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Guide and Walkthrough by Radd Spencer

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/25/2002

      #########################  #
    ##############################  #
    #############          ###########
   ###########                ######
  #########                    ###
########      ##########   ####      #### ########## ###########   ######
######       ############ #######    #### ########## ############ ########
 #######     ####    #### ########   ####       ####        ##### #### ####
 # ######    ####    #### #### ####  ####       #### ###########  ####  ####
   #######   ####    #### ####  #### ####       #### ##########   ###########
   ########  ############ ####   ########       #### ####   ####  ############
    ###  ##   ##########  ####     #####        #### ####    #### ####     ####
     ######  ##                     ########   Contra: Shattered Soldier (USA)
        ########  ##           ########     ###             for
          ################# ########                Sony PlayStation 2
             ####################                 Strategy Guide FAQ v1.0
                  ##########   #
                                                Logo copyright 1987, Konami
                                              Game copyright 2002 Konami, KCET.
                                                FAQ written by: Radd Spencer
                                                e-mail: lastboss@hotmail.com


  This is a step-by-step strategy guide for Contra: Shattered Soldier for 
  PlayStation 2. It covers everything from boss strategies to getting 100% 
  hit rates in all stages.

  v0.1 -- (10/31/2002) First version. Everything covered up to the giant cell
          in stage 6.
  v1.0 -- (11/21/2002) Everything covered. Also made some minor corrections.

  *On "EASY" mode, only stages 1-5 are available.
  *On "NORMAL" mode, stage 6 and 7 are only available if you have an 
   average of "A" rank.
  *Please excuse the utterly lame boss description names or lack thereof. I 
   don't have a list to go by, but if you're playing the game you'll know
   what I'm talking about.
  *For play instructions, please read your instruction manual.

STAGE 1: Base
You can use the machine gun for a bit. It's actually a decent choice because of
it's turning speed and range for these weak enemies. Take out the soldier with 
the mortar for your first 1%. You'll come to a parked truck. Machine gun works 
More soldiers. A bike will drive by in the background. You'll eventually 
encounter the parked bike with side car. Duck and attack. It will leave if 
you're not fast enough. It's possible to destroy it with the machine gun, but 
it can be a close call.
Destroy the two barrels you'll encounter. Once at the top of the hill take out 
the mortar in the tower.
Next is a miniboss, a robot spider. There's a safe spot from the boss' first
attack of small missiles at the leftmost part of the screen. From there you can
get off several charged flame shots. When the first attack finishes the boss 
will jump to the left side. It will take a step back before the jump so be 
ready and get out of the left corner when this happens. Keep hammering the 
boss. It's second attack is a large missile attack that will come down onto 
your position from the sky when the blinking crosshair turns completely red. 
When it starts to blink more red than white, move. 
Use the flame thrower and take out the 3 soldiers with shields. Quickly switch 
to machine gun to keep the regular soldiers away and destroy the two tankers 
in the ceiling right above where the shielded soldiers were.
When you reach the dead end, jump on the right wall and climb up. Shoot the 3 
soldiers that you'll come across while climbing.
A giant ceiling weapon arsenal puts itself together. All parts must be 
destroyed before the center core. The sides have identical parts that change 
after destroyed. Use the 
flame charge for the whole battle. Pick either the left or right side. 
Aim-lock up and fire flame charge shots at the missile launcher. Time your 
first shot so you also take out the first missile. You can get in a couple 
more shots before the next missile. It 4 flame charges will destroy it. From 
here move to the opposite side while aim-locking to the side you just left. 
The next unit that appears it a spread shot. From the opposite side it's super 
easy to destroy with flame charges. Just be aware of the slow missiles that'll
be raining on your head and dodge them. The only real danger is the napalm 
dropper which comes afterwards. When the napalm hits the ground it will burst 
into flames. The flame will spread left and right from the contact point. 
You'll have to jump over the oncoming fire. Again, stay cautious of the slow 
missiles. 3 flame charges will destroy the napalm device. Finally, the 
component will change into a flame thrower. Stay where you are and wipe it out 
with 3 flame charges. With the first side gone the center core will begin 
firing electric beams across the floor either left or right. Move over to the 
side with the destroyed component and attack the other side with the same 
tactics. You are safe from the electric beam on the extreme left or right of 
the screen. At last, with both sides gone, destroy the core.
Use the flame thrower and walk straight right without stopping. You'll take 
out a mortar and a shielded soldier. There's a cutscene and now you're 
Aim-lock up and get a flame charge ready. Soldiers will fly in on jet packs 
and fire at you. Two flame charges will take out each one. Destroy them 
quickly before they leave.
A giant snake dives in and out of the snow towards your position and finally 
will go past you. This is when the boss is vulnerable. Release a charge flame
at the body as it whizzes past you. It will restart at the top. Destroy all 
the body segments. Use regular flame when you have one or two segments left 
as it's hard to accurately shoot those with a charge. The eye will now open 
and the boss will dive over you from right to left. Hit the eye as it passes
by with flame charges. When you see the green blood it's dead. It will lunge
one final attack but explode. You don't have to dodge this. 
The next quick segment is from Contra 3. There is no percentage to gain here
so zip through. Have the flame ready. If you get grabbed aim up and shoot 
until the creature drops you. When you reach the ground you're at the stage 
boss, the big turtle from contra 3. The turtle has 3 weak spots -- the head, 
the top and bottom. Destroy the top first from the platform. Aim-lock to the
upper right and lob grenades over the head to damage the top portion. The 
head will give a warning if it's going to lunge. Simply back off to avoid 
it. Another attack you may encounter from the head while dealing damage is a 
frighteningly slow purple projectile. Right before it reaches you jump and 
grab the rail. It'll float under you. To destroy the bottom, stand on the 
ground and fire grenades. Once those are gone, take out the head with the 
The boss will now turn around. It's backside is a giant face and it has 2 
attacks. It'll either spew insects out of it's nose or vomit. For the insects 
stay back a bit and aim your flame thrower straight. The bugs will land on 
it. Watch for the purple projectile that'll appear near the end of the 
attack. You must dodge it. Finally for the vomit stand close, aim-lock to the 
upper right, and kneel down to deal some real good damage.
Mission complete.

