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Secrets FAQ by Icevolution

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 02/20/04

Return to Castle 

  M MMM M   M   M  MM   M    MM    MM  M  MM       MM   M    MM  MM  M
  M M M M   M   M  MM   M    MM    M  MM      M    MM   M    MM  M  MM

Operation Resurrection

Version 1.7

PS2 FAQ by Keith "Icevolution" Miranda
  Copyright 2003-2004 Keith Miranda

Contact Information:
  Email: fireandice9813@yahoo.com

Personal Information:
  This is my first FAQ ever. The reasons for writing it are due in part to the
people at ID Software, Gray Matter Studios, Raster Productions, and Activision
for creating a truly awesome game. But also to Gamefaqs, for creating a
spectacular lifeline for troubled gamers. It took a lot of work to create this
FAQ, I hope it's helpful. 

Version History:
August 19, 2003: Started collecting data by playing through entire game.
Recorded 68 Secrets, locations, and what they conceal.

August 20, 2003: Started another game, consulted Justin Burns' Xbox secrets
FAQ for several key secrets which eluded me. Number of secrets: 71.

August 21, 2003: Continued game from yesterday, stopped after beating Super
Soldier (had to wash dishes). Number of secrets: 73

August 22, 2003: Finished yesterday's game. Found enough secrets to get max
upgrade (75 is minimum; found 78). Found FAQ- writing guidelines in help
section. Downloaded ASCII Generator. Wrote down some legal information to add
to FAQ tomorrow. Started new game, finished on Tram Ride (lightning forced me
to stop).

August 25, 2003: Accidentally deleted previous game. Added copyright notice,
moved version history section, and added individual secret credits where
needed. Also added Credits section.

August 28, 2003: Uploaded FAQ Version 1.

September 2, 2003: Fixed several formatting errors.

September 5, 2003: Added a few more secrets. Total: 82! Sent update to
Gamefaqs (Version 1.1).

September 16, 2003: Damn flu. Seeing how I'm missing school, I might as well
work on trying to finish the FAQ. Added PATWLESL's tip to Forest Compound Part
2, and added a few remaining secrets that Sparda emailed me. It's done, it's
finally done, BWA HA HA HA HA! 86/86 secrets! (Version 1.2)

September 24, 2003: Typed all the walkthroughs I've written for the levels up
to Dark Secret (can't go any further because Partisan won't unlock the doors)
(Version 1.3)

September 28, 2003: Ahh, nothing like a good old disc polisher to revive a
lost game. Finished walkthrough up to Radar Installation. (Version 1.4)

October 11, 2003: Completed Walkthrough up until Ice Station Norway. Also
added a missing treasure item in Forest Compound [Part 2]. (Version 1.5)

December 14, 2003: Wow, has it been a while. Several problems held me back
from completing the Walkthrough, but I have. After this the only updates will
probably be for formatting and grammatical errors. (Version 1.6)

February 20, 2004: Fixed copyright notice. (Version 1.7)

The Juicy Part

Secrets Listed/Total Secrets: 86/86

(By the way, if you newcomers are working toward getting a max upgrade for one
of the three stats, it's nothing special, it's just another 25%/25 points. I
had thought it would allow you to hold infinite amounts of whatever you
upgraded, but not in this game. My advice: spend your bonus points evenly
among the three stats)

Shorthanded Terms

SM- Stationary Machine Gun
Nazi- any of the standard MP40-wielding human enemies; also refers to a human
      enemy in general
Paratrooper- any male human enemy wielding a Paratrooper Rifle (I know that   
             later on in the game there are Black Armor Guards, who are
             tougher than the Paratroopers)
Elite Guard- any of the women enemies, usually wield Stens, but have
             Paratrooper Rifles on occasion

Episode 1

-----Ras el-Hadid (Secrets: 3/3)-----

Objectives: Destroy all radio equipment.
            Make your way through the village.

     Once you start, get into crouching position and equip your knife. Crouch 
up behind the Nazi and stab him when the stealth stab indicator appears. Walk
a bit up the road and enter the room on your right (still crouching). Stab
this Nazi as well and pick up the Luger and 9mm ammo on the table. Go back out
side and continue up the road until you see another Nazi going for a stroll.
Stab him and go up the stairs. You'll hear a motorcycle revving. The source of
the noise is in the stone building. Stealth stab the engineer and go around to
the back of the building.
=====(#1)- Where you found the engineer working on the motorcycle, go outside
and around to the back and you will find lattice (black netting stuff). Break
to find a Luger and an armored helmet.=====

     Go to the wooden door with the red Nazi flag on the right. Enter and 
crack one of the pots in that window thing. Jump on and crouch through to the
other side. Go left and continue up the stairs. A Nazi will come out from the
room in the far corner. Shoot him with either your Colt or your Luger. Go into
the room he came from and you'll find a bottle of wine and health. Go out and
into the room near the stairs you came up from. In here is health and 9mm
ammo. Go into the only other doorway and pick up the binoculars. Go a bit
outside. Use the binoculars to aim, then use a pistol to shoot the sniper on
your right. Guards will start coming up the stairs. Shoot them. Go down the
stairs and take a left, then take another left into the room. Pick up the
grenades and you'll hear a Nazi on the radio. Equip your grenades. Hold one
until the bar reaches about 3/4 full, then let it go. That should take care of
the Nazi and the first objective. Now go to the sniper place. Take his gun.

=====(#2)- Where you shot the sniper in the courtyard, climb up the ladder and
break the crate for a chalice.=====
     Now instead of going through the doorway under the sniper area, go to the
room across from it (not really across, but close enough). Kill the whining 
Nazi and climb the crates for 9mm ammo.

=====(#3)- Near the stairs in the courtyard is a doorway. After killing the 
Nazi, you will see a wall decoration with symbols. Break it to find a sole bar
of gold.=====

     Now you can go through the room under the sniper balcony. Shoot the Nazi
behind the crate and continue forward to finish the level.

-----Ras el-Hadid [Part 2] (Secrets: 4/4)-----

Objectives: Contact Agent One by radio.
            Gain access to second courtyard.
            Locate a better weapon.

     When you begin, walk down the stairs and enter crouching position. Move
to the right of the hallway. When you see a Nazi walking by, go behind him and
stab him. Walk in the direction he was going. Walk on until you encounter a
wood door on your right. Crouch and enter. No matter which direction you take,
you will have to shoot the same 3 Nazis. When that's over, eat the hot meal
and take the armored helmet if you need them. 

=====(#1)- Inside the house with classical music, Nazis, and the hot meal,
there is a counter (the 1 with the hot meal). Behind the counter is a small
red switch. Press it to reveal a door in the corner of the room. Inside it are
2 gold bars.=====

     Go back the way you came in and back down the path. You'll see a whitish
building with a white arched entrance and white stairs.

=====(#2)- At the beginning of the level, after traveling down the stairs and
down the hall, take a right but don't enter the radio room. Instead, keep
going and you'll see lattice. Break and enter to find grenades and

     Go back into the "white area" and stab the Nazi. Then press X near the
radio. A movie will show BJ talking to Agent One; you've completed the first
objective. Now go up the stairs and open the door. Stab the Nazi in front of
you. You'll hear "I know he's here!" Jump the balcony (the one closest to the
table) and kill the Nazi. Go through the gate and go forward a bit. You've
completed the second objective. Get ready for a good old fashioned gunfight.
You'll have a machine-gun wielding Nazi in front of you, and a sniper in a
window on your far right corner. Kill the MP40 Nazi first and you'll complete
the third and final objective. Take his MP40 and kill the Nazi on the low
balcony. Climb up the stairs and a Nazi will emerge from a room. Either shoot
him or shoot the gas can next to him. Then go into the other room (room with
orange bricks). In here is 9mm ammo, an armored helmet, health, and a secret.

=====(#3)- After killing the Nazi with the first MP-40, make your way up the
stoop and into the room on your right with the orange brick walls. Keep going
until you see a bunch of shelves. Go behind the 1 on your farthest left.
Crouch into that corner and break the wood over the secret area. You will
receive some Mauser rounds.=====

     Now go into the room the Nazi came from earlier. Go up the courtyard
stairs and open the door. On your right is a Nazi. Kill him and go through the
door he was guarding. You'll find some health on a bench, and, farther on, a
ladder. Descend the ladder and you'll hear someone talking about Helga. Before
you leave this room, retrieve the 9mm ammo from atop the crates. Now inch
slowly out of the room, while looking left. You'll see a Nazi looking the
other way. Use your Mauser and shoot him in the head. Now retreat back into 
the room. You'll hear some commotion outside and some Nazis will start
shooting at each other for a while. When it stops, go back into the hallway.
If there is a Nazi waiting for you, shoot him before he shoots you. The second
doorway on your right hides a Nazi. Shoot him.

=====(#4)- In the room where the Nazis are talking about Helga, there is a
small room with a designer pillow. There is also a bookcase. Press the book
that's sticking out to find a Flak jacket and 9mm rounds.=====

     Leave this room the way you came. The doorway that goes outside will
probably have a Nazi at the end of it. Go outside, where you'll find 2 snipers
behind the upturned wagon. Shoot them, then Agent One will kill another one.
Collect the ammo and go back into the house you were in. Eat the cold meal
(bread and sausages, to be exact) if you need it. Crawl through the window
near the table and go through the wooden door. Shoot the Nazi that pops out
and continue forward to the end of the level.

-----Ras el-Hadid [Part 3] (Secrets: 3/3)-----

Objectives: Contact Agent One by radio.
            Infiltrate the Nazi Headquarters.
            Obtain Nazi Documents.

     Walk a bit down the hallway and shoot the Nazi that arrives. Go into the 
door on the right.

=====(#1)- At the start of the level, go into the first door on your right.
Break the barrel between the wine caskets then break the top of the cupboard
behind the barrel to find a bottle of wine (USEFUL!) and Mauser rounds.=====

     Now run as far as you can and hide in the corner behind the wooden door
on the left. Wait. You'll hear Nazis talking, then they'll walk outside. Two
of them will emerge. Stab them both. Now go through the door they came from,
go left, and then forward as much as you can. Turn right and you'll see a Nazi
facing the other way. Stab and eat the Warm Meal if you need it. Crawl through
the window (go around if you can't) and out the door. Unless you kicked the
door open the Nazi up ahead will probably just keep walking. Stab him. Go 
forward and take the door on your left. Stab the Nazi by the radio, then press
X on the radio. A movie will show, and then you'll have completed the first 
objective. Go back outside and shoot the Nazi in front of you. Turn right and 
shoot the next Nazi. Before you go through the HQ doors, make sure your MP40
is fully loaded and ready to unwind. Also be sure you have sufficient health. 
Storm in and take every last Nazi down. Agent One will help from above.

=====(#2)- In the area with the trucks (better known as the place where all 
hell broke loose) is a blocked well. Break the wood and drop down for 2 
gold bars.=====

     Now go up the stairs and through the door. Once inside you'll see a 
staircase. Be ready for the Nazis above. When you take them down, go into the 
door on your left, where another Nazi was (is) waiting for you. Be sure to 
complete the third objective by taking the CORPS Journal. You should also take
the grenades. Now go left and through the next door.

=====(#3)- After continuing down the hallway after grabbing the CORPS book,  
you well be in a room that leads outdoors. In this room is a German poster.
Press it to reveal a switch. Press the switch to reveal 2 gold bars in a

     There's also 9mm ammo and health in here. When you're done, go outside, 
jump the balcony, and kill the Nazi. Continue forward to complete the 2nd 
objective, hear a big bang courtesy of Agent One, and finish the level.

----- Ancient Ruins (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Investigate and proceed through the ruins.

     When you start, go to the side of the cabin. Fire a few warning shots. 
Shoot the Nazis as they appear. The only ones that will come out and greet you
will probably be the 2 in the cabin. Shoot the Nazi in front of the truck. Go
into the cabin. Another Nazi will take the place of the last. Shoot him too.
The process might repeat one more time. Grab the health in here if you need it
and leave. Now enter the other cabin crouching (the door's around back). With
luck you might be able to go around and stab him. If not, load him with lead.
Pick up the health and the Mauser rounds on the table. Now go up the rocks and
prepare for a shootout (3 MP40 Nazis and 2 snipers). 

