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Guide and Walkthrough by ReasonR

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/20/2002

                                   ***********                   ****   *  
     **************               *************       ********    ***   ** 
      ************                ****     *****   ************    **  **  
       *********   ***       ***  ***         ***  ****    *****   **  **  
         ****      ***       ***  ****       ****  **        ****  ******  
         ****      ***       ***  *****     ****   **        ****  *****   
         ****      ***       ***  *************    **        ****  ****    
         ****       ***     ***   *******          **        ****  *****   
         ****        *********    *** *****        ***       ****  **  **  
         ****         *******     ***   *****      ***       ****  **   ** 
          ***                     ***     *****    ****     ****   **   ** 
           **                     ***      *****    ***********    **   ** 
                                   *        ***      *********     **   ** 
                                             *                     *    *  

     E       V       O       L       U       T       I       O       N


Turok Evolution FAQ


Table of Contents

Ascii Art (ph34r my l33t sk1llz)
Table of Contents (guess what--you're reading it)
Revision History
Single Player Strategies
Multiplayer Strategies
Multiplayer Levels
Single Player Walkthrough
Credits and Copyrights



Well, I got access to this game (okay, I didn't buy it--someone I know had it)
and after we played it for a while, I decided to write an FAQ.  I've never
written one before, but it doesn't seem that hard (I've taken a technical
writing class at school, which helped a lot.  I recommend that everyone take a
class like that if they have a chance).  From what I've seen of Turok, the
versions on GameCube, XBox and PS2 are all the same, so this FAQ should be
applicable to any of them.  (Of course, they don't all have the same graphical
ability, but the gameplay is the same.)

While I was writing this FAQ, someone else put up another one.  I think mine
is slightly more complete than his, and I plan on completing mine soon.
That's why I'm not just giving up, I've already put so much time into this!
I don't want to step on anyone's toes, though.  Variety is the spice of life,
after all!

Please feel free to email me with comments, questions, additions, rants,
whatever, at:


Revision History

The very first version!
Walkthrough only complete up to the start of Vertigo.  But I have good
multiplayer tips, I think.



AXE: The default weapon, you always have it.  Tap the trigger to swipe a
couple of times, or hold the trigger down to charge up a big whack.  The axe
is quite a good weapon.  It can be used to take down most enemies without much
trouble--run up to a guy and start whacking him, and he'll grunt in pain and
start attacking you with his melee attack.  (And usually the melee attacks are
less damaging than the shotgun or whatever they were using before...but watch
out because sometimes guys will still shoot at you.  This can be pretty
dangerous to try on an enemy armed with a rocket launcher, for example.)  If
you're really good you can hit an enemy, retreat as they melee at you, then
lunge forward to hit them again.

BOW: You start the game with this weapon, but lose it after a while.  It
"holds" 40 regular arrows and 15 explosive arrows.  The cool thing about this
weapon is that if you tap the trigger quickly, you can get it shooting rapid-
fire.  This can be very destructive with explosive arrows.  Of course, it eats
up ammo quite quickly...fortunately, you can pick up regular arrows that
you've shot into the ground (and you usually get them back after you kill an
enemy with them).

CROSSBOW: This weapon has two levels of sniper-like zoom.  This is INCREDIBLY
USEFUL.  Use it often.  The crossbow unfortunately cannot be shot in a rapid-
fire fashion like the regular bow.  However, with the crossbow you can use
poison arrows.  Poison arrows will cause repeated injuries to enemies.  The
smaller Slegs will die after one shot with them (and usually vomit right
before they expire).  Larger enemies will vomit but not die--but this will
give you an opportunity to shoot them again.  (Don't shoot another poison
arrow until they recover from the first one--of course, while they're vomiting
you can attack them with other weapons.)  Poison arrows shot into the ground
will turn into regular arrows.  If you poison someone to death in multiplayer,
you get bragging rights as you watch them vomit to death.

PISTOL: A fast firing rate; weak, but ammo is plentiful (and you can hold 100
at a time).  If you pick up the sniper scope you can use one level of zoom.
Not as useful for sniping as the crossbow--however, if you get a head shot on
someone with this, you can usually kill them instantly.  The sniper rifle has
a slow rate of fire, though, and when you shoot your view gets shaken so you
lose your aim (unlike the crossbow).

SHOTGUN: A basic weapon you'll be using a lot.  It produces half a dozen
bullets in a sort of spread pattern--the more hit your target, the more damage
you do.  Therefore, it's best used at close range.  If you pick up the
quadruple shotgun attachment, the secondary fire trigger will load up more
shots (to a maximum of three extra shots).  More shots just increase the
number of bullets that are shot, it doesn't make them more powerful.  And of
course, each extra shot you load gets subtracted from your ammo.  Speaking of
which, you can carry 50 shotgun ammo and each pickup gives you 10.

AIRGUN/CHAINGUN: Now for something fun.  The basic airgun shoots little darts
at a fairly quick rate of speed (about the same as the pistol, but more
damaging).  Shoot into the wall, the darts stick there for a bit before
disappearing.  The airgun is about the only weapon that can fire underwater.
Get the chaingun attachment, though, and you get access to one of the best
weapons in the game.  The chaingun fires obscenely fast--each bullet isn't
that damaging, but you can shoot a dozen rounds in a couple of seconds, which
is enough to kill even large guards.  The airgun holds 100 rounds, and the
chaingun 200 (!).  Each chaingun ammo pickup gives you 50 rounds (!!!).  The
chaingun takes a few seconds to "spin up", though, so watch out.  Learn to tap
the trigger as you walk around, to keep the chaingun spinning just below the
threshold of firing--you'll be able to start firing as soon as you want.  Also
learn to fire in short bursts, to conserve ammo.  This is the weapon that
everyone wants in multiplayer.

GRENADES: Throw a grenade at an enemy and they'll usually die.  If not,
they'll be blown backwards so you can throw another one at them.  Grenades
are, of course, good for clearing out groups of enemies.  Hit the secondary
fire trigger to switch the grenades to proximity mines--throw them and they
stick, and anyone or anything (including you) who gets near triggers an
explosion.  Unfortunately, after about 30 seconds or so, they detonate anyway.

ROCKET LAUNCHER: In single player, a single rocket has three subrockets
swirling around it as you fire.  It's a thing of beauty.  In multiplayer, it's
just the one rocket.  The rocket launcher takes several seconds to reload, and
it only carries 5 ammo (pickups are 3).  You'll still love using it, though.
The secondary fire of the rocket launcher is the swarm bore.  Equip it and aim
at an enemy--you'll need to wait a few seconds, but a target will appear.  As
soon as it does, press the trigger--the enemy will usually die in a horribly
gruesome manner.  (In multiplayer, it's possible to outrun the swarm, though
it's a bit difficult.  The swarm goes away after about 10 seconds if it can't
hit anything.  It's not necessary to run *away*--just keep running around and
it probably won't be able to hit you.)  The tertiary function of the rocket
launcher is the nuke.  This is as destructive as it sounds, but you only get
to use it at basically one point in the game.  Oh, well.

PLASMAGUN: The plasma gun is a powerful weapon.  The primary fire is a basic
blast of plasma with a pretty good rate of fire.  It's powerful, too.  The
secondary fire, after you find the homing attachment, is obscenely powerful--
hold down the trigger to rapid-fire guided balls of glowing death.  Use this
weapon in multiplayer and your opponents will yell at you about cheese.  And
they'll be right in doing so.  The tertiary fire of the plasma gun, after you
get the attachment whose name I can't remember, is interesting; shoot someone
with it and they get "electrocuted" for several seconds--AND little bolts of
plasma shoot out to any nearby enemies and electrocute THEM too.  This is more
fun than useful, but if you practice with it it can probably be quite deadly.

WARPCUBE: Throw it and a large explosion destroys everything in its radius.
Hit the secondary fire to change it back and forth between "explosion" and
"implosion" mode--not really any difference, although I think "implosion"
looks cooler.  In multiplayer, this is an instant kill.  You can be tricky
with this--get into a building, throw the cube against the ceiling, and anyone
standing on the floor above will be killed.  The nasty thing about this weapon
in multiplayer is that as soon as you throw it, anyone nearby gets killed--and
THEN the big explosion happens.

SPIDERBOT: The spiderbot is a strange weapon.  Use it and you'll throw out a
little robot that crawls around and relays information back to you.  Hit the
secondary fire while you're crawling around and the spiderbot will switch
between four modes: "Bomb" (hit primary fire and it explodes), "Gas" (hit
primary fire and the spiderbot will start to emit a poisonous gas--run around
and spread the gas wherever you want), "Abort" (just deactivates the
spiderbot--you don't get it back, though) and "Lure" (the spiderbot makes a
sound, and any enemies come see what's going on).  The gas is the most useful
aspect; you can use it to clear out a bunch of enemies you don't want to
bother killing directly.  It's pretty useless in multiplayer, especially since
while you're controlling this robot someone else can sneak up on your real
body and beat the crap out of you.


Single Player Strategies

DON'T WASTE MEDKITS--Small medkits recover 20 health, large medkits recover
50.  If you're at 75 health and you have a choice, get the small medkit to be
at 95 health.  The large medkit will recover you to 100, but also waste 25
"health points".  It often helps to leave medkits where they are, then come
back and use them when you're a little more hurt.  Items never "disappear" if
you leave them where they are.  The same goes for ammo, but it's not as big a
deal.  Remember--Two Large Medkits completely refill your health.  In flight
levels, the health gives you 50, so keep that in mind as well.

FLYING LEVELS ARE HARD--No buts about it.  The best way to get through a
flying level is to play it over and over until you memorize where all the
pickups are, where the enemies come from, where the rocks that you have to fly
around to avoid instantly dying are.  However, in the levels where you get to
fly around freely and not just get forced forward...the pickups will
regenerate.  So keep getting the health and rockets if you need them.  Anyway,
the point is that I really can't tell you much to help with flying levels.
One more flying tip--use the "bank" to turn sideways and fit through narrow
passageways or avoid pillars.  Oh, and ALWAYS SLOW DOWN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.
The levels will try and speed you up, but often you can slow down and take
things at an easier pace.  Sometimes you can't, but it's always worth a try.