STAGE 2: Train
When the stage starts a blue submarine will appear in the background and fire 2 
volleys of 4 shots. You can avoid both if you simply don't move from where the 
opening cutscene leaves you off. Next a laser will strike the ground on the 
left. It will sweep from left to right after a small delay. Jump over the laser
as it approaches. **NOTE**: The longer the laser delays, the faster the sweep 
will be. Use caution. The sub will submerge. Move to the right side of the 
screen, aim-lock to the left, and charge a flame shot. The sub will break 
through the bridge behind you. Fire off charged flames at the gun turret in the
front and jump over it's projectile. A cutscene will show the sub transform 
into a helicopter.
Aim-lock to the left, and charge a flame shot. You will see a missile-riding 
soldier appear in the background briefly. He is going to fly in from the left 
side rather quickly. Stay on the right side and be ready to fire your charge as
soon as he shows up. 
By that time a compartment will have opened on the rear of the helicoptor 
that's now flying above you. Aim-lock up and position yourself underneath the 
rightmost dropping spot and fire charged flames until it's destroyed. Move to 
the far right again and aim-lock to the left. Another missile rider will show 
up on the left so get a charge ready and get rid of him. 
While you're waiting for the rider, more compartments will open in the 
helicoptor's belly. These will fire off laser beams straight downwards.
Aim-lock to the upper left and fire charged flames at the leftmost cannon. 
You want to concentrate on the leftmost cannon at all times since that will 
leave the screen first. Try to take out the left two cannons from your spot
on the right side. Now move to the left side of the screen and aim-lock to
the upper right to take out the remaining three. If you need to, jump and 
shoot while locked to take the perfect shot. 
As the lasers get closer to the left the chopper will start to fly rather low.
Stay on the left side for safety. Once the chopper begins to rise again, 
aim-lock to the left and charge. Two more missile riders are coming. Now 
aim-lock to the upper right for the turret under the cockpit. As soon as it 
fires, jump straight up to dodge the blast. A cutscene will follow of the 
helicopter crashing and exploding.
The next part is probably the hardest of the stage. Missile riders will slowly
begin to scroll in on the right side and lob grenades. Aim-lock to the upper 
right and fire off charged flames as fast as you can. Aim for the soldier. 
Each one takes two charge blasts. Try to hit two with one shot if possible. If
a grenade hits the ground near the middle of the screen you should be 
completely safe from the explosion at the far left. If the explosions occur 
near the left side they will have to be jumped. If you must jump try and do it
while behind the left most rider so as not to jump into a thrown grenade. As 
soon as a rider is gone immediately get into position for the next and so 
forth down the line. If the last one makes it to the left side of the screen 
he'll get away.
Cutscene of entering the tunnel.

