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Guide and Walkthrough by bWoNg

Version: 0.92 | Updated: 11/01/2005

                             THE SHATTERED SOLDIER

©1987 - 2002 KONAMI & Konami Computer Entertainment Tookyoo

Copyright 2003-2004
I.                                  Prelude

I love this game :)(:

This FAQ is brought to you based on ORIGINALITY, means readers can
rests assure that this whole document is 100% ORIGINAL.
This FAQ is hand crafted by the author (myself).
I have been playing contra for some times and I took some notes.
That is the way it is.
Everything you will find here is 100% no copying from other resources.

All right you guys, when I was stuck with the amoeba sub boss on stage 6,
that was the ONLY TIME I look for help and read one Contra walkthrough.
However, that was reading, not copying. :)~~~>
I should credit the author when I remember which one :)~.

II.                                 Preface
Am I alone, neo?

Many of my friends posted their disagreement to me when I said Contra
the Shattered Soldier is a great game. Some were just saying things to
entertain me. Even when I went to some game shops, most of the customers
do not know anything about the existence of this huge game.
When I began to introduce Contra, they all seem attracted. And when I asked
them to try it, some of them then bought a copy of this game.

I hope this FAQ will be useful to all of you and will be a good example of

This FAQ is made to help you all on getting the 'S Rank' on every single stage
I will try to explain and describe as complete and as clear as possible.
But it will be difficult for me to translate the entire
fast moving deep action trailer into (human) words.
It is not as if you can just capture all the right emotions and all
the moving pictures as if you are using a video camera.

Please get used to the lock weapon system as it is absolutely very very useful
The way you use the controller will actually affect how you play!
and how deep this game is going to be!!

What I like the most of this beauty besides its breathtaking challenge is
that you can explore more by using different unique weapons, and try to beat
the bad guys most efficiently. That means you need to dig out new
strategies for the same enemies/bosses and that will definitely increase the
depth of gameplay and difficulty level.
Not to mention the most exciting-fun co-op gameplay!~00~!

After you read this FAQ, try it by yourself, and if you still cannot feel
the burning inside, I suggest you to get your reliable Boom stick
and place it on your blurrily eyes.

This is not just A game, this is A one fine art.

End of transmission.

No, you are not alone, nemo

III.                               Precaution
WARNING! Trespasser is to shot down immediately unless you are here to join...
the contra secret training program............................................
This secret document is protected by contra agents around the world...........
Any civilian come across with the process are strongly prohibited by any means
not to deliver words on any circumstances.....................................
I will not repeat this........................................................
Do not play fools by disobeying my direct orders. Indiscipline such as copying
,ripping this document, and enjoying all benefits from illegal operations will
be sentenced to a penalty without any possibility of escaping.................

Authorized Contra Agents:
and some others I have not write it down 
(my email address is not valid anymore >_<)

Please let me know if something should be made a report.

IV.                               Prescription
V0.1        May 30, 2003        23:39pm
I am so glad I finally managed to deliver this first release.
All the hardcore times have taken me quite a long time to deliver this FAQ.
I will leave my frequency 'always ready' to be at your service should
important things come up.

V0.15       June 05, 2003       00:04am
Fix it to 78cpl. Minor corrections/typos. Grammars, etc.

V0.2        July 16, 2003       00.09am
Finished ATL: Twilight Of The Spirit.
Go through Contra: TSS again to fix some mistakes and typos.
Add 'Update Sign' to let readers notified which specific parts have been
updated besides other corrections.

V0.25       July 17, 2003       00.16am
Rechecking things. More corrections.
Add new things on 'Things to read before start playing', including
a 'Non Stop Action' part.
New Alternatives on how to defeat the S.Snake and some more.
Add 'Difficulty Setting' at the end of each mission.
Final Boss alternatives are now placed before the extra event.

V0.27       October 19, 2003       22.53
I am back! (after 2 months (:)~
I have made a mistake when I use the word "lie down" or "duck", what I really
meant is "CROUCH". I have rechecked things with those words, fixed the words
to "CROUCH" where it is properly should be! Wheew, I feel relief now.
I bet some/most of you were confused when applying the strategy.
Please accept my apology. But if you are still confused, I will be very
glad if you let me know and I will fix it for you. Besides that,
grammar correction, and other corrections.
Correction on 'Non Stop Action' part. Now, it is only one part which I include
the sign at the moment. I will try to dig out some more.
I will also try to make this FAQ more comfortable for you to read.
For example: (*)Sharing some ideas, (**)More elaborate strategy (snowy worm),
(**)Strategy correction, (***)This is a great strategy especially in 2p mode!
(just adding the words, most of them are the same strategy as version 0.25)
All these signs will be removed on the next solid version, let's say
version 0.30, replaced by new strategy. And all the signs on
version 0.30 will be removed when version 0.35 or 0.40 when it is released.
Exception is for the 'Non Stop Action' signs because it is only a sign to
mark a specific part of the game. The strategy inside the 'Non Stop Action'
itself can or may be updated on the next version.

V0.30       December 18, 2003       11.03
Ah, the spelling checker is a very useful tool!!! This is all about.
I decided to remove all the ‘strategy correction’ signs and it will be
replaced by a new one once available on the next version.
As for the alternative sign (^^) I will leave it there for this moment
I had rechecked all the strategies and all of them are working perfectly.
(Please count in some random factors to the gameplay)
Despite its version 0.30, this is actually a complete version.
I have my goal to release future versions on a HTML base and hopefully
IGN.com will accept it.
All inputs are most welcome for both text and html version.
If there is something critical or very important then I will also update the
text version on gamefaqs.com.
The reason is that I can put clear pictures on an html version in order to
demonstrate the strategy applied piece by piece.
I do not know when this html version will be ready, so wish me luck :)~.
The html version should start from version 0.40. As for now, I need to collect
all the necessary tools/software. Anybody wants to help me out? I have never
done this before :)~ Thanks in advance.

V0.31       February 13, 2004       20.57
Added one more URL for www.supercheats.com, thanks to Dennis.
Compelling the Authorized Contra Agents under the Precaution.
And a Happy Valentine Day, February 14, 2004 :)(:

V0.91       March 10, 2004          09.03
I feel like this walkthrough is UNDERRATED for its VERSION.
I think people always see the higher version as the better/complete one.
I use v0.31 something because in the future I want to try to make one
HTML walkthrough for contra The Shattered Soldier.
It seems that the V0.31 has lead to misperceptions as people who see it will
assume that this FAq/Walkthrought is not done/not complete/not anything else.
In order to rectify the misperceptions, I would like to change this version
(V0.31) into V0.91 since this is a COMPLETE walkthrough.
I have to admit that this is all my mistakes and I should have known this
better and earlier.
For that reason, my future HTML Contra walkthrough should begin from V1.0.

And I need your HELP to make my dream (HTML) come true :)

FYI, this walkthrough is specially made for the deepest gameplay you can
ENJOY with Contra The Shattered Soldier.
This walkthrough will give you details on how to use your weapon,
how to beat every enemy in this game, and most importantly, how to handle,
LOCK your weapon and choose your weapon wisely.

In addition to, I put my effort on defeating all the (enemies) bosses
in the FASTEST AND MOST EFFICIENT MANNER (Read: Enjoyable Manner).

V0.92       October 30, 2005       07.05
My new email address is:overzeniths@gmail.com
I appologize to you all for not being able to reply to your email since
the previous email address is not a valid anymore, duh >_<.

V.                                  Premise
I hope that I can do more FAQs when it comes to great games.
The world is a growing game, every day.

(-)So, playing games will help growing the world, right?
(+)Go to school, nemo.

VI.                                 Preview

                                       I. Prelude
                      suoicerP.X*             *II.Preface

                  tpecerP.XI*                     * III.Precaution

                liaverP.IIIV*                     * IV. Prescription

                 hguorhtklaW.IIV*             * V. Premise

I.     Prelude
II.    Preface
III.   Precaution
IV.    Prescription
V.     Premise
VI.    Preview
VII.   Walkthrough
       Update Sign
       Things to read before start playing
       1. FORTRESS
          a. Missile Launcher
          b. Crystal Beam
          c. Snowy
          +. Ugly Twins
       2. TRAIN	
          a. Skydive
          b. M. Train
          +. Super Robo Battle
       3. CITY
          a. G. Cop.
          b. Bio Crawl
          c. S. Snake
          +. Advance Battle Train		
       4. SEABED
          a. Super Duper Robo Ski
          b. Virus
          +. Slammer
          a. Snail Humpvee
          b. Lance Mutant
          c. Heart Attack
          d. Dig dug Worm
          e. Twin Tunnel
          f. Climber Crusher
          +. M. Alien
       6. ABYSS
          a. Robo Copter
          b. Silver Surfer
          c. Froggy
          d. Jellyfly
          e. Amoeba
          +. The Core
       7. FINAL BOSS
          +. Final Boss Battle!
VIII.  Prevail
       I. Secrets
       II. Glitch
IX.    Precept
X.     Precious

!VII.                             WALKTHROUGH                                !
Uploading Normal Mode...
Single Player Mode...