NO POINTS IN THIS GAME--It doesn't matter how many enemies you kill, in single
player or flight or whatever.  Certain enemies you HAVE to kill, or sometimes
you kill all the enemies in one room...but other than that, you can just run
right past enemies and it won't matter in the grand scheme of things.  So why
bother killing every little Sleg?  For points?  Nobody's keeping score.
By the same token, in the scheme of things it doesn't *really* matter whether
you keep your allies alive or kill them off yourself...(except with the
Wisefather, you might actually have to protect him...)

REGENERATE HEALTH--Let's say you finish a hard level with 13 health.  Your
prospects for the next level (which is probably even harder) are not good.  So
what do you do?  Just die.  You'll start with 100 health and all the ammo and
weapons you had when you started the level.

HIT THEM WHILE THEY'RE DOWN--If you wanted to play fair, why are you reading
this guide?  If you hit an enemy with something explosive, like a grenade or
rocket or explosive arrow, they'll usually be thrown backwards.  If they
aren't already dead, they'll waste several seconds getting to their feet.
While they do--HIT THEM AGAIN.  Two or three explosive arrows will kill just
about anything.  If you listen close, you can hear a scream when they die
which is different from the grunt when they get hurt.  Watch out, though--some
of the tougher enemies won't even blink when hit by rockets.  (Some will
simply rise into the air from the force of the explosion, and keep shooting at


Multiplayer Strategies

LEARN THE LEVELS--This is basic stuff.  Learn where the powerups and the good
weapons are.  Learn the traps and spawn points.  Learn to figure out exactly
where you are in the level with a glance--and learn to sneak peeks of your
opponents' screens to figure out where THEY are.

ALL WEAPON ATTACHMENTS AVAILABLE--If you get the rocket launcher, you can
shoot swarm bores.  All you need is the ammo.  If you get the plasmagun, you
can immediately switch to cheesy homing projectils.  If you get the chaingun,
it IS the chaingun.

POWERUPS--There are quite a few kinds of powerups in the game.  Learn what
they are and what they do.  Blue is Increase Max Health by 20 points.  Purple
is Regen, every second you get back health.  Red is Increase Damage--do you
really need an explanation?  Green is Increase Speed, fun with raptors.
Something that looks like a little harness is the Cloaking Device, not *that*
cheesy because you can still see the player if you look hard.  Something that
looks like a spinning metal plate is the Empathy Plate--this WILL make your
opponents yell about cheese.  And you know, I'd have to agree with them.
Empathy with Regen is particularly bad.  There's also a Shield, which will
deflect the first 50 or so points of damage and then vanish.  And Jump Boots
too--Jump Boots are tricky because, after you put them on, the first three
jumps you do are really high jumps.  If you try bunny hopping you'll quickly
waste your jumps.  Finally, the Death Helmet--greatly increases your attack
power (like full Increase Damage), but slowly saps your health.  It also
invalidates Regen, so don't think you can fool it that way.
The four "color" powerups have five levels each--keep collecting them and you
get even more effect.  (Get 5 Max Health, for example, and your max health is
now 200.  Multiple Regen is pretty sick.)

DON'T GO IN THE WATER--Usually when you get into the water in a multiplayer
level, your opponents will shoot you while you slowly swim around and
frantically try to hop up on the bank.  So be wary around the water.

KNOW YOUR MODES--Lots of different modes, know how they work.  You don't have
to go with the strict modes, either; there are options you can set to combine
modes and fiddle with them.  Bloodbath is actually a combination of rage,
infinite ammo and spawn with all weapons--you can set those switches yourself.
If you think the plasmagun is too cheesy, set it so it never appears.
Likewise powerups.  A fun mode to play is No Powerups, One Shot Kill and all
weapons set to OFF...guys running around with the axe charged up trying to
whack each other.  Set no time limit and frag limit to 15 or so for best

EVERYONE'S THE SAME-SORT OF--The two raptor characters are very different (and
very hard to use), but other than that, the crotchety old Wisefather is as
lethal as the huge Sleg guard.  Use whoever you like.


Multiplayer Levels

There's no substitute for playing and learning them yourself, but here's some
tips for things you might have missed.

Palace - Ruins around a central courtyard with some water.  See warning about
water above.  If you get jump boots you can jump up and get some ammo on those
ledges above the water, and I think there may be a cloak too.  The center on
the bridge is where a powerup spawns.  On one side of the courtyard, a
building has a skull trap with an airgun inside it.  Shoot the top of the
skull and it chomps whoever's inside.  Hard to time, though, so it's not that
useful.  The airgun/chaingun IS useful, though; very often this is where
everyone runs to.  The ledge above the skull trap is where the second powerup
appears (run up the ramp outside to get it quickly).  Across the courtyard is
a building with a rocket launcher and empathy plate on the second floor.  The
problem is that the whole second floor is trapped--shoot the target on the
outside of the building and spikes come down to squish whoever's inside.
There are other weapons in the other buildings.  In two of the corners are
teleport booths that lead to each other, and you can usually find warpcubes
near one of them.  The two flag bases are on the second floor of the two
opposite buildings I didn't mention earlier in this description.

Desert Ships - This level is divided into two parts, with a lake between them.
You can run up ledges on the dividing wall and find an empathy plate on an
outcropping, along with swarm bore ammo around there.  One powerup is in a
corner on one side of the lake, the other is on the second floor of the ruined
ship on the other side.  Climb up the cannon emplacement and enter the cannon
barrel to get shot almost halfway across the level (you usually land in the
lake, though).  There's a cannon thing on each side.  The two flag bases are
each in a ruined ship, on opposite sides of the level.

Temple - There's the center bit with the Gazebo of Death.  Get on top to find
a chaingun, I think.  You can swim under and there might be something
underneath as well.  On top of the gazebo is not as good a sniping spot as you
might think.  The other "half" of the level is running around in the hallways
on the first and second floor.  You can go all the way around on the second
floor, but the first floor halls are blocked off in places.  If you can find
the statue of a crouching dog thing, there's usually a rocket launcher under
it, and it's facing a powerup on a ledge.

Treehouses - Run around on the treehouses and walkways.  Bounce on the
trampolines--on the platform between the two of them is a powerup.  On the
ground are raptors, you can kill them but they come back.  There's a wooden
gate you can get to by moving around on the ground...you can't go *through*
the gate, but there's usually a good gun in front of it.

Swamp - Much like Treehouses, only lower to the ground and no raptors.  There
are islands with weapons and ammo out in the big swamp.  One of the powerups
is on a ledge encircling the huge tree, I think.

Battlefield - Watch out for the trenches.  It's EASY to get lost, and hard to
find your opponent if he's in one of them.  Get into the bunkers--two of them
have turrets you can fire, another has a panel to cause bombs to drop and a
trapdoor leading underground to more weapons.  (Get the jump boots near the
corner of this last bunker and jump on top of it.)  There's a fourth bunker,
but it's unexciting.

Arena - Weapons are scattered up on the walkways.  People will usually run up
and run around collecting them.  There's also usually a rocket launcher on the
center tower.  Powerups and more weapons are scattered along the ledges, which
are almost impossible to get up on without using the ramps.  On one side of
the arena is a big door with ledges on it--get the jump boots and jump onto
the ledge, then jump onto the *higher* ledge (tricky because you have to avoid
the overhang).  There's a switch here that releases four raptors.  The raptors
are invincible, but they'll eventually leave.  Oh, and while the raptors are
out, the ladders disappear...so everyone who is on the ground is stuck there.

Oasis - This is a nasty level because of all the foliage.  The empathy plate
is on a big rock nearby.  Climb up and find powerups and things--watch out for
the Death Helmet, it's easy to pick up without realizing it.  There are good
weapons on the "islands", and there's a powerup inside the tree on the middle
island.  You can get it without dropping down--if you do drop down, crouch and
wiggle your way out.  There are some caves around the perimeter of the level,
but they're usually not that exciting.

Jungle - A large level, with several areas.  If you find a sort of island with
water around it, dive into the water to find a tunnel with a powerup under the
island.  If you find a primitive treehouse, climb up to find more stuff.  The
best spot is in the caves, if you can find the powerup and keep getting it.
It's easy to get lost in the caves, though.

Trampoline Apartments - Two halves of the level, and they're identical.  They
may have different weapons spawning, though.  On the left side (facing the
center) of each "building", on one of the upper floors, is a ledge with a
powerup on it.  When you get onto this ledge, a trampoline appears below you.
Jump down onto it to bounce onto the center pillar.  However, there are also
two "wheel switches", one near each ledge-room.  If the wheel switch has been
tripped and is glowing when someone gets to the center pillar, a trap will
appear on the center pillar and grab them.  Incidentally, the flag bases are
in the ledge-rooms.  Single flags appear on the center pillar.  There's some
good weapons around the center pillar too.  This level is good for rocket
duels, shooting rockets all the way across the level at the other building.

Shipping Base - Two nearly-identical warehouses, with a tank in between them.
There are two turrets in the tanks, but they're easy to destroy.  Outside you
can find an empathy plate (need jump boots) and a cloak, probably a shield
too.  In each warehouse, there's a powerup in the middle of the floor between
four wooden beams.  Search out the back rooms in the warehouses and be sure to
check out the ledges reachable from stairs outside or the second floor.  If
your opponent is in a warehouse, check the color to see which side he's on;
one warehouse has red-purple coloring near its roof, the other has gray-blue.
In flag modes, there's one base in each warehouse, of course.

Towers - This is a pretty cool level.  Fall off the walkways and die.  Watch
your opponent's screen to see if he's on the red or the blue side.  There's
usually a chaingun and two powerups on the floor near the barricades on each
side.  There's also a rocket launcher and cool stuff on the central island.
Up on the second floor on each side is a turret and a little room which acts
as a flag base.  There's ammo and health scattered along the second floor
hallways, too.

Train Station - Difficult level to play because all the train cars look the
same.  Some have cool pickups hiding inside them.  Be sure to find the trench
near the buildings.  You can get into the tower and climb up, here; find the
walkway and there's a powerup on it.  There's a death helmet sitting out in
the middle of nowhere on the ground, too.


Single Player Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Into the Jungle

The first few levels are fairly easy.  They're also quite scenic, so stop and
admire the views.  More dinosaurs than pretty much anywhere else in the game.