There's a large cannon at the rear of the train. Have the flame ready and 
stay close. It will fire a ball of energy that will separate into three balls 
which will zero in on you. Move to the leftmost side and position-lock 
yourself. Use the flame thrower and take out the 3 balls. It will do this 
several times. The cannon is vulnerable when the crosshair appears on it. 
Attack it with the flame thrower.
The next car dispatches 5 bikes one at a time. Each takes 2 well placed flame
charges. The first two will approach from the left so be on the right side, 
the next two will come from the right so move to the left after the 2nd is 
gone. Finally the last biker appears on the left. 
Next are three flying machines. You can't attack the center one yet. The 
leftmost machine seems the most dangerous so take it out first. Aim-lock to 
the upper left and take it out fast with flame charges. The machine on the 
right will fire a long stream of machine gun fire. It lasts a bit long so 
try not to get cornered. It can be a little annoying to hit these things as
they like to dance around. Once both are gone the center will take over. It
has two attacks which it uses randomly. It'll either shoot lasers across
the ground or rain you with projectiles. The lasers are easily avoided. 
Once the laser scrapes the ground, an explosion will occur. Stay away from
the first, jump over the 2nd after it happens and avoid the 3rd. The
projectile hail, the other attack, can be easily avoided by sticking to the
left side of the screen. Those are the two types of attacks it will do from
that far distance. After the 2nd (or the first depending how long it took 
you to get rid of the sidekicks) it will charge forward, so avoid that. 
Aim-lock up and charge a flame shot. When it flies overhead and fires the 
blue beam, get underneath and hit it with the flame charge. It only takes 
one. If you miss it will leave.
Now you're on the train. The homing missiles are most useful here. Creep 
close enough so that the grenade launcher become vulnerable and destroy it 
with homing missiles. Jump to the next car and take out the gun turret from
the lower level with homing missiles aimed high or grenades lobbed high. 
Charge homing missiles and nail the mortar on the next car when it comes 
onscreen. Another mortar and grenade launcher are next. After that walk up 
to the next car and hug the wall to avoid the next mortar fire. Aim high 
and use homing missiles. Jump on the car and it's another gun turret 
followed by one final grenade launcher.
The stage boss is a giant robot. Use flame charges. It will run on the 
left side of the train. Aim-lock to the left and damage it's shoulder. 
When the boss begins to hover, it's going to attack. Watch for it to fire
off it's hand. Jump over it, then get ready to jump over it again as it 
boomerangs back into the arm. Another attack it could launch is a shoulder
tackle. Be ready to jump straight up to avoid getting thrown off. If the
arm glows blue the attack will be the rocket punch, if not it's the tackle
When the boss jumps to the other side, aim-lock to the other side and be 
prepared for the same attacks. Continue until the shoulders are gone and 
switch to grenades. After a cutscene the boss then picks the car up. 
Aim-lock to the right and let loose with a pile of grenades while avoiding
the beams coming from the sky. Stand inbetween the spots before the beams 
completely form. When you hear the head explode, switch to flame. The boss
is now standing on the car to your left. Stand on the far right, but be 
sure not to fall off. It will launch boomerang saws along the ground. When
they get close jump straight up. While you're jumping fire a charged flame
at the backpack. The robot will transform into a plane. Duck to avoid it's
flybys until it transforms again. Now it's on the right side of the car. 
Be prepared for it to jump to the other side quickly. Duck in the center 
to avoid this. When the backpack is gone the upper torso will be torn off
by a low bridge. You'll get control again to destroy the legs. Aim-lock to 
the upper left and destroy the waste with two flame charges.
Mission complete.

