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Guide and Walkthrough by Adrenaline SL

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/21/2003

WARNING: Game causes extreme frustration and mild stupidity.

      %##################   #@
    @#####@         @#######@ @####@  ###@   ### "######@%#####%       "#     
   ######             "####" @######@ ####@  ###@####### @#   "##     ##@#  
  #####@                     ###  ### #####@"###   @##   ### "###    #####@ 
 ######"                     ##  #### ##########   #@@   #######    ##@ ###@   
@#####%                       # ####% ###"@#####   ###   ###""##@  ########@@   
@#####%                      ######## %##  @####   ###   ##%  "##@##"   ##@#@ 
 ######"                     %#####@  %##   "##@   @#"   ##%   "####     ####
 %######""              #####         "    
  @#######@        @#####""  S  H  A  T  T  E  R  E  D    S  O  L  D  I  E  R 

                  Contra: Shattered Soldier FAQ / Walkthrough
                            Written by AdrenalineSL
                      Version 1.2: Released April 20, 2003

         The very latest versions and updates can be found at GameFAQs:


This is currently [Version 1.2] of Adrenaline's Contra: Shattered Soldier 
strategy guide and walkthrough for the Playstation®2 console.

This guide isn't perfect. In fact, it's far from it. I would like everyone to 
send me 10 dollars to keep me off the streets. Help a starving file in need! 
Actually, I just hope you'll help me with finding errors and correcting them. 
If you have extra strategies, please send them in! I would love to have them. 
I'm all open for questions, comments, marriage proposals, etc., so send away! 

Contact me: toiletrabbit(at)hotmail(dot)com

-----    VERSION HISTORY    -----

Version 1.17 | February 3, 2003
Struck the month in which I began my long and arduous journey as a FAQ writer
two years ago. That's right! This month marks my two-year anniversary since I 
began writing these pieces of video gaming history. I feel a strong urge to 
celebrate...or just update a few of my beloved FAQs. I haven't done much to 
the content itself, just fixed a few errors and changed the formatting 
slightly. Hopefully, it will work out better for you. Much thanks to Phoenix 
1911 for a few suggestions.

Version 1.1  | January 19, 2003
Finally calculated the rankings. Not completely sure if they are accurate, so
don't rely too heavily on the data I've provided! Also corrected some errors, 
spell checked the entire document and did other unimportant stuff.

Version 1.0  | January 18, 2003
My first guide of 2003, and I couldn't have chosen a more suitable game to 
write for. Everything is complete. Enjoy and have a Happy New Year, everyone! 

C O N T E N T S 

01.  Introduction
02.  Story
03.  Game Basics
04.  Stage Guide       
05.  Perfect Hit Rate Guide
06.  Secrets
07.  FAQs
08.  Outro
       Legal Junk
       Special Thanks

  01.  – Introduction - 

No one ever imagined that any year would again be as great as 2001, when we 
were treated to the best new titles for the rapidly growing gaming industry.
Then the 2002 holiday season rolled in with the hottest title of the year, 
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. However, the real brilliance shone from the 
updates to classic series. The 2002 holiday season was wrought with updates 
to some of the most beloved, ancient franchises. What an eerie coincidence 
that they all just happened to have been released not far from one another, 
all in the same year. This leads me to believe that this had been part of a 
massive, twisted conspiracy set up by a group of representatives from each of 
the franchises seven to nine years ago. 

I keep picturing the lead developers, all huddled around in a circle with 
coffee mugs in their hands, brainstorming for their future plans. One of them 
says, "Hm, since we're pretty much rolling in dough, we might as well take a 
long vacation before we begin work on the next installment of our gems." Then 
the guy beside him takes a sip of coffee and goes, "Make that a long, long, 
long--times a thousand--vacation. The games' development must span six to 
eight years, so we can release the games all at the same time and make people 

For most of these big names, eight years have passed since their last debuts 
on their respective consoles, and now we witness the dawn of a new era in 
classic gaming. The classic games have finally returned, packing enough 
firepower to lay the smackdown on all the hot, new titles! Leading the 
vanguard on the PS2 front is Contra: Shattered Soldier, probably the most 
well-known out of the bunch. We can ignore the fact that Konami's last two 
Contra endeavors on the PSX sucked ass. This time around, Contra is executed 
just the way fans love it--the old-school, fast-paced, alien-bashing, 
infinite ammo unloading, extremely hard 2D action-shooter. And just to please 
PS2 owners, Konami upped the aesthetic appeal several notches, making the 
visual presentation simply awe-inspiring. Contra is a testament to the fact 
that great simplistic games are never tiring.

At any rate, I just wasted a few minutes of your life with this, so maybe you 
should get back to playing Contra! Oh wait, you need my help, yes? Ha, 
HAHAHA, HA! I'll cut right to the chase: this guide should help you achieve 
that coveted S-Rank. Even if it doesn't it will provide some (hopefully) 
helpful tips to get you through tough times. Gear up, soldier, it's time to 
shove rockets up some alien rectums!

  02.  – Story - 

The following was taken from the instruction manual, word-for-word. 

Post apocalyptic world

Humans are trying to move forward and recreate society, however a new threat 
emerges to attack the remnants of humanity. Blood Falcon has emerged again to 
strike fear into humanity and push them to the edge of extinction. The army 
puts up a fight but the forces of humanity are being pushed farther and 
farther back. The government makes a tough choice with deep regret to call 
forth a criminal:

"This plague on humanity must be fought with another scourge of humanity."

And thus, Bill Rizer has been called forth again. The man that was the savior 
of humanity during the Alien Wars, and also the most feared and despised 
criminal to roam the earth is back. A Special A Class Criminal, Bill is 
ranked as the highest enemy threat to humanity. His crimes included murdering 
his fellow soldier Lance Bean, taking over an ultra-magnetic weapons facility 
and causing mass destruction around the planet. He was a devil responsible 
for wiping out 80% of the world's population. When he was captured, he was 
sentenced to 10,000 years in prison and put in cryo-genic stasis to serve out 
his sentence.

"The time for revenge is upon us."

The uncontrollable beast has been unleashed upon the hellish battlefield 

  03.  – Game Basics - 

                              --= Controls =--

The Right Analog Stick, SELECT and the Triangle buttons aren't used.

D-Pad  -  * Move character
          * Move cursor on the menu screen

Left Analog Stick  -  * Move character
                      * Move cursor on the menu screen

Circle Button  - Charge shot

Cross Button  -  * Confirm selections
                 * Jump

Square Button  -  * Shoot
                  * Charge shot           

L1 Button  -  Cycle through weapons to the left
L2 Button  -  Lock weapon position 
R1 Button  -  Cycle through weapons to the right 
R2 Button  -  Lock character in place (can control direction of the weapon) 

START Button  -  Pause game

                               --= Overview =--

Ex-convict, Bill Rizer, and cyborg soldier, Lucia, take up rapid-firing guns,
flame-throwers and bomb-shots against a growing army of bile-spewing aliens 
and gargantuan robots (that can change shapes in hilarious ways) in a joint 
effort to save humanity from the gravitational pull of extinction! Armed with 
three weapons, each of which has a normal firing mode and a charge firing 
mode, they progress through each level and shoot up hordes of enemies and 
ugly beasts. It's non-stop shooting action with a harrowing difficulty. Holy 
moly, the aliens own me!

Does the gist of the game sound familiar? Contra's core foundation is still 
intact, almost as if it had never been touched at all. Konami proves that  
recycling such solid gameplay and enhancing it somewhat never gets old. This 
installment stays true to the difficulty of the previous Contra's with the 
one-hit-and-you-die rule that everybody loves! Yes, that also means the game 
is friggin' hard.

You have only three credits and only two lives when you begin the game on 
Normal. This means that you can continue from where you died in the level 
only twice. Once they're used up, you will be given the option to Continue or 
End. Selecting Continue uses up one of your credits and allows you to start 
from scratch at the beginning of the level, or if you passed a checkpoint you 
can start from the middle. Selecting End allows you to save your progress, 
which you SHOULD do on a regular basis.

Any Contra fan knows that these games are all about bosses. Thankfully, this
new installment continues the tradition with grotesque and colossal bosses. 
They're definitely no pushovers. You will need to memorize attack patterns of 
each boss and burn them into your memory. Dying each time should be a lesson. 
It takes a lot of time and patience to learn all the intricacies of these 
bosses. Konami made sure that you wouldn't be snoozing through this game like 
you did in MGS2. =)


Each character is equipped with a fully versatile weapon that's integrated 
with everything you need to wreak havoc with. Players begin each stage with 
all of the weapons already available. You can swap among your arsenal using 
the L1 and R1 buttons. Each type of weapon includes two firing modes: normal 
and charge. Essentially, you have six different weapons to use. The effects 
are different for each weapon. 

Normal firing mode is done by simply pressing the Square button. Hold down 
the button for continuous fire to shower your foes with mines, stinging 
bullets and flames. The Charge Shot can be executed by holding down the 
Circle button. You can also use the Square button, but you must double tap 
the button, then hold it down. I guess it's more of a chore to move your 
thumb two centimeters to the right.

While a Charge Shot is great and definitely does more damage than a Normal 
shot, its only fault is that it takes some time to charge (hence the name). 
Furthermore, it can be used once for each charge, meaning no repeated action. 
This is a disadvantage when you're caught up in a fast-paced battle. It takes 
about a second to get a good Charge Shot. When it's fully charged, the weapon 
emits a spontaneous burst of light. 

Here's the low-down on the weapons and what they're good for.

Machine Gun    :  Normal – The prime choice for eliminating common enemies   
                       and getting rid of certain incoming missiles or
                       projectiles. Because of its incredible firing rate,
                       you shouldn't need to switch weapons unless necessary.
                       However, its firepower is rather weak. Good for long 
                       distances. (Heavy Machinegun)
                  Charge – A small gun pod is ejected and fires off rounds in 
                       all directions. Crazy little thing. (Round Sweep)

Flame-Thrower  :  Normal – Used only for close quarters combat. It basically
                       incinerates most things it touches. Not the best 
                       weapon to use in many situations. (Fire Whip)
                  Charge – Concentrated energy all packed into one convenient
                       ball. (Energy Shot)

The "Launcher" :  Normal – Spits out individual mines which roll forward with
                       unseen momentum and explode under or near the target.
                       This works best against ground enemies. (Diver Mine)
                  Charge – Shoots out a slew of homing missiles. Very deadly.
                       Works like a charm against a multitude of foes. 
                       (Homing Missiles)   

Remember: these weapons have infinite ammo. Utilizing these weapons at the  
right time and against the right enemies is crucial. Experiment and see which 
one works best for you to help you get out of a "pinch". I will often tell 
you which weapon is most suitable against certain bosses and enemies in the 


A new feature, the Hit Rate system keeps track of your "destruction value" in 
the form of percentages. The Hit Rate indicator is at the top of the screen  
with the words "Hit Rate" next to some wild numbers. You may notice that the 
number increases a bit as you destroy certain objects and enemies. That's 
precisely it. To maximize your score, you need to practically destroy 
anything and everything you see (minus those pesky ground troops who run to 
you). As you blast more alien scum, more points are accrued. Certain objects 
and enemies are worth more while others are simply worthless. It's important 
to note which things are added to the Hit Rate and which are not.