Part 1: Into the Jungle

You begin the game with the axe and the regular bow.  Follow the path and
compies will scurry out of the grass to attack you.  You can either stay and
fight them off by swinging your axe constantly (not recommended) or simply run
as fast as you can along the path (recommended).  As you run, hold down the
trigger to charge up the axe' swing.  You'll get to a lone Sleg standing
mindlessly in the path--HIT HIM!  Congratulations, your first kill of the game.

Continue on to a nifty open area.  Oooh, dinosaurs.  The stegosauri won't
attack you, even if you hit them.  Right in front of you past the Sleg you
just killed should be a rock on the 'corner' of the path; move around to the
other side to find a quiver of arrows.  Your immediate destination is the
cluster of rocks directly in front of you, near the lake.  Standing on one of
the rock pillars is a Guard--kill him (you can shoot him with the bow as soon
as you see him...if your aim's good) and he drops a key that opens the stage
exit.  Move forward between the two rock pillars and go around to the other
side.  Ignore the baboon and you'll find a ledge with a large medkit, where
you can climb up onto the big rock structure.  Climb up and follow the path
around to a ledge right near the rock with the key.  You can jump across the
gap to get the key from here.  Before you do that, though, if you continue
following the rock ledge path around, you'll climb up to the very top and find
a pistol.  Don't try to jump over to the key from where the pistol is, it
won't work.  Just go back down to that ledge.

Once you get the key, you'll see a little scene showing you where to go.  Jump
down into the lake...if you try to jump down onto the ground, it'll hurt.
(Not like you really need to worry about health at this point in the game...)

After you've gotten the key, Slegs will materialize at various points.
There's one back near the stegosaurus, another on the grassy hill to your
left.  There's a tree on the hill, and near the tree are some ammo and health
pickups.  Make your way down the path to the now-open cave entrance.  Watch
out because to the right of the entrance is a Sleg hiding behind a tree.

There's other stuff to explore in the level, but none of it is really
important.  There's a couple triceratops, some grazing
ungulants...unfortunately none of them drop items, and that's what's really
important, right?

Part 2: Jungle Hunter

Check out the compy munching on the raptor corpse.  Some fine attention to
detail, there.  In this stage the compies won't bother you--you got bigger
things to worry about.  Exit the cave and follow the path to the swamp.  At
this point raptors will jump out and attack you, but they're not as vicious as
they are in later stages.  You can actually run right past them, or whack 'em
with your axe.  If you want to get all the items in this stage you'll
eventually have to fight the raptors.

The swamp area is kind of like a four-fingered hand.  You have just followed
the path up the "wrist", and there are four paths you can take.  If you go
from the "wrist" to the ledge on the left, you'll find a big greenish log
stretched across your path.  Jumping onto it is the only way to get to the
leftmost and rightmost "fingers", and the only way to get to the log is from
that ledge. The middle two "fingers" are reached from the swamp itself (you'll
have to fight off raptors to reach them).

The leftmost finger-path contains Poison Arrows, but you can't get them
without the crossbow.

The second path from the left contains another pistol.

The third from the left contains a CROSSBOW, hidden all the way in the back.
You'll find another crossbow on the next level, though.

The rightmost path continues to the end of the level.  There are Slegs hiding
behind various ledges and bits of cover; with the crossbow, you can use double
zoom to snipe them to death.  This is the easiest way to do things, but the
guards aren't that tough anyway.

So, given all that, what should you do?  You should do this: As soon as you
get to the swamp area, go forward and keep to the left.  Get the pistol.  Then
turn around and go to the left again to reach the area with the crossbow.
(You'll probably have to fight off the raptors at this point.)  Go back out of
the swamp and climb on the ledge to the big log.  Go to the left of the log to
find the Poison Arrows.  Climb over the log to the little "island", snipe at
the Slegs, and continue to the end of the stage.  Pick up the pistol ammo to
the left of the hollow log, then crouch into the hollow log to finish the

Part 3: Hunter's Peril

Whenever you see bodies just lying there, search around them for any items.
Avoid the alligators, they can be annoying.  Continue forward along the river.
To your right as the grassy ledge ends you'll find more Poison Arrows.  Then
move forward and you can find another CROSSBOW by a rock.  At this point
you'll hear some dialogue about Slegs torturing humans.  Sniping is the
easiest way to defeat them; if you try to swim up to the ledge, they'll be
shooting at you the whole time.  You can pick up some arrows and perhaps other
ammo dropped by Slegs.

Now, here's where it gets tricky.

Move forward to the water with brachisauri and alligators.  Look down into the
water on your right and you'll see a bone gate.  That's what you gotta open.
Look to your left and you'll see some ledges.  Swim over and climb up the
vines.  There's various medkits scattered around--don't get them all now,
you'll probably need to get some on the way back.

Continue along the ledge and you'll find some pillars arranged in a step
formation.  You might think you know this one--but when you jump on the first
pillar, they all lower!  PSYCH!  Not only that, rabid baboons come out from
two directions to bite you.  You might laugh, but the baboons are dangerous.
You also can't go back the way you came because the ledge is too high.
Fortunately there are two medkits in the back of this area.  The best way to
handle this is to run backwards away from the baboons while attacking them.
Unfortunately, they can be hard to hit with pistols or arrows.  Arrows are
good because you can't "waste" ammunition, but the pistol is easier.  If all
else fails, whack 'em.  The other thing to realize about this area is that
when you kill the baboons, the pillars rise.  If you're good, you can time it
so that you stand on the center pillar and let it rise under you.  (The center
pillar rises when you kill the next-to-last baboon.)  Of course, it may be
easier not to bother with this--it's not hard to jump up the stepped pillars
once all the baboons are dead.

Once you've gotten up onto the center pillar, jump and get the key.  You'll
see the bone gate open.  Don't jump straight onto the ground, you'll hurt
yourself.  Jump onto one of the lower pillars, then jump down.  You'll now be
able to get back the way you came.  BUT--there is now a Sleg on that ledge.
Kill him, fill yourself up with medkits.  You won't be coming back this way

Dive into the water and swim through the tunnel.  Don't actually go underwtaer
until you're as close to the rock wall as possible.  You should be able to get
through without taking any "drowning damage".

Now you're in another lake/beach area.  Nifty waterfalls, huh?  Jump up on the
ledge to the right, then aim across the lake at the Slegs shooting at you.
Remember, "Death From a Distance"!  It may actually be easier to just bob in
the water and shoot at them.  If you don't kill the Slegs with one shot, they
may run away and try to climb up to the higher ledge.  There's another Sleg up
on that ledge, and yet another around the corner on the ledge to your right.
Near that final Sleg are some Arrows.  Take everybody out, then swim across to
the beach and climb up the vines.  Look!  Lemurs!  Aren't they cute?

Climb up the vines and move right along the ledge.  There's a Sleg hiding
around the corner at the end of this ledge, so go kill him or he'll snipe at
you as you climb to the next level.  Climb up, admire the view...but not too
long, there are enemies about.  There's a Sleg on the ledge above you, but he
won't bother you until you climb up.  Across the big gap is a pink Sleg that
throws grenades at you--this can be VERY dangerous, so terminate him with
extreme prejudice (poison arrows work well--just be careful because he may
throw grenades at you while you try to snipe).  There's another Sleg across
the way who will try to climb across to get at you, but he usually falls off
(especially if you shoot at him while he's climbing).  Take everybody out and
climb horizontally across.  This can be tricky; jump up and move forward and
back until you're sure you've "caught" on the vines.  Don't move across too
fast or you may move right off the side.  A fall from this height is lethal.

Now you'll see a wooden platform extending along the rock face.  Walk along it
for a while--you can run across the empty section, but it's probably best to
jump just in case.
jump just in case.  You'll find some Explosive Arrows, which are lots of fun.
Now, AS SOON AS you see further sections of the level come into view with
enemies on them...SHOOT THEM.  The crossbow is great for this.  If you take
the time to take out all the enemies, the rest of the level should be clear
sailing.  But watch out--when you leave the wooden bridge-like platform,
there's a Sleg hiding around the corner near the waterfall to your right.
Take him out or he'll snipe at you.  Be sure to find the pistol ammo near the

Jump carefully across to the other side of the ledge, mopping up any enemies
that appear.  Now, you can just continue forward to the end of the level, but
to your right is a path with a bunch of powerups.  Jump along the ledges and
the ledges and climb the vines, and you'll find it no trouble.  (Don't worry
about getting hurt when you make long jumps here--there's two Large Medkits at
the end.  But DON'T FALL OFF.)  Finally, jump down to the ledge to end the
level.  Soon you'll meet Genn, and find your "bird".  Get ready to take to the

Chapter 2: Airborne

Your first flight levels, sort of an introduction to the whole concept.  Not
too tough.  They get a lot harder later.

Part 1: Airborne

Pretty easy, just familiarize yourself with the controls.  Nothing here poses
much of a threat except the two or three semi-sharp turns.  However, if you
fly straight at a turret that's shooting at you, it will hit you several
times.  So be wary.  As soon as you get into the cave with the big thorns,
you'll get to the next level.

Part 2: Stretching Your Wings

Watch out for those thorns.  You'll find yourself in a closed-in forest
canopy.  Not too many enemies, but lots of tree branches.  When you hear
something about a shortcut, you can make a sharp turn to your left to get into
a narrow pass with a rocket pickup.  Then you have to make ANOTHER sharp left
turn and avoid some branches, but you can fly over them and the level is
almost over anyway.  If you don't take the shortcut, you'll just have to fly
around in a wider loop.  

Part 3: Dam the Defenses

Fly through a canyon, admire the dinosaurs.  Eventually you'll find an area
where rocks tumble down at you.  Just go slow and stay to the right and you
should be fine.  Move into the tunnel and out the other end, and you'll be
told to kill a transport plane.  3 or 4 rockets and some gunfire should do it.
Sometimes it's hard to hear, but Genn tells you you can turn all the way
around in this area.  You can fly around and find some powerups.  Your
ultimate goal is to keep flying forward and shoot the two turrets, one on
either side of the dam.  3 rockets each takes care of them.  Once you defeat
them both, the dam opens.  Fly through the door and down a raging river.  Stay
to the right side and you shouldn't have any problem.  Pull up before you hit
the ground at the bottom and fly forward to the next level.