=====(#1)- Before entering the first tomb, go where the sniper came from. In 
there you will find a Nazi and a gas can. Shoot the gas can (from safe 
distance, of course) to open a hole in the wall bearing a chalice.=====

     Go into the tombs. Up ahead are 3 Nazis. There's a health on the table
too. Go up the stairs and you'll see a Nazi up ahead. There's also a Nazi on
that staircase to your left. Go up the stairs.

=====(#2)- Inside the tombs after shooting the Nazi at the top of the ramp,  
there will be a busted gate. Instead of continuing left, look at the small
wall on your right; Break it for a bar of gold.=====

     Go up the next stairs. In this area are 5 Nazis. Kill them all and finish
the level. 

----- Burial Chamber (Secrets: 3/3)-----

Objectives: Find an entrance to the lower Tombs.
            Gain access to the lower Tombs.

     Fire a few warning shots into the air. A Nazi and a sniper should appear.
There's an MP40 sniper outside too.

=====(#1)- After coming out of the corridor where you start there is
scaffolding to your left. Climb up the ladder for a gold bar.=====

     Go up the other scaffolding for 9mm ammo. Go into the tomb entrance with
2 stacked crates on the right side. Inch forward until you hear someone firing
at you. Wait until it ceases, then go out and kill him while he's reloading.
There's also a Nazi with a Luger near the entrance to the lower Tombs. Drop
down to complete the first objective. Now grab the health if you need it and
continue forward until you reach a room where you hear, "What was that?" There
are 2 Nazis in here. Kill them both. Continue forward a bit and reload before
you reach that large room. This one might get interesting. Just storm out and
shoot the poor fools who get in your way. Do this until all goes silent.
     Now grab the health atop the crates and the ammo strew about. Get the
secret too.

=====(#2)- In the final large room, when you enter it, on the far right are 
2 doorways. Go down either doorway and continue down the hall and stop in the
middle and you will see a broken piece of wall with a decorative border. Break
this wall, press the switch behind it, turn around, and there is a passage
leading to a mummy's mask.=====

     Look for the entrance to a room that you can see a mound of dirt under a
burning torch. Continue forward until you hear someone throw a grenade.
Retreat back as far as you can. When it blows keep going until you see the
ladder and shoot the Nazi above it, completing the second objective.

=====(#3)- Another door in this room will lead to a room with a ladder. Climb 
this ladder to find the place where the sniper was ("is" if you haven't killed
him yet). Look left to find a switch. Press it; look right and you'll see a
solitary bar of gold.=====

     Go back outside and kill the Nazi near the lift. Go into the lift and 
finish the level.

----- Buried Alive (Secrets: 3/3)-----

Objectives: Pursue SS Paranormal personnel through the Tombs.
            Locate the exit from the Tombs.

     I love the movie they play before the level. The professor looks like
he's going to wet himself in front of Helga. 
     Anyway, when the level starts, you'll get a bumpy ride to the bottom.
You'll have to jump down to the floor and shoot the 2 Nazis. Before
continuing, enter the room in the middle. In here is 9mm ammo, an armored
helmet, and a very useful letter. Now go to the other door, open the switch
and continue down. ZOMBIES! Yessah! These aren't so formidable that you need
specific strategy, but I have noticed that when they are falling down only to
get back up, they explode rather fast if you shoot their feet. It saves
considerable ammo. You'll need to save ammo in any of the zombie levels. The
lone Nazi will shoot zombies with you, but make sure that when he's done that
you shoot him before he shoots you. When you've cleared the area, flip the
switch near the butchered Nazi. Now I recommend you save. These stairs will
kill you if you step on them. You have to jump over them. Now continue forward
where you'll find 2 zombies and a doomed Nazi. There's a load of 9mm ammo on
the table if you need it. There's also a secret.

=====(#1)- In a room with 2 weird-shaped columns, 2 zombies, and a Nazi, there
is a wall with markings. To open this wall, press the bricks that stick out
on each adjacent wall. The passage leads to another of those mummy masks.=====

     Now go up the small flight of stairs. Continue until you hear the Nazis 
lock you in with 2 zombies. Kill them then take a left and go up the stairs
for a secret.

=====(#2)- After going through 2 zombies, you'll see a small set of stairs. 
Climb them to find a room with health. Instead of continuing to the next set
of stairs, look left to see a cracked wall. Break it for 1 gold bar.=====

      Now keep going until you find a Nazi-zombie war going on. Let them
"settle their differences" then kill the survivors. When you continue forward
you'll find another zombie and one will pop out of the coffins too. Now go
until you find a room with a Nazi and 3 coffins.

=====(#3)- In a room with 3 coffins and a Nazi, the third coffin is near a 
wall with a protruding brick. Press the brick to open the wall; there are 2
gold bars. NOTE: After retrieving the gold, a zombie will pop out of the

     Now be careful on this next part. You'll have to step on one of the odd 
floor tiles, then when the spikes pop out, jump on them and cross. The next
room will have 2 zombies. Kill them and flip the switch. Go through the now
open gate on the first floor and kill the Nazi. Take the health and 9mm ammo
if you need it. Now you'll be locked in with 5 zombies and a Luger Nazi.
Killing all five zombies will cause an explosion, opening one of the
tomb/hut/shed things. There are 2 Nazis in the open one. Kill them, drop down,
and continue forward to complete the second objective and finish the level.

-----Eye of Anubis (Secrets: 4/4)-----

Objectives: Pursue Helga von Bulow.
            Eliminate all of von Bulow's personal "Elite Guards"
            Locate the airfield.

     Walk forward until you can see a zombie. Don't move. He should step on
the floor switch, making him explode into tiny bite size pieces. When the
spikes come out, jump on and cross them. Go up the stairs and take a right and
you'll see 2 zombies emerge. Kill them and go right into the wide hallway,
where 2 Nazis await with a secret...

=====(#1)- In the room with crates and 2 zombies should be a hallway. Down
this hallway is a switch on the left wall. Press it, look behind you, and
another mask will become available to you.=====

     Go back and take the doorway on the right side of the closed gate. Up
ahead are 2 Nazis and a secret.

=====(#2)- In the room with 2 huge jackal statues and 2 Nazis, climb the 
stairs to find a secti1d off, farther back portion of the wall. Press the
switch within it and the sarcophagus will move, revealing 2 gold bars and a
code you will need to remember for an upcoming secret.=====

     Go into the small tunnel with a coffin to the left and right. In here 
you'll encounter a zombie. Kill him. Continue forward and flip the switch.
Take the other tunnel and kill the zombie in there. Continue and flip the
switch to open the gate upstairs. Go through this gate to find a zombie and a
Nazi perched up high. Kill both and continue. Go up the stairs to find an
amusing Nazi who declares, "This place is a mad house". In this room is a

=====(#3)- Where you find the Nazi who states that the place is a madhouse, 
go left instead of following him and you'll encounter a breakable wall. Break
and enter for a lovely chalice.=====

     Go in the direction the Nazi was going in. You should run into his
friend, who asks you nicely to die.

=====(#4)- I hope you remembered that code! This secret is a small passage 
leading to the catwalk. It has wooden boards and a red danger sign on the left
wall. Before breaking the wood, remember: the input of the code
(dog-man-jackal-bird) must be done extremely quickly, so as to avoid the risk
of being turned into human shish kabob. If you successfully enter the code,
you will be handsomely rewarded with a statue of a cat!=====

     Continue around the catwalk and flip the switch. You should have two 
zombies "running" after you. Kill them and drop down. There'll be 2 Nazis 
waiting, one on each doorway. Go through the gate. Up the stairs will be a
Nazi and a zombie. Deal with them then cross the bridge and kill the last
Nazi. Hmm, the ladies have arrived. Reload, save, then jump out and load the 2
Elite Guards with MP40 bullets. When they're done, press X on the triangle at
the top of the stairs. A staircase will go down, leading you to one more Elite
Guard. Kill her and go to the end of the level.

Episode 2

-----Escape! (Secrets: 0/0)-----

Objectives: Escape the dungeon by any means necessary.
            Locate Agent One.
            Locate the exit to the lower keep.

     When you start, grab the guard's Luger and his stick of 9mm ammo.
Continue forward up the stairs, and through the gate. Stab the insane doctor.
The second objective is complete. Open the gate and crouch up the spiral
staircase. Stab the guard. Go back down and through the left gate. Grab the
health and 9mm ammo and go through the door. Kick the planks and drop down.
     Crouch onward until you hear some Nazis making fun of a dead guy. Kill
them both. Make sure to grab the guy's MP40. Go up the stairs and through the
door. Kill the 3 Nazis in here and drop down. Open the gate and go up the
stairs to complete the first objective. When you get near the top, crouch and
stab the Nazi that's walking. Then go left and kill the guy at the dinner
table. Grab the 9mm ammo while you're at it.
     Continue crouching and you'll see a Nazi with his back turned to you.
Shoot him and his friend will pop out. Shoot him too. Grab the health and the
9mm ammo. Open the door, go down, and shoot the 2 Nazis. There's health,
armor, and 9mm ammo. Open the gate and continue forward to the giant wood
doors. The switch is on your right. Open the door in the far right corner to
complete the final objective. Continue forward to end the level.

-----Escape [Part 2] (Secrets: 7/7)-----

Objectives: Destroy all radio communications gear.
            Find map of local village.
            Locate the exit to the lower keep.

     Go up the stairs and shoot the 2 Nazis. Go up the stairs and through the 
door. Continue forward through the next door, where a Nazi hides. Shoot him
and go all the way down the stairs.

=====(#1)- When you encounter a spiral staircase, take it all the way to the 
bottom and break the wall there to get some Mauser rounds.=====

     Now go all the way to the top. Open the door and sneak up to the guard on
the left. Stab him. Along the rooftop will be 3 wooden planks. Break them and
drop down. Shoot these 2 Nazis and turn off the alarm (kick the switch). Break
the radio equipment too. In here are binoculars, health, and 9mm ammo.

=====(#2)- In the alarm room, to the right side of the alarm button is a
poster which shall be broken. In it are 2 bars of gold.=====

     Now drop down out of the window. Go over to the sniper and shoot him.
There is a door to the right side. Enter and shoot the Nazi. Run to one of the
corners of the area with the red Nazi flag. They'll start shooting from below.
When the firing stops, take them down and then drop down yourself.

=====(#3)- When you drop through the floorboards, right where you land should
be a breakable wall. This wall leads to a room with health and grenades in the
cupboard and a candlelight dinner for one.=====

     Two Nazis might come at you. Kill them. Go through the door that takes
you outside. There might still be some Nazis out here, so be alert. Go through
the lowest door (it's in a corner and has a generator near it). Watch out for
a Nazi inside. In here are grenades, 9mm ammo, and a secret.

=====(#4)- A courtyard outside has multiple doors. Pick the one on the lowest
level. Inside is a breakable floor between 2 bunks, containing a single bar of

     Go back to where secret #3 was. Now go through the door across from the 
secret area. Kill the Nazis that appear. Go right into the small hallway and 
take the door on the right. Kill the Nazis in here.

=====(#5)- In the area with lots of suits of armor should be a hallway with 
a door on the left and one on the right. Take the one on your right. In this
room is a crooked candlestick. Fix it to reveal a secret area with 3 gold

     Take the other door now. Kill whatever Nazis are still in here and go
near the map to complete the second objective.

=====(#6)- In the left room is a Hitler picture, knock it down to reveal 2 
gold bars.=====

     Go through the door until you get to a hallway.

=====(#7)- Continue to the next hallway, where there is a pair of panels with
some ancient markings. The left one is a switch. The right one is a door. Get
through the door and you'll find one of the game's seemingly-never-ending
supplies of chalices.=====

     Continue forward through the door on the left for health and some Mauser
rounds. Go through the other door to finish the level.

-----Castle Keep (Secrets: 4/4)-----

Objectives: Destroy all radio communications gear.
            Locate Tram entrance.

     Crouch and take the door on your right. Sneak up behind the guard and
stab him.