[[]]	= Lock Movement
[[R]]FC	= Lock Movement and shoot to the Right use Flame Charge
[]	= Lock Weapon
[L] 	= Lock Weapon to the Left
[R]	= Lock Weapon to the Right
[U]	= Lock Weapon to the Up
[D]	= Lock Weapon to the Down
[UL]	= Lock Weapon to the Upper Left
[UR]	= Lock Weapon to the Upper Right
RF	= Rapid Fire
S	= Spread (Rapid Fire charge)	
GS	= Ground Strike
HM	= Homing Missiles (Ground Strike charge)
F	= Flame
FC	= Flame Charge
[L]FC	= Lock Weapon to the Left use Flame Charge
[UR]RF	= Lock Weapon to the Upper Right use Rapid Fire
[DR]FC 3x           = Lock Weapon to the Down Right use Flame Charge 3 times
[UL]F a few seconds = Lock Weapon to the Upper Left use Flame a few seconds
[U/UR]FC/RF = Lock Weapon to the Up or Upper Right use Fire Charge or Rapid F

 This is a non-stop thriller.
 In order to view and enjoy the most of this fine preview of fast moving art
 you must let of your fear and tie-up yourself to a steel chair.

!Update Sign:                                                                !
!(*)  (one star) means new detailed/elaborate or a new way on how to defeat  !
!     normal enemies or some minor corrections.                              !
!(**) (two stars) means a new style or changes on sequences on how to defeat !
!     the sub bosses or the big bosses or some good corrections.             !
!(***)(three stars) means it gives a great impact on how you should defeat   !
!     the enemies/bosses.                                                    !

!Things to read before start playing:                                        !
!>Contra: TSS is most enjoyable when you play it the fast and furious.       !
! This is a non-stop action game. Means, destroy the enemies while keep      !
! running forward and do not stop running forward! In some parts of the game,!
! you will be able to seek, destroy and hunt for the next targets/enemies    !
! when you are running forward without even bothering to stop your engine.   !
! I will try to pin point that specific parts for your playing convenience :)!
! You can always create your own styles of Non Stop Action.    2players mode?!
! Look for (@@) sign within this walkthrough.                                !
! Look for (~~) sign to end that specific part.                              !
!>Contra: TSS is made of fun and full of excitements. Must try 2players mode.!
! Look for (^^) sign -Alternative-, possible to practice it on 2players mode.!
!>Mastering your movement and controller is the most important thing to keep !
! yourself fit and alive.                                                    !
!>Contra:TSS is a game full of surprises.You will always find a better way to!
! master your skills and dig for a deeper ground on each mission.            !
!>That means, after you read this FAQ and play it,forget about everything and!
! start a new episode of Contra: TSS by yourself.                            !
!>The Difficulty Setting at the end of each mission is decided based on      !
! the single player mode for beginner players!                               !
!>Contra: TSS is always being the best! Ahemm.                               !

!Mission 1                          FORTRESS                                 !

Move forward and [UR]RF to shoot one grenade launcher above, do not stop.(1%)
[R]F and blast the truck (5%).
Get close to the motorbike, lie down and FC 4x, then quickly F one second or
FC 1x (one more time). (9%).

   Prepare FC.Keep moving forward and when you are very close to the motorbike,
   release FC 1x and at the same time jump across the motorbike.
   When you are behind it, [L]FC 4x to destroy it.

Move fast forward and always use [R]F to blast away all the enemies.
Destroy one barrel plus the soldier. Remember, your F will eliminate certain
bullets from the enemies.  (11%). Destroy the next barrel.
Jump and toast the grenade launcher above. (14%).

   Keep moving forward and always use [R]FC to destroy the enemies plus the
   barrel. Do not stop, jump over one or two samurai blocking your way.
   Since you are using FC and trying to beat the time, you might want to aim
   for barrels that can explode. After blasting off the second barrel plus
   the soldier, aim [UR]FC 1x to one launcher up ahead.
   This is for sure a faster way to achieve your goals. You can release FC
   even before the enemy shows up, and when you keep moving forward,
   the screen will move to your advantage.

Weapon used: FC 11x

1. Stand at the centre of the screen.[UR]FC 1x when it begins to fall down to
   the ground.
2. [R]FC 8x. You can place yourself as far as the concrete on the background.
   Do not afraid of the missiles, it will not touch you and when it moves
   toward you, you will be completely safe standing where you are.
3. [U]FC 1x when it jumps over you to the left.
4. [L]FC 1x before it has a chance to deploy its targeting missile. (you may
   need to add quickly [L]F one time to get a perfect result) (22%)

(^^)Alternative, try to co-op in 2players mode!
(***)This is a great strategy especially in 2players mode!
1. Stand at the right corner,facing left,[UL]FC1x when it begins to fall down.
   Yes, you will not get hit the way you stand :).
2. [L]FC 7x. When it begins to move toward you at the right corner, jump over
   it to the left, [R]FC 1x.
3. When It jumps over you to the left corner. Quickly [U]FC 1x.
4. Once it lands on the left corner, [L]FC 1x. Kaboom. It does not have a
   chance to launch its targeted missile :).
Imagine this in a two-player co-op!!!

Note: Try not to waste time while charging and releasing FC.

Wait a moment until the screen moves,[UR]FC 1x each to the two hanging barrels
on the ceiling (It is quicker to use [UR]RF). Those barrels will drop and
crush the soldiers below. Move forward and use GS to destroy enemies in front.
You do not need to stop. When climbing the wall,
charge button to release HM, but do not release it until you can see only the
head of the first soldier on the left. After releasing, do not stop climbing.
and If you are lucky those three soldiers will be eliminated with only 1 shot!
Maybe you should use HM 2x just to make things easier. (30%).

Do not waste your time looking for a safe place. Move your a.. on the double.
Weapon used: RF (easier to use), or FC 36x
(***)Feel the heat!
1. Warming Up, Destroy 2 crystals.
   Place yourself so you can aim [UR]FC to the center of the crystal.
   Once the crystals show up, [UR]FC 3x to destroy 2 crystals.
   Quickly change weapon into [U]RF aim for left Missile Pod.
   (Or just use [U]FC 4x to destroy the left Missile Pod. If this the case,
   let's get on to no.3)
2. Destroy left Missile Pod.
   Stand right under it, [U]RF a few seconds.
   (FC 4x each).
3. Destroy right Missile Pod.
   Move a bit to the right,[UR]RF a few seconds.
   You may need to adjust your position.
   (FC 4x each)
4. Destroy left Spread Shooter.
   [U]RF a few seconds.
   It is better you face to the left side and when locking down your weapon,
   move a little bit to the right from the center of the shooter.
   You can wipe out the spread bullets using F.
   (FC 3x each)
5. Destroy right Spread Shooter.
   Move a bit to the right, [UR]RF a few seconds.
   You may need to adjust position.
   (FC 3x each)
6. Destroy left Hellfire.
   Get under it, [U]RF a few seconds.
   When it releases a bomb “on the background”, do not panic, wait until
   it touches the ground.
   You are guaranteed to have enough time to jump up while keep shooting up.
   (FC 3x each)
7. Destroy some of the Blue Crystal at the center.
   Do not release [U]RF while moving/jump to the center.
   Shoot the crystals and you can destroy 4 crystals out of 5 (left only 1).
   The right Hellfire will release its bomb. Just jump up to avoid it while
   keep shooting up to the crystals. Do this twice.
   Meanwhile, the left Flame Booster is ready to boost up your misery.
8. Destroy right Hellfire.
   The left Flame Booster has been activated.
   So head to right, stay under the  right Hellfire, [U]RF a few seconds.
   Avoid the bomb by jumping up as on pattern no. 5.
   (FC 3x each)
9. Destroy left Flame Booster.
   Move a little bit to the left and stop in between the core and
   the right Hellfire. [UL]RF, crouch/standing position and keep firing for
   a few seconds. (Otherwise, use [UL]FC 3x to destroy it)
   (FC 3x each)
10. Destroy right Flame Booster.
    Go to the left side.
    You must be aware of the laser beam from the Blue Crystal.
    It will not hurt you when you jump through the laser beam. Just do not touch
    the grounded beam. Use the same method as pattern no.8. [UR]RF, crouch.
    Only this time is a lot easier without the left Hellfire shooting
    above your head.
    (FC 3x each)
11.Shoot the last (one) remaining crystal. Kaboom. (53%)

(^^)Try the above strategy in 2players co-op.

If you want to use FC 36x, stand at the center, FC 9x to the crystal (left only
one crystal). Destroy all of weapon parts as described above.
Finally, FC 1x to destroy the last remaining crystal.

Note: When you are at the left or right corner, the laser beam cannot reach
      or hurt you.
      You need FC 10x to destroy all of the (7)crystals.
      If you let the left and right Flame Booster activated, you can still keep
      in charge of the situation by adjusting your movement/jump to the left or
      right in-between the two flame burner.

