Review by M. Fletcher

Reviewed: 10/28/02 | Updated: 10/28/02

Disgraceful... can they really be serious trying to sell this to us?

2002 Fifa World Cup. A world cup game only comes out every four years. World Cup '98 was a triumph back in its day, but this game just reeks.

Gameplay: 5/10
Slow, dull etc. Think of adjectives like that and you have the gameplay. Wonder goals from 25 yards plus are almost impossible and most goals are pretty much lumber through the defense and chip the keeper. Fantastic. There are only two modes as well. Friendly and World Cup... what choice. There is no training or anything.

Graphics: 6/10
Small, fuzzy-edged players run around the pitch at a slow rate. The crowds are simple massive blocks of colour, they couldn't be bothered to try and include more than their teams shirt they would wear. The graphics are very disappointing.

Control: 4/10
So awkward it is unbelievable. In the booklet they say that one button will do a nifty keep the ball up trick... when you actually have the chance to do this nifty keep the ball up trick without being hit by cruciate knee ligament damage style tackle is beyond me. The shots are also hard to control, with most shots either flying wide/over the bar or going helplessly into the keepers hands.

Sound: 2/10
The crowd sit there, the whole way through, without showing any form emotion. The only time they bother to cheer is building up to the game and when a goal is scored. Even when a leg breaking challenge is delivered, are they watching the game at all or are they do concerned that if they get up and show any emotion they will spill their pint? The commentary is awful compared to the great commentary in Fifa 2002. But that's another story.

Replay: 3/10
It gets very boring, very quickly. Beating the World Cup with anyone will not provide much of a challenge on the hardest difficulty after a bit of practice. I would estimate the lifespan at a couple of weeks before you get fed up with it and just leave it to rot in the corner of your top desk drawer.

Overall: 4/10
A shockingly bad game which couldn't get much worse. The lack of options, awful sound and poor video make this a game you should try to avoid at all costs. The fact that Fifa 2002 has better graphics and uses a fairly similar engine but has club teams and many more options just makes this game appear even worse. An absolute disgrace.

Buy/Rent: Rent/Neither
Rent if you like football games, because chances are you won't like this one. It is just dull and... awful. If you you're not keen and football games don't touch this with an 80-foot barge pole.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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