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Same Old Same Old 05/09/04 bbears
Resident Evil Online....I think I wet my pants. 04/29/04 cananyonesaveme
Stain of a Virus 04/16/04 EinJin
Worth the wait for ps2 owners? 04/29/04 gbone
A risky leap 04/10/04 HYD
Another great installment in the Resident Evil Series. Does it meet everyones expectations? 04/05/04 Jiang Wei The 2nd
(Offline Review) Ready for Racoon City? 04/10/04 Kyo Kisaragi
Another bad day in Raccoon City, film at 11! 04/13/04 Larcen Tyler
I have been a fan of Resident evil since Resident evil 2, and today Capcom took a giant step towards Playstation 2's top-hit gaming series. 04/23/04 MarkWilkins
What's with these homies, dissin' my girl? Why do they gotta front? 04/12/04 Monheim
Resident eil Outbreak (offline) 07/11/04 p06111981
Single Player Review: Why I should have bought $50 worth of scratch tickets instead 05/01/04 pokesmot240
Resident Evil finally goes Online! 05/31/05 ResidentE1
A new RE that can actually stand out as being unique from the others 04/10/04 Snake16
A Great Resident Evil Game that comes up so very close 04/13/04 The Chihuahua
Resident Evil Break Out 01/25/05 The1Executioner
On a Good day, you get this score. 11/29/04 TheEvilZombie1
Your best friends can very well become your worst enemies... 04/11/05 TheWildArm
I have been waiting for this game all my life! (offline review) 04/06/04 Trespasser
Good online but single player is lacking 07/07/05 wolverinefan
The latest installment of RE, the best one yet! 04/17/04 zfxxx

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