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FAQ/Walkthrough by NOuDONTknowME1

Version: Final | Updated: 03/31/04

                          #####  ####### #####    
                          ###### ######  ######   
                          ##  ## ##      ##  ###  
                          ##  ## ##      ##   ##  
                          ###### #####   ##   ##  
                          ####   ####    ##   ##  
                          ## ##  ##      ##   ##  
                          ## ##  ##      ##  ###  
                          ##  ## ######  ######   
                          ##  ## ####### #####

        #########  ###     #####   ########  ########   ####   ##     ##
        ########  #####   ### ###  ########  ########  ######  ###    ##
        ##       ##   ##  ##   ##     ##        ##     ##  ##  ####   ##
        ##       ##   ##  ##   ##     ##        ##     ##  ##  ## ##  ##
        #####    #######  ##          ##        ##     ##  ##  ## ##  ##
        ####     #######  ##          ##        ##     ##  ##  ##  ## ##
        ##       ##   ##  ##   ##     ##        ##     ##  ##  ##  ## ##
        ##       ##   ##  ##   ##     ##        ##     ##  ##  ##   #### 
        ##       ##   ##  ### ###     ##     ########  ######  ##    ###
        ##       ##   ##   #####      ##     ########   ####   ##     ##

                              ####       ####
                              ####       ####
                              ####       ####
                              ####       ####
                              ####       ####


Written By
 Peter McThompson
 GameFAQs Name: NOuDONTknowME1

This guide was written in an MS-DOS editor and will be viewed best by one.
Wordpad however, will also do the job.  It's up to you.


If this isn't lined up, change the font to a fixed font.  There should also
be no more than 80 characters per line, but if there is, it shouldn't make a

Legal Copyright:
This FAQ/Walkthrough was written by Peter McThompson.
Copyright Peter McThompson 2002 - 2004.
I don't want to spell out the Do's and Don't Do's of it so here's a quick
rundown.  This is mine, don't say it's yours.  You may have a personal copy
of this guide, but you may not redistribute it in any way.  You may not
make copies of this guide other than the one you have.  You may not link this
to your site unless I say so.  You may not translate this to another language
and say that you made it.  If you'd like to translate it and perhaps post it
on GameFAQs, ask me, and I'll probably say yes, so long as you make it
obvious who the author is (Psst... that's me).  Now as far as plagiarism
is concerned, don't just copy and paste this FAQ and reword then say it's
yours.  And yes, these Copyrights do hold up in court.  So if you pull any
crap, I'll see you there.
If you want to do any of the above, Email me or AIM me, and I'll probably
give you permission.  I just don't wanna see this on some site I've never
heard of, and I sure as hell don't wanna see it in some Gaming Magazine
without my knowledge of it.  Just as long as you ask me for permission, I'll
probably hand it over without a whole lotta fuss.  I am a nice guy, and I
don't wanna have any trouble over this.

Sites with this Walkthrough with my permission:
www.GameFaqs.com  (this guide was intended for that site)
www.pc-cheats.org (don't know why they wanted it, but oh well)

That's about it.  It's for personal use, not to make a profit off of.
This is my shit, not yours!  Understand?  Good... now on with the FAQ!

Author's Notes:
    Captain's log, Stardate 10.27.02 - ALKJHF9324KDS-D
    This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough I've ever even attempted to make, so
    please excuse me if you don't find it helpful.  The reason I've decided
    to write it is because there are no Walkthroughs for RF2 as of yet, and
    I'm sure that everyone's getting hungry for one.

    Another thing I should mention is that I have NOT completed every bonus
    objective.  So if you're just reading this to see which ones you've
    missed, this isn't going to be a very helpful walkthrough.  I do intend
    to add to this FAQ, so if you're feeling nice, you can email me which
    bonus objectives I've missed, and I'll be happy to include it in my FAQ
    and give you full credit for the contribution.

    WALKTHROUGH FINISHED!!  Contributions needed!

    ** UPDATE ************
    Not anymore!

    In my last update, I put down that FTP.Media2way.com has pirated my FAQ.
    And just today I received an email from Chris O'Rorke who owns the site
    www.cheathappens.com explaining that ftp.media2way.com is just an ftp
    that stores all of cheathappens.com's FAQs, and cheathappens.com owns
    the ftp.  www.cheathappens.com has my personal written permission to post
    this FAQ.  So my sincerest apologies go out to Chris O'Rorke for defaming
    his website.... sorry Chris!  By the way, www.cheathappens.com is a great
    site.  Check it out guys! ^_^

    Also, I'd like to add that if you send a BO in, try to make sure that
    you've got the details of it down.  If you aren't sure about it, don't
    email me telling about it but telling me that you aren't sure about it.
    Just be sure you know what you're talking about...

    I'm getting tired of people adding me to their contact lists and then
    sending me chain letters, viruses (this happens several times daily),
    and other crap.  No more emailing me... my personal email inbox is
    box is being bombarded with all sorts of crap.  Once in awhile, people
    will email me something valid, but I really don't care anymore.  This
    is the last update for this guide, and I have very little to add to it.

    Seriously though, please stop emailing me.  Stick a fork in this guide,
    cuz' it's done. :)

    Don't despair though, there's enough bonus objectives in here to get you
    the perfect ending (it wasn't like that before), so everything you really
    need is in here now.  Thankyou to everyone who submitted things.

Contact Info:  

    What I will read and respond to:

    -Just about nothing anymore.

    What I won't read or reply to:

    -If you think that this guide sucks, that's fine.  However, don't email
      me just to say so.  If you can tell me how to make it better, then by
      god I'll read it and I'll fix my guide.  Just don't email me with
      something like: "Hey, your guide sucks."  Don't email me telling me
      that my ASCI art sucks, trust me, I know it does, deal with it.

    -Remember, most of this FAQ is comprised of how I play the game and win.
      just because I say that I think a particular weapon isn't all that
      great, doesn't mean that it isn't.  It's just my personal preference.
      However, if you do have a valid opinion that might help readers of this
      FAQ, mail me, and I'll see if I'll put it in.  Hey, you never know.


    - This guide will no longer be updated, do not email me to tell me I
	missed an objective, or if need help.  This guide contains all of the
	information about the game that I know about, and to my knowledge, it
	is complete.

    FAQ started.
    Walkthrough Finished.
    Updated with several new BOs
    Updated again including 1 new bonus objective, and an explanation of why
    I goofed in saying that ftp.media2way.com is a pirate site. It's legit
    and it actually does have my permission to post my faq and all the others
    that are on it.  Read Author's Notes above to find out why.

** Note:
     The walkthrough sections can be found by searching for the scenario then
     level like this.  3a would take you to "Search and Destroy".

    I. Introduction
   II. Weapons
  III. Cheats
   IV. Walkthrough
         1. Foreign Lands
           a. Complex Exterior
           b. Containment Facility
         2. Public Information Building
           a. Lobby Level
           b. Admin Area
           c. Propoganda Studios
           d. In the rain
           e. To the Rooftop
         3. Shrike's Wild Ride
           a. Search and Destroy
           b. Aerial Encounters
           c. Brothers-in-arms
         4. Underground
           a. Alone in the Dark
           b. The Train! The Train!
           c. Rush Hour
           d. The Bridge
         5. Tank on the Town
           a. Tank Gunner
           b. Traffic Congestion
           c. Road to the Citadel
         6. Sopot's Citadel
           a. Break in
           b. Main Gate
           c. Ammo Dump
           d. Battle Armor
           e. Hot Pursuit
           f. Missle Silo
         7. Hanging in the 'Hood
           a. Mean Streets
           b. High Rise Hell
           c. Death from Above
           d. High Rent District
           e. In the back Alleys
         8. Dancing with the Dead
           a. Cemetery
           b. Catacombs
           c. Cathedral
         9. A River Runs to it
           a. On the Docks
           b. Inside the Submarine
           c. Dive! Dive! Dive!
           d. The Right Way in
        10. Inside the Nanobase
           a. Industrial Processing
           b. Repta Reunion
           c. Having a Blast
           d. No Place Like Home
           e. The Nano Elite
           f. Reprocessed
        11. In Sopot's Deadly Embrace
           a. Inside the Statue
           b. Toward the Flame
           c. The Final Battle
   V. FAQ
  VI. Contributors
 VII. Thanks and stuff.

I. Introduction:
(Taken from Game Manual)
Nano-technology, Created on Mars by an Ultor scientist.  Stolen, brought to
Earth.  Stolen and Stolen again.  Until Alias, a top demolitions expert,
obtained the technology for the Republic of the Commonwealth.

Chancellor Sopot used nano-technology to transform Alias and two thousand
of the Commonwealth's bravest volunteers into super soldiers- fighters who
were strongerm faster smarter than any others.  But then Sopot began to fear
his creations.  He declared them enemies of the state, ordered them hunted
down and destroyed by his elite guard.

Alias and a handful of others survived.  Once a national hero, Alias is now a
renegade allied with the rebellious Red Faction.  He is one of a squad of
six, all nano-enhanced, all united by their uniquenesses and common cause.

Shrike: A madman with a taste for speed
Quill: A killer without a conscience
Tangier: Secretive and deadly.
Repta: The ultimate destructive force
Molov: The squad's respected leader
Alias: A hero with a mission

Their objective is the elimination of Chancellor Sopot, for his crimes against

II. Weapons:
In this section you will find my opinions on each weapon, and ways how I use
them effectively.  Just because I say it's effective, doesn't mean it'll work
for you, just that you might give it a shot to see how it works for you.

Damage Multiplier:
  Double's users damage for a short period.  In multiplayer, if you see this
  above someone's head, be sure you either squash them quickly, or get outta
  the way.  Just don't stick around.  If you get it, be sure you make good
  use of it.
  Ahh, this is a nice one.  If you have this, you'll gain life by shooting
  your foes.  This can mean the difference between killing and getting killed
Slow Motion:
  Here's an interesting one.  If you grab this, all other players will go at
  about 1/2 - 1/3 speed.  This includes movement, looking, and rate of fire,
  except with semi automatic weapons (they can still fire as fast as they can
  hit the trigger).  So, if you grab this, be sure you run around to your ops
  backside, and circle strafe around them while shooting until they're dead.
  If you are inflicted with slow mo, it's much easier to be accurate while
  shooting (It can sometimes be a good thing)
  If you see a green shield ontop of someone's head, run like hell.  There's
  no point in even shooting at them.  If you grab this, no holds barred...
  Go kill something.
  Adds 100 health up to a max of 200 health.  This certainly helps.  However,
  don't think you're invulnerable.  Eating 2 shots of the anti personel gun
  at point blank will turn you into hamburger (ie: meatify, or "Gibby").

  A decent weapon at really any range, despite what the game manual says.  If
  fired slowly, this can be pretty accurate.  Of course, it's always more fun
  to expend a clip in less than 2 seconds >=)~.  By itself, this weapon is
  OK. When paired up with another one, this can be pretty deadly. The way
  I use them is I'll shoot one pistol, and when it's empty, start
  shooting the other.  This way, you'll always have one loaded, and never
  have to stop shooting.  The only downside is that you can't throw grenades
  when you have both equiped.  Another use for these guns is when you're
  up against those kamikaze robot things.  You can just fire both guns once,
  and they'll die. This is the most effective way to kill those pests.
  The secondary of this pistol is a very useless pistol whip.  Don't bother.
  I think the pistol was better in RF1, but that's just me
  Clip Size: 16
  Ammo Type: Light
  Max Ammo: 256

Uzi (MP):
  I'm not to big on these guns.  If you're using just one, I'd prefer to use
  dual pistols.  However, if you've got 2, these things are just hand-held
  doom bringers.  I'm not saying I don't use these, but I am saying that I
  never use just one at a time.  These guns will suit you well if you're good
  at shooting your ops head.  The only really bad thing about these guns is
  that you spend ALOT of ammo, and they need frequent reloading.
  Clip Size: 32
  Ammo Type: Light
  Max Ammo: 256

  At first look, this gun seems really cool.  At second look, it seems like
  it's crap.  However, once you've been using it for awhile, this thing
  really is pretty nice.  It has a great rate of fire, and has a very
  respectable clip size.  If you're good at getting head shots, this gun is
  probably a nice choice for Single player for the first scenario, and some
  of the third.
  Clip Size: 64
  Ammo Type: light
  Max Ammo: 256

  What happened here?  In RF1 this thing was the ****!  Oh well, back to
  RF2.  Well, the primary fire of this gun is a normal blast.  You can fire
  this thing about 2 times per second.  If you're going for a head shot,
  it's pretty good.  Not too bad.  The secondary however... the secondary
  fire of this gun is insanely usefull.  If you're close enough, it'll light
  your opponents on fire (usually they'll just die).  The only downside is
  that when you fire that type, it takes about 1.5 seconds to shoot again.
  Too bad the ammo for this gun isn't found as often as other ammo,
  especially the incendiary rounds (god, those are really rare).
  Clip Size: 8, 8
  Ammo Type: Shells, Incendiary
  Max Ammo: 96, 16

Nano Grenade Launcher (NanoGL):
  This is a weapon that you'll probably want to use sparingly.  It uses
  grenades (gee, imagine that...), which aren't dropped from enemies.  So
  basically, you can't just use this as a primary weapon.  However, I don't
  mean to scare you off from using it in single player.  It is a magnificent
  weapon, just don't go crazy with it.  You can usually find around 6
  grenades in any level, and you can only hold 30, so you might as well shoot
  it off once in awhile.  The primary is an explode-on-contact shot.  The
  secondary is a timed grenade, but it'll still blow up if it scores a direct
  hit on an enemy.  Use this mode if you want to bounce it off of walls
  very usefull! Also, another great thing about this gun is that you start
  with it after you grab the Nano Cell.
  Clip Size: 6
  Ammo Type: grenade
  Max Ammo: 30

