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Reviewed: 09/22/02 | Updated: 09/22/02

A Step Down...

If i had a choice between the original Knockout Kings or Knockout Kings 2002 I would pick the original, as a matter of fact, I would probably pick Super Punch out over this game. This is such a step down from the past three Knockout Kings and is by far the worst one in the series

Gameplay 8/10

This is about the ONLY good thing of the game, the actually boxing itself. However good gameplay does not save the game at all. There is a lot of punches to choose from and overall the gameplay is pretty good.

Character Selection 1/10

This to me is the worst part about the game. It has about three or four boxers from each weight class. This is so annoying to me because besides those three or four the rest are un-heard of. The featured characters include Lennox Lewis, Muhammed Ali, and Zab Judah. I cant stand having no Mike Tyson in it either

Graphics 6/10

There is nothing great about these graphics, but nothing to bad about them. I don't think you will have a problem with them. The worst part is the arenas, they are kinda plain and boring but its not too bad. The boxers themselves are actually very detailed. It seems like they spent way too much time on graphics of the few boxers they put in. They should of made it less detailed and at least doubled the amount of boxers

Replay Value 2/10

Unlike most sports games, the replay value on this game is horrible. This is mostly because you get sick of seeing the same match over and over and over again. This is because of the lack of characters. You will be more than happy renting this game and get all if any of the fun out of it within 5 days.

Career Mode 5/10

The career mode in this game is okay. You have to train, fight in gymnasiums things like that before you work your way up. Towards the end its quite challenging. In fact it is almost too hard and i found it totally not fun just getting dominated towards the end of career mode, but i kept at it and eventually became champion. It is not easy

Overall 5/10

This is definitely a rent game. There is no replay value and it is just no fun after about a week of playing it. Unless your favorite boxers are Lennox Lewis and Zab Judah, there is no need to get this game at all.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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