STAGE 3: City

Start with the machine gun for a bit. Crouch and kill the soldier being 
attacked by dogs. Take out the soldier with the hand copter for the first 2%. 
Next destroy the sandbags and mortar. Make sure to get all three sandbags that
are in your way. You'll have to lay down to get the bottom one.
You'll come to a tank with a soldier on top. He'll immediately fire on you. Be 
prepared to jump. Take out the tank, soldier on top, and another hand copter.
Another sandbag and mortar combo will follow.
Fight a miniboss from Contra 3. Stay with machine gun for safety and aim-lock 
to the upper right. The boss is only vulnerable when the eye is opened. Blast
it with machine gun fire while it drops two soldiers. Take out the soldiers 
when they reach the ground. From here the boss will change position. It will 
either continue to drop more soldiers or shine a spotlight. When the spotlight 
comes out immediately head for the opposite side as far as you can go and 
aim-lock into the sky towards the boss. Your machine gun fire will protect you
from the incoming grenades. Damage the boss whenever it's not shining the 
spotlight as often as you can and it's done.
Switch to flame and get a charge ready. The next couple of foes aren't 
vulnerable until they open up. The first one will roll up right in front of 
you, so duck and shoot it with a charge. The next is going to be on the 
ceiling so aim-lock to the upper right and take it out in one shot with a 
charge. Finally the last of this bunch will be on the slanted floor so aim 
downwards and get it.
You're now on a treadmill with a meat grinder at the end. Get the flame 
charged, aim-lock to the upper right and start firing away at the next 
miniboss. Once it gets in position it's start shooting tiny yellow balls 
that can bounce off the ceiling and floor. Just keep firing as often as p
possible while weaving between the shots. It will try to confuse you with 
various angles. Ducking while aim-locked has helped me out quite a bunch 
here. Eventually the boss will crawl to the left side of the screen. Keep 
pounding it while it's doing this. Once on the left side it will begin 
dropping obstacles that you cannot destroy and must jump over. Stay as far
away as possible without grinding yourself. You can jump over small patches
of these things rather than one at a time if you're careful. Once the boss
starts bleeding green stuff make your way to the leftmost side. It will 
fall in the center and the treadmill will drag it into the grinder.
Already another miniboss. Select grenades and begin lobbing a bunch onto
the big head chowing down on all the meat from the grinder. This guy only
has two attacks, he will either spit white bubbles at you or vomit. If he 
vomits the only safe spot is over it's head. You'll have plenty of time to
move once you see the vomit. Once the vomiting is done move back to the 
left over the meat pipe just in case he does bubbles next. The bubbles can
easily be taken out with the flame thrower from the left side. Aim-lock to
the right and take them all out by standing and ducking. Return to grenades
and finish off the boss.
Some more rolling turrets. The first will be on your upper left. Aim-lock
to your upper left and walk forward (backwards) and you should be ready for
when it shows up. The last one will be right in your path. Just walk up to
it and blast it.
Now it's the real boss. Right after the 2nd rolling turret switch to 
grenades. After the quick cutscene the boss appears on your left. Aim-lock
to your left and fire grenades like crazy to destroy the bosses lower 
weapon. It'll get off one shot before it's destroyed so jump over it. After
that's gone, switch to flame, aim-lock in the upper left position and keep
firing at the big gun on the front of this thing. You want to stay on the 
ground as much as possible so that your shots will hit and to avoid the big
cannon. When a wall creeps up behind you, quickly jump onto the ledge, walk
over the barrier, and as soon as you can fall down back to the floor and 
continue firing off charged flames. Your flame will shoot through the walls
so when you're aimed and charged fire away. When the front is demolished 
jump onto the ceiling, aim-lock lower left and begin picking off the body 
segment from a distance. Don't worry about the approaching walls. The boss 
will destroy them for you, just keep attacking. The body segments will fire
energy straight up so it's good to stay at an angle. If you're quick you 
should be able to take out two segments. From there missiles will start to
approach you from the left and right sides. Shoot all of them with your 
charges. The order of the missiles is -- right, left, right, right, left,
3 from left back-to-back, right, finally one from right and two 
back-to-back from left. By that time you're at the tail of the boss and 
are about to run out of ceiling. Once you're in the clear fall to the 
floor. The tail will open up and fire a red beam. Dodge it by ducking. Try
to get as close to the boss as possible before the beam comes out so that
the scrolling screen doesn't force you into a pit. In between beams, the 
boss will either throw out two bouncing spike balls or one rolling turret.
The spikes can be walked under after the first bounce, and if you're 
keeping close to the boss the rolling turret can be walked under before 
it hits the ground and opens. The spike balls can also be avoided by 
staying extra close as well, just be aware of the oncoming pits. The most
dangerous part of the battle is if a spike ball's first bounce is in a 
pit. It's not possible to walk under because of the opening in the 
ground. Try to stay close to avoid this. Fire off flame charges as often
as you can when the tail opens. 
Mission complete.

