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Guide and Walkthrough by CGibson

Version: 4 | Updated: 12/15/2002

Contra: Shattered Soldier (NA Version)
PlayStation 2 (C) Copyright SCEA
Contra (C) Copyright 2002 Konami
FAQ Copyright 2002 Clark Gibson

Table of Contents

* Revisions/Version Number
* Cast of Characters
* Weapons
* Mini-Boss Attack Patterns
* Stage Boss Attack Patterns
* 100 % Stage Completion Targets
* Other Notes


Version 1 - October 26, 2002

Added Cast, Weapons, Mini-Boss and Boss Patterns for Stage 1 - 4, 100 
% Completion Targets for Stage 1 - 4.

Version 2 - October 27, 2002

Added Mini-Boss and Boss Patterns for Stage 5, 100 % Completion 
Targets for Stage 5, Revised Mini-Boss and Boss Patterns.

Version 3 - October 29, 2002

Added the rest of the Enemy Commander battle and the final battle. 

Version 4 - Updated email address.


I will assume you know how to press the attack button to fire your gun 
at the enemies.  I will not take time out in the FAQ to remind you 
that you should be shooting at the enemies.

****Cast of Characters****

* Bill Rizer - Bill was hailed as a war hero after he and his partner, 
Lance Bean, stopped the Alien Invasion.  After the war, he was jailed 
for crimes against humanity and the murder of Lance.  He has been 
released to neutralize Blood Falcon.

* Lucia - A cyborg created to be the ultimate soldier.  Demented 
genius, Dr. Geo Mandrake, originally planned to use alien DNA to 
create cyborgs for his own nefarious plans.  However, he inadvertently 
thwarted his own plans.  The military then appropriated the concepts 
and completed Lucia.  There were some parts of the research that could 
not be duplicated, thus mass productions of the model cannot be done 
currently.  She has been assigned as Bill's partner as well as his 

* Enemy Commander - The leader of Blood Falcon is a major threat to 
humanity.  His identity and motives are shrouded in mystery.

* The Triumvirate - Three old men represent the highest authority of 
the Earth Federation Government.  They have ruled continuously for 
hundreds of years due to prolonged life through their cybernetic 
implants.  Cerebral implants allow them to share their thoughts - 
creating a single entity united in mind and purpose.


* Heavy Machinegun - Has a long range with powerful repeating action. 
Standard military issue.

* Fire Whip - It has a short range, but is very powerful.  It has the 
ability to destroy red-bluish shots fired by standard enemies.  It 
also reaches through barriers.  Great for short range combat.

* Diver Mine - It arcs to the ground when fired, and then continues to 
roll along the surface.  Great for targeting enemies in hard to reach 

Each weapon has a special attack it can use after being "charged" as 

* Round Sweep - Heavy Machinegun charge shot.  A gun pod is fired 
forward, which then continues to rotate and fire off rounds.

* Energy Shot - Fire Whip charge shot.  Fires off a powerful blast 
that can go through objects.

* Homing Missiles - Diver Mine charge shot. Fires off several homing 

Each character has the same weapons, so it really makes no difference 
who you play as.

"Personal note" 

I did like the way different characters had different weapons in the 
Genesis game, Contra Hard Corps.  Character selection meant something 
in that game.
****Mini-Boss Attack Patterns****

****Stage: 001 - Fortress****

Enemy: "Spider Robot Walker"
Weak Points: The whole enemy can be damaged.


Small Grenades, Large Missile, Body Crash.

The robot starts the battle by firing a small succession of grenades 
into the air that arc to the ground.  Standing near the robot should 
prevent any of these projectiles from being any danger to you at all.

After the barrage, the robot will jump from one side of the screen to 
the other.

After it's landing the robot will fire a large missile directly into 
the air.  A small target will indicate where the missile will land.  
The target will track your movements until it is quickly flashing red.  
You can use the "lock" function to keep firing at the automaton as you 
lead the target around.