Keep moving fast to the right. Shoot the grenade launcher and
the Shield Soldier. (55%)

It is time for snowboarding. You may use [UR]RF a few seconds or FC 2x (1.5x)
to each of them. (60%)

Weapon used: FC 7x

1. Move close to the right screen.
   Prepare[R]FC. When the worm is about to fly to you -the 3rd time he is
   going to surface -, and while still locking down your weapon, avoid to
   the center. [R]FC 1x. I suggest shooting its upper body first.
   FC can destroy a few parts in a single shot.
   It will then jump out from the left side of the screen so you need
   to prepare [L]FC. Now, you should aim for the lower body.
   [L]FC 1x. Aim for the tail is a must.
2. Move close to the left screen.
   It will be repeating pattern no 1. Except, this time it will show up on
   the left side. It means you will get another chance to eliminate those
   remaining body parts. (You can choose to use F, but you must be closer
   and things can get slower). Anyway, lock down [L]FC,
   move a bit to the center, shoot [L]FC 1x. Another jump on the right corner,
   use [R]FC 1x to eliminate the very last remaining body parts.
3. Move to the center.
   [L]FC 1x to the head when the worm flies over to the left corner.
   Count 1,2,3 and release [R]FC 1x. It will hit the head.
   Quickly release [L]FC 1x to the head. It is finished.
   (if not over yet, recount 1,2,3 and repeat [R]FC 1x, [l}FC 1x)
   "The snow is a better place for you to sleep". (76%)

Note: The first part –below the head- cannot be destroyed.
      All you need is a good accuracy and good timing.

So much for snow boarding. Now it is time for arm stretching.
[R]F or [UR]F all the way to the right. When they catch you above the bar,
quickly burnt them. If below bar, wait until you are at the safety level
above the bar then toast them into ashes.

Weapon used: GS, FC, F

1. a. While the helicopter is landing, take position. Hold onto the highest bar.
      [UR]GS. Adjust your GS to be able to pass through the shining edge
      of the Copter’s weapon. Keep shooting until the boss is coming down from
      above. [UR]GS 23x to destroy the upper part. (79%)
or b. Stand on the second steel platform, [UR]GS to destroy the upper part.
      Some will also hit the head. This way, you need to avoid the head when it
      strikes by walking backward and then move forward again to finish the job.
2. Quickly go down to the ground by pressing down pad and the jump button.
   Crouch, [R]GS approx 16x. Lower part has been destroyed. (82%).
3. a. Do not move. [UR]FC, crouch, approx 14x to the turtlehead. The electric
      ball will not be able to touch you at your current position. (If you
      want to move, then you must be in your best position before the electric
      ball is charged out because it will aim for a certain course depending on
      your last position) The head is gone. (90%)
or b. If you are doing 1.b well enough,then you just need to [UR]FC 7-8x,crouch.
      The head is destroyed (90%)

Note: If you destroy the head first, you will still have a few seconds to hit
      the upper part before the big brother shows up.

4. Ugly's Brother is coming to get you.
   There are 3 (three) different types of attack will be performed by the Big
   *He will throw up things before you.
    Solution: In front of the mouth, [UR]FC, crouch, shoot 10x to 11x.
    Or [UR]F, couch, shoot until it stops throwing up.
   *Bugs and electric charged ball attack. The mouth will open up several
    times.Stand in front of him, [R]F a few seconds or [R]FC a few times.
    Your Flame should reach his mouth to result damage. When the electric ball
    is approaching, just slowly walk backward while keep [R]F.
   *Sometimes, when you are attacked by bugs and charged ball, his mouth will
    not open at all.
    Solution: You will have to wait for another turn to shoot his mouth. You
    can also avoid the charged ball by retreating slowly to the left or be on
    the left most corner. When you are done, it is Well done. (100%)

Average Time: 5minutes and 15seconds
Best Time: 4minutes and 55seconds.
Difficulty Setting: **1/2 Average

!Mission 2                           TRAIN                                   !
Weapon used: FC

1. Riding your new super bike, the sub will gives you a nice warm laser beam
   welcome. To avoid those curve beams without jumping, be on the right most
   screen, press left pad slightly twice (two clicks). This will let you
   absolutely free from the attack. As for the horizontal swap beam, you
   should jump straight up twice (rarely, one of the attacks is so weak
   that you should not jump at all to avoid it).
2. This is getting hot. The sub is going after you. From the right corner,
   [L]FC 3x (2.5x actually) to destroy the cannon, but you will need to jump
   straight up or to the left to avoid the last shot. (3%)
3. One racketeer is approaching from the left, [L]FC 1x. (4%)
4. It is preparing to drops barrels. [U]FC 4x. (9%)
5. Laser pods attack; be at the right side, [UL]FC 1x to the first Laser Pod,
   quickly [L]FC 1x to destroy the approaching rocketeer.
   Go back to left and destroy the first or second Laser Pod; [U]FC 1x/2x.
   You should stand close to the laser beam and shoot the pods above.
   While still locking down try to destroy the other Laser Pods on the right.
   Now you are free to shoot the remaining pods with [UR]FC a couple of times.
6. Two rocketeers from the left. [L]FC 2x. (22%)
7. The cannon attached on the skydive is activated. Go to the right corner.
   [U]FC 1x, then the cannon will shoot once. You should jump to left.
   Go to the right corner again, [U]FC 1x. It shoots again. If you stay at
   the right corner, you will not get hit. [U]FC 1x again.
   The cannon have been destroyed. Skydive is now a Sea junk. (27%)

A group of rocketeers are coming. Go to the right side, As soon as the first
group shows up, [UR]F (you may use [UR]FC 1x then change into F) to eliminate
them. For the second group, use [UR]F again. When they are going to throw down
hand grenades, use [U]F in front of their gun.

If your timing is right, finish them by using [UR]FC 2x(1.5x) to each of them.
Note: -This part is sometimes turn to be a pain in the ... when there is not
      enough time to finish them all and the grenade will be in your face
      very quickly since you are riding a super bike.
      Do not worry because you can retry the stage by choosing the menu when
      you push start button during the play or by finishing the stage and then
      reenter the stage. Why? Because this walkthrough is supposed to get you
      all the S rank on every single stage. That's why, I am telling you.
      Two players co-op is a heaven on Earth.

Weapon used: FC, F and or RF

Part 1: Inside the tunnel
1. Self Targeting Missiles
   Go to the left corner, [[]]F to all directions from where the missiles
   come. After 5 rounds, you can shoot the cannon. [[UL]]F. (38%)
2. Motor gang
   Always positioned yourself at the center
   -First bike from left, [[L]]FC 1x, jump up, [[R]]FC 1x.
   -Second bike from left, [[L]]FC 1x, [[R]]F a few seconds and to eliminate
    the bullet from the enemy.
   -Third bike from right, [[R]]FC 1x, jump up, [[L]]FC 1x.
   -Fourth bike from right, [[R]]FC 1x, [[L]]F a few seconds and to eliminate
    the bullet from the enemy.
   -Fifth bike from left, [[L]]FC 1x, jump up, [[R]]FC 1x. (48%)
   Note: If your F can not reach them from the center then you must move a bit
         closer to the enemy.
3. Tri Harrier
   You can not shoot the main ship now. Concentrate on both arms. [U]FC 3x to
   destroy each of them. Shoot the right one first since it is slow and
   less agile.
   You may need to jump around to avoid the left arm’s grenade attack. All
   depends on your shooting accuracy. The main ship will spread its red laser
   followed by the ground fire wall. You can easily avoid it by moving or
   jumping to the left and right.
   Sometimes, the main ship will perform one shower attack.
   Evade to the left and right. Then he will come to get you straight from
   the background. Evade to left or right. Once it shows up again, He will
   charge its deadly swap laser beam. You have only ONE BRIEF CHANCE to
   shoot at its cockpit. If the cockpit destroyed, you win. If not,...
   Prepare FC, stand under its cockpit, [U]FC 1x. That is all you got to do.

Note: When the Tri Harrier opens its red laser beam, place yourself at the
      left or right corner. Be a good boy. And it will not harm you!

(^^)Alternatively you can use this idea in 2p mode
3. Use [U]HM continuously to destroy two arms.
   The cockpit still need [U]FC 1x for easy operation or you can use [U]RF.

Note: -If you fail to destroy each part of it within the reserved time,
      they all will disappear to nowhere and you will loose your chance to
      get more level percentage.
      -When the main ship attacks with its shower, usually it is safe to
      stay at the left corner.

Part 2: Day Light
1. It seems your vehicle is unnecessary to go further. After a nice landing on
   the train, prepare [UR]GS. Move close to cannon no.1 and keep shooting.
   Jump right to encounter with cannon no.2, [UR]GS (or jump in front of it,
   lie down and shoot your weapon). Use {GS} or Homing Missile to destroy
   one launcher below. Forward and shoot [R]GS to destroy another launcher.
   [UR]GS to destroy cannon no.3 and at the same time destroy another launcher
   on the right. If you stand still (under the cannon no.3),
   you will not get hit by the grenades from the launcher above.
   Jump and GS he or [U] HM 1 x or [UR] GS and walk back a little bit letting
   your GS to reach the launcher. Jump right and keep moving.
   [UR]GS to destroy cannon no.4 (or jump in front of it, lie down and shoot
   your weapon). Go down, lie down, [R]FC 1x to destroy cannon no.5.  (75%)

Note: -When destroying cannon No.3, do not rush going to the right corner
       because the corner will block your GS to reach a further distance.
       As a solution, move backward a bit to get more space so that your GS
       will regain its full range.
      -You can use FC 1x to destroy the cannon.
      -When destroying cannon no. 2 and 4, you do not have to be close to them
       Just use [R]FC 1x while standing on the left edge. That way, your FC
       will hit the lower part of the cannon.