Assualt Rifle:
  This is my weapon of choice when going up against human enemies in single
  player.  One press of the primary fire button, it's curtains for them if
  you scored a head shot.  Not only that, you can keep pressing the primary
  fire button, and it'll fire almost continuously.  This holds an advantage
  over it's fully automatic mode because this seems to kill **** faster.
  It's secondary fire, is it's fully automatic mode.  I usually only use this
  when I want to fire a single shot or two.  Remember, the primary fire of
  this is an accurate 3 shot burst.  The secondary is fully automatic, or
  single shot if you just tap it.
  Clip Size: 48
  Ammo Type: Medium
  Max Ammo: 192

  This weapon is pretty nice.  This is the weapon you start the game with,
  however, after you beat the first 2 levels, it'll be awhile before you see
  it again.  My description of it is this:
  Basically imagine a watered down Grenade launcher, and a watered down
  assault rifle, and combine the two.  Now, because I say "watered down",
  doesn't mean useless.  On the contrary, this is one of the best weapons
  in the game, I'm just saying that you can't expect this gun to replace
  your NanoGL.  Ok, the primary fire for this gun shoot 3 shots, and the
  secondary fires a grenade.  I don't really use this gun all that often.
  The only time I really like to have it out is when I don't know where the
  enemies are.  See, this gun has a really usefull ability to locate enemies.
  It also shows their health.  These 2 features won't work in multiplayer
  though, so don't count on this to give you an edge.  Another reason why
  you might want to use this is so that you can easily make the transition
  from close range to medium range fighting.  You wouldn't want to have your
  NanoGL pulled out when you're in close combat with enemies would you?  But
  it's nice when your at a certain range right?  Well instead of having to
  worry about switching weapons, you can just have this out and go from
  blowing your enemies away, to capping them in their faces.  However, I'd
  still prefer my assault rifle over this gun in most cases.
  Clip Size: 48, 5
  Ammo Type: Med, grenades
  Max Ammo: 192, 30

Rocket Launcher (WASP):
  I don't really use this much.  Ammo for it is few and VERY far between.
  This isn't a weapon you can just trot your way through the game with.
  You can get this weapon REALLy early in the game, be sure you grab it.
  Ok, I only use this weapon about 4 times in the game:  When you face the
  gunship, when you fight the battle armor, when you take repta on, and when
  you face the last boss.  There really isn't any reason to waste what
  precious little ammo you have for it.  The primary fire shoots the rocket
  and the seconary locks on to vehicles (no, you can't lock onto people).
  This thing packs a whallop.
  Clip Size: 6
  Ammo Type: rocket
  Max Ammo: 6!!

Rail Gun:
  Wow, one of the few weapons that has been improved from RF.  Ok, the rail
  driver's rate of fire is about once per 2 seconds.  It shoots through
  walls, and even sees through walls (and people, double kills!).  In single
  player this has another use to me: it makes a great enemy locator.  Always
  keep atleast one shot with it, that way you can pull it out and see
  through walls, just so you know what's up ahead.  Don't use it for killing
  normal enemies often, you won't find slugs laying around everywhere.
  Clip Size: 3 in single player, 6 in multiplayer
  Ammo Type: Slugs
  Max Ammo: 12, 36 in multiplayer

Nano Uzis (Nano MP):
  These are just like the Uzis, but they're much stronger.  These have a
  bigger clip, a faster rate of fire, and hurt much much more.  Even a
  single Nano Uzi makes a formidable weapon, but when you are dual weilding
  them, it's a force to be reckoned with.  These make getting head shots real
  easy.  Be carefull though, these will deplete your ammo REAL fast.
  Clip Size: 64
  Ammo Type: Med
  Max Ammo: 192

Heavy Machine Gun (HMG):
  This is one of my favorite weapons...  This gun's rounds really pack a
  punch.  It doesn't take many shots to drop just about any enemy with this
  baby.  If you're good with getting head shots, one clip (or should I say
  chain) from this gun will last you a long time.  Be warned though, this
  gun takes awhile to reload, so if you're running low on ammo in the clip,
  and your taking a hail of bullets, just switch guns and reload later it
  Clip Size: 99
  Ammo Type: heavy
  Max Ammo: 297

Sniper Rifle:
  This gun will see plenty of use later on.  When you get into the Nano
  base, this is the gun you should start using.  One head shot will kill
  the nano zombies and nano soldier.  Now, both of those enemies usually
  take about 3 heatshots to drop with any machine gun you might be thinking
  of using.  Because the nano zombies drop only shells or light rounds, med
  rounds become less common in this area, so you want to be sure you're
  maximizing the effectiveness of your ammo.  Besides that, this gun takes
  humans out in 1 shot.  So if you're low on ammo, pull this gun out and
  start making head shots.  Secondary zooms.
  Clip Size: 6
  Ammo Type: med
  Max Ammo: 192

Precision Rifle:
  This is like a less powerfull sniper rifle, however, you can fire this gun
  just as fast as you can press the button... and every shot hits its mark.
  This gun can lay waste to anything in no time.  However, you may find that
  you run out of ammo quickly, if you aren't accurate.  Too bad you get it
  after you're pretty much done fighting human opponents...  Nano soldiers
  just take too many shots.  They take 3 head shots from this, while 1 head
  shot from the sniper rifle will kill them.  However, if you've got
  lightning fingers (like me), this gun will OWN in multiplayer.
  Clip Size: 32
  Ammo Type: med
  Max Ammo: 192

Anti Personel:
  Ah, repta's evil weapon.  This is pretty much the fusion rocket launcher
  of the game (you RF vets should know what I'm talking about).  This shoots
  5 grenades at once, and just kills everything.  The primary fire makes the
  grenades bounce off walls (still blows up if they hit enemies), and the
  secondary fire sticks to walls and the ground (these are timed).  This
  gun eats your grenade ammo, so use it sparingly.  Need I say more?
  Clip Size: 15
  Ammo Type: grenades
  Max Ammo: 30

III. Cheats:

** UPDATE *******************************************************************
Under no circumstances ask me for cheats for any ported version of RFII.
This guide assumes you're playing on the PS2.  If you are, great, if not,
then go look elsewhere for cheats.  Besides that, I believe the games is the

This Walkthrough assumes that you are not using cheats.  Personally, I don't
like playing with cheats as it ruins the challenge of the game.  Now if
you are cheating, this walkthrough will still get you through the game.  But
when I say something about you needing to save some ammo, but you have
unlimited ammo/grenades, don't worry about changing weapons.  I really don't
think you should use them, however I'm sure people would appreciate it if
I'd include them, so here they are.  Note: I pulled these cheats right off
of the Codes page.  I'm not taking credit for them, but I figure I'd just
throw them in.

Super Health:
 X, X, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle

Unlimited Ammo
 Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle

Unlimited Grenades:
 Circle, X, Circle, Square, X, Circle, X, Circle

Wacky Deaths:
 8 Triangles

Director's Cut:
 Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Triangle

Walking Dead:
 8 Xs

Rain of Fire:
 8 Circles

Rapid Rails:
 Circle, Square, Circle, Square, X, X, Triangle, Triangle

Instagib Ammo:
 X, X, X, X, Square, Circle, X, X

Instagib Explosions:
 Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, X, Square

Bullet Gibs:
 Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Circle

Unlock Everything
 Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Square, Circle, Square, Circle

Unlock All Cheats:
 Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, X

Unlock All Levels:
 Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, X, X

These codes were submitted on the GameFAQs Codes page.  These codes were
posted by Fiber Optikz.
Onto the Walkthrough!!

This walkthrough assumes you're on HARD mode.  You don't need to be, but when
I say something's hard or dangerous, it might not be depending on your
difficulty.  If you're using the Director's Cut cheat, well, may god have

Also, I'm trying to be specific as to where enemies are in the rooms, and how
to clear them out best.  That's one reason why this guide is lengthy,
especially for an FPS.  I realize that not all of the Bonus Objectives are
complete.  So in future versions, I will put all of them in, right under
the level title.  If you know of ANY I didn't list, tell me so I can make this
complete ASAP.  If you're reading this guide just to see where all the bonus
objectives are, chances are the one you're looking for might not be in here
yet.  Once this get's updated, I'll list which Bonus Objectives have been
added and how to do them.  In the mean time, here's the walkthrough:

1. FOREIGN LANDS=============================================================

Ok when you first start off, Shrike tells you he needs you to take out the 4
towers.  Well there's an easy way, or a dangerous way.

Here's the dangerous way:
Blow up the bottom of the pillar right infront of you.  Run in guns blazing.
Blow up all 4 towers.  Eat a few rockets, get shot a few times.  Quick, but
you might lose a few medkits of health.

Here's the easy way:
Ok, now from where you're standing, you can easily take out 3 towers.  When
you gain control, there's a little hill to your left.  Get ontop.  Now, to
take out the towers, you must shoot a grenade at the tower's front area.  It
must hit on the FRONT.  Ok, now once you're ontop of the hill, you're going
to have to blow up all 4 towers.  Well from where you're standing, you can
hit all 4 pretty easily.  First take out the closest tower.  You're going to
line up your sites with the front of the tower, and aim just a little above
it (just a little).  Fire your secondary with the NICW.  Easy huh?  Do this
2 more times and you'll have blown up 3 towers.  The far tower on the left
can be a bit tricky to hit, however, there's another angle that you can nail
it from.  Head down that little hill and you'll see an opening in the wall.
Get down close to it, on the right.  Someguy may start shooting at you, so
you might wanna kill him before continuing.  Ok, now that he's dead, look to
the left a bit, and you'll see a little bit of the 4th and final tower.  You
can blow it up from where you're standing.  Do it.  Now back up far enough
to not get blown up by your own grenade and fire one at the base of that
pillar you were standing next to.  Boom, now you're in the base.  Ok, before
running in there and getting shot up, head up the ramp while ducking.  Just
enough to where you can get a clear shot at that rocket launcher across the
base.  Fire a few grenades and it should be blown up.  Ok, now that you've
used some grenades, go back down the ramp the way you came from and grab the
grenades in the corner.  Now go back into the base.  Shrike may say
something about Clearing the enemy troops and he's coming to blow off the
front doors so you can storm in there and steal the Nano Cell.

Now, if you go to your left near the back wall, you can grab some ammo.
Head right and you can have some more ammo near the other corner.  There's
a little bunker in the courtyard.  There may be a soldier standing in it.
You can blow a hole in the wall of it and storm him before he knows what's
going on.  I recomend you do, but you can just go around it to the entrance
and risk eating some assault rifle rounds.  You be the judge.  Ok now that
you've pilfered all the goods from the courtyard, Shrike has probably
finished blowing through the doors.  Go in there.


Ok, there should be some double doors right infront of you.  If you just run
through them, you're going to be gunned down, so listen up on how to stay
alive.  Now get as far left as you can and creep up to the door.  Look towards
your 10 o'clock and let the doors open.  Fire a grenade at the boxes and you
should hear 2 soldiers eat some shrapnel.  Ok, now fire a grenade at the
buggies and they should explode, killing another soldier.  Back up and let
the doors close.  Now get on the left side of the hallway, and go up to
the doors and look towards your 2 o'clock.  There should be a guard there
up in the window.  If you did this right, you can see his arm, and he can't
see you.  Just blast him till he dies.  Ok, now before you run in, there's
just one more dude to kill.  If you look straight down the room, there
should be a little fenced section.  There's a dude in between them and he'll
probably start taunting you... Are you gonna let him say that to you?  No!
Let him eat some hot lead.  Now, there's gonna be 2 dudes that come into
that little windowed area once you head into the room.  Get behind the blown
up buggies, and fire a grenade in there.  They should both die.  Grab what
health you need from the back of the room on the shelves and head up to the
back of the room.

Go up the stais and blow a hole through the right
air duct.  Duck down, turn your Night Vision Goggles (NVG from now on) by
pressing Down on the D Pad.  Now head into the ducts and head right.  Go
through the ducts, they are easily navigated (if you've got NVG on anyways).
Once you're at the end, there's another air duct cover on.  You should hear
2 guards talking.  One of them wants to borrow some money.

Ok, now get up right next to the grate and look down a little bit.  Throw
a Grenade (not the secondary fire of the NICW, but a thrown grenade) through
the grate and back up a bit.  Both guards should be dead.  Head out through
the tunnel.  Now, there are MANY guards in this room, but there's some cover.
All the guards are in the hallways towards your left.  Now, if you're on HARD
mode, you will probably want to just kill em all with grenades.  Their shots
just hurt too much to play around with them.  If you're on easy or medium,
you can probably get by with just strafing and firing.  Once they're all
dead, head towards the end of the room, however, before going into that
doorway, blow a hole through one of the ducts in the ground (there should be
2, both of them are the same vent, so just pick one).  Now quickly get down
it.  Now the doors will close, but there are windows in it, and 3 or 4 guards
would be able to shoot you.  That's why you blew up the vents before hand, so
you wouldn't have to take their fire.  Ok, now that you're in the vents
head left and up the ladder.