Enemy: "Arsenal Robot"
Weak Points:
- "Rocket Launcher": Fires small, slow moving, laser guided rockets.
- "Spread Cannon": Fires alternately in three and two shell that 
spread out after firing.
- "Napalm Cannon": Fires a single round that sends a wall of flame in 
each direction upon contact with the floor.
- "Fire Whip": Shoots a steady stream of fire, which is moved in 
either direction.
- "Core": Fires bolts of electricity *core only attacks when one of 
the gun turrets is totally destroyed*

*Note* That there are two gun turrets that each house a Rocket 
Launcher, Spread Cannon, Napalm Cannon and Fire Whip.

The rockets fired from the launchers are very slow and easily avoided.  
The rockets can be destroyed easily with the Heavy Machinegun.  Just 
standing under the launcher and shooting at it will suffice.

The spread cannon takes slightly more effort.  Just move the character 
slightly left or right from directly under the cannon so the shots 

The napalm cannon requires some more movement.  "Lock" the gun in a 
diagonal attack and jump over the flame wall just as it reaches you.

Use the same diagonal gun "lock" on the fire whip as was used against 
the napalm cannons and move back when the flames come toward you.

Use the same technique on the core to avoid the electric blasts while 
attacking as was used on the fire whips.

Enemy: "Giant Snake"
Weak Points:
- "Body Segments": Once they are destroyed, only the bones will 
- "Core": Does nothing. *Only revealed when all the body segments are 

Avoid the snake's strikes by weaving to the side and firing at the 
beast as it burrows into the earth.  After all the segments have been 
shot off, the core will appear in the mouth of the reptile.  After 
this is destroyed the monster will make one last lunge then fall to 

****Stage: 002 - Train****

Enemy: "Transforming Submarine"
Weak Points: 
- Energy Cannons: Fires dual energy shots
- Laser Turrets: Fires a laser beam down at the ground.
- Large Cannon: Fires a napalm shell at an angle at the ground.  Shell 
creates a firewall that travels in both directions.

****Stage 1 Attacks****

The submarine will attack from the background with its laser turrets 
by firing a volley of shots.  Try to squeeze in between the shots.

A small tower on the sub will shoot up from within and will fire a 
laser.  The laser will be fired twice, the second shot being faster 
than the first.  The laser will speed along the ground from the left 
to the right, jumping over the laser will be sufficient.

The submarine will then descend under the water and crash through the 
bridge under the character.  Move to the far right of the screen to 
avoid the assault.

Jump to avoid the energy blasts from the cannons.  Use the "lock" 
function to keep the weapon aimed at the gun placement so moving 
towards the sub can be avoided.  Upon destroying the cannons the sub 
will make one more ramming attempt before it slides back under the 

The sub will then resurface in the background and transform into a 
giant helicopter and enter it's stage 2 attacks.

The heli will hover just below the top of the screen as it fires it's 
lasers.  The laser shots will go straight down to the ground, but the 
laser will burn for a few seconds.  Using the diagonal "lock" is 
recommended to take the turrets out.

Missile riding troops will also make an attack during this stage of 
the battle.  Be sure to keep an eye out for them while removing the 
laser turrets.

When the mid section of the heli is reached, the flying behemoth will 
descend very close to the ground for a few moments before raising back 
up to it's original altitude.

The heli will make a last ditch effort with its napalm cannon before 
it breaks off and flies away.  The napalm cannon fires single shots of 
fire that will explode and send a wave of fire in each direction.  Be 
ready to jump.

If all the laser turrets and the napalm cannon are destroyed however, 
the heli will crash and sink into the ocean.
Enemy: "Flying Mechanical Trio"
Weak Spots: The whole enemy can be damaged


Fireballs, Laser.

The two smaller weapons will attack first with one of two types of 
weapons.  They possess a rapid-fire energy weapon and a slow firing 
fireball launcher.  The fireballs will explode upon contact with a 

Once they are vanquished the larger attacker will begin shooting 
lasers from the background.  

The lasers will create small lines of fire on the road.  Move from 
side to side to avoid them.