=====(#1)- Right where you start out, take the door on your right. In the room
with the Nazi is a poster of some old German soldier. Press it to reveal a
switch. Press the switch. Now set up a chair on top of the table. Jump on top
of the chair and try to jump on top of the fireplace. When you reach it, break
the Nazi flag for 2 gold bars.=====

     Go out and crouch down the steps. Sneak up behind the guard near the
window and stab him too. Go near the tunnel passage thing. Wait until the
guard on the bridge is going left, then sneak past and up the spiral
staircase. Near the top, stay out of sight and use the peer technique to see
when the patrolling Nazi has his back turned. When he does, stealth stab him.
Now inch slowly backward and shoot the sniper atop the wall on your right.
Take the snowy stairs down and go through a door with the most likely blinking
red alarm light. Go down the stairs and take the door in front of you. Kill
the 2 Nazis. Now go forward and left. Kill the Nazi in here. Now go to the
alarm switch and turn it off (kick it). Go through the doorway next to you and
kill this lowly engineer.
     Destroy the radio equipment to complete the first objective. Flip the 
yellow switch to open the other door in that courtyard you were in earlier
(the one where you knifed a Nazi after coming up the stairs). Go back to that
courtyard. Kill the one Nazi and climb the hazardly icy stairs to the door.
Go in, then right, and through this door. Break open the large furniture
thingy for health and an armored helmet. Go through the next door and down the
stairs. Take a right near the sign that says "Weinkeller". Hmm... Wine Cellar?
Go through and kill the 2 Nazis who are complaining about their jobs just like
the rest of us.

=====(#2)- Go to the room with 2 Nazis and 4 wine caskets. In between one of 
those pairs of caskets is a switch. This switch opens a secret wine 
compartment where you can retrieve one of the Reich's precious bottles of 1938
Chateau Latour.=====

     Exit this room and go forward. You'll see a Nazi by a table. Shoot him.
Go down the stairs looking left and kill the 2 Nazis. Go down these stairs and
go forward to a Nazi-infested area. You'll hear a grenade drop. RUN! (I like
to close the gate so the grenade bounces back at them). Kill them all, then
pick up their scattered supplies.

=====(#3)- In a room near an alarm button should be a table with a meal and a
letter. Behind the table are some bulletin boards. Knock these boards down
and then destroy the breakable wall to reveal 2 gold bars.=====

=====(#4)- In the same area as the last secret should be a room with two 
generators and a gas can. Kill the gas can to make way for a room with an
armored helmet, 2 gold bars, and some sort of shiny helmet.=====

     Go up the flight of stairs and open the gate. Go up and you'll find a
Nazi. Shoot him and take the door he came out of. Go down and open the next
door. Kill the Nazi that runs up on you. Now take control of the stationary
machine gun. Kill the Nazis up top and the one on the bottom. You don't really
have to come here, but it's good to get rid of these Nazis now and check the
cabins if you're short on supplies. Go back to the room with the table. Kill
the 2 Nazis beneath you, then return back to the infamous courtyard. You might
encounter one or two Nazis along the way. At the courtyard are 4 Nazis
including one sniper. Kill them then go through the now-open door beneath the
sniper platform. Go forward (there's a ladder if you want the snipers'
Mausers) and through the doors to finish the level.

----- Tram Ride (Secrets 2/2)-----

Objectives: Restore power to the tram.
            Escape from Castle Wolfenstein.
            Meet Kessler in the village of Wulfburg.

     Go forward a bit and take the door on the right. Grab whatever you need,
go back outside, and take a right down. Open the door and shoot the engineer.
Then quickly shoot the alarm on your left. Go to the right and shoot all the
Nazis down that way. A Nazi pops out from the door near the alarm. Kill him.

=====(#1)- Do you remember that engineer you killed? Well, you'll see the 
machinery near him. Jump onto the right side of the machine. Press X on the 
little glove compartment to find a gold bar.=====

     Go the way the last Nazi came. Go down the stairs and kill the 3 Nazis. 
Pull the lever to complete the first objective. Go back upstairs and wait for 
the tram. When it stops, hop in and push the button. The tram will go down,
and you'll complete the second objective. You'll reach a pit stop. Kill the 2
Nazis when you're within firing range. When the tram stops, get off and
another Nazi will appear. You'll find a ladder. Climb it, then take the next 
one down. You'll see a switch. Press it to open the hatch door. Shoot the
engineer and drop down. Now press the YELLOW switch to get the tram powered up
again. Get back in it and press the button. You'll run into some Nazis at the
end of the line again. Kill 'em. Go through the door and kill these Nazis.
Take the ladder up and go through the door. Pick up whatever you need and go
back down. Open the gate to the ventilation systems.

=====(#2)- After the Tram makes its final stop, you'll find a room with a
cage. At the bottom is a Nazi. In the right corner of this ventilation area is
another glove compartment. Open it for 2 gold bars.=====

     Break the grate and crawl through the vent. Shoot the 4 Nazis in here
then get ready to mass murder the half dozen or so Nazis beyond the gate. When
they're all dead, a movie will show of Kessler impersonating a Nazi. Go
through the doorway and collect whatever supplies you're missing. Stock up,
you're going to run into some pretty challenging levels soon. Kick open the
double doors to meet Kessler and finish the level (don't shoot him!).

-----Dark Secret (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Infiltrate the village through Kessler's secret passage.
            Find local Partisan contact for additional supplies.

     Grab the stuff on the table and go downstairs. Go down the passage, sneak
to the drunk Nazis, and stab him. The first objective should be complete. Go 
upstairs and stay out of sight of the two talking Nazis. Let them finish their
conversation and one of them will walk away. Another Nazi will have entered.
Sneak to the lone guard by the table and stab him. Now turn around and shoot
the other 2 Nazis. There'll be a door to the left. 1 or 2 Nazis will come out
of it. Kill them. Go forward a bit and you'll see a wooden door. Go inside, up
the stairs and continue until you reach a hallway. The first door on your
right has grenades.
     Behind the final door is a Nazi. Shoot him, then take control of the 
stationary machine gun. Shoot the parade of Nazis that you encounter. Then go 
down the way they came. Take 2 rights then a left. You'll find 2 or 3 Nazis. 
Shoot them all. Then take a left to go up the ladder and kill the sniper. Take
his Mauser rounds too. You should hear a door open and someone will say,
"Wait, don't shoot!" Go to the source of the sound and follow him inside.
He'll give you something incredibly useful. The Silenced Submachine Gun! Go
back out the way you came, go right, and then left. Go down and under the
water tunnel. Kill the Nazi coming down the stairs, then go into the door for
a secret.

=====(#1)- After getting the Sten and going through the tunnel, go into a 
house. Don't shoot the woman. Behind the counter is a switch. Press to open a 
room in the corner with 2 bars of gold.=====

     Go back out and go left through the gate. Continue forward till you come
to 2 Nazis.

=====(#2)- In the restaurant (?) with 2 Nazis and the SP5 pistol on the table
is a bookcase. Press the book sticking out to open a secret staircase where 3
bars of gold and some health reside.=====

     Continue through the door to finish the level.

-----Dark Secret [Part 2] (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Disrupt local delivery of supplies.
            Locate the graveyard at the end of town.
            Locate the entrance to the SS Paranormal Division's archaeological
dig site.

     Open the door, go down the stairs and go left. Stab the patrolling Nazi.
Then shoot the Nazi near the running truck. Go inside and shoot the one or 2
Nazis in there. Go upstairs and shoot the Nazi to find a secret.

=====(#1)- In the building where you kill the Nazi to disrupt the local 
delivery of supplies, jump over the boxes upstairs to reach a room with 3 gold
bars and 3 Stens.=====

     Go back outside and go near the door across from where you were (there's
a Hitler poster on the right). Open the door and fire a few warning shots.
Then three will come and you will kill them. Open the door. Sneak into the
first door on your right. Stab the sniper. Go back and sneak into the next
door. Stab this Nazi too. Go out the window and crouch. You'll hear a Nazi
patrolling. Silence him with your Sten. You'll see a gap in the platform
you're standing on. Jump across and continue sneaking until you reach a lone
window. A Nazi will be walking. Peek to see if he's looking, then sneak up and
stab him. Go out the other window and drop down. Continue up the stairs and go
right. Continue forward and you'll reach an area with 3 Nazis. Go down and go
into the supply closet for 9mm ammo, grenades, health, and armor.

=====(#2)- In the courtyard with 2 trees and 3 Nazis is a staircase that goes
down to a door with a supply closet. On the right side of this staircase is a
railing. Jump from the left railing to the right one. Then jump from that
railing to the porch ahead for some health.
(thanks to Justin Burns for this one)=====

     Go upstairs and through the door. Go down and crouch. To the left is a 
room; sneak there. You'll find a ladder. Climb it and stop. Peer around to see
when this Nazi has his back to you, then stab him. Then go down and silence
the other 2 Nazis lamenting over their friends' fatal encounters with the
zombies. Then go out the door. Get your Sniper Scope out. Look out at the
cemetery gates. Shoot the Nazi that walks by. Two or three more will come.
Shoot them.
     Go inside the cemetery. Go up and shoot the sniper if he's there. Go to
the back of the shed (?) and pick up the 2 sticks of dynamite. Go back to the
front and continuously kick the door till it opens. Finish the level.

----- Catacombs (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Locate Professor Zemph's Journal.
            Pursue SS Paranormal personnel through catacombs.

     Hmm, get ready for some new breeds of zombies.
     Go down but don't jump into the hole. Let the 2 zombies and 3 Nazis
settle their differences, then from your hole shoot the survivors. Drop down,
collect whatever supplies you can take, and get out your sniper rifle. Up
ahead you'll see another death knight zombie. Here's how to kill him. Enter
the scope view. When the zombie stands up straight and starts walking, shoot
him in the head. Repeat once more and he should be down. Unfortunately, as
soon as you walk forward, 2 more death knights will pop out. Equip your Sten.
The best way to kill death knights is this. Run in and kick one of them once.
Quickly retreat and start shooting it. I'm playing on the second difficulty
level right now, and it takes less than 10 shots to kill each. Always remember
to kick them first. This throws them off their guard. Without it, most of your
shots will reflect off the zombie's shield and might come back to hit you.
Well, continue forward and down the stairs. 2 upgraded but still regular
zombies will pop out. Use the old zombie killing method. However, watch out.
These zombies shoot flying skulls at you after a while. Continue forward a bit
and you'll find a big gap with large and hostile spikes at the bottom. Save
the game now.
     Jump across to the other side and bust open the rock door. You'll notice
a switch to your left. When you flip it, 2 zombies will pop out. 
Exterminate them. Now you'll have to jump back to the other side and pull the 
newly revealed switch. The spikes should now be gone. Jump down to the far
right corner. 2 zombies will come out of the wall. When you go through the
doorway, kill the death knight. Farther on 2 more zombies will come out of the
wall. Kill them, press the switch, and sneak up the spiral staircase. With
luck and some cautious skill, you can pick off the death knight on your right
with your sniper rifle. The one on the left will now be alert, so you'll have
to kill him the standard way. The gate ahead will now be open. Walk across the
bridge, which breaks. You'll land where 2 zombies reside. Kill them and 2
death knights will come out of two different places. Kill them both, then go
through the door. 
     Farther down, you'll find two Nazis. Kill them, then grab the Journal on
the table. Two zombies will fall from the ceiling (!). Two death knights might
pop out of the left side of the room as well. If not, you'll have to kill them
later. Go into the left side and if you're done with the death knights, climb
the mountain of rubble. You'll come to a burial site. Great. Go down the
stairs and a zombie will meet you. Kill him and go up those stairs he was in
front of.

=====(#1)- A room with 4 coffins with weird markings on them. Find the one 
that's breakable. Inside is a chalice and special looking helmet.=====

=====(#2)- In the same room as the last secret is a brick/switch on the wall.
Press it and quickly exit the room, taking a right onto the bridge, then a
left while on the bridge. The door should now be open for a treasured

     Cross the rest of the bridge and go up the left stairs. When you hear a
gun reload, save the game. This is going to get interesting. Go forward and
the gate will close. Back up against it. Two zombies will appear in front of
you. Kill them, staying stationary. There'll be a zombie to your left as well.
Come out and kill it. Look at the campfire. What could be coming out? I'll
tell you what it is now. A flame-breathing zombie. The furthest evolution of
the zombie. Oh wait, you haven't met the X-creatures yet...
     Some say it's best if you grenade this zombie to pieces while it's rising
out of the fire. When I try to do this, my grenades either bounce off it or
don't do enough damage to save my skin from being charcoal. I just MP40 him to
pieces. When you kill this abhor ration of zombies, a normal (?) zombie will
pop out of the corner near the gate. Kill him and go inside his secret hiding
place and pull the switch. The door near the fire will open. Go through to end
this evil level.