Now you're at another grate.  You can take advantage of the fact that you
can pitch grenades through grates, and kill that guard below you.
Blow off the grate.  There's going to be a rocket launcher automated defence
gun in the back of the room.  Don't worry, it can't Geo Mod through the vent
you're in.  Now, there's also a guard on a catwalk that will probably be
in your sites.  Blast him, once he's dead, get out of the vent and run to
pillar in the middle of the room.  In this pillar there's a metal rod that
the rocket launcher defence gun can't geo mod past.  You're safe behind it.
Now, get used to its rythm, and strafe out, fire a grenade, strafe back.
Rinse and repeat till it blows up.  Ok, now step out and geo mod that wall
that was under it.  Grab the grenades, ammo, and health kit that was
probably droped by the guard you probably just blew up.  Head through that
door.  Hit the button, and ride the elevator to the next floor.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
You can geomod next to the turret and get behind it and place an explosive
on it by pressing X.  Bonus Objective "Destroy Turret using a Timed
Explosive" Submitted by Darkchrid

Now when the doors open you should see a control room.  On either side is
a catwalk that leads to the same place.  Now before you venture out, go to
the back of this room and get up right next to the window sill.  Look up.
You see that purple light thingy?  That's what you gotta blow up.  There's
2 of them, the other one's on the opposite side of the pillar you're lookin
at.  Now blow both of them up (watch out for the 2 guards).  Now get on the
metal catwalk towards the back of the room.  This should take you right up
to the pillar, now you can grab the Nano Cell.  Take it.  This will cause
the base to enter self destruct mode.  Don't worry, I don't think it's
possible to get blown up here.  Now the catwalk will automatically fall down.
This will make you face the door you need to run through.  Run through it
and you'll see a cutscene of Alias running away.  Good Job!  First mission

2. Public Information Building===============================================

You'll start off with Molov in a VERY small room.  Guards will be alerted and
the window will open.  You can't go through the door, so basically you're
stuck in here.  Now, the enemies will fire grenades into the room.  What does
that mean to you?  Don't get too close to Molov, because the grenades will
probably blow up on him, and if you are next to him, you're gonna take some
painfull splash damage.  Ok, now here's the best way IMO to get through this
part.  Stand in the back left corner, and don't do a whole lot.  If you can
see a guard from here (which won't happen alot), use your NanoGL and waste
em.  Carefull though, Molov's got a big body, and you don't want your
grenades blowing up on him (this will hurt you too).  Once things start to
calm down a bit, get up next to Molov and take care of the remaining 3 or 4
soldiers.  Molov should say something like "Enough of this ****, we're outta
here".  He'll open the door now.  Head out and grab all the ammo and health
you can get.  You should now have dual uzis, and dual pistols.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
You can blow a hole in the wall right next to molov with the NanoGL and
escape through it to get the Bonus Objective "Geo Mod out of Room with
explosives" (or something like that).  Submitted by:
MishchiefMayhemSoap, RenegaeMarine, =-FireRocker-=, TyPhyter83, Darkchrid,
Xyro and many many MANY more.  Seems like I missed an easy one here...

Ok, another thing I should mention is that you can now Nano Regenerate
health.  You can regain 1 health bar, but if you're missing a MedKit
(noted by a + on your health bar), you can't do that.  Basically, it'll fill
up your bar.  So if you ever getting hurt, but have some really good cover,
sit still awhile and get your health back, it's not worth rushing through
and losing a med kit when you don't have to.

Now head through the door. (You can blow up Sopot's statue if you like, but
it gets you nothing for your troubles)  Ok, now switch to dual MPs.  Caution,
these guns drink your ammo if you're a bad shot.  I recomend firing one at a
time, that way you're not eating ammo, and you dont' have to worry about
reloads.  As soon as one clip's empty, shoot the other one.  You'll always
have a clip with ammo in it.  Now the door will close and Molov is locked
out.  There's 2 guards in here, put some holes in em, and get in an elevator.
Press the button.  Repta will say something stupid like "Resistance heavy,
outnumbered 15 to 1... under control".  What a loser.  Anyways, blow out all
the glass, this way you can jump out in a minute.  Ok, once you get out of
that room in the elevator, you'll see a whole bunch of floors and platforms.
Jump out now, or die if that's what you want.  Now that you ditched your
elevator, you'll be on the ground (not in the room you were before).  There's
a ladder infront of you by the wall.  Start climbing it SLOWLY.  If you see
a guard, get out of his sights and try to shoot him at another angle so that
he can't shoot you, but you can shoot him.  Also, when you get up next to
the next floor, climb very slowly.  If you do this just right, you can cap
alot of people in the heads while they don't even see you.  Once you wipe
out a floor, get off of the latter, and grab their ammo.  Get back on, and
keep this up till you're at the top floor. By now you've probably realized
that these guns really do eat your ammo.  Equip your NanoGL, you'll see
why in a minute. Ok, now go to the last door on this floor and head
through the door.


Ok, head through the door and you'll see a cut scene where tangier sneaks up
on some poor dude and shoots him.  Now you'll be in a small room with
breakable windows.  Tangier will start fiddling with a fuse box.  Now get up
next to the doors and get ready to meatify some dudes.  A door at the back of
the room will open, a well shot grenade will blow up all three dudes that
come through.  Two guys will hop down from the 2nd floor, blow them up too.
The door should open and more dudes will start coming into the room from
various places.  Head to the center of the room to trigger a bonus objective.
Now three guards will blow throught the roof and come down.  It's pretty
funnny to blow them up while they're still falling.  Now get into a little
office and switch to the dual MPs.  Duck down and let tangier take care of
some dudes.  If you start getting flanked, don't be lazy, shoot.  Once things
calm down a little bit, start moving up the room, and taking care of anyone
tangier didn't.

Head through the door and equip your NanoGL.  A Gunship will be outside.  2
shots will kill it, (and 4 shots will kill you, be on your toes).  Go through
the door on the right to pick up some satchels and ammo.  Some stupid ***
civilian will say something about "I don't do blood and guts, you get away!
That's it I quit! I QUIT!...".  I just love shooting this guy, however, it'll
hurt your heriocs meter to kill civs, so you probably shouldn't do this.
Meanwhile, Tangier will start fiddling with some other control box to get a
door to open.  So for now, head out of that room with that stupid bastard civ
and look up.  There's another floor there with guards that'll come out.  You
can throw a frag grenade or two up there, but you don't really need to.
Soon Tangier will have that door open, head through it and cap 2 guards in
their faces.  Head up a bit till you see a window to your right and a door
directly ahead.  Look through that window, into another window.  You'll see
a 2 guards.  Let them have it too.

Go through that door.  In here, you'll see another door, and a wall with an
emblem on it.  If you go into this room a little bit, that wall will blow up
and some dudes will come out.  Get behind the desk and duck, fire, duck,
fire...  Once they're dead, head through that door to your left and you'll
see 2 employees looking suspicious...  Hmm... Grab the health and listen
to the woman tell you to "Go away and Shut the **** door".  I guess they want
privacy. Oh well, better do as she asks bub, you've got a chancellor to
kill.  Go through that hole in the wall in the last room.  Tangier will say
something about a "Nice table".  Well, two armored dudes drop from the
ceiling.  Get the drop on them before they are on the ground.  Grab their
SMGs.  The SMG is a pretty nice gun.  Personally, I'd use it, but then again,
I'm not the one playing.  You decide.  Now exit this room.

Well in this room, you'll see some cubicles, and an employee.  You'll see him
try to run up the cubicle rows, but a hidden gun mows him down.  Do you want
to have that happen to you?  Well, I didn't think so.  Now these cubicles are
Geo Modable.  Back up through the last door and pitch a grenade right next to
the first cubicle.  Let it blow up and get back into the room.  Stay outside
of that cubicle and pitch a grenade at the next cubicle.  Basically, don't
throw a grenade too close to yourself, but you need to geo mod to the end of
the room.  Get behind that automated defence gun, and press X.  This will
plant a bomb and blow it up.  Bonus Objective, but still, you didn't get hurt
so this one really helps.  Enter the double doors directly behind that gun.
You'll see Quill show off in this next room by killing all 3 soldiers.
Anyways, head through that door to the back.


Imediately duck down (get used to ducking, it helps) and look up.  You'll
see that you're in a stair well, and you can already see someone waiting in
ambush.  Pull out your NanoGL, and fire right up underneath him.
Head forward JUST A LITTLE BIT.  Look up and to the right corner, shoot a
grenade under the stairs.  You'll kill one dude that was ontop of what you
just shot at, and another dude right below it.  Nice job.  Now turn all the
way back around (towards where you came from), and look up a bit.  Back up
till you see someone's head.  You'll see his gun first, but keep going till
you can actually get a shot for his head.  3 shots and he's a goner.  Now
you've killed them all, head up the stairs, but wait by the door.

Tangier will run in and kill the many soldiers who wait in ambush.
There's also a gunship doing a fly-by.  This room isn't healthy.  Just wait
for Tangier to do most of the dirty work, then head in and kill the remaining
ones.  Wait by the door in the back as Tangier opens it up.  Stay to the far
left.  Once it's open, strafe slowly to the right until you see some
soldier's shoulder.  Shoot it till he dies.  Once again, wait by the left
side of this next door.  Open it up and look up at the catwalk, shoot that
dude.  Now look towards the window to the right of this room.  Throw a
grenade into the window and it'll blow up that station.
Bonus Objectives "Destroy the Control room" and "Disrupt Sopot's Broadcast"

Go into the room you just blew up and head towards the door in the back.
Pull out your NanoGL, and open the door.  Shoot a grenade at the back, the
middle and back up and shoot one near the door.  This'll take out 4 or 5
armored soldiers (they don't die from headshots easily).  Pull out your
weapon of choice and move into the room slowly, killing whoever may still
be alive.  Head out the back of this next room and through the back of the
next room.  Molov will ask for status reports.  In this next room you'll see
of SCBN NEWS, and some Frag grenades as well as grenades.  Reload your NanoGL
and take the grenades (if needed).  Open the door and quickly run through it
and to the left.  Pitch a frag over the benches, and get ready to kill some
armored soldiers.  Now after you've blown up the benches you might see a dude
at the back of the room, gun him down and duck down next to the window after.
There are 4 to 5 enemies in this room and they're all to the left of this
window.  Pitch a frag over there and flush them out, gun down all of them.
There's also a dude at the top of the catwalk in that room, if you can see
him, blast him.  Head into the control room and into the room you just
cleared.  Soon a catwalk will fall to the ground and let you access the door
atop it. Go up it, through the door, and up the stairs.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
In the room just after the first blown up broadcasting room, there is the
room lined with shelves inside.  There are also several armored soldiers in
here.  Blow up all of the shelves to get the BO "Destroy Sopot's Archives"
Submitted by Yowza57

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
You can blow the catwalk down before it falls down by itself to get the
Bonus OBjective "Blow Down Catwalk" Submitted by:



This is another part in the game where you're going to need a good mix
between taking cover, and running in guns blazing.  Also, this place is a
good place to use your NanoGL.  There are alot of those armor soldiers here.
They take too many shots to take down, but 1 grenade meatifies them.  It's up
to you.  It'll be awhile before you'll really NEED to use this, so you can be
alittle wasteful with it.

Ok, now head out and to the left, you'll see some health, grenades, and light
rounds.  Take what you need and head to the right.  There will be 2 guys
around the corner of where you just came from.  Wipe em out.  Now before you
run straight ahead, there's one more soldier in hiding.  Follow the wall of
where you just came from to the edge of the roof.  He's in the corner.  Now
after he's taken care of Shrike will tell you that you need to kill some
gunships (bonus obj?).  Well, if you see a gunship, blow it up with your
NanoGL.  Anyways, head forward and you'll come to another room on the roof.
Open the door and bounce a grenade off of the wall inside, this will drop
2 guards who were waiting inside.  Grab the health and ammo and go back out.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
There is no bonus objective for blowing up all the gunships (if it's even
possible).  Confirmed by C k

Head straight and take cover on the left by the wall.  There might be a guy
here.  If not, head left and take cover again, he might be trying to shoot
Repta.  Take him out and head up the steps.  Keep going and take a left.
Head straight, but keep to the left.  You'll see a guard down below the steps
behind some railing.  Shoot through it and take him out.  Then peek around
that corner you're at and kill the guard.  Head down the steps.  There are
2 large crates here.  Use them for cover as you kill all the soldiers around
here.  If you're getting shot at and you need to reload, take some cover or
throw a grenade and reload.  After you kill the guy behind the last box,
head down the small steps and go up to the door.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
In this next area there will be a small room behind some fencing (if you
could call it that) that has some green monitors on the walls.  Blow them up
to get the Bonus Objective "Blow up Monitors" Submitted by C k

Make sure you have the NanoGL out.  You'll need atleast 1 shot if you hope
to not get shot much.  Open the door and blast the first group of soldiers,
then the second.  Now head down to the end of this room walking backwards.
You'll hear an explosion and see some guards come out.  Blast them and
quickly turn around to the door.  You'll see that it's open and there's a
soldier shooting up your back.  Are you going to let him get away with that?
No!  Blast him... Then blast a grenade towards the back of this room and
drop 2 more guys. Ok, now that you've used quite a few grenades, put it away
and go back to your weapon of choice.  Exit through the door in this room and
take care of that guard to the left.  There's another guard ahead a little
bit.  Take him out and then stick to the left side of the roof.  There's a
guy behind some cover here.  Take him out with any means you want, it's just
one guy.  Then get to the left again, and there's another guy around this
next corner.  Take him out then  go up the steps.  In this part there are 4
large crates.  Inbetween them are soldiers.  One thing that works well is to
bounce frag grenades off of them inbetween the boxes.  Or you can run in guns
blazing and get shot up alot.  Hey, it's up to you.  Grab what ammo you need
and health and go into the door.  Equip the dual MPs and walk forward.


Now you'll see the door swing open and 2 armored soldiers run in.  Fire both
guns at once and aim for their heads.  If you don't take them out quick,
you're in for a world of hurt.  I'd say you might try the NanoGL, but it's
a small room, so you might blow yourself up.  Grab their health after they're
good and dead and go out the door they came from.  Grab more health and ammo
and head out onto the rooftop.  Immediately infront of you is a crate, and
behind it is a soldier, before he even pops out you can toss a frag over
there and take care of him.  Afterwards run behind the box and peep out and
kill a few more soldiers if they're there.  If not run forward a bit and
pitch a grenade behind the next crate.  This will pretty much infurate the
Ant's Nest of dudes and get about 4 to come out.  Pitch another grenade and
run away.  Take the nearest cover and finish them off. Aren't these armored
guys annoying?  Thankfully, after this, you won't fight many more of them.
Pull out the NanoGL if you've got more than 3 shots.  Open up the door and
kill both soldiers.

Do you want a WASP?  I bet you do...  So when you get into this room turn
left and shoot a grenade at the wall by the stairs.  Go into the hole you
just made and head up the ladder.  Bonus Objective "Find a bonus weapon".
Turn around and get up to the ledge where the ladder is.  Where'd he come
from?  There's a guy that just came through your hole telling you to
"fear us!"... drop a frag grenade on his head.  "Fear us!"... indeed...
Go back down the ladder (or fall, it won't hurt), go back through your hole,
up the stairs and grab the health and ammo.

