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Weapon/Enemy Guide by White_Pointer

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 02/06/2003

Turok Evolution Weapon and Enemy Guide
Copyright 2003
Version 1.01
Written by White_Pointer

e-mail: whitepointer@blood-sports.net

Contents of this Guide:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Legal Information
3.0 About the game
4.0 What’s in this guide?
5.0 Weapon Guide
6.0 Enemy Guide
7.0 Acknowledgements and Credits

1.0 Introduction

Well, I wrote this Weapon and Enemy Guide because I noticed that there is no 
such thing on Gamefaqs. There is a couple of pretty good walkthroughs, but none 
of them actually go into details about the enemies you’ll encounter in the game 
and strategies to kill them. So, this guide was born. This guide is for the 
single player game only.

2.0 Legal Information

This guide is intended for personal use only. No profit can be made from this 
guide under ANY circumstances, it is to be used for non-profit only. This guide 
will ONLY be hosted on Gamefaqs, unless you have my written consent to publish 
it on your own site and you MUST e-mail me to request my permission to use it. 
Please explain in your e-mail what the theme of your site is, the approximate 
amount of unique visitors you receive each month and what materials the site 
covers. This guide may not be altered in any way, shape, or form.

3.0 About the game

Turok Evolution is the 4th game in the Turok series, and is effectively a 
prequel as far as the story goes. You take on the role of Tal’Set, an Indian 
Warrior, who is locked in a battle with his arch nemesis Captain Bruckner, when 
they are both whisked away to the Lost Land. A powerful sorcerer known as 
TarKeen brings Tal’Set back from near death, and sends him on an epic and deadly 
mission to take out the race of reptilian enemies known as the Slegs, their 
leader Tyrannus, and then Bruckner himself. And so begins the legacy known as 

4.0 What’s in this guide?

This is not a walkthrough of the game. Rather, this is an in-depth FAQ about the 
available weapons in the game, as well as the enemies you’ll encounter along the 
way. The weapons have a description and a ‘how to use’ guide, and the enemies 
have a description and a ‘how to kill’ guide ;) Basically, just some quick 
strategies for defeating the enemies you’ll face. I have used the “official” 
names of enemies where I can, but have used my own names for some enemies where 
Acclaim haven’t provided them.

5.0 Weapons


This is one of the weapons you start the game with. Annoyingly, you’ll also 
start each new area wielding this thing instead of the weapon you were carrying 
when you finished the previous area. Ho hum. Anyway, in its primary ‘firing’ 
mode, you swing the club quickly from side to side with the bladed end. The 
quicker you press the button, the quicker the club will swing. In its secondary 
mode, the club is turned around and you’ll deliver a charged up blow with the 
spiked side of the club. Just hold down the button to charge up, then release to 
let it go.


Once you acquire the pistol in the first area of the game, you probably aren’t 
going to use this thing much. It comes in handy to kill those annoying little 
compys that sometimes jump out at you, and it’s excellent for breaking apart 
boxes and those parts in the game where you need to destroy a console or 
something like that. Not only does it save your ammo, but usually just 1 or 2 
quick blows is enough to break a box or destroy a console. I wouldn’t recommend 
using it to destroy something that explodes, though.

5.2 BOW:

The bow is the other weapon you start the game with. It can shoot two types of 
arrows, your normal run of the mill kind of arrows, and the explosive kind of 
arrows. Hold down the button to pull back on the string, and release to let go. 
You can actually tap the fire button to fire arrows in rapid succession and can 
usually pick up your arrows after you kill an enemy with them. Use the secondary 
mode button to switch between normal and explosive arrows. Normal arrows will 
hit the enemy causing moderate damage, explosive arrows will explode on impact 
causing a lot of damage. There isn’t many enemies that can survive 3 or 4 
explosive arrows, even the biggest ones.


As with the War Club, once you find the Tek-Bow, this one will start being eaten 
by termites from disuse. The only area of the game you’ll really need it is the 
first area to shoot the Sleg on top of the rocky structure. You’ll find the Tek-
Bow in the second area, and that’ll be the end of the bow’s lifetime.


The Tek-Bow can shoot normal arrows, explosive arrows and poison arrows. Again, 
use the secondary mode button to switch between the type of arrow you’re going 
to shoot. Hold down the fire button to pull back the string, and release to let 
go. Unfortunately, the Tek-Bow can’t fire arrows rapidly, but it more than makes 
up for this. Like the bow, it can shoot normal and explosive arrows, but unlike 
the bow, it can also shoot poison arrows, which will hit the enemy once and 
excrete a poisonous fluid into their bloodstream, causing them to vomit up their 
insides and collapse in a pool of puke. The small enemies will only need one of 
these to kiss their lives goodbye, the larger enemies will require 2 or 3 of 
them, and some enemies are actually immune to them, so watch out. The Tek-Bow 
also has another function, the sniper zoom. Just press the zoom button to zoom 
in once, and press it again for a more powerful, longer range zoom.


This is one weapon that you’ll always find a use for throughout the entire game, 
even though you wouldn’t think so with a primitive weapon such as this. Normal 
arrows become very deadly weapons when you combine them with the sniper zoom. 
Just use the zoom function to zoom in on a distant enemy, and aim for the head. 
Most of the time you’ll shoot their heads clean off their necks, unless they are 
a bigger kind of enemy. You can also aim for their arms and legs to shoot them 
off as well. Explosive and poison arrows also become twice as deadly when 
combined with the sniper zoom. Don’t underestimate the Tek-Bow, it’s a pretty 
powerful weapon when used correctly.