Part 4: Ground Assault

This level is actually pretty fun once you get past the first bit.  You're
flying in a narrow canyon with some ships and planes flying at you.  You can
just avoid them all, really.  Watch out for the final turn, banking helps.
Now you're flying forward a bit until you reach an area with a bunch of
buildings on the ground.  Shoot the big command tents--they should have a
large target on them when you face them.  They're not too hard--fly straight
at them (slowly) and hold down the gun trigger and you should destroy them
easily.  If you feel the need, shoot a rocket or two.  Once you've defeated
the half a dozen command tents, the pipe at the end of the stage will open.
Fly into it to end the stage.

Part 5: Mine Fields

This is a lot like the closed-in forest stage earlier, but harder.  Lots of
mines--if you hit them, you die.  If you hit the balloon, the mine itself
falls downward, and if it hits you you die.  There are also emplacements on
the ground shooting flak--try to fly under the explosions (but don't let the
shots hit you, either!).  You'll fly through a forest area, then find some
wrecked buildings and big pipes.  Once you see the huge airship, you're almost
done.  Avoid the last few branches and vines and go around the turn to the
next level.

Party 6: Ancient Ruins

In this level you're called upon to destroy a huge airship.  It doesn't show
up for a minute or two, though.  Use this time to destroy the four turrets on
the big pyramid--one rocket and some gunfire should destroy them (or two
rockets if you're lazy).  There are health and rocket pickups in various
places--in the pyramid, in the ruined buildings...fly around and find them.
They regenerate, so feel free to use them.  Once the airship appears...well,
it's big.  It takes a lot of shots and you can't really lock onto it with a
rocket, but just point yourself at the ship and shoot rockets and they should
hit.  The problem here is that you can't get level with the airship, so try to
move down a bit and then point yourself upward at it.  The ship takes a LOT of
hits, so just keep plugging away at it until it's destroyed.  Once it blows,
there's a few moments of just flying around and then the level ends.

Cut Scene: "You have no CHOICE!"

Revel in the fully rendered glory.

Chapter 3: Mountain Ascent

These levels boast some of the most interesting scenic vistas in the game.
They're also pretty darn hard, so watch out.

Part 1: Mountain Ascent

Okay, NOW it gets tricky.  Watch a cut scene or two.  Move forward and try not
to bother the compies or they gang up on you.  On a rock ledge to your right
is the SNIPER SCOPE.  This is a good thing.  Move up to the ledge on your left
and look across the gap to see two Slegs patrolling.  Sneakily snipe them, or
just run up and kill.  Go up the rock where the Slegs where and find a switch.
Move forward, slide down to next area, admire the lemurs, find the monkey head
gate.  Move to your left to find the second switch.  Once both are pressed,
the gate opens.  You'll find another pistol and scope here if you missed them.

Now comes a long, VERY long ascent up the mountain.  Move forward a bit and
watch the ledge above you--when the birds fly off, snipers are running up to
take positions and shoot at you.  Shoot at them back.  In this level, it's
best to kill snipers as soon as you see them.  In front of you near the ledge
are some items.  Move up past the big disk things to find other Slegs shooting
and throwing grenades.  Be sure to look behind disks for powerups.  There are
deer here blocking your shots of the Slegs...if you're nice, you won't kill
them.  If you're evil or impatient, you will.  Your choice, I'm not making any
judgements.  Continue upward past the stegosaurus which kills a bunch of Slegs
in its death throes.  There's some powerups to the left.  On your right you'll
find some grenades, which are useful for clearing out a group of enemies.  You
can use them to destroy a single enemy too, if you want.  Remember that as
soon as a grenade hits an enemy, it explodes.  The rest of the level is a
whole bunch of going back and forth and sniping.  Conserve your medkits, don't
be afraid to backtrack to get powerups once you need them.  The final "boss"
is a Sleg on a ledge shooting a shotgun at you.  This is definitely annoying.
A poison arrow should take care of him handily, though.  Move between the
rocks to finally finish the level.

Part 2: Summit Battle

At the start of this level you're face with a Tyrannosaurus.  Ouch.  Sneak up
and hit it with an explosive or poison arrow.  Run backwards and shoot at it
when it charges you.  This is hard, but there's a large medkit right there and
another large medkit across the clearing from the dead dinosaur.

Once you've killed the T-rex, move forward a bit, then look closely at the
high ledge that's near you.  There's two snipers on that ledge (one may be
hidden behind the rock to the right, so you may need to move a bit further to
see it).  Destroy them both, it makes things easier.  (You may have noticed a
ROCKET LAUNCHER by one of the snipers--you'll get to it, but it's at the very
end of the level.)  Move down into the clearing and you'll find two Sleg
soldiers hiding behind rocks.  They aren't too hard to take care of.  The
waterfall has some items at its base.  Now you'll see a big blockade, but it
should explode when you get near.  Two Slegs will run out to fight you.  Also,
there's a little "rock island", and another Sleg behind it.  Stay to your
right, move around and sneak up behind him to get the drop on him.  Some
powerups here, and some a bit further on too.

You'll find yourself at the top of a very high waterfall.  Look out to see a
suspension bridge.  Slegs run across it every now and then, but you can ignore
them.  There's a sniper on the bridge, though, shooting at you.  An explosive
arrow on the underside of the bridge can hurt him (though you may need two for
an actual kill).

Move along past the waterfall, peer up through the crack and see another
sniper above you.  Save the medkit until you really need it.  Move down the
ledge, finding more medkits.  As soon as you get past the big rock pillar on
your left, a large spaceship will come down and start shooting at you.  This
ship can really hurt you, but a few explosive arrows can get rid of it.  Now
there are enemies on the area across the way shooting at you.  These guys are
a pain, so I would recommend throwing some grenades.  If you aim high and keep
the trigger held down for a while, you can throw far enough to hit them.

From here, follow the narrow path under the waterfall to find the area with
those guys I told you to throw grenades at.  Before you do that, though, you
can move off to the left and find a ledge...you can jump from this ledge to
get a SHOTGUN.  Jump back the way you came and continue onward.  When you
reach a bridge, go across it and move to your right.  From here you can jump
down to a big rock pillar--the fall hurts you, but there's a Large Medkit
right there.  Make your way down the pillar and continue on away from the
direction you just came.

HOWEVER, you don't have to jump down to that pillar.  You can go to your
right, fight your way through some more Slegs, and work your way to the bottom
of the big waterfall from earlier.  There's a few items there, and some along
the way.  Eventually you have to follow the river to that big rock pillar, but
you can't climb up it to the very top.

Either way you go, go past the rock pillar to a clearing with compies nibbling
on a dinosaur corpse.  Move forward to find a rusty ladder to climb.  Once
you're up on the ledge, look carefully around and you can find two Slegs you
can snipe.  Move forward along the ledge and jump across the gap (be careful
because it's a tricky jump, and you DON'T want to die this far in).  Climb the
ledges, kill the Slegs...be careful of the rocks being pushed down on you.  As
soon as you hear the distinctive clatter, halt where you are (or move back a
bit).  You'll see the rocks kill some Slegs every now and then, too.  Make
your way past two rock falls and keep going.  When you come out onto a narrow
ledge, there'll be another rock fall.  Continue on to see a wide open vista on
your left...and several ships shooting at you.  Just run past them.

Now you're in an area with two turrets.  This area is tricky because Slegs
will run up and man the turrets and shoot at you.  Destroy them and you can
man the turrets yourself.  But a ship will soon come down and start shooting
at you.  You can shoot it with the turret, but watch out--it will shoot back,
and when the turret is destroyed, it blows up with a harmful explosion.  (You
can also just shoot the turrets to make them blow up any Slegs near them.)

Make your way along the suspension bridge (finally!) and wander through the
mountain paths.  Not many enemies here...keep an eye on the ledges on your
left, look around for ledges you can climb.  You can find the ROCKET LAUNCHER
in this area.  Continue forward past the rocket launcher (you'll probably need
to jump and grab onto climbable vines a couple of times) and sneak up behind
Slegs manning turrets.  (Therefore, if you find two Slegs manning turrets, you
missed the rocket launcher.)  Other than that, there's really not much to this
part of the level.  Find the cave entrance and you're at the end.
at the end.

Part 3: Descent

Bring on the sabertooth tigers!  There's a shotgun here if you missed it in
the previous level.  It's the best weapon to take on the tigers with; three or
four shots and they lie down and play dead.  Search out the  ammo and pickups
in the corners of the cave.

Now, the way to get through is basically Right, Right, Right, Left.  You'll
have to fight a few tigers whatever you do...the real danger is getting lost
and not being able to get out.  There's items and stuff scattered in the
deadends, of course, if you're curious.  The only really important thing is by
the last turning; going left gets you outside, going right leads to two tigers
and a ROCKET LAUNCHER.  So be sure to get that if you haven't.

Ah, sunlight!  And snipers!  Make your way down, be sure to pick out the
sniper high on your left AND the sniper high on your right.  There's a medkit
near the tree, and a whole bunch of random items scattered around.  Make your
way down the path, turn around and you'll see a turret with some "sandbags" in
front of it.  Man the turret and enemies will soon appear to attack you...it
can be great fun and stress relief to just sit and shoot them all.  But
eventually you have to continue on the path.  More enemies, more items,
nothing much of note until you find an ankylosaurus guarding the exit.  Throw
some grenades at it, or shoot rockets, or shoot your shotgun.  You should have
passed some grenades and other ammo on your way here, so don't waste them.
The ankylosaurus isn't really that hard, as long as you try your best to avoid
the rockets it shoots every now and then, so continue on to the end of the
level.  (If you get close to the ankylosaurus, it should try and hit you with
its tail, which is much easier to avoid than the rockets.)

Chapter 4: Infiltration

Time to be stealthy.  In the Infiltration levels, when someone sees you they
raise the alarm.  When the alarm goes off, enemies will continually spawn to
attack you, and certain gates will be locked.  So setting off the alarm is a
bad thing, but it's occasionally unavoidable.  Oh, and stepping into the beam
of a spotlight sets off the alarm.  Not only that, but shooting out a
spotlight while an enemy is manning that guard tower will ALSO set off the
alarm.  And sometimes you can kill an enemy without setting off the alarm, but
then again, sometimes you can't.