----- Crypt (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Pursue SS Paranormal personnel through the catacombs.
            Navigate the catacombs to the Wulfburg Church entrance.

     So you though there were no more zombies? Well, that's wrong. I find this
level even less enjoyable than the last. Nonetheless, this is a walkthrough,
and walk you through I shall.
     The door will open, you'll hear a Nazi fighting for his life. Go to the
left and stay out of sight. On the rare chance that the Nazi manages to down
the death knight, he'll leave his backside open to stealth stabbing. Continue
forward. You'll eventually run into another Nazi. Kill him. You'll find a room
with a gate and a staircase. Go up the stairs. Inch forward and you'll hear
knocking. Run across the coffins and 2 zombies will pop out. Kill them. A Nazi
will run up behind you. Kill him. Now you'll hear a Nazi struggle. Let them
suffer. Then go and kill the survivors.
     In the room with the cross you'll find a white switch, Press it and 2
embarrassing zombies will fall out of their coffins, Kill them, then kick the
cross (run when it falls!). 

=====(#1)- In a room with a huge cross, knock down the cross and climb into 
the hole that it made. Your efforts will have led you to some health, some
grenades, some 9mm ammo, and a whole lot more cobwebs.=====

     When you exit the last secret, go right and down the stairs. Enter the
foggy area. Two zombies will come out of the ground. Kill them, then save.
There'll be 2 death knights in the next room. There'll also be a variety of
traps and switches.

=====(#2)- Alrighty, this one's complicated. After you kill 2 zombies in the 
foggy area, then kill 2 death knights, you will be in a room with multiple
traps and switches. First, go to the door with the eyeball symbol. Be careful
of the spike trap which falls from the sky. Press the switch. Then go the swan
door. You must jump across the pit, press the switch, use the quick turnaround
technique, and jump across the pit quickly (the walls close in after you flip
the switch). Make your way to the final door with the funky symbol. Avoid
stepping on the odd tiles, for reasons you don't want to find out. Press the
switch. There should be an elevating platform back outside. Go up, cross the
bridge, and press the switch. 2 zombies will pop out of the walls. (The holes
they make reveal the actual secret area) It contains a whole chest of
treasure! Whoa! Wasn't that worth the trouble?
(thanks to TSROCKS for this nightmare of a secret)=====

     Make sure you flipped the switch that opened the other door. Go through
it. You'll come to an altar with a chalice. Suspicious, huh? And with good
reason. If you jump on the altar, you're done. Grab the chalice then step
back. Stay in the same place and turn around. Two death knights will appear
and the faces on the wall will begin to breathe fire. What's funniest is that 
the corpses of the death knights will explode. A huge earthquake will rock the
earth. A huge hole will give you access to the door that gives you access to
the end of a hellacious level.

----- Defiled Church (Secrets: 3/3)-----

Objectives: Infiltrate Wulfburg Church.
            Pursue Helga von Bulow to the ruined cathedral.
            Eliminate all of von Bulow's personal Elite Guards.

     Go forward and you'll reach a room with 3 Nazis and an Elite Guard. Kill
them all. Sneak through the door, then through the corridor, then another
door. Stab this Nazi.

=====(#1)- In the room with 1 Nazi that leads to a large staircase are crates.
One discolored crate may be broken, revealing a flak jacket.=====

     Continue forward until you hear Helga talking so loud you can hear what
she's planning to do. Open the next door and fire some warning shots. One by
one the Elite Guards will come. You shall take them down with your choice
machine gun. There are about 4. Go up to the altar and another Elite Guard
will suddenly appear. Now stand way back. Look up and you'll see lattice.
Sniper rifle it. This should cause the Elite Guard who's throwing grenades to
fall down and die. Climb up the ladder. Open the door and shoot the Elite
Guard on the other side. There is one you can pick off on a balcony to the
left. Another will be behind the next door. Kill her. Go to the balcony for a

=====(#2)- When you reach the 2nd floor, go to the balcony where the elite 
guard was stationed. Jump onto the handrail, then onto the other ledge.
Continue down and through the doorway to find health, grenades, 9 mm ammo, and
a neat skull.=====

     Go back to the balcony and open the door on the left. Shoot the Elite
Guard. Sneak down the spiral staircase. At the bottom is an Elite Guard.
There's another down the tunnel. There's one beyond the gate as well. Shoot
her and open it. Save.
     The next room has 4 Elite Guards (5 if there wasn't one behind the gate)
and a secret.

=====(#3)- In the final room, where there are a slew of elite guards, check 
all the boxes for a breakable one with 2 gold bars.=====

     Collect whatever supplies you can and break the "lock" on the door.
Continue and finish the level.

-----Defiled Church [The Beast] (Secrets: 0/0)-----

Objectives: Eliminate Helga von Bulow.
            Retrieve the Dagger of Warding for further study.

     Yessah! A boss level! The creature's name is Olaric. Follow my
instructions, and this will be the easiest level in the game.
     Go forward and fall. Pick up whatever you need of health, grenades, and
9mm ammo. Save, just in case. Go up the hill and inch far enough so that
zombies pop up. Kill them. When you feel the ground shake and hear gigantic
footsteps, run back into your hole. Keep repeating this process until you can
see Olaric from the bottom of the hill. Don't worry, it can't come down here.
When you can see it, continuously sniper Olaric's nasty head until it
explodes. Watch out for straggling zombies as well. When Olaric explodes
rather disgustingly, go to the other side where you'll find Helga's dead body.
Continue forward to finish the level.

Episode 3

-----Forest Compound (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Recover airdropped supplies.
            Locate the main road.
            Find the entrance to supply compound.

     Sneak forward then up the hill and stab the sniper. Take his Mauser.

=====(#1)- In the beginning where you shoot the sniper should be a crate with
a different marking than the rest. Bust it open for 2 spectacular gold

     Now shoot the Nazi below with your Sten. Run forward until you can see a
Nazi walking along a stone wall. Sneak up behind him and stab him. Go inside
the barn and stab the Nazi near the table. Go to the back exit and stab the
Nazi there too. Run across the water and pick up the supplies. Then run back
across the water and climb up the vines on the backside of the barn. From
there, shoot the three Nazis before they alert everyone on the main road. Go
off to the main road. You'll see a truck and a Nazi walking around it. When he
has his back towards you, stab him. Grab the Panzerfaust on the crates too. Go
on the right side of the truck and look at the house. A bit below it will be a
walking Nazi. Pick him off, then the Nazi that comes out of the house. Now go
back and on the right side of the stone walls. If you look left you'll see
a Nazi on a stationary machine gun (SM, from now on). Snipe him before he sees
you. Then go in the house.

=====(#2)- In the house near the truck with the Panzerfaust is a fire place. 
Break the floor near the fireplace for 3 gold bars.
(thanks to Sparda for pointing that one out)=====

     Exit the house and go right. In the gap between the walls, go towards the
hill. A part of it (border between the dark rock and the green grass) is
climbable. From the top of the hill you'll see the building where the SM is.
You'll also see a gap between the house and the hill. Fall in this gap and it
will slide you forward. When you stop sliding, get out your Sniper rifle and
don't move. You should be able to see 3 Nazis in front of you. Make your shots
count. Go from the closest Nazi to the farthest. When they're all down, go
into the SM house. Grab hold of the SM and down the 2 guards on the bridge to
the right. Now go inside and go right. Collect the ammo of the 3 Nazis you
shot, going around the river. When you see a sniper tower, sneak up to it.
Climb the ladder and stab this Nazi idiot to his elevated doom. Get his rifle
and then go into the tunnel. Shoot the last Nazi by the door and end this

----- Forest Compound [Part 2] (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Ensure that no alarms are sounded.
            Recover OSA M1S Snooper Rifle.
            Infiltrate Supply Compound.
            Stowaway aboard supply truck bound for rocket base.

     You know, this is one of those levels that are so challenging that in
your frustration you congratulate the game producers. Yes, this is a pure
stealth level. I used to enjoy stealth levels. For anyone who's ever played
any James Bond games, you'd know that there's nothing better than quietly
sneaking up behind a guard and pulling a gun on him before he knows what hit
him. This level has a quirk. There is a Nazi that you can't kill. This is one
horrible obstacle, as we shall soon find out. 
     Right, sneak up the ladder, then run up the hill to your right. Stop at
the near top. Look down and see two Nazis. Pick them off with your Sniper
Scope. Move forward a bit more and you'll see a sniper tower. Pick him off
too. Crouch down the hill and pick up the ammo from the 2 Nazis. There's also
an armored helmet on a haystack and an alarm waiting to be kicked. Run to the
back and pick up the airdropped supplies. Go back. Do you see a tree to the
left of the SM? Go on the left side of that tree. Look at the brown tunnel in
the distance. Snipe the Nazi there with your Sniper Scope. Now go near one of
the legs of the sniper tower. You'll see 2 Nazis, one on the bottom, walking
around, and the other in the window of the building. Shoot the top one with
your sniper scope, then snipe the bottom one. Save.
     This next part gets even trickier. Go near the alarm hut and kick the
alarm. Go inside the hut, then use the peer technique. Focus in on the water
tower. You'll see a sniper walking. When this sniper has his back towards you,
open the gate and sneak toward the back door of the house up ahead. We'll call
this Point A. Save. Equip your Sten. Open the door and quickly shoot the Nazi
inside. Don't let him shoot. If he does, you'll have to load your last save.
     Exit the cottage the way you came in. Go slightly to the right of the
house, and look out at the cargo area. You'll see a Nazi. Equip your Snooper
Rifle and pick off this Nazi. If nothing goes wrong, go back to Point A and
     Now peer to the left, adjusting yourself so you can see the water tower.
The sniper will probably be alert. If not, wait till he has his back toward
you and sneak through the gate to the other side of the supply compound. Stay
near the gate. When you see the sniper, use the Snooper Rifle and shoot him.
If nothing goes wrong, save.
     Turn around. You'll see a house with a wire on the side. Sneak in this
house and stab the Nazi. Continue through the house and pick up the Sniper
Scope on the table. Exit through the window above this table. Jump onto the
first level of crates and look out at the distant gate. The Nazi by the truck
should still be walking. If you've managed to get this far with this
all-important Nazi having no knowledge of your mass-murdering infiltration,
you're doing fine.

=====(#1)- As it must be done without the notice of any guards, this secret is
incredibly hard. On the water tower's side of the wall should be a house (the
farthest one from the truck). Kill the Nazi (silently, I hope) grab the chair,
and go out the side window. You will notice some crates outside the building
nearest to you with an electrical wire overhead. Set up the chair on the
crates and jump from it onto the wire, then walk across it (carefully!) to the
roof of the warehouse. Go down the skylight for .45 cal ammo.  
(thanks again to Justin Burns)
(PATWLESL points out that instead of grabbing the chair [for people like me
who are tempted to destroy them on sight] you can just jump to the roof of the
cabin, then onto the wire, and cross it to the warehouse roof)
(There is a piece of treasure within the warehouse that is held in a crate. To
open this crate, use your Sten to shoot the gas can. There's a treasure helmet
in here.(Thanks to Scott Foster for telling me about that treasure item)=====

     Return to Point A. To the right you'll see and hear huge machines. Make
sure the truck Nazi isn't looking your way. Then run along behind the machines
to the cargo area.

=====(#2)- Near the supply truck is a platform with heaps of crates. The crate
farthest from the truck can be broken to find an armored helmet and a flak

     Sneak along down the cargo area an into the truck to finish the level.

-----Rocket Base (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Locate Main Control Room.
            Terminate launch of V2 rocket.
            Locate exit and proceed to the outer compound.

     Now that the boring and tedious levels are over, the fun begins. This is
one of my favorite levels, full of action. Let's get it on.
     Open the truck door and take out your Sniper Scope. To your right and
upstairs is a Nazi walking away. Pick him off. Aim above the stairs and when
the engineer arrives, lay him flat. Take out your Sten and shoot the guy who
runs towards you upstairs. Run to the alarm and kick it.