For a minute there, you thought this Hit Rate system was completely useless.
No way. In fact, the Hit Rate has a direct bearing on your ranking (the one 
you receive at the end of the level), which in turn determines what easter 
eggs can be unlocked. It's possible to attain 100% on every level, which will 
pretty much guarantee yourself a "S" rank. However, the final result is 
unpredictable and depends solely on your performance throughout the level. To
learn more about ranking, read its respective section.


Here you can customize the game's settings. If you want to use Lucia rather 
than Bill, you can switch Lucia to 1P by selecting CHARACTER and swapping the 

The ETC. option is the game's easter egg menu. When you first begin, you have 
only War Record and Training available. Training allows you to test the 
waters of each accessible level and equips you with 30 lives to do so. The 
rest, marked by question marks, will be unlocked once the conditions are met. 
See the Secrets section for that.

You can load data you have saved from previous plays by selecting the option 
below ETC. You can also save your data, NOT YOUR STAGE PROGRESS! That means 
you can save only things you've unlocked, score records and the number of 
lives you have earned. That's basically it. Once you beat a stage, you won't 
be able to save your progress, turn off the game and act as if you could 
resume from where you left off. You have to beat all the missions in ONE 
sitting, meaning that once you start the game you'd better finish it. I'll 
repeat it again in case you couldn't quite hear me: YOU HAVE TO BEAT THE GAME 

There are two DIFFICULTIES in the game: Easy and Normal. On Easy, you have 99 
continues and 8 lives, and 2 lives and 3 continues on Normal. Easy mode gives 
you some handicaps, one of which precludes the chance to unlock any endings 
and certain levels. Normal is how the game is meant to be played; it is the 
TRUE way to enjoy Contra, ya cheating turd. 


There's nothing like spending some quality time with a long-time buddy, with 
whom you've shared many of your fond childhood memories wrestling and 
bad-mouthing each other every time one of you screwed up in Contra III. Now 
that Contra: Shattered Soldier is here with an intense 2-player mode, the 
bond of friendship is once again teetering on the verge of snapping. What do 
you do?? Spin around and bark like a dog.

There isn't anything particularly special about the 2-player mode, other than 
the fact that you have two players playing simultaneously on the same screen.
If you're not a team player, this may not work well for you since you and 
your partner's success lies mainly in cooperative teamwork. Certain 
strategies will change just slightly. Plus the amount of damage an enemy or 
boss can sustain is much greater. If one of you starts lagging behind, the 
screen will refuse to scroll unless the two of you walk hand-in-hand. For the 
record, the walkthrough was written under the assumption that you are playing 
by yourself.


You can gain temporary additional lives while you shoot through a level. When 
you are given one, you will hear a 1-up sound. Every 15,000 points you gain, 
an additional life will be added. Then you earn another life every 20,000 
points after that. To check your score, hit the pause button. The numbers 
below your number of lives represent your current total amount of points. You 
can increase it by shooting ANYTHING that moves or can be destroyed. 


The Hit Rate, Continue and Lost Remaining Life are all used to determine your 
final ranking. Basically, you will be penalized for dying and using a 
continue. For every life lost, 2% will be subtracted. For every continue 
used, a 10% penalty will be assessed. Based on all that, you will get a final 
percentage which then translates into a letter grade. 

If you get between the following percentages, you receive the letter grade 
associated with the percentages.

S Rank  = 100% 
A Rank  = 98% - 86% 
B Rank  = 84% - 76% 
C Rank  = 74% or lower

Of course, you can't rely too much on this data. I found them out through a 
lot of guess and check during Training mode. 

  04.  – Stage Guide - 

Before we begin, there are a few tips I would like you to take note of:

- Press down and the X button at the same time to drop down platforms or from
  horizontal bars.

- When certain bosses shoot lasers or missiles, the lasers and missiles 
  themselves won't hurt you; just the explosions they make.

- Using the right weapon against an enemy makes things a lot easier. This is
  common sense, of course.

- Master the L2 and R2 lock buttons. They don't seem like much, but I assure
  you that Contra veterans use this every chance they get.

- Don't worry about objects exploding! They can't hurt you. At least, that's 
  the way it is most of the time.

- If you mess up during a level, you can select RETRY and start anew without
  affecting your overall ranking.

- Above all, have fun! Don't rush through a stage. Relax and take your time.
  As they say, patience is a virtue.

                      M I S S I O N  1  -  F O R T R E S S 

After a very rough landing, your character jumps through the windshield and 
begins the mission! Have the machine gun equipped and run to the right. As 
you keep moving to the right, enemies may come to you from the left and 
right. You don't have to kill everyone of them. They're inconsequential, as 
they don't contribute to Hit Rate augmentation, so just shoot whoever 
approaches you and move on. Shoot the first mortar soldier perched atop the 
scaffold and the parked truck ahead. Moving past the truck, you should see a 
yellow motorcycle pass you by.

Start firing as you move. You meet up with the motorcycle which stops a few 
yards in front of you. Get in a prone position and keep firing. Wait until it 
fires a single projectile, then get up and start backing up whilst shooting. 
Depending on how far you stand from it, it may shoot twice. Run up the hill, 
shooting the barrels and the soldiers behind them (remember to duck when they 
shoot) then the soldier feeding the grenade launcher at the top of the tall 
structure. You arrive in a small warehouse, where a magnetic crane transports 
a killing machine to your position. Remain on the left side of the screen, as 
this enemy drops in on the right.

                               M I N I – B O S S 

This bad boy follows a set pattern. As soon as it lands, it launches a salvo 
of baby missiles into the air, all of which can be disintegrated with normal 
firing power. Afterward, it leaps into the air and lands on the other side of 
the screen. You should, at this point, move to the opposite end, hyuk. Keep 
your finger on the L2 button with your gun pointed in its direction and 
unload. Now it will lock-on to you using its cross-hairs and emit a beeping 
noise. Just keep moving around, and the missile will land on the ground next 
to you. When that fails, it approaches you threateningly but abruptly 
withdraws. After this, its attack program resets and starts with unleashing 
the missiles again. The ideal weapon is the Heavy Machine Gun.

Once it explodes into a billion pieces, trot over to the right to meet some 
wussy soldiers holding bullet-proof shields. Use the Flame-Thrower to burn 
them to a crisp, then shoot the rather pointy canisters on the ceiling with 
the Heavy Machine Gun. Jump on the wall and climb up. Shoot the three sniper 
soldiers on the left on your way up. After hopping the fence, you end up in a 
factory in which the machinery become a little hostile and attempt to make 
fine scraps of metal out of you.

                               M I N I – B O S S 

Multi-body parts. Oh boy. This machine is comprised of three body (I use the 
term "body" very loosely) parts: the two active "arms" and the core in the 
middle. The arms are kinda synchronized in that they use the same attacks at 
the same time, which spells trouble. To fix that you should concentrate on 
one arm at a time. The core stays neutral until one of its arms is blown off. 
The arms have several forms, each of which performs different attacks. You 
have to destroy each arm four times to really get rid of them. The arms' 
first attack is using its laser sight and shooting a single missile at you. 
This is no problem since you can simply stand under it, fire and yawn. Deal 
with the right arm first and force it to shift to its second attack mode. The 
second attack mode is probably the most troublesome.

During this mode, it releases slow-moving projectiles that spread outward 
like pollen and ultimately form a shape of a triangle as it travels down. 
What's more is that there are TWO "layers". The first layer comes with three 
projectiles raining down, and the second layer quickly follows with two. I 
found that I could manage to stand slightly to the left or right of the 
middle projectile of the first layer without risking even a scratch. The 
projectiles just nicked me and continued to the ground. From there I looked 
straight up and relentlessly shot the darned thing. Alternatively, you could 
stand to the far left and shoot to the upper-right while avoiding the 
missiles of the left arm.

In the third attack mode, the arm drops some molten lava on the ground which 
jumps up and sweeps across the entire floor like wildfire. You can avoid this 
by simply leaping over it. As soon as the right arm is in its final attack 
mode, in which it swings back and forth spraying continuous flames, switch 
your attention to the left arm and repeat. Once the left arm is in the third 
attack mode, finish off the right arm and then do away with the left. 
Afterward, the core is pie. It occasionally shoots out some weak ass laser, 
which poses no real threat as long as you move out of its way.

Head to the right and follow the blood-streaked trail up to the exit. Shoot 
the soldiers. At the midpoint of the bridge, the helicopter launches a 
missile beneath your feet. The explosion causes the bridge to crumble and 
cave in, causing you to fall to your death...wait, no...to the snowy parts of 
a mountain where you land perfectly on a hoverboard to break your fall. From 
here you continue your mission down the icy slopes. (Hey, I threw away all 
thoughts of logic, so you should too.)

As you speed down the hill, five soldiers strapped with jetpacks will descend 
on you. They're generally very slow at retaliation and have a tendency to fly 
away instead. Get beneath them to shoot them down and pause to move away only 
when they shoot. Once you bury them  in the snow, a giant reptilian  creature 
emerges from the snow and chases you down the hill. 

                               M I N I – B O S S 

A creature indigenous to these regions decides to prey on you, diving in and 
out of the snow to irritate you. The trick is to watch where it dives and 
move as far away as possible from the estimated point of the next landing. As 
you do, keep a steady stream of fire going in its direction, so that it 
inflicts damage upon its scaly skin when it burrows into the ground and pops 
out again on the opposite side. Do this repeatedly and as quickly as possible 
without its running into you too often. Eventually, it will start leaping 
right over you with its shiny core exposed. Shoot the core in its mouth as it 
flies overhead. Once it's destroyed, the boss makes frantic leaps about the 
snow and makes one last lunge at you before  separating into a  dozen pieces. 

NOTE: If you don't kill the snake quickly enough, it will get away. The Hit 
Rate points acquired from blasting its scales will be retained though.

