Jump up 
and take the sniper out, watch out for the shot if he gets one off. When he’s 
gone shoot the truck until it explodes, the barrels will also explode with it.
Some guards with swords may come from behind you now, so shoot them away. 
Travel on and you’ll come to a hill. Climb it and at the top is a guard 
loading a mortar cannon. There are also some sandbags in front of the guard. 
Jump up and angle your machinegun fire to hit the guard and then take out the 
sandbags for a full score. Next is another guard loading another mortar 
cannon. Shoot down to take him out. Jump on the tree root that he was on and 
then shoot the sniper on another root above you by angling your shots. 

                            -Truck Snail-

When the sniper’s gone jump on the side of the root to your right and climb up
it and get on the top. To the right of you is another guard loading another 
mortar cannon. He lets it off as soon as you see him, but you are so high up it
will miss you. Jump down and shoot him away and then press on. You will come 
to a truck in your path and a slug will rise from underneath it, now it’s a 
snail. Change to your flamethrower and burn it. When the snail opens up its 
mouth it will leak bubbles. Use the flamethrower to pop all the bubbles while 
dealing damage to the snail. When the snail closes its mouth it will disappear
and the truck will roll across the screen to the other side. Now it appears 
again and it will do one of two things: more bubbles or shoot missiles into 
the air. When all the missiles have been shot the snail will disappear. The 
only safe place to stand it on top of the truck. Jump on the truck when the 
snail is gone and you wont get killed by the bombardment of missiles. The 
snail will move the truck across the screen again but this time when he 
appears burn him and he will die. Then the truck will explode. 

                          -Wrecked Planes-
Keep your flamethrower on and move forwards. You’ll run into a guard with a 
shield, he’ll be burned as you walk into him. When he’s toast charge up a 
machinegun shot before you jump to the overhang that you can grapple. There is
a sniper on the other side of the pit that you must climb over. Let the shot 
go when you can see him. It will rotate around and get him, hopefully before 
he gets his shot off, which is hard to avoid. When the coast is clear jump to 
safe land and blast away the white spider that is crawling towards you. There 
is an airplane propeller in front of you now. Shoot the bottom blade to make 
it spine counter clock wise. Then run under it when it is going fast enough. 
Past the first propeller is another one, but this one is missing a blade. 
Jump over it, don’t shoot it because it is really hard to go under. Two more 
white spiders will meet you as you try and jump over it, blast them away. 
Finally after it the last propeller. It is on sort of an angle so shoot down 
on that same angle and take out the white spider that is coming for you. 
Rotate the propeller blades counter clock wise again by shooting the bottom 
blade and then run under it. 

                        -Entering the Base-

Past the propellers is a back of an airplane where guards with swords jump out 
of. Run under the hatch where they come out with your flamethrower blazing to 
get any that appear in your way. Next is a part with a three story thing that 
you can jump on. Before you do, burn the guard with the shield at the bottom 
then jump to the top of the building and equip your machinegun. There is a 
sniper at the top on the roof of the building across from you. Shoot him away 
and another sniper will take his place. Kill three of them and then switch to 
your mines. On the wall across from you is a cannon that launches bombs on the
ground and below it a red button. Also on the ground are guards with swords 
running around. Go to the edge of the top of the building and arch your mines 
so that they volley across the way and damage the cannon. Shoot them up and to
the right. When the cannons gone shoot your mines forwards to damage the red 
button thing. After awhile the red thing blows away to reveal a secret 
doorway. All the guards with swords will run away and you automatically run 
into the doorway. 

                        -Enemy Commander-

Now you encounter the enemy commander. He does a number of moves that are 
completely random in order. He will either shoot beams of electricity at you 
that rotate around the screen. You must keep in-between two of the beams and
walk as they move, even go up the wall and onto the ceiling sometimes. He may
roll up into a ball and bounce around the screen. Watch where he is going to 
learn the pattern and avoid, this can be tricky. He may jump to the ceiling 
and launch many puffy spark balls at you. Get in the prone position on the 
bottom because you have no idea where they are going to go. If one appears 
above you stay there until it disappears. If there is enough room for you to 
get up then get up. He may go to the ground and shoot ice across the whole 
area. He does this three times, jump over it. Lastly, he may charge up energy 
and then really fast launch it at you. This may take some practice to avoid. 
You must wait just before he throws the energy at you and then jump to the 
wall. The energy will go where you were previously standing if you’re fast 
enough. He may do these moves in any order, so be vigilant. Always lay 
charged up flamethrower shots into him when you can and he should die in less 
than a minute or two.