The fighter has an attack where it will shoot multiple energy balls at 
an arc into the path ahead.  Be sure to avoid them.

The fighter will then try a body crash attack from behind and soar up 
into the air.  

It will come down to fire it's laser before flying away.  

The only time to destroy this device is to attack it in those few 
moments it comes into range after the ram attack.

Use a few Homing Missile attacks to ground it.

****Stage: 003 - City****

Enemy: "Flying Sentry"
Weak Points: The red "eye"


Bombs, soldiers.

The automaton will fly in from the right and two soldiers will eject 
from the contraption.

After the troops are dispatched, the flier will use it's spotlight to 
find targets.  It will then lob a dozen or so high explosive bombs in 
the direction of the target.

Soon after the bombardment is complete it will flutter in the center 
of the screen and deploy two more soldiers.

Enemy: "Mutant Caterpillar"
Weak Points: The whole enemy can be damaged.


Rebounding Shots, Body Crash, Spiked Blobs.

The worm will lumber onto the screen on the ceiling and start the 
attack with a few rebounding shots.  The shots will bounce off the 
surfaces of what it hits.

After this it will wander to the other side of the screen and drop 
little spiked blobs onto the conveyer.  These small mounds are only 
vulnerable to the spiked grinder and will not be affected by shots 
from the weapon.

Note that if the character jumps up to the ceiling, the bloated 
creature will race back and forth on the ceiling time and time again 
with a ramming attack.

After the blob attack it will meander back to it's original position 
to start again.

Enemy: "Mutant Snake"
Weak Point: The whole enemy can be damaged.


Bubble Spit, Vomit.

The creature will alternate the bubble spit attack and the puke 

The bubble spit will release a few dozen bubbles that will home in on 
the character.  They can be destroyed.

The bubble attack is characterized by the snake dipping it's head deep 
into the muck before spitting the projectiles out.

Stay on the left edge of the screen on the platform to destroy the 
bubbles easiest.

The vomit attack is like the fire whip attack of the stage 1 mini-boss 
in that the wave of bile moves around.

When the snake's mouth begins to emit brownish mist, the vomit attack 
is about to begin.  Use this time to vault over to the pole above the 

The vomit attack can be avoided by jumping to the pole right above the 

****Stage: 004 - Seabed****

Enemy: "Giant Skiing Robot"
Weak Points: 
- "Backpack": Water mine deployment container.
- "Giant Firearm": Shoots large fireballs. *Gun will track your 
- "Mobile Missile Pod": Shoots homing missiles. 
- "Core": Shoots very large energy bursts. *Core only appears when 
preparing to fire*

****Stage 1 Attacks****

Missiles, Mines, Fireball Shots, Body Crashes.

As the robot nears you, it will simultaneously deploy mines into the 
water and fire missiles at you from a launcher on the back of it's 

The mines will explode when they are directly under the character.  
The explosion from these mines is large and the blast will reach very 
high so retreat to the near top of the screen to avoid it.

At the same time, use the "Lock" function by holding L2 and hold the 
Jump button and the fire button to take care of the missiles headed 
your way.

The combination of Jump & Attack will send the character into a spin 
around the missile he/she is riding and will destroy the small 
missiles with relative ease.

After the robot is done deploying mines it will jump.  After it has 
landed it will jump again.  

Slip under the creature as it jumps a second time to the area under 
the chain between the robot and the Pod.  The pod will fire missiles 
before rising up out of the water and firing another barrage of 
missiles.  Slip out under the pod and avoid/destroy the missiles. 
Hurry and get out from under the pod before it descends back to the 
surface of the ocean.

The robot will now fire more missiles from it's "head" launcher as 
well as take aim with it's gargantuan cannon.  The shots from the gun 
are easily avoided, but don't get cocky and forget about the smaller 
missiles also coming for you.

After the robot lowers it's weapon the pod will fire a large barrage 
of missiles and then pull the larger robot to the extreme right of the 
screen.  You must quickly avoid/destroy the missiles and go to the 
very top of the screen to avoid the robot's body crash.

