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Reviewed: 05/19/02 | Updated: 04/18/03

Enjoyable, but not enough options.

I've always quite liked football/soccer games (whatever you want to call the sport; I'll be calling it football), and even though the regular versions always have more teams (Fifa 2002 etc), I thought I'd give this one a try. Here's what I thought...


The classic controls still remain, such as shoot, lob and pass, but now there is a power bar, which lets you charge up your shots to have more power. However, if you overcharge the kick will be very inaccurate, while getting the power balance just right will allow for a killer of a kick which always hits the target. You can now also juggle the ball by pressing R1, and tapping the shoulder buttons will keep it up, allowing for spectacular volleys in mid-air. There are 4 difficulties to choose from, from easiest to hardest: Beginner, Amateur, Professional and World Class. You can tweak the Referee's judgement skills too. Depending on his level of lenience, he may turn a blind eye to the most vicious of tackles, or send a player off for the slightest offence.

But what about the amount of game modes? This is where the game lacks. Basically, you've got the standard friendly single match, the option to compete in the World Cup itself, a few decent interactive extras, and that's it. The extras are mainly interesting movies about the World Cup, football in general and supporter's views on certain aspects of it. There is also a fun 25 minute computer animation to watch, featuring the World Cup mascots. I just can't help thinking there should have been more playing options. What happened to the Golden Goal and Custom Tournament modes? Those were great.


First-rate and beyond. The player animations are flawless: every aspect from the hair to the nose has been covered on every player perfectly. The stadiums are absolutely beautiful as well, especially pre-match when the players are coming onto the pitch. The only reason this section didn't get the big 10 is because of the ugly loading screens and rather dull menus.

SOUND (10/10)

I love this aspect of the game. The music is very well orchestrated, and the sound effects are unmatched by any other football game ever. Players call for the ball, scream when they are hurt, shout when they score, everything. What's great though is the commentary. Top TV football commentators John Motson and Andy Gray provide the voices. They barely get repetitive this time, as there is so many different lines provided for them to say in different situations.


There are many different teams to play as, and even more to be unlocked through World Cup mode, so you may be playing this game for a long time. Had more game modes been available though, this game could have been so much better.


Give World Cup 2002 a rent first, and if you find it appealing (I certainly did), consider buying.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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