=====(#1)- There is a solitary pair of crates in the warehouse you start in 
(the side opposite the truck). Break it open for a helmet treasure.
(thanks to Sparda for this one)=====
     Go back to the alarm switch. Sneak down the tunnel. You'll hear 2 Nazis
in an infirmary complaining about the rocket tests. Just sneak past the door
and to the elevator. Press the button for it to come up, get on, and pull the
lever to go down. Shoot the 2 Nazis here. Follow the tracks to an area with 2
Nazis and a chasm. Kill them and continue forward along the tracks. Kill the
engineer behind the control panel. You'll hear the elevator coming down. If
you shoot the 2 Nazis while the elevator is still moving, they'll explode!
Take the elevator up and equip your Sniper Scope. Shoot the generator and
they'll all die. Now we've got a time limit!
     Climb the ladder and shoot the Nazi there. Open the door and shoot the 3
engineers. Open the next door and unleash on all the Nazis and engineers. When
the room's clear press the button to make the rocket self-destruct. Now save.
We're going Nazi hunting.
     Go back down the ladder. The elevator will break, so you'll have to go
through the large door. Kill the Nazis and the sniper on the catwalk. The path
you have to take is pretty self-explanatory. Just go through the tunnel
cutting down Nazis until you reach a room with a gate. Go inside and pick up
whatever supplies you need. Then go back out and go right. You'll come to a
bridge that the Nazis bomb. Run across it before it falls and shoot the Nazis.
Continue until you reach a control room.

=====(#2)- In a room with 1 Nazi and lots of computers, break all the room's 
wall decorations until you find the one concealing 3 planks of wood that are
locked. To unlock them, press the switch under the left side of the nearest
desk for 2 gold bars.=====

     Go out the automatic sliding door and into the next one. Shoot the Nazi
in your face and the one on the stairs. Go upstairs and kill the last Nazi. Go
onto the catwalk and into the vent to end the level.

-----Radar Installation (Secrets: 3/3)-----

Objectives: Locate and destroy MVX-mk1 radar array.
            Destroy all radio communications gear.
            Locate entrance to X-Aircraft facility.

     Sneak forward a bit and you'll feel an explosion. A Nazi below dies.
Another comes to the rescue and is shot by you. Look out at the bridge and
snipe the Nazi. With luck you can snipe the Nazi by the SM before he runs
away. Drop down.
=====(#1)- If you jump off the left of the bridge and keep swimming, you'll 
see an opening with 2 gold bars.===== 

Climb up the ladder and back onto the bridge. Kill the 2 Nazis that come out
of the houses. Run into the house with the SM and shoot the Nazi. Go up the
ladder and through the door. Control the SM, then aim at the tunnel on the
left. Cut down all the Nazis but watch out. Some of them hide for a while.
There are 8 total. Kill them all and follow the tunnel. Up on the bridge is a
Nazi and a sniper. Kill both. Move up against the left wall. You'll have to do
some quick sniping to kill the SM Nazi. You'll also have to snipe the
Panzerfaust-wielding Nazi. Kill all the Nazis you encounter now. Upstairs,
you'll see 2 automatic doors. Pick the one on the right.

=====(#2)- Where there are 2 Nazis and a staircase that leads to 2 sliding 
doors, take the door on the right. If you look around the room, you'll see a
grate on the floor. Break it and follow the vent until you reach a room with
7.92 mm. ammo, 9mm ammo, an armored helmet, a flak jacket, a Mauser rifle, and
a Panzerfaust.=====

     From the last secret, sneak up behind the Nazi and stab him. Go into the
other room and pick up 3 sticks of dynamite. Sneak up the stairs. Use the
Snooper to quietly snipe the Nazis on each side of the stairs.
     Go out into the corridor. Sneak into the room on the left. Stab the Nazi
in here and take what you need. Exit this room and sneak through the door
across from you. Stab the Nazi by the radio room. Grab the gold bars. Break
all the radio equipment. Go back the way you came. Go back in the room with
all the doors, and take the one you haven't used yet. Cross the bridge and go
left. Open the door under the radar. Throw a stick of dynamite and RUN! When
it goes kaboom 2 Nazis will come out of a door. Kill them and go where they
came from. Go through the next door. Go down the ladder and shoot 2 Nazis.

=====(#3)- Near the ending room should be a grate on the floor; open it, then
press the switch. I am yet to find out if this actually does anything special
besides make the ground shake.=====

Go through the door on the left and the following door to finish the level.

-----Air Base Assault (Secrets: 0/0)-----

Objectives: Gain access to Kobra launch silo.
            Prep Kobra for launch.
            Capture Kobra and fly to OSA airbase in Malta.

     When the level starts, run down towards the tower. Break open the grate
and fall in. Open the door. Snipe both guards in front of you. Shoot the one
on the right with the Sten. Take out your Sniper Rifle. Look left and you'll
see a truck in the distance. Shoot the 4 Nazis that come out.
     Get the supplies in the warehouses if you want. The first warehouse has
health, a Panzerfaust, a stick of dynamite, and 1 Nazi. The second has 2 Nazis
and health. Run to the sniper tower in the distance, near the gate. Climb 
the ladder and shoot the Nazi. Lower the gate. Snipe the Nazi beside the
truck, then the one behind the crates. Then snipe the Panzer-Nazi. Also snipe
the sniper on the tower complex. There are Mauser rounds beside the oil truck.
Stock up, you're going to need them later. Approach the launch silo. Kill the
3 Nazis in here. Go up the stairs, across the catwalk, and open the door.
     Sneak up these stairs and go in the door with the 2 plane signs on the
sides. Enter and you'll hear a squealing of some sort. If this is your first
time playing this level, hear the guy out. If it's not, don't let him waste
and more time and kill him, silently too. Pull the level on the left to lift
the Kobra into fueling position.
     Exit this room and take the door on the right. Kill the 2 Nazis in here,
then pull the lever to begin fueling the Kobra. Three more Nazis will come to
congratulate you on a job well done. Kill them. If not all three come, the
rest are outside in the hall. Exit the fueling room, kill the Nazis, if any,
and save.
     A new chapter in the enemy book is about to be filled. We're going to 
welcome Paratroopers: highly trained and highly skilled Nazis who carry
Paratrooper rifles. These are rapid-fire versions of the Mauser rifles and
pack a lethal punch. Go down to the end of the hallway and open the door.
Open the next door and run down to the near end, and look out at the sky.
There'll be a Paratrooper parachuting closer to you than the others. Get out
your Sniper rifle and shoot his parachute. You'll see it deflate. Now for the
others, you can either snipe as many of their parachutes as you can, or you
can throw a couple of sticks of dynamite when they touch ground. Don't bother
sitting there like a duck, trying to kill all of them. It's B.J. suicide.
Climb the sniper complex up to the top, where you'll find a door. Go through
this door and through the next one. Shoot the Nazi by the crates. Turn the
wheel, grab the health, and go back outside. Don't go all the way down to the
bottom, but stay on the second floor, in a place where you can see the door
that goes back inside. Fire some warning shots to lure them out. If that
doesn't work, we're going to have to back down to the first floor and go find
them ourselves. There's no strategy to beat them. Just use a Paratrooper rifle
against them. Make sure you picked one up from the first one you killed. If
you're really lucky, you can totally avoid the rest of them and take the newly
opened door in the hallway. Go up the stairs and open the door. Kill the 4
engineers, press the switch, and cross the platform to finish the level.

Episode 4 

-----Bombed Factory (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Eliminate Panzergrenadier team.
            Escort the captured Panzer safely to the SWF complex.
            Aid Kreisau Circle in safe defection of SWF scientist.
            Gain access to SWF complex.

     Ooo, nice weapons. Unfortunately, not useful yet. Get out your sniper.
Pick off the Panzergrenadier in the building, then the 2 Nazis that arrive.
Take the first pathway on your right. You'll reach a 3-way intersection of
rooms. Go straight. Take a left, sneak up to the Nazi, and stab him. Go back
to the intersection. Go right. Sneak to the left side of the area and snipe
the Panzergrenadier on the balcony. Sneak up the stairs. Look behind you when
you're halfway to the top and you'll see a Nazi in the window. Shoot him
however you'd like. Go back to the main road to meet up with the tank. The
tank will destroy the annoying sniper in the bell tower. Shoot the Nazi that
appears. Take the way he came. Go through the gate and right. Stop at the
doorway. Snipe the Nazi that runs by. Snipe the other two farther right. Make
sure you shoot the sniper in the window in the building on the right. Go into
the exploded building and up the stairs. Drop to the first floor. Save.
     Go into the next room and shoot the Nazi. Use a loud gun on him (MP40 or
Thompson) and wait in the next room. A Venom Soldier will appear carrying a
very formidable flamethrower. Kill him, then kill the 4 Nazis in the area
before they shoot the scientist. Sprint back to the main road. The tank will
trample the barbed wire. Run along the road. Shoot the Nazi behind the
anti-tank weapon. Then go back and take a right. Kill the Venom Soldier.
Continue and kill the Nazi by the gas cans. Go inside and up the fallen
planks. Jump to the other building.

=====(#1)- Near the entrance to the SWF complex (the place the tank finally 
stops at) is a house where you can jump to another through the windows. After
jumping across, you will hopefully note some gas cans in the vicinity. Shoot
them to open a hole with 5 gold bars.=====

     Continue and fall outside to the main road. Go into the bombed factory.
The next area has a Venom Soldier and a Nazi. Kill them both.

=====(#2)- At the end is a room with broken support beams strewn all over the
place. Climb up the rightmost (your right when you enter the room) support
beam, and then jump onto the ledge in front of you. It should say that you
found a secret area. Then look left and jump onto what's left of the second
floor for health and 7.92mm ammo.=====

     Jump into the sewer to end the level. 

-----Bombed Factory [Part 2] (Secrets: 1/1)-----

Objectives: Infiltrate the Kugelstadt weapons factory.
            Obtain Venom Gun project book.

     Barely climb up the ladder. Poke your head out enough to pick off the 2  
Nazis. Come up then go right and stay near the wall on your right. Snipe the 
Nazi on the second floor. Go forward a bit. Turn left and snipe the Nazi. Go 
forward until you hear a grenade drop. Rocket backwards. Then shoot the Nazi
in the distance. Look upstairs and through the cracks in the wooden planks you
should be able to shoot the Panzergrenadier. Snipe the other Panzergrenadier
in the closed off area. In this area is also a grate. Bust it open and drop
down. Go about halfway to the main tunnel, then retreat and hide on the side.
A Nazi and a Venom Soldier will arrive. Take out your Panzerfaust and rocket
them to pieces. If this isn't an option, then just use a machine gun on them.
      If you need health, go right. If not, go left. Go up the ladder and
quietly stab this Nazi. Then barely climb up the ladder on the truck. Make
sure you can't see above this guy's neck. Sten him, then use the Snooper Rifle
on the Panzergrenadier in the distance. Go into the door, sneaking. Grab the
health and armor if you need it. Sneak up the stairs. Sten the Paratrooper
and then his friend. Go into the next room and kill the Nazi by the SM. Open
the door but don't move. A Paratrooper will pass, then stop. Sneak up behind
him and stab him. In the next room is a balcony. Look at it and go under it on
the left side. Take out your flamethrower and spray just above the balcony.
You'll know whether you succeeded or not by the scream that should present
itself. Go up the stairs and across the balcony. A bunch of Nazis in the next
room decide to play chicken with a bomb and lose. Drop down and kill 2
Paratroopers, then plow a hole in the wall with the gas cans.

=====(#1)- In the room where the Nazis blow themselves to bits with a bomb 
(hilarious imbeciles) drop down through the hole to the floor. Go through the
hole in the wall made by the gas can felled by your mighty strength. Ahead of
you should be a crate. Break open the side with the star on it for a priceless
(thanks again to Sparda)=====

     Go back upstairs to the bomb room. Jump from one side of the second floor
to the other. Grab what you need and go through the door. Snipe the 2
Paratroopers in the distant windows. Then go left. Snipe the Paratrooper on
the ground below, then the one in the window far away. Then jump to the
building where the 2 Paratroopers were shooting from the windows. Snipe the
Paratrooper and Panzergrenadier that are shooting at you. Then go around to
the inside of the building and grab the Venom Tech. Manual on the desk. Now,
remember the Paratrooper on the ground near the truck? There's a ladder near
where he was. Climb it, then go near the black net window. Jump to the other
side to the left. Go through the door and continue on to finish the level.

-----Trainyards (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Gain access to the main warehouse complex.
            Locate the primary lift and proceed to the SWF.