After your character shows off with some mad boardin' skills, he leaps out 
and clings onto a derailed track with a waterfall roaring in the background.
Now correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I checked the jungle does not 
neighbor arctic mountains. It will take three bottles of Advil to figure this 
one out. Anyway, this next area is populated with large flocks of strange 
flying creatures that try to snatch you like a guy in a buffet line and take 
you to their nests. When this happens, you automatically lose a life. You 
must do your best to ward them off and torch any that comes within a mile of 

Equip the Flame-Thrower and start toasting these baddies! If one grabs you, 
you can shake lose by directing the Flame-Thrower upward to roast your 
abductor. Don't spend too much time trying to eliminate all of them. There 
are a lot more to replace the fallen. Shimmy as quickly as possible to the 
right, where you encounter a blue mecha robot! Ignore it and hold your 
position on the left-hand side because an enormous, mutated turtle will come 
crashing down and crush it in a few seconds.

                              S T A G E  B O S S 

This nasty-looking thing is a little on the tough side. The platform you're 
on consists of three levels: top, middle and bottom. Using them to your 
advantage is one of the keys to victory. The head of this hell turtle is the 
main target, and it attacks by elongating its neck and crushing you with its 
jaws. You can completely avoid his snapping jaws and wiggling head by staying 
at the very bottom in a prone position or by hugging the very left of the 
screen. It can also produce a pink toxic ball of gas that travels very slowly 
to your position. Just move to another level when this happens.

If you're aiming to acquire all the Hit Rate points possible, you will also 
need to exterminate the wasp and maggot nests located above and below its 
head. The top one releases a swarm of hell-manifested wasps, and the bottom  
releases an army of crawling maggots.

The maggot nest is easier to deal with, so begin by dropping down (you can do 
so by pressing X and down on the D-Pad) and switching to your Diver Mines. In 
a standing position, pop continuous mines into the maggot nest (it's the 
bulging tissue below its neck). Get down on your belly only if the turtle 
starts to lunge forward with its head to snack on you. The nest should 
dissolve after being assailed with non-stop Diver Mines. Now it's time to 
deal with the wasp nest above its head. 

It basically follows the same strategy. Still equipped with Diver Mines, jump 
up to the top rail, then jump and release as many Diver Mines whilst airborne 
as possible. If a swarm of wasps start parading toward you, drop back down to 
the bottom and wait until they pass, then get back up there and repeat. Don't 
forget to watch out for the turtle's attacks either. After eliminating its 
lackeys, aim for the head and fire like there's no tomorrow. It'll eventually 
be blown off, leaving the neck flailing about. 

It turns around to reveal its true colors: a giant sickening  baby face. That 
about sums it up. It's vulnerable ONLY when the mouth opens up, but when that 
happens it also belches some nasty vomit. When the large stream of vomit 
first gushes out, it flies in a rather high arc, so you can stand under it 
and fire at the mouth. However, it gradually lessens, so you need to get 
closer to the mouth and finally end up in a prone position. Then it lets 
wasps and maggots out of its giant nostrils. Talk about unsanitary! Keep a 
steady stream of Heavy Machine Gunfire to annihilate the lackeys before they 
enter the world completely.

The primary strategy is to stay at the  bottom level and blast away with the 
Heavy Machine Gun, jumping up only to avoid the pink ball. You can say that 
this abomination has the same attacks as the turtle with the addition of the  
vomit attack. Feed it full of lead when the mouth opens, and it will 
eventually go down. 

                         M I S S I O N  2  -  T R A I N 

This is a huge leap in difficulty from the last level. It's very challenging 
to attain a 100% Hit Rate on this level, as most of the enemies who count 
toward the Hit Rate are mobile and can flee very quickly when not destroyed 
in time. The level begins as your character explodes through a "Work 
Together" poster, riding a futuristic hover vehicle. The first segment of the 
level takes place on a bridge adjacent to the sea. The first enemy comes in 
the form of a submarine, which opens up its side compartments to launch a 
series of missiles onto the bridge. Watch them get fired into the air and 
notice the rather big gap between each. Adjust your character to stay between 
the gaps.

After that attack, the submarine fires a laser that moves from left to right
in one swift movement. Jump over the laser. The submarine submerges into the 
water and reappears right behind you, surfacing and laying waste to the 
bridge. Move to the right as it surfaces to avoid the flying debris. Lock 
your weapon to the left and start shooting the turret while jumping up when 
it counterattacks. Once the turret is destroyed, the submarine morphs into a 
helicopter and leaves the water. 

At this point, you should notice some soldiers riding on missiles (missile 
riders) flying in the background. Whenever you see them, lock your gun to the 
left and let loose on the bullets to destroy them. Once the first missile 
rider is destroyed, the helicopter opens up its back compartment and drops a 
half-dozen barrels or so. Shoot this compartment by standing under it and 
shooting with the Heavy Machine Gun. Then shoot all five laser nodes on the 
underside of the chopper with your Flame-Thrower. Stay in the gaps when the 
lasers go off. The helicopter gradually moves to the left, so you must 
destroy each of these things as quickly as possible. That includes the last 
turret. It shoots napalm bombs which spread through the ground. Jump over the 
flames and continue shooting.

Once the helicopter flies off to meet its demise, you continue on the bridge 
with a few missile riders following closely. They toss grenades that leave 
big booms in your path. Shoot them out of the air with Energy Shots or the 
Flame-Thrower. Then you enter a  tunnel, where you are in hot pursuit of a 
train. As you pass the back freight car, you engage in a battle against:

                               M I N I – B O S S 

With its long turret, this giant gun pod shoots a single projectile, which on 
impact becomes three floating blobs that spiral around and do crazy stunts. 
Move to the far left, lock yourself in position with R2 and shoot these 
floating blobs by moving the analog stick. This is easier than standing smack 
dab in the middle. After it attacks about five more times, it will need to 
cool down and recharge. Take this opportunity to jump up and shoot wildly at 
the base with the Heavy Machine Gun or Homing Missiles. When enough damage is 
dealt, the car will disconnect from the train.

The second freight car unloads soldiers riding on hover vehicles much like 
your own. Lock your guns in whichever direction the cyclists are and shoot 
before they even arrive next to you. They attack mostly by ramming into you 
and shooting you twice with a projectile. Jump over these attacks. I advise 
that you kill each cyclist as quickly as possible before you're sandwiched 
between two of them. It's tougher to achieve your perfect Hit Rate once you 
have to deal with two at the same time. Remember to kill them off quickly or 
they will ride away.

After all the cyclists have left the scene, the freight container will detach 
itself, and you will move on to the next. The next reveals a three-part mech.

                               M I N I – B O S S 

Much like the second mini-boss of the first level, this one is also composed 
of three parts. However, the main body part cannot be harmed in any way until 
during its final attack. Concentrate on taking out the left and right parts 
first. The left one fires a single energy blast that erupts in a huge flame 
when it hits the ground. The right one fires a flurry of repeated shots in a 
straight line. Take care of the right one first. Stand under it and shoot it 
with the Heavy Machine Gun, then tend to the remaining one. If you don't kill 
them quickly enough, the extra parts will detonate on their own without 
rewarding you with the Hit Rate points.

Now you're left to deal with the main body. It has several attacks to perform 
before you reach the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it sprinkles some blue 
bullets which rain down on you to set the mood for its next attack. If not, 
it begins by searing the ground with a red line that suddenly explodes. It 
does this three times, then it does one swift charge toward the south of the 
screen. After this attack, immediately charge up an Energy Shot. It will now 
hover right above you, within your weapon's reach, and fire a laser across 
the ground. If you have an Energy Shot ready, shoot from  under it. One shot 
should demolish it completely.

If the chance to destroy this mech eludes you, it will quickly escape through 
the opening of the tunnel.

Whether you've destroyed the previous boss or not, you continue the level on 
top of a moving train. Not too far from the starting point, you encounter a 
gun pod that shoots a single mine, which detonates when the signal turns 
yellow. Stay in the back, jump up and shoot with Heavy Machine Gunfire. Next, 
you face another gun pod that shoots continuous shots, making it impossible 
to jump up and shoot. Whip out the Diver Mines, stand against the wall and 
unload the Diver Mines one by one to blow this sucker up.

Just proceed along the train, shooting the inhabitants and whatever machines 
that lie ahead. Eventually you will be greeted with a warning beacon. A giant 
mech from behind launches a warning shot and then runs briskly to your 

                              S T A G E  B O S S 

Robodude will run alongside the train and start on the left side. As soon as 
you're permitted to, shoot the arm with the Heavy Machine Gun. Lock into 
position and keep firing, ceasing fire only to avoid its super punch. When 
his arm glows blue and extends out, be prepared to jump. The arm will be shot 
out and return immediately after. The feisty fellow also likes to charge into 
the train, tilting the train and knocking you off to your death. You want to 
avoid this by jumping up when he rams into the moving train. After awhile, he 
will move to the other side of the train and repeat. Keep shooting his 
shoulder plates to advance to the next phase.

He gets in front of the train and lifts it up, raising it a few meters above 
the ground. While you're caught in this predicament, he launches a trio of 
missiles into the air. Watch the shadows on the ground to determine where 
they will land. The target here is the twin turrets from which the missiles 
are coming. Fire off repeated rounds of Diver Mines. Since the mines travel 
in an arc trajectory, you will need to compensate by standing near the back, 
or to the left. You are given an extremely short amount of time to blow it to 
pieces, so don't waste even a millisecond!

Now he unfastens his old arms and brings out new ones. He takes his place on 
top of the train next to you, and the battle rages on. He crouches and 
unleashes a pair of buzz saws continuously. They act as yo-yo's, so it's 
crucial that you time your jump to avoid their coming out and going back. 
After he tires of hurling buzz saws, he transforms into a mini-plane. Duck  
and cover and stay down! After flying back and forth a few times, he again 
lands on one side of the train with his back facing you. Take this time to 
splurge all your bullets on the battery pack on his backside. Also be aware 
that he will jump backward and crush you underfoot afterward. Now the pattern

Once the battery pack explodes on his back, the mech will falter and walk 
slowly toward you. Before he reaches you, a low-hanging bridge knocks the 
upper-half of the body off. Throw caution to the wind and aim at the torso 
with the Flame-Thrower. Destroy this part before he tumbles off the edge of 
the train and you'll get your 100% Hit Rate!

                         M I S S I O N  3  -  C I T Y  

A pack of stray dogs pour onto the screen from the broken highway to escape 
the calamity, with your following closely behind on your hoverboard. You 
begin on one end of the highway. Running to the right, you find a soldier 
engaged in a vain attempt to grapple some dogs. Help out the poor mongrels by 
pummeling this bastard into oblivion. As you move farther to the right, you 
meet a soldier hovering around in some mini-helicopter, hurling grenades in 
front of him. Shoot him out of the air from a safe distance. You will be 
meeting one more further down.

After he is disposed of, get on your belly and shoot down the stacks of 
sandbags ahead and the soldier behind them. Shoot the derelict truck. The 
explosion should take the soldier on top along with it. The second helicopter 
soldier arrives at this point. Deal with him in the same fashion as you did 
with the first. After shooting another stack of sandbags and a lone soldier, 
you arrive on a helipad that begins to descend. A robot fly swoops in to keep 
you entertained on your way down.

