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Reviewed: 11/16/02 | Updated: 11/16/02

Great, but not enough things to do....

This game had me waiting for aa long time. When the world cup ended (congrats all brazilians) i was waiting and waiting until it finally released. Now I must admit that the game in general had me in a little disappointment in that there just weren't enough things to do a 'Friendly' match or you can just begin to do a cup event. dont be dicouraged though very good game still.
I must say though I played it for as long as I could when I got it I remember buying it and thinking ''Dang it's 5:00 that means only 1 or 2 hours of playing it , guess that will be ok.'' Well no it wasn't it flew 2-3.5 games I bet I got through. Just not enough time to play I had to tear myself away from my PS2 which I bet after the first two days was a bout to blow itself up.

Gameplay 7/10:
Now as I said above not a multiple things to do game just a game to srew around on. Like Friendly matches or a cup match I like both, after beating a cup with one team you get something???

Graphics 10/10:
I loved the graphics myself all of these fury little animal mascots running around, things being trown on the field, and the light show at the begining of the game making the graphics high point in the game.

Music/Announcers 8/10:
The game doesnt really have a lot of music as apposed to announcers in the back ground yelling things out, like ''O Raul...there he is with a break away down the field and GOUL!!!!!'' stuff like that each time you score they do or just about anytime.

Replayblity 6-7/10:
It all depends on if you like the game I've had all the teams to the finals, so I liked it. Now there are also difficulty levels like 'begginer', 'amateur','pro', and then 'world class' so if u master one (it tells you) then do the next one.

Story unknown:
Ok then the game has a pretty simple story line if you can't seem to figure it out then here it is the world cup happens every 4 years. This year it was in Japan and S. Korea. The Brazilian team and German team made it to the fianls and Brazil won it. so now it's your turn to control the outcome of the cup will you be victorious or not you must choose your own fait.

Overall 8/10:
Buying this or renting it would give you something to strive for as you rent it for 5-7 days. I love it and still play it now when I'm not playin other games.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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