Once behind the robot again the cycle will repeat.

Once the Firearm, Mine Deployment Container are destroyed, the robot 
will enter it's stage 2 attack pattern.

****Stage 2 Attacks****

Missiles, Electrified Chain Whips, Core Energy Blasts.

The robot begins stage 2 attacks by sending an electric current 
through the chain and whipping it around.  Moving to the extreme right 
of the screen will avoid the strike.

After that it will launch a few missiles from it's launcher.  Using 
the "Jump & Fire" spin attack will easily remove them.

Now the core of the mini-boss will reveal itself.  

Quickly use the "Lock" to have the weapon pointing down and move right 
above the robot's head.  From here, fire continuously at the core.  
This area is completely safe from the energy blast. 

The robot will continue stage 2 attacks until the core is destroyed 
which will end the battle.

Enemy: "Cyber Brain"
Weak Points: The whole enemy can be damaged.

****Stage 1 Attacks**** 

Energy Rings, Twin Laser Blasts

The head will move from side to side of the room firing rings of 
energy from the ring on it's forehead.  The rings can be destroyed by 
the Fire Whip.

From time to time, the head will retreat into the background and fire 
it's twin lasers.  Jump to avoid them.  The head will come back into 
range after the attack.

After the virtual mask around the brain is destroyed, it will enter 
it's stage 2 attacks.

****Stage 2 Attacks****

Body Crash, Energy Shots, Energy Column

The brain will begin the attack by crashing into the ground in the 
very center of the room.

After it has risen back into the air it will slowly move towards the 
character while dropping small energy balls to the ground.

After this the brain will create a column of energy between itself and 
the ground.  It will not move during this time so "lock" the gun in a 
diagonal direction and have at it.

****Stage Boss Attack Patterns****

****Stage: 001 - Fortress****

Enemy: "Turtle Mutant"
Weak Points: 
- Insect Pod: Releases small, flying insects.
- Larvae Pod: Releases small, crawling worms.
- Turtle Head: Spits out slow moving energy balls.
- Human Mouth: Spits out a large stream of bile.

****Stage 1 Attacks****

Flying Insects, Crawling Worms, Energy Balls, Bite.

Get rid if the two pods that are releasing the small critters.  Only 
the Diving Mine is effective.

Duck down and send a few Diving Mines to destroy the worm pod on the 
turtle's belly.  Hang from the tower and leap to get enough height to 
fire Diving Mines at the pod on top of the turtle's shell.

The turtle will alternate it's energy ball spitting and biting 

After the head is destroyed the beast will turn around to reveal 
another head and will now begin it's stage 2 attacks.

****Stage 2 Attacks****

Flying Insects, Crawling Worms, Energy Balls, Vomit.

The head will begin by either spitting out a very long stream of puke 
or blowing creepy crawlers out of it's nose.  The stream will travel 
in an arc over the ground.  

Under the river of puke near the monster is a safe spot.

The mutant will alternate puking and snorting until death takes it.

****Stage: 002 - Train****

Enemy: "Giant Robot"
Weak Points: 
- Shoulders: Does nothing.
- Back: Does nothing. *Only become vulnerable when the robot is on the 
- Legs: Does nothing. *Only becomes vulnerable after top half of robot 
knocked off*

****Stage 1 Attacks****

Rocket Punch, Body Crash.

The robot seems to use a random attack to begin it's assault on the 
train.  It will alternate between rocket punches and body slamming the 

If the robot winds up for a few seconds, it's going to ram the train 
so be ready to jump or you'll be knocked off.

If the robot extends it's arm fully, it's going to use it's rocket 
punch attack.  

The robot will shoot off it's fist at the character.  The fist will 
travel horizontally only.  It will fly off a little ways then shoot 
back like a yo-yo.  Be sure to remember that after jumping the fist 
the first time it will be coming back. 

After you shoot off it's shoulder pads, the robot will stop the train 
and pick it up.  It will then fire electrical bolts into the air that 
spread apart as they descend back to earth to strike the train.  Be 
sure to get in between the shots.  The places the shots will land will 
be obvious.