                               M I N I – B O S S 

Equipped with only two kinds of attacks, this boss should be easy as pie. Its 
first attack--well, it's not even an attack--has it deploy two soldiers from 
its sides. Its second attack consists of launching a repeated line of napalm 
bombs which converge on your position. They are quite hazardous if they're 
not disposed of properly. When you begin the fight, it deploys two soldiers 
only once before using its search light to estimate your position and then 
bombarding you with a myriad of napalm bombs. After a few more attacks, it 
begins to deploy its lackeys twice in a row before switching to its second 
attack. The boss' primary weak point is its single red eye, which is 
sometimes shielded by a retractable plate (kinda like an eyelid). Shoot it to 
inflict damage upon this robotic insect.

The lackeys can be dealt with easily: just stand between them and shoot in 
both directions, then continue attacking the robot fly. The napalm bombs are 
something else. Do you notice the opening above its head, from which the 
napalm bombs are released? The key is to stand under the robot fly and fire 
straight up and over the hole. Doing this will eliminate every single napalm 
bomb that comes out. Therefore, you won't have to deal with them. Remember 
that you shouldn't concentrate on shooting the eye when you do this. Now you 
won't receive any damage unless you get careless and get squashed by a 

By the time you obliterate this annoying pest, the elevator should come to a 
halt at ground level. Get your Flame-Thrower ready and proceed to the right. 
It won't be long before you encounter some robots that curl up into a ball 
and uncurl only to shoot you. These roly-poly robots can be harmed only when 
they stick their heads out to shoot you. Don't stay in one place too long, as 
they can lock-on and fire. Deceive them into shooting somewhere else, then 
use an Energy Shot on them. One Energy Shot is all it takes. You will face 
three of them. 

The next area takes place on a conveyor belt that pulls you into an active 
meat-grinder located on the other end. From above this grinder, a deformed 
cow crawls in.

                               M I N I – B O S S 

Another one so soon! Yep. Bosses are what Contra is all about! This hellcow 
has an orifice that performs different attacks depending upon which side the 
cow is on. It begins on the right side. It excretes bouncy energy balls that 
ricochet off the ceiling and the ground. You have to do a lot of moving to 
the left and right to evade them, so a good strategy is to adjust the angle 
of the gun to the upper right with R2, then lock it in position with L2. 
Doing this will allow you to shoot and still move around. After awhile, it 
will slowly inch to the left, where it will drop huge chunks of whatever on 
the conveyor belt.

Remember to keep moving to the left to avoid getting dragged into the 
grinder. If you notice, the stuff it drops solidifies and is indestructible. 
The only thing you can do is jump in the gaps and make your way toward the 
left, but not so close to the cow that you touch it when you jump up. If you 
think you are a cunning little devil and jump atop the slicing machine, the 
hellcow will rush attack you and cast you aside. So that's not such a good 
idea. After it decides to move back to the right, the battle will continue as 
it did when it had first started.

Once it starts to spew some green blood, stay to the far left and continue to 
shoot it. It will fall to the conveyor belt and get slaughtered. 

All its guts and organs clog up the grinder, so the conveyor belt stops 
moving and the grinder malfunctions. Jump on top of the machine and head to 
the right, where you immediately meet a serpent chowing down the viscous 
substance in the red pool. Gross, is that stuff the remains of once-living 

                               M I N I – B O S S 

ANOTHER ONE. It seems Konami wanted to compensate for the short level with a 
bajillion boss battles. Fortunately, this one is probably the easiest boss of 
them all. Whip out the Diver Mines, stand near the edge of the pipe and shoot 
the serpent silly. From its mouth comes two forms of attacks. It can either 
shoot out a whole cluster of toxic bubbles of death or spray nasty vomit (or 
is that its bad breath)? The toxic bubbles can be popped simply by standing 
still and continuously shooting a barrage of Diver Mines. If the occasional 
bubble escapes your wrath, move back a bit and shoot it. The gushing vomit 
can be avoided by jumping to the right most horizontal bar and hanging from 
it while shooting down at its head. Sometimes it stops its vomit attack as 
abruptly as it begins. Once the vomit attack passes, return to the ledge and 
continue attacking. 

After it sinks into that disgusting goop, you encounter a few more roly-poly 
robots. The first one drops on you from the top of the screen when you reach 
the small slant, so keep moving forward. Again, take care of them with Energy 
Shots. At the top of the ramp, the big boss of the level crashes through the 
wall and begins its attempt to run you over and flatten you.

                              S T A G E  B O S S 

Ouch, this boss is HARD. To get 100% with, that is. This one takes A LOT of 
practice no matter what tips I give you. It slowly approaches you from the 
left and forces you to keep backing to the right. You have two targets to 
focus on during this phase: the top and bottom turret. The bottom turret 
shoots a rolling projectile, which you can just jump over. Equip Diver Mines 
and pump out one after another until the bottom turret is destroyed. 
Afterward, shift focus to the top. The top turret can blast powerful cannons, 
so beware. Drop to the bottom when it glows orange-ish red. Use the Heavy 
Machine Gun on the top turret. Keep your gun pointed in its direction with L2 
and blast away. 

As you keep moving to the right, you will need to move up and down the 
platform. When you see a wall behind you on the bottom level, you will need 
to move to the top level, and vice versa. This prevents yourself from 
becoming a sprite pancake. Sometimes the tank will make sudden rush attacks, 
so you will need to see it coming and move back more. 

The tank has advanced too far ahead now and you can battle it only by hanging 
from the ceiling. On the top are four laser-shooting nodes that project large 
and powerful beams. About a dozen missiles also come at you from the left and 
right, so you have two things to deal with! Equip the Diver Mines and bomb 
the lasers. You need to compensate for the arc trajectory, so find a vantage 
point from which to shoot while keeping a move on. You have to do away with 
each of the lasers quickly because the tank will keep charging to the right.
Once it passes completely, you will be trailing behind it. The tank now opens 
its back compartment to reveal a glowing red orb that shoots a large and 
powerful photon beam in your direction. You better duck at the right time and 
simultaneously have enough time to jump over the small pools of death. Shoot 
Energy Shots and regular Heavy Machine Gun bullets before and after it fires 
the beam, then stop. After it shoots the beam, it leaves a few presents 
behind. It alternates between two bouncing razor discs and a single, powerful
roly-poly robot. Since the razor blades bounce high enough, you can slip 
under them. The roly-poly robot  you can just ignore. Keep attacking its bum 
to permanently down this sucker.

                        M I S S I O N  4  -  S E A B E D 

The mission starts with a big bang! You're launched from an aircraft, hanging 
onto a missile for dear life. This first segment takes place in the air with 
more than a dozen incoming missiles entering from the left. The missile 
you're hanging from was programmed to synchronize with your actions, so you 
could move around as freely as if you were on the ground. Wow! Wish we had 
that in today's military! Anyway, move to the upper-right corner of the 
screen with R2 locking your character in position. Then shoot all eighteen of 
the missiles with the Heavy Machine Gun. Relocate if necessary.

Whether you nailed all eighteen or not, you descend toward the sea. Under the 
cloudy and gloomy sky, you fight a gargantuan mecha robot over some calm 
waters. A very romantic feeling, eh?

                               M I N I – B O S S 

Surfs up! You begin the battle right behind it. While you face his backside, 
water mines are released from his backpack and a volley of missiles are shot 
out from a turret on his head. You can destroy all the missiles he throws at 
you with any weapon, so they're not really life-threatening (unless you suck 
:P). The mines shoot up in a pillar of fire, so it's wise not to stay right 
above them when they explode. Stay fairly in the middle while shooting all 
the deployed missiles and his backpack. When he stops attacking, the mech 
jumps in the air for whatever reason and splashes again in the water. This is 
your cue to move to the front of the mech. Start flying to the right of the 
screen and OVER the mech when he cringes and lowers his gun (it happens after 
the jump). 

At the front, you have two targets: the huge gun he's holding and the sled in 
front of him. The sled launches slow-moving homing missiles and the gun 
shoots repeated energy shots. Keep your character locked to the left with L2 
and move around only to evade the oncoming missiles and energy shots. After a 
few missile attacks, he will speed up to the front again, and you'll be 
forced to go to the back again. The pattern repeats, so keep shooting the 
backpack until you are allowed to move to the front again.

Once the gun is destroyed, the mech begins to expose his energy core which 
emerges from the chest area. It glows a pretty blue and fires an ENORMOUS 
(and I mean REALLY BIG) beam that dominates the entire screen. You have to 
stick VERY closely to the upper right to avoid it. Even better if you hover 
right above the core and shoot down at it when it's exposed. If you've 
destroyed the sled, then you won't have to fight him from behind anymore. 
After he shoots the particle beam, he attacks once with his chain whip. Stay 
near the upper right to dodge it completely. Following the chain whip attack 
is a series of homing missiles. Only after the homing missiles pass will the 
mech unveil his core again. 

If you just want to finish this monstrosity for good, aim for the core. If 
you're looking to score the perfect Hit Rate, destroy the two other parts: 
the sled and backpack. If you don't destroy them, you will prolong the battle 
significantly since you will be constantly dragged to the back again and 

After you turn the giant robot into harmful food for the sharks, you fly off 
into the distance and arrive at an airborne sewage facility. You crash 
through an opening and start descending a vertical shaft. This shaft has 
become a comfy home to a growing population of alien plant creatures and 
their offspring. Shoot along the left and right walls, where a little less 
than a dozen alien plant spores are breeding. From these plant spores come 
cute baby spider creatures. Watch out for the loose ones, which pounce off 
the walls and toward you. They don't count toward the Hit Rate, but they're 
annoying nonetheless.

Among these nasty critters is another alien species, a long eel-like plant 
that salivates acid. Aim at its head to force it to shrink back. Keep 
shooting it until it retracts completely to kill it. Eventually, you reach 
the bottom of the shaft. Proceed to the right to enter a computer room, in 
which you engage in a battle against...

                               M I N I – B O S S 

A 3D computer head. It's interesting because you can watch yourself battle 
this humanoid thing on the computer screen in the background. Anyway, whip 
out that trusty Flame-Thrower and stand under this bouncing head. Fire whip 
the head and burn away the rings it shoots out. Afterward, it moves to the 
background and out of your reach. All you can do is go on the defensive. Now 
it shoots a pair of lasers which move across the floor several times. Before 
it shoots the lasers, stand under it so that you don't get hit when the 
attack starts. Don't worry about the beam itself, but concern yourself with 
the heat it produces when it hits the ground. Jump over them until the head 
stops attacking and returns to the front. Then continue until you melt away 
its outer layer to reveal a sexy brain.