Weapon used: FC

1. Training Day.
   First the left shoulder, [L]FC 4x to destroy it (sometimes, when you hit
   the left shoulder less accuracy, you will need up to [L]FC 6x).
   The right shoulder also needs FC 4x to be destroyed.
   When it rams to the train you have to jump and land on the train.
   You will need to jump straight up twice to avoid its arm missile attack.
2. Agony.
   Charge your FC. As soon as it fires up the laser beam, move to left a
   little bit to give enough time for charging up and to avoid those laser
   beam. [[DR]]FC 1x to destroy the robo part. (85%)

2. Go to right edge while [DR]GS, you will not fall down. Continue [DR]GS.

3.a. Wings of Freedom (FC 6x)
     Walk to the right and down a little bit so the drill cutter will not be
     able to reach you (the second stair step going down).
     Quickly [L]FC. Jump and shoot FC 1x to its folded wings. Now wait until
     the drill gets near to you to get a pattern. jump straight up,
     release FC to the folded wings. Repeat the process and you will need to
     [L]FC 5x.  KABOOM! (  %) If not finish yet, continue to 3.b.

3.a. Wings of freedom, brave heart. (FC 6x)
     Do not afraid of those drill cutter. You just need to jump over it while
     keep firing at the folded wings. There are 6 cutter you need to jump over
     Robo will do a certain preparation before he releases the cutter.
     [R]FC 1x to his wings.
     Once it touches the train, jump initiatively to the left, [R]FC 1x,
     jump back to right, charge FC, the second cutter, jump left,
     jump back to right, [R]FC 1x, charge, third one, jump left then jump back,
     [R]FC 1x, charge, fourth one, jump left and jump back, [R]FC 1x,fifth one,
     jump left and jump back, stop, wait for the sixth one then jump up to
     avoid the last cutter while releasing your final blast -[R]FC 1x.

3.b. Strike.
     If not finish yet, he will doing the superman maneuver from the left
     to right vise versa. Lie down. Nothing to do. But it is possible to
     jump over the strike 3 times. Still not finish? Continue to 3.c.
3.c. Last Dance
     He will be on the right side, floating, and showing his back to you.
     [UR]FC a couple of times and that should do it. If not destroyed yet,
     it will move to left side.
3.d. If still not finish yet, he’ll be at the right side repeating pattern no 3
4. Finish it!
   Catch the legs. Burn it! [U]FC 2x or F a few seconds. (100%)

Average Time: minutes and seconds
Best Time: minutes and seconds.
Difficulty Setting: *** Above Average

!Mission 3                           CITY                                    !

Always prepare FC. Move forward, crouch to shoot the poor soldier. (1%)
Shoot enemies/samurai keep coming from the front. When you reach the
two tall concrete pillars on the background,place yourself at around the center,
[UR]FC 1x to destroy the approaching rocketeer soldier. (2%)
If you miss, prepare [U]FC 1x since he will be around the center area and
give you enough time to shoot.

Ahead is a pile of sacks and a soldier behind it.
Crouch/lie down FC 1x to shoot at the sacks and the soldier at the same time.
The soldier will be gone and the sacks need FC 1x more to be destroyed. (6%)

Do not lose concentration on the ground enemies.As you always prepare your FC,
move forward. When you see a truck and a soldier on top, keep moving.
The soldier will shoot once but it will never hit you if keep moving forward.
One rocketeer will also show up from the upper right corner.
Now, Sometimes/often the two of them are close enough to be blasted of
together by using [UR]FC 1x, then the truck is yours. (13%)
(If they are not close enough, you can choose to blast of the truck
<11% including the soldier -7%->, that will also destroy the soldier on top.
You will need to [U]FC 1x to eliminate the rocketeer. This is easier to do.)

In front of you is another pile of sacks and one launcher behind it.
Crouch/lie down FC 1x. The soldier will be gone (14%)and the sacks need
FC 1x more to be destroyed. (17%)

you can jump to the pile of sacks and you are guaranteed not
going to be hit by those grenades. Now you can do whatever you want to the
sacks ([[D]]F) and the launcher([[DR]]F).

Weapon Used: RF (for easy operation), FC 9x

1. Go to the right side. Facing left. Aim [U]FC for the red core.
   [U]RF or [U]FC 1x then continue with [U]RF.
   This way you will not get hit when the samurai jump down to the ground.
   You will have enough time to shoot at it before the soldiers hit the ground
   And when the left samurai almost touch the ground, aim your weapon [[L]]RF.
2. When the search light is on, it is going to throw heavy grenades rain.
   [U]RF the grenades. Moving a bit to left and right to eliminate those
   grenades while keep shooting at the core.
3. It will then move to the center. Follow it. [U]RF to the core.
4.a. It will move away to the left/right side. Same pattern as on no.1
     When it attacks with continuous grenades, [U]RF. Moving a bit to left
     and right to destroy grenades while keep shooting at the core. Kaboom!
4.b. If it does not Kaboom yet.
     The pattern will keep repeating from no.3.

1. Go to the right side. Aim [U]FC for the red core.
   Once it opens, [U]FC 2x, then [[]]F to destroy the dropped samurai.
   (When the left samurai almost touch the ground, [[L]]F)
2.a. When the search light is on, it is going to throw heavy grenades rain.
     Distract him first. [U]FC and go the right corner. When the search light
     gets to you, walk back slowly and [U]FC 2x to the core. Facing to the
     continue walking backward to the left step by step avoiding those grenades,
     you still have a chance to hit the core 2 times by using [UR]FC 2x.
     When you reach the left corner bombarded by grenades, then it is a good
     to bail-out-jump ([UR]F while jumping) yourself to the right.
     (I guess in two player mode, when the grenades are coming out, one can use
     [U/UR]F to cover his buddy doing [U/UR]FC continuously to the core)
or b.You may choose not to distract him first. Instead, hit the core [U]FC 2x
     from where you are standing. Then you should continue with the rest
     as explained in 2.a.
3. It will move to the center.
   Follow it. [U]FC 1x to the core. Two samurai will be dropped.
   Anticipate with F. Always prepare your FC.
4.a. It will move to the left/right side.
     [U]FC 2x to the core. Kaboom. (23%) Wipe out the remaining samurai.
4.b. If it does not Kaboom yet.
     The pattern will keep repeating from no.3.

Note: -When doing jump while [U]F and then land on a samurai you will not get
      hit. Instead the samurai will be destroyed. Do not try to land on it
      while they are slashing at you. It's very, very dangerous!
      -Whether you are using the RF or FC, the time consuming is almost the
      same. But it is easier to use RF since you do not have to press charge,
      aim accurately, release, and watch out for enemy's attack, charge again.

Going down the huge elevator. Lie down, FC x1 to shell robo,
[UR]FC x1 to shell robo, [DR]FC x1 to shell robo. (29%)

Weapon Used: FC approx 44x

1. Grab on the ceiling. Center screen [R]FC about 10x then go down. [UR]FC
   while dodging some bouncing bullets. Sometimes you have to crouch while
   locking down or jump to avoid those.
2. It will move slowly to the left side, toast him- [U]F or FC him along the
   way. From here, you are given two choices;
   a. Fight with all your might.
   Stop shooting [U]F when it is starting to puke down. Take position to the
   right, [UL]FC continuously. Jump over the things coming at you on
   the conveyor while keep locking and shooting. You can jump over 3(three)
   of them at once. It should be over soon.

   b. Fight with your mind.
   When it stops at the left, go to the right side and jump to the upper
   right. Quickly jump again to the left (you will be hanging on the ceiling).
   Wait for half a second until the Bio Crawler get pissed off and start to
   chase after you like a speeding bullet. Quickly get down to the conveyor
   and use [U]F effectively until he goes back to the left stop. Repeat the
   process approx 17x until he gets totally fried (dam.., no chili sauce).

Weapon used: FC 23x

1. Jump right and grab the steel bar. Hold your position at the center.
   [[DR]]FC continuously.
2. When it attacks you with poison gas, keep firing 'til the gas gets near you
   Jump to the second/right steel bar [[]]F a few seconds. Then go back to the
   first/left steel bar.
3. When it attacks with spread bubbles, [[]]F and wave your F to vaporize those
   bubbles away.
4. Repeat the process and you will be just fine. (40%)

Note: When you are using [[]]F to eliminate those bubbles, actually you do not
      have to [[]] since at that time you can not move while waving your F to
      all directions.

1. Always be at the left side. Use [R]GS to attack its head.
   You need to adjust your position for the GS will be able to reach its head.
2. When poison gas is coming out, run to the second steel bar, [D]GS/F.
   Then you should go back to left.
3. When the bubbles are spread out, anticipate with [R]RF. You may need to
   jump up and keep firing to secure the area.
4. Repeat the whole process.

Continue to right. One shell robo will fell down when you get pass:
a. Prepare FC, jump to right, and quickly turn back, fire. (42%)
b. Or, glide on the wall below the robo and use F.
c. Or jump to the lower right, [UL]FC 1x.
d. Or wait on the lower right until it comes to you then blast it.

Another shell robo, [R]FC 1x. (44%) Then prepare your GS.

