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Reviewed: 05/27/02 | Updated: 05/27/02

A decent boxing game, and an honest report!

I recently puchased this game anitcipating a fun challange, and I was not dissopointed!
If like myself you own KOK 2001, you thought that 2002 would probably be very similar to this, but with improved graphics, and new features. Sadly, you couldn't be further from the truth. The game engine is completely different. This is hard to explain. Put it this way, when you first get the game, you WILL be dissopointed, but it grows on you with time!
It seemed to me that in KOK 2001, you could move very stiffly backwards and forwards, but in this version, your fighter can bob and weave in accordance to the presseure you put on the annalog stick, and circle you opponant most realisticly.
Another positive aspect of the game is the knock downs. When a boxer is flawed, the crashing blow will be repeated over and over, and end in a lovely slow motion replay of the punch. Also, if you hit you opponant with great style, the screen will go black, and your punch will be replayed very slowely (you see you opponents face cave in!)

On with the negative now. The graphics are realistic and the face expressions are great! However, when you punch you opponant, sometimes the punch does clearly not coonect as you fist seems to cruise straight through their chest, and they fall down in the opposite direction!
Also, there are NO fight introductions. In KOK 2001, your fighter would be introduced and swarvly walk down to the ring. In this, just the bell, then your off!
Also, the amount of players is greatly reduced! no Marciano and no monkey man Frank Bruno! and no female boxers either. (It was fun to have a bitch fight between to ladies in the last game!)
The inclusion of the slug fest mode has also been done away with. Modes of play are career, exibition and tornament (an of course two player modes!)

In clonclusion then:

Graphics: 9/10. Possoble the most impressive aspect of the game. Players' bodies are perfectly toned, and the bloody effects are marvellous. The card girls also seem to have improved largely!

Sounds 9/10 Another good part of the game. Game sounds are as you would expect, ''oohs'' and ''arghs'' and ''no hitting below the belt!'' The games' sound track is amazing. From the opening title ''the gretest of all time!'' to the menu selection screen, you will be amazed at the hip-hop sounds of EA sports fucky beats

Life span: 7/10. Not bad. Not a game that you will be playing in 5 years I doubt. Carrer mode is challanging, but that's about it!

Game play 7/10. Okay I suppose. Great laugh if you have mates over, or you just fancy taking you frustration out on Evander Holyfield. Though the chances are you will become more frustrated than when you started.

To finish, I would say Buy this game if you like boxing. It is an accurate game of the sport, and is a good laugh despite the mentioned flaws.
If you don't like boxing, rent this, or pick up 2001 at £29.99 in game or blockbusters

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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