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Reviewed: 08/08/02 | Updated: 08/08/02

Good, but not great

This is my review for Fifa 2002 World Cup. I hope it helps all you soccer fans out there that are wondering if they should get this game


This game has the best graphics in any sports game I've ever played. The players life-like facial expressions, hairstyles, clothes, and unique movements all make Fifa World Cups graphics spectacular. Every detail of the stadium, field, and crowd all look incredibly real. I still find it hard to believe that you can actually see the players blink, thats how good the graphics are You'll think you are watching a real World Cup match on T.V. I guarantee this games graphics won't disappoint you. In my opinion, graphics are this games strongest point.


Fifa 2002 World Cup went in a different direction in gameplay from all the others. And its not a good direction either. You now have to fill a power bar to the right spot if you want to make a good pass or cross. I constantly find myself crossing it way to far or short and the same with passing. It is a big annoyance. Another bad thing is its extremely hard to do a successful conservative tackle. Instead of having immediate control of the ball when you Conservative tackle it tends to roll away constantly going out of bounds or to another opposing player. But this Fifa World Cup also has a fun new addition to the gameplay. Juggling. Yes it is true in this game you can waste time by juggling or just do it for fun. But one major draw back is that there is no season mode! All you can do is Friendly, multi-player, and the World Cup which to me is extremely aggravating.


The sound in Fifa World Cup is amazing. It really sounds as if there is 35,000 die hard fans all around you. I always like hearing the crowd sing there countries national song
or the sound of drums and other musical instruments.When your about to get a card you can hear your other teammates moaning and the crowd booing. Even the commentators sound real (and no the guy who does Mexican soccer is not one of the commentators). When you score a goal you'll hear shouting, cheering, and you'll even hear fireworks explode ding. Sound is Fifa 2002 World Cups sound is another great trait to this exciting game.


Fifa 2002 World Cups controls are pretty much the same as all the other Fifa games. They are extremely easy to remember so no one should have trouble with them. I really like the controls except for one thing, and that thing is offensive tricks. In all the other Fifa games R1, R2, L1, and L2 were all the trick buttons. Know R1 is the only button that does tricks. You do the tricks by either tapping the button, holding the button, tapping the button while sprinting, and holding the button while sprinting. It is very annoying. Even still the controls are all right.


On my very first time playing this game i beat the World Cup option in 42 minutes (i timed it). My second time playing as a different team it only took me 37 minutes. So as you can see it doesn't take long at all. if you wanted to win the World Cup with every time it would probably take you only about 2 days. This is not a game which will last you a long time.


The first time i played in the World Cup, I thought that it would never get old. But it did. After beating the World Cup with 25 different teams it could extremely boring. No matter what difficulty level it is on no team not even France or Argentina provide much of a challenge. This game would be a lot funner if it had a season mode but it doesn't. But even once the World Cup option gets boring you can still have tons of fun on Friendly and Multi-player mode. This is a great game to play on a rainy day when you don't have any other game to play

Buy or Rent

People who have or haven't played any Fifa games should still rent it first. It is totally different from any other Fifa game and can be disappointing. Fifa 2002 World Cup can also be very annoying especially when you constantly are kicking it way over the net or completly missing the net, passing to the other team or out of bounds. And if you rent it and like it. Do what i did, buy it.


Fifa 2002 World Cup is a fun, exciting game full of happy moments. It has a great multi-player mode if you ever want to test your skills against a friend or family member and as stated in the previous paragraphs it has many set backs but is still one of the best sports game i have ever had the joy of playing.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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