     Crouch and go right. Open the door, then wait for the Nazi to run over
and Sten him. Then snipe the Paratrooper that arrives. Go outside and snipe a
Panzergrenadier on a distant rooftop. Jump onto the support cage of the ladder
and look at a garage door below. Snipe the 3 Nazis that come out. Then go down
yourself and collect their supplies. Inch slowly to the left. When you see a
door open on the left side of the train, get ready to pick off Paratroopers.
On the left of the train you'll find a Nazi all by his lonesome. Stab him and
climb up the ladder.

=====(#1)- Get onto a building and jump onto the train. Go into the opening 
for health, grenades, 2 gold bars, and Mauser rounds.=====

     Go inside the warehouse and kill the 3 or 4 Paratroopers. More come out
of the door, too. When you're done, go through those double doors and shoot
the Paratrooper in here. Kill another Paratrooper on the left corner, then
another in the room with the glass window, also on the left side. Open the
door in the middle of the room and pick off the Paratrooper right through the
window. Press the 2 buttons. If you're short on armor, go through the other
door and upstairs. The door on the left side has 2 lowly Nazis and a flak
jacket. Go back downstairs to the hallway. There should now be a double door
with a green light above it. Open it and immediately snipe 2 Paratroopers
towards the left side. Ignite in flames the Paratrooper on the balcony right
above where you entered. Then get behind the crates and pick off 2
Paratroopers that come upstairs. Now, there should be a doorway on the left
side of the room. Go through it and up these stairs. Kill the Paratrooper in
the window, then continue. Go through the next door and go right on the
balcony. You'll see a door. Behind it is a supply room with a Paratrooper.
Exit this room and go right.

=====(#2)- Hard one. When you reach the final room, there is a Nazi up high on
a seemingly unreachable area. You will notice that to the right of this area
is a loading zone. You must first jump to this zone off of a railing, then
jump onto the Nazi's control area. Go through the door for health,
flamethrower fuel, grenades, and an armored helmet.=====

     Press the switch to get the bridge where you are. Cross the bridge and go
left. You'll see a small compartment that's closed. Open it, then press the
switch to activate the lift. Go into the lift to finish the level.

-----Secret Weapons Facility (Secrets: 4/4)-----

Objectives: Locate Deathshead's U-boat pen.
            Obtain information on Deathshead's destination.
     Hmm... Interesting level on our hands.
     The elevator will reach the bottom. Sneak to the door on the right. Sneak
inside and stab the Nazi. You'll hear another Nazi strolling in. Wait until
the double doors close behind him and Sten him. 

=====(#1)- When the elevator drops down, you will see a mass of tall cans.
Give these cans a sound trashing and a hole will lead to 9mm. ammo, 7.92 mm.
ammo, a Panzerfaust, 2 armored helmets, and health.=====

     Go through the double doors and Sten 3 Nazis in here. Sneak through the
tunnel and up the small stairs. Stab the walking Nazi first, then come back
and stab the engineer. Then enter the next tunnel. Stay back and snipe the
Nazi in the caged area. Then move forward until you see a crack between the
left pillar and the wall, revealing a Nazi. Snipe him too. Then you should go
forward a bit and on the left side of the crates upstairs is another Nazi.
Pick him off. Jump onto the crates in the middle of the room. Then jump on to
the suspended crate, then to the platform. Kill the 2 Nazis that appear on the
other side. There will be a double door near a single one. Sneak through this
double door and stab the Nazi around the corner.
     Shoot the Nazis in the next area on the left. Now press the button near
the small window to view a zombie with leprosy. Just kidding. Meet the
X-Creature: Legless Prototype. These incredibly agile (despite their names)
creatures are armed with Tesla systems that you can't pick up. These Teslas 
are accurate but don't do as much damage as you'd think. Now, back to the task
at hand. Open the double door. Take out your Paratrooper Rifle. The beast will
escape, kill the Nazi, and run up the stairs after you. Retreat back. Be quick
about it too. When the X-Creature is in your sights, let it have it. There is
another X-Creature that you could probably pick off from upstairs (near the
double door that goes downstairs). When you're down go back downstairs
through this double door. Under the stairs is a Venom Gun and Venom ammo
(12.7mm). This is one nasty piece of equipment. It takes a few seconds to
warm up but when it does, watch out. You can also carry a very comfortable
amount of its ammo. Just make sure you don't go overly nuts with it, and you
should be fine. Walk into the X-Creature's lair and you'll hear another one
escape and dine on 2 Nazis. This X-Creature you'll have to find and then
unleash on with the Venom Gun. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that would happen.
It explodes your enemies! Nice touch, huh? Now go to a place in here that has
a fence. Look inside it and you'll see a cracked wall. Shoot it open and
you'll see the figure of an X-Creature inside. You should be able to kill it
with the Sniper Rifle. Once you do, go around and open the cell. Go through
the hole for a secret.

=====(#2)- When you open a cell to release an X-creature, you will see a crack
in the back wall. Break it and go through for health, grenades, 12.7 mm. ammo,
and a Panzerfaust.=====

     Go back outside and you'll see a door. Open it and shoot the Nazi inside.
Flip the 2 switches in here and go through the next door. Kill the 3 Nazis. Go
back onto the crate staircase, up to the catwalk, and across the lowered
platform. Sneak through the double door and Sten the Nazi behind the door
ahead of you. Go back outside and pick off the Nazi coming up the stairs.
Sneak down the stairs and Sten the next 3 Nazis. Open the door and Sten the
engineer. A Paratrooper will walk out of another double door in this room.
Sten him as well. (I wait beside the door. When he walks in, if he's not
alert, he'll walk right by you and you can stab him for a healthy gain.)

=====(#3)- In the area with water and some supplies that leads to the sub pen,
go into the water, break the grate, and continue on up the ladder. Press the

=====(#4 [continues from number 3])- Go up the next ladder and into the pipe
systems. Go left until you see another ladder. Climb it and go through the
door and press the switch. Go back into the pipe systems and through a door
back outside. Go downstairs into one of the water areas. There should be a
tunnel and if you look at the roof of the tunnel, you should see a square
opening you can go through. Swim onward until you see a ladder. Climb it to
whiff the sweet scent of health, a flamethrower, fuel, 12.7 mm. ammo, and...
THAT'S IT!!!=====

     Go back to the room with engineer and the Paratrooper. Go through the
double door the Paratrooper came in from and you'll finish the first
objective. Go through the next door. Back up into the closest corner and snipe
the 4 Paratroopers scattered throughout the lower catwalk. If you go all the
way around the lower catwalk you'll find a supply room with health, armor, a
Snooper Rifle, Snooper rounds, Mauser rounds, 9mm ammo, and grenades. When
you're finished stocking up, go back on the catwalk and you'll find another
door. Sneak up the stairs and go left. Kill the Paratrooper. Now go back and
go right this time. Open the door and walk across the bridge. Look to the
right and you'll see a seemingly-inaccessible part of the lower catwalk.
Throw a grenade at the 2 gas cans and you'll blast the door open. Then jump
down. Enter the blasted door and Panzerfaust the 2 Paratroopers atop the
stairs to another dimension. Go right, up the stairs, and finish the level.

Episode 5

-----Ice Station Norway (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Breach X-Labs outer compound.
            Gain access to main secure lab area.
     Move forward until you can see the faint outline of a Nazi in the
distance. Let him walk a few steps, then silence him with the Snooper Rifle.
Run to the lower level of snow, then sneak to the left side of the crates.
Continue sneaking until you hear cranking and Nazi voices. When you hear the
words "helpful" and "antifreeze", find a place to hide. A Nazi will walk away.
Stab him, then stab the engineer near the generator.

=====(#1)- You can swim in the water where the sub is stationed. There are 6 
gold bars on the ocean floor. Don't drown.=====

     Go to where you stabbed the Nazi. Do you see a platform with a Nazi
patrolling? Take out your Snooper Rifle and when you can see the Nazi in your
scope, shoot him down. Sneak through the gateway. Hide behind the large pile
of crates. There are 3 Paratroopers near the cabin. Stealth won't help you
here, because they usually automatically trigger the alarm as soon as they see
you. Kill them whichever way you'd like. (I once used the flamethrower on them
and the alarm didn't go off.)

=====(#2)- When you go through the first gate there will be a cabin with 3 
Nazis huddled outside. Go around the cabin to the back, where there is a
breakable wall. Break it and crawl up the ladder for health, an armored
helmet, and 2 paratrooper rifles.=====

     Go around to the back again, but keep walking. When you get near the
walkway up on the hill, sneak. You'll find a set of stairs. Sneak up, climb
the ladder, and stab the Paratrooper with his back towards you. Open the
automatic sliding door to complete the first objective.
     Sneak to the other auto door, but don't go outside just yet. Listen to
the engineer complain for a while. He'll stop. Use your Sniper Rifle and kill
both of the idiots from the catwalk. Two Paratroopers will come from outside
(through the downstairs door, not the door you're standing near). Sten them
from above. Now go outside through the door. Use your Snooper on the sniper in
the sniper tower. Then pick off the Paratrooper on ground level. Go up to the
sniper tower. Climb up and destroy the alarm. Go back down and continue
forward. A bit after you pass a lone tree you'll see a rectangular window.
Pick off the sniper and anyone else you can see in the window. When there's no
one left in sight, go onto the roof of this little building. From this rooftop
you'll see a sniper in another sniper tower. Snipe the Nazi before he runs
down the ladder.
     There will be more enemies inside the little building either in the
window area or on the bridge/dam. Kill the Venom Soldier too (they now have
Venom Guns!!!) Collect supplies and go back up. Go down the hill. Hide behind
the left cabin. This area has at least 3 Paratroopers, a sniper, 2 Venom
Soldiers, and a possibility of a Nazi with a Panzerfaust. There's no strategy
to beat them, I just Venom the poor saps who fall in my way. If you don't
encounter the Venom Soldiers yet, they'll probably be in the next area. When
the area is cleared of enemies, go inside the little hut and smash the button.
The door will open. Pick off the sniper on the catwalk above. If there's still
no Venom Soldiers, congratulate yourself. Go into the automatic door. Collect
what you need in this room, then open the next door. You'll be in a room with
a truck. This next room has 4 Paratroopers and 3 Venom Soldiers. I just stand
in the doorway and take everyone out with my Sniper Rifle, but you can do what
you see fit.
          You'll see a room with a generator and some gas cans. Throw a
grenade, back away, and go through the "door" to finish the level.

-----X-Labs (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Locate and procure any documents relating to Operation
            Locate entrance to main Uber Soldat gestation area.

     On your fist right you'll find a room where you Sten 2 scientists. For
the secret later on, flip the switch. Now go back to the corridor and equip
your Sniper Rifle. Open the door while in scope view and snipe the Nazi up
ahead. Then look right and snipe that Nazi, as well as the one following him.
Then go to the corridor labeled 1 and kill those 2 Nazis. Straight ahead will
be a door. Before entering equip your Venom Gun. Open the door and explode the
Legless Prototype that jumps out. Also kill the Nazi on the overhead walkway.
Go up the ladder in this room. Then go through the door upstairs. Continue
forward until you see a scene below with X-Creatures and scientists. Don't
go onto the catwalk until the Legless Protofreaks exit. When they do, go
across the catwalk and through the next door.
     Venom time. Yep, another Legless. There's another one, and sometimes it
can jump upstairs. Take it out fast and furiously. Go onto the walkway and go
until you reach a room with doors on either side of you. Go right first and
stock up. Now go back outside and it would be an ideal time to save. You're
about to meet X-Creature #2 - the Armored Prototype. These are considerably
stronger, considerably slower versions (even though they now have been given
legs). They are very powerful and are best taken out with Panzerfaust rockets
or Venom Gun rounds. Kill the beast from the doorway. After you take care of
him, snipe the Legless under the catwalk. He might run away.
     When he's gone from the room below, jump down. Go into the water, left,
then down. Go through the door after stopping that ceiling hole for air. Take
a left and stop at the first air hole. Go forward and up the ladder (with your
Panzerfaust ready). Look right and you'll see a "trotting" Armored Prototype.
Let him pass. He'll kill a Legless. When he does immediately Panzerfaust his
mechanical sass. Now go back to the room with the water and the ladder. Open
the door and kill the Legless. Go left and switch off the force field on Door

=====(#1)- This is very easily one of the most infamous secrets in this game.
It is commonly referred to as "The Door". To open it, you must flip all the
electrical switches throughout the level. Now go to the door with the
Deathshead logo on it. It should be open for 21 gold bars (pleasant

     Go back into the water and take your fist left. Go through the door and
through the door after that. Get some air then continue forward until you
reach a ladder. Go up and watch the Legless kill the scientist, then the
Armored kill the Legless. Do NOT stand by as the Armored tries to kill you.