Now you'll have to face a gunship with more health than the others.  This is
almost a boss fight (a really easy one, so I'll just explain it here).  Ok,
now pull out your WASP and open the door.  Press the secondary fire button to
lock onto the ship.  Stay close to the wall so that the door stays open when
you strafe past it.  The general idea here is to strafe back and forth and
shoot rockets at it... easy enough?  Once it's dead QUICKLY run back to where
you found the rocket launcher and grab all the ammo you can.  The level ends
automatically after you kill the ship, so you gotta be fast.

3. Shrike's Wild Ride========================================================

Ahh... your first vehicular mission.  This can be alot of fun.  Ok, when you
first start out, Tangier tells you that Sopot's ship has been spotted.  Now
this level is really cut and dry.  Don't kill civs, kill baddies.  Kill the
flying ship when you first start off.  First pass over the building don't
shoot anyone inside.  Second pass, kill everyone.


When you get to the refueling station, blow up all the fuel tanks.  This took
me a long time to figure out.  That's a Bonus Objective by the way.
"Destroy Gunship Refueling Station" after that it just one thing:
Kill all the gunships... easy enough?  Thought so. At the end of the mission
You'll get the bonus objective "Evade and Destroy Gunship Patrols"


Blow up all the targets, and don't shoot all your pals in the Red Faction.
After this, you'll have to blow up a millitary convoy.  Bonus Objective:
"Destroy Military Convoy".  There's another one right after it.  You get it
by destroying 2 buggies attacking some RF troops.  "Aid RF troops in Streets"
Blow up the Battle Armor "Destroy Battle Armor".  Then shortly after you'll
get "Defend RF outpost".  Then "Defend RF troops from Processed".  Lotsa
stuff to do.  Good thing it's all easy.

4. Underground===============================================================

Ahh, this mission is famous for how many people get stuck.  Well, here's how
you get past it.  When you start out you'll be facing a wall.  Blow a hole in
it.  DON'T USE THE WASP!  It's a waste of ammo.  Use a frag grenade or the
NanoGL.  You don't pick up rockets very often.

Now watch out for the flying robots in here, they respawn very quickly.  Also
watch out for the soldiers with shotguns.  They can hurt you pretty fast.
Anyways, run through that hole you just made and up the steps.  Hang a right
and fall off the ledge into some water.  Keep going straight for just a sec
and get on the ladder.  Climb up and you're outta that room that everyone
gets lost in.  Easy eh?

Ok, now hang a right at the T intersection in the pipes.  Pull out the dual
pistols, because you won't be fighting anything tough for awhile.  Watch out
for those openings in the gutter, troops like to pitch frags down em.  Keep
going straight, and follow this pipe till it curves to the right.  Get ready
to face a kamikaze bug thing.  Two shots from the dual pistols takes em down.
So just press primary and secondary fire buttons simultaneously.  Keep
going until you fall down.  Go down the hole and you'll land in some water.
Once you land, turn right and head that way.  Get onto the bank and go up
the latter.  Inside, you'll find a med kit and two boxes of light rounds.
Goside and up to the pillar.  On it, you'll find a valve, press X to turn it.
This will raise the water level in both rooms.

Go back to the first room that you fell into and go into that pipe that was
too high up to enter earlier.  Follow this pipe until you come across 2 pipes
take the left pipe (The one that doesn't say "18" above it) to grab some
incendiary rounds and see an RF chick fall to her demise.  Grab her health
and take her shells.  After you're finished laughing, go out and take the
pipe on the left (the 18 pipe).  Once you get out of this pipe, head right
and grab some light rounds and some health.  Head down to the dead end and
some of those flying bots will blast through the wall.  Kill them, they
aren't very tough, jump through the hole to get some grenades and light
rounds.  You'll need to make the hole bigger to get back through, so do it.

Go back inside and head down into the water, turn right and under the water is
another "18" pipe.  Note:  The one you came through is round, this one is
square, so don't confuse the 2.  Head through the door.


NOTE:  In this place, trains do come through here often, and they will kill
you if they hit you.  If you're going down the tracks and you can't get to a
landing in time, duck into some of the holes that are littered throughout
the subway.  Just remember which direction you came from.

Head up the ladder and wait for the train to pass by, cross the tracks and
listen to some bum.  Turn left and head down the tracks, and of course, watch
for trains.  Duck into the first hole on the left and grab some satchels.
Wait for the train because you probably couldn't make it to the next landing.
After the train passes by quickly head left.  That's the last time you'll
have to duck into a hole.  The rest of it can be made by stopping on the

On the next landing, stop and wait for the next train, once it passes,
quickly head left again.  Keep doing this until you see the next landing has
a guy on it, and a boarded up doorway (and an open one).  Stay behind the
boarded up window because a whole **** load of those kamikaze bugs come at
you.  They can't get through that window, but you can shoot them.  After
they've quit coming, head inside just a little, and look to your right.
There's a bug there, blast it.  Look to your left and you'll see another
one, blast it.  After this, you should hear some of their familiar noises.
Get back outside to the window and get ready to kill a few more.

Keep at it for awhile, they keep coming from the top. Once you haven't killed
about 5 or 6 that respawned head back inside and follow the wall to your
left.  After you get past the piller look to your right and you'll see 2 down
at the end.  Kill them.  Head up to the pay booth and kill every one you see.
Afterwards, jump inside the toll both and grab some health and ammo.  Now
head into the left bathroom and take those corners slowly, they often ambush
you.  Grab the shells and health.  Now head into the right bathroom, grab
the frags and health.  Now hang a right and blow a hole in the wall behind
the stand (if there isn't one already).  Those bugs will start to pour out
of that hole, so stand back and kill them.  Once they've stopped coming out
blow a hole in the wall so that you can fit through it and kill any remaining
bugs.  There's atleast one behind the generator.  Once you're done, head up
the steps and jump across to the top of the generator.  Grab the shells and
go through the door.  Bonus Objective "Find a way out of the station".
Grab all the ammo and head out to the next area.


Go forward and eventually you'll see a flying bot.  Kill it and hang a left.
Go out through that door and go right.  Don't worry, that train up ahead
isn't moving.  Don't get too close yet though.  There are a few soldiers in
here that have shotguns, not something you wanna get hit with in close range.
Take them out then cautiously proceed to either side.  Watch out, there are
more flying bots and soldiers waiting for you.  Once you're done in here
head through the doors.  Kill all the flying bots and soldiers if they're in
here, then go out the other side into the next subway room.  In here, there
are more enemies to kill.  Grab all the gear and head out down the tracks.


Bonus Objective "Re-establish contact with the squad".  Head down the tracks,
(and don't take all day about it, trains do start coming again) and kill the
enemy that you'll encounter.  Once you get out into the open, look to your
left and kill that guy too.  Take his Assult Rifle (hell yes, this gun's the
shit), and equip it, you won't be sorry.  Enemies respawn here, so I can't
really tell you where they'll come from, just don't let them pile up on you.
The objective here is to blow up the bridge, but first you gotta go meet up
with quill on the other side of the bridge.  On your way though, you can make
things easier.  Whenever you get up to a pillar, go down to the ladder and
throw a satchel on the pillar.  That way all you'll have to do is just come
back and press X next to it.  Do this to all 3 pillars (don't get run over),
then go meet up with Quill.  Pick up the satchels and then go down to the
very end of this place (the side you came from). Bonus Objective:
"Rendesvous with Quill at far side of bridge", and then Bonus Objective:
"Destroy Contrete Casings on the Pylons". When you get to the first
pillar go down the ladder and you should now see a place for you to put your
bombs on.  Do this to all three and haul ass back to Quill.  If you did this
in the order I told you to, it'll just be right there.  Bonus Objective
"Plant a Charge on each Internal Steel Pylon Core"

5. Tank on the Town==========================================================

You're in a tank... you can't get lost, and I don't think that you could
lose unless you've fallen asleep, or put the controller down.  Basically
shoot anything that moves or shoots at you.  Don't kill the very few civs
that you encounter.  Basically kill everyting... 'nuff said.
As for the Bonus Objectives:

"Shoot down a Gunship" - easy
** UPDATE ******************************************************************
"Find the Shortcut" - after you get caught in the construction alley where
Shrike tells you that you're surrounded, you can blow a hole in the wall at
the car lot, and shrike will drive through it.

(This wall is directly in front of the alley exit... when you come out of
it, just look straight ahead and blow up that wall)

Submitted by McDragon and Halfback37

"Topple the Trailors" - after echo talks about his pals getting slaughtered
  by the processed, you break through a wall shortly after.  The trailors are
  to the right.
"Destroy all ATVs" - not too hard


Just like the last level... Again, you can't get lost, and you probably won't

"Locate RF Forces" - happens automatically
"Destroy All 5-Ton Trucks" - they're hard to miss, blow them up
"Save Red Faction Forces from the Processed" - don't fall asleep at the guns
"Destroy All Enemy Gunships" - the last 2 can be tricky to get.  You really
  gotta be on your toes for the last 2.


** UPDATE ******************************************************************
Just shoot anything and everything, be creative.  There are alot of bonus
objective you could overlook if you don't.

Blah blah blah

"Assist Red Faction Forces" - don't let the battle armor mess em up.
"Disrupt Power to the Citadel" - After you get past the 2 bunkers on either
  side and you go through a chainlink fence, there's a curved road (before
  the tunnel).  On the right hand side, you'll see two wooden power line
  towers blow up either one of them.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
"Destroy Guard Posts" - I don't know why I forgot to put this in here.  I've
gotten this one several times.  Musta been sleepy... Submitted by:
MishchiefMayhemSoap and Ituak.

"Blow up water tower" - right behind the second battle armor, you can see a
water tower a bit above him.  Shoot it quickly because you can't aim your
turret up very high, so if you wait too long, you can't shoot high enogh to
hit it.  Submitted by:
C k, TyPhyter83, McMan1223

"Destroy all Battle Armor"- also on that same road
"Destroy all Gunships" - the last one flys through the tunnel
"Destroy the Dropship" - after the tunnel
"Destroy all Electrical Towers" - at the army bunkers, it's to the right.
"Make your Way to the Citadel" - automatic

6. Sopot's Citadel===========================================================

Walk forward and you'll see a guy come out from the left.  Pull out your
weapon of choice and let him have it.  Straigh above you is a catwalk.  There
will be a guy that'll come out and start coming towards you, shoot him.
Take a left where that guy came from and take out two more guards.  Turn
right and take cover behind that power box.  One guy usually rushes, just
aim the crosshairs at head level and wait for him.  Strafe out and kill
the woman down the way.  Go back to where she was and grab the shells.  Go
into the door near the power box.

Straight ahead is a soldier, he's only got a pistol, so not to worry.  All
the walls in here are geo modable, and the doors can be shot through.  Turn
right and walk a few steps.  Some guy will come running at you with an
assault rifle, so kill him.  Shoot up door 02 and kill the guy inside.  Walk
a bit forward out of that door and you should see a guy up ahead to your
left waiting for you.  Shoot him then go up door 01 and do some pilfering.
You can shoot up door 03, but even if you don't, the guy inside will geo mod
through the wall and try to get the best of you.  Take the goods inside after
dealing with him.  Go up to the last door.

Once you open it, there'll be a catwalk up above and a guy will come running
down it.  There's also a guy off to the right of the door, out of sight.
First you can kill the guy on the catwalk by staying inside and ducking down.
You can only shoot at his legs, but it's good enough.  Once you fire off a
shot the guy from the right shows up and starts shooting at you with the
shotgun.  The guy uptop isn't going anywhere, so why dont' you take care of
the shotgun dude right after you pop a shot off.  While the door's open, use
it for cover, strafe out slowly and pop the chick behind the door, then take
cover behind the box infront of you.  Kill the 2 guys you can see.  In the
building infront of you, there are 2 snipers, and after the corner to the
left up ahead there is a guy waiting.  First, stay out of sight, and pitch a
grenade near the buggy, the following explosion will kill the guy near it.
Take cover behind the buggy and use the Assult Rifles primary fire to take
care of the sniper to the right.  Then go up near the corner and take out
the sniper on the left.  Head right, and take some cover near the corner.
There is are two male and female soldiers around, take them out quickly.
Then turn right and take care of that other soldier behind the cover.  Peek
around the corner on the right and kill the soldier in the box.  Go up
to the wall straight ahead and pull out your incendiary grenades.  Back up
just a bit and throw one on top of the boxes to your left.  You should hear
some screams of agony, if not, back up some more and aim farther into the
corridor.  Strafe slowly and look up, there's a sniper tower up ahead. Guess
what's inside?  Well strafe out slowly and keep your crosshairs near that
area.  When you see him, snipe him instead.  Head down and turn left.  Go
inside the door.

Open up the cabinent to your left and take the goods.  Open up the door and
watch out for the civilians.  If you can take out the guard without any civ
dying you get the Bonus Objective "Minimize Civilian Casualties".  Just
run up right next to the guy and blast him, it works better than waiting
for a clear shot.  Plus in the fridge right there are 3 medkits, more than
enough to make up for the piddley damage he might have caused you.  Take your
prize and go back to the door you came through.  Go into the office straight
ahead and leave through the back door.


Straight ahead is an arsenal of explosives.  But before you run out like a
fool, take cover behind the door and kill 3 soldiers.  Now go grab your ammo
and blow up the man hole cover.  Turn on your NVGs and head down.  Go down
the tunnel and blow up the brick wall ahead.  See those red and white boards?
Blow them up and hop down in that little area, you will need to duck.  If you
ran out of bombs, instead of hopping down, keep going straight and turn left
at the ladder, blow up that wall and take some health and satchels.  Now
that you're all set, drop down where those boards were and go through that
tunnel ahead.  Now you should be in a room with some steam and pipes.  Get
past the pipes and climb up the ladder slowly, while looking to your left.
You will see a soldier standing there oblivious to your presence.  Get a
head shot.  Keep climbing slowly and you'll see 2 more soldiers.
Bonus Objective "Find Anti-armor weaponry".  Now there's your WASP ammo, or
new WASP if you never found it.  Now, you could run outside and shot to hell,
or you can go back to where you came from when you started this level and do
it the smart way.  Now that your back outside, equip the WASP and you'll see
a target square, that's the Battle Armor.  Now target it and strafe back and
forth, exposing yourself only to take a shot, and getting back behind the
wall.  He can only come out so far, so you're safe at a certain point.  Keep
doing this till he's dead.  Now, go back to where you got the wasp.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
You can appearantly kill the battle armor by collapsing a lightpost on it.
I've never done it, so don't ask me how to get the positioning right. If you
do accomplish this, you'll get the Bonus Objective "Collapse the Lightpost
on the Enemy Battle Armor" Submitted by McMan1223.  Good job!