STAGE 4: Seabed
Immediately switch to grenades, aim-lock left and begin shooting homing 
missiles. Keep firing and you should get all the enemy missiles with no 
Fight a giant robot boss. Destroy the backpack first no matter how long it 
takes. Use homing missiles, and stay high in the air so as to avoid the mine 
explosions. When the backpack closes up switch to flame to deal more damage. 
The boss will slowly move more and more to the left. When there's barely enough
room, go low and prepare to fly under the feet. Now you're under the chain. 
Pound on the craft the chain is attached to until it rises. Fly under it and 
into the open. For safety use homing missiles to take out all the incoming 
enemy missiles with ease. The boss will eventually start firing the big gun. 
The shots can be easily weaved between so long as there aren't missiles to also
deal with. Afterwards the small craft will fire a spread of missiles and there
will be big slack on the chain. Go upwards, the boss is about to lunge forward.
When this happens, fly over the boss and attack the backpack again. Once that
is gone, begin to take out the craft and gun in whichever order you choose.
Remember the flame charge can go through objects. You can attack the gun from
the boss' back. When the craft is destroyed the boss will begin swinging the
now electrified chain as a new attack. Dodge it by moving to the extreme right.
Once the gun is gone, the boss' core will reveal itself in turn. When the chest
starts to light up, move in. The core will attack with a beam that takes up 75%
of the screen. You're safe right above the core, so have the flame thrower 
ready and aim lock-down. You're also fairly safe from the missiles the boss 
shoots out in this spot after the chain attack. After two or three drillings to
the core with the flame the boss should be done.
After a cutscene you'll be flying via a hand copter. Use the flame thrower here 
without aiming. You need to take out all the eggs and plants. Keep alert. Those 
"Alien"-inspired facehuggers that come out of the eggs will jump right at you 
no matter where you are. This is the hardest part of the stage just because of 
them. Stay mobile, and if you see a facehugger just fly towards it and aim 
high, your flame will nab it.
Another boss fight. Use the flame and position-lock yourself. The head will 
shoot several white rings all over the place. Make sure to nail them all with 
the flame. You will make contact with the boss while doing this. After a couple
of passes the boss will move into the background and begin to shoot a red and 
blue laser aimed at the floor. The only part of the attack that can damage you
is where the lasers hit the floor. Jump over these contact points as the lasers
sweep the ground. After two sweeps the boss will come into the foreground again
and can be attacked. Once the brain is completely exposed it will center itself
into the middle of the screen and fall straight down. Avoid this by not being 
in the center. Aim-lock up and continue to use the flame. The brain will drip 
fluid onto the ground. Stay under either side. The boss will try to move 
directly above you and since you're trying to stay under the sides it will 
keep moving and dripping. Try not to get boxed into the corner. The faster 
you move the faster the boss will move. Inch your way sideways and continue to
fire. The dripping will stop eventually and the attack will change to a 
massive downpour of liquid. The boss should be finished near the end of this
You'll now enter a corridor with more eggs, facehuggers and plants. Very easy
if you take your time.
A cutscene of the boss smashing the glass. The water level is now rising. Stay 
where you are, and fire homing missiles straight up constantly to take out all 
the floating bombs.
When you see 90% for your hit rate, switch to flame, charge a shot and 
aim-lock to the upper left. The boss will fly overhead. Shoot it as it passes
by. From here it has two patterns one where you see it dive down, and the other
where you'll see it swim off to the side. When it goes down you'll see bubbles
appear under one of the three floats. Don't be standing on the float that has
the bubbles underneath. The boss will make a huge leap from that spot. It will
make three leaps in random locations. Watch for the bubbles and stay away from
where they appear. When the boss swims off screen either left or right, charge
the flame and move to the opposite side. There's a random chance that it'll fly
overhead like in the beginning, but it's extremely rare. If that's the case 
quickly move to the other side. If not, when it appears, duck and let loose as
many charges as you can. The boss will begin sucking up the platforms. More 
will appear from behind you. When you get too close jump away. When the boss
stops sucking up the floats move in. It will dive under the closest platform
and balance it on it's head for a second and swim off screen. You need to jump
onto the platform and onto the ceiling in that second to avoid getting rammed.
Now on the ceiling move to the opposite side that the boss took off in. It 
will make a big jump like it did in the beginning. Get off a shot while it's
airborne, fall and land onto a platform before it hits you. Repeat until it 
starts to bleed. Once bleeding it will make one more final bubble attack and
then die. **NOTE**: If you're death blow is while it's airborne, quickly move
to the center float after you land. It will try to get a cheap shot off you 
from the corner it lands in and then deal out it's final jump.
Mission complete.

