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Reviewed: 04/19/02 | Updated: 04/19/02

The World's Greatest

The reason I referred to this game The World's Greatest is for two reasons: it's the best boxing game, and because The World's Greatest, Muhammad Ali is in it. Even though some of you may say that this game sucks, it's great once you really get good at it. Now for the review:

The graphics is one of the strongest points of the game. There is a lot of eye candy, (and it's a good flavor too)such as the opening cinema, the close ups of the boxer's bruised, swollen faces after some rounds, and, one of my favorites, the card girl after every other round.

The gameplay is really great.Exhibition matches are fun, and if you just want to play without setting up a bunch of stuff, there's the Play Now option. The career mode is pretty fun, short and sweet. Tournaments are also a blast. But, the Create a Boxer mode is very limited, so you can't get real creative with it (except for distributing points to each stat)But I still think it's fun rising to the top with your own boxer. The boxing matches are also full of action, there is hardly ever a time where you're not throwing, dodging or blocking a punch.

The sound is good, punches smack off the face, and boom against the body. The 5 songs in the game (which are all rap, my favorite music) which are played while you are toggling modes and options, are off the hook. They're straight up hot S**t. But, the score is lowered two points because of the commentators, who make me wanna hurt someone (which is kinda good, because I AM fighting someone), and the referee, after you get up from a knockdown, he's like ''Are you ok? What round is this?''

The controls, which are a little hard to learn at first, are very convenient once they have been mastered. For example, if you want to duck a right cross, and find that while you're ducking, your foe's ribs are wide open, give him a hook in the side. This can be done quickly, because your left hand is where it normally rests on the controller where you move, so your left thumb isn't in an awkward position. Then, just tap x for the left hook.The uppercut modifier (while holding it) turns the x and square button
into a left uppercut, and turns o and triangle into right uppercuts. There is no way I could cover all the possibilities of what you can do, but I can tell you that it takes practice, practice and some more practice to get good at this game, due to the complex controls.

Rent or Buy?
definitely buy. Because if you, rent, you will probably hate the game, because it takes more than a couple of days to get good at it (unless you're me I catch on quick, due to my Greatness), the only way you can fully enjoy the game is if you spend time with it. You will learn to love it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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