Some switches in this level can only be hit when the alarm is off.  When the
alarm is on, a little yellow thing will slide down and lock the switch in
place.  This makes it easy to visually tell if the switch can be opened.

Also, in these levels there are often bunkers where enemies will spawn out of.
If you can get inside one of these bunkers, there's often a SPIDERBOT waiting
for you.  The spiderbot can be useful in these levels.

Part 1: Infiltration

The cut scene should show you one obvious way to get in, but there's actually
two.  Anyway, sneak up and find the two guard towers.  Snipe the two guards in
the head, and THEN shoot the spotlights.  Around to your left is a tree branch
leading up and over the fence.  Around to your right is a tunnel you can get
into to get inside (climb up the rock face at the end).  My personal choice is
the tunnel, but either one is fine.

Once you're inside, you can explore and kill enemies, or just go to the gate
at the end.  You have to wait until the alarm goes off before you can hit the
switch to open the gate.  There's a much larger area beyond the gate, but not
many enemies.  If you move to the left you can find a Sleg wandering around.
Explore to find another area with Slegs shooting at humans hung up on poles.
Another highlight is an opened storage room with an already-tripped switch and
a few item boxes.  Anyway, once you're finished, the exit gate is forward and
to the left of the first gate.  Once again, you can only get through when the
alarm is off.  Get the medkit if you need it, because the level's about to

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Part 2: Compound Wall

It's nearly impossible to get through the first area without setting off the
alarm.  There's a guard tower with spotlights and guards patrolling.  There's
a shed with two vehicles you can blow up to get some medkits.  Also, near the
shed you can find a long trench (a lot like the one you started the level in).
In this trench you can find an AIRGUN, which is a good thing.

Eventually make your way across the bridge and wait for the alarm to go off.
(You may have to go back and kill two or three enemies until it does.)  Of
course, once you get through the gate you see a little cutscene where the
enemies find you anyway.  ("Now!  KILL HIM!")  Dodge and weave and destroy the
Slegs.  Getting tougher, aren't they?  On the left side is another vehicle you
can blow up; if you time it right the explosion will set a Sleg on fire.  To
the right is a flamethrower guard.  This guy can be annoying--try to hit him
from a distance.  He drops an armory key (the only actual "inventory item" in
the game).  The key fits the door right behind him.  But before that...

Okay, so you get through the gate and you see a cutscene.  Turn to your left
and follow the wall, and you'll find a walkway down to another little area
with a few enemies.  Down at the very bottom are some crates with a shotgun
and the QUADRUPLE SHOTGUN ATTACHMENT.  Not much is in that final cave, so you
may want to not bother the enemies in there.  However--dive into the water and
swim into the cave.  To your left is a WARP CUBE.  This will come in handy.
(Watch out, though, because swimming down that far will probably take away
some of your health as you run out of air.)

Back to the "armory key" area.  You'll find another flamethrower guard and a
shotgun Sleg hiding behind a table.  Kill them both and you'll find yourself
in a room with some boxes.  Get the stuff in the boxes, to your left is an
area with a FLAMETHROWER and some ammo.  To the right is a long series of
rooms with Slegs in them--no really good items, not worth it in my opinion.

Once you've finished getting everything you want, go forward from the bridge
gate.  The exit should be obvious, but the alarm has to be off, as usual...

Chapter 3: Blockade

In front of you are several Slegs, but they haven't noticed you yet.  Climb up
the hill to your right, you can find some boxes and a cave entrance.  Go in
the cave and you can go left or right--left leads to some minor items, I
personally wouldn't bother.  To your right is another choice--left, straight
or right.  Left is an area with a few Slegs guarding a flamethrower you can
get.  Straight is a ladder leading to a high platform with a sniper, some
rocks and a warpcube.  Kill the sniper, get the cube, push the rocks (you
might get lucky and kill a guard).  You can slide down the platform if you do
it carefully.

Eventually, you'll get to the area past the "right" cave choice.  There's a
couple Slegs in this area and a bunch of trees you can cut down.  You can get
into the bunker on the right down there and man a turret, shoot at the guards
coming out of the other bunker...but that may not be worth it.  Follow the
path up to your left, get the boxes, find yourself on a bridge.

Now, there are two choices here.  You can go on the upper or lower level of
the bridge.  To get to the lower level, go past the bridge and find the ledge
leading around and downwards.  (You can follow a cave to get some items and
stuff.)  The lower level area lets you bypass the ankylosaurus.

The ankylosaurus isn't too hard, though, if you have a warpcube.  That'll get
rid of just about everything on the bridge.  On the upper level of the bridge
you can also snipe the two switch guards.

In either case, when you get to the end of the bridge, you see a little scene
showing you that there are two switches to open the final gate.  Go down to
the lower level of that end of the bridge (there's a path on the left of the
upper level), climb up the two ladders and hit the switch.  Be careful getting
down the ladders, it's easy to fall and hurt yourself.  Go across the lower
level of the bridge to the other tower, do the same thing.  Go back and move
up the path in the lower level of the left guard tower to get to the gate
which is the end of the level.

Part 4: Entering the Base

Time for the longest stealth level yet.  (But not longer than the Mountain
Ascent levels, nope.)  Turn the corner and you'll find guards wandering
around.  At this point if you have a spiderbot, it can be useful to sneak up
and gas them.  Once you've turned that corner you can go left into the
building to find a bunch of raptor cages.  Hit the switch in the first room to
release the raptors and let them fight the cobra guards.  There's some medkits
and ammo in the back rooms, but it may be too much trouble so you could skip
this whole area.  (Plus the raptors will attack YOU once they're done with the
guards.)  Either way, go to the back left area to find yet another security
lock gate.  This one is sort of an "airlock"; the gate opens, you go forward,
the gate closes behind you, the gate in front of you opens up.

Now you're in a little area with a river.  You don't really need to go across
the bridge...although if you dive into the water, you can go up a tunnel and
come up in a room with a spinning spiderbot.  (Destroy the table with your axe
before you pick up the spiderbot.)  Anyway, go to the area opposite the bridge
and you'll go into the building to find some prisoners in cells.  Release them
and listen to the dialogue...then watch them fade away.  There's a couple of
bits of ammo if you go past the cells and down the corridors on either side.
Anyway, go through the other door in the room with the cells, go forward and
you'll find yourself in a much larger area.

There's a lot of enemies to kill, tanks to blow up, some boxes to find...you
can pretty much ignore it all, though.  Go straight forward and bear to the
left a little, run across the courtyard and into the door.  You'll find
yourself in a little room, and ahead of you you'll see Slegs sleeping on cots.
Explore the room to the right of you before you go into the sleeping room.
This room with the cots is a perfect place to use the spiderbot--gas 'em while
they sleep.  Anyway, continue onward, follow the rooms through to ANOTHER

You want to get across this courtyard, only you can't get through that big
wall.  Look up a bit and you'll see a long cable stretched from that building
past the wall.  You're going to hang on the underside of that cable and
horizontal climb across.  Get yourself into that building.

Now you'll find an area with some consoles and weak Slegs and stuff.  Search
around for some boxes, I believe there's a spiderbot around.  Unfortunately,
the spider can't get up the stairs.  Right up the stairs is a big machine gun
guard, which can be tough.  Strafe back and forth and keep hitting him, or use
some grenades or explosive arrows for quick kills.  There's a couple of boxes,
and the horizontal cable.

Be careful with this cable.  If you fall down, you'll get hurt AND have to
dodge Sleg guards running around below while you climb back up.  Make sure
you're "caught" before moving forward, and don't go too fast.  At the other
end is a little area with one or two enemies and a bunch of ammo pickups.  Go
up the ramp and through the gate to finish the level.

Chapter 5: The Sleg Fortress

From here on out, it's going to be enemy after enemy coming after you.  If you
don't know how to dodge shots and quickly dispose of Slegs, you'll either
learn quickly or die repeatedly.  You're also introduced to the barrels--they
explode when you hit them with two gunshots, one arrow or one rocket.

Part 1: The Sleg Fortress

Watch the little cutscene.  Terrific.  Now, in the starting room are a bunch
of boxes.  They mostly contain ammo.  If you take too much time in this room,
the guards may come in.  It's better to sneak forward and snipe out the guard
walking along the walkway.  Of course, as soon as you kill one guard the alarm
sounds and things get messy.  So be ready.  There's all sorts of boxes in this
level--keep track of where medkits are, make sure you don't use one weapon so
much that you run out of ammo.

When you've killed those two guards, a door opens and half a dozen more Slegs
appear.  The barrels can be useful in taking them out.  There are some boxes
back in the area the Slegs were in.  Once you kill them all, *another* door
opens revealing a bunch more Slegs.  Now they're starting to throw laser
guards at you, which can be annoying with their rapidfire lasers.  Throw some
grenades back in there to clear 'em out.  Don't forget about the barrels.

Next MORE slegs appear, shooting at you from the other back area.  After you
kill all THEM, the big laser guy from the platform above comes down to take
care of things personally.  This guy isn't that dangerous except that he
absorbs a LOT of punishment before going down.  Don't just explode a barrel or
two and expect him to vanish.  Keep at him hard and fast and he'll go down.

And THEN an enemy spawner appears by that pile of rubble.  This is a platform
that causes enemies to appear on top of it.  Shoot it--it takes at least half
a dozen shotgun shots, but it does go down.  Be careful, though, because it
explodes and causes damage to anything around it.  (This can be useful because
it damages any of the enemies that it has caused to appear.)

Once the spawner's gone, the way to the end of the level is open.  Take a
minute to run through the level and pick up any of the ammo or medkits you
didn't get, then continue through to the end.

Part 2: Sweep the Halls

You'll start out facing a cutscene where a cobra guard berates a bunch of
sniveling Slegs.  Heh.  Run forward and take 'em out--be careful because the
Slegs may shoot the barrel right at the doorway (meaning it's probably right
next to where you are).  Grenades are useful to take out the group of Slegs.
Be sure to take out the cobra guard high on the platform.  You can use the
boxes to climb up to where he was and find a medkit.  Also be sure to search
all the nooks and crannies of this room for some items.