After taking enough damage the robot will transform and jump onto the 
train and start it's stage 2 attacks.

****Stage 2 Attacks****

Boomerang Blades.

Now on the train, the robot will kneel down and begin using yo-yo like 
blades.  The blades will run along the surface of the train, and then 
shoot back to the robot.

Once the back part is destroyed the robot will mindlessly walk towards 
the front of the train.  If it reaches the front, it will fall off and 
be destroyed.  It is possible to destroy the legs before they fall 
off.  Destroy them before they can fall off for completion points.

****Stage: 003 - City****

Enemy: "Walking Tank"
Weak Points:
- Top Cannon - Fires large fireballs.
- Bottom Cannon - Fires small mines along the floor.
- Electrical Nodes: Fires electrical bolts at the ceiling.
- Core: Fires a large laser beam. *Only opens when the rear of the 
tank opens*


Grinders, Body Crash, Fireballs, Mines, Electrical Bolts, Missiles, 
Rolling Armored Lasers, Metal Blades, Laser.

Watch out for the grinders on the front of this mechanical terror.  
The character will have to negotiate an obstacle course of sorts at 
the beginning of the battle. 

Watch out for the large gas canisters placed in the maze.  The walking 
tank can slam through them as if they were nothing, but the ensuing 
explosion is too much for our hero/heroine.

The tank will also be shooting at the character with it's dual 
cannons. The cannon on top fires regular explosive rounds while the 
cannon underneath the titan will release small spinning bombs that 
shoot across the floor.

Eventually, the maze will end and the tank will slowly but surely move 
all the way across the screen.  The ceiling will be the only "safe" 
place left.

As the tank thunders by underneath, there are nodes along the tank 
that will erupt with electrical energy as well as the occasional 
missile flying by.

When the rear of the tank comes into position, it will open up to 
reveal it's vulnerable core.  However, it is not defenseless.

The core is armed with a powerful laser beam as well as a small 
opening above the core that ejects metal blades and rolling armored 

Not only that, but the floor has gaps every few feet with large 
grinding blades at the bottom of every pit.

Duck the laser blasts and run under the ejected obstacles, remembering 
to jump the pits until the core is destroyed.

****Stage: 004 - Seabed****

Enemy: "Fish Mutant"
Weak Point: Inside it's mouth.


Jumping Attacks, Raft Eating.

The first thing the fish will do to begin the battle is to make a 
large jump over all the rafts.

After this the fish will wander a bit under the rafts you are on.  The 
water will not allow any kind of attack to reach the fish so don't 
bother attacking.

The fish will dive under the rafts and lunge out of the water under a 
random raft a few times.  A few air bubbles rising under the target 
raft a few seconds before the fish appears mark the raft it will 

The mutant will then make another super jump over all the rafts.

After this attack it will rise up out of the water and start 
swallowing the rafts.  The rafts will move to the fish in gradually 
increasing speeds until the fish closes it's mouth.  When this attack 
ends if the mutant bites one of the rafts and flips it onto it's head 
you can still jump up onto it from the lower rafts.

If the fish didn't flip the raft on it's head before it will then dive 
under a raft and take it on it's head and proceed to crash through the 
other rafts. Be on the raft it ducks under and jump up to the ceiling 
until new rafts appear.

The fish will make another large jump from the side of the screen it 
left through over all the rafts and will start the cycle anew.

When the fish is bleeding from the mouth it will make one final 
underwater lunge at the raft in the middle.

****Stage: 005 - Archipelago****

Enemy: Giant Slug
Weak Points: the whole enemy can be damaged.


Bubble Spit, Missiles.

The slug begins the attack with a random attack.

If the slug decides to use the bubble spit, it's mouth will open so 
wide that it's jaw will touch the ground and the bubbles will ooze 
from the gaping maw.

The bubbles will grow when shot until they finally burst.

The slug can also use it's eye stalks to launch a dozen or so missiles 
into the air.  The point of impact will be marked with a target.

