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Reviewed: 09/21/02 | Updated: 09/21/02

A disappointing game....

I've never expected too much from FIFA games. They normally offer some solid gameplay, and awesome graphics, and a huge amount of teams, yes. But they lack the depth other games(Winning Eleven) have. They're still very good soccer games. Now, EA decides to release a FIFA game based solely on the already finished world cup(they released it before the start of the world cup). What do we get? A very disappointing game. Yes, it has some slick graphics and the animation is smooth, but the game lacks on everything else.


Like I stated before, World Cup's graphics are pretty good. Players look very realistic, although some of them look pretty fake. Their animations are pretty smooth and cool, but sometimes they look fake. The stadiums are nicely done, with an actually pretty good crowd. FIFA excels on the graphics department, with some minor flaws, like for example some slowdown. Otherwise a pretty good game, graphic-wise.


FIFA's control is quite good. All of the buttons are easily accessed. However, FIFA controls lack on depth. You cannot do ''combos'' with your buttons in order to do an special move, or something. You just shoot, pass and then run.


This is where FIFA starts to get pretty bad. World Cup's gameplay is absolutely boring. First off, you only have around 36 teams to select. No clubs if you were wondering. There are only two modes: friendly and world cup. Friendly matches are boring, like the whole game. The world cup is also quite boring itself, but at least is challenging and it earns you some rewards: the secret teams, which I won't mention here. Once you get all of the secret teams, playing the world cup makes no sense(as it is boring) and you will forget about the game.
World Cup doesn't let you to do magic with the ball. It lacks depth-ness, like I've stated multiple times throughout this review. You just pass, shoot, score, and keep playing. Your strategies are pretty limited then, not to mention the available formations are pretty much the same.


This is probably the game's weakest point, IMHO. The game music sucks, as simple as that. The music used for the intro, for the menues, for the everything... is some sucky music you don't want to hear. The crowd sounds awfully fake and LOW, and the narrators... haven't heard 'em. I don't know if my game is buggish, but in my game I don't hear anybody talking about the match... well, sometimes I do, but all the say is sentiment-less, and quite boring. They don't even know how to ''sing a goal''!

Buy or rent: Rent

Even if you're a fan of soccer, rent this game first. Play it for a few hours, and return it next day. It's not worth the buy(hopefully, I rented it. For around four days though). If you really want to get a great soccer game, get Winning Eleven. If you can't import it, then get FIFA 2002, or wait for FIFA 2003. They are much better than this.

Overall Score: 5

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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