Now, at this point you have to go up the one non-ruined stairway.  But before
you do that, you may want to search through the ground floor to get an item or
two.  You can do the areas in either order, although I like to do the ground

Continue back through the archway, fight some Slegs and get up onto the
platform.  Here you find the AIRGUN and CHAINGUN UPGRADE.  Now you can do some
serious damage!  Look on the edges of the platform (jump over the stone walls)
to find ammo.  There's a couple of flamethrower guys who come out at this
point, and Slegs on the walkways above sniping at you.  Kill them mercilessly.

Up the stairway there are a bunch of Slegs waiting to snipe.  All you really
have to do is continue on to the very back and hit one of the two switches.
Each switch opens a door right below it on the ground floor.  Also on the back
of the walkway are some chaingun ammo pickups.

Go down through one of the doors into an area where the doors close behind
you.  Kill the Sleg and hit the door behind him.  You can go up the ladder to
find some grenade-throwing Slegs and grenade pickups.  Anyway, go through the
door once it opens.  Go forward (to your right are little rooms with a medkit
or two) and go to the end.  Here there's a big Sleg rocket launcher guard and
a couple other Sleg guards.  The rocket launcher guy can do serious damage to
you...and to everything else around him.  My advice is to wail on him with the
chaingun--it keeps him from firing his rocket as frequently as normal.  Past
the rocket launcher guy is a whole in a wall leading to a tunnel--go down it
and end the level.

Part 3: The Search Continues

Watch a small cutscene.  Run forward and kill the two guards.  Now, you may
want to resist the temptation to blow up the two barrels, because right after
the guards are dead...MONKS start appearing.  These guys disappear and
reappear behind you, slicing with a sword.  They're actually not too difficult
if you keep turning around to see where they are.  Shotgun or grenades work
well, or even the axe (lot of shotgun ammo in this level, though).  Once
you've killed them all (there's about eight in all that appear, I think...or
maybe ten) the doors open.  Either way is pretty much the same.

Go down a hall, be careful of Slegs.  Blow up barrels if you like.  You'll
reach an area with a key in the middle of the floor.  Once you get it...MONKS
appear.  Yep.  They come out of the little alcoves at first, so you can load
up your shotgun and be ready for 'em.  You'll also see a couple of BLACK
MONKS.  Black monks don't teleport, but they do throw fireballs at you.  The
fireballs aren't too hard to dodge if you keep an eye on the black monks.

Once you've killed about a dozen of these guys another key appears.  Take it
and a door opens.  This door is on the back right side of the level, leading
to a room with a tranquil pool.  But as you get in, more MONKS appear.  Some
black monks appear too.  You probably know the drill by now--keep moving,
shoot them hard.  There's ammo scattered around the room, but try not to be
too wasteful.  Once you've killed them all the two torches will explode and
the statue in the center of the fountain will disappear.  Jump into the hole
and swim through a tunnel to a nearly identical room.  (Consider whether you
want to get the medkit or not--you'll be coming back this way.)

(By the way--in these two rooms you can shoot the pillars, and they break.  No
real reason to, but it's kind of cool.)

In the next room are, yes, more MONKS.  Kill 'em all!  Pick up the ammo around
the room; the chaingun is quite effective.  Once all the monks are dead, find
the switches on the wall (they look like big round faces) and push them both.
You'll see a little scene of a door opening--and a rocket launcher guard
appearing.  Great.

Swim back through the tunnel to face the guard.  Those rockets have a lot of
splash damage, so strafe fast.  Or you can just run up and whack 'im with the
axe--at that close range, he'll hit you with his gun.  It hurts, but not as
much as a rocket.  Once he's dead, go past him to finish the level.

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Part 4: The Bowels of the Base

Actually, a later level deserves the name "bowels" a lot more.  You'll see.
Anyway, you'll find yourself in a hall with some traps.  They're not all that
difficult to sneak through--don't let yourself get crushed, but if you must
you can run through the flames without too much damage.  At the bottom is a
chaingun guard--some grenades can take care of him pretty well.

Now you're in a maze of twisty little passages.  Lots of various Slegs, and
lots of barrels to blow up to defeat them.  Watch out for the pillars--you can
shoot them and they fall over.  They squash anything underneath them, Slegs or
yourself.  Some of them fall towards you, too, so be careful.  Work your way
through to a room with a barrel standing by a box next to the wall.  If you
blow up this barrel the box will disappear...then if you look through, you'll
see two rocket launcher guys standing down the hallway.  Be careful 'cause
they will shoot at you...but it's neat to dodge out of the way and watch the
rocket shoot all the way down the hallway past you.

Anyway, keep going until you find an area with two round face switches on the
wall.  Trip them both and more doors will open up back in the corridors.  Look
through this room to find medkits and some ammo.

Eventually you'll get to a room with two teleporters...like spawners, but
fixed into the ground.  You need to shoot these until they explode and close
up.  Once you've destroyed both, doors will open and let you into the next
area.  It's all mostly just straightforward fighting.

Part 5: Reactor Core

In this level you have to destroy six terminals.  Two are right in the large
room you start in.  Notice the small medkits floating above steam vents--save
them until you need them.  Move back and to the left to find an area with a
teleporter and a switch.  Hit the switch to open a door on the right of the
large room.

Go through this door and follow the corridor to a room with what looks like
air conditioning machinery.  Move to the back right corner to find a switch
and a ladder.  Hit the switch and climb the ladder to find another terminal.
You can get onto the big machines, but it really doesn't help much--don't jump
across from the ledge, just kinda fall across, otherwise you'll get hurt.  You
can get a flamethrower there.  The switch you hit will have opened a door back
near the entrance to the room.  Continue onward to find yourself in an area
with two ladders leading up.  (There are Slegs hiding around the corner, so be

Climb up one of the ladders (which doesn't matter) and you'll find yourself on
a sort of T-shaped platform.  On either opposite end of the platform is a
ladder leading up to a small corridor; in both of these corridors are some
Sleg guards and a terminal, so go through them both.  The final terminal is in
the last leg of the T, and when you hit it it triggers a bunch of noise and
some Sleg guards coming out where the exit is.

However, before you jump down and go to the exit, move back to the top of the
T to find another ladder.  This ladder leads up to a couple of beams that lead
to an area with some powerups and the GRAVITY GUN!  This is a fun weapon.  You
can only get to this particular area once all the terminals are destroyed and
the fan stops.

Part 6: Meltdown

Time for some real chaos.  The reactor's melting down and the whole base is
going nuts!  In the room you start out in, climb the boxes to your left and
get into the air duct.  Move through and you'll find yourself in another room.
Things are about to get hairy--leave the room and run down the hall.  Steam
blows down at you, enemies shoot at you, doors explode out at you.  If you run
straight through you should be able to avoid it all without too much trouble.
Make a right (watch for medkits and ammo, but don't bother going into any of
the rooms), then another right, then at the end of this hall go left into the
room.  Here you'll find a couple of teleporters that you have to destroy, and
then a door leading to a platform.  Move around the platform and go down the
stairs, touch the console in the center--you got the war plans!  You DID
realize that that's what you were here for, right?  Anyway, go through the
door (not the air duct this time) to end the level.

Part 7: Interrogation

More corridors, this time with a bunch of traps.  The traps aren't too hard to
avoid if you take a moment to stop and listen to the rhythm.  Whenever you see
a track of light-colored stone on the floor, move up to it carefully--a big
log will come swinging out at you.  You can usually sneak behind the log to
get some ammo.  At one point you'll find a door and get to hear some torturing
going on.  Charming.  Keep moving forward and you won't have much problem.

Part 8: Rescue da Wise Father

Get ready, 'cause this is a pretty nasty level.  You'll find yourself coming
up to a room with a Sleg guard or two and some item boxes.  Find one of the
little barred windows that has its bars broken, and sneak in.  Sneak through
the ducts--you can find a rocket launcher near one of the other windows.  Go
through and sneak under the prison cells...look up and you'll see guards
roaming around in closed-off rooms.  Don't worry, you'll see them soon.  Heh.

Eventually you'll find the Wisefather.  Soon after that you'll come out in
another room with a guard and barred windows and item boxes.  Clean things out
and fill yourself up, then flip the switch and you'll find yourself in a big

The bad news is that the enemies will come in waves here.  After you beat one
wave, a few seconds later there will be this buzzer and another door will open
to reveal a bunch more enemies.  They start with regular Slegs, then the big
Sleg machine gun and shotgun guards, then eventually a Purrlin, then a Purrlin
and big Slegs and a laser Sleg.  Keep moving and dodging, and remember that
whenever a door opens, it also reveals a whole bunch of item boxes.  There
should be more than enough health and WAY more than enough ammo to take care
of everyone.  And don't forget about the barrels.

Eventually...everything is dead.  Go into the center area to find an elevator
leading to six more terminals.  You know what to do here--destroy 'em!  Only
now can you go back down and open the cells.  (You may have to move off and on
the elevator to get it started.)  Go through the cells until you find the
Wisefather.  He runs out and opens another door, and you have to go through
here with him following.

Make sure to get all the pickups you can find before you leave.  Go through
the corridors, be wary of the machinegun guard and grenade-throwers.  Finally
you'll find yourself in a room with a sort of cage in the middle.  Go around
to the other side (kill the machinegun Sleg) and the cage turns out to be an
elevator...to the next level.

Part 8: Escape

This is pretty much the same as Part 1, only backwards.  Get the gravity gun,
go into the room and kill the Slegs.  Once they're dead and the door opens,
you can basically run through to the exit (which is where the beginning of
Part 1 was).  It's straightforward and pretty short, which is a good thing.

Cut Scene: "Hello, savage!"

Sit back and relax, and marvel at how many Slegs got stuck onto the screen at

Chapter 6: Shadowed Lands

Back to the jungles.  Lot of raptors and keys in these levels.  The levels are
fairly long, too.

Part 1: Shadowed Lands

Move forward.  When you see the stone blocks on either side of you, watch out.
The left one has a trap--a big claw that swings out when you get too near it.
Stay to the right.  Go past the stegosaurus to the steps leading up the cliff.
The last step has vines on it--jump at it and grab onto them, then climb up.