The slug can also retreat into the truck "shell" and use the truck to 
try to run you over.

Enemy: Enemy Commander
Weak Points: The whole enemy can be damaged.

****Stage 1 Attacks****

Fire Balls, Energy Balls, Energy Bolts, Body Crash.

The boss randomly initiates attacks with no real rhyme or reason 
behind them.  However, the attack he will use can be recognized from 
his body language just before.

When the boss hangs from the ceiling, he is about to release a half 
dozen small white energy balls that will migrate to a random spot on 
the screen.  The balls will remain there a few seconds before 

When the boss surrounds himself with small fireballs that rotate about 
him, as would small planets, he is about to unleash his fireball 
attack.  He'll throw the fireballs at the spot where the character is 
currently standing.

When the boss moves to the bottom of the screen and glows orange and 
begins to spin, he is about to initiate his flaming body crash.  He 
will rebound off the walls for a few seconds until he uncurls himself.

When the boss moves to the middle of the screen and glows white, he is 
about to unleash his energy bolt attack.  A few targets will appear on 
the walls around him and energy beams will shoot from him to these 
targets.  The web of energy will then rotate for a few seconds.

Once he is defeated he will mutate into a number of different forms.

****Form 1: Giant Heart****

The heart will descend from the top of the screen.  The heart itself 
does nothing in the way of attacks, but the four pods on the sides of 
the walls will produce a steady stream of alien hatchlings.

Even after the pods are destroyed, hatchings will still appear from 
the top of the screen.

After the heart takes enough damage, it will mutate once again.

****Form 2: Giant Worm****

The only "attack" this creature has is to weave around the screen and 
try to crush the character.

The worm is slow and easily avoided.

When the worm completes it's trek around the screen it will reverse 
it's course.

After the worm falls, the next mutation will begin.

****Form 3: Twin Mutants****

One mutant will be on the floor and the other will reside on the 

For the most part, the mutant on the ceiling will simply jump around.  
The mutant on the floor will utilize a body crash attack.

They will also burrow under the ground.  The burrowing also allows 
them to exchange positions.

Once one of the mutants is dead, the other one will change it's attack 

It will move to the floor and shoot dozens of small energy shots into 
the air that will fall like rain all around.

The monster will borrow from time to time to appear on either side of 
the screen.

When this mutant is killed, another transformation will commence.

****Form 4: Conjoined Mutant****

The beast is terribly difficult to describe.

The beast can stretch itself from the ceiling to the floor and pull 
them close together.  After it has accomplished this feat it will 
release the surfaces to their original positions.  Once they have, the 
monster will drop a powerful firebomb that will ignite the entire 
floor in flames.

Be sure to grab onto the ceiling before the firebomb is dropped.

After the bomb attack, the beast will venture to the side and release 
a powerful laser attack.

After this form falls, only one final mutation remains.

****Form 5: Giant Head****

This battle is unique in the fact that the entire battle takes place 
while hanging from a pole.

The monster's main attacks are energy blasts from it's red eye and two 
smaller eyes.  

It can also use the smaller snake-like creatures on it's sides to 
attack by curling them around the pole.

The smaller heads can be destroyed but will be replaced by the 
occasional shower of larvae creatures as well as energy blasts from 
the holes.

The energy blasts will adhere to the pole and prevent travel across 
the pole.

Also, once the smaller eyes on the main head are gouged out, the red 
eye will start firing five shots at a time instead of one.

The battle will end after this form meets it's demise.

****Stage: 006 - Triumvirate Sanctuary****

Enemy: Heli-Robot
Weak Points: The robot's chest.


Machinegun, Electric Nodes, Energy Blasts.

The heli will begin by firing a volley of shots across the top of the 

After this, the mechanical monster will transform slightly and release 
electric current from the two nodes on it's underside.

Once finished, it will revert back to the original helicopter form and 
resume peppering the transport with gunfire.

Once taking enough damage, the heli will completely transform into 
it's robot form and land on the rear of the transport.  

It will fire three shots onto the surface of the transport that will 
travel along until he falls off the side.  