STAGE 5: Archipelago
Use the machine gun for a bit to easily destroy soldiers on both sides. You get
to a truck with two barrels and a soldier on top. The soldier will shoot as 
soon as he's onscreen so be careful and jump the bullet.
Once you see the sandbags switch to grenades and lob them up the hill to take
that and the mortar out.
Get homing missiles ready and shoot to take out the mortar on the tree root.
Inch farther to the right and get the soldier on the high tree root. He'll fire
at you. Jump onto the low root then jump and grab onto the side of the high one
and get on top. Another mortar is below. You're safe while high. Get rid of it
from that position. Make sure to jump from the tree past the grass when you're
A snail using an army jeep as a shell. Use the flame thrower. Aim-lock to the
right and get close enough to register damage. Keep firing until you see one 
of it's two attacks getting ready. These will be a bubble attack or a rain of
fire. For the fire, the snail will aim it's antenna up and fire several shots
into the sky. Several target icons will appear all over the ground. When the 
snail is done firing, it will hide under the jeep. Jump onto the jeep to dodge
the oncoming attack. Don't wait until the jeep is completely on the ground to
jump. That will be too late. Go for safety while the snail is going for it's
own. For the bubbles, you'll see a white slime extend from the head to the 
ground. The bubbles will spew from this. Use the flame thrower. The bubbles 
will grow when you damage them until they burst. Back off a bit so that your
flame will touch where the bubbles come from. Sometimes 
Keep the flame thrower out and take out the shielded soldier. Switch to 
homing missiles, and grab the rock ceiling. Slowly inch your way to the right.
A soldier will be on the lower right and will fire at you the moment he's 
onscreen. Do not fall from the ceiling to dodge the bullet, instead go 
backwards. You should be able to outrun it. Climb across the pit. Switch to 
machine gun and fall to the ground. Facehuggers will scamper along the ground
for this next bit, so be prepared. You've come to a crashed plane, and the 
propellers block your path. You can shoot the first propeller to rotate it
and walk underneath like a swinging door. Use short bursts of machine gun 
fire otherwise the propeller will spin too fast and you'll have to wait for 
it to slow down. Walk underneath the first one in between facehugger 
appearances. The next propeller is different. When shot, it swings back and
forth rather than rotate. Again, wait until after the facehugger, then fire
your machine gun at full force at the propeller to push it out of your way.
As you walk closer aim upwards to push it even higher and your clear. The 
last propeller is like the first. Use the same technique.
The cargo portion of the plane is opened and soldiers will jump out and onto
the ground. Take out a couple when they land then walk underneath. Afterwards
you'll see a two story platform. Jump to the highest position, shoot the 
soldier that is directly across from you and jump his bullet. In case you 
can't tell this is the base 1 entrance from Contra 1. Change to homing, and
let loose wave after wave. Another soldier will appear at the top, but your
missiles should nab him. Be watchful for a bullet from him. From there you're
completely safe on the top so keep shooting homing shots until the center gun
is gone. Fire regular grenades to destroy the core at the bottom for the 
final percentage of the first half.
After a cutscene you'll fight Blood Falcon Leader. He has a boat load of 
attacks and uses them randomly. They are the following...
*Red fireballs: He will fly to an upper corner and surround himself with red
 fireballs. Aim-lock in his direction and fire off charged flames. When the
 balls stop swirling around him they will all strike your position. Walk 
 away when they stop moving to dodge the attack.
*White beam wheel: He will fly to the center of the screen and emit white 
 beams that stretch from him to the walls. You'll get a warning of where the
 beams will touch with crosshairs, so make sure you're inbetween these 
 contact points. Once the beams are in place, they will rotate around him 
 like a giant wheel. Get off charged shots while you can. When you run out 
 of room on the floor, climb the walls and ceiling. Try to get onto the 
 floor once the beams disappear for safety as you don't know where he will
 fly to next.
*White ball scatter: He'll fly to the top center of the screen and release
 several white energy balls that'll just hang in the air on several parts of
 the screen. I think where the balls appear is random, so for safety duck in
 the center of the screen until you figure out where the danger is. If there
 isn't a ball right above you keeping you pinned, stand up and fire charged
 flames at him.
*Standing somersault kick: While on the ground of either side he will charge
 up a white energy on the ground in front of him then somersault kick it so
 it flies along the walls of the room. The best place is to be right behind 
 him if possible. Try to jump over him before he starts charging, if you're 
 not already in the corner. It is possible to jump over both him and the 
 charge, but it's tricky and not worth the risk. If you're stuck in front of
 him, fire off charged flames and jump his attack. If you're behind him, use
 the flame thrower and stay inbetween him and the wall. Jump over the attack
 as it nears.
*Cannon ball: He'll roll up into a ball and bounce around the room several 
 times. This is probably the trickiest attack as sometimes you'll think you
 know where he'll bounce to next but because of those sloped corners, you'll
 be thrown off. Just try to stay as far away as possible to give yourself 
 more reaction time. He can still be damaged while in this state. When he 
 stops make sure to get in some flame thrower action.
After the battle he has several transformations to defeat. The first is the
heart at the end of Contra 1 but it's all sideways. Use the flame thrower, 
and immediately go to the right side, aim up at the lower egg and shoot 
until you destroy that egg and the first facehugger that appears on that 
side. After that quickly charge a flame shot and fire upwards to get rid of
the top egg. Now get on the flat ground (not the sloped edge) lay down and
wipe out the facehugger  coming from the left. Move to the left and fire 
upwards again destroy that lower egg. Be careful though, facehuggers will
still appear from the right side even with no eggs. When you see one
coming, again, make sure you're on the ground and not the slight slope on
the edges, lay down and shoot it. Destroy the remaining egg(s) then aim up
at the descending heart with the flame thrower. Stay to one of the sides. 
That way when the facehuggers crawl down the walls you can take out the 
closer one first, then lay down and get the other. Continue shoot the 
heart until it bleeds green.
A giant caterpillar is next. The head is the weakspot so drill it with the
flame thrower or flame charges. When it starts to corner you, jump over 
it's head and onto it's body, and continue the process until it's 
Two bosses at the same time now. They're mini versions of the final boss 
in Super C. Aim-lock to the right and use the flame thrower on the boss to
your right. It will do a hop straight up and down. The boss on top will 
run forward and after that the boss on the ground will do the same. You 
need to jump over the bottom one when it does this. You'll get a tiny 
warning hop right before hand. The boss on the ground is now on the other
side. Continue dealing heavy fire damage. It will crawl into the ground,
or make another run. After going into the ground it will appear again and
follow the same pattern. Once the bottom one is gone start firing charged
flames at the top one until it dives. From here it will either appear on
the top or bottom. If it's the top, aim-lock towards it and fire, but be
ready for it to jump to the center of the ceiling quickly so back off 
when this happens. If it's the ground it comes out of, aim-lock towards 
it and dish out punishment while weaving through it's volley of spiny 
balls showering you. If it's still around after this volley, it will 
quickly run to the other side. Jump over that. Then immediately lay down
in the center. It's going to hop backwards right over you. Continue 
until it's defeated.
Following that is a strange plant-looking boss. It's weakspot is the 
center area that reveals itself when the top and bottom parts are 
separated. Aim-lock to the right and start jumping and firing shots off
in the center of the screen. You'll score a hit or two as it's slinking 
in. Hammer the center as often as you can. When the boss grabs the ceiling
and floor and pulls them together, you must at this point grab onto the
ceiling yourself and hold onto it. The boss will cause an inferno that
will completely take up the floor. Once the flame is gone it's safe to 
fall to the floor and continue the assault. It will make it's way over to
the left ceiling and fall down. Once on the ground it will fire a huge 
blue beam. Dodge it by laying down or kneeling. From here it will being 
jogging back and forth. Jump over as it passes by. The pattern will start
over so finish it off.
Finally the real boss of the stage. You may recognize it. Right away 
attack the left snake-creature with the flame thrower. When it retracts
fire flame charges down at it. The main boss will fire two shots from 
it's eyes straight at your position and one from it's forehead slightly
at your position. It's easy to jump over any dangerous projectiles as 
they're slow. The left snake-thing, if it's not gone yet will come out 
of hiding and wrap it self around the rail. Go to the opposite end of
where it came from and once it's reached it's full length, pound on the
head when it's right over you. It will fully retract and repeat. The 
other will follow the same pattern. Take it out next. When the 
snake-arms are gone small projectiles will occasionally be lobbed out
of the now opened area. You'll get a warning when this is about to 
happen so crawl to the other side to avoid it. Another attack to watch
out for from the sides are tiny blue projectiles that'll latch onto the
rail. These have to be jumped over in or to get around them. Focus on
the eyes before the forehead. To get rid of the left eye fire grenades
from the far right. They'll land right on it. Do the opposite for the
right eye. All while avoiding all of the boss' nasty attacks. With the
eyes gone the forehead attack will intensify. Aim whatever you want at
the forehead and the stage is complete.
Mission complete