                       -Random Creatures-

When he is gone you are taken to some sort of heart cavity. There are two pods
that spawn white spiders on each side of the cavity. Use the charged up 
flamethrower blasts to blow them away, along with any white spiders that come.
Go under the pods and blast upwards. When all four are gone burn the heart 
that is up above you. Occasionally some white spiders will come from the 
ceiling and try to run into you so just burn them away. After some time the 
heart blows away and you are taken to another area. In this area there are 
what appear to be eyelids in the background and a giant worm tunneling 
towards you. Burn its head with the flamethrower. It will wind around the area
taking up all the space it can, crunching you in to a tight spot You can 
jump on its body but don’t touch its head. If you burn it constantly it will 
blow off its head and go away. If not, it will start to retreat after awhile. 
When the worm is gone you are taken to a third area. Two crab-like things 
await you here. One is on the ceiling and one is on the floor. 

                        -More Creatures-

Focus your attention to the one on the floor. Burn it with the flamethrower 
constantly. When the top crab runs along the ceiling the bottom one will run 
across the floor after it. You need to back up a little and jump over it. 
When you’ve burned the bottom crab enough it will die. Now the top crab 
becomes more active. When it’s on the ceiling blast it with the charged up 
flamethrower shots until it tunnel away. If it appears on the top again get 
in the prone position because it will swoop down towards you and barely miss 
you if you are laying down. Then get back up and continue to blast it. If it 
appears on the ground it may charge towards you. Lay down after jumping over 
it because it will swoop backwards before turning around. It also may launch 
lots of tiny gray balls into the air that you must dodge. Look for the gaps in
the falling debris and walk carefully. When the second crab it gone you are 
taken to yet another area. In the background some weird looking plant is 
running around. It appears in the screen from the right. As it crawls around 
burn its inner core with the flamethrower. It then stretches it body and 
pulls the top and bottom together. The ceiling is low now so grab onto it. 

                         -The Big Boss-

It then lets the top and bottom go and they return to their original spaces. 
You need to be on the ceiling because the plant lets go a fire wave on the 
bottom that incinerates the whole ground. You can jump over this wave if you 
are lucky and have good timing, but it is extremely hard to do. Once the fire 
is gone the plant will start to crawl around again revealing its inner core. 
Burn it again and by the time it gets to the other side it should fall away 
and die. If it doesn’t die it will fall to the ground and shoot a big blue 
beam at you. Duck to avoid this and then jump when it charges at you. Finally 
after the plant is a very strange clownish being with a crystal on its head. 
You are hanging from an overhang that you must stay on. There are many parts 
you must destroy before you take this guy down. First move over the left arm 
and blast downwards with the charged up flamethrower blasts. It will come out 
after awhile and begin to wind around the beam you are hanging from. Move in 
one of the spaces it creates without touching it. Use the machinegun to shoot 
at the clowns eyes. You should be able to take one of its eyes out. The arm 
will now retreat back into its socket. 

                          -Killing it-

The arm on the other side will now come after you and wind around the beam 
like the first one did. Get in the space that it provides and shoot out the 
second eye with the machinegun. Now that both eyes are gone the crystal will 
shoot out five blasts at you that are pretty easy to avoid. Focus your 
attention to blasting the left arm with the charged up flamethrower shots until
it is destroyed. Then do the same for the right arm. The only thing left now 
is to take the crystal out. Blast the crystal with the charged up flamethrower
shots. You must be careful though because where the arms were some things 
will happen. Either a blue beam will shoot and attach to the beam. You must 
not touch this and it makes it harder to avoid the pink shots that the crystal
is constantly pumping out at you. The arms will also let little ying-yang 
things that fly around randomly and try to hit you. Use the flamethrower to 
burn them away. If you keep pumping the crystal with charged up flamethrower 
shots it should be killed in no time.


                      -Battling the Helicopter-

Look out at that orange sky. You’re also on top of your airplane. That blue 
robot that got crushed by the turtle in the first level is flying around in 
the background. The robot lets off some missiles but you shoot a mine that 
attracts them away. The robot then shoot a round of missiles across the top of
the plane. Jump in one of the gaps as the missiles come towards you. After 
that the robot will open up and put its legs out. It will come above you and 
force fields will shoot out of its legs. Don’t touch them or you will die. It 
will also launch homing missiles after you. Use the flamethrower and burn its 
legs. It will start to move across the plane, so move with it and burn it at 
the same time. The flame will take care of any missiles that come after you 
and damage the legs at the same time. When the legs are damaged enough the 
robot will fly away. Your camera angle changes to the side view and the robot 
appears again. Now it turns from a helicopter to a roboman as it lands on the 
plane. Jump and shoot its mid section with charged up flamethrower shots when 
it shoots little blasts across the plane top. It will then transform into the 
helicopter again and fly away. 