Now that you've gotten that taken care of, it's time to clean up the
courtyard.  Bonus Objective: "Reach Citadel's Central Courtyard".  Open the
double doors and take a few shots, then retreat.  Rinse and repeat till
you've killed everyone in your sites.  Now head out and take care of the 
sniper up in the tower to your left, and then take care of the soldier hiding
behind the double doors you came through.  There will be lots of guys
respawning, but soon they'll stop and you'll see Quill take the tower, and
say that it's clear (Isn't that your job?  I mean, you did all the work).
Soon, molov, Repta, and Tangeir will come in through the double doors. Bonus
Objective: "Hold off the Enemy till Backup Arrives".

Molov tells you to go blow up the Ammo Dump so grab all you can and go wait
by the double doors that your pals didn't come through.  Repta will probably
kill both soldiers on the other side before you even realize that they were
there.  Take their goods and go up to the corner.  Three guys are waiting for
you, but they're all nicely lined up for consecutive head shots.  Hmm...
great battle formation huh?  Go though that door they came through and open
up the next door.  Kill the two guys inside and keep going.  This next room's
empty, just go up to the door with the exit sign above it.


** UPDATE ******************************************************************
In the main room of this place, there is a crate suspended by a wire.  Wait
until someone gets under the crate, then shoot the wire... *splat*
Bonus Objective "Crush the enemy" Submitted by C k.

When you first start off, an enemy will come from your right side.  Let him
have it.  Then aim an incendiary grenade at the right side of the pump in
front of you, you'll hear a scream confirming your kill.  Run ahead and take
some cover, there will be two soldiers up close, and two way in the back. The
assault rifle takes care of them nicely.  Run past the first buggy, and take
cover behind the second.  Peer off ahead slightly to the right and there's
another soldier just sitting there.  Cap him.  Run forward and Repta will say
"Heads up, punks topside", and 2 soldiers will come from either side on the
catwalk.  Kill both (if Repta doesn't do it for you).  Run inbetween the two
trailors to your right and kill the guy who has that spot.  Another soldier
will come out from the catwalk, kill him.  Go around the trailor to your
right and open up that door (it may already be open and have soldiers coming
out).  Kill the soldiers inside.  Open up the next door and take cover behind
it. Peek out just a little and you should see some soldiers (quite a few,
actually).  Take care of them quickly, because some of them have the NICW,
one of the few weapons that puts explosives in the enemies' hands.  Now,
head into the room a bit and take care of the soldier on the catwalk above
you to your right.  Head in his direction and shoot the feet of another
soldier who you can barely see.  Equip the NanoGL, or have some incendiary
grenades ready and take the lift downstairs.  Take care of all 4 soldiers in
front of you, and take care of the soldier to your right once you enter the
room.  Head towards the right, near the back of the room is one place where
you need to throw a satchel.  Just press X.  Go back upstairs.  Take the
Lift on the right side of the room to the top catwalk.  Head towards the
right and jump over some boxes.  Plant the explosive on the target.  Jump down
and quickly place the last one.  Get the hell out of there (where you first
entered the room).
Bonus Objective "Plant Charges on the Explosives Stockpiles on Each Floor"


When you start off, grab all the ammo, then proceed forward to the right.
Around the corner lie some barrels.  Step back and shoot them to blow up the
wall (If you just stand still for about 30 seconds, repta will get impatient)
Once inside, inspect the control panel to access the Battle Armor.  Open up
the door in the back, strafe out and pitch an incendiary grenade at some
soldiers.  Dash to the battle armor on the left side of the room.  Use the
battle armor to kill any survivors.  Soon Repta will complain about the stuck
door, but then he'll blast the control panel, and a door will open up.
Bonus Objective "Comandeer the Battle Armor" complete.  Now head out that
door and look to the right, blow up the buggy and the soldier, then look to
your left.  Take out the three soldiers, then walk over to where they were.
Look to the right and geo mod past that wall and keep going.  Geo mod past
the next one too, then take care of the 3 guys up on the catwalk ahead.  Get
near the street and look left, blow up the 2 buggies, then blast the soldier
right infront of you.  Turn right blast through 2 more walls, and Molov
should ask for a status report.  Head down to the left and you should see
a poster of victor sopot.  You can knock it down if you'd like, but in any
case, keep heading down that street.  Destroy any remaining resistance, and
turn right once you see a billboard of sopot.


Head straight down and take care of the battle armor, and all the soldiers
at the intersection.  Head left go up to the bridge.  Repta will say it's
going to be a tight fit for your battle armor, so back up and geo mod past
the bridge. Repta will say "OOhh, no style points for that one!".  I don't
even know if you can do anything else to make him say anything else, so
just ignore him and go through the bridge.  You'll see a guy from the red
faction standing there waving you down.  Walk past him and kill all the
soldiers around.  I think if you save him, you might get a bonus objective,
but he always gets himself killed somehow.  If anyone's saved him, lemme know
if you get any bonus objectives completed.  Anyhow, blow up the barrels next
to the wall, be sure you don't kill the civ inside.  Hop out of your battle
armor and get your NanoGL ready.  Get upto one of the computers in this
room and strafe out and fire a grenade in the middle of the second or third
row.  You should hear atleast 3 people die, so you know you were on target.
Proceed up the row and kill the last soldier hiding between the computers
on the left.  Go up to the shelf next to the technician and take some ammo.
Go up to the next door and take the health inside and wait by the exit.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
The red faction member is a traitor.  You cannot save him... instead I
recommend you unload your arsenal into his ass.  Little bastard....
Confirmed by MishcheifMayhemSoap

Ok, before you open this door, get ready to have to jump back and to the
side.  There's a guy out there with catlike reflexes who'll nail you with a
grenade from the NICW, and he's dead on unless you jump back.  This may be
a bit tricky, but damn, those grenades hurt, so you atleast wanna give it
your best shot right?  Equip your weapon of choice, preferably the assault
rilfe or NanoGL.  You may opt for the NICW, but remember that it's main gun
isn't very accurate or powerful, and it's grenade launcher isn't as good as
the NanoGL.  So open up those doors and IMMEDIATELY jump back and
to anyside.  Fire near the buggy and kill 2 or 3 guys. Now Repta will mention
a communications building to the left.

Open up the doors and take cover on on the left side door.  Strafe out and
kill the guy that's right there in the booth.  Open up the main doors and
kill the 2 dudes in front of you and above you.  Shoot the guy who comes from
the right, then take cover behind the left door.  Look up and strafe out a
bit to the right.  Shoot two more soldiers up on the catwalk.  Walk over to
the left side of the room and take the elevator up the the catwalk.  Go into
the door on the right and plant your satchel on the equipment and go back
out, fall down, and leave through the doors you entered through.  Bonus
Objective "Disrupt Citadel's Communications Capability".  Now head past the
buggy and go through the alley ahead of you.  You'll see some soldiers start
to take some cover behind some boxes and one will yell "Fire in the hole!"
Well, you'd better take out the soldiers infront of you and get out of the
alley.  Shoot the soldier on the left and then run to the right and take care
of the last soldier.  Go near the double doors and wait. Repta will shoot a
gunship down, and 2 flaming soldiers will come running through the door.
Ignore them and go through the next 2 doors.


Ok, get near the gate, but stay far to the right.  There are some soldiers
in the alley way to the left, and they think it's funny to pitch grenades
near you.  Take out some frag grenades and pitch them above the fence and
wait for a death cry of confirmation.   Now that he's dead, get near the
alley way to your right and wait near it.  Pitch some grenades down the hall
to blow up the automated defense gun.  Run down the alley and take care of
the soldier (if your grenades didn't).  Take cover behind the second set of
boxes.  Kill the soldier who runs up behind the barricades.  Advance a few
steps until you can see some boxes off ahead to your right around the corner.
Shoot a NanoGL down towards it to kill two soldiers, strafe out to the right
and kill 2 more soldiers in the box ahead.  Go up the double doors.

Run inside and plant a satchel on the door ahead (press X) then get in the
back left corner of the room and wait for it to explode.  Go into the
room now and head to the door on the left.  Open it up and grab the gear
behind the fence and go into the next door, take the elevator down.  Get near
the right side of the elevator and open the doors.  Strafe out a bit till you
can see two soldiers on the right side in the room, take them out, then head
inside the room.  Bonus Objective "Intercept Sopot at the Citadel's Missle
Silo".  Head around either side of the room and 2 soldiers will come out
from the opposite side.  Kill them both and open up the white double doors.
Oh yay, more armored soldiers.  Kill all three soldiers and grab their stuff.
Tangier will tell you that the elevator sopot took is the only one.  You'll
have to wait for it (Don't worry, there really isn't any hurry here).  Once
the elevator comes back up, take it down.  Quicly equip your NanoGL, or maybe
even the WASP.  Once the doors open, fire your explosive in the middle of the
3 armored soldiers and hopefully you'll kill all three before they turn you
into swiss cheese with their assault rifles.  Take their gear and grab the
box of incendiary grenades on the shelf.  Head out the next doors and get
ready to go down a twisting path.  There will be some soldiers below you here
and there, so just kill them while you're above them so you dont' have to
worry too much about getting shot.  Enter the double doors at the bottom, and
watch a cutscene.  Once sopot is outside and you're inside, you can either
listen to him tell your that you're nothing and that you should surrender, or
you can just press the button to shut him up.  Either way, you'll have to
press the button.  So when ever you're ready, press the button and the level
will automatically end once everyone tells you how cool you are.
Bonus Objective "Pursue and Eliminate Sopot"
Wasn't this a pretty cool mission?

7. Hanging in the 'Hood======================================================

Well, now that Sopot's dead, what now? Well, once you're thouroughly double
crossed by Molov, Quill and Shrike, Tangier helps you escape.  Now your job
is to assist the Red Faction and save the day from another evil leader.  Oh

Head down the street and stay on the left side.  Kill the 3 soldiers near the
buggy.  There's a garage to your left and inside is a soldier.  Take him out
while remaining behind the buggy.  Once he's dead, turn around and look to
your right.  There are some soldiers who have NICWs and assualt rifles.  Take
them out without having to expose yourself too much.  Once they're dead head
down the street and you'll see a hole in the wall.  Geo mod through it.

Go through the hallways and kill the soldier who's by the corner.  Head out
into the streets but stay under the roof.  Equip the NICW and look up to see
where some soldiers are.  These guys will launch grenades at you so it's
important to know where they are so you don't get blown to hell and back.
So, blast holes right beneath them (there should only be three guys) to kill
them, head down the street once you've done so.  Go into the garage and
watch out for the two soldiers in here.  Kill them out and head into the
double doors to your right.  Run through this room and take control of the
heavy gun at the end.  Blast all the non RF troops you see.  Zooming in with
secondary fire helps alot.  Keep killing until you get the Bonus Objective
"Help RF Take Intersection".  Once you've done that, press X to get off of
the gun and turn left.  You should see a single door to your left, enter it.

Quill will threaten you but don't listen to her.  At the end of this room is
a small hole in the wall, Geo Mod through it, and head through the doors on
the right.  Head left and kill all the enemy soldiers here.  No real need to
take cover seeing as most of the enemies are distracted by the RF, just kill
them quickly.

Head through the blasted wall on the right and approach the door. You'll get
the Bonus Objective "Help RF Fighters in the Streets".  Enter the doors on
the end.  


Go through the doors and you'll see 2 RF fighters run through the doors.  Go
follow them and when you get out into the open you'll see that they are
getting ambushed.  No time to be strategic, just go around the barrels to
your left and take out both soldiers.  Turn around and look up and take out
the 2 snipers up there.  Bonus Objective "Help RF Forces Survive Ambush".  Go
past the flaming car and go into the next building through the double doors.
Now run in and take the Sniper Rifle, and quickly equip it.  Duck down and
take out the sniper directly across the street.  Now look at the second
floor and to the right, there's another sniper, take him out too.  Now on the
far right of the second floor is yet another sniper, take him out as well.
Now step out onto the street just a bit and look directly up.  Just above
where you were is the 4th sniper, kill him to get the Bonus Objective "Kill
Four Snipers".  Now go back into the little area and blow up the boarded up
wall.  There's a soldier in here, so take some cover near the hole and strafe
in and blast him.  Now head down the hall and enter the next hallway on your
left.  Head left inside, go up the stairs and up to the door.

Ok once you get through it you'll see an RF chick jump a gap and get shot in
mid air.  Before you do the same and get blasted, go up to the little window
on your right.  Look down there and shoot the sniper in the building.  Look
directly across to the power line and kill the sniper there.  Now go up to
where she jumped from and look to the left of where that first sniper was,
there's another sniper so kill him too.  Jump across and get up next to the
wall on the left and stay back.  Throw a grenade at the barrel there to kill
your eighth sniper.  Bonus Objective "Kill eight Snipers".  Take his stuff
head right into the next room.  Fall down the hole, turn around and head into
the doors on the right.  Head down the hallway...


** UPDATE ******************************************************************
If you're quick enough to take out the snipers, you'll get the Bonus
Objective "Protect RF Fighters in the Street" Submitted by McMan1223.

Go up to the doors on the end and place a satchel on the left door of the
double doors.  Back up and wait for it to explode. This will drop the soldier
who usually runs into this room and causes some problems for you.  Head into
the door on the floor above you.  This will trigger a scene where you see
a sniper.  Once you regain control kill that sniper.  Head down the hallway
to the end and enter the area from there, look to the right and kill that
soldier.  Equip the NICW so you can see where some of the soldiers are above
you.  Blast out the floor beneath them to kill them.  Now blast a hole down
to the next level.  Watch out, behind the wall are some soldiers.  Once
you've taken them out, drop down to the next level.  There's already a hole
on this level, so drop down it too.  There's a guy in here with a grenade
launcher, so kill him quickly.  Drop down into the hole near him and whip
out the dual pistols, you'll be killing a bunch of those kamikaze bugs.