During this second form, it floats above you and releases droplets of acidic 
liquid. Make sure you have room to keep moving in one direction. After it 
drops about four of these, it pauses just for a second, allowing you to move 
four steps to the side and safely escape the impending attack. The brain 
opens up its bottom part and pours a load of acidic substance onto the 
ground. While it does this, jump up and torch the sides. After it empties its 
tank, it goes around excreting droplets of stuff again. Pretty easy if you 
don't get hit.

Once the main core of the computer is destroyed, the whole room will be 
destroyed. The following area is infested with the alien plant spores and 
creatures you met back in the vertical shaft. They now like to hang around on 
the ceilings and plant themselves on the ground. Shoot all twenty of these 
spores and the single eel plant on the ceiling. Watch out for the green pools 
of acid and stay on the buoys.

At the end is a straight line of buoys which you can stand on. Behind the 
glass wall, a grotesque-looking fish with a semi-human face gets rowdy and 
rams his head into the glass, gradually cracking it and finally shattering 
the entire thing. Water floods in and the water level begins to rise. Can you 
feel the excitement?! I'm dying from a stomach ache.

                              S T A G E  B O S S 

This is one UGLY boss. I'm not going to his plastic surgeon! Anyway, as the 
water level rises, mines parachute in from above. They explode to create four 
separate, drifting mines when they touch the water. This is very troublesome, 
as the screen will eventually be filled with floating energy balls. I 
recommend standing on the center buoy and firing away with Homing Missiles. 
Or just use the reliable Heavy Machine Gun. In the meantime, do your absolute 
best to dodge the madness. Don't get too frantic. Watch carefully to see 
where the mines will go and then move. Shoot them out of the air before they 
land in the water!

Once the water level reaches its maximum height, the fish boss immediately 
leaps into the air and flies across the top half of the screen. You should be 
safe at your current position on the buoys. Now the water creature will dive 
deep into the water. Listen and watch closely under the three buoys for air 
bubbles. If you see air bubbles under any of the buoys, immediately jump to 
another buoy because the boss is about to have a buoy for lunch. It jumps 
straight up and headbutts it, knocking it into the air and diving back down 
into the water afterward. It does this three times. Thankfully, that doesn't 
mean you won't be able to use the buoys anymore. A spare buoy will float up 
to replace the lost one. Gotta love video game logic.

Now it swims back and forth a few times, then suddenly darts to one side of 
the screen where it proceeds to make like a vacuum and suck in the buoys. 
Make sure you stand on the buoy furthest away from it. Sometimes it doesn't 
immediately surface. It does a dolphin leap to one side of the screen and 
then comes out to start sucking in the buoys. It does this to throw you off, 
so be careful! There seems to be a long line of buoys that goes on 
indefinitely, but I won't ask any questions. This is the only time you are 
able to hurt it, so unload those Energy Shots. 

The hard part is staying on a buoy without falling into the water or getting 
chomped down by the fish dude. You can do it! After it feels it's had enough 
buoys for awhile, it flips a buoy onto its head and speeds right across the 
screen. Quickly jump on the buoy on its head and then to the bar at the top 
for safety. The fish dude has run out of new attacks and will now reuse the 
previous ones, starting with the dolphin leap, so quickly drop back down once 
the buoys reappear.

When it does the vacuum thing again, it will begin to alternate between the 
right and left sides, most of the time abandoning the order. The strategy and 
attack pattern will still be the same, though. Upon its defeat, the fish dude 
will make one frantic attempt to drag you to the bottom of the water with it. 
Watch for some bubbling activity under the buoy and jump away if your buoy is 
targeted! It leaps into the air and slams the buoy before dying. Anyone up 
for sushi? 

                   M I S S I O N  5  -  A R C H I P E L A G O 

Your character descends on an unsuspecting bunch of soldiers and blasts them 
into oblivion as he makes his landing. Head to the right, and you soon come 
to parked army vehicle that's blocking the road. On top of it is a soldier 
balanced on a stack of barrels, shooting single projectiles at you. Watch out 
for any stray shots! Destroy the truck to blow the soldier and the barrels 
sky high to rack up the first Hit Rate points of the level.

At the top of the small slope is a soldier feeding a grenade launcher behind 
some sandbags. Blast away the sandbags and frag this guy. Below him is 
another soldier popping grenades that separate into four grenades once 
airborne. Use the Diver Mines and estimate the distance at which you can nail 
him. Approach the edge and get rid of the sniper standing on the other side. 
Then jump CAREFULLY onto the tree root at the bottom and climb up the larger 
root. Try to refrain from diving into the swamp water; it's deadly. Pull 
yourself up and continue killing until you come to a truck stuck in the sand. 
It turns out to be your first mini-boss in disguise.

                               M I N I – B O S S 

For unknown reasons I do not care to know, this abnormally large snail has a 
truck surgically attached to its back. When the snail itself burrows into the 
sand, it appears as if there is nothing but a stranded and harmless jeep. But 
when the snail of death emerges, disaster follows. It begins the fight with 
either one of two attacks. It may release a bunch of bubbles into the air, 
which come in different sizes and float toward you. Use the Flame-Thrower or 
Energy Shots to ward them off. Make sure you pop every last bubble as quickly 
as possible. After it attacks once, it switches to its jeep mode and drives 
straight across the screen. Jump on its back and prepare yourself for its 
next attack. If there are any bubbles remaining, move forward a bit and then 
jump away from the bubbles and onto its back.

The next attack is a doozy if you allow yourself to be a sitting duck. First, 
it shoots a myriad of missiles into the air from its flailing antennas. When 
this happens, dozens of cross-hairs fill the screen. This indicates the 
imminent landing of the said missiles. They rain down in quick succession, 
practically turning the battlefield into a sea of fire. Your only refuge from 
this madness is on the snail's back. Stay close to it and wait until it 
lowers itself and allows you to jump on its back. Immediately do so when the 
opportunity presents itself and jump off afterward.

After that attack passes, it's back to square one. It will continue the fight 
with the aforementioned attacks in no set order until either one of you dies. 
All you have to do to make sure you're  not the one who expires first is fill 
this slimy snail-face full of lead.

It dissolves and leaves lovely remnants of its existence in the sand. Shoot 
the damn shield soldier you encounter and jump to the ceiling of the cave to 
hang from an invisible handbar. Shimmy across the cave quickly and shoot the 
sniper soldier below.

The next part is a little tricky. There are three propellers that are worn by 
old age. They can no longer move by themselves. However, if an outside force 
is great enough, they can spin around using and gaining the momentum that is 
provided. In this case, if you repeatedly fire at them you can spin the 
propellers. The catch is that the blades hurt your health, so you want to 
avoid touching them at all costs. Switch to your Diver Mines to use against 
the crawling creatures. The first propeller you come to is two-bladed, so  
all you need to do is keep it moving at a fairly slow speed, then go between 
the spaces and run past it to the next.

The second propeller is missing a blade and is positioned in close proximity 
to the third one. This one tends to cause some slip-ups. You can do it the 
hard way and shoot it slowly until the single blade hits 12 o'clock and 
quickly run under it. Or you can choose the easy way and just jump over it. 
It's a teeny bit risky, but it's way safer than actually spinning the 
propeller and running under it. The third and final one is fairly easy, 
assuming you haven't spun the blades yet. Simply fire off a few shots and run 
forward as the blades slowly spin counter-clockwise. Whew.

From the back of an old cargo plane comes a never-ending line of soldiers. Go 
past them while locking your character in the upper-right position and 
shooting the enemies before they land. Soon you come to a small fortress. 
Fortresses! Platforms! This is classic Contra! 

                               M I N I – B O S S 

Remember that cargo plane you just passed? Well, it's going to keep spawning 
soldiers, so don't stay too close to the left side of the screen or a soldier 
might sneak up on you and send you to your death. The battle area consists of 
a three-level platform. Use it to your advantage. Before anything, take out 
the shielded soldier on the ground, then the three sniper soldiers at the top 
of the fort. Worry not about  seeing only one sniper. Once you kill him, the 
other two will reveal themselves.

The fort itself is composed of two targets: the revolving turret and a ruby-
red core at the base. The real threat comes from the turret, which 
continuously fires off rounds of explosives to the middle and ground level.
This isn't much of a problem, though. Stand on the middle platform and fire 
off a steady flow of Heavy Machine Gunfire. Lock your character into position 
with R2, so that you can immediately switch to the left side to attend to an 
oncoming soldier. Or you can stay on the top most platform equipped with 
Diver Mines and shoot it from the edge.

Once the turret is destroyed, head to the top platform and stand at the edge.
Switch to your Diver Mines and let loose on the mines. They should fly in an 
arc and land on the red core. By standing on the top most platform, you will 
be unreachable to the stray soldiers. Just keep shooting those mines to break 
into the fort.

The next part entails a series of fights that succeed one another. This is 
merely a test of your endurance, as none of the bosses are far too difficult 
for your skill level. =) So anyway, head into the fort to confront the enemy 
commander. You force your way into a very cool-looking room with the enemy 
commander sitting on an elevated throne protected by semi-transparent glass.
In three simple movements, the entire glass spontaneously shatters and 
disappears. Wasn't that just the coolest thing ever? My favorite boss battle 

                               M I N I – B O S S 

It turns out that looks really can be deceiving, and he's much stronger than 
the average uh, enemy commander. He looks human, but he's got supernatural 
powers running through his blood. He spends most of his time hovering around 
the screen, acting only to attack. His attacks pack quite a punch. He has an 
arsenal of diverse attacks, so all you really have to focus on is avoid 
getting fried by them. He has about five different attacks that will keep you 
on your toes. Make use of the climbable side walls and ceiling.

Lance moves to a certain area and performs a little ritual before he executes 
his attack. Study these carefully to anticipate what his next attack will be.

Attack 1 
Floats in the center and summons six cross-hairs to his side, each located at 
different positions. Quickly stand between two of them and wait for the him 
to come out with the full attack. He discharges six laser beams from his body 
and rests them on all six cross-hairs, forming a hexagonal shape. Then all 
the lasers start rotating slowly in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise 
fashion. Your job is to stay in the big space between two lasers and follow 
them while they move. Since they move so slowly, you can fire a few shots in-
between the moving and the climbing.

Attack 2
He floats up to the ceiling and hangs from it. He sends white, crackling 
energy balls to random positions on the screen. They're deadly when you touch 
them. They just stay in place until they eventually disappear. Lie low on the 
ground to completely avoid them. Attack only if you have room to stand up.

Attack 3
He stands on the floor on either side and charges up his attack. A bright 
light surrounds him and he forms a cluster of white energy at his feet. Then
he suddenly does a back flip, kicking up the white energy ball. It travels 
along the walls and ceiling at a fairly fast speed. The trick is to stay 
behind him and jump over it as it approaches you. He does this three times.