There's a raptor running around this area.  Run to your left, follow the ledge
to a key.  If you haven't seen the raptor before now, he'll be there when you
turn around.  You can also follow the ledge further to find a medkit.

From the steps you climbed up to this area, go right.  Keep moving forward,
thread between the trees, until you find a stump with a key floating on top of
it.  Watch out for the compies, there's a group of about half a dozen near the
stump.  And check out the pteranodon right there.  Anyway, move to the right
of the stump and carefully peer over the edge.  If you fall into the trees you
die, so don't.  But you should see a ledge right below you.  Fall down onto
the ledge, then turn around and crouch into the tunnel.  Follow the tunnel
forward to a ladder, climb up and fall forward to get the key.

Go back to the cliff you climbed up, and continue forward from it.  Raptors
will attack you, and there are claw traps on the buildings.  Not only that,
big boulders on strings will fall down from the trees.  My advice is to just
learn where they are and stay away from them.  (Unfortunately, you can't look
up to see where they're hanging...)  Eventually you should see the bone gate
on your right side.  Move past it and go to the very back to find a hollow log
you can crouch into.  Go through it to find a room with the final key!...and a
bunch of compies.  The axe should take care of them fairly easily, though.
Once you've got the final key, make your way into the bone gate.  But we're not
done yet...

Sabertooth tigers will run out to meet you.  Kill them (there's some shotgun
ammo near the building in front of you).  When the tigers are gone, a bunch of
MONKS will appear.  Your shotgun works pretty well here.  There's about eight
of them, so keep shooting until they're all gone.  When they are, the door
will open and let you into a tunnel leading to the next level.

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Part 2: Ruined City

At the beginning of the stage you'll see some MONKS disappear.  Follow them to
find a key just sitting there.  Turn left and follow the path back.  On your
right are some ruined buildings--this is where the end of the stage is, but
you can't get here yet.  To your left is a building in better shape, with
another key.  However, once you get the key some MONKS appear and attack.
Only a few, though, so they're fairly easy.

Behind the building with the key is a switch.  The switch is hidden at the end
of a path under some leaves, so look carefully.  You have to STAND on the
switch to trigger it.  There's also a raptor guarding it, so be careful.  The
switch starts a big pillar thrusting up and down.  ...Seriously.

Go back to the beginning of the stage and follow the path to the left of your
starting place.  You'll see the big pillar--get onto it and ride up, jump into
the building.  There's half a dozen compies and a PLASMA GUN.  Woo.

Below, near the pillar, is a guy standing against the wall.  Approaching him
triggers a cut scene where he rants about raptors.  A bunch of them suddenly
appear when mentioned.  The guy is actually a good shot with his shotgun--he
can clear them all out without too much trouble, but if you give him a hand
things go faster.  Once they're dead, the guy opens a secret passage for you.

Go down the passage (it doesn't matter at this point if you fall, because it's
easy to find your way out).  Follow it down to find some baboons.  Kill them
(axe works well) and make your way to a ladder set against one of the walls.
Climb the ladder and run along the top of the walls until you find the key.
This is the last one you need.  You can also jump a gap in the wall to reach a
room with a medkit, and follow the wall in another direction to find some
chaingun ammo.

Eventually, though, go back to the ruined buildings (actually just walls) I
pointed out earlier.  Follow them through (duck through a crack at one point)
and keep going.  You'll see more raptors and axebeaks, and eventually get to a
big heap of rubble.  Climb the rubble, climb down the ladder, run through the
bone gate and you're through.

Part 3: Sentinels

Whew!  Well, if you enjoyed searching out THOSE keys, you'll LOVE this level.

Move forward and to your left, watch out for the raptor.  In this little
clearing you can find a couple items.  Move to your left along the path, go
through the rubble-strewn gate.

Now you're in an area with a bunch of little statues of warriors.  Follow the
path back, to the back...you'll find a key lying in the middle of the ground.
Take it and go back the way you came...

...but watch out, because the little statue guys are coming to life!  They're
not too hard to defeat, but it's easier to run past them.  Move back toward
the beginning of this area, then find the ring of statues near the "front".
There's a key there, grab it and get out before the statues hit you.  The
final key is in the "middle" area, between where you got the other two.  From
there go forward past the walls, then turn to your left and follow the path.
There will be snipers above you--it's a good idea to kill them so they aren't
shooting at you for a long time.  You'll get into an area with a whole lot of
trees that can be shot down.  To your right is a little tower with a sniper on
it.  You can go around and climb up to one of its ledges (there's a ladder
behind it), but I'm not sure it's worth it.  To the left in this area (across
from the tower) is a stone ramp leading to some steps upward.  Follow the path
and you should be out of the level in no time.  Watch the ledges on each side
for pickups (I've heard there's an airgun and a plasmagun in this level, but
I'm not quite sure where).

Part 4: Death in the Deeps

This is a pretty fun, relaxing level.  Swim around and collect a whole bunch
of keys.  There are snipers on the various islands in the river; use your
crossbow to snipe THEM as soon as you see them.  The keys are usually on
platforms on the rock walls to the sides of the river.  There's one in a
ruined boat near a wooden walkway.  When you find the boat, follow the path
near it away from the main river.  You'll come to a place where a ladder leads
up to a tunnel in the wall.  Enter the tunnel.  The right fork leads to a
medkit and some MONKS.  The left leads to a sniper and a key.  Eventually
you'll find one key on a little island right near the end.  You don't actually
have to get this key--you can get up the steps without it.  Anyway, go up the
steps to the walkway.  It's a little hard to get up onto the ledge from the
walkway--just jump onto it and keep pushing forward as you move right, you'll
get it.  From here it's not too far to the end of the level.

(I've heard there's a plasma gun underwater in this level, but I don't know

Part 5: Dinosaur Graveyard

Move past some raptors and axebeaks.  The axebeaks don't move too fast, so you
can probably run right past them.  They take two or three shots from the
shotgun.  Also, you've probably noticed by now that the raptors are getting
tougher.  Be careful of them.

Eventually you'll reach a little cutscene with Slegs talking amongst
themselves.  If you watch the scene closely you'll see a little blue glint
near the ground by a U-shaped rock.  Find that rock and investigate--you'll
find the plasma gun and HOMING ATTACHMENT.  This is fun--hook it up and shoot
at the troop of Slegs.  Your ammo runs out quickly, though, which is not so
fun.  Anyway, move forward to the dinosaur graveyard.  Lots of bones and
stegosaurus plates...on your left is a sort of backbone-ribcage-archway series
set into the ground.  This is where you want to go.  Not much in the rest of
the area.  In fact, not much in the rest of the level--no keys or things.  The
final area is a big stone structure.  Hit the switch and then go in a hole on
the right.  When the hole opens, there's four compies sitting inside, so watch
out.  Once you're snug inside the hole, the level ends.

Part 6: The Bridge

This level is fairly short, but it can be quite frustrating.  You'll find
yourself in the eye of a big monkey head.  Jump down onto the ground and some
raptors and compies will come out to eat you.  Kill them all--you know you've
killed them all when the monkey head's mouth opens.  Run around and try and
find them if you can't get the head to open.  Explore this area for some
health pickups.

Eventually you want to get into the monkey head.  Jump on the switch in its
mouth and you see a little cut scene where a door opens.  Remember where the
door is (it's to the left if you face the head), then hit the switch and run
to the door.  You have to move fast.

Now once you're inside that area, you'll find another switch.  Hit it and the
door opens to let you out--AND a door on the other side of the clearing opens.
You have to run across the clearing to this door before it closes--and I do
mean RUN.  You may want to plan out your route beforehand--it will probably
involve jumping over a pillar or two.  You have to be fast, which means

Once you've gotten through that gate, you'll find yourself on another path.
Find a ledge on your left and climb it to a ladder.  Follow this ledge forward
to a few baboons--kill them.  Jump across to a rock pillar--follow that ledge
around until you're facing a gap leading to another ledge.  Jump this gap--be
careful, it's a tricky jump.  (And if you miss, you hurt yourself in the fall
and land near a bunch of baboons.)

Follow this ledge forward and climb a ladder.  You'll find yourself on a
bridge.  It's probably a good idea to blow up the tank nearest you.  Then run
across the bridge, keeping close to the left side.  It doesn't matter if you
kill the Slegs or not because shortly the bridge itself will explode.  But
don't worry--this just triggers a cut scene that ends the level.

Chapter 7: Back to the Skies

There really isn't much I can say for these levels.  They're all flight levels
where you fly at high speed through canyons.  See the previous flight stuff
for tips, and remember there's usually two or three paths through the level.
There are a bunch of pillars in these levels that you can shoot down.  It only
takes one shot, usually, and they fall onto a conveniently placed enemy tank.
Just make sure they don't fall over and hit *you*.

Part 1: Back to the Skies

See above.

Part 2: Combat Run

See above.

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Part 3: Raining Fury

This level is slightly different.  After you get through some canyons you'll
come to a wide open area with energy arcing all over the place.  The idea is
that you have to shoot the four generators around the edge of this big open
area. *Then* the shield will fall and you can shoot out the big pink glowing
thing in the center.  Each one of these huge items takes at least several
rockets each.  Fortunately, there are regenerating pickups around the level.
The real challenge is doing all this while being shot at by turrets and gun
emplacements.  My advice is to fly along and take out as many as you can on
the canyon floor--unfortunately, there are doors where tanks will keep rolling
in, so you can never kill *everything*.  Taking out the things that shoot flak
will make things a lot easier for you, though.  When it's time to take out the
center generator, line yourself up with one of the holes and fly in shooting.
Be sure to veer off before you hit the thing.  As soon as it explodes (it WILL
take more than one pass) a cut scene will end the level.

Chapter 8: Assault

These levels find you invading a futuristic city and trying to defend it from
the Slegs.  Because the city is suspended over a chasm, there's a lot of
places where you can quite easily fall to your death.  This is also the first
time you'll have allies fighting alongside you.  They can be helpful, but they
also die quite easily.  It's your choice whether you want to try to keep them

Part 1: Assault

Your "bird" has crashed.  Fortunately, there's a medkit to get you right back
to full health.  Move forward and help out the allied fighters.  There are a
few Slegs with shotguns, and then around the bend is a big shotgun guard.  If
you fall in the water, the odd-looking rock face can be climbed like a ladder.
Don't touch the wooden barricades--look for ladders to climb up to the highest
point you can.