The ever useful grenade. The grenade has two modes of use. The first is to just 
throw the thing at an enemy, and it’ll explode on impact, causing a large amount 
of damage to that enemy, and damaging any enemies nearby. In its secondary mode, 
spikes will protrude from the grenade, turning it into a spiked mine, which 
sticks to walls, floors and enemies. Lay down a few of these to ambush enemies 
that may be chasing you. Note however that anything can trigger a grenade…even 
you, so watch out. If no enemies come close to it, it’ll explode by itself after 
about 30 seconds. Keep this in mind, as it’ll come in VERY handy late in the 


You’ll always find a use for a grenade, and they are especially good at killing 
a few enemies if they are bunched together. Throw one, or lay one down and see 
your enemies blown into the air in all directions from the explosion. Your 
regular enemies will only need one of these babies to kiss them goodnight, the 
larger ones however will need 3 or 4. Grenades also come in handy if you need to 
destroy something or blow a hole in an object.


You’ll acquire this weapon fairly early in the game, and for the good majority 
of the first few chapters, this will be your main weapon. It fires a quick, 
accurate bullet that does low to moderate damage to enemies. If you hold the 
button down, you’ll keep firing them in rapid succession. When you find the 
Sniper Scope Upgrade, its firepower is increased and you can zoom in on distant 
enemies for a more accurate shot. If you aim correctly, you can take off a head 
or limb with one shot. Unlike the zoom on the Tek-Bow, the Sniper Scope only has 
one level of zoom.


The fact that this thing can be fired so quickly makes it an excellent close-
range weapon, and even though the bullets may seem weak, a few well-aimed shots 
to the head, even at close range will be all it takes to kill most foes. The 
Sniper Scope upgrade is great, it means you have an alternative to using your 
Tek-Bow to snipe enemies and is quite powerful too. You may find it a little 
difficult to aim though.
Also, watch your ammo when using this because you can fire it pretty quickly, 
you’ll probably end up using more ammo than you realise.


This baby will no doubt be the weapon you’ll be using the most, once you find 
it. It fires out a spread of 10 titanium bullets in one shot, and up close to an 
enemy, this is deadly. Aim for the head or limbs for a better result. You can 
also find a Quad Barrel upgrade that makes the weapon even deadlier. Use the 
secondary function button to load up to 4 shells into the sucker, allowing you 
to fire out 40 titanium bullets in one go. Your foes better hope you miss!


Once you pick up the shotgun, you won’t be using the pistol much anymore, as 
this does far more damage. At short to medium range, you can’t go past it…don’t 
try too hard at using it at long range though, the bullets spread out over 
distance and you probably won’t be too accurate with your shots. The Quad Barrel 
has limited use, really. Load up extra shells as you are walking around a corner 
and expecting a big bad guy to greet you…other than that, in the time in takes 
to load up 4 shells, you could have shot an enemy four times, so it’s really not 
worth it.


The flechette gun is an interesting weapon. In its primary mode, it fires out 
flechettes, which are small, piercing nails, at a semi-rapid rate. You can do 
some real damage with this, especially if you aim for the head or limbs.
In its secondary mode, the flechette gun transforms into the deadly MINIGUN, 
which is one of the most devastating weapons in the game. The Minigun boasts a 
triple barrel, rotating action that fires out volleys of armour-piercing lead at 
an astounding rate, ripping any enemy you point it at to shreds in seconds.


The flechette gun is the only gun that can be fired underwater…but you won’t 
need this very often as there are only a few places in the entire game where 
you’ll actually need it for this purpose. It’s a great gun in its own right 
too…the flechettes don’t do a huge amount of damage by themselves, but the gun 
will fire them pretty rapidly so it won’t take you long to kill your enemies 
with it.
The Minigun on the other hand, is the ultimate close to medium range weapon. 
You’ll turn your enemies into ground mice meat very quickly with this sucker, 
and even the big ones can’t take a lot of punishment from it before submitting 
to death. Keep in mind that it takes a couple of seconds to spin itself up to 
firing speed after you press the button, so take that into consideration when 
using it.


Probably the single most destructive weapon in the game, enemies should run and 
hide when they see you wielding this baby. In its primary firing mode, it fires 
highly explosive rockets that explode on impact and cause massive damage to 
anything they hit. In its secondary mode, it fires Swarm Bores, which is a 
chain-like mechanical worm of sorts, which burrows into the victim. It then 
proceeds to sever the limbs before exploding the head, leaving the torso a 
bloody mess on the ground. Not even the biggest enemies can survive a Swarm 
Bore. It also has a third firing mode, and this isn’t something you’ll be using 
all that often. In fact, I only found ammo in one place in the entire game or 
it, but I’m sure you’ll find it in other places too if you look hard enough. The 
rocket launcher’s third function is to fire a nuclear blast that instantly kills 
all enemies on the screen.