Attack 4
Smokin'! He curls up into a ball and is suddenly engulfed in flames. Then he 
throws himself onto the wall and bounces around. There isn't a sure-fire way 
to avoid this attack, so you just need to keep moving.

Attack 5
He hovers around in the upper left or right and surrounds himself with fiery
energy balls. Stand on one side of the screen, close to a wall, and watch as 
they circle him. Once you see them stop briefly, quickly jump onto the wall! 
They become dangerous homing missiles that lock-on to your position and come 
at you like a cheetah to an antelope.

Between and during these attacks, you have ample opportunities to drown him 
in bullets and Energy Shots. Good luck.

Once he's felt enough of your heat, he takes you into his alien body and 
sics several gigantic alien beings on you. You fight them one after another 
with no intermissions. Yeah, baby! Tear it up!

                               M I N I – B O S S 

The innards of an alien. I've always wanted to see what it's like. Neat. The 
hated alien spores are all up on the sides, but they're not your target. The 
dangling (and slowly descending) alien at the top of the screen is. The only 
problem is that while you waste this sucker, the ever annoying crawling 
things will scurry down the walls and lick your toes. First off, you want to 
exterminate the plant spores on the walls. Then stay on one side of the 
screen, using the R2 button to lock yourself in position, and fire away. Keep 
shooting the main target--the alien heart--and pausing only to take care of 
the crawling runts.

                               M I N I – B O S S 

This extremely long centipede-like alien slowly worms out of the upper right
orifice. Its exoskeleton is rock solid, so the only soft spot is the head. 
Flame Whip it with the Flame-Thrower while you move back. The boss hugs the 
outer walls and bends around itself when it hits the ceiling, so you have to 
make sure you're not under it or too close to it when it does that. When you 
run out of room, jump on its exoskeleton and continue fighting it. Keep 
torching the head. Eventually, it constricts you and traps you in a very tiny 
space. Don't worry. You can still use your weapons, so do so! This is the 
best opportunity. After awhile, it unwraps itself and retreats back into the 
hole. You just need to kill it before it retreats completely.

                               M I N I – B O S S 

This fight pits you against two uh, things you have to fight simultaneously.
One is on the ceiling, the other is on the ground. This isn't difficult once 
you know the pattern. Basically, when one acts the other follows shortly. 
They basically "attack" in three ways. First, they extend themselves and 
touch either the ceiling or the ground. When the one on the ceiling shuffles 
across the screen, the bottom one is sure to follow suit. Jump over it. Their 
last attack does nothing really. They delve into the ground and bury 
themselves, then emerge again. My only advice for this phase is to not stand 
directly under the top alien.

Attack them with the usual Heavy Machine Gun. Once one of them is dead, the 
remaining one will use both the ceiling and the ground. And since its twin 
brother is gone, it won't be afraid to use its hidden attack: it spurts a 
myriad of blue balls into the air which then abruptly fall to the ground. No 
weapon of yours can destroy these things, so just utilize some quick 
movements to stay out of harm's way. Immediately afterward, it rushes to one 
side of the screen and suddenly changes its mind and does one long jump back 
to its previous position on the other side. The new and improved "hang" 
attack (which occurs only when it's on the ceiling) allows it to move in an 
arc fashion. Duck or get away from it. 

I recommend attacking the both of them equally, dwindling their health down 
during the first phase so that the second phase is cake.

                               M I N I – B O S S 

Alright, last one! Mini-boss, that is! This one is a bit tricky and might 
just give you headaches. All it takes is patience and the know-hows on 
avoiding its attacks. That's the sole reason you're reading this, yes? Of 
course. This creature's main weak spot is the red core, which is exposed 
every time it stretches itself or moves. During the first attack, it attaches 
itself to both the ceiling and the ground. With the exertion of a great 
amount of force, it pulls them together, making it appear as if you will be 
turned into a pancake. That doesn't happen, however. What happens instead is 
that the alien sticks to the ceiling and drops a fire bomb, which explodes 
across the entire floor on impact. This is something you just cannot survive 
by dodging. 

The trick is to hang on to the ceiling as the alien pulls both the ground and 
the ceiling together. By staying on the ceiling, you won't feel like a 
chicken roasting in a grill. After the hell-ish fire abates, drop back down 
and shoot the red core as the alien lumbers across the ceiling. Once it 
reaches the other side, it drops to the floor. At this point, it fires a huge 
blue beam. You DO NOT want to do ANYTHING but DUCK. 

After this attack passes, the alien performs some strange dance and scuffs 
back and forth across the floor. Jump over it every time until it stops 
dancing. Afterward, it follows its set attack pattern again, starting with 
the pulling of the ceiling and ground. The other attacks will be performed in 
the same order. Once this bad boy is down, it's time for the real boss of the 

                              S T A G E  B O S S 

Do you really care to know which major body organ you're in now? No, but holy 
moly! This boss is much more self-imposing than it seems. It attacks using 
all of its body parts, including both arms, eyeballs and the ruby gem 
embedded on its head (or something that looks like its head). The eyeballs 
and the ruby gem don't attack you per se. Rather, they fire slow-moving 
projectiles in your general direction. The arms attack by elongating 
themselves, wrapping around the bar you're hanging from and inching their way 
toward the other side. Now your instinct may tell you to quickly drop to the 
ground, which at first seems like a fantastic idea. But look down. Yep, the 
jaws of death are upon you. 

So scrap that option and try this: Notice how the arm wraps around the bar in 
a spiral pattern, leaving room at certain parts of it? Well, if you stick 
around under those parts where the space isn't already occupied by the body 
of a 10-foot arm, you will live! That's pretty risky stuff for the 
inexperienced. Basically, you want to hang under the part where the arm forms 
the shape of a parabola that's pointing downward. Alternatively, you can just 
move to the opposite side and hug the side of the screen while shooting the 
"head". After it wraps around the entire bar, it quickly unravels itself and 
returns to its cozy home in the  alien's whatever. Then the next arm does the 
same thing, only it moves in the opposite direction.

Each time you destroy a body part, the boss tweaks its attacks and comes out 
with something new, or improves upon one of its existing attacks. For
example, the pink projectile it shoots from the ruby gem fires three balls at 
once instead of just one if one of its eyes is gone; five if both its eyes 
are gone. This is to compensate for the eyes' not shooting their share of 
projectiles. To avoid them, just stay between the gaps. Of course, this is 
more difficult when there are about a million other things going on at the 
same time. 

Take care of the eyes and arms with Energy Shots. Once the arms are gone, the 
empty sockets spit out different things. They either shoot out some deadly 
cashew nuts or a single blue ball that sticks to the hand bar for awhile. The 
main weak spot of this monstrosity is the ruby gem, so bombard it with Energy 
Shots and dodge the energy balls it shoots.

                     M I S S I O N  6  - S A N C T U A R Y 

Hey, doesn't that helicopter bent on destroying you look a little familiar? 
That's right! It's the very same the turtle boss from Mission 1 obliterated.
It's back with a vengeance and how! =P

                               M I N I – B O S S 

During its first form (yes, you read right), it uses two attacks. The first 
has it flying in the background, out of your reach, and unleashing a volley 
of missiles onto the top of the plane you're standing on. They sweep across 
the deck, so your best bet is to jump over the explosions (not the missiles 
themselves; they can't hurt you). Then it closes in and hovers somewhere 
close. At this point, you want to position yourself UNDER it! It whips out 
its handy dandy arms and fires two high-energy lasers. Stay between them and 
shoot the arms as well as the missiles that are released using the Heavy 
Machine Gun. The helicopter sometimes chooses to stay in one place or slowly 
glide across the deck. Move with it while staying out of the lasers' reach.

Once enough damage is dealt, the helicopter briefly flies out of range and
under the plane to recuperate. Now the camera is focused on a side view, 
indicating that things are going to be different. This time around, the 
helicopter will actually transform back and forth into mini-mecha robot from 
its initial helicopter form. Whenever it transforms into a mecha, it attacks.

First, it lands on one end of the plane and fires white projectiles onto the 
plane which then roll toward you. It fires two or three of these 
consecutively, then flies off. Shortly after, it returns to sit on the 
cockpit of the plane and shoot a blue photon beam. Your only option is to 
duck here. Afterward, it morphs back into a helicopter but morphs back into  
a mecha robot just as quickly to take a small breather on the plane. It may 
not perform those actions necessarily in that order. The main thing you need 
to watch out for is that damn beam.

The mecha is most vulnerable at the cockpit, so train all your shots on that
particular spot. The Homing Missiles work wonders when you're tied down by 
that photon beam. Other times, the Flame-Thrower and the do-all Heavy Machine 
Gun are effective, too.

Bound for the glowing wormhole in the sky, you leave the remains of the mecha 
boss and fly into the wormhole. You get transported to a region in space 
where time and matter do not exist. Here is where you will be thrust into a 
series of boss battles, a situation similar to the one you previously 
experienced in Mission 5 except this one is a tad harder. Ok, not just a tad, 
it's much harder.

                              S T A G E  B O S S 

What? So soon?! Yeah, this boss has five forms, so you can  think of them as 
mini-boss battles if you want. The first form is something that looks human, 
but not quite. This form has a tendency to teleport a lot, but his 
destination is not unpredictable. You can see his silhouette move. The first 
type of attack he's capable of is spawning two pink energy balls and hurling 
them toward you. Naturally, they home in on your position. He pitches them 
either from the ground or the air. You can jump over the ones he fires from 
the ground at the last second. If he fires in mid-air, the balls are loads 
harder to dodge. It takes some risky business and skill. If you're lucky, you 
can just slip between the two balls when one travels low and the other flies 

The second attack involves using his arms to impale you. He first strikes at 
an angle, meaning that he touches the ground that's opposite to where he is. 
What he does is either hover right above you or in the upper left or right 
corner of the screen and "throw" out his arm. He does it once or 
consecutively, depending on his mood. This occurs very quickly. You can stay 
safe by staying on the FAR opposite side of where he is. If he tries to fly 
above you, trick him and run away! Keep shooting him with Heavy Machine Gun.

Second form
The second form is that of an amphibian--an enormous frog with more than the 
average number of arms. This inane creature likes to literally swim and hop 
off the screen, only to come back and belch out some disgusting, unknown 
substance from the netherregions, followed by a trail of red dumbbells. The  
vomit is life-threatening if you're too close. Stand far away and shoot from 
afar. To avoid a dumbbell, shoot it until it starts parading toward you in a 
horizontal position, then duck (or jump). Then quickly stand up and repeat 
with the following dumbbells. 

