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Reviewed: 07/07/02 | Updated: 07/07/02

Dont be stupid go outside and play!!!!!!

EA sports lately has not let me down but when I played this game I thoght the graphics are good, but the bottom line is that the game lacks the main defenition of boxing, whats this three punches and its a k.o that is not possible if your opponent uses the weakest punches and your blocking them, but that not the point, its to easy to gain a k.o and personally after the second time it gets boring. In a sentence I say, dont be stupid go outside and play. But if you like boxing I suggest rent it first. But like I always say dont listen to reviewers, I mean read what they have to say and try it out for yourself. To make this game sound worse is that the games training is extremely boring and pointless and basically all the training you need is to learn the controls. Know that if you last for at least four rounds than you actually can block perfect but also you cant use nothing else but the block button.

Graphics: Its a very nice looking game, at least you can see the bruces they sustaine. This is what makes the game, but just cause it looks good does not mean its a good game. 8.510

Gameplay: to easy, to cheasy, to unrealistic, the defending buttons are horrible, if you block, its a miracle. 510

Sound: good enough. 710

Entertainment: Just one round and you will immediately get frustrated and begin slammin the control or end up boxing your homeboy. To be honest with you, I think you would have more fun looking at it, and the best part is the begining little clip and turning it off. 310

Replay Value: low

Final thought: I say give the game at least a look if you are a boxing fan, rented first and if you like it buy it. Now this game is a good value to rent at those places where you have a two day rental,because basically your going to get bored of it so ya, hopefully nextyears title improves. All I have to say is that I think I had more fun typing this review for you. Before I end this all have to add is that if you know what a rope a dope is than you will spend time trying to master it, my suggestion is to use a very good boxer, and also learn how to bite an opponent.(just a thought.)

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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