STAGE 6: ?? 
You're on the roof of your plane and the robo-chopper is giving chase. It
will fire a strafing volley of shots. Simply jump over them to avoid. 
Aim-lock upward and get the flame thrower ready. The boss will extend out
it's legs and appear on the top left side. The legs are the weakspot. 
Keep the flame on either of them and take out the incoming missile by
walking slightly left or right if needed.
The camera view changes. The boss will transform into the robot and land
on the left side of the plane roof. Get off a flame shot or two at the 
chest area. The boss will then begin to fire at the plane roof and the
energy will travel along it. Jump over these and fire charges while 
doing so. The boss will either appear on the center or the far right 
next. If it's the center, be on the left side and get off a free shot 
or two. The boss will quickly leave if you're at it's back. When the 
robo-chopper is on the far right whip out homing missile and lay down 
and shoot as many as you can quickly dish out.
After a cutscene the next boss is a silver man. Use flame charges for
the whole battle. It will move to different areas of the screen and 
from each it will have a unique attack. From the bottom farmost sides, 
be on the opposite side and jump over it's two purple balls that it'll
throw. From the topmost corners it can do two different things depending
on it's poses. If it makes a kind of squatting stance, it's going to 
throw two purple balls like mentioned above. Same as above, be on the 
opposite side and jump them as they approach. The other possible attack
from the upper corners will occur if the boss pulls it's outer arm back
like it's ready to punch. it will turn it's arm into a long spike and 
pound the ground. Depending on your location it will either make one 
punch, or a repeating punch that'll strike the ground from right to 
left. No matter which, be at the opposite side and jump over the first
lunge to avoid it. Finally the boss could appear in the center of the 
screen. From here it will hover directly above your position. Move 
to the side with the most space to avoid the spike it will drive 
straight downwards. 
You will automatically move to the left side and the boss will transform
into a frog. Aim-lock upper right and use the flame thrower on it while
it's just floating in the center of the screen. It will fly off and 
reappear on the far right. Hammer it with flame charge shots and stay
on the far left to avoid it's vomit attack. It will spit out four objects
afterwards one at a time. It's fairly safe to remain on the left side for
this. These objects are like the propellers in the previous stage except 
they're moving. This first batch is rather slow and it's not too difficult
to lay down underneath each one as they pass by while still getting shots
off. I've been told of another method for this attack that involves 
kneeling down right in front of the frog and these things will simply fly
overhead, but I haven't mastered any such technique yet as it's hard to
get in that close so soon after the vomit attack. When the 4th object is
gone the boss will swim into the background and then fly into the screen
at your location. Jump away and start charing flame. From here it will 
zip back and forth right to left or left to right. Jump over the low 
dashes, and lay down under the semi-low dashes . Keep shooting as it 
flies by if you can manage. Once done, the frog will reappear on the left
side and repeat the same pattern from above, so get on the right side to
avoid the vomit. Hopefully by this time the boss is defeated, because I 
have no decent tactic for dodging the four throat 
objects from this side. Either they're faster, or something...
The boss will change this time into a jellyfish. Aim-lock up and fire
your ever helpful flame charges. The boss will stay on the top of the
screen, and move back and forth releasing small jellyfish. These will
then slowly descend, swaying left and right. Try to stay under the 
boss and get off as many shots as you can. If you shoot the tiny
jellyfish, they will rapidly fall straight down and must be avoided.
Try not to let the screen get too crowded with the smaller brand.
Shoot them when necessary, but don't get distracted. At some point the
Boss will give off glow. This is a warning of it's only other attack.
The jellyfish will fly rather quickly along the walls in a clockwise 
or counterclockwise motion. Jump over it as it flies along the ground.
Beforehand, make sure you have enough room to jump by clearing a small
area of tiny jellys.
The jellyfish transforms into a huge cell. The weakspot is the nucleus
and can only be damaged when the outer membrane is pushed deep enough
so that contact can be made. Without a doubt the greatest strategy to
use here is to aim-lock to the upper right, place yourself in the left
corner, kneel down, and fire constant machine gun fire. You will not 
take damage. The cell's projectiles will fly right into your stream.
Do not move, don't stop shooting, and it'll be finished very quickly.
just make sure you're set up in your spot and shooting as soon as 
possible. (Big thanks to SEVERAL folks on this one. The hardest boss
in the game suddenly became the easiest >:b)
The last boss of this stage is a core. The space directly above you
is littered with tiny floating worms. Do not jump at all. Move 
close enough to the core in the center of the screen so that the 
flame thrower can reach, position-lock yourself, aim directly at the
core and use the flame thrower. After a few seconds of this, you'll 
begin to see that the core is taking damage. While doing this, keep
an eye on the floating worms. When they begin to glow brightly, 
they're going to come after you. Stay position-locked and fend them 
off by whipping the flame thrower where it's necessary and continue
with your main attack once they calm down.  
Mission complete.