The Rocket Launcher probably isn’t a weapon you’ll be using as often as you’d 
like to, simply because it can’t hold a lot of ammo. Also, in each of its three 
firing modes, there will be a brief pause as the ammo is loaded into it, meaning 
you need to wait a moment before firing it, and in the heat of battle, this 
could be costly. Having said that though, it’s a very powerful weapon that isn’t 
for the faint hearted. Rockets are great for destroying big targets and taking 
on big enemies, just make sure you aren’t standing too close to the explosion. 
Swarm Bores will kill all but the largest dinosaurs in one go. Keep in mind that 
you’ll need to keep the crosshair concentrated on the enemy for a second or two 
to allow it to lock on (crosshair will turn blue). The nuclear blast is 
impressive, but you need to wait a long time for it to charge up before it’s 


This thing is probably my favourite weapon in the game. Like the rocket 
launcher, it has three firing modes. Unlike the rocket launcher, it uses the 
same ammo for all three modes. In its primary mode, it fires energy particles. 
Its secondary mode comes when you find the seeker lens. Put the seeker lens on, 
and you’ll automatically lock on to every enemy in your line of sight. When you 
fire the plasma cannon, it’ll shoot concentrated balls of energy at the locked 
on targets. Its third function comes when you acquire the chain lighting 
upgrade, which fires a chain of lighting (duh) energy at the enemy, and is also 
supposed to bounce between enemies if they are close together.


The primary mode is very destructive, causing big damage to enemies without any 
damage to yourself. The secondary mode is fantastic, as it automatically locks 
on, all you need to do is fire it and it’ll seek out the enemy itself. Its third 
mode is supposed to be even more powerful, but I never found much of a use for 
the chain lighting upgrade when I was playing the game, and you don’t find it 
until so late in the game that you probably won’t want to use it much after 
using the other firing modes for so long anyway. This is another weapon you’ll 
need to watch your ammo consumption on; you can run out very quickly. 


Uggh! This has got to be the worst weapon in the game! Throughout the whole 
game, I never found a practical use for this thing, and I have no clue why 
Acclaim put it in because it royally sucks.
With that out of the way, in its primary mode, it’ll fire a short burst of 
energy that will knock the enemy backwards - totally useless unless they are 
standing on the edge of a cliff. Its secondary firing mode is a little better…if 
you hold down the fire button, you’ll charge up the disruptor. When you hear a 
little beep, you now it’s fully charged and you can let it go. When you do, 
it’ll fire out a ring of energy from you, killing the nearby enemies (if you are 
lucky) and knocking the further enemies away. At least you can possibly kill 
enemies using this mode, this weapon’s one redeeming feature. It also has a 
third mode, where the gun fires a grappling beam you can use to pick up an enemy 
and carry them around.


This thing is practically useless. You can try impressing onlookers by firing 
out a charged shot, or picking an enemy up and throwing them into spikes or off 
an edge with the grappling beam, but seriously, do yourself a favour and pretend 
this joke of a gun doesn’t exist, and your life will be much happier.


Now THIS is more like it! The flame thrower is purely and simply a cool weapon, 
and you can wipe out streams of enemies at once with this. Its primary firing 
mode is your typical constant stream of fire that is expelled out of the gun at 
a limited range, so make sure you are close to your foes when you fire it. Its 
secondary function is more for long range, it will fire out a volley of four or 
five balls of napalm that do pretty good damage. Both functions set enemies 
and environments ablaze, although the secondary mode burns longer.


This thing comes in really handy when you encounter one of the annoying parts of 
the game where you need to destroy Slegs coming out of spawners, or when you 
simply seem outnumbered. Use the primary fire, and run through the group of 
enemies, sweeping the flames from side to side. Don’t worry too much about flame 
thrower fuel either, you can fire it in its primary mode for what seems like 
forever as your fuel runs out pretty slowly. Its secondary mode does more damage 
and should be used on enemies you want to keep your distance from or setting a 
fire trap for enemies to walk into. Just watch your ammo when using secondary 
mode, it tends to be used rather quickly.


A weird contraption, you’ll only find these in a few areas of the game, so use 
them sparingly, especially since you can only carry one at a time. When you 
throw a Spider Mine, it’ll activate, and then the screen will switch to show the 
camera mounted on the mine, ready to be remote controlled. The controls are the 
same as they would be normally if you weren’t controlling it, but the Spider 
Mine has three different attack modes you can choose from.
Lure: The Spider Mine will emit a little noise that will draw enemies towards 
it. Great if you want to lure enemies away from an area they are guarding.
Bomb: The Mine explodes dealing damage a little more powerful than a grenade.
Gas: The Spider Mine will emit poisonous gas out of itself, which damages 
enemies similar to the way poison arrows do. You can actually walk the mine 
around and spread the gas around a pretty big area.
Just use the alternate mode button to change between the modes.
Note that the mine will explode by itself if it moves out of range.


The Spider Mine is an interesting concept, but unfortunately you won’t be using 
it very much, simply because they aren’t common to find, and you can only carry 
one at a time, not to mention the fact that there’s only a handful of areas that 
will actually allow you to use it. Use it when you can, because they come in 
very handy.


An alternative to use if you run out of grenades, the dark matter cube is a 
highly destructive weapon. When you throw it, it’ll expel a big lot of…well…dark 
matter, which deals heavy damage to your foes, before exploding in a huge ball 
of light that engulfs the whole screen for a few seconds. Note however that the 
damage is done pretty much when it hits the target or ground, not when the big 
explosion comes. Use the alternate mode button to switch between Explosion and 
Implosion mode…I don’t really think there’s a big difference between the two, 
just a different explosion effect.