After this attack, it turns ghost white and charges off the screen. It then 
does a series of rush attacks, all of which can easily be dodged by jumping 
and ducking at the right time. Jump only if it sweeps across the bottom 
portion of the screen. After the charge attacks, it returns to spit out more 
dumbbells. The weapon of choice here is the Heavy Machine Gun because you 
need the distance and the rapid-firing rate to deal with the dumbbells. 

Third form
The third form is a creature that resembles a jellyfish. It twirls around to 
and fro at the top portion of the screen, releasing a slew of falling 
mushrooms that sway to the left and right. If you shoot them, a pink goo 
escapes and pours downward. Don't touch it! Just move away! Occasionally, the 
jellyfish will take a break from flying around the top of the screen and do  
a loop, starting from one side to the other and back to the top. The hard 
part is weaving around the falling mushrooms and finding the breathing space 
to frag this alien. Use Machine Gun and Homing Missiles to do the trick. Also 
be sure to use the L2 lock-on feature.

Fourth form
An oddity, the fourth form represents a unicellular organism. This giant blob 
is invulnerable to all types of attacks. However, the plasma can be eroded 
away temporarily to expose the nucleus (the red core in the middle). Use the 
Machine Gun and fire away. The repeated gunfire will force its way into the 
nucleus, eventually revealing an opening. Once you've opened it up, keep 
firing like there's no tomorrow. The only thing that may hold you back is the 
eternally annoying disc things the boss sends out. It ejects a random number 
of pink discs which all converge on you. They can be destroyed; however, the 
boss can send out a crapload if it feels like its nucleus is in danger. Don't 
use anything else but the Machine Gun unless dying is your thing.

Final form
The final form is the weirdest. The target is the pulsating white thing in 
the middle of a room filled with...sperm or bacteria? Well, whatever you want 
to think. This isn't hard. Just keep burning away the darn white thing with 
your Flame-Thrower. Stand directly under it and lock yourself into position 
with R2. You might want to occasionally shoot up and keep the bacteria from 
multiplying too much. In a little while, they will all charge at you. When 
they attack you en masse, wave your Flame-Thrower around like mad. Though in 
great numbers, the bacteria can perish extremely easily.

                M I S S I O N  7  -  T H E  F I N A L  B O S S  

Well, the good news is that this is the last level and there's only one thing 
you need to do in this stage: kill the boss. The bad news is that, well, 
there is no bad news! The mission begins as you escape the explosion of the 
relic with a fused version of all the forms of the previous boss tailing you. 
How nice. Looks like you're not gonna be home free after all.

                              S T A G E  B O S S 

Although the final boss (you were expecting something more intimidating?) is 
a fused version of all the forms of the previous boss, it has retained only 
two attacks, one of which is completely new. The first and second form take 
turns attacking you. The top half (the human form) conjures the very same 
pink colored energy balls and hurls them at you in pairs. The energy balls 
behave in capricious and strange ways, depending on the order in which the 
pairs are thrown. The first pair lands near the center and bounces toward 
you--at least one of them will. If it  doesn't, don't worry about it. Stand 
near the back and allow the energy ball to bounce over you.

The second pair lands just near the cockpit but quickly bounces in the other 
direction like a ball on a string. You can avoid these two by standing above 
the cockpit, near the edge. The last pair is tricky to dodge because it lands 
at the very back, probably at the position where you usually stand. This one 
takes some finesse, but once you've got it down you'll be safe. Stand at the 
very end of the plane and wait for the energy balls to come. When the first 
one approaches, quickly move three steps forward and let it bounce over you. 
Then move two steps forward again to allow the second to also bounce over 
you. Don't just move forward! You also have to move back to adapt to your own 
situation sometimes! This tactic might not always work, so you have to 
improvise and find out what works best for you. Be nimble!

After the third pair of energy balls, the bottom half (the frog form) attacks 
by sucking up some air and then spitting out four fireballs in quick 
succession. These are easy to avoid as long as you watch the frog's actions.
Notice how the frog takes a deep breath and tilts its head back slightly 
before it spews out the fireballs. Maintain an upright position, then at the 
last moment DUCK! You can practically see the fire coalescing in its mouth. 
The fireballs should whiz right above and past you. If you get down too 
early, the fireballs instead travel along the floor and set it ablaze. Timing 
is crucial.

If the frog decides to shoot at the floor for some unknown reason, the best 
way to evade them is to stand near the back and jump over the first fireball. 
Once you do, you will have avoided them all. When the frog directs its attack 
to the floor, it is completely different from when it shoots them in mid-air.
As it fires each fireball, it's pushed back into the inferno roaring in the 
background, thus making each fireball land progressively toward the tail of 
the plane. 

The two forms alternate between attacks, so there is a steady attack pattern.
The energy balls the top half summons behave randomly sometimes, but the 
general idea of how to avoid them remains the same. Unload Homing Missiles 
and Energy Shots. Keep in mind that you CAN FALL OFF the plane, so don't stay 
too close to the edge. The main idea is: make use of the space you're given! 
Good luck!

Hey, you finally beat one of the hardest games on the PS2! But the fun's only 
just begun. Now you've gotta attain that coveted S-Rank, or the meat god will 
pinch your bum when you sleep at night. Go on to the Secrets  section to find 
out all the goodies you can unlock!! GO!!

  05.  – Perfect Hit Rate Guide - 

Since Contra is mostly a straightforward game, most people don't need to be 
spoon-fed through the entire game. What they need is a small guide to push 
them in the right direction. For those who are striving for perfection, you 
will find that I have generously simplified the walkthrough into a Perfect 
Hit Rate Guide. This section discloses everything that needs to be demolished 
during your trek through a level to maximize the Hit Rate counter.

I will discuss them in chronological order (the order that you meet them) for 
easy comprehension. I will try to equip you with the know-how to overcome the 
greatest obstacles to achieve that elusive "S" Rank in every level. Or try. 
The small print says: I do not guarantee these tips will ensure your success. 
All you need is patience and the right skills. Oh, and time and commitment 
and practice. That means no  homework, sleep, food, showers for  about a week 
or so (not that I neglected them myself). Good luck!

Mission 1 - Fortress

- Soldier right at the beginning.
- Parked truck.
- Yellow motorcycle, shoot in a prone position from afar. Don't cease fire
  until it explodes in your face.
- Two barrels, the explosion of each will torch the soldiers standing behind
- Soldier at the top of the hill.
- Mini-boss (Spider Tank)
- Three shield-wielding soldiers.
- Two canisters on the ceiling, right above the trio of shielded soldiers.
- Three sniper soldiers who shoot at you as you climb up the wall.
- Mini-boss (second one), shoot and destroy the left and right pods four 
  times, then deal with the main body.
- First soldier after the mini-boss.
- Shield-wielding soldier on the bridge.
- Five alien scum hovering around in jet packs, position yourself under them
  and start shooting before they get comfortable. If you give them enough 
  time, they can shoot a straight line of bullets either in a 45-degree angle
  or 90-degree angle below them, depending upon where you are. These guys can
  fly away if you don't kill them quickly enough.
- Mini-boss (snow snake), wear away its rotting skin and then destroy the  
  core when it's exposed. If you don't kill this quickly enough, it will also
  scurry back into its hellhole.
- Stage boss (first form), there are two tissues which are prime breeding 
  grounds for wasps and maggots located above and below the turtle's head.
  Destroy those with Diver Mines, then take care of the head.
- Stage boss (second form).


Object/Enemy                            |   % Value
Mortar Soldier                          |       1
Truck                                   |       4
Motorcycle                              |       4
Barrel + Soldier                        |       2
Barrel 2 + Soldier 2                    |       2
Mortar Soldier on Structure             |       1
Mini-boss                               |       8      
Shield Soldier (x3)                     |       3
Ceiling Container (x2)                  |       2 
Sniper Soldier (x3)                     |       3
Mini-boss 2                             |      
  - Main Body                           |       7
  - Left Part (4 times)                 |       8
  - Right Part (4 times)                |       8
Mortar Soldier 2                        |       1
Shielded Soldier                        |       1
Flying Creatures (x5)                   |       5
Mini-boss 3                             |       
  - Scales                              |       9
  - Core                                |       7
Stage Boss                              |
  - Turtle Head                         |       8
  - Wasp Nest                           |       3
  - Maggot Nest                         |       3
  - 2nd Form                            |      10

Mission 2 - Train

- Turret on submarine, stay to the far right and lock your position to the 
  left and fire away at the turret.
- First missile rider, taking care of these isn't easy when you're not ready.
  When you see one swoop in the background, aim to the left and start firing
  before you even see him. 
- Crate rack at the back of the helicopter, move under the crate holder that
  is furthest to the right and shoot up. You should destroy the crates before
  they reach the ground while dealing damage to the rack itself. 
- Second missile rider.
- Five laser nodes on the underside of helicopter, start shooting the ones on
  the far right while you wait until the laser near you stops attacking, then
  splurge your bullets as you move under each. This is pretty tricky, but 
  once you get the hang of it, it should be cake.
- Remaining missile riders.
- Napalm-shooting turret, this thing is really troublesome since your jump 
  has to be timed fairly well.
- Six soldiers hanging from moving missiles, these guys cause nothing but 
  headaches. They toss grenades and are quick to escape. I found using the
  Fire Whip pretty effective. The Energy shot works wonders, but uses too
  much time to charge.
- Mounted gun on the back freight car.
- Five bikers, they tend to swerve right into you or shoot you, or both. As
  always, the best weapon to use here is the Heavy Machine Gun.
- Mini-boss, destroy the two extra parts before they detonate on their own.
  The main body can only be destroyed within an EXTREMELY SHORT amount of 
  time. On its final attack, have a Energy Shot prepared beforehand and fire
  one from under it as it shoots its laser.
- First mine-shooting turret.
- First rapid-firing turret, stand on the step below it and launch a series 
  of Diver Mines in its direction.
- Two soldiers after the turret.
- Second mine-shooting turret.
- Soldier after turret.
- Second rapid-firing turret.
- Last turret.
- Stage boss, destroy both shoulder plates and the twin turrets on its back.
  Afterward, destroy the battery pack on its back and finally the torso with
  the Fire Whip.