Continue forward along the ledge.  Soon you'll find a rocket launcher, which
will be useful.  Watch for ammo scattered around the stage.  Eventually you'll
come upon a large gate with a big gun on it.  Shoot the turret with a couple
of rockets and the doors will open...and a couple of Slegs will run out.  At
this point you'll have a bunch of allies with you, and they'll probably be
able to take care of the Slegs.  You can wander around this area a bit more
and collect item boxes, though it's not critical.  Move into the gate and
climb the stairs.  There's a room with some item boxes, and some Slegs
attacking; one well-placed rocket can destroy everything.  In the boxes you'll
find the plasma gun's homing attachment, which is a good thing.

Look out the window of the gate to see a machinegun guard standing there.
It's probably a good idea to take him out before proceeding.  There are some
item boxes down below you in the little canyon.  Eventually you'll have to get
to the ledge where the guard was, and when you do a ship will come flying over
into the canyon.  If you give it the chance, it will drop off some more Slegs,
so take it out (the chaingun works well).

Continue forward through the canyon until you reach the end.  (If you fall
into the water, you'll have to swim back to retrace your steps until you find
one of the oddly-colored rock walls to climb up.)  At the end of the level are
three big guns on a gate.  Treat them the same way you did the first one;
there are rocket ammo pickups scattered around if you need them.  Be advised
that when you first start shooting at the big guns, some shutters will open on
the gate to reveal Slegs on a walkway shooting at you.  They're really more of
a distraction than a threat, though.  After the big guns are destroyed, a door
will open up below.  Go through and wait for a bit and the level will end.

Part 2: City Breach

Take the left hallway and ride the elevator up.  You'll find yourself in a
room with three Slegs, one of which throws grenades.  Kill them all, but try
not to hit the turret.  After the Slegs are dead, touch the console and a door
will open down below.  Before you go down again, though, take a moment to try
out the turret.  You can blow up a bunch of blimps, and also aim downward to
take out some snipers on the bridge below.  If you're really good you can hit
the barrels on the lower level of the bridge.  None of it is really important,

Go down the way you came, but be warned that Slegs have come in the open door.
They're not too hard to deal with.  Now you have to get across the bridge.
There are actually four levels to the bridge.

High Level: There's a sniper or two up here.  It's good for taking out the
big guns at the end of the level, but you'll have to go to the middle level to

Middle Level: Lots of barrels you can blow up.  Lots of jeeps you can blow up.
Lots of rocket ammo.  A few Sleg guards.  Take it slow and blow up everything
you can and you shouldn't have much problem.  At the end of the level are
three big guns.  Take them out with rockets.  Make sure not to waste any of
the medkits as you're making your way along the bridge.  The two bunkers (one
at each end of the bridge) have ladders leading to the lower level, and some
health and ammo pickups.  (Be careful jumping on and off the ladders to go up
and down from and to the lower level.  It's easy to fall and hurt yourself.
When you're trying to get off the ladder back to the middle level, hold right
or left and jump.)

Lower Level: This level offers an alternative to the hectic middle level.
Unfortunately, if you fall off, you die.  And it's pretty easy to fall off.
There aren't many Slegs, so that's good.  Of course, when you get to the end,
you'll have the big guns above you and the Slegs of the middle level hastening
toward you.  It's your decision.  The lower level also has a ladder providing
access to...

Lowest Level:  This level consists of one long horizontal ladder, leading to a
platform with a sniper on it.  Use your crossbow to zoom in and kill the
sniper before starting your climb--and be as careful as you were in all the
horizontal climbs before this, because below you is certain death.  Now, why
would you want to undertake such a hazardous...uh...undertaking?  Simply
because on the platform is the SWARM BORE ATTACHMENT AND SWARM BORE AMMO.
This is a prize not to be missed, if you can get up the nerve to make the
trek.  (Well, actually you'll find another in a few levels, so it's not *that*
critical.  Again, your choice.)

When you make it to the end of the level, some allies appear and move along
with you to the next one.

Part 3: Enter the City

You'll quickly find yourself in a street with Slegs attacking.  The entire
level is laid out like a "T".  You enter from the left branch of the T, and
you have to leave from the right branch.  In the "middle branch" of the T is a
turret you can use to shoot at enemies.  A ways into the level an Ankylosaurus
will come out of a door opposite the turret.  Use the turret to mow it down.
Be sure to explore the level for ammo and health in nooks and crannies.
(Don't miss the area the ankylosaurus came out of.)  Other than that, it's all
just about practicing your combat skills.  Follow the path to the end and duck
into a hole to finish the level.

Part 4: Street Combat

This is a pretty long level.  It starts out like the previous one, in a street
with waves of enemies.  Go into an alley to find a manhole you can shoot.  Go
down to a little sewer area with some ammo.  You can come
up another manhole a bit further along.  Two ankylosauri will attack you.
Then 3 spawners will be dropped, blow them up.  Continue on through doors and
corridors to a garden area.  Watch out, because snipers will be dropped from
balloons.  Keep an eye on the skies--you can shoot the balloons, and if the
snipers are high enough when they start falling they'll splatter on the ground
when they land.  Nice and simple.  Continue on through to another set of
doors.  They'll explode outward and burn a Sleg guard.  A ship has just
crashed in this area--search it for pickups.  Watch the skies for more
snipers, search the area for some ammo.  Nothing much too hard in this area.
When you get through with the enemies, a door will once again open to lead you
on.  It's not far from the end.

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Part 5: Sniper Hunting

This is an interestingly challenging level.  At the beginning an ally will
direct you to find and terminate ten snipers.  They're not too hard to find if
you do it systematically.  NOTE: When you kill a sniper, a message will pop up
showing how many snipers are left.  This can be very useful.  If you shoot a
rocket at a sniper, but see no message, it means that you didn't kill him.
Hunt him down and finish the job--don't go running off across the level and
wonder why you're missing one at the end.

After the scene, enter the door and start killing enemies.  Follow the hallway
to a bridge.  Across the bridge, above you, is the first sniper.  You can kill
him now or wait until you have a better shot (I always kill him as soon as I
see him).  Enter the building and kill some more enemies.  Now, if you go down
all the way to the bottom floor and look behind the staircase, you'll find the
swarm bore attachment and some ammo for it (and some other ammo too).  That's
the only reason for you to go down, though (unless you can't get ENOUGH of
killing those Slegs).  Go up a floor and you can find the room the sniper was
in--jump out onto the bridge archway to get a GRAVITY GUN.  Continue following
hallways on this floor until you find a room with several big Slegs and a
broken door leading outside.  There's a sniper behind this broken door--he
can't see you, but you can definitely kill him.  A well-placed rocket should
blow up everybody, or you can swarmbore the sniper through the hole in the
door.  (Remember to make sure you see the message saying he's dead before you

Eventually you have to go back to the area with stairways leading all the way
up and down through the building.  Go to the top floor and climb up the ladder
to the roof.  There's a sniper right there on the ledge, be sure to take him
out.  Of course, there are lots of OTHER Slegs running around, so be careful.
By now you should be pretty good at fighting off the lizard hordes (we hope).

Continue on along the roof into a narrow passageway.  There are two ladders
along here on your right--climb up and explore, because there are two snipers
hiding on this "high roof".  You should be halfway there by now.

Jump down the elevator--take it in stages so you don't hurt yourself falling.
There are a few rooms to explore and some doors...some doors lead to the
street, the others all lead to the same place eventually.  Keep going until
you find another bridge, with a sniper across the way above you just like
before.  Continue on into that building and explore the hallways, and you
should be able to ferret out two more snipers.  Only two left!

Just like before, move back and climb up to the roof.  (And just like before,
there's some ammo and health and the very bottom if you feel like trying to
get it.)  There should be a sniper right here, then move through the tunnel to
the final area with the last sniper.

Congratulations, you got them all!  Don't jump down off the building or you'll
kill yourself.  In fact, take the stairs back down so you don't hurt yourself
at all.  Patience is a virtue, and you should have cleaned out pretty much all
the enemies coming up this way.  Your allies are being attacked by a few last
Slegs, so help 'em out and head for the exit.

Part 6: Arena

You'll start out in a little room with lots of ammo.  If you can think like a
game designer, you'll realize that all this ammo is right here because you're
about to NEED it.  Move on out into the arena.

This actually isn't all that hard--there are various Sleg soldiers that hide
behind cover, there are tanks that blow up, there are allies running around
getting in the way, there are laser soldiers dropping from the sky on
balloons, there are waves of enemies that enter through the doors to continue
to make your life miserable, there are powerups hanging from balloons...but
nothing you haven't seen before.

Oh, wait, there IS something you haven't seen before.  After you've gone
through a few waves of enemies, a STYRACOSAURUS will charge into the Arena.
This guy is bad news.  He can shoot at you, for one thing.  He can also charge
fast enough to knock you clear across the level (and it hurts, too).  What's
worse is when he groans and slumps to the ground...and then GETS UP AGAIN.  It
takes three of those "kills" before he finally goes away for good.  Keep track
of where the ammo and health pickups are, and keep slugging away at him.

When you finally beat the styracosaurus, the energy field around the column in
the center of the arena shuts down, allowing you to climb up.  Gotta be
something good up there, right?  Well, it's the NUKE ATTACHMENT for the rocket
launcher, along with one piece of ammo.  As soon as you pick it up, a bunch of
enemies invade, taunting you to use the thing.  The bad news is that this may
be the only time in the game you get to play with the nuke.  Oh well.

After mopping up a couple more waves of Slegs, just head out the door.

Chapter 9: Vertigo

Now you're in the seedy underbelly, the quite literal bowels of the huge city.
This means that there's lots of places you can fall out of.  Be careful, be
very careful.  One wrong move and death is a short cutscene away.

Part 1: Vertigo

Welcome to the sewers.  Whee.

More to come...



You can find lots of cheats on www.gamefaqs.com (hooray for plugs).

But I heard about this code, "FMNFB".  That should unlock everything.
Or it might be "FMFNB", or some other combination.  I'll look into this more
and post again.


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This FAQ is always available on www.gamefaqs.com
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