                          -Into the Abyss-

Move to the other side of the plane now. The robot will transform again but 
this time land on the other side of the plane attached to the front. It will 
let out a giant blue laser so you must get in the prone position to avoid it. 
Stay there and charge up mine shots and shoot the homing missiles at him. It 
will again fly away and come back standing up. Sometimes he appear facing his 
back to you giving you ample opportunity to hit him from behind and he can’t 
do nothing about it. When he is damaged enough he will start to smoke and try 
to fly away. You just ram right through him with your airplane as you enter a 
portal in the sky. You are now in some very strange place with a weird looking
alien thing. Start by blasting him with the charged up flamethrower shots . 
He will disappear and appear in one of the corners. He throws two pink balls 
at you that you must jump over, hopefully, it is rather hard. Then he 
disappears and appears in one of the top corners. His arm turns into a very 
long blade and shoots at you very fast. His final attack is to appear above 
you and strike his arm blade down towards you. You know he is going to shoot 
it when you are directly blow him, so watch out. Once you’ve blasted him 
enough he will turn into a frog.

                         -Different Forms-

When the frog first appears blast it with the charged up flamethrower shots.It 
will swim away and appear in the right corner. Get to the left side and get 
ready to lay some more blasts into him. The first thing the frog does when he 
appears is barfs a long stream that you can only avoid by being on the left 
side. After that he will let out some things that look like red bones. As you 
blast the frog you also are blasting the bones that are coming ever closer to
you. As you hit the bones they shrink, you must hit them enough to shrink 
them so you can jump over them before they grow again. Once you have jumped 
over around five of them the frog swims away again. It will then charge at 
you. If it comes above you blast it upwards. If it come below you blast it and
then jump over it. If it comes directly at you shoot it then get in the prone
position. After that it will come in on the left side of the screen and start
to send its bones after you again. When the frog has had enough it will turn 
into a jellyfish. 

                         -Taking it Down-

All the jellyfish does is float around above you and let mushrooms go. Blast 
the mushrooms to get rid of them but don’t be under them because they come 
flying down when you have killed them. Blast the jellyfish with the charged up
flamethrower shots while avoiding the mushrooms. Every now and then the 
jellyfish will swoop below you, just jump over him, what and attack, oooh!  
When it is done it turns into an ameba. Duck in the corner and angle your shot
to damage it with the machinegun. The core of the ameba is its weak zone. In 
order to hit the weak zone you need to push its body in on itself. The 
constant fire of the machinegun makes short work of this guy. The only thing 
that can hurt you is it sends out pink stars that fly towards you, the 
machinegun fire takes care of them, too. If you are slow the ameba floats 
around and comes towards you, but that is rare to be that slow. When the ameba
is damaged enough you will be taken inside its core. Switch to your mines and
get under the center of the core. Above you is a swarm of tiny little 
critters that you don’t want to jump in to. From under the center shoot the 
mines up into it. Keep doing that and the little critters will sometimes come 
down to swarm around you. Get out you flamethrower and go wild killing all of 
them before they kill you. When the core is damaged enough it will kill the 

                              {FINAL BATTLE}
                            -Back for Revenge-

As the ameba explodes you escape on your airplane. But the creatures aren’t 
going to let you go without a fight. As you escape the explosion all three of 
the alien, frog and jellyfish are joined into one sick creature that is now 
coming after you. Blast the creature with the charged up flamethrower shots 
constantly. It will throw pink balls at you that bounce on the ground. They 
bounce high so go under them as the bounce. It will sometimes pull away and 
the frogs mouth shoots some fireballs at you. Either lay down as they pass 
over you or jump them. After a rather long time the creature will be killed. 
But it isn’t over yet. He will attach to the back of the plane and attempt 
to pull you in to the blast that is coming your way. Shoot him off and you 
fly to safety.

"Due to your brave actions you have saved humanity from the brink of 
extinction. You are a true hero and will be remembered throughout the ages for
you selfless act." - If you get this message you're good!

||                               APPENDICES                                  ||


Directional pad and left analog stick - Move character and aim gun.

X - Jump.

Square - Fire weapon.

Circle - Charge your shot up by holding it.

L1 and R1 - Cycles through your weapons.

L2 - Lock gun angle in place.

R2 - Lock character in place.

Start - Pause game.

Drop down - Press down and hit X.