The plane is once again visible, and you're trying to escape a huge
explosion. A combination of the 1st and 2nd boss from the previous
stage appears right behind the plane and starts attacking. Aim-lock
to the upper right, and use either the machine gun or flame charge 
shots. The upper half of the boss will lob two spheres onto the 
plane roof three times. The sphere's will bounce in different 
directions. To avoid the first lob, kneel down to the right of 
what looks like a ladder on the side of the plane behind the wing.
For the second, kneel down on top of the ladder. For the third 
kneel directly above the dark black line on the plane wing and you
should be fine. After the three attacks from the upper portion, 
it's the lower half's turn. It will fire four projectiles out of 
it's mouth one right after the other, and it will either fire them
straight left or angled towards the roof. Dodge the straight attack
by simply laying down, and dodge the slanted by jumping straight up
from the far left side to avoid the leftmost blast (be sure not to
fall off the plane). Try to watch the angle of the head on the 
lower half to get a read of the direction. If you're uncertain of 
the angle, jump from the left side when the attack comes. If it's 
the sloped version, you're OK. If it's the straight version, try 
and land inbetween the 2nd and 3rd blast and immediately lay down 
when you land. You have to be quick, but it works. It will only 
attack once and then the upper body will strike again.
The boss is making a last desperate effort to drag the plane into
the wall of fire. Shooting him is optional and doesn't change 
your rank. Either way, stay on the far left side.


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