Unfortunately, this is another weapon that has great potential, but you can’t 
use it often enough to take advantage of it. You’ll only find them in a handful 
of areas in the game, so use them when you can.

5.14 MACHINE GUNS: (Flying Levels only)

These are your primary weapons in the levels where you ride on the back of a 
Quetzocoatlas, and pretty straightforward. Press the fire button once to fire 
once, hold it down for rapid fire. Make sure you aim with the crosshair though, 
and be careful not to steer yourself into walls or other obstacles. 


You don’t have a choice really. Use them to kill the enemies or destroy things 
like rocks so they fall on enemies, or don’t use them and try and fly through 
the enemy lines. Your choice. You have unlimited ammo, so the first option would 
make more sense. You can also upgrade them temporarily by picking up an 
overdrive, which will cause them to fire faster and more powerfully for about 
10-15 seconds.

5.15 ROCKET MISSILES: (Flying Levels only)

Your secondary weapons when you take to the skies are your rocket missiles, and 
you need to make sure you pick up rocket ammo to use them. They can be used in 
two ways, you can either fire them straight ahead, or you can lock onto a target 
with your crosshair and the rocket will become heat seeking after firing it.


They are a lot stronger than the machine gun, but you have limited ammunition, 
so use them wisely.  When using the heat-seeking function, they can be 
especially deadly.

6.0 Enemies

Now for the part everybody’s been waiting for, the enemies!

This is split into several parts, based on the types of enemies you’ll 

6.1 - Dinosaurs
6.2 - Other Animals
6.3 – Slegs
6.4 – Airborne attackers
6.5 – Other Enemies
6.6 - Bosses

I realise that some things you’ll see aren’t exactly enemies because they don’t 
attack you, but it’s easier just to put everything into this one section, split 
into the subsections you see above.

Right then, here we go!



These tiny little dinosaurs pose almost no threat to you, even in large numbers. 
These things will be the first dinosaurs you encounter in the game, and are 
hardly worth the trouble. Just one swipe with your war club will put an end to 
their measly existence – they’re not even worth using ammo on. Usually, you’ll 
come across these guys when there’s a dead dinosaur on the ground, and they’ll 
be feeding off the corpse. As long as you don’t attack any of them if you find 
them in this situation, they’ll leave you alone.


These things are the most placid animals you’ll encounter in the entire game. 
All they do is walk slowly around grazing on the grass. Even if you attack them 
they won’t attack back or even attempt to run away, so there’s no reason to kill 
them unless you are feeling sadistic.


Like the stegosaurs, you’ll find triceratops just grazing around on the grass. 
However, if you invade their territory, or if you attack them, they’ll get mad 
and start chasing you down, knocking down trees on the way. You better hope you 
can run really fast if they start charging at you.


These long-necked monstrosities are one of the largest dinosaurs ever to have 
lived, and you can see why. In the beginning chapters of the game these things 
are harmless, they’ll just stand in the water and graze on the high vegetation. 
In the later chapters of the game though, the Slegs have equipped them with 
weapons and armour, so, unfortunately you’ll need to kill them. In fact, in 
chapter 12, you’ll find the Slegs have actually constructed a mechanical 
Brachiosaur they call the Juggernaut.


You’ll only see these elusive dinosaurs once in the entire game in FPS mode, and 
they aren’t anything much to worry about. They’ll just walk around the area 
grazing on the grass and will leave you alone unless you actually attack them. 
You’ll also see them occasionally in the flying levels on the ground below.


Like a lot of the dinosaurs, you’ll only find these guys in one area of the 
game. They are huge aquatic reptiles with long necks, and you can’t really avoid 
jumping in the water in the area you find them in either. However, what is 
strange is that they are actually more likely to take a bite at you if you are 
walking along the edge of an island than if you were swimming in the water. So, 
as stupid as it sounds, the area you see these things swimming in a large lake, 
it’s actually safer in the water. I’m not saying they won’t attack you if you 
are in the water, because they will, but they attack you a lot less, most of the 
time just swimming past you without giving you a second thought.


Strangely enough, you won’t encounter these flying reptiles in the flying 
levels. You’ll see them just hovering in the air or sitting on top of a cliff or 
rock as you are walking through the jungle levels. They pose no direct threat to 
you so you are better off saving your ammo, although occasionally they may set 
off a trap as they fly under it. This may work to your advantage though, if you 
keep your distance you’ll see where the traps are before you get to them.


Hmm, they spelled this wrong on the official Turok site. Oh well. Basically, an 
ankylosaurus is a large, naturally armoured dinosaur that, in any other game, 
would probably leave you alone, but in this game, the Slegs have mounted machine 
guns on them and take advantage or their hard armour to use them as living 
tanks. Proceed with caution, you’ll probably use a fair bit of ammo taking these 
guys down.