Weapon used: GS and FC

1. Destroying Front Lower Part
   While facing left, [L]GS, walk back to right side to keep a safe distance.
   Crouch whenever possible because GS will launch faster that way. When comes
   to electrical shock, wait until it is nearly gets you then jump right, yes
   jump right because it moves faster than your jump, you will land safely
   leaving it behind you. Keep firing when jumping.
2. Destroying Front Upper Fire Cannon. (FC 13x)
   Jump to the upper stage. [L]FC 7x while keep moving back. Go down, jump up,
   [L]FC4x. Go down, jump up,[L]FC 2x. Kaboom!
3. Destroying Electric Pods
   Hang on to the ceiling. Move left approaching the pods attached to the
   upper body of the battle train. [D]FC 3x to blast the first pod. Use the
   same way to destroy the second pod. Both will have no chance of firing
   back. One missile from right then left will come after you. [DL]FC 3x the
   third pod. Two missiles from right and one from left. [DL]FC 3x the fourth
   pod. Three missiles from left, one from right, one from right, two from
   left. Take initiative to blow the pods as quickly as possible. (90%)

4. Destroy the Core.
   4.1. Step onto the ground, prepare [R]FC.
        Jump over to the right; jump over one more time to be next to the
        core, [R]FC 2x. Lie down to avoid the laser beam. [R]FC the core 3x.
   4.2. Get close to the core. It will throw 2 wheel blades, one after
        another. The first one will not be able to hit you at your current
        position. As for the second one; put the attention to the sewer.
        If you are close to it, you might want to adjust your position
        by moving a bit left in order to avoid the second blade, [R]FC 2x,
        lie down to avoid laser, get close to the core [R]FC 3x.
   4.3.1. Those two wheels again. Well, you know the drill (avoid the blades).
          [R]FC 2x. Lie down; get up, [R]FC 2x or 3x. Sometimes you can
          not shoot the core 3x during the second round. But it is alright. If
          everything is perfect, that thing is over, right now. If not, please
          continue to 4.3.2.
   4.3.2. The core will throw one shell to the left. It should be easy to
          eliminate it. Now get back to business and aim your reliable boom
          stick [R]FC a couple of times to finish your job. (100%)

Note: -Remember to always get close to the core.
      -Do not waste time when charging and releasing FC.

Average Time: minutes and seconds
Best Time: minutes and seconds.
Difficulty Setting: ***1/2 Above Average

!Mission 4                           SEABED                                  !

While on opening, prepare your HM (charge your GS). Take your position at the
center of the screen, facing left and shoot continuously.
There are 18 missiles to be destroyed. (18%). After, change weapon into FC.

Weapon used: FC, F, GS, (RF)

1. Fight with All your Might
   a. While waiting, prepare for FC. Go lower right and sneak below the robo
      backpack. Facing left. Position yourself so that the dropping
      ammunitions (mines) from the backpack can not hit you. [[U]]FC 4x to 5x
      depends on how fast you are. When the missiles are coming to get you,
      [[U]]F the backpack and the missiles (swing your flame).
      They are coming over to say hello,
      so you should wave your flame left and right in response to.
      Most important, your position should be a direct-vertical line to the
      backpack’s opened lid.
or b. While waiting, prepare for FC. Go upper right above the backpack.[[D]]FC
      a couple of times. When the missiles comes out to say hello to you,
      change into [[]]F. Keep aiming your F for the backpack and swing it to
      destroy all the missiles.
or c. There is a much safer way to avoid those exploding mines and the homing
      missiles when you try to destroy the backpack for the first time. Place
      yourself at the top screen, shoot [R]GS so it will hit the backpack from
      your current position. Do not move! This way you will not be hit by the
      explode mines and you can also hit the homing missiles without moving!!!

2.    When the backpack is closing, quickly prepare
      [R]FC and go to the left screen, get in front of the backpack  (you may
      need to dodge some of the remaining missiles) [R]FC 1x the backpack (you
      may also hit the gun). Follow the robo when it jumps up, [R]FC 2x (you
      may also hit the gun) When it goes down, [R]FC 5x. Some shoots may not
      hit the gun. The backpack  should be blown to pieces by now. (go to 3.a.)

3. a. Now, on the top left corner, you still get a chance to hit the gun.
      [R]FC 2x. After that, quickly change into [R]GS. Lower your position a
      little bit so you can hit the gun on its front edge with your GS
      continuously and at the same time eliminates the missiles threats (you
      do not have to move!). The gun should be blown to pieces by now
      (or a little bit earlier).?.  (go to 4.a.)

Attention: If you did not hit the gun several times previously (during the
destruction of the backpack), you should leave your current position and
carry on with 3.b.

3.b. If it has not blown already. Please pay attention the missiles launcher
     at the lower right. When it lands on the ocean, move your butt to right
     (you may need to dodge some missiles on the way). Other way is to change
     weapon into [R]RF, go up a little bit and shoot the missiles blocking
     your way. When you have reached the right screen, turn left and facing
     the gun, [L]FC several times while dodging the fireballs. It should be
     blown to pieces by now. (you may use [L]RF and shoot the missiles coming
     out while moving up and down and while dodging the fireballs, but if
     things go smoothly you will not need to use RF).  (go to 4.b.)
4.a. The core is going to open! Still got a chance to hit the Missile Launcher
     on the lower right. [D]FC 2x or more. When the core is opening, go above
     it, [D]F. Move your flame down and toast it crispy.  (go to 5.a.)
4.b. The missile launcher is vulnerable right now.  [D]FC 6x, you need to
     dodge some missiles. (go to 5.b.)
5.a. The robo will rush to smash you.  Go to upper left screen.  Go down,
     prepare [R]FC. When it jumps up, move in under the chain. Position in
     front of the missile launcher so the missiles itself can not hit you.
     [R]FC 8x it will move up, go beneath it,[U]FC 3x It will move down,go to
     right, [L]FC 2x. Escape to left and go above it. [D]FC a couple of times.
     It should be blown to pieces by now (or earlier).  (go to 6.a.)
5.b. The robo will rush to smash you.  Go to upper left screen.  Go down,
     prepare [R]FC. When it jumps up, move in under the chain. Position in
     front of the missile launcher so the missiles itself can not hit you.
     [R]FC 8x. it will move up, go beneath it, [U]FC 3x. It will move down, go
     to right, [L]FC 2x. This time it will be blown to pieces before the core
     opens up. (Go to 6.b.) (If the robo has not been destroyed then you
     should go to 6.c.)
6.a. The core is ready to open. [D]F the core. The robo should be blown
     away by now in approx 1minute 25seconds only!!!.
6.b. The core will open and fire a huge laser beam. Go above it, [D]F toast it
     until the shield closed completely. (go to 7)
6.c. [D]FC several times to the missile launcher. It should be blown away by
     now. (go to 7)

7. It will try to hit you with the chain. Nothing to worry about
   Just relax at the right screen. After, quickly sneak above its head
   (upper left corner). Positioned yourself a little bit up so your head is
   above the screen (you can not see your head on the screen).
   Use [R]F to destroy the missiles passing by in front of you. (go to 8)
8. For the moment of glory. Final toast the core and it will join the party
   in Bermuda triangle.

1. When doing [R]FC, make sure it will hit both the backpack and the gun.
   This will save you a lot of troubles (and save a lot of time to^o).
2. On Seabed stage you can press X button to swing around your carrier.
   This can be useful to dodge the fireballs from the gun. (inside the
   tunnel deep pressing X button will give you power to do the rotor slash).
   When you are shooting while pressing X button, the shots will be affected
   by releasing a waving style of current normal shots. (33%)

Tunnel Deep
Weapon used: FC

(***)Great strategy
 1. First pod is on the left:
    At the center, facing left, [L]FC 1x, quickly press X one short time
    to kill one jumping alien.
 2. Second pod is on the right:
    At the center, facing right, [R]FC 1x, quickly press X one short time.
 3. Third pod is on the left:
    At the center, facing left, [L]FC 1x, quickly press X one short time.
 4. Fourth pod is on the right:
    At the center, facing right, [R]FC 1x, quickly press X one short time.
 5. Fifth pod is on the left:
    At the center, facing left, [L]FC 1x, quickly press X one short time.
 6. First plant. The head is on the left:
    Get in front of it, aim a bit higher to its center, [L]FC 1x.
 7. Sixth pod is on the left:
    At the center, facing left, [L]FC 1x, quickly press X one short time.
 8. Seventh pod is on the right:
    At the center, facing right, [R]FC 1x, quickly press X one short time.
 9. Second plant. The head is on the right.
    Get in front of it, aim a bit higher to its center, [R]FC 1x.
10. Third plant. The head is on the left:
    Get in front of it, aim a bit higher to its center, [L]FC 1x.
11. Eight pod and ninth pod is on the same horizontal line.
    Facing right,[R]FC 1x, quickly go to left,press X to destroy the last pod.

*By pressing X button, your copter’s blade will cut through the enemies above
 you. You need to be at the right spot before executing this move because you
 are also vulnerable from side attack when doing this. That is why you should
 equip F or other weapons, and you will become almost invincible.
*You can adjust the rotor slash power. The longer you press it the higher you
 can go.
*For easy operation, use F or RF to destroy all enemies and use (X) rotor
 slash to eliminate the jumping aliens. [UR]RF or [UL]RF is useful to blast
 off those aliens.
*You may want to dodge diagonally down right the jumping aliens which came
 from the right, and vise versa.
*To destroy those plants from below, get under its head, a bit to its neck,
 then press X.