=====(#2)- By taking a certain way through the water tunnels, you will come 
across a ladder which leads to an Armored Prototype, 7.92mm ammo, fuel,
dynamite, and health.=====

     After defeating this guy, go outside to Corridor 1 and you'll find a
large Legless Prototype-sized hole in a door. Go through, left, and through
this door to reach the room with the Operation Resurrection project book. Go
back to the last secret area.
     Go through the door ahead and through the door across from the secret
area. Kill the Legless that goes on a serial killing spree of it own. Go
downstairs where you'll find a switch. Before flipping this switch, save!
     When you turn this switch, a large door will open exposing not one, but
two Armored Prototypes. Kill them then open the next door and finish this
hellacious level.

-----Super Soldier (Secrets: 0/0)-----

Objectives: Pursue Deathshead to the Uber Soldat Test Lab.
            Eliminate Deathshead's Uber Soldat.
            Locate exit and proceed to the surface.

     Okay, when I fist played this level, I almost threw my controller out the
window. If you do this level right, it shouldn't be as big a problem boss
level as the game producers hoped.
     Go forward and pull the switch to open the door. An alarm will sound and
an Armored Prototype will come running. Kill him. Continue down the hallway
where you'll find a room with health and armor. Pick up the health but leave
the armor for later. If you approach the stairs, 2 Nazis will come from both
sides and will ask you to shoot them (I'm kidding, you know). Go up either
staircase and you'll find a room with a Flamethrower Venom Soldier and an
Armored Prototype. Kill them and a scientist will arrive, begging for bullets.
Kill him and go back to the room with armor and health. Then go back to where
you killed the scientist. Make your way through the lab tunnel and you'll find
yourself face to face with Deathshead (and his mighty Super Soldier).
     The Super Soldier is the last stage of the X-Creatures. It is incredibly
strong and amazingly powerful, wielding a portable Tesla as its main weapon.
Here's how to defeat it.
     After the movie, immediately jump out of the right side of the catwalk.
You'll see a room's opening at the right side of the catwalk. You'll see a
room's opening on the right. Go inside and sneak to the far side of the room.
You should be able to peer around the corner and see a motionless Super
Soldier. The secret to defeating him is just sniping his left shoulder while
out of reach of his multiple weapons. The only problem is that once in a
while a scientist will come out of a door and out on the catwalk will shoot
you with their weak but steadily-damaging Lugers. Just beware their "mighty"
     When the beast is down, you'd do well to grab health and armor. Then
pick up the fallen soldier's Tesla. Sneak into the lab. Stab the 2 Scientists
on the left. Then go right and up the stairs, using your newly-acquired Tesla
to mow down scientists. At the top of the stairs will be a door. Go through
this door, then through the next and up the left. Press the switch and move
forward to finish the episode.

Episode 6
-----Bramburg Dam (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Get across the Bramburg Dam.
            Locate the road to the village of Paderborn.

     When the level starts, crouch down the hill and jump the small fence. Go
down the ladder off the edge. When you reach the bottom, turn the corner. Use
the Snooper Rifle to quiet the Nazi on the catwalk below. Descend the next
ladder. Continue forward and through the auto door. Sten the 2 Engineers. Take
the first door on your left and Sten the Nazis. Make sure also to pulverize
the alarm.
=====(#1)- Before you take the elevator up to the top, press the lift's
button, making the elevator go up without you. On the ground where the
elevator was should be a grate. Break it and follow its path for Panzerfaust
rockets, 7.92mm ammo, an armored helmet, and a flak jacket.=====

     Go up the crooked lift. Stab the unaware Paratrooper. Go into the next
room and pick up health and armor. Go to the next room and kill the Nazi. Take
control of the SM and kill everything that moves. Watch out though because
Paratroopers might try sneaking up behind you. When the area is cleared, go to
the sniper tower near the beginning with the truck. There will be a door on
the opposite side. Go in.

=====(#2)- Go in the door closest to the dam side of the gate. Break the 
bulletin boards for 2 gold bars.=====

     Now cross the dam. There will probably be some Nazis coming out of a
double door. Kill them and go through the double door yourself. Go under the
stairs and make some noise. Kill the 2 Engineers as they come. Go up the
stairs. Open the door to an empty room. Behind the next door on the left side
is a sneaky Nazi. Beat him down. Grab the health and armor and go up the
ladder and into the vent until you reach a vertical grate. Someone will
Panzerfaust it. Snipe the 3 or 4 Nazis you can see from here, then continue on
through the vent left. You'll reach another vertical grate. Break through and
go left and up the platform. On the first door to your left is a room with 2
Engineers. Kill them, then go right to a room with a Paratrooper. Kill him and
open the door ahead of you. Down these stairs will be one or two Paratroopers.
Kill them and go outside. There are 4 Nazis in various locations out here.
Kill them, then go in the hut to open the gate. Go onward through the gate to
finish the level.

-----Paderborn Village (Secrets: 3/3)-----

Objectives: Eliminate four key SS Paranormal Operatives.
            Ensure alarm is not sounded.

     Wonderful. Another stealth level. Two more actually. Of all the levels,
these next two are the ones I despise most. But some people enjoy them. Either
way, let's do this.

     Sneak down the road and wait behind the car. You'll see a Nazi
patrolling. Let him walk a bit. When he's almost in line with the car sneak
up the stairs and stab him. (He has prematurely turned around on me a few
times; you should have your Sten out just in case that happens.) You'll see a
door in the corner with a tile inscribed with a "5". Inside are 2 Nazis. Sten
them quickly and quietly. Sneak up the stairs and into the room on the right.
Stab the first SS Paranormal Operative. Go back and into the corridor. Go into
the other room...

=====(#1)- At the foot of the bare-naked lady's bed is a long chest/box. Bust
it open for 2 gold bars. (An excellent choice of words when sending that tip,
Sparda, wish I could publish that.)=====

     Save the game, then go back outside.     

=====(#2)- When in the tunnel from the first courtyard to the town road, go 
instead into a small door (break the lock). Go through and up the trapdoor.
This leads to a flak jacket and 3 gold bars.=====

     From the room where the last secret was, open the door. Sneak up behind
the 2nd operative and stab him. Save. Get out your Snooper Rifle and stand by
the door. Open the door and quickly silence the Nazi up on the window. Get out
your Sten and crouch onward. Go straight until you reach the corner. Equip
your Snooper Rifle again and snipe the Nazi in the way. Crouch up to where he
was and go inside the house. Don't be alarmed; it's just a civilian. And
whatever you do, don't shoot her! Crouch to the far right corner and sneak up
the stairs. Ignore the Nazis in the dining room. They're not alert yet. At the
top of the stairs, take out your knife and stab the 3rd Paranormal Operative.
Save. Don't bother going through this door, it only leads upstairs to a
window. Sneak back down the stairs and Sten the 2 Nazis. Grab supplies and go
outside. Go to the right, back to where the Nazi in the window was. You can
get up there by climbing a pipe on the right side of the window. Inside are
Snooper rounds. Go back down and sneak up the road again. Get out your
Snooper. On the next turn on the road (past the house you were in) will be
another house with a Nazi walking in and out the door. Silence him before he
can raise the alarm. Go inside and Sten the antsy Nazi. (Although he may look
like one, this is not one of the Paranormal Operatives.) Do not go back
through the door you came from. Go outside through the unused door.

=====(#3)- Follow the village road to the very end (large double doors). To 
the left wall is another small door (basement of the Nazi's house). Inside is
a pack of grenades, which aren't exactly the most useful things you can use in
this level.=====     
     Go through the archway, sneaking of course. Then sneak left. Go through
the door. Go up the stairs and open the door. Go forward a bit and wait. A
Nazi will walk in from the end of the hallway. Sten him. Go where he came
from. In this area you'll find the 4th and final Paranormal Operative of this
level. Go back outside and Sten the Nazi from the stairs. Open the doors and
go forward to finish the level.

-----Paderborn Village [Part 2] (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Eliminate one key SS Paranormal Operative.
            Ensure alarm is not sounded.
            Gain access to Chateau Schufstaffel.

     Hmm. Part 2...

     The level starts, take out your Sten. There's a Nazi to the left. If he
has his back towards you, stab him.
=====(#1)- In the wine cellar in the beginning, look for the wine casket with
the cork that sticks out. A wall will open in the left corner. Go through for
3 bars of gold.=====

     Continue forward. Sneak up the small flight of stairs. You'll hear yet 
another drunk Nazi. If you look through the small floor window, you'll see
him. Sten him. Continue sneaking forward and go up the stairs, then go up the
wooden stairs.
     Open the door, then go through the next one. Equip your Sten and wait. 
ANazi will come out of the other side and walk towards the fireplace. Sten him
and save.
     Open the door, but don't move. Take out your Snooper. First, snipe the
Nazi in the far right corner. If you can't see him, be patient because he
walks around. Second there is a tunnel almost straight ahead from you. When
the Nazi there walks into your sights, silence him as well. Now sneak
downstairs. This 3rd Nazi is on ground level on the right walking to and fro.
Snipe him with the Snooper. Now there's a series of ways you can go. The door
on the left on ground level leads down to the drunk Nazi where he left a wine
bottle and a few Snooper rounds, along with some health. Now go up the stairs
in the corner and equip your Sten. Behind this door is the single Paranormal
Operative of this level. Sten him.

=====(#2)- In the room where you hopefully killed the Paranormal Operative, 
there is a poster behind the spot where he was standing. Smash it and press
the switch. Turn around to find a room with 12.7mm ammo, fuel, Panzerfaust
rockets, and 3 gold bars.=====

     Save. Then go outside and into the tunnel. Sneak through and you'll see
an alarm. Kick it and sneak into the small compartment in the corner. Shut the
door behind you. Look through the peep hole and wait. A Nazi will stop at the
top of the stairs. Sneak out and Sten him, then quickly look down and Sten his
friend. Go through the tunnel. Open the gate and Sten the Nazi to the right.
The final objective left will be complete. Go down the cellar door to complete
the last stealth level.

-----Chateau Schufstaffel (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Find the entrance to the Chateau proper.
            Locate the entrance to the Back Wing of the Chateau.

     Sneak through and go up the stairs. When you see a Paratrooper, go up
against the left wall. Don't go through the doorway yet. Peering around will
reveal that he has stopped pretty much right in your face, looking at you.
This can be fixed. Shoot wildly (with the Sten) and he'll turn the other way.
Sneak up behind him and stab him. Take out your Snooper and turn around. Look
up and you'll see a porch. On this porch is a Nazi. Snipe him. Turn around
again and sneak down the path. Take out your Sniper Rifle now. Open this door;
don't move. You'll see a metal thing on the wall with a rope attached. With
the Rifle, shoot the metal thing. Then quickly run inside just in time to see
2 Nazis die grotesquely. Grab what you need and continue forward. Go through
this elaborate door, go forward, but don't turn the corner yet. Get out your
Sniper Rifle. Inch your way around until you can see 2 Nazis talking by the
fireplace. Zoom onto their heads. If you shoot the left Nazi on the right side
of his head, it should count as you killing both Nazis with one shot. Save. A 
Paratrooper will come to you. Kill him. Go forward and stand behind the coffee
table near the fireplace. Take out your Sniper Rifle and pick off the
Paratroopers coming down the stairs as well as the Elite Guards coming down
the hall. If they don't come you might want to make some noise so that they do
appear. If they still won't come then go to the area where the Elite Guards
were supposed to come out of. Follow the path and kill the four or five of
them in the ceremony area. Grab the 2 chalices too.