After this, it will transform back to the heli and fly off.

It will return, transform again, and straddle the cockpit of the 
transport and fire a large energy just above the surface of the 

It will fly off and come back to land smack dab in the center of the 
transport.  It will sit there a few second before taking off again to 
begin the cycle of landing on the transport anew.

Enemy: The Relic
Weak Points: The whole enemy can be damaged
****Form 1 Attacks****

Energy Balls, Stretch Attacks.

****Form 2 Attacks****

Puke, Stretchy Stalks, Body Crash.

****Form 3 Attacks****

Mini Jellyfish Shower, Body Crash.

****Form 4 Attacks****

Energy Starfish.

****Form 5 Attacks****

Worm-like Energy Creatures

****Form 1: Humanoid Mutant****

The first form follows two main attacks: arm extensions and large 
energy balls.

It will warp around the screen alternating tossing the energy balls 
and using it's arm extend strikes.

After taking enough damage, the mutant will transform into it's next 

****Form 2: Frog Mutant****

This form also has but two main attacks.

The frog will use a puke attack to spit up a few stalk-like 
formations.  The stalks will constrict a bit allowing them to be 
avoided more easily.  

Be careful, though.  The first puke attack will spread filth a few 
feet in front of it before the stalks emerge.

The other attack it uses is a body crash attack.  

The frog will swim off the screen and appear at the side and shoot 
across to the other side.

It will move to higher or lower parts of the screen after it's run and 
flash across again.

When the frog is done swimming, the puke attacks will recommence until 
it has taken enough damage to trigger another transformation.

****Form 3: Jellyfish Mutant****

This is getting to be a pattern.  This form also has but two real 

The mutant will swim back and forth at the top of the screen releasing 
small jellyfish creatures that will flutter down to the bottom. 

Be careful when shooting them, for they will zip to the ground quite 
fast after being shot.

Occasionally, the main beast will swim down to make a pass over the 
bottom of the screen in a body crash attack and will return to the top 
after completion of said attack.

Once the damage limit has been reached, another transformation will 

****Form 4: Giant Cell****

Then cell's main attack is little energy starfish-like creatures it 
will generate to toss around.

Use the machinegun to push the plasma membrane up to expose the 
nucleus to damage it.

Once the damage threshold is crossed...the final transformation will 

****Form 5: Core Tower****

This form's main attack is the glowing worm-like creatures floating 
about the screen.

On occasion, the worms will group together and attack the character en 

Other than that, the core is relatively undefended.

Defeating this form will end the battle.

****Stage: 007 - Final Battle**** 

Enemy: The Relic Amalgamation
Weak Points: The whole enemy can be damaged


Energy Balls, Fire Balls.

The monster might be a combination of all the forms the fiend took 
during stage 6, but it does not bring all the attacks to the fight.

While the boss is in flight, it will use it's energy ball attack.  The 
energy balls will land near the cockpit of the transport and bounce 
backwards towards the mutant.

Occasionally, the beast will lunge out and grab onto the ship.  The 
frog part of the mutant will then fire three quick fireballs across 
the screen.

Upon it's defeat, the monster will make one last effort to drag the 
ship into the firestorm.

Shoot it off the ship to kill it once and for all.

****100 % Stage Completion Targets****

****Stage: 001 - Fortress****

Kill the soldier in yellow sitting on the tower at the beginning.  
Apparently the black soldiers give absolutely no points.

Destroy the idle truck as well as the motorcycle that storms into the 

Shoot all barrels in sight; they give points toward the total 
percentage.  If timed right, the barrels explosions will take out 
other troops as well.

Kill the next few yellow clad soldiers before the "Spider Walker".

The "Spider Walker" will give some points after it's reduced to scrap.

Take out the soldiers armed with the large shields, but don't forget 
the two canisters on the ceiling above them!

Take out the three yellow soldiers on the way up the wall.

Destroy all four of the weapons on each side of the core.  Each one 
awards some points to your total as well as the core. 

There are a few soldiers worth points before the snowboarding section.