Weapon used: F and FC, or FC 28x

1. Prepare FC. [UL]FC 1x  as soon as you gain control. Change into [UL]F and
   follow it to left, [U]F all the way to right. Eliminates the bubbles attack
   with your F by moving left and right.
2. When it stops moving you can not shoot at it because it is now on the
   background. It will activate red and blue laser beam to clamp you like a
   chopstick from left and right. Be on the center area of the laser beams.
   When both of them are coming to you and get close enough, jump straight up.
   Repeat on the second turn.
3. He is back. [U]F a few more seconds until its outer skin destroyed. Now for
   the real thing. Do not get too close as it will fall down to the ground
   once. Use [L]F a few seconds then change into [U]F and follow it to the
   direction you have chosen. When it stops moving, do not stand under it or
   else you will be puked out:
   a. Stand besides the puke [U]FC a couple of times. It will fall again to
      the ground for goods.
   b. Just before he pukes out, escape to a safe side, [UL]FC or [UR]FC to
      destroy it. (53%)

Important Note:
*It is possible to use only FC 28x to override the virus. Pay attention to the
 O (circle) sign on his forehead. It will glow for a second before releasing
 the bubbles attack. Just when it glows, hit the sign.
 It will automatically cancel the bubbles attack :)

There is jungle out there. FC and F is a good combination for toasting some
aliens. Move forward, lay down when you see 2 pods on the ground, FC 1x to
destroy both of it. FC the other 2 hanging on the ceiling. Forward until you
see some pods up and below. Keep forward until you can see 2 more pods on the
ground, FC 1x to destroy both of it. Forward a little bit, lie down, FC 1x
to destroy 2 more pods. Change into [U]F and toast 3 pods above you. Forward
until the screen shows you one monster plant on the right side, [R]FC 1x,
it is not dead yet, quickly approach one pod on the lower right, crouch, F it.
Adjust your position a bit forward, [[UR]]FC 1x or [UR]HM 1x. (63%)
Step on the second floating [R]F or FC 1x to destroy 1 pod. Jump right and
[R]FC 1x to destroy 2 pods. Forward and lie down, FC 1x to destroy another
2 pods. Change into [U]F and toast the last 3 pods above you (75%)
Now you should see 4 (four) floating on the water. Prepare for HM. Jump to
the third one. View the cut scene.
[[UL]]HM continuously from the fourth floating to eliminate all the drop bombs

Weapon used: FC 9x

1. Still on the fourth floating, [U]FC 1x to its head when he jumps over you.
2. He will always try to slam you dunk 3 times from below. You should watch
   carefully the bubbles coming up from below the water surface to let you
   know where the boss will show up. After, quickly jump to the safe float.
3. He will swim to left and right. If then he disappears to the left, you need
   to move to the right/fourth floating, vise versa. By assuming the boss
   will be showing up from the left, place your feet close to the right edge
   of the floating (almost drop yourself to the water). Facing left and lie
   down. prepare [L]FC and shoot as soon as he appears from the left, [L]FC
   max 5x. You will need to jump over 2 floating, jump over again 2 floating.
   Things can be a little tricky since the boss will suck everything into his
   mouth. You may need to practice more.
4. The boss will come again from the same side:
   a. Stay where you are. He will lower its head a little bit and up again.
      Now there is one floating standby on top of his head, so adjust
      your time and jump onto the floating above its head then quickly jump
      straight up and grasp the steel bar. Prepare FC.
or b. Before he shows up again, jump to the most left or right floating
      depends on the direction where the boss just showed up. When he comes
      back you will be lifted up. Jump up to grasp the bar. Prepare FC.
5. a. He will disappear to the right side and will jump high to get you
      from the right screen. [R]FC 1x, very quickly jump down to the floating
      below and once you land, [U]F to its head. (It is easier if you do not
      use [R]FC 1x since it is very dangerous)
or b. For easy operation, quickly jump down to the floating, and then,
      when it  shows up from the right screen, [U]FC 1x to the head).
6. The same process is repeating from no.2. Just go through the patterns and
   you will be doing well. (100%)

Average Time: minutes and seconds
Best Time: minutes and seconds.
Difficulty Setting: ***3/4 Expert

!Mission 5                        ARCHIPELAGO                                !

Move forward and blast the truck; [R]FC 1x or RF, quickly [R]GS, hit the
approaching soldier/s. Approach the sacks and destroy it using [R]GS also
destroy two grenade launcher behind the sacks.
Continue to right where there is one enemy waiting on the right screen:
a. [R]HM 1x or [R]GS while jumping forward to drag the right screen and
   destroy the soldier.
b. or get close to the cliff, press right once to drop and hang on the cliff,
   shoot HM 1x. His bullet will not hit you. Press up-right on the top of the
   cliff to jump to the rock on the right. Jump again to the right cliff,
   press right to jump right automatically. Adjust your jump to the left edge
   of the cliff so the enemy below will not shoot. Use [R]HM 1x to destroy the
   grenade launcher on the lower right. (14%)

Weapon used: FC and F or FC 20x – 22x

1. Once it is awake, [R]FC 3x to the body. It will turn back side to face you.
   Quickly change into [R]F. Burn it.
2.a. If it attacks with bubbles, keep your distance, [R]F, crouch. Let all the
     bubbles passing through. When it stops and the snail is transforming,
     jump onto the vehicle and then get down at the center screen.
2.b. If it targeting missiles, continue with [R]F. When the target color
     becomes red, get ready to jump onto the truck, and then get down at the
     center screen.
3. Repeat the pattern no.1. It should be over by now.
4. If not finished yet, repeat pattern no.2 (the enemy is on the right side)

Be on the right side, prepare [R]F so when the screen starts to move,
it will hit one shield soldier (20%). Do not stop moving forward. Jump up,
hang on the ceiling and keep moving forward. Prepare GS. Do not stop moving
forward on the ceiling. When keep moving (or when on the ceiling, use HM 1x
to destroy the enemy below), you will automatically drop down.
You will not get hit by his bullet. Instead, you will land behind him.
Quickly GS the enemy and facing right, GS to one alien coming toward you.(21%)

The first blade is just in front of you. Do not worry, pass it through
without getting hurt. Leaving the first blades behind, do not stop shooting GS
and do not stop running forward. Your GS will kill another alien approaching.
Keep moving forward and the second blades will be pushed circle up and
your GS will kill one alien approaching. Another blades ahead. Do not stop
running forward!, [DR]GS to kill one alien and shoot/push the last blades.
You will get through the trap safely and easily.

Do not stop shooting [R]GS, keep moving forward. Soldiers are jumping out
(super samurai?). Whenever there is a soldier trying to hit you, blast him
through. Do not stop running forward.
When you see one shield soldier, let your GS handle it.

Jump up onto the highest platform [R]HM a couple of times to kill 3 soldiers
coming out one after another from the upper right and at the same time some of
the missiles will hit the cannon and some soldiers:
a. Be on the right edge of the platform, [R]GS to destroy the cannon.
   Now get down and destroy the red door.
b. Or else, Hold down [R]F and jump (or walk down) to the right side on good
   timing so your fire will eliminate some grenades from the cannon. When you
   land on the ground, go under the cannon, [U]F. Then destroy the red seal
   in front of you. (34%)

Weapon used: FC 34x

He will attack you with some styles;
1. When he hangs on the top center and starts to attacks you with some white
   spread light, quickly go to center screen (right under him), [U]FC, crouch,
   shoot [U]FC 5x.
2. When he is on the upper left of right, charging for laser beam:
   a. If your position is right under him, [U]FC 4x, then star mobilizing
      yourself to escape the coming laser beams.
   b. If you are a bit far from him, [UL] or [UR]FC 4x, then prepare to jump
      to avoid those laser beams.
3. When he is on the ground, charging for its circling boost attack:
   a. you may want to stay in front of him and keep a good close distance.
      [R]FC on every possible chance.
   b. quickly jumps behind him. Facing left, [R]F, crouch. This way you also
      to jump up to avoid the circling boost coming from behind.

Note: It takes +/- 3 seconds for Lance to release his first charge. You can
jump in front of him to take position and then quickly jump again to his back
and shoot him from there. Not too close please since he has the deadly
summersault kick (Bison?). The second and the next charge take about 2 seconds
to be fully charged.

4. When he turns into a fireball:
    There are some good places to hang around to but it will also affected by
    the position where he turns into the fireball which is categorized as a
    random sight. You might want to give Lance [R]F for a few seconds
    However, you can try one of these
    a. Go to the left wall, use FC to hit him. [R]FC or [UR]FC works fine.
       Sometimes  you need to crouch, move a little bit and hang on to the left
       wall (to the lower part of the wall only –tap your left pad once- for
       a second in order to avoid the bouncing fireballs. If you are lucky, do
       not move and you will not get hit.
    b. Go to the right corner and do the same thing as above.
    c. Run to left and right looking for a safe place. Watch out for Lance’s
       bouncing direction (play snooker?).
5. When he releases 6 circling laser beams surrounding you, just position
   yourself in between two of the laser beam. Just follow it circling around
   and use FC. It may help to lock movement when you want to direct your FC to
   Lance so you will not move and touch the laser beam. When you are at the
   top corner, and feel a bit difficult to aim for Lance; you can always use
   HM 2x, change into FC again. (43%)

Weapon used: FC 7x

1. Go to right, [U]FC 2x to destroy the alien pods.
   (Adjust your position so it will also hit the Heart. In between)
2. Go to left, [U]FC 2x to destroy the left pods.
   (Adjust your position so it will also hit the Heart. In between.)
3. Quickly, move to center. [U]FC 3x. Lie down F to left and right aliens.
4. [U]FC 3x. The heart attack is over.
5. If not, Lie down F to the aliens around. [U]F the heart to cure it once and
   for all.

