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Reviewed: 06/13/02 | Updated: 06/13/02

Entertaining...VERY Entertaining...

There are literally dozens and dozens of good Playstation 2 games out at the moment. 2002 FIFA World Cup is one of them. This game had entertained me a lot and helped to increase my enthusiasm for this years World Cup finals in Japan and Korea. This is a very good football game and gameplay is brilliant although there isn't much of it. But this game with this game you could win the World Cup even with Saudi Arabia. I would recommend to get this game by June 30. Why? Why do you think?! Read further:

GAMEPLAY (9/10)-
The gameplay is brilliant and you can play in more or less in the way you feel most comfortable with. There are four Gameplay difficulty modes which are Beginner, Amateur, Professional and World Class. Beginner mode can be boring after a rather short while because when I was Brazil I managed thrash China 10-0, meaning you'll eventually want to play at a more advanced level. You can even change a referee's strictness level. This can be a problem because the referees on this can be biased because they will send players off for fouls that aren't. There is not much games to play. There is the actual World Cup competition mode to play and freindlies. That's it-honestly. There are some special continent bonus teams will can unlock; when you win the World Cup with a nation, a bonus team for the continent which they are in will be unlocked. There are also some teams you can play as who didn't even qualify. These include Norway, Australia, Finland (Uh?) and Scotland-but not Holland, which surprises me quite a lot.

GRAPHICS (7/10)-
The graphics are quite good. The pitch is dull. The crowd and other graphics are good though, and aren't too blurry. The kits for each nations are detailed and they've even got some player's features right. They got David Beckham's, Rivaldo's and Alessandro Del Pierro's features right. But some of them they've got it wrong; Ronaldo's features for example. I Have to admit that it creeped me out a bit, but I was more amused and impressed though. It's very colourful and quite realistic. There are realistic player and crowd goal and match victory celebrations.

SOUNDS (9/10)-
Easily one of the best features of the game. I was very impressed with the sounds. The music consists of dramatic classical music. There are also realistic crowd chants and reaction noises. The referee whistle blowing, ball kicking and bouncing noises, players screaming when fouled, shouting when they score and win, and calling team-mates to pass the ball. There is also some rather amusing and good commentary by John Motson and Andy Gray.

The brilliance on of this game makes it definitely worth playing again and again, even though there are only two types of games to play. You will want to be playing again to try out playing the four different gameplay difficulty modes.

If you really want to really celebrate the World Cup, then buy it. You should be OK buying it without having to rent it first because you can play it matches in your own comfortable style. If you want more out of a football game then you may be better off renting first.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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