Made famous by the movie Jurassic Park, these guys are your number one enemy in 
jungle levels. They’ll often hide and ambush you from behind trees and from 
within dense foliage, and they inflict a lot of pain when they attack you. They 
come in two varieties, your normal run of the mill raptors are brown in colour 
and won’t take too much punishment before dieing. You’ll also encounter another 
type that seems to be a little larger than the brown ones and are black with 
white stripes, and you’ll need to shoot these guys a little more before they 
die. They also seem to move faster as well…but that could be my eyes fooling me…


You’ll only meet two of these guys in the game, which is a pity because I would 
have liked to have seen more. These huge dinosaurs were probably the largest 
land based carnivore ever to have lived, so taking them down isn’t going to be 
easy. The first one you meet is what you would call normal and the best strategy 
I can suggest is to use grenades…4 or 5 direct hits will be the end of him. The 
second time you meet a T-Rex though, it’s a lot tougher, but more on that later…


There’s also another dinosaur on the official Turok Evolution website, the 
Kronosaur, which is another aquatic reptile, although I don’t actually recall 
ever seeing any of these in the game. If someone can refresh my memory of a spot 
I may have forgotten about, let me know, but I don’t think they exist in the 
final version of the game.


6.2.1 DEER

Yep, even though there are dinosaurs around, Acclaim decided to stick deer in 
the game. They’re harmless and will run away as soon as they see you.


Alright, I don’t know really whether they are crocodiles or alligators, but 
crocodiles are more naturally aggressive that alligators, so I’m guessing they 
are crocs. In any case, these guys mean business in the few areas of the game 
you’ll encounter them. Stay out of the water as you don’t have a hope there, and 
lure them onto dry land, where you can proceed to blast their brains out. They 
aren’t slowed much by the land though, so be quick.


This is one strange animal. An axebeak is a large, flightless bird with a big 
red beak, and you’d think at first glance that they are harmless and indeed, you 
can usually get pretty close to them before they’ll try and attack you. I was 
never actually hit (or pecked) by one of these so I don’t know what kind of 
damage they do, but they aren’t too hard to kill. Two shots, or even one shot if 
you are good with the shotgun is all they need. These birds are also fun to kill 
with a poison arrow as they don’t vomit like Slegs do, they’ll simply fall to 
the ground after a few seconds and it looks pretty funny.


You’ll only see these funny apes in a couple of areas, and are distinguished by 
the bare patch on their backsides and the dark colour of their fur. They are 
also harmless, running away when they see you. Sometimes if you follow them, you 
may find a way around a trap or a secret passage…


Identifiable by their white fur and long tails, when you first encounter 
baboons, they’ll simply run away. However, this is usually a warning about what 
is to come. In a few areas of the game, a whole pack of angry baboons will 
attack you, and damn, they attack you. There isn’t much you can do besides back-
pedal and shoot, they actually deal a lot of damage when they hit you and take 
quite a bit of punishment before they kick the bucket…so be cautious, you can 
die VERY quickly when a group of these are on the rampage. Trust me, nothing is 
more frustrating than avoiding the jaws of a Velociraptor only to be killed by a 
bunch of baboons.


Everyone knows what a sabre-tooth tiger looks like so I’m not going to bother 
describing them to you, but these things are surprisingly difficult to kill. 
They’ll rush up and attack you as soon as they see you, and you’ll need quite a 
few well placed shotgun blasts to put an end to them. Their attacks are also 
quite damaging as well and they tend to attack in pairs…so make sure your 
reflexes are fast.


These small creatures are completely harmless and you probably won’t even notice 
they are there. If you do spot one on a rock or in a puddle, if you are a sadist 
you can chop it with your war club to see it explode into chunks of over-sized 
meat. Very amusing.

6.2.8 WOLVES

You won’t run into these animals very often (in fact you’ll only run into them 
once if I recall), and when you run into then, they aren’t much of a hassle. 
Blam blam, they’re dead. Don’t bother wasting ammo from your big guns; arrows or 
your pistol will suffice just fine.



These are your basic Slegs…they are skinny like Snipers but are usually green or 
brownish in colour, and pack a long barrelled pistol. They are pretty accurate 
shots too, and will back away as you advance towards them, firing at you as they 
do. Occasionally they’ll run away and hide behind a rock or tree, to wait and 
stick their heads out to take shots at you. They aren’t too hard to kill, 
usually one good head shot is all they’ll need, but if you don’t kill them and 
you are a fair distance away, they’ll drop their gun and run away to call more 
troops. If you are close to them, they’ll kneel and put their hands behind their 
heads in surrender. I like using this opportunity to bludgeon them to death with 
my war club. :) Occasionally, you’ll also encounter some red coloured ones that 
you could mistake as Snipers at first glance. The red ones are more accurate 
from a distance, and will actually throw grenades at you if you move out of 
their line of fire.


These guys are meaner and a larger build to your basic gunner, and take more 
punishment before dieing due to the fact that they wear some armour. You’ll run 
across two types of these, the ones that wear light, grey coloured armour that 
act in a similar way to gunners, and a type that wear heavier, yellow coloured 
armour with some kind of pack mounted on their back. The former are armed with 
pistols and generally aren’t much of a problem, the latter carry shotguns and 
you’ll want to dispose of these guys quickly. They are pretty accurate with the 
shotgun even at a distance, and will roll on the ground to avoid your fire. The 
best way to take these guys out is to blast them once with the shotgun, wait for 
them to roll on the ground, and blast them again when they stand up.


