• Stage Select and Handicaps in VS mode

    When in VS mode, please do the following:

    Choose what stage you are going to fight inPress R1
    Set a handicap on yourselfPress L2

    Contributed By: cassandro.

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  • Attack Early

    At the loading screen before the fight, unplug your controller, then plug it back in. You will now be able to move around and attack before it says "Fight." This is better for taking care of harder enemies, by getting a head start in the match.

    Contributed By: hbkXtreMe.

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  • Alternate Costumes

    Go to The Krypt and open the following koffins to unlock the alternate costumes.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bo' Rai ChoOpen Koffin PH for 1200 Onyx Koins
    CyraxOpen Koffin ZW for 1485 Sapphire Koins
    DrahnimOpen Koffin SW for 1152 Jade Koins
    FrostOpen Koffin UB for 1261 Gold Koins
    Hsu HaoOpen Koffin QX for 1518 Jade Koins
    JaxOpen Koffin ZM for 1410 Ruby Koins
    Johnny CageOpen Koffin DK for 1460 Ruby Koins
    KanoOpen Koffin BD for 1520 Sapphire Koins
    KenshiOpen Koffin YM for 1435 Platinum Koins
    KitanaOpen Koffin BQ for 1327 Gold Koins
    Kung LaoOpen Koffin YJ for 1208 Ruby Koins
    Li MeiOpen Koffin KX for 1406 Sapphire Koins
    MavadoOpen Koffin RD for 1455 Jade Koins
    NitaraOpen Koffin AR for 2206 Jade Koins
    Quan ChiOpen Koffin AA for 1556 Gold Koins
    RaidenOpen Koffin JR for 1685 Ruby Koins
    ReptileOpen Koffin XO for 1736 Sapphire Koins
    ScorpionOpen Koffin UH for 1660 Jade Koins
    Shang TsungOpen Koffin ML for 1170 Gold Koins
    SonyaOpen Koffin SH for 1834 Ruby Koins
    Sub-ZeroOpen Koffin YA for 1999 Sapphire Koins

    Contributed By: DarkLink89.

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  • Unlockable Arenas

    Go to The Krypt and open the following koffins to unlock the arenas.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    DragonflyOpen Koffin WT for 1400 Jade Koins
    House of PekaraOpen Koffin HP for 2093 Onyx Koins
    Lava ShrineOpen Koffin II for 1843 Gold Koins
    Lost TombOpen Koffin EA for 258 Sapphire Koins
    Moloch's LairOpen Koffin ZD for 98 Ruby Koins
    Palace GroundsOpen Koffin KR for 4222 Sapphire Koins
    Sarna RuinsOpen Koffin PW for 2006 Sapphire Koins
    The NethershipOpen Koffin DS for 1472 Ruby Koins

    Contributed By: DarkLink89.

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  • Unlockable Characters

    Please do the following:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Unlock Blaze and MokapBeat all 218 Konquest missions. To select Blaze, highlight Raiden in the character select screen and hit down+X. To select Mokap, highlight Cyrax in the character select screen and hit down+X.

    Contributed By: zenophobe23.

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  • Unlocking Characters with Prices

    Character (Price to Unlock) - Which Koffin

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cyrax(3003 Platinum Koins)- CN
    Drahmin(6500 Sapphire Koins) - UR
    Frost(208 Ruby Koins) - IV
    Hsu Hao(3317 Jade Koins) - MW
    Jax(3780 Ruby Koins) - SA
    Kitana(2931 Sapphire) - KI
    Nitara(4022 Gold Koins) - TI
    Raiden(3116 Jade Koins) - XG
    Reptile(3822 Gold Koins) - LL

    Contributed By: Mynk.

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  • Infinite Koins Master Code

    1.) Choose a Vs. Game and load a profile for each fighter,
    2.) Wager one round normally with R2
    3.) After first fight have ONLY P1 open the wager tag,
    4.) Have P1 press right, you will hear a koin sound,
    5.) Then press up, now you will hear koins being bet,
    6.) The sound will stop so then press R2 again to exit the wager,
    7.) Now both players choose a character,
    8.) Have P1 beat P2, P1 will win the koins, but P2 will NOT lost anything.

    Okay below is the key to what koins you will bet so for objective 4 just press right as many times need for whatever koin you desire,

    When you open the wager tab with P1 the koins are as follows to bet since you cant tell what koin you are betting.

    Right once and up = Onyx
    Right twice and up = Jade
    Right three and up = Ruby
    Right four and up = Gold
    Right five and up = Platinum
    Right six and up = Sapphire

    Contributed By: kazykd16.

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