Note: When it is finished, the remaining aliens will not be able to hit you.

Weapon used: FC 19x

1. It comes out from the upper right corner. [UR]FC 4x until it goes
   near the ground.
2. [R]FC 8x until you are at the left corner. Jump right onto its body.
3. [[DL]]FC 1x. Watch where you stand. (this is a bit difficult to perform)
4. [L]FC 2x and [UL] 3x. Always aim for its head.
5. [L]FC 1x while moving backward to the right. All will turn into dust.
6. If it is still alive, jump left onto its body, move backward to left [R]FC
   until it is over.

Weapon used: FC (Ground +/-12x and Top +/-21x)

1. Quickly shoot the one on the ground [R]FC 2x, [UR]FC 1x, and  [R]FC 5x
   while moving backward to your left. Prepare to jump to right when it is
   to get you.
2. [UR]FC 2x to the one on the top. They both will be hiding.
3. Once they show up again, [U]FC 6x and [UL]FC 1x to the top one.
   The ground one is ready to crash you again.
4. You will be given two choices:
   a. Jump to left to avoid the crash. [R]FC 3x - 4x to destroy the ground
   b. Jump to left to avoid the crash. They both will hide. Once show up
      again, FC 3x – 4x to destroy the ground one.
5. [U]FC and [UR}FC continuously to the top one.
   It will definitely put him into the eternal sleep.
6. If he is still alive, he will then show up on the ground, releasing stars
   weapon attack. Get in front of him, [R/L]FC it a couple of times and it
   should be over.

Note: Things may vary a little bit from what has been explained. But if you
      stick to the plan, it is that easy.

Weapon used: FC 8x

1. Go to right screen, close to the edge of screen (the second vertical line
   on the ground. Your right foot will be stepping on it). Prepare [UR]FC.
   As soon as it shows up (the other half still unseen on the right screen),
   [UR]FC 1x to its center. Move back (to the third vertical line), [UR]FC 1x
   to its center. It will reopen, move a bit to right (your foot almost at the
   second line) [UR]FC 2x. Prepare[UR]F.
2. Fire on the alley. Once the ground and the ceiling come closer together,
   use [R]F to hit the center during your jump up to grasp on the ceiling,
   Prepare[R]FC. Wait until the fire has gone away. When it opens again,
   [R]FC 1x to the center while jumping down to the ground.
3. Save and sound on the ground, [U]FC 3x its center/heart while keep
   following from left to right. That’s all it matters!

4. If you miss some of your shots, the crusher will land on the left ground
   side. Quickly get in front of it, [UL]F or FC, DUCK. Wait until it opens up
   to release laser beam, burn it, then it is all your glory.
5. Not yet finished? You got to be kidding! Oh well, then it will be speeding
   up to the left and right. You need to jump around just like in the donkey
   kong jumping over all the barrels. You can not hit him now. Wait until it
   opens up again. Take your chance and shoot. And the patterns will repeat

Note: You can actually avoid the fierce fire attack on the alley by quickly
run to left side and jump to the right side. You just need a very good timing.

Weapon used: FC 22x to the head.

1. Facing left, [[L]]FC 2x the left arm, Facing right [[R]]FC 2x the right
   arm. At the center, [D]FC 2x the head. (notice that the left and right eye
   get a slight damaged too)
2. The head and the eyes will give attacks. While dodging the attacks, move to
   right, [D]FC 2x to the right arm, move to left, [D]FC 2x to the left arm,
   move to center, [D]FC 2x to the head.
3. When the left arm makes its move, go to right, [D]FC 2x to the right arm.
   Then shoot [D]FC 5x (or [D]GS 20x) to the right eye.
4. When the right arm moves, go to left and [D]FC 2x to the left arm.
   Then shoot [D]FC 5x (or [D]GS 20x) to the left eye.
5. Go to center, [DL]FC 1x to the left arm ( one more FC to destroy it).
   [D]FC 2x to the head, [LR]FC 1x to the right arm (one more FC to destroy
6. There will be attacks from the center, dodge to left. [DR]FC 1x to the
   head. Dodge to right [DL]FC 1x to the head. Move your way back to the
   center, [D]FC 13x to the head when the left and right arm move. You should
   have enough time to do this. (one more FC to destroy the head)
7. [DL]FC 1x to the left arm and it will be destroyed. []FC 1x to the right
   arm wherever it is and it will be destroyed.
8. FC 1x to the head. No chance to shoot you back.  (100%)

Important Notes:
*Do not destroy the eyes before you have shot the left and right arm with
 FC 7x. (1 more FC to destroy it)
*Do not destroy the arms before you have shot the head with FC +/-17x
 (1 more FC to destroy it)
*Destroy the eyes during your shots to the head.
*Destroy the head only after you have already destroyed both of the arms.
*When things go wrong, just remember to give priority to get the 100% Clear
 Level based on the Important Notes and the Insider.


*Left arm		needs FC 8x to be destroyed
*Right arm 		needs FC 8x to be destroyed
*Left eye		needs FC 9x or GS 30x to be destroyed
*Right eye 		needs FC 9x or GS 30x to be destroyed
*Head 		needs FC 22x to be destroyed

Average Time: minutes and seconds
Best Time: minutes and seconds.
Difficulty Setting: ***** Immortal

!Mission 6                           ABYSS                                   !

Weapon used: FC 11x (may combined with F and or HM)

First Sight
1.If it starts attacking from the right, stand on the left, jump up to avoid
  the missiles. Prepare for [U]FC/F.
2.The two arms will be side opened and spread electric waves that will block
  your way to further left and right. Do not touch the electric waves.
  [U]FC 5x to the arms, change into [U]F and keep firing those arms and to
  blast of those annoying missiles..[[U]]F wave the F will help.

Note: Using [U]HM continuously will give you a safer place to stand on.

Second Meeting
After the arms have been destroyed, the copter will then transform to a robo
3.First appearance is from the left screen. [UL]FC 2x. Change into [L]F.
  Be careful of the electric shock on the floor. While locking [L]F, jump up
  to avoid the shock and at the same time you will hit the core (cockpit).
  Do that 3 continuous times. After, it will do its crazy move by
  jumping to upper right side, so watch out.

4.Coming in from the left. It will attack you from the right. Lie down near
  the cockpit area, [R]F a few seconds.

5.Move back to the center haul, it is coming out from the left and will make
  a pose on the right screen. When it transform to a robo, aim for its
  cockpit. [UR]FC 2x If you are fast enough, it should be blown out to pieces
  by now.
6.If not yet finished, repeat from no.3.

Stand on top of the cockpit on the farthest right side, down the curve line
of the cockpit. (pass through the red light, close to fall down)
3. First appearance is from the left screen.
   Facing left, [L]FC, quickly jump up, release FC 2x to the cockpit.
   When jumping up to avoid the electric ball running on the ground, FC 1x
   to the cockpit. Jump up again, FC 1x, change to RF, jump and shoot at it.

4. Coming in from the left. It will attack you from the right. Lie down near
   the cockpit area, [R]F a few seconds.

5. It will show up from the left and will stop to pose on the right screen,
   facing to the right. Use [UL]FC 2x directly to his cockpit. Easy aiming.
   Easier to do is [UL]F a few second. It will do the crazy kicking, so,
   it might be a good idea to crouch for safety reason.

6. If not yet destroyed, repeat from no.3

Some strange energy field will suck you in and your ship into the abyss.
Here you have to fight 4 different mutant-bosses before you got a chance to
meet face to face with the Ancient Relic.

Weapon used: FC

1. When she is at the center, [UR]FC 2x.
2. When she launches (2)fire balls, you should be able to []FC 3x – 4x while
   walking backward. Then jump over the fire balls.
3. When she is at the upper left, [UR]FC 1x then prepare to avoid her pierce
   attack by jump backward. If your jump timing is correct then you can give
   her another [UR]FC 1x.
4. If she is back to the center, quickly FC 1x, jump to avoid and quickly
   another FC 1x.
5. When she throws you again the fireballs. You know the drill right.
   It should be that easy.

*when avoiding the fireballs, it is better you are not at the center.
Try to shoot as close as you can while keep walking back slowly but do not
reach to the corner. This will give you a better space to jump backward.

Weapon used: FC and F

1. [UR]F for a few seconds to the froggy in front of you until he left.
2. When he shows up from the right screen, [R]FC 3x – 4x. Keep a safe distance
   because he will spit out some deadly poison fog.
3. After, quickly jump forward; get close to him, [UR]F, crouch. Keep shooting.
   Sometimes you will get hit on his third spit, so it is advised to
   lie down before him during his third spit. If everything run smoothly,
   then the froggy will be completely toasted by now.

4. If not finished yet, he will show up from the left or right side doing
   superman thing; flying from side to side. Use FC quickly to wherever he
   came from. Then quickly lie down or crouch or jump to avoid crashing.
5. The pattern will then keep repeating from no. 2.