It's almost like a shooting gallery in here, just stand where you are and let
them have it.  They keep coming for awhile, so just be patient.  Once they're
done coming, go down the hall and to the right.  Drop down to the catwalk
below you.  Head into the little room on the right to grab the HMG.  This is
a good gun, so don't waste the ammo too much.  If you're a crack shot, you
might be able to get alot of use out of this gun, otherwise just stick to
a gun with more common ammo.  Anyways, head to the right.  Take cover by the
hallway, there are LOTS of dudes down this place, and they all have pretty
good aim.  So just strafe out sometimes and blast a few until they're all
dead.  But seriously, if you just stand out in the hallway with your new HMG
expecting to win, you should probably expect to die instead.  They will mow
you down.  Once you get towards the end, turn on your NVGs and turn right.
Look up a bit and you'll see a ladder that leads to a loft.  Throw an incen
grenade up towards the middle of it.  You should hear some screams.  Once
you've done that, head up the ladders slowly, just to be sure that if there
is a survivor, he won't tear you up.  Once you're at the top, throw a
satchel on the wall infront of you.  Once there's a hole, shoot a NanoGL
right there and you should hear someone die.  It's safe now, so head inside
and up the stairs to the next door.


Head through this office till you see a wooden cabinent on the ground to your
left.  Take some cover near this wall and pull out your WASP.  Lock onto the
buggy, strafe out and blast it.  This explosion should have killed a few guys
outside who had NICW grenades with your name on them.  Now there may be a few
soldiers in this building in the next room, if so pull out your NanoGL and
bank a timed grenade off of the right wall in that room so that it would land
near them.  Wait till you hear them die then proceed into that room.  There
may be a few more soldiers outside, so pitch a few frag grenades behind the
buggy and to the left of the buggy.  If you don't hear any footsteps or any
death cries, it should be safe to go out onto the street.  Proceed right.

Head up the street a bit and you'll see 5 soldiers come running around the
curve, and there isn't much cover to get behind, so you should either throw
and incendiary grenade into the fray, or use the NanoGL/NICW to kill them
quickly.  Once they're taken care of, keep going.  Around this next curve
you'll see a tree on your left, get behind it and take out the advancing
soldiers.  Once they're taken care of, run across the street and advance up
the right side and take cover on one of the porches.  Peek out and chuck a
grenade in between the barricades and the buggy.  Run straight past the buggy
and go up the street.  There are two soldiers here, take them out quickly and
back track to the buggy.  This time go right and stick on the right.

Go up the hill and take out the 3 or 4 soldiers.  Turn around and head to the
fork in the road, head right you should meet up with Echo.  Bonus Objective
"Meet Echo by Sopot's Statue".  Get ontop of the dumpster and hop over the
fence to the other side.


Pull out your NanoGL, you'll be needing it.  Walk forward into the sewer, and
you'll meet up with Echo.  After the scene, bounce about 3 or 4 grenades into
the hall where all those nasty soldiers are.  Then turn around and blast a
grenade right in the middle of the three soldiers who appear there.  Grab all
the gear and go into the hall you just bounced grenades into (hopefully your
trajectory was good and you blew them all up, if not, find another angle and
blast them again).  Grab their gear and then turn around and head left, you
can now equip your weapon of choice again.  Keep heading straight and you'll
hear an RF member say "GO! GO! GO!".  About 7 soldiers will start to come
from both sides of the T intersection just up ahead.  They come 1 or 2 at a
time, so you may not need to waste explosives to kill them quickly.  After
taking them down, head down the right path.  Around this corner comes a WAVE
of kamikaze bugs.  Pull out the assault rifle on this one and just tap the
secondary fire button once to take each down.  Hopefully you're quick and
won't become over run with them.  After they're all dead pick a direction to
go and run around (this area is a circle).  2 of the little rooms have guys
in them, so be carefull.  In one of them you'll hear running water, so go
into the back and drop down the hole.

8. Dancing with the Dead=====================================================

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
If you kill 50 processed in this area you'll get the Bonus Objective
"Eliminate 50 Processed Citizens" Submitted by:
Knight9910, McMan1223

I think I should give you some info about the enemies in this next area. For
starters, the nano soldiers you're about to face in this next area don't have
the same vulnerabilities as the humans you've killed in the past.  These guys
don't drop their weapons and run around screaming when you light them on fire
so don't bother trying to use incendiaries as a quick way to take out large
numbers.  And another thing is that they take about 3 to 4 head shots to kill
with just about any normal gun.  The best weapon to use against them is the
sniper rifle.  This gun will take them out with 1 head shot, or 2 body shots.
Also, due to the fact that these guys commonly equip either the shot gun or a
pistol, they won't be dropping med rounds, so it's important that you don't
waste too many med rounds on them.  Here are a few weapons that will do well
against them: Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, HMG, NICW or NanoGL.  Because a few of
them do use shotguns, you might wanna try using this gun, as they will be
dropping the ammo that you're using.

Run up the little ramp and watch a cutscene, once it's finished, blow up the
wall in front of you and run outside.  Enemies respawn here, so I can't tell
you where they will come from (all sides really).  Basically, you want to run
towards that tower in the background.  There are 2 soldiers up in that tower
who shoot grenades at you.  If you kill them, they'll respawn very quickly,
so don't bother wasting your rail shots to deal with them.  Once you're out
of the tomb you came from, just high tail it for the tower.  Jump like crazy
on the way to avoid too much splash damage from their grenades, and dodge a
few shots from nano soldiers.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
Hop in the spring for a bit to receive "Take a much needed bath."  If it
doesn't work, try ducking, and waiting longer.

By: far far far too many people to consider naming any one person, or naming
them all.

Before you get up to the tower, there will be a small building off to your
left containing some health.  If you need some, you can blow through the back
wall run in and quickly grab it, then run back out.  If you sit in there, the
grenadiers up in the tower will geo mod through that wall infront of you and
hurt you real bad, so don't give yourself a false sense of security in here.
Run outside and head towards the tower.  Once you get past the fence on your
right, turn right and go down that way.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
Hang another right when you get the chance.  Against the fence ahead of you
are two large tombs.  Blow a hole in the left one and you should see a glow.
Take the ring to get the Bonus Objective "Find Durgan's Earring".  Submitted
by Knight9910

In this area, you'll be fighting soldiers with assault rifles, so don't relax
just yet.  Head towards the back of this area, using the tombs for cover as
much as possible.  Don't take this part too slow because the AI will flank
you.  Head towards the back and to the left until you see a tomb with double
doors.  Head inside.


Bonus Objective "Find an Alternate Route into the Cathederal".  If you don't
have a full health bar, wait where you are until it regenerates.  Once you're
done pull out the rail driver and use its secondary mode.  Face the double
doors that you didn't come through and off to the right you should see 2 guys
close together.  Try to get an angle on them where you can shoot both. Keep
in mind that you can shoot a little bit between them and still hit them both
in the arms (that's good enough).  Once they're dead the doors should open.
Strafe to the left and throw a frag or incendiary grenade into the room.
This should give you plenty of time to use the secondary mode of the rail gun
to see where the rest of the soldiers are.  Don't use any more slugs, but you
are just trying to see where they're all at.  Equip your weapon of choice and
use the doors as cover to take out the rest of the soldiers.  Once you're
done killing them all, head into the room and go towards the back area.  You
will see some boards on the ground, blow them up or shoot them and drop down
to the next area.

Go down this tunnel until you hear someone talking about getting a gun online
so they'll be ready for you.  Blast through the wooden door, but don't run in
to the hall.  Look as far down as you can, and bounce a frag or two off the
wall.  You should wait to hear 2 guys drop.  If they died, then you probably
destroyed the sentry gun as well, so head in that direction.  Once you're in
this room head behind the shelves to your left and in the corner is some ammo
and health, grab it.  Then take the path to the right.  A nano soldier will
be off to the right in this next corridor. After he's dead, another will pop
out to your left.  Take the path on your right, and follow the curve.  Around
this corner is a soldier, and once you've messed around with him for a while,
another will come up from behind you.  Take them both out quickly and turn
left into corridor that leads down.  Two soldiers will come from both ends of
this next intersection, so you should throw a shock grenade before you even
see one, but once you've thrown it, run down just to trigger their appearance
and they should pop out just in time to eat that grenade.  Pick them off and
then head off to the right and kill all the processed you've seen.  You will
eventually get the Bonus Objective "Clear the Catacombs of all the Processed"

Now that that's overwith.  Go back to the T intersection you came from and
then head to the left.  Go down and head into the next large room. You should
hear some human voices.  Pull out the sniper rifle if you haven't already and
get ready to snipe.  Just head forward until a soldier his or her face and
snipe them.  Soon enough it'll become clear where they all are, so just snipe
em all and head down into the room.  Take either door at the back of the room
and pull out the rail driver.  Look through it's scope to see where the guys
are.  Ok take this corner and duck down, strafe out alittle till you can see
a soldier's shoulder (try saying that 10 times fast). Shoot him till he dies.
Now that you've made some rucus, look through the rail driver's scope again,
and you'll see that 3 or 4 soldiers have appeared out of nowhere.  Move up
this room and be facing the right.  There will be some book cases that you're
able to see and shoot through.  As your moving up, blast any soldier you see
through there.  At the end of the room, you'll see a rather clean looking
corridor and two paths that lead upwards left and right.  Pick either one.

At the top, it meets a room that has a few soldiers.  Pull out your rail gun
and peek around to see what's in store for you, however, DO NOT WASTE YOUR
SLUGS!!  YOU WILL NEED THEM IN A SHORT BIT.  However, seeing as this is going
to be one of your last opportunities to be able to use the incen grenades,
effectively, you should use them like they're going out of style, (cuz they
really are).  So pop out and throw an incen at the 2 guys on the bottom. Take
some cover real fast and then atleast 2 soldiers up top should get closer to
eachother, so throw another grenade up at the railing infront of them to kill
both of them too.  Then run up the stairs and cap the last dude.  Go into the
next doorway and up either ramp.  Pull out the rail gun once you get to the
doorways and get a good idea of where the soldiers are, and again, don't be
afraid to proactively use your incen grenades.  Clear out this room by using
cover by the doors and pillars inside.  Once this room's clear, go into the
door at the end of the room.  After seeing a rather funny "friendly fire",
pull out the railgun to get a good look at this room.  Try not to use any
grenades or slugs in here, just use the rest of your incen grenades if you
need to, they won't do you hardly anygood from here on out.  Clear out this
room, grab the gear, and head up to the top.


Boss Fight: Quill

If you are on HARD mode, you may have some trouble. I killed her on my first
try without losing hardly any health.  Here's an ASCI map (don't bitch about
my ASCI art, atleast I'm drawing one for you).

| _ = wall
o = pillar
x = where you need to be at
# = benches
% = quill
$ = ammo and/or health
! = sniper
* = only nano zombie who can hit you

                          |  %  |
 From here, you'll   | x             |!
 be safe from just   |*o #### #### o |
 about everything.   |               |
 There will be one   | o #### #### o |
 nano soldier who  __|               |__
 will come up next|                    <-- some recommend here, but if you
 to you, but it's |$                   $|  notice, there's about 70 degrees
 nothing to sweat |                     |  from which you can and WILL be
 over. Also, you  |__                 __|  shot from.  There is some health
 can be shot from 2  | o #### #### o |     there, but it won't make up for how
 snipers who will    |               |!    much health you'll be losing.
 respawn ever 30-40  | o #### #### o |
 seconds, she's      |               |
 noted by a '!'.     | o #### #### o |
 Just watch out for  |__           __|
 those 3 things, as  |$ |         | $|
 they are the only   |_______________|              
 things you'll need to worry about.

If you crouch down from where you the x is, there aren't hardly any soldiers
who can hit you.  If you look up and to your left, you'll see a soldier with
a railgun, whenever she appears blast her (she isn't very trigger happy, nor
accurate even though she's on HARD difficulty).  There's also a nano soldier
who will come up to you every now and then.  That pillar gives MUCH more
cover than it may look like, almost every thing behind you can't even see
you, so you'll be fine. Also, while crouching, those benches behind you cover
you from almost every angle that the pillar doesn't.  There's just one zombie
who can shoot you, and the 2 snipers who can see you.  Not even quill can see
you.  So from here, your main trouble comes fromt the snipers, there's only
1 nano zombie who will bother you at a time.

If you look to where I said some people recommend you stay at, you'll notice
that almost 1 whole side of the room can shoot you, and most nano zombies can
shoot you.  So if you're right here, you'll be trouble by the Nano zombies,
and 1 or 2 snipers.  It's up to you, but from where I stay, I beat it on my
first try every time.

Now, once you're in this spot, look to both locations (behind and to your
right).  If there are any people there, kill them.  Now pull out the rail gun
and look up and to the right slightly.  Use every shot you have on her and
she'll be hurting really bad afterwards.  Now start to use your NanoGL's
timed grenades.  You need to bounce them off of the wall above and to the
right of her, so that they'll come down on her.  Just bombard the hell out of
her and she'll die.  If she's not dying, just throw some frags up there.

You'll see that you've completed a bonus objective, but you won't have time
to read it.  It obviously says that you've killed quill.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
The kill Quill level can be made easier by getting rid of a wall.  You begin
the level in a small room under one of two snipers.  First look out the door
down the length of the room and use a rifle of some sort to kill the nano
zombie.  This is no problem because the zombies are weakened in this level
(clue: aim for the head).  A second zombie is making his way to you from the
right side of the room, kill him as he approaches.  With both zombies out of
the way use the NanoGL to blow a hole just to the left of the doorway of the
little room opposite yours.  Aim about eyelevel just for the corner of the
room.  This hole will allow you to see down the length of the room towards
Quill once you've crossed into it, providing you cover from all but Quill
and one nano zombie.  I preffer to use the sniper rifle here.  Quill for
some reason can't hit crap from her balcony so crouch and spend the entire
clip into her pretty head.  Once you've used a clip switch to the assault
rifle before reloading and kill the nano zombie approaching from your left.
Now reload the sniper rifle and start over again.  You should only have to
do this 3 or 4 times.  I assume that the WASP would kill her faster but I
didn't want to use up my only 6 missles here.
Submitted by Simm.