Climb - If you can climb on it then jump to it and you automatically hang on 


Machinegun - Rapid fire gun, like in all the action movies.

Flamethrower - A blast of fire that incinerates your enemies.

Mines - They roll along the ground and explode into anything they hit.

Charged machinegun shot - A rotating gun that fires circularly.

Charged flamethrower shot - A heavy blast that blows through everything.

Charged mine shot - Fires off homing missies at enemies.


Bill Razor - The main hero in the game. He was jailed for treason a while ago 
and it back to stop the evil that is plaguing humanity.

Lucia - Bill's female partner. She is assigned as Bill's watchdog. 

Enemy Commander - The leader of the alien invasion.

The Triumvirate - Three old men that are the highest authority of the Earth 
Federation Government.


Hit Rate - Certain enemies and all bosses in this game calculate in to a Hit 
Rate that is calculated at the top of the screen. You must collect 100% for a 
Perfect score.

Contunues - Continues are given out if you have lost all your lives. Each 
continue you use takes 10% off your final score.

Lives - Each time you die you lose 2% of your final score.

You take all three of those listed above and you get your final score for 
the level:

S - 100%
A - 86-98%
B - 76-84%
C - 74% or lower

You also get your overall score for all the levels you have done. The better 
your score, the better things that happen.


War record - Shows battle stats. This includes time playing the game, highest
achieved rank, high scores and time the game has been cleared.

Training - You can practice levels that you find difficult. You must complete 
the levels past 4 before you can practice them. 

Others - Goodies and movies you get for getting high scores.


Controller - Change the button configuration of your controller. 

Character - Change the character you wish to act.

Sound - Choose the sound type you wish to hear.

Etc. - Go to the Extras menu.

Memery card - Load or save your game.

Language setting - Choose the language you wish to read in.

Difficulty - Choose which difficulty you want the game to be in. 


Hit rate - Top middle of the screen, calculates the percent of important 
enemies and bosses you have killed.

Lives - In the top left corner.

Weapons - Below the lives in the top left corner. Your selected weapon is in 
the middle of the bunch.

2-players - The Second players weapons and lives are in the top right corner, 
if you are playing 2-players.



Guards with swords - They run at you weilding swords. If you're not careful 
they will slice you up.

Snipers - Positioned in places of height or advantage they will try to pick 
you off with thier fast shots.

Mortar cannon guards - They pack mortar shells into a cannon and let the blast
fly. Get out of the way of this.

Flying guards - Either on a spinning blade, rocket or other form of propellant
they will try to hit you with either bombs or gun fire. 

Mortorcycle guards - They charge at you with their motorcycles and try and run
you down or shoot you away. 

Kamikazes - They fly right into you hanging from rockets to take you out with 

Guards with shields - They have a powerfully defencive shield that they place 
infront of them. It take alot of power to take that sheid down.


Grasshoppers - They fly around in swarms and try to lift you into the air and 
kill you.

Flies - Little flies that buzz around, annoying.

Maggots - Slimy things that crawl around.

White Spiders - White spiders that crawl around jump at you.

Pods - They spawn the white spiders.

Plants - Long plants that try and block your way through the game.


Turrets, bombs and Cannons - Varying forms and styles of firing. Caution 
should be used when approaching them.


Level 5 - Clear mission 4 with a B rank.
Level 6 - Clear mission 5 with a A rank.
Level 7 - Clear mission 6 with a A rank.

Database - Beat the game with a B or C rank, This contains profiles of 
characters and events in the game.

Theatre - Beat the game to get a movie in the threatre, the better you do the 
more movies you can aquire here.

Gallery - Clear the game with an S rank to view concept art for the game.


Satellite weapon - Clear mission 5 with a C rank.
Return - Clear mission 6 with a B rank.
Triumphant return - Clear the game with an A rank.
Contra Vs. dog - Clear the game with an S rank.

30 lives - Press: up, up, down, down, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3 and R3 at the titles 
screen with the second controller.

More lives - You get an extra life when you play the game for a certain amount
of hours. I think the first on is at 4 hours. I've played the game for 20 
hours and have gotton 3 extra ones, that's my estimate. 

||                         LEGAL/CONTACT/CREDITS                             ||

This Faq\Walkthrough is Copyright 2005-2007 by: Nathan Kroeger (Mortortex)

CONTRA: SHATTERED SOLDIER Copyright 2002 by Konami Corporation. All rights 
reserved. CONTRA, and all character names are all registered trademarks of 
Konami Corporation. Backstory is from the manual and is copyright by Konami 


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that I have allowed (see above). Any other sites or places with this 
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