These guys have gotta be one of the most annoying enemies in the game, as most 
of the time they’ll be taking pot shots at you and you won’t be able to see 
them. They are excellent shots and can hit you from a mile away, due to an 
infra-red thing they wear on one of their eyes, and can be difficult to kill. 
The best way to kill these guys is to beat them at their own game…hide behind an 
object, and poke your head around just far enough so you can see them but they 
can’t see you. Arm yourself with your Tek-Bow and sling an arrow at their head. 
Occasionally you’ll meet them up close as well, and most of the time they’ll be 
lying down on the ground shooting at you, so use whatever weapon you think is 
appropriate, the shotgun works pretty well. They’re skinny and weak, so they 
won’t need much before you kill them.


Dinosoids are tricky customers, and whenever you come across these guys you’ll 
want to get rid of them rather quickly because they can dish out a lot of damage 
with their laser gun (It shoots yellow bolts of energy, what else would you call 
it?). They are a mix of android and dinosaur, meaning they are part metallic as 
well as wearing their metal armour, and will need some heavy ammunition to bring 
them down. I’d recommend the Plasma Cannon or Minigun for these guys…they are 
possible to kill with the shotgun but chances are you’ll be hurt pretty bad. 
Luckily they won’t make much of an attempt to avoid your fire, but you still 
need to be constantly moving to avoid being hit too much by their lasers. They 
are especially deadly in groups.


Big, beefy and brainless, machine gunners are some of the bigger types of Sleg 
you’ll encounter throughout the game. They are black in colour, wear some pretty 
heavy armour, carry a minigun, and know how to fire it. Fortunately for you, 
they aren’t too good at hitting moving targets, so as long as you are constantly 
moving (circle strafing is a good strategy) your chances of getting hit a lot 
are slim. Just avoid their fire and shoot them back. You may be tempted to use 
some heavy artillery on these guys…it’s not actually necessary. Five or so good 
close range shots with the shotgun will be all these guys need. The old cliché 
‘the bigger they are, the harder they fall’ holds quite true to these guys. 
Don’t, whatever you do, stay stationary when tackling these guys, because 
they’ll fill you full of minigun ammo in seconds.

Another large type of Sleg, Rocketeers are the same size as Machine Gunners. 
Unlike Machine Gunners though, they are a red-orange kind of colour, pack a 
rocket launcher and are a lot harder to kill. I’d recommend taking out your big 
guns for these guys. The best way to tackle them is from a distance. You’ll see 
the rockets coming at you, and you should be able to just step out of the way of 
it and continue firing at the Sleg until it dies. Explosive arrows aren’t a bad 
idea with these guys either, because the explosion will knock them backwards, 
meaning they can’t fire at you. Wait for them to get to their feet, perhaps move 
a little closer to them, then fire off another one at them. They’ll need six or 
more direct hits to die from Explosive arrows. Of course, just one Swarm Bore 
will see the end of them too. If you ever find yourself trapped in a small room 
or at close range with these guys…well…good luck, because they’ll murder you 
dead. Take out the best gun you have and pray that you kill them before they 
kill you.


This is another variety of this larger and fatter type of Sleg…in fact that seem 
even bigger than Machine Gunners and Rocketeers. These guys carry a big Shotgun, 
and seem to make use of the Quad Barrel upgrade because their shots damn hurt! 
They’ll take a bit of punishment too, I’d recommend the minigun on these thugs, 
although if you are good at circle strafing at close range the shotgun is an 
option as well. You can actually take these guys at close range…just make sure 
you keep moving to avoid being hit by the full force of their shotgun blast.


Arsonists are rather large Slegs, a bit bigger than a Dinosoid, and are dark red 
in colour. Their weapon of choice is…you guessed it, a flame thrower, and they 
know how to use it. Their flame thrower’s range is impressive, but still 
limited, so the best way to kill these Slegs is from a distance. Take out your 
Minigun or Plasma Cannon and rip into them. You’ll need to use quite a bit of 
ammo on them though, they aren’t easy to kill in that respect. Don’t use your 
flame thrower, because they seem to be immune, or at least don’t take a lot of 
damage from fire. If you find yourself trapped at close range with these guys, 
you better start arranging the hearse, because their flame thrower will kill you 
in seconds.


You’ll only find these guys in one area of the game. They wear white clothing 
that looks like a laboratory coat and will just stand motionless in front of the 
machines they are attending until you come into their range of sight. They don’t 
actually carry a gun; they attack by throwing spanners and wrenches at you, 
which actually deal out a bit of pain. They’ll take a bit of pain too…for 
mechanics they are pretty tough and you’ll need more shots than you’ll be 
expecting to use to kill them. There’s no real strategy here though as they’ll 
make no effort to avoid your fire…just keep moving and avoid the stuff they 
throw at you, shoot them a few times and Bob’s your uncle.


These towering monsters are the biggest Slegs you’ll find in the entire game and 
coincidentally, dish out the most damage. They are heavily armoured and will 
attack you at close range with their huge claws, while at a distance they’ll 
attempt to nail you with rockets or lasers. Again, it makes sense to take on 
these guys from a distance…it’s far easier to avoid laser fire or rockets than 
it is to avoid their big claws. Keep your distance and plug away at them with 
the minigun…the rocket launcher also works pretty well here too. The impact of 
the rocket won’t knock them down though, so be wary of that. Two well placed 
rockets will be the end of them, otherwise a few seconds of concentrated fire 
from the minigun will see to them as well. I’m not sure if you can use a swarm 
bore on them…I doubt you can. As with most of the big dudes, don’t find yourself 
trapped at close range or you’ll kick the bucket very quickly. 