=====(#1)- In the Elite Guards' ceremonial room there is an altar. Go behind
the altar and look in the direction of the doorway out of the room. Now turn
directly left and you will see a decorative stone border of tiny squares
(underneath the red pillars). There is a section of the stone border that may
be pushed back, revealing a stairway behind the altar.
(WARNING, you get burned for a few seconds, it won't kill you, but if anyone
knows how to avoid getting toasted at all, please email it to me!)
The stairway leads to a sword. (Could it be the Wolfenstein version of the
Sword in the Stone?)
(thanks for telling me where that secret was, Sparda)=====

     Go back out to the Grand Staircase. There should be 2 Paratroopers 
upstairs. Kill them.

=====(#2)- When you enter the Chateau proper's fireplace room, look up and 
you'll see 3 decorations. Shoot the middle one until you see a Nazi symbol
button pushed back. Immediately go to the door on the left side of the bottom
of the grand staircase. Follow the stairs down to a room with health, an
armored helmet, and (sigh)... another chalice.=====

     Go up the Grand Staircase. Take a right. Go through this double door and
continue down the path to finish the level.

-----Chateau Schufstaffel [Part 2] (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Eliminate General von Shurber.
            Locate rear exit of the chateau.

     Crouch and equip your Snooper Rifle. Open the door. Snipe the Nazi in the
middle, then the one on the left. Go through the single door on the left, then
go across the room and open the double door. Stab the Nazi. You can grab
whatever supplies you need back in the dining room, but when you're done, go
outside and follow the ledge on the right of the balcony until you come across
a ladder. Climb it. Either Sten or stab the 2 Nazis up here, whatever is more
convenient for you. Then go to the far side, where the skylights are. Drop
through a skylight onto a bookcase. Equip your Paratrooper Rifle. Gun down all
the Elite Guards and Paratroopers. When you're done, go back to the library.

=====(#1)- In the area where you drop from the roof, look for a fireplace. 
There is a switch to its left side. Press it to find 4 gold bars.=====

     Now go to the fireplace.

=====(#2)- In this same area is a library. To your left side (when facing the
exit) should be a bookcase with a lock sign when you approach it. The switch
is a bit farther right on the same bookcase. Press it to reveal a room with-
alas- 2 chalices.=====

     On the fireplace's side of the room (upstairs) you'll find a double door.
Go through. On the right side is a Nazi and 2 armored helmets. On the left
side are 3 Paratroopers. Kill the right Nazi first, then go left and mow down
the Paratroopers. Continue down until you reach a single door. Stab von
Shurber. Go back outside and you'll find an Elite Guard and some Paratroopers
up ahead. Kill them and go back to the main hall. Go down the stairs and the
door will be blasted from inside. Snipe the Panzernazi, then the Paratrooper.
Go and pick up the Panzerfaust. Turn around and 2 Paratroopers will greet you,
utterly failing in their attempt to not letting the American escape. Go
through where they came from to finish the level.

-----Unhallowed Ground (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Locate Site of Anointing Ceremony.
            Destroy all Super Soldiers.

     I HATE this level. But only because it has 2 Super Soldiers instead of
the customary one, but because there are a lot of tough enemies leading up to
the bosses. Well, got to get through this one too, so let's get it on.
     When you start, kill the 3 lowly Nazis. Jump into the back of the truck
for health and armor. Open the gate and go right. Kill the 2 Nazis and grab
the Tesla cells in the alarm post. Go back to the gate and go the other way
this time. Climb up the first hill you find.
     Snipe 2 Elite Guards. Ten use your Paratrooper Rifle on the one behind
the cottage. After killing her, take out your Sniper Rifle and aim down to the
stone wall's crack. When you see a sniper walk by, shoot him down. Then go in
the cottage, where you'll find health and grenades. Go down to the stone wall.
Now go up the second hill. Be careful. There are 4 Elite Guards in this area
(defined as the destroyed cottage). Shooting one will probably target 2 more
onto you. (The fourth is up in a tree, trying to snipe you.)
=====(#1)- You will come across a destroyed house. This destroyed house has a
destroyed floor. Destroy it some more and fall in the hole for 9 gold bars,
7.92mm ammo, an armored helmet, and health.=====

     Kill the 2 Elite Guards and go back to the destroyed cottage. Now inch
toward the 2 lights in the distance. Beware the SM: These girls can kill with
it! Make sure it's unoccupied and go to it. Don't use it, or you'll be reduced
to little health by bratty, sharp-shooting girls. Go to the bridge, if you

=====(#2)- To the left of the broken bridge near the stationary machine gun is
a ladder. Climb down extremely carefully for a flak jacket, health, and 12.7mm

     Go to the truck and kill the last 2 Elite Guards. Hop into the back of
the truck again and pick up what you can. Save!
     Okay, you've only got a handful of seconds before the first Super Soldier
comes out. Prioritize. If you're in need of weapons, go left. Health/armor, go
     The first Super Soldier will most likely have a Venom Gun as his main 
weapon. Use the same on him, strafing left and right. Bringing it down solely 
with the Venom Gun will probably have overheated it, so when you down the
first one, take out your Panzerfaust for the second one. Before he comes, grab
whatever supplies are near you. The second one will most likely use a Tesla.
Bring him down with the rockets. When he's done, a hole will open up in the
middle for you to fall in.

-----The Dig (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Pursue SS Paranormal Division Operatives through the dig site.
            Locate alternate entrance to Castle Wolfenstein.

     Kill the 2 Nazis in this room, then 2 out near the bridge.

=====(#1)- In the beginning when you come to a bridge, go up the right
inclined beam to the flat part (top). Look right and you'll see a cave. Jump
into it for a bar of gold and, as you might expect, another chalice.=====

     Cross the bridge. Go left and keep shooting the Armored Prototype with
the Sniper Rifle until he's brought down. Kill the 2 Nazis near the door. Go
through the door and fall down the pit into the water. Go forward a bit and
wait. A Flamethrower Venom Soldier will come at you. Bring him down. When you
reach the crate and shovel, stop. Look up and ahead and you'll see some planks
of wood covering a hole. You'll also see the leg of an Armored Prototype. Kill
it from downstairs, making it easier later. If he runs when you hit him, don't
worry about it. You'll find him later. Go forward and kill 2 Nazis. Keep going
and kill 2 Engineers. There are supplies in this area as well. Go up the hill
until you see a ladder. Behind this ladder you should see an Armored
Prototype. Kill it from down here, where it can't see you.
     Climb up the ladder. Kill 2 Nazis and a Flamethrower Venom Soldier. Drop
down and go right. Snipe 2 Nazis (one far down and the other is near some
crates off to the right). Then go back to the ladder and go left this time,
climbing up that ladder. Climb up the following ladder and make quick work of
the Flamethrower Venom Soldier. Get out your Sniper Rifle as you go along. Try
to kill the Armored Prototype with the Sniper Rifle from long distance. When
he's down, immediately snipe the distant sniper, who has on occasion reduced
my health to 60. Kill the last few people and make your way to the boarded up
exit. Shoot the gas can and the path shall be revealed. Open the next door,
and a familiar sound should arise... 

=====(#2)- Near the end of the level you'll find a pre-killed Nazi. Right near
him you'll see a gas can. Blow up this gas can and crawl inside for one of
those skull collectibles.=====
     Make your way down the beam, into the trapping room to finish the level.

-----Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Secrets: 2/2)-----

Objectives: Unlock the gate leading to the Upper Castle.

     Almost there. You can feel it now, can't you...
     ZOMBIES! It's like Christmas all over again! No new zombies except for
this dark one that aside from maybe being a bit faster is exactly like the one
in Episode 2.
     When you start, bust open a way to 3 Black Zombies. Kill them (again) and
2 Death Knights will appear. Kill them and go where they came from. Grab the 1
or 2 chalices and kill the Black Zombie. Press the switch and go to the
now-opened gate. Kill 2 zombies.

=====(#1)- In the room where there are 8 coffin areas, look in and break the 
lower ones until you find the one with a gold bar inside.=====

     Pass into the next room.

=====(#2)- In the room right after the last secret you will see a skeleton
trapped under the stairs. You're a bit late to try and help him, but you can
help yourself to 3 gold bars if you break inside.
(thanks to Sparda for pointing out the last secret I'm writing!)=====

     Go up the stairs and wait. Kill 2 zombies and go where they came. Grab
what you need but, if possible, save some for later. Go into the spiral
staircase. I love hearing a Nazi being torn to shreds, don't you? Whoa! Even
his head rolls down (while he's still talking???)! Go up the stairs and kill
the 2 prize-worthy murderers. Grab what you need and continue through the next
door into a world of mass death and seething confusion. And Paratroopers and
Elite Guards. Go right and kill 2 Paratroopers. Keep going and you'll get to a
door where an Elite Guard will come out. Kill her and sneak inside. Snipe one
Nazi down below. Another will take his place and be killed by you. Go down the
spiral staircase and go outside. The door straight ahead will lead you back to
the supply room. The double door on the right will lead you to the end of the

-----Return to Castle Wolfenstein [Part 2] (Secrets: 1/1)-----

Objectives: Locate the entrance to the main dig site.

     One last obstacle. This level is none too generous with the boss level so
close. When you start, bust down the door and kill a zombie, Paratrooper, and
3 Elite Guards. Grab health and go upstairs. Ignore the locked door and go
down the corridor. Open the door and snipe the Nazi on the distant balcony. A
Paratrooper on the left will probably have seen you and started shooting, so
retreat. When he opens the door, lay a Panzerfaust on that bass-turf. Go back
out and go right. You'll see a boarded window. Shoot the Paratrooper inside.
Keep going; jump over the hole.

=====(#1)- When you're about to drop down to the first floor, don't. Instead 
go up the inclining plank, break the wood in your way, and go through the hole
in the wall. Drop down to the floor. You'll find 12.7mm ammo, grenades, 9mm
ammo, 7.92mm ammo, .45cal ammo, health, and Tesla energy cells.=====
     Go back to the hole. Drop down and kill 3 Paratroopers and an Elite
Guard. Then take the door they came from and kill a Paratrooper and Elite
Guard at the top of the stairs. Take these stairs. Keep going until you see a
ladder. Then stop. Take out your flamethrower and spray the bottom of the
ladder. This Nazi shall burn. Then go to the right side and aim your flame at
the left side of the doorway. The Last Nazi Will Burn. Go down the ladder into
the other room. Pull the switch and go outside. Go through the gate to finish
the level and move on to the last one.

-----Heinrich (Secrets: 0/0)-----

Objectives: Destroy Heinrich I.

     The beginning is pretty self-explanatory. Just make sure you look in
every corner to find what you need. When you're done collecting supplies,
     Heinrich isn't nearly as hard as the Death Knight and Angel of Death in
Wolfenstein 3D. He will always have 3 Dark Knights about him, and that
one-time zombie Marianna Blavatsky. Don't bother killing the Dark Knights. It
takes too much ammo and they keep regenerating. Just take out your Venom Gun
and attack Heinrich. Do not stay in the same place, or a Dark Knight will try
and sneak up on you. When Heinrich pounds his fist into the ground, jump
backwards. He'll try and get you close to him so he can slash you with his
sword. Every once in a while he'll also send out ghosts that are much like
Olaric's- painful. There is some health and other small supplies  out to the
side, but go for it only if you're on your last legs. You want to focus on
attacking Heinrich. The longer the battle draws out, the less your chances of
winning it. Good Luck, Soldier.

Legal Information:  
This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal 
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
website or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright. The only site who has my permission to display this
guide is gamefaqs.com. If you see this FAQ on any other site, please notify me
I would like to thank the wonderful people at Gamefaqs and their help files
which had great tips on how to get started and to finish. I would also like to
thank TSROCKS for creating the FAQ that helped me get through the game the
first time; also deserving special thanks for certain secrets throughout the
FAQ, as does Justin Burns and his X-box Secrets FAQ for several secrets that
eluded me (and for helping me realize that Xbox secrets and PS2 secrets are
not the same in some cases). Also earning a place here is Sparda, who emailed
me a few secrets I'd missed. Last but not least, thanks to the makers of
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection for a great next
generation continuation of Wolfenstein 3D. Nothing like hearing Nazis

Ending Speech:

Wow, this is the first game that's ever had the power to keep me playing it
enough to write about it. That's something special as I have the attention
span of a dying goldfish. What can I say, it's an amazing game, pity about the
absence of a shotgun in the PS2 version, but I still rate it a 10. All the
secrets are written before you, and I can leave the scratched-up disc that I
beat about 20 times to rest in peace in its case.

"Well, I suppose we can close the book on Operation Resurrection, wouldn't
you agree?"

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