NOTE: I'm not sure if this was intended for HARD, so I can't confirm that
Quill can't hit you here.  When ever I rush up to my position, she can pull
off a couple of shots and they'll hit you.  So beware...
Also note that the next opportunity that you'll get to use your WASP, you'll
be given max ammo for it.  Not using it here is a waste.  Oh well, this
strat seems like it would work, so try it out if mine doesn't work for you.
Big thanks to Simm for taking the time to tell me about this strat.


9. A River Runs to it========================================================

This is the last level you'll face human soldiers in. Enjoy this moment.

Ok, once you start out, you'll be on the docks (wow, who'd have thought?).
Once you're in control dash to the left and duck behind that pipe.  You're
going to have to survive until Tangier comes to save your butt.  I've sat
here for a LONG time without killing anything, and she never came for me, so
I think you do have to kill the snipers across the river to get through this
level.  Plus, what fun would it be to just sit there?  Use that cool new
precision rifle you pilfered from Quill's dead corpse.  This is going to be
one of the few times you'll use it.  Nano Zombies take 2-3 headshots from the
precision rifle to die, but the sniper rifle kills them in 1.  That's why the
sniper rifle's about to become your main gun (sadly).

No real walkthrough for this level, just stick behind the pipe, snipe every
soldier you can see.  If it's been awhile since you've seen who's shooting at
you, brave out of your cover, find out who's shooting you, snipe them, then
get back into your cover.  Rinse and repeat until Tangier arrives.  Bonus
Objective "Survive Until Tangier Arrives"


Now, unlike RF1, this submarine has an impressive rate of fire.  It can fire
1 torpedo about every .8 seconds.  You can just hold the button down (you may
have already known this, but I only discovered this shortly before I started
writing this FAQ).  Here are some general tips to help you out:
When facing another Submarine, you must keep them in your sights and circle
strafe around them, while leading them with torpedos.  This means you must
basically dodge all of their torpedos, and fire a torpedo infront of their
path so that they will run into it.  If you don't have room to circle strafe,
you must use the jump and crouch buttons to change your elevation so that
they will still miss you.

Now move forward a little bit and you'll see a sub come from behind a rock
just ahead of you.  Circle strafe around this sub and kill it before going on
any farther.  Soon after, another sub will come out from behind a corner, so
kill it to.  Navigate through the support beams and another sub will appear.
It may be difficult to battle this sub while your inside the support beams,
so you may want to get out before you even try to take this one on.  After
you finish it off, proceed forward and you'll see some crap fall through the
water and Tangier will tell you to blow up the ship.  Aim at the source and
keep firing till you get the Bonus Objective "Destroy Garbage Scow".  Keep
following the twisting river until you get the Bonus Objective "Survive Sub


(All you RF1 vets should remember this BGM.  This is one of the games better

Proceed forward and take out the sub.  Take out the next one a little farther
ahead, then you'll hear Tangier say "Charges overhead...", better do as she
says, or you're gonna die.  There's a ship on the floor just ahead of you,
and you must get inside and be quick about it.  The hole is on the left side.

** UPDATE ******************************************************************
Destroy all of the crates in here for a bonus objective.  I can't remember
what it's called (I sold the game, so I can't find out anymore).

By: once again, way too many people.

Now that you're inside keep going forward.  Sometimes you may encounter a sub
in here, sometimes not.  If you do see one, I'm sure you'll know what to do.
Once you've gotten through the ship, go around the corner and you'll see a
sub off in the distance, start heading towards the sub while firing torpedos
and you'll see some mines obliterate it.  Back up and take carfull aim and
take care off all the mines you see.  Proceed forward and you'll see some
more mines and Tangier will say that there's a tunnel up ahead and she'll
tell you to go through it.  There's a rock blocking the way so stay back a
bit and blow up that rock, then proceed through the tunnel, you'll get the
Bonus Objective "Geo Mod Past the Homing Mines".  Quickly get the hell outta
there because there are some mines up above this tunnel.  The exit's just
ahead, so just drive through quickly.  You'll get another Bonus Objective
"Survive Sub Patrols"... your Heroics bar is getting pretty big now isn't it?


** UPDATE ******************************************************************
You can kill all the subs in this level to get the Bonus Objective "Destroy
all Subs" submitted by Yowza57.

If you're on HARD, this level can be a real doozie.  This took me atleast 10
tries (never lost on easy or medium, so if you're on that difficulty, no
worries).  Basically here's what's up.  You're going to proceed forward and
get the Bonus Objective "Find the Nano Base".  Then you're gonna have stay in
this area till Tangier opens up a sub bay, and she's not exactly real fast at
hacking either.  Meanwhile, it's up to you to survive an onslaught of subs.
Not only that, scattered around the support beams are Homing Mines, so you
gotta either blow them up, lure your enemies close to them, or avoid them
altogether.  Sound tough yet?  That's not even the worst part, near the time
when she gets the sub bay open, a whole bunch of depth charges get dropped.
Fun huh?  Basically, there's no walkthrough here, you just gotta kick some
ass.  Don't stick around inside of the support beams, it makes for poor
mobility and doesn't absorb many torpedos.  Just keep moving, and killing.
Once she has a sub bay open, go around the back from the right side, and to
enter, you must get up under the first sub bay, drive forward a bit, and then
rise up underneath it.  You'll see the game start loading.

(You know, you'd think that there'd already be a sub bay open considering
just how many subs you fought... where did they all come from?  Ack...)

10. Inside the Nano Base=====================================================

Sigh, this is the part that I was talking about using the Sniper Rifle almost
entirely.  Your other weapons just use too much ammo to kill the processed.
So from this point on (until I say other wise), when I say kill something, I
mean, zoom in and get a head shot.  It'll only take one shot to knock their
heads off, even the thougher blue nano soldiers.  The HMG takes about 3 head
shot to kill even the lower zombie-ish nano soldiers, and that's your most
powerful round fired from a machine gun. The only other things that kill them
in one shot are explosives, and there are too many nano soldiers around here
to just waste explosives like that.  I said earlier in the catacombs that you
could use the shotgun as well.  That still holds true, but there are a few
reasons why I would recommend the sniper rifle more.  Number one, the sniper
rifle doesn't depend on range, and alot of the time, there is great distance
between you and the enemy.  Number two, the shotgun takes atleast 3 shells to
drop a processed or nano soldier and the shotgun only has a clip size of 8.
Number three is that the sniper rifle will take them out quicker, and that's
what we're going for here. Even if you don't get a head shot, it still only
takes 2 shots to the body to kill the processed.  So with that said, equip
your sniper rifle and head out both doors.  Also note, if you're going to use
grenades, you should try out the shock grenads on these guys, if you don't
like the shock grenades, stick to frags or satchels.  However, you can still
light them on fire with the incendiary grenades, just don't expect them to
stop shooting at you and die instantly (they will eventually).

When you enter this room, you'll hear two civilians talk about how much the
processed stink.  Anyways, head up to the steps on the left and take out the
nano soldier on the catwalk.  Look down stairs and you should see a processed
taking some shots at you, kill him.  Go across the catwalk and descend the
stairs and head out the door on the right.  Be careful, Repta is hanging
about over you, and he has the nasty weapon "Anti Personel".  Don't get hit
by that, or you might start to feel a bit under the weather.  Follow the path
around the corner.  Take some cover and kill the 3 processed and the nano
soldier.  Proceed into the next room and look to the right.  You should see
a nano soldier or 2 drop off of a little step, cap em both and then strafe
out to the right and shoot the processed you see down the hall a ways.  There
may be some more processed in here, but they shouldn't pose a threat to you
too much.  Head down this room into the hallway ahead.  Around the corner is
a nano soldier and 3 processed.  Kill them all and proceed forward.

Around this next corner is a processed to the right, and 2 on the catwalk.
Once they're disposed of, turn around and you'll see that there are processed
behind you... where'd they come from?  Kill them and then keep going the way
you were until you were so rudely interrupted.  Go around this next corner
and you'll see a nano soldier up ahead, take him out and get towards the left
side of this wall.  Look down the corner from which he came and snipe all the
processed over there.  Stay where you are and some more dudes should show up,
take care of them till it gets quiet again.  Then head around this area and
climb up the ladder to the catwalk.  Look down and snipe some dudes, then
turn around to the loft behind you, and snipe the 2 processed that show up
over there (they usually do, but not always).  Go forward and look to your
right and throw a frag or 2 up there to take out the 2 processed.  As you
keep heading down the catwalk more guys will start coming from the corner up
ahead, just keep sniping them.  As you get up to the narrow catwalk type
bridge, a pipe will fall down and break off a tile, jump over the broken area
and go into either side up ahead.  Repta will be up ahead, so just peep out
and quickly retreat back.  He'll bugger off in a minute, so just be patient.
After he runs off, go into that lookout and then around the corner, quickly
haul ass back out of there and go back to the entrance from where you came
from.  Snipe them all (there are alot, and they'd pile up on you quickly if
you stayed there), then go back in.

Go around the corner and snipe a few processed off in the distance.  As you
cross the catwalk, the doors up ahead should open and a processed will come
out of it, snipe him then enter those doors.  Directly ahead should be a nano
soldier and 2 or 3 processed.  Step back a few steps and throw a grenade in
front of them, snipe the rest if they didn't die.  Go across the catwalk to
the doors on the other side.  Open the doors and retreat back aways.  There
are alot of processed who will start blasting you up, so step back and snipe
them all.  Once they're all taken care of, look straight up near the door to
the catwalk, there should be a processed there.  If you don't see him, throw
a satchel right near the edge of the catwalk and the start of the concrete.
This should kill him.  Once you've done that, take the path to the left and
enter the doors over there, immediately snipe the nano soldier.  Now go near
the corner and proceed forward slowly, there are about 5 processed around
this corner, so make sure you have a full clip on your sniper rifle.  Once
you're done, open up the door ahead and step back a ways.  Snipe a few nanos
that come through after you.  Enter after you've done that and get up next to
the wall to your right.  Look up at the bridge for a second and you'll see
2 heads start bobbing toward you.  Hmm... snipe em.  Now get up ontop of the
platform and make sure the following guns are reloaded before taking the
ammo around you.  NanoGL, WASP, Rail Gun, and the HMG.  You're about to face
Repta.  Equip the rail gun and go through the doors.


Boss Fight: Repta

Step forward and watch the cut scene then immediately retreat to the end of
the room.  Let the doors close, then use the Rail Gun to locate Repta.  Now
this is important, make sure every rail shot you get hits its mark.  This
fight can be real tough if you don't hurt him as much as possible before you
go out to finish him off.  Now after you shoot him a few times he'll get
a little impatient and he'll just stand still behind a piston off to the
right.  This is when you really let him have it with the rail gun.  After
you've shot all your slugs, equip the WASP and run out, and blow him to bits.
Be sure you go over to where he died and take his Anti Personel gun. Then go
out the other door you didnt' come through (there are 2 in here, the exit's
on the floor above the one you came through).  There's also ammo scattered
around the area, so grab some if you need. The exit is on the second floor to
your left (from where you entered from).


When you first start out, open up the door and kill the 2 processed (for once
they aren't alerted to your presence, so you can ambush them.  Try throwing
a satchel on the one crouching down).  Go through the threshold and take a
right to grab some battle armor.  Press X on the console to release it, then
man it by pressing X.  Go through the door on the right.  Now you gotta blow
up 3 generators.  So blast the 3 nano soldiers ahead and go through the door.

NOTE: often times, doors won't open up when you get next to them, back up and
then try again.  If it doesn't work, chances are there are some enemies back
behind you, kill them, then try again.  

Go left on the catwalk and through that door.  In this hallway, you'll hear a
familiar sound (and not one you're looking forward to). Yes, that's right...
those blasted kamikaze bugs will fall through the ceiling up ahead. Once you
hear them, back up and wait for them to fall down, blast all 4 (maybe more).
If you just kept walking, they'd fall ontop of you and there wouldn't be time
to kill them.  Once they're dead keep going forward.  The door up ahead won't
open (walk up to it anyways, and then turn around).  Back behind you are some
nano soldiers, get away from the door, kill them, then try the door again.

In this next room, Tangier will tell you you'll need to exit the battle armor
and try to find one of the generators. Don't get out of the battle armor yet.
Go through the door on your right and kill the nanos in there, then go back
to the center of the last room and press X to leave your battle armor. Haul
ass up the steps to the top floor and throw a satchel on the generator, then
throw an incendiary down stairs at the nanos who respawned (they won't die
instantly, but they'll be dead before they become a problem).  Fall down
(don't bother with the stairs, you won't talk fall damage), and get back to
the safety of the battle armor.  Head into the room on your right. Bonus
Objective "Destroy Alpha Coolant Container".  Go through the door.


Go through the corridor and you should see some more of those damned kamikaze
bugs.  Try to kill them all.  Go through the next door and kill anything that
walks.  Go through the next door (getting redundant, I know, I just don't
wanna get any emails from people telling me they're lost, so I'm going to go
step-by-step).  Around the next corner are 2 nano soldiers, take them out.
Take a left on the catwalk and enter the door.  straight ahead are some nano
soldiers and a silver door, you're gonna have to leave your battle armor, but
first get right near the door so it'll open and kill the guys inside, then
exit the battle armor.  Equip the Anti Personel (I know you've been wanting
to use this...), and go inside.  Plant the charge then go to the door. Open
it up, back up, then shoot it into the fray of nano soldiers (mwa ha ha). Get
back into the battle armor and go to the next door to the left.  Bonus
Objective "Destroy Beta Coolant Container".  Get into the elevator and press
the button.  Look at the door from which you entered and take care of the
guys that run through the door.

Once up top, open the door and blast all the dudes in here, and especially
the nano soldier at the end with a WASP.  Go through the door on the left and
get on the catwalk.  Follow it to the right, and get off at the first door.
Go inside and take the door on the left.  Mess em up in here and Molov will
contact you and say "Welcome home soldier, we were all born here and here you
will die".  Awww... how sweet.  Anyways, look left and blow up all that stuff
over there (that's a coolant container, but you can't exit the battle armor,
so you'll just have to destroy it all with your guns and rockets).  Tangier
will tell you that it's getting unstable and you'll get the Bonus Objective
"Destroy Gold Coolant Container".  Leave again and go back to the hallway.
Kill the soldiers here and go up to the next door.  It won't open, back up
and try again, aim down and shoot a rocket into the fray of nano soldiers.
Take a right on the catwalk and enter the next door.  In this next hallway
there will be 2 more kamikaze bugs that fly out of the wall on your left. You
will probably get hit, but they don't put much of a dent in the battle armor,
so don't worry about it too much.  Go through the next door and get on the
elevator, hit the button and go up.  Go up to the door...


Ok, from here on out, you can forget about using the sniper rifle (though you
won't have to worry about it for awhile). Go up to the door and go right,
press X by the console, back up and let your arsenal fly at the battle armor.
It shouldn't even get one shot in.  Anyways leave through the door and Molov
will introduce you to his nano elite, yeah big deal... Anyways, look to your
left and Geo mod enough to get through to the doors past the operating rooms.
Take a left.  NOTE: there will be some civs in here.  Don't shoot them, and
if they are close to your battle armor, don't even move, or look or nothing.
That would squash them and hurt your heriocs.  Anyways, head left and kill
some nano elite if you see them, turn right and watch a guy start heading in
your direction.  He'll get scared, turn around and eat a rocket from down the
hall.  Walk forward a bit, and then STAY STILL.  2 civs will come running
around the corner and brush up against you, if you even twitch while they're
touching you, they will die.  Wait until you are sure they're past you then
strafe around the corner and kill the nano elite. As you get close to the
door at the end of the hall, 2 more elite will pop out, so kill them and go
into the room.  Enter the door to your immediate left, there will be some
civs down below you, DON'T shoot them.  Go through the door at the end, kill
the 2 elites and get on the far right side of the room.  Let the civs run by,
then go up to the doors at the end and kill everything, take a left and kill
the elite that enters the hall.  Go through that door, and continue through
the next door as well.


Boss Fight: Repta

Here's another boss fight with Repta.  Here's the Easy way to beat him.

R = repta's starting position
A = alias' starting position
r = where repta needs to be
a = where you need to end up                   
x = where you blast him at
# = obstacles
E = exit.

            _______| |______
           |       #E#      |
           |        ____    |
           |       /####\   |
           |   R  |######|  |__
           |    a |######|     |
           |       \####/      |<-- locked door
           |          r      __|
           |                |
           |                |
           |_____     ______|
                 | A |
                 |___| <-- entered through here

Basically when the battle starts, run to where he is (while blasting him) and
he'll run behind that large pillar in the middle of the room. He'll then come
around from the other side.  If he does, Go to the 'a' and DON'T MOVE AGAIN!
Now you are setup to win EASILY.  All you do now is stand where you are and
blast him as he comes comes out, then shoot a missle.  He'll just go back
behind the pillar, but instead of coming around the other side again, he'll
just come back to the 'r'.  Blast him again, and he'll do that again.  Rinse
and repeat until he runs away.  When he does, park your Battle Armor by the
'E', get out by pressing X, and then go into the little duct.  Make sure your
all your weapons are reloaded, then pick up the ammo and get ready to face
Repta again.  Here's the map of the next area:

# = obstacle
= = steps

          #\            |
          ##|           |
          ##|           |
          ##|           |
          |        # <----Does not appear till after Repta dies.
          |________#____|<---- fall to your death
          |        #  __|
          |#         |  |
          |#        #|# |<- Hide over here
          |______|=|_|# |<- 

Now if you've gotten this far in the game without cheating, this next fight
won't be that hard for you.  The first thing to do is pull out the rail gun
and blast him.  It's easier if he's running towards you or away from you, as
opposed to across your sights.  Once you've run out of slugs either switch
to the Anti Personel (if he's close by), or the WASP (if he's on the other
side of this room).

Stay behind those two boxes in the lower right side of the room. Just be sure
that your rail shots are on target because the damage caused by all 15 will be
enough to make him die after just a few rockets or anti personel blasts. Once
he's dead, a large pillar will fall and let you cross that large gap to the
other side of the room.  To get on it, you must jump on the railing by the
boxes and then jump ontop of the pillar (it's not hard at all).  Once repta's
dead, cross the pillar to the other side, and take all the health over there
and head through the doors. Bonus Objective "Eliminate Repta+".

In Sopot's Deadly Embrace====================================================

From here on out, you're going to be fighting the Nano Elite. These guys are
not like the processed or nano soldiers from before. These guys are quick and
random with their movements, making head shots hard to get. For this reason,
I'd recommend pulling out a bigger gun (like the HMG), or the dual Nano MPs
that you picked up in the duct in the last level. The assault rifle can still
take these guys out too.  But if you want to know what I use, I use the
precision rifle for most of this part.  The nano elite usually carry heavy
weapons or dual nano MPs, for this reason, haste is key to stayin alive in
this area.  It's also important that you don't stick around and try to kill
every last nano elite in these next 2 levels.  After you've taken out the
immediate threats, just run through.  If guys start coming up behind you, you
can usually ignore them and just run through the rest of that room.
Ok, now onto the beginning of the end of this walkthrough.

Go through the door and up the steps.  Go up the next steps and you'll see
Tangier.  Keep running up the steps and Tangier will say something like
"Something's really wrong, what the hell did you do?" (what do you think? We
blew up the coolant containers just like you asked stupid!).  Keep following
Tangier, she knows where she's going.  On the way, you'll be fighting a few
nano soldiers, kill them quickly and keep following Tangier.  Go through
the door at the end and into the next door.  Run up the steps and past the
flaming guy (once you're done laughing, keep going).  Now in this next room
there are some walls in the middle and plenty of Nano Elite in here.  Pull
out the NICW to see where they are.  Then you can (if you want) pull out the
NanoGL and bounce some grenades off the walls at different angles to take
them down without too much fuss.  Go around the wall in front of you and
head left around the corner and go into the door in front of you.  Go up the
next flight of stairs and then jump up the little ledge and get onto the next
flight of stairs on the catwalk.  You'll see Tangier, follow her.  Go into
the door on the end.


Go up the stairs and into the door.  Take some cover and throw some grenades
into the room.  NOTE: the incendiary grenades will not kill these guys all in
one go.  The flames will eventually go out on them before they're even dead.
2 of them will kill them though.  Make sure you reload your rail gun and then
take the slugs and other ammo in here.  Then go down the little steps and in
to the door.  Now, instead of heading up and up in this level, you're heading
across the statue, so now you can see who it is that's shooting you (yay!).
Go into the door at the end.  Yes, this is the end of the level... short
isn't it?


Here's a map for your convenience.
NOTE: This room is round, not octogonal

# = indestructable peice of divider.
M = Molov's starting Position
A = Your starting Position
<-m- or -m-> = Molov's path
<-a- or -a-> = Your Path.
a = where you need to end up in order to fight the battle
m = molov's GENERAL location.

          _______________                _______________
#1 the   /               \   #2 cat and /               \
setup.  /                 \  mouse...  /                 \
       /                   \          /                   \
      /                     \        /                     \
     /                       \      /                       \
    |            |-a--a--a--a |    |                         |
    | M          a           \|    |         <--a-->         |
    | |  _________________   ||    |    _________________    |
    | m |__#_____#_____#__|  ||    |   |__#_____#_____#__|   |
    | |A-a--a--a--a--a--a--a/ |    |                         |
    | m                       |    |                         |
    |  \         m            |    |   <--------m-------->   |
     \  m--m--m--|           /      \                       /
      \                     /        \                     /
       \                   /          \                   /
        \                 /            \                 /
         \_______________/              \_______________/

I hope you can understand that!  Basically run around to the other side the
long way, so that the Battle Armor will follow you to a certain extent. Equip
your WASP and lock onto him once you've reached your spot.  Molov will start
to blow up the walls but there's 3 spots that he can't blow all the way
through, and you'll end up at one in the middle.  You need to hide behind
this very closely.  You should be able to see Molov's lifebar, so you can
tell where he is.  If he starts moving right, you start moving left, and vise
versa.  You need to go in the opposite direction far enough so that he won't
run around to your side, but instead he'll just turn around. It's imperitive
that he stays on his own side.  Now lock onto him with your WASP, and strafe
out from behind that indestructable chuck and fire a rocket, then quickly get
back into place.  Repeat this 12 times, then pull out the rail gun. Don't get
into the scope mode, just aim a little below the life bar and fire, repeat
14 more times.  Keep in mind that while you're doing this, you need to be
keeping him on his own side like I said before.  I you start running low on
one life bar, quit firing and just stay behind that cover, and out of his
line of sight.  You can regenerate your life easily like this.  Try not to
lose more than 1 medkit during this fight (it's not that hard once you get
the hang of using that small peice of cover effectively).  Pull out the anti
personel and blast him when you are SURE that all 5 grenades will hit him. If
you've hit him with everyshot, it should only take one or two clean shots and
the battle armor will be destroyed and Molov will come out.

NOTE: there is no cutscene!
When Molov hops out, immediately jump to the side, because he'll fire a rail
right at where you were, even though he can't see you.  Change of strategy.
You must chase Molov around and blast the hell out of him with anti personel
and rockets that you pick up.  NEVER, and I mean NEVER, run straight at him
and never get too close.  You want to get close enough only to hit him with
the anti personel, never closer.  ALWAYS be jumping, and like I said, never
run straight at him or away from him, move around left and right and circle
strafe around him (always be jumping).  After 8 rockets and a few shots from
the anti personel, he'll go down.  As long as you keep moving, he shouldn't
be able to hit you (on hard, he'll hit you about 3 times, so grab the medkit,
and don't let up).  He'll die soon enough.  Watch the lame ending and pat
yourself on the back, you just finished one of the hardest FPSs around on
HARD mode. Bonus Objective "Kill Molov"


** UPDATE *******************************************************************
Unlike before, by now, if you did everything in this guide, you should have
a blue heroics bar (perfect ending).

By the way, the endings aren't all that great.  It's always the same sequence
just different narrative.  Personally, I like the worst ending the best.
To get that one, do absolutely none of the BOs I talk about in here.  Kill
every civilian and RF member you see.  It's real easy (and kinda fun some-


Q: I'm stuck, where do I go?  HELP!
A: Read the guide.

Q: This game's hard, how do I beat it?
A: Practice.  Reading my Walkthrough won't make you an expert, you need to
   play more to get better.

Q: What does heroics do?  How do I raise it?
A: Heroics effects what endings you get, and you raise heriocs by completing
   the bonus objectives.  To lower it, kill civilians or RF troops.


** UPDATE *******************************************************************
Over the last year-and-a-half or so, I've received hundreds of emails giving
me the same bonus objectives over and over and over again.  I started getting
lazy and forgetting to update this guide (it's been a long time), and my
inbox would get completely full, and I'd miss other emails.  Some of you may
have sent BOs in, and I may or may not have put your name in this guide.

If I didn't put your name in here, then that is most likely because you
weren't the first to send it in.  Another really terrible thing that happened
is that I was writing all of the contributions in a text file, and it somehow
got deleted.  So perhaps you did send in a contribution first, and I told you
I would put you down... sorry if I can't now.

So in order to make amends, I'll just say this:
Thank you everyone.  This guide is complete because of gamers and readers
like you.  You guys kick ass, yes, even you THE READER.  Thanks for making
this guide as complete as it is (which is probably very near 100% complete).
No more contributions are needed.  No more questions will be answered, this
guide has it all thanks to everyone.  Cya.

There are many more people that have submitted BOs than that I've listed. The
reason that I have not listed them is because someone told me about it first.
You will see that some of these major contributors have some of the same BOs
down, however, they all have a BO that they came up with originally, so I put
them down for everything they've submitted. DO NOT EMAIL ME COMPLAINING ABOUT
THIS POLICY OF MINE. If you do, you will be put in this guide... on the WALL
OF SHAME. Asking for credit where it is NOT due, guarantees that you will get

Many thanks to the following...
C k:  (found some good stuff, thanks!)
  2E: Blow up monitors
  5C: Blow up water Tower
  6C: Crush the enemy (*splat*)

  2A: Geo Mod out of booth using explosives (he was the first to let me know)
  5C: Blow up guard posts
  6E: red faction member is a traitor (not a BO...)

  2A: Geo Mod out of booth using explosives
  2C: Blow down catwalk
  5C: blow up water tower

  5C: Destroy Guard Posts
  7C: Protect RF fighters in the street
  8A: Kill 50 Processed Citizens

  8A: Find Durgan's Earring (damn, I'd never find that one...)
  8A: Eliminate 50 Processed Citizens
    Also claims that you can get a BO for killing all of them, but you can't
    do it if you get the Kill 50 one.  Lemme know if you figure it out!

  5A: Find the shortcut
  9D: Destroy all enemy subs

  5A: Find the shorcut (between Yowza57 and this guy because they described
  it so well)

  1B: Destroy turret using a timed explosive (nice one!)
  2A: Geo mod out of booth using explosives

And to all the people that told me about 2A, you know who you are.

And many many many many more.


I'd like to thank God for everything and helping me through my life. I'd also
like to thank my family for being them.  My family's great, nuff said.  My
friends are always there for me too, although not your typical friends, they
have their own qualities that make them who they are, and that's why I like
them.  I need to thank Volition and THQ for making this game what it is, it
ROCKS!.  And, I thank GameFAQs for being my one-stop-shop for all my gaming
info needs.  The poeple (most of them) at GameFAQs are also what make this
site such a great place.  And finally, CJAYC for making this site. Good stuff

I'd also like to thank all of the contributors.  Even if you sent something
in and didn't get credit for it (see above), I'm still thankfull that you
cared.  Thanks.  Also, thank you to the people who say "Thankyou"


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