Kill all the jet pack soldiers and the snake mutant on the way down 
the hill.

The flying insectoid beasts give no points so zip through them quickly 
before then can abduct you.

The pods above and under the "Turtle's" head that spew forth the small 
creatures give points.

The final few points needed for 100 % will be awarded after the death 
of the second stage of the "Turtle" boss.  

****Stage: 002 - Train****

Destroy all the soldiers riding missiles that fly by during the 
assault on the submarine.

Destroy all the laser turrets on the first part of the transformed 

Destroy the large cannon at the end of the transformed sub.

Kill the missile riding troops that come after the sub has sunk.  Use 
the Fire Whip to dispatch them before you enter the tunnel.  There 
won't be enough time to kill them with the machinegun.

Destroy the large cannon at the rear of the train.

Kill all the biker soldiers that are released from the next car.

Destroy the two side weapons and the flying machine that emerge from 
the third car.  The last part of the trio will only come into range 
for a few moments.  Give it a few face fulls of Homing Missiles.

Kill all troops on the train as well as destroying all the gun 

Destroying the giant robot at the end will earn you some points.

Destroy the legs of the robot before they fall in front of the train 
to earn the last few points needed for the 100 % completion.

****Stage: 003 - City****

Kill the flying heli troopers as well as the ground based yellow 

Destroy the truck the yellow trooper is on.

Be sure to shoot all the sandbags.

The flying sentry will give up a few points when it's shot down.

Destroy the rolling armored lasers on the floor and ceiling.

The mutant caterpillar will give some points once killed as well as 
the large mutant just beyond it.

Destroy the rolling armored laser turrets just before the boss.

Destroying the cannons and the nodes on the boss will net some points.

Don't forget to destroy the missiles that fly around during the middle 
of the boss fight.

****Stage: 004 - Seabed****

Destroy all missiles at the beginning before the "Ski Robot" battle.  
Use the Homing Missiles for best results; just be quick in switching 
weapons so the first few targets don't slip by!

Each weak point on the "Ski Robot" will award some percentage.

After reaching the base, and beginning the descent in the tunnel 
destroy all the small egg pods that spit out alien hatchlings and the 
"flower-like" mutants on the walls.

The hatchlings themselves give nothing, but are still deadly. Kill 
them to avoid losing points to lost lives.

Kill the plant monsters by shooting them until they are pushed back 
into the hole they are rooted in.  When the head reaches the hole it 
will die.  Just watch out for the saliva that drips from it's mouth 

The "Cyber Brain" will award some percentage upon dying.

As before destroy all the egg pods and the lone "flower" until the 
area with the four rafts comes up and the stage boss makes it's 

Destroy all the bombs that descend from the top of the screen.  Each 
one gives percentage points.  Use the Homing Missiles to catch them 

The "Mutant Fish" will give the final points required to reach the 
total of 100 %.

****Stage: 005 - Archipelago****

Destroy the truck.  The trucks destruction will also take the barrel 
and trooper along with it.

Destroy the sandbags and take out the four yellow clad troops just 
beyond.  Be careful when jumping, the characters forgot how to swim!

Kill the giant snail for some points.

Take out the shield bearing soldier after the snail and the sniper 
around the pit area just beyond.

When you get to the base, kill the shield soldier on the ground, the 
three troopers on top of the base. Keep killing them until they stop 
appearing, and the grenade gun in the middle.  

Raze the base for more points.

Defeat the commander inside the base for more points.

Destroy the four pods on the sides of the giant heart before the heart 
to get all the points for the battle.

Simply kill the monster to get the points.

Kill both the creatures to get the next few points.

Destroy the smaller two heads and both eyes before setting your sights 
on the big red eye to complete the 100% hit rate.

****Stage: 006 - Triumvirate Sanctuary****

Simply survive without dying to get the full 100%.

****Stage: 007 - Final Battle****

Survive the final fight to get the 100%.

****Other Notes****

Please do not email me asking for help defeating the enemies.
Such emails will be deleted.

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