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Reviewed: 01/03/03 | Updated: 01/03/03

Winner by knockout, and still the boxing game champion of the world, Knockout Kings 2000.

I don't care what anyone else thinks, but the first one of this series is the best. It was so good, that the designers couldn't make it better,only worse. This is the most absurd boxing game I have ever played. The fighting is so abnormal, that I, weighing at 90lbs., could probably knock out one of these fighters.

Gameplay(3): All the good parts of KK2000 have been removed. First, This game focuses on the newest fighters, so forget about the undefeated Rocky Marciano or Marvelous Marvin Hagler. While there are a few older ones, the game focuses on fighters that haven't retired yet, which is a disappointment. Second, the create-a-character limits you to so few boxer designs. Few faces and body types make every fighter you design seem not much different than the next. Third, boxing physics have not been fully embraced throughout the game. In 12 rounds of boxing in this game, I've gotten up to throwing 2000 punches and hitting with at least a 1000! Those numbers are too high, and not even Muhammad Ali could throw and land these many punches in 12 rounds. The game is more of a button masher. And on top of that, you could knock your enemy down 5 times, but they'll still get up! And unlike KK2000, there are no life bars, and there are no power bars. You can throw as many punches as you want buy they'll still be the same. In other words, your boxer can't get tired! And because there are no life bars, you'll never know when your opponent will go down! And lastly, the selection of punches isn't very commonplace. You can't throw body punches, but you can throw low blows? Why would you want to do that?

Graphics(9): The only good point of the game. Graphcis ARE better than KK2000, and the fighters don't look too much different from their real-life counterparts.The backgrounds are well detailed,a s well as the characters. However, the animation on the slow motion knockdowns is inadequate. Overall, I'm impressed.

Control(8): There not bad, but it's hard to get combos together. Plus, some specials are too difficult to hit with. The rest is good, though.

Sound(4): I hate rap! If someone paid me a dollar for every rap singer I hate, I'd be able to buy a country! The announcing is pretty good.......until you hear the same lines over and over. In one fight, I've heard the announcer say ''This is the best round I've ever seen 12 times!'' The sound while fighter is boxing sounds the same for every punch. How about a little variety?

I think the designers should have called the first game ''Knockout Kings'', so they wouldn't have to create 2002. This is one of the worst boxing games I have ever played.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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