Nothing special here, these are black ships that will occasionally fire at you 
but most of the time, you’ll be behind them trying to gun them down.

6.4.2 TANKS

These things are more annoying than anything. Take care when taking on these 
land based attackers that you don’t go and slam yourself into the ground as you 
try and line up your crosshair onto them. It’s usually best just to fly straight 
past them.


These are guns that are mounted either on the ground or on the walls of cliffs 
that fire some kind of laser at you. You’ll want to destroy as many of these as 
possible as you are flying along, because they won’t miss at close range if you 
fly past them. They’ll also shoot you a few times after you have passed them as 


These are just Sleg troops that hang from balloons as you fly through the many 
tunnels and caves, trying to gun you down, and occasionally you’ll find them 
outdoors too. They aren’t much to worry about really, either shoot them or shoot 
the balloons they are attached to, but there’s nothing wrong with just flying 
past them.


These are bigger, move faster and are more dangerous than transports. They look 
pretty much the same as your ally’s planes, except they are black rather than 
grey. (Hey, how come my allies get planes and I get a stupid bird?) A few homing 
rockets will see them end of them.


There’s always some miscellaneous things firing at you from the ground in flying 
levels, and I can’t really tell you exactly what they all are. Most of them are 
probably just Tanks and Turrets, but they’ll be the odd something else in there 
somewhere so I’m just adding this to cover myself. You’ll also sometimes get 
some boats firing at you as you fly over water, so they belong in here as well.


6.5.1 MONKS

These guys will always attack in groups, and their attack will usually be 
triggered by something you do, like picking up a key or flicking a switch. 
They’ll teleport around the room and try to hit you with their bladed staffs, or 
they’ll throw some object at you that I’m yet to identify. Either way, both of 
these attacks hurt, so you’ll want to avoid being hit a lot by monks. The best 
strategy is to pack your shotgun and make sure you are constantly moving, back-
pedalling around in a circle is usually good as they have less chance of getting 
behind you. When they appear in front of you, blast them.


Occasionally when you are in FPS mode you’ll encounter airships…which are 
modified transports with some big guns on them. You don’t want to hang around 
too often when one or a few of these pop up, as you can be dead very quickly 
from their fire. Early in the game, explosive arrows will do the trick. Later in 
the game, your Minigun is your best option, followed by your Rocket Launcher. 
You’ll be wasting a lot of ammo trying to gun down airships, but you don’t have 
a choice really, as you usually can’t outrun them. Sometimes you might be lucky 
and they’ll fly away before they see you and start shooting at you, but not 


In one chapter in the game, you’ll come across some ancient ruins with stone 
statues around everywhere. Once you pick up a certain item, you’ll trigger the 
awakening of the statues and they’ll start coming after you (the noise they make 
as they walk is actually quite creepy if you don’t know what it is, like the 
first time I heard it). Even though there are lots of them, they aren’t much of 
a problem, just keep your distance and give them a few good blasts with your 
shotgun and they’ll be blown to pieces. Just make sure you don’t get too close 
to them or you’ll be skewered like a prawn at Easter time.



This is a huge transport you’ll encounter at the end of chapter 2, and the first 
real ‘boss’ of the game. You’ll be on the back of your trusty Quetzolocoatlas, 
and will need to take it down before it gets away. Take out the turrets 
underneath it first with homing rockets, as well as any attack jets and 
transports they may be flying around. Once its turrets are gone, you can plug 
away at it with your machine guns, or grab some rockets or an overdrive to make 
the task a little easier, and it won’t be long before it comes crashing to the 
ground. The hardest part of this fight is taking down the turrets, since there’s 
so many and you’ll most likely have enemy flyers on your back, this is where 
you’ll most likely die. A good strategy is to approach the carrier from behind 
and take out as many turrets as you can until you think you can’t take much more 
punishment before dieing. Turn away and grab some health (you’ll find health in 
each of the four small temples), then circle back and repeat the process, 
perhaps approaching from the side to get some better shots at the turrets. Once 
the turrets are gone, the rest should be easy. Don’t forget to pick up more 
rocket ammo when you need it.


You’ll encounter this thing at the end of chapter 3, and it’s really nothing to 
worry about. It’s the same as any other anklyosaur you’ll encounter (although 
this is the first time you’ll encounter one) except it’ll fire rockets at you 
instead of firing at you with machine guns. The problem is, it’s at the end of a 
pretty long area which has a lot of Slegs, so chances are you may not have a lot 
of ammo left when you get to it. Just use what you have and avoid its rockets, 
and it won’t last long. It may be a good idea to save some rockets as you work 
your way through the area so you can kill this thing quickly when you reach it.


