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Reviewed: 06/29/02 | Updated: 10/21/02

I only hope the real World Cup is better than this!

This game is one of the biggest letdowns ever, after the great success of World Cup 98 on PS1. High hopes were placed upon the shoulders of this game and it has let us all down immensely.

There are only 2 game modes: Friendly in which 2 teams face one another and World Cup for which you don't even get to qualify for. There are no training modes, penalty shoot out competitions, leagues or custom competitions. We expect more from the ‘only official World Cup game’.


The graphics are fuzzy and for some reason the fans only wear 2 types of shirt, the home or away shirt, so your made to stare at big blocks of colour in the crowd which gets very irritating. The grass doesn't know what it's doing and the players look terrible, and small.

Game play-5

The game play is greatly hindered by the fact that there is a large amount of slowdown. The game play is also shallow and you don't get much of a buzz from playing it. In fact, it's rather irritating when the players daintily mess about with the ball. These players on the ball? No chance! It's not very rewarding to score a goal, win a match or win the cup. Shots are always the same, as are goals. Dribble up to the keeper and shoot or score via a header or volley. Sounds easy? You better believe it! Goals often go in. You can't score from 30 Yards very easily though. Often these sorts of shots end up sailing over the bar or wide of the target. Any dedicated football supporter should not touch this with a 10-foot goal post or a 20-foot one for that matter.


A goal goes in. Has it been disallowed? Are Accrington Stanley Playing? No but the crowd sound like they've been kicked up the backside with a wing-tip shoe. There isn't much cheering from the crowed goes in. Imagine that your country is in the world cup final and they score. Would you cheer or sit there drinking your pint as if your watching a Third Division match? No, you would jump for joy. Well, I would.


2 Game modes. No more. Even the PS1 World cup game had more. Where's the training, where's the penalty shoot out, where's the leagues, Nope, none are included in this quarter effort. game
Overall a quarter hearted effort at a game with no substance to keep anyone going, I only hope the world cup is better than this.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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