Object/Enemy                            |   % Value
Turret On Submarine                     |       3
Crate-Dropping Compartment              |       5
Missile Riders (x4)                     |       4
Laser Shooters (x5)                     |      10
Napalm-firing Cannon                    |       5 
Gliding Missile Riders (x6)             |       6
Mini-Boss                               |       5
Biker Soldiers (x5)                     |      10
Mini-Boss                               |
  - Left Part                           |       2
  - Right Part                          |       2
  - Main Body                           |       5
Mounted Turrets (x5)                    |      15
Troops (x3)                             |       3
Stage Boss                              |       
  - Shoulder Plates (x2)                |       6
  - Twin-Turrets                        |       4
  - Battery Pack                        |      10
  - Lower Body                          |       5

Mission 3 - City

- First soldier with helicopter blades.
- Stack of sandbags and the soldier behind it.
- Parked truck and the soldier on top of it.
- Second soldier with helicopter blades.
- Second stack of sandbags and the soldier behind it.
- Mini-boss threat.
- Three roly-poly robots, an Energy Shot to each when they stick out their 
  heads will do the trick.
- Mini-boss (second one).
- Mini-boss (third one).
- Two roly-poly robots, one drops in from above and the other is lounging
  around on the ramp.
- Stage boss, destroy the top and bottom turrets during the first phase with
  Diver Mines and jumping up and down. Eliminate each of the laser-shooting
  nodes at the top, plus the missiles that come from the left and right. Then
  shoot and destroy the final rear core.


Object/Enemy                            |   % Value
Aerial Soldiers (x2)                    |       4
Three-Layer Sandbag (x2)                |       6
Soldier Behind Sandbags (x2)            |       2
Truck + Soldier                         |       5
Mini-Boss                               |       6
Roly-Poly Robots (x3)                   |       6
Mini-Boss 2                             |       6
Mini-Boss 3                             |       5
Roly-Poly Robots (x2)                   |       4
Stage Boss                              |       
  - Top + Bottom Turret                 |      10                             
  - Missiles (x12)                      |      24                      
  - Beam-Shooting Cannons (x4)          |      12
  - Rear Particle Beam-Shooter          |      10

Mission 4 – Seabed

- Eighteen missiles that come from the left.
- Mini-boss, destroy the backpack, the gun, the core and the sled.
- Seven alien spores on the walls as you descend.
- Three eel plants.
- The remaining two alien spores.
- Mini-boss, use the Flame-Thrower to burn away its outer layer. Then 
  continue torching it to kill it.
- Twelve alien spores along the ceiling and ground.
- One eel plant hanging from the ceiling.
- Remaining eight alien spores near the boss.
- Stage boss, shoot the mines before they touch the water. The boss follows a
  set attack pattern. Read boss strategy found in the Mission 4 walkthrough.


Object/Enemy                            |   % Value
Missiles (x18)                          |      18
Mini-Boss                               |
  - Huge Gun                            |       3
  - Backpack                            |       3   
  - Rocket sled                         |       4
  - Energy Core                         |       5
Alien Plant Spores (x9)                 |       9
Eel Plants (x3)                         |       6
Mini-Boss 2                             |       5
Alien Plant Spores (x20)                |      20
Eel Plant                               |       2
Stage Boss                              | 
  - Parachute Mines (x15)               |      15
  - Main body                           |      10

Mission 5 – Archipelago

- Truck, the explosion of the truck will take the soldier and the barrels 
  with it.
- Stack of sandbags and the soldier behind it.
- Two soldiers near the base of the tree.
- One soldier past the tree area.
- Mini-boss, use Energy Shots and watch out for its deadly napalm attack.
- Shielded soldier before entering small cave area.
- Sniper at the end of the small cave area.
- One shielded soldier in front of the fort.
- Three snipers at the top of the fort.
- Mini-boss, shoot the turret and the red core from the top platform using
  Diver Mines.
- Mini-boss, avoid his attacks and keep firing.
- Four mini-bosses after that, read walkthrough for the boss strategies.
- Stage boss, shoot the arms, eyes and finally the core for full Hit Rate 


Object/Enemy                            |   % Value
Soldier on top of barrels               |       1
Barrels (x2)                            |       2
Truck                                   |       4
Grenade Soldier + Three-layer Sandbags  |       4
Tree Soldiers (x2)                      |       2
Grenade Soldier                         |       1
Mini-Boss                               |       5
Shielded Soldier                        |       1
Sniper Soldier in Cave                  |       1
Mini-Boss 2                             |
  - Soldiers (x4)                       |       4
  - Revolving Turret                    |       4
  - Core                                |       5
Mini-Boss 3 (Enemy Commander)           |       9       
Mini-Boss 4                             |       
  - Alien plant spores (x4)             |       8
  - Heart                               |       5
Mini-Boss 5                             |       5   
Mini-Boss 6 (x2)                        |      10
Mini-Boss 7                             |       5
Stage Boss                              |
  - Eyes (x2)                           |       6
  - Arms (x2)                           |       8
  - Core                                |      10

Mission 6 – Sanctuary

- Mini-boss, take care of the helicopter's first and second forms.
- Duh, all the boss forms?


Object/Enemy                            |   % Value
Mini-boss                               |      
  - First form                          |       5
  - Second form                         |      15
Stage boss                              |
  - First form                          |      15
  - Second form                         |      15
  - Third form                          |      15
  - Fourth form                         |      15
  - Final form                          |      20

Mission 7 – Final Boss Battle

- Kill the bastard!


Object/Enemy                            |   % Value
Final Boss                              |     100

  06.  – Secrets - 

Most of these must be unlocked through completing the game on NORMAL mode 

You will find these unlocked in Training mode.

Mission 5  : Beat Mission 4 with a "B" rank. 
Mission 6  : Beat Mission 5 with an "A" rank.
Mission 7  : Beat Mission 6 with an "A" rank.

Database   : Beat the game on Normal with an overall "B" or "C" rank. If you 
             get an "A" or "S" rank, you do not get this option. Database 
             contains a lot of profiles and vital plot information listed 
             according to the date when the event occurred.
Theater    : Beat the game on Normal to get one (or more) of four endings. 
             The endings you unlock are all stored here for your viewing 
Gallery    : Clear game with an overall "A" rank. There are 23 delicious 
             drawings of all the different things found in the game, 
             including the notorious bosses and enemies. Pretty cool stuff. 

Satellite Weapon  : Beat Mission 5 with an overall "C" rank.
Return            : Clear Mission 6 with an overall "B" rank.
Triumphant Return : Clear the game with an overall "A" rank.
Contra VS (Dog?)  : Beat the game through Mission 7 on Normal with an overall
                    "S" rank to view this movie. 

You're probably wondering as to what is so darn funny about Contra VS (Dog?). 
Well, the movie itself isn't exactly hilarious nor does it correlate to the 
plot of Contra directly. All I can say is that the sound effects will make 
you chortle 'til you choke. Have fun trying to unlock it. It is worth it for 
the laughs. If that's not enough of an incentive to juice up your motivation 
wheel, then let me put it this way: you will undoubtedly be crushed under all
the frustration this game builds on you, but you will also be greatly 
rewarded with a sensational feeling when you accomplish this remarkable feat. 

To get a "S" rank, you cannot afford to die even once. What you CAN do is hit 
the Retry option, which does not affect your final ranking at all. You don't 
get anything special for not using any credits, so it's a win-win situation.

How can we forget? Contra was the main reason codes existed. Yes, the famous 
30-Lives code, the only code that doesn't make you feel like such a 
cheapskate. Those damn aliens packing too much heat? Don't worry, we'll just 
increase your number of lives by 28. In order for it to work, you MUST use 
the second controller (meaning the other controller plugged into port 2) to 
enter this code. Remember, you have only 30 lives throughout the ENTIRE game. 
The number of lives won't reset each time you begin a new level. The 
remaining number carries over to the next level. Make sure you know what you 
are doing so that you don't lose all of them in Mission 1. =)

Enter the following on the title screen:

Up, Up, Down, Down, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3

You get a chime sound if you enter the code correctly.

No one knows what exactly determines when and how you acquire an extra (and 
permanent) life. You just do. We ("we" as in the Contra community) have all 
arrived at the same conclusion that you can somehow increase your number of 
default lives by playing a lot and constantly saving your progress. Your 
total playing time and war record are somehow directly related to whether you 
will be granted an extra life or not. The average playing time is roughly six 
hours before you earn your first extra life. 

  07.  – FAQs - 

 Q: How do I save my game??

 A: The save feature in Contra is a strange one. It doesn't allow you to save
    your progress. Instead, you can save only your FINISHED results, meaning 
    that you get the save option AFTER you clear the game or end it.

 Q: Hey! The 99 credits code doesn't work!

 A: That's a totally bogus code. It's not supposed to work. Some moron posted 
    it on the internet and it spread through the internet like an extremely
    contagious disease.

 Q: I'm getting a disc read error! My Contra game is not working! I already 
    exchanged it for a new one once! All my other games work. What's wrong?!

 A: One logical cause is that since the Contra disc is blue, meaning that it
    is a CD-ROM, it is much more delicate and can be screwed up in some way
    by dust on the CD or on the disc tray of the PS2 itself. Try using a CD  
    cleaner. You could also try putting your PS2 in a vertical position to
    get some better results. Another method is using a piece of electric 
    tape (heavy tape that isn't very adhesive and can be found in most home 
    hardware stores) and sticking it to the disc to make it heavier. Credit
    goes to the guys at the MBs for coming up with this method. If all else
    fails, well, I guess you can't play Contra. =(


  08.  – Outro - 

The unofficial Contra: Shattered Soldier strategy guide was created on 
December 30, 2002. © 2003 AdrenalineSL. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and  in part 
in any form.  Playstation 2 and Playstation 2 logos are registered trademarks 
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Entertainment of America. You may not place  this document on your website or 
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This Contra: Shattered Soldier FAQ / Walkthrough was written by  AdrenalineSL 
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or create derivative works based on the documentation in whole or in part. Do 
not remove any copyrights. 

DISCLAIMER: Contra: Shattered Soldier, the Contra logo, and all related 
characters are copyright and property of Konami, Inc.


- The instruction manual for helping me better understand the intricacies of
  the game.
- GameFAQs Codes & Secrets for the 30 Lives cheat.

o|                        S P E C I A L  T H A N K S                       |o

Adrenaline would like to thank the following for their somehow making this 
FAQ possible:

Konami – For finally bringing us an update to this classic title and it's a
rockin' one at that!

CJayC – For always hosting my guides and being patient with me.

IGN FAQs – For having selected me to be FAQ Writer of the Week in November 
and giving me two free games of my choice, one of which I decided to be 

o|                              C L O S I N G                              |o

Well, you made it all the way here. How touching. I love you, too. Currently, 
I have nothing on my mind that I want to bitch about, so I'll keep this short 
and sweet. Get the hell out, assbutt!

"Let's make violent sports together."


Shameless plug--Other FAQs by yours truly:

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                    /(//////// ^  /  / R~%G^C~Gt~/^ ^
                     // ////// / ^^^///////G/ ~/ ///^
                     /// ^//^/// / /   /^ / ^//// ///

                       _Adrenaline_ Deftones 1995 
          The Unofficial Contra: Shattered Soldier Strategy Guide
                      Copyright © 2003 Stephanie Lee
                               January 2003

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