Weapon used: RF for easy operation

1. The space is clear and free of mushrooms. It is best to use [U]RF/FC
   to follow its movement from side to side.
2. When some mushrooms have spread out decorating your screen, use [UR]RF
   or [UL]RF to keep things tidy while keep moving from side to side shooting
   at it.
3. When it goes diving to your feet from side to side, clear some mushroom so
   you can jump safely while avoiding its diving.

*You should clean some mushrooms of the area before it starts to dive
 otherwise it would be too late.

Weapon used: RF (for easy operation and the only one that fit for this mission)

1. It is very simple and very easy. Go to the left corner, facing right,
   [UR]RF,crouch. That is all you have to do in order to defeat this
   (surprisingly very hard to beat on the first meeting- boss. Yes, that is
   It will grow your stress hair rapidly if you choose the wrong weapon and
   the wrong way. I use FC all the time, I disposed almost 30lives and
   still loosing) Do not panic when it attacks you with star-shape missiles.
   Just hold tight your position and you will soon be the winner.


Weapon used: GS for a few seconds

1.Quickly approach the core, adjust your distance, [UR]GS for about 10 seconds.
Yeah, you should be happy that everything is over now, or not.

*Sometimes it tries to fight back by sending its -mini fish like- troops.
 If things got worst, go to the left corner [[]]F and wave your flame
 to those uninvited.

Average Time: minutes and seconds
Best Time: minutes and seconds.
Difficulty Setting: ****1/2 Above Expert/Hardcore

!Mission 7                        FINAL BOSS                                 !

Weapon used: RF for easy operation

This boss owns unique attack powers. He is about to make you disappear from
this world? by executing its Bouncing Fireballs and Charging Fireballs.
1. When he is sending you the Bouncing Fireballs you should:
   a. Quickly stand or crouch at the center of the haul. [UR]RF, keep firing and
      do not move. The first bouncing balls will get pass you without touching
   b. The second bouncing ball is coming, you should crouch or lie down in
      the position near the “back wing” of your ship while keep firing [UR]RF.
   c. The third one and the last of its pattern. To dodge this, position
      yourself a little bit left to the previous position. Keep firing [UR]RF.

*It is better to crouch.

2. When he is executing Charging Fireballs:
   He will charge toward you. Keep aiming and firing [UR]RF while walking
   backward to the left. When he stops, [R]RF and keep firing while keep
   moving backward to the left corner above the red light. His head will be
   the traffic lights to release either the horizontal fireballs (which will
   disappear on the left screen) or the diagonal fireballs (which is aiming to
   the red light on top of the ship above the cockpit). Usually, for the first
   time, he will give you  diagonal fireballs. There are a few options of what
   should be happening:
   a.1. If it turns out to be horizontal fireballs, jump to the right and
        sneak in between the fireball no.2 and no.3 while keep firing.
        Believe me it is easy to do it. Quickly jump forward again while keep
        shooting. You should land close to the boss, keep firing.
   a.2. After you sneak in between the fireball no. 2 and no. 3, lie down
        to avoid other fireballs and for safety reason.
   a.3. Just lie down yourself to avoid all those horizontal fireballs, but
        you will miss a chance to shoot the final boss. Not to mention you
        will miss all the fun.
   b. If it turns out to be diagonal fireballs, jump a little bit to the
      right and land in between the explosion no.2 and no.3.
      Believe me, it is easy to perform.
3. He will be back to the starting position at the upper right screen. Repeat
   pattern no.1. The second time he is going to spit out fireballs, the
   possibility is becoming horizontal fireballs.
4. He will be charging again.
5. After charging, on the way to the upper right screen for the second time,
   the boss is damaged badly and sent over to the deep space.

*                              FINAL BOSS (^^)                               *

(^^) Alternatively you can use different strategy for no. 1.
Bouncing Fireballs: The Peaceful Path
a. Be on the left side, one of your feet should be positioned a bit left pass
   the red light. The first one should not touch you.
b. Be still. The second one will not hit you either.
c. Move to the right as far as to the center of the wings, but a little bit to
   the right of the center. It is better to crouch. The third wave will not
   touch you. Cheers.

(^^) Alternatively you can use different strategy for no. 2.
Bouncing Fireballs: Circus Charlie
*Keep shooting[UR]RF. Notice that it is actually a pair of bouncing fireballs?
What you need is the courage to get inside that bouncing fireballs and get
out alive. Adjust your position so that while you are walking to the right,
the first pair of the bouncing will overpass you because it moves faster.
Now, the trick is to stay inside the bouncing sequence for a snap second and
get out alive to the left side when the second pair has just bounced up
the floor making specific curves that will allow your height to get pass to
the left side. You need practice in order to master this trick.

(^^) Alternatively you can use different strategy for no. 3.
Charging Fireballs: Brave Hearts
a. When he is charging toward you, you should be in your position to lie down
   under his belly button. (see position 1.c. for the bouncing fireballs) Do
   not crouch. You can charge HM from your position.
b. It is not always a safe place to lie down under the alien’s belly button.
   If he fires diagonally, it is a sure thing you will turn into a barbeque
   sausage. Just pray that you are now at the right spot, and jump straight up
   in a very good timing. If yes, you should be able to avoid the barbeque
   fork and land in between the explosions. (On the contrary, if he throws
   horizontal fireballs then nothing to worry about)

Average Time: minutes and seconds
Best Time: minutes and seconds.
Difficulty Setting: ***1/2 Above Average

!                                 CONGRATULATIONS                            !
!     You have just won the Final Battle and save our world once again       !
!                                 from the aliens                            !

Extra event:
The final boss is spelling out his last words. He will jump out from nowhere
and captured the ship with both arms and use it as a ride.(I think he wants to
apologize and ask for a free ride to go home). The Clear Level percentage is
already at 100%. Shooting at him or not will not affecting the total %.

Average Time: minutes and seconds?
Best Time: minutes and seconds?
Difficulty Setting: None

I say, "you earn all the triumphant welcome you can get".

VIII.                               Prevail
I. Secrets
1. Default Player increase
   After playing for several hours (more than 3 hours), I got one announcement
   when the game is over. It says "Default Player Increase".

1. Stage 5 sub boss 6: Climber Crusher.
   What glitch: You will have to fight Twin! Climber Crusher.
   How: Beat both the Twin Tunnel precisely at the same time.
   (stage 5 sub boss 5) (2 players’ mode)
   End Result: You will get additional 5% added to your Clear Level
   percentage, making it 105% as a total achievement instead of 100%.

IX.                                 Precept
1. Q: How long will it take to beat this game?
   A: It takes approximately 45minutes for average players, less than an hour
      for average beginner, more than an hour for beginner and less than
      45minutes for above average or expert.

2. Q: How can I contact the author?
   A: Whether you have some useful info or need to ask something about contra
      or need to ask me if you want to put this walkthrough on your website,
      please do not hesitate to ring a bell to overzeniths@gmail.com
      If you want to read my other FAQs and get something to share. You are
      most welcome.

3. Q: How exactly to unlock Default Player Increase? Is it affected by the
      Duration, Clear Rank? or Clear Level?

4. Q: What should I do when I find out or an illegal copy of this FAQ?
   A: This contra FAQ is distributed freely and secretly in the name of trust
      among contra agents. If some good citizens found it and ask nicely for
      permission, there is a good chance they will be released from the
      eternal penalty. In other case, please reply to us immediately all
      suspicious movements, and when we catch some dirty hairy! trying to
      getaway to vice city, then it is more likely that you will not hear
      anymore from them as if they are already wiped out of this planet since
      they will be end up spending their rest of life as a shooting target
      at our secret base. Mua ha ha ha ha… ……ehmm.

5. Q: What is the most useful weapon on this game?
   A: You will almost be able to clear this game with only one weapon.
      The easiest way is to use FC because of its absolute power and very good
      range. One exception is for the Amoeba sub boss. You will need to use RF
      to save your life. On the other hand, you can finish the game without
      Spread (RF charge)weapon at all.

6. Q: Should there be any contra tournament?
   A: Maybe they should or somebody should bring this up.

X.                                  Precious

This section is where I pay my respects to all of you, good people who had
given such a huge contributions to the very existence of this beautiful game.
1. Such a great game speaks for itself.
2. Thanks a lot to KONAMI & Konami Computer Entertainment Tookyoo for their
   hard working on producing a very exciting and most challenging
   deep-fast-thrilling action game. We are being spoiled by you.
   I cannot wait for the sequel. :)~
3. To C_Jay_C at gamefaqs.com who helped me through during my first FAQ–Tales
   of Destiny 2 Mini games- There would be the second and there will be the
   next. Thanks a million to the C~oo~l C_Jay_C.
4. Thanks to IGN.com for accepting my first walkthrough and to Stephen Ng
   of Ignfaqs who always give support to my contra FAQ.
5. Thanks to Neoseeker.com for accepting my Contra walkthrough.
   You have been very helpful to me.
6. I read one of the contra walkthrough at gamefaqs.com tried to find out
   how to beat the stage 6 sub boss (Amoeba), but I forgot who is
   the author :)~
7. To everyone who have played contra with me and shared their stress.
8. To everyone who is still playing contra.
9. Please insert coins.

"It is my ultimate dream"
-Philip Beale-

Game tokens in arcade machine,
Great games are my best friend.

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