This is the guy that shouts the orders over the loudspeakers as you make your 
way through the levels of chapter 4 and 5, and you’ll finally meet him towards 
the end of chapter 5. However, before you reach him, you need to contend with a 
crapload of Slegs. You’ll find him in the area where you need to rescue the 
Wisefather, and you’ll need to attend to several waves of Slegs before he comes 
out. Once you kill one wave, he’ll open up the large doors around the area from 
the control tower, one by one, until you have killed all of the waves of Slegs 
and all the doors are open, and then he himself comes after you. The waves of 
Slegs consist of Gunners, Sleg Troops, Machine Gunners, a Shotgunner and a few 
Purrlins, so you’ll have your work cut out staying alive. In between waves, run 
around the area and smash open as many crates as you can for health and ammo. 
When the commander finally comes out, he isn’t too much of a problem. A few 
seconds of concentrated fire from your minigun, a few rockets or a few explosive 
arrows will be all he needs. In fact, I’ve read in another FAQ (although haven’t 
confirmed it myself) that he’ll also kick the bucket with just one poison arrow. 
The hardest part of this fight is actually fighting your way through the waves 
of Slegs that come before him.


The Styracosaurus belongs to the same family of Dinosaurs as the Triceratops, 
and is a large, horned dinosaur with a large spiked frill. It doesn’t have horns 
above its eyes like Triceratops, but it makes up for it with the spikes around 
its frill. When you encounter it in the game, it’ll be at the end of chapter 8, 
and you’ll find the Slegs have taken control of it. But first, you need to 
attend to another bout of fighting off waves of Slegs before he appears. You 
have Slegs coming at you from all directions in this large, circular area, 
including some coming from the sky as they parachute into the arena. It 
shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you though, as there’s PLENTY of health 
and ammo lying around, and there’s also some in balloons above you that you can 
shoot down if you need it too. Once you have attended to most of the Slegs, the 
Styracosaurus will appear with a Sleg riding on its back in a protective cage of 
some kind. It’s mounted with rocket launchers and laser blasters to hit you from 
afar, and up close it’ll charge you and hit you with its horn, knocking you 
quite a fair way backwards. The best weapon to use here is your rocket launcher, 
and when you run out of rockets, use your Minigun. If you run out of minigun 
rounds, the shotgun is next in queue. I actually think it’s possible to destroy 
its rocket launchers and laser blasters so it’s only left with its natural 
weaponry if you hit it with the rocket launcher. My personal belief is that you 
actually need to kill the Sleg sitting on top of it before it actually dies. 
Keep firing at it until it falls to the ground, then get your shotgun out and 
try shooting the Sleg through the bars. You’ll need a few attempts to get it. Of 
course, I could be wrong and it could just be meant to fall down three times 
before it dies, or maybe once it falls three times the Sleg on its back dies. 
*shrugs* In any case, keep plugging away and you’ll eventually get it, just try 
not to get too close or you’ll be whacked by its horn. Be wary of Sleg Troops 
that enter the arena to try and spoil the party…pick them off with your shotgun 
as quickly as you can and get back to focusing your attention on the 


Oh boy, the last boss of the game. I personally would have liked more boss 
fights, but oh well. Anyway, you’ll meet Bruckner in chapter 15, along with his 
personal convoy of protection. As is the case with most of the bosses, you need 
to engage in a shootout with Slegs before he’ll appear. When you begin the 
level, you’ll meet up with a group of allies. Follow them to the middle of the 
lake and three enemy spawners will drop down from the sky. Destroy these 
spawners quickly with grenades before too many Slegs come out, and then kill the 
Slegs themselves, and your allies should be helping you out here too. Once most 
of the Slegs are killed, a pod will drop down and another Purrlin will smash its 
way out of it…been a while since you’ve seen one of these guys, huh? Anyway, 
don’t bother wasting your Minigun rounds on him, just avoid his rockets and 
shoot him with the shotgun without getting too close until he dies, maybe throw 
a grenade or two at him to speed up the process. Once he’s dead, you’ll get a 
short cinema of Bruckner coming out of a gate, and he’s on the back of a 
Tyrannosaurus Rex! He’ll take a little while to get to you though, so this is 
your chance to stock up on health and ammo. Bruckner’s T-Rex carries duel flame 
throwers and duel machine guns, and, being a T-Rex, it also has its mouth. There 
are several strategies to beating this guy. Personally I just slugged it out 
with him, keeping my distance as much as I could and unloading anything I had on 
him, grabbing health when I needed it until he died. If you adopt this strategy, 
while you are shooting at it, the T-Rex will stop for a moment and roar, then 
charge after you again, and it’ll do it about 3 times before it goes down for 
good. Another strategy is to lure him into one of the areas with trees around, 
and then shoot the trees so they fall on top of him. Once 4 or 5 trees fall on 
him, he goes to T-Rex heaven. Either strategy works, but make sure you keep your 
distance, because up close is when he does the most damage. It’s difficult to 
keep your distance sometimes too, because the T-Rex moves so fast that it can be 
right on top of you in seconds. It definitely hurts when the T-Rex bites down on 
you and you’ll probably get the full force of the flame throwers as well. 
Whichever strategy you choose to take, it’ll no doubt take you a few attempts to 
get it. Once the Tyrannosaur kicks the bucket, that’s the end of that, and 
you’ve beaten the game.

7.0 Acknowledgements and Credits

Acclaim, for making the game.
Acclaim, for the information on their website and in the instruction manual 
where I was able to get the official names of the weapons and some of the 
Myself, for writing this guide :) 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this FAQ, feel free to 
e-mail me.

Copyright 2003 by White_Pointer

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