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FAQ/Walkthrough by Muni Shinobu

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/24/2001

Ka Mosquito Info Walkthrough
Version 1.00 (8.24.01)
Written by Muni Shinobu (muni_shinobu@yahoo.com)

WARNING! This game contains graphic depictions of itchiness.

As you might have guessed it, you are playing the game as a mosquito.
The object of the game is to suck blood from the 3 members of the
Yamada family without being killed.

Because of the innovative idea of the game itself, the controls have to
be somewhat innovative as well, so when you first start playing the
game, it's not uncommon to find the controls a little confusing. But
after a while, you will become used to them, and transform yourself
into a very quick and reactive mosquito.

Controls When Flying
R1 - speed up
L1 - speed down
R2 - 180 degree turn
L2 - rear view
Left Stick - direction turning
Right Stick - direction without turning
Triangle - change view point (3 different distances to choose from)
O - attack when the cursors are locked on

Controls When Landed
R3 (pressing the right stick) - sting the person
Right Stick - rotate when you are stinging the person sucks blood, the
faster you rotate, the faster you suck blood
Left Stick - if you push it toward the up position while pressing R3,
you will be able to suck blood faster, but the person's stress level
also rises more quickly
O, X, Triangle, Square - instant take off

When the stress level turns from Blue to Yellow to Red, you are in
danger of being hit. Regardless of your HP, if you get hit while
sucking blood, it's a guaranteed instant death.

The trick to sucking blood is not to rotate the right stick as fast as
you can, but to control the speed of your rotation to keep the white
circle in the center of the blue area of the meter to the left of the
blood meter.
If you can control the rise and fall of the white circle perfectly in
accordance with the blue area, it is entirely possible to fill up 3 to
4 tanks of blood in one landing.

When your presence get noticed either by sight or sound, you enter the
battle mode. To get out of the battle, you simply attack the red Relax
Points on the person's body to get them to relax.
If you manage to attack all the Relax Points within a set time
different for each individual level, you will gain a new color for the

There are many different types of items scattered throughout the
different stages, have fun searching out all of them.
Different items have different uses.
Heart Rings - collecting 50 increases your health heart by 1
Red Hearts - regains health
Various Snack Items - gives you miscellaneous information about the
EX tanks - these extra tanks are for the mosquito to store extra blood
for use in the winter. If you can collect all 16 extra tanks and fill
them all by the time you complete the game, a new game mode will be
unlocked, namely the Crisis of the Yamada Residence, which is the next
summer because you had enough extra blood to make it through the
winter. The new game mode is basically the same game over again, but
with higher difficulty.

The gameplay is pretty straight forward, so I am only going to give you
all the information necessary to complete the stages.
Utilizing the information, you can find your own best way to finish the


Ka - Yamada Ke no Natsu
Mosquito - Summer at the Yamada Residence

STAGE 1 - Rena's Room vs Rena
Suck Point - inner left thigh
Necessary Tank - 2
Extra Tank - 1, behind the video tapes on the shelf
Relax Point - just below the naval
New Color Time - 00'33"90
Fun Gimmick - light switch, stereo
Note - you have to activate the light switch once to reveal the suck

STAGE 2 - Storage Room vs Mama
Suck Point - back lower leg
Necessary Tank - 2
Extra Tank - 1, in between bookshelf 2nd level and the piled boxes
Relax Point - stomach, forehead
New Color Time - 00'52"65
Note - the purple hazes are bug poison, do avoid

STAGE 3 - Living Room vs Papa
Suck Point - top of the head
Necessary Tank - 3
Extra Tank - 1, above the arm rest of the couch in the back of the room
Relax Point - right thigh, right shoulder, back right lower leg
New Color Time - 00'50"65
Fun Gimmick - wind chime, telephone, TV remote control

STAGE 4 - Bathroom vs Rena
Suck Point - below left shoulder
Necessary Tank - 3
Extra Tank - 2
Relax Point - forehead
New Color Time - 00'25"16
Note - stage has a time limit of 03'30"00

STAGE 5 - Kitchen vs Mama
Suck Point - right pinky toe, left foot pad
Necessary Tank - 2 x 2 spots = 4
Extra Tank - 1, inside the pan on the rack above the sink
Relax Point - stomach, right thigh, right palm
New Color Time - 1'17"05

STAGE 6 - Rena's Room vs Rena
Suck Point - left hand finger, left neck
Necessary Tank - 2 x 2 spots = 4
Extra Tank - 1, behind the shoe box on top of the closet
Relax Point - lower chest, upper right arm, lower left thigh
New Color Time - 1'14"91
Fun Gimmick - light switch, stereo, mobile phone
Note - Rena has to be on the phone for the suck points to appear

STAGE 7 - Japanese Room vs Papa
Suck Point - lower lip, left palm
Necessary Tank - 3 x 2 spots = 6
Extra Tank - 1, on top of the space with the pot and plate
Relax Point - stomach, back lower left leg, upper right arm
New Color Time - 00'54"45
Note - the entire floor is sprayed with bug medicine, don't touch

STAGE 8 - Rena's Room vs Ayaka (Rena's friend)
Suck Point - back, naval, right knee, left armpit, left eyelid
Necessary Tank - 1 x 4 spots + 2 = 6
Extra Tank - 2, both on the table
Relax Point - left shoulder
New Color Time - 00'34"10
Fun Gimmick - stereo

STAGE 9 - Master Bedroom vs Mama
Relax Point - right shoulder, right foot, left foot
Unconscious Point - stomach
New Color Time - 1'45"16
Suck Point - chin
Necessary Tank - 2
Extra Tank - 1, higher end of bottom of exercise equipment

STAGE 10 - Rena's Room vs Rena
Relax Point - stomach, right lower leg, back
Unconscious Point - forehead
New Color Time - 01'44"66
Suck Point - right cheek
Necessary Tank - 2
Extra Tank - 1, on top of the closet at the corner

STAGE 11 - Living Room vs Papa
Relax Point - chest, butt
Unconscious Point - forehead
New Color Time - 01'43"86
Suck Point - top of head
Necessary Tank - 3
Extra Tank - 1, under the piano to the left

STAGE 12 - Yamada House vs All 3 Family Members
Suck Point - face
Necessary Tank - Papa = 2, Mama = 2, Rena = 1
Extra Tank - 3
 - on the 3rd step of the stairs, to the left
 - by the light on the top of the staircase
 - at the corner on top of the piled boxes on the 2nd floor
Note - countdown time pauses when you are landed and sucking blood
Note - after completing the required tank for the 3rd person, you have
to exit the door of the room to complete the level

Congratulations, you have just survived the battle with the Yamada

If you have collected and filled all the extra blood tanks throughout
the game, enjoy the new game mode, where all the stages are slighly
more difficult and minor difference are scattered throughout, like
dialogues, colors, and images in the stages.

Ka - Yamada Ke Kiki Ippatsu
Mosquito - Crisis of the Yamada Residence

Stage 1 - Rena's Room vs Rena


To be added n the future if there are demands for it:

Translations of between stage family dialogues.


Ka official website:

This Document